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AMERICAN LEGACY COMPLEX Interaction with horses can bolster empathy and cognitive abilities in children, and there is no denying the appeal horses have to kids and adults. For nearly 20 years, American Legacy Complex has offered children the opportunity to interact with horses in a positive environment. Owner Dorothy Turley attributes this success to their youth programs. “We give city kids the opportunity to learn about horses,” she says. 7193 County Road 40 Omaha, NE 68122 402.468.4588 americanlegacy

BATTEN TRAILER LEASING INC. Having grown up in nearby Valley, Nebraska, it made sense for Blaine Batten to start Batten Trailer Leasing Inc. in Omaha more than 30 years ago. “My dad has spent nearly his entire career in the Omaha area,” says Blaine’s daughter, Ashley Batten, who is the business’ general manager. “It just seemed like a natural fit to start the business here when he knew the local market and had a solid network established.” Batten’s business involves leasing a variety of different types and sizes of semi-trailers. They primarily lease to other businesses with access to semi-trucks, which are required to pull all of their trailers. Being agile and continuously looking ahead and evolving have allowed Batten Trailer Leasing to grow and flourish over the course of its existence. “We are so busy during the summer months— renting trailers to hold products, equipment, or staging for events like the College World Series, U.S. Olympic Swim Trials, and Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting—that we are routinely completely out of stock,” Ashley says. 4511 S. 67th St. Omaha, NE 68117 402.339.1429

BELLEVUE TRAVEL Bellevue Travel president Julie Imgrund loves to travel. "My favorite city in the world is London, and my favorite place to relax is Jamaica," she says. But even more, she enjoys "opening people’s eyes" to new places and cultures. "My favorite thing about being a travel agent is when people, especially when they’ve never traveled before, come back and say, 'That was wonderful! Where can we go next?'" she says. Bellevue Travel originated as Television Travel, a venture by late local newsman John Hlavacek, before employee Phyllis Meyer bought and incorporated the business as Bellevue Travel in 1982. Imgrund worked there for two years before husband Richard’s military career took the family overseas, but she returned in 1998 and assumed ownership with her husband nine years ago. Today, Bellevue Travel operates out of the Tower Square office plaza, and Imgrund still is an active agent alongside Brenda Robinson and Katie Seymour. "We’re very happy with where we’re at. We’re one office, one location, there are three of us; this is who we are," she says. Imgrund says travel agencies remain vital. "We look for the best value for your money—not the cheapest thing—because sometimes paying a little bit more gets you a whole lot more. We look for the best experience for your budget," she explains, adding that travel agents know what questions to ask about what’s included, what costs extra, and what’s optional. "There are details people don’t think about." 1508 J.F. Kennedy Drive, Suite 101 Bellevue, NE 68005 402.292.6600

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