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Dressing Up The World Fashionista Mary Anne Vaccaro Brings

Image Consulting to Main Street

Mary Anne Vaccaro wants to dress up the world. “I believe in dressing up. It doesn’t mean dressing fancy. You can still be comfortable,” said Vaccaro. “Fewer than 2 percent of women wear suits to work. That is sad. Because they certainly look better,” said Vaccaro. Vaccaro’s career has taken her from designing advertising to custom couture clothing to image consulting. “It’s a natural for me.” Vaccaro has always been about “making the woman” rather than following the latest style. “Sadly, fashion has become more about shock value.’ Once the exclusive property of celebrities, politicians and business titans, image consulting is becoming more common. Women in transition, who are returning to the work force or switching careers, or have experienced a significant weight loss,


Aug/Sept 2010 Her Omaha Magazine  

Aug/Sept 2010 Her Omaha Magazine