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How to Stage a Home During the Holidays by Kasia McDaniel I love celebrating the holidays and I have tons of storage bins with Halloween and Christmas décor. However, when it is time to sell your home, consider paring down the holiday décor. Many buyers who are looking for a home during this time are more serious about buying one, so you will have fewer “tire kickers.” They will also be looking to get into a home before the holidays so they can enjoy their new space. When we put our home on the market in October, I had some outside fall décor that would last a few months versus the Halloween graveyard that I normally put up. I didn’t want to scare away any potential buyers and it worked! My house sold in four days at above asking price. Consider how you want to portray your home during the winter season, and let’s go over some dos and don’ts of selling your home during the holidays.


Rearrange or remove furniture, de-clutter and clean your home as if it weren’t the holidays. Then think about adding some winter-related pieces as accessories to your home. A warm red color helps make it feel warm and cozy. If you can get pictures taken before you bring out the holiday décor, do it. You can still add some holiday decorations after the pictures are done, but keep in mind that buyers will eventually be coming into your house. Don’t clutter it up. Here are some items that are ok to have out during the holidays: One decorated Christmas tree.


Don’t have the Griswold Effect. When it comes time to take pictures for your online listing, any holiday décor will automatically date the picture. You should not have a lot of holiday décor everywhere. Some lights are fine, but not throughout the whole yard. Don’t show holiday clutter. If you have multiple nutcrackers, Christmas village houses or Christmas trees in every room, that is too much. The house should still be clutterfree. If you have a few in the background or in a corner of the room, that is fine but don’t go overboard. This includes removing any Christmas cards you may collect on your fridge or hang on a wall or door.

Throw pillows in winter colors are a great way to keep it neutral yet be festive. Electric candles in the windows. Holiday wreath on the door. Fireplace mantle décor with snowmen and other winter-related items.

In the end, you want to show off the best features of your home. Show them the perfect place for a Christmas tree but also show them the great entertaining space. Think minimal holiday décor when your home is on the market. If your home is still for sale after the holidays, remember the pictures with holiday décor will still be posted online.

Kasia McDaniel, a Home Stager and Certified Interior Decorator at Blue Diamond Staging can be reached at 910-745-0608 or by visiting www.bluediamondstaging.com


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