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ennifer Warnes has one of the most immediately recognizable voices of any singer in modern pop music. Whether she’s singing her own hit singles, such as “Right Time of the Night”, duetting on a movie theme song, as in “Up Where We Belong” with Joe Cocker (from An Officer and A Gentleman) or “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” with Bill Medley (from Dirty Dancing) or reinterpreting the work of Leonard Cohen on Famous Blue Raincoat, you know it’s her singing the minute she opens her mouth. In the 17 years that passed between the release of her new album Another Time, Another Place and it’s 2001 predecessor The Well, Warnes has suffered several losses in her life, including the passing of Cohen (with whom she toured and recorded) in 2016. With Another Time, Another Place, Warnes began a personal healing process that she hopes can extend to listeners, many of whom are also in desperate need of restoration during these troubled times. I had the honor of speaking with Jennifer in March 2018, shortly before the release of the new album.

Gregg Shapiro: As you know, 17 years passed between your new album Another Time, Another Place and its predecessor The Well. Jennifer Warnes: It did [big laugh]?


Why was now the right time to put out a new album?

Why? Because there might not be another chance [laughs]. It was (just) do it! I could see what was happening to the world, what was happening to my life. I intuitively sensed that there was a small group of people who might want to be comforted in some way. I wanted to do that. I didn’t know whether I could. I called Roscoe (Beck), who 86 |

had done Famous Blue Raincoat with me. I said, “We know how to do this, why aren’t we doing this?” He said, “Yes, let’s start.” We started and then in the middle of this project a number of people who were very close to me left the planet. I just kept singing through it. By the time I delivered the album, I had quite a backlog of deep feeling that had not been dealt with. Ever since last November I’ve just been slogging through life realizing what had happened. But the overarching wisdom in all of this is that music is what heals us. I wanted to be healed myself, so I kept singing. I wanted to give it away to others so that they could feel good because, lord knows, we need a reason to feel good.

OutClique Magazine May 2018  

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OutClique Magazine May 2018  

Florida's LGBT Lifestyle Publication and Travel Destination Guide