New Amsterdam #10

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Summer school


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THE FUTURE IS NOW, KID! Our society is in great need for active and responsible citizens. Citizens who feel co-ownership and responsibility for their own environment and willingness to act upon it. Together we can make the city of the future. But this is not an adults-only thing. In 2016, 13.7% of Amsterdam’s population is twelve years or younger - a total of 114,600 children. It’s about time to include the game changers of tomorrow in city-making.


While children growing up in urban areas have access to various opportunities, they are also vulnerable to urban challenges such as inadequate access to recreational and play space, pollution, and poor housing conditions. Cities have a direct impact on children’s health, but they also play a crucial role in how children perceive and become engaged with their urban environment. To encourage their participation to create vibrant urban neighbourhoods, we need to create opportunities to shape their understanding of a place and let them develop ways to make the city their own. >>