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Andrew S. & Rebecca Post Lynch





Lynch Associates Architects is a firm founded on the fundamental principle

The design of a place should be based on a unique vision that is rooted in

that the greatest contribution of architecture is to strengthen and vitalize

the story as told by the architecture. It is our client’s very personal dream

our communities. We believe that architecture, the natural landscape and

that we foster in each custom home. After all, our journeys to our homes

a building’s context are inextricably connected. Our ability to find inherent

start from unique points, and those experiences will tell us where and how

order among these complex components enables us to create projects tailored

we want our residences to live.

to their unique environments and our provocative clients.

Each design we undertake ultimately takes on a life of its own, and, when

Our process is not informed by any one style or predetermined formula,

finished, the harmony between landscape and home celebrate the sense of

but rather strives to create architecture that is inventive yet timeless. Both

exploration and discovery. When one approaches design by listening to

principals are personally involved in every project to contribute their

the client, developing a relationship, understanding context and seeing the

individual strengths and expertise. Each project begins with a collaborative

opportunities for creative solutions, the architectural process becomes a

approach, which engages the client in an integrated design process from the

collaboration of ideas.

initial concept through the project’s completion. We continue this approach in a project’s execution as we translate concept into the craft of construction. The goal of Lynch Associates Architects is to create exceptional projects that are contextual and inherently sustainable. We embrace the opportunity to participate in the new vision for Moreland

We focus on the flow created in the plan, the three-dimensional forms created, the spaces brought to life, and seamless transitions. The result is logical, well-proportioned space, expressive exterior elements, charming landscapes, thoughtful connections between interior and exterior living and character reflecting the history of the place.

Village as it aligns with our core design principles of creating interdependent indoor and outdoor spaces while still maintaining a cohesive neighborhood aesthetic anchored in the design standards set forth by Palmetto Bluff.

william court


james l. strickland


“We are creating a simpler, more relaxed, Lowcountry experience.”

Our roots are Southern and our designs have long captured the spirit of

The homes that make up Moreland Village will be timeless. Their

Southern living, imbued with genteel grace, hospitality, casual elegance and

architecture will already be graced with a sense of place (and presence) that

a deep sense of place – attributes that resonate profoundly with our national

is only found in the history and tradition of the coastal Lowcountry.

clientele and align seamlessly with the essence of Moreland Village.

“The Lowcountry changes you when you live here.” Each site in Moreland

Our designs are inspired by the dreams of the families who will inhabit

Village is unique. How we connect to the site’s natural beauty will define

them. By entrusting us to interpret what home means to them, our clients

how we live in the homes that make up Moreland Village. This connection

remind us why we are passionate about what we do. We listen to how they

will weave through every element of the design process.

imagine their futures unfolding and draw on these unique and personal

“Our past will inform our future.” Moreland Village is generational. Its character is derived from the language found in the Lowcountry’s simpler


narratives to create residences that are comfortable, welcoming and enduring, with architecture that effortlessly fuses home and habitat.

times. This was a time when family compounds evolved with the family.

In each design challenge we also seek to discover the essence of its unique

The architecture grows, stands the test of time, and is then handed down.

heritage and place. In the Lowcountry, and at Moreland Village in particular, this means that the captivating and native beauty of the surroundings shape the design. Here, we will connect past with present; tradition with innovation; and architecture with landscape to create magical environments that affect the senses and nurture an authentic way of life.


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