Pet Lifestyles Magazine - September 2018

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Intuitvely connecting with our furry friends, Libby Brittain hears their voices.


eet Libby Brittain! The expert behind Pet Lifestyle Magazine’s newest feature, “Ask the Animal Communicator.” Libby has been sharing her gifts of speaking with pets, both living and passed, with countless pet parents since she was a child. She went on to study at the School for Animal Communication and is known for her calming, caring demeanor and spot-on readings. Her work has been touted as “divinely transformational,” helping mend pet and human relationships and resolve issues from “why doesn’t my beloved dog like my husband?” to how does my pet feel about flying, being boarded, celebrating its birthday, being alone while I’m at work and everything in between! Libby is ready to share ways you can better communicate with your animal and take on any of the challenges or curiosities you have about your pet. Ask your questions of Libby on our Instagram: We’ll be sharing your questions and Libby’s answers in the next issue. PLM: I travel for work. How does my dog feel about me not being home all the time? Libby: Our animals are here to ensure we discover our purpose and live our life to the fullest. Your dog understands you need to travel in order to accomplish your goals. As long as your traveling for work is in alignment with your higher self then he’s okay with it. On the chance that he begins to exhibit some sort of behavior that would make you think otherwise, then take a moment to reflect on your own feelings about traveling for work. Be honest, are these your dreams that you’re chasing or is there something else you’d rather pursue? Your dog will never lie to you; his behavior will either be a portrayal of something you aspire to be or an element of your shadow you are trying to hide. In either case he’s always in full support of you. PLM: I get really into celebrating my pet’s birthday but do you think they care as much? Do they even know its their birthday? Libby: They do know it’s their birthday and just like people some pets care about it being fussed over while others don’t. Life is one big off-the-leash dog park, so why do we humans always seem to limit ourselves to having unapologetic fun on certain days? Your animal is quite proud of you for geeking out over their birthday. Ideally everyday should be celebrated with as much zeal because those are the times when you’re reconnecting with your inner child! So, break out the catnip or pop open a bottle of fresh tennis balls, and then do something to celebrate life with gusto! PLM: My dog suddenly does not like other dogs. What is that about? Libby: Dogs often show aggression because they are either fearful or in pain. Interestingly, the same can be said about humans. Perhaps your dog is trying to teach you how to remain calm within the storm. Are there people in your life who have been lashing out? How are you holding yourself when you’re around them? The beauty of soul level animal communication is when you start to track where your dog’s behavior is being exhibited elsewhere in your life, you can then make the necessary changes within yourself, which in turn will shift your dog’s aggression too. • 44 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE