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PLEASE NOTE: BIDDING IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS CATALOG. This digital catalog is only for viewing the items included in this auction.

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COLLECTIONS Fresh to the Market.


COLLECTIONS Fresh to the Market. MORPHY AUCTIONS in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas, Nevada is the fastest growing auction house in the country. Founded by Dan Morphy in 1997, Morphy Auctions continues to set auction world records across all collecting categories. In December 2017, Morphy Auctions made the move to merge with the renowned auction company, James D. Julia, Inc. This merger positioned Morphy Auctions to become one of the largest antique auction houses in North America. With the combined following of buyers, Morphy Auctions attracts buyers worldwide.

We employ the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the industry. We pride ourselves on having the best expert for each collecting category we specialize in. Our team of experts are available to assess your collection and oversee your consignment throughout the consignment process.

OUR PURPOSE IS TO DELIGHT COLLECTORS WORLDWIDE BY PROVIDING THE BEST OVERALL BUYING AND SELLING EXPERIENCE. WE ACCOMPLISH THIS BY: • Fresh to the market collections • Chosen and described by the best experts • Managed by the best team with Integrity

2 | April 12, 2019

CONSIGNMENT Once the valuation process is over and you would like to consign your item(s) to Morphy Auctions, a Morphy Auctions Representative will contact you. At this point, your Morphy Representative will coordinate all of the details of your consignments and logistics (consignment rate, special clauses, auction date, etc.) The Morphy Representative will finalize the contract with you and arrange for shipment or pick-up of your items.

INVENTORY, INSURANCE & STORAGE From the time your items are in our possession, they will be fully insured for the amount of the low pre-sale estimate until they transfer to the buyer who purchased the item at auction. After we receive your consigned items, our consignment team will tag and inventory each item. Our state-of-the-art process ensures that each of your items is properly documented and stored prior to the items being displayed. Our system also allows us to make sure the correct expert inspects, describes and estimates your items. Prior to your items being displayed, Morphy Auctions will store them in our museum-grade storage facilities. Morphy Auctions has advanced security systems in place to keep your items safe and secure.


Our full time on-site photographers will take multiple photographs of each of your items, accurately representing your pieces. Approximately 7 weeks prior to the auction date, a member of our consignment team will provide a report of your consigned items that includes the expert’s description, estimates, and photos. It is at this time, that you can review all of the descriptions and estimates and discuss any changes you would like with a member of our consignment team.

DISPLAY In addition to your items being available to view online, they will also be displayed in our gallery for several weeks prior to the auction date. Our display coordinator carefully displays each of your items so it is represented properly and is accessible for previewing. Morphy displays all of your auction pieces in museum-quality glass display cases or locked gallery preview rooms, protected by full-time camera surveillance and only handled by Morphy Representatives.

SELLING AT AUCTION On the designated auction date, we will hold a live auction of all items in that sale. For buyers who cannot attend our live auction, we offer multiple other ways to bid including telephone bidding, absentee bids, and online/internet bidding.

We employ the foremost experts in the industry to provide unbiased descriptions and estimates for your auction consignments. For highly specialized, niche categories, we have a bank of experts that we bring in to ensure accurate CONSIGNOR PAYOUT and trustworthy descriptions. We consider all of our experts Morphy Auctions prides itself in prompt payout to our to have the greatest knowledge and best reputations within consignors. Payments are made within 45 days of each auction. their given field. 3 | April 12, 2019


Terms & Conditions We advise all bidders to read the Terms and Conditions of the Sale before bidding with Dan Morphy Auctions LLC and/or its affiliates Morphy Firearms LLC, and Morphy Auctions, Las Vegas collectively referred to below as MORPHY’S. Those who bid are bound by those Terms and Conditions of the Sale, as amended by any oral announcement or posted notices, which together form the contract of the sale between the successful bidder (purchaser), MORPHY’S and the seller (consignor) of the lot.


When bidding on any lot offered by MORPHY’S, the bidder indicates acceptance of the following Terms of Sale. Any participation in the auction binds you to agreement of these terms whether or not you read or understand said terms. The Terms in writing contained herein are subject to change without notice and bidder agrees that the most recently published Terms of Sale as published or amended on the website at the beginning of the auction shall apply.


MORPHY’S makes every effort to accurately describe all items offered in its sales, however all items for sale are “as is,” and it is the bidder’s responsibility (present or absentee bidders) to determine the exact condition of each item. MORPHY’S will not be held responsible for typographical errors. Neither we nor the consignor, make any guarantees, warranties, or representation, expressed or implied, in regard to the property or the correctness of the catalog or other description of the authenticity of authorship, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibition, literature or historic relevance of the property or otherwise. No statement anywhere whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition, size and whether or not it has been restored. It is the bidder’s responsibility to initiate contact with MORPHY’S in request for additional information regarding the items. Submit all questions regarding upcoming auction items at least 48 hours prior to the date of auction. We will make every effort to answer all submitted questions in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that questions submitted within 48 hours of the auction date will be answered prior to the auction. The consigner and we make no representation or warranty as to whether the buyer acquires any reproduction rights in the property. Returns will not be accepted under any circumstances. All items will be available for preview approximately one (1) month prior to the auction. All items are sold for display purpose. If electrical, mechanical, or other working parts are inoperable, even if working at the time of sale, we are not liable due to the inherent nature of the age of these antiques and items. Submit all questions regarding upcoming auction items at least 48 hours prior to the date of auction. We will make every effort to answer all submitted questions in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that questions submitted within 48 hours of the auction date will be answered prior to the auction. AUTOMOBILES – These terms do NOT apply to our automobile auctions. To view the terms and conditions for our Automobile Auctions, please go to: FIREARMS – These terms do NOT apply to our firearms auctions. To view the terms and conditions for our Firearms Auctions, please go to:

GAMING DEVICES - MORPHY’S may hold these items for up to 5 business days to allow state agencies to verify the buyer’s information. All auction participants are urged to check the legality of possession in and/or shipment of gaming devices to their state of residence. Ownership of gaming devices is prohibited in these states: Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you become a high bidder on a gaming item, and you are from one of the prohibited states as listed here: • You must pay for your item, • You will not be able to take possession of the item (MORPHY’S cannot ship it to you or allow pickup), • MORPHY’S will consign the item in your name to the next appropriate auction. If you do not pay for the item in full, MORPHY’S will block you from participating in future auctions. Any gaming device purchased at the auction shall be used for the purpose of display or social entertainment within the private home or residence of the buyer, and such devices shall not, in any event or manner, be exposed to the public for the purpose of gambling or be resold in the state of Nevada without a gaming distribution license. Proof of residence/ID is required for purchase of gaming devices. FIREWORKS – MORPHY’S can only ship Class 1 Division 1.4 and 1.6 Explosives (as described in the following website: http:// per the 49CFR 173.50 and can only ship these via FedEx. All items not shippable must be picked up by the buyer. SPORTS COLLECTIBLES • Return Considerations o MORPHY’s is not responsible for a third party grading company agreeing or disagreeing with our assessment, and we cannot issue refunds or credits if cards do not receive a numerical grade or the exact grade that we describe. MORPHY’s strongly recommends that you personally evaluate any items that you are bidding on, and make your own determination about its grade. MORPHY’S offers no guarantee of grade for uncertified items sold and subsequently submitted to a third-party grading service. o Cards sold referencing a third-party grading service are sold “as is” without any express or implied warranty. Certain warranties may be available from the grading services, and the Bidder is referred to them for further details: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), Sportscard Guaranty LLC (SGC), Global Authentics LLC, Beckett Grading Services (BGS), JO Sports, Inc. o MORPHY’S will not accept return of certified items due to possible differences of opinion with respect to the grade offered by any third-party organization, dealer, or service. Grading does not qualify for return evaluation, nor do such complaints constitute a basis to challenge the authenticity of a lot. o MORPHY’s shall not be liable for any patent or latent defect or controversy pertaining to or arising from any encapsulated collectible. In any such instance, buyer’s remedy, if any, shall be solely against the service certifying the collectible. o Under extremely limited circumstances related solely to authenticity, such as a highly significant cataloging error, a buyer, who did not bid from the floor, may request MORPHY’S to evaluate voiding a sale. (continued...)


Terms & Conditions o Lots returned must be completely intact in their original form and undamaged holder, or there will be no credit. Certifications are void and returns are not accepted for any cards removed from their third-party grading holder. o All elements of the MORPHY’S POST-SALE RETURN POLICY apply. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. • On any lot presented with a Letter of Authenticity (“LOA”) issued by MORPHY’S o The bidder shall solely rely upon the warranties of the authentication provider issuing the Letter or opinion, or on the warranties of the authentication provider of the bidder’s choice. o Warranty inures only to the original buyer. Buyer may not transfer the rights afforded under the LOA, and it is null and void when Buyer transfers or attempts to transfer the lot. o The LOA warranty is valid from date of the auction in which Buyer was awarded the lot to four (4) years after its purchase. o The LOA warranty is valid as to its attribution to the person or entity described or to the lot’s usage, e.g. game worn. o Claim procedure: o Buyer must contact MORPHY’S within the warranty period, prior to submission of the lot as to his intent to make a claim, receive prior approval, and arrange secure shipment. o Buyer must present with the claim, authoritative written evidence that the lot is not authentic as determined by a known expert in the sports field. o If MORPHY’S concurs that the lot is not as represented, Buyer shall be refunded their purchase price. o If the MORPHY’s denies the claim, the Buyer agrees to the AGREEMENT REGARDING GOVERNING LAW, VENUE, AND LEGAL RIGHTS noted herein. o The LOA does not provide for incidental or consequential damages or other indirect damages. Any lot sold with a certificate of authenticity or other warranty from an entity other than Auctioneer or Morphy’s affiliates is subject to such issuing entity’s rules and such conditions are the sole remedy afforded to buyer. • In the event MORPHY’s cannot deliver the lot, or subsequently it is established that the lot lacks title, provenance, or authenticity, MORPHY’s liability shall be limited to voiding of the sale and refund of purchase price. In no case shall MORPHY’s liability exceed the winning bid on that lot, which bid shall be deemed for all purposes the value of the lot. After one year has elapsed, MORPHY’S maximum liability shall be limited to any buyer’s premium earned on that lot. • Due to changing grading standards over time, differing interpretations, and to possible mishandling of items by subsequent owners, MORPHY’S reserves the right to grade items differently than shown on certificates from any grading service that accompany the items. MORPHY’S also reserves the right to grade items differently than the grades shown in the prior catalog should such items be reconsigned to any future auction. • There is a subjectivity to grading, especially the grading of cards. Every effort is made to verify the condition of each lot as it is described. MORPHY’S accepts items for auction after careful scrutiny by not only ourselves, but, when necessary, by other leading authenticators. We cannot guarantee that every card described by us will in all cases receive exactly the same grade, or even be accepted for grading, from any third-party grading service. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that every card graded by one third-party grading service will in all cases receive exactly the same grade by another third-party grading service. Occasionally a lot description will include the words “we have submitted,” which is intended to be taken literally and give bidders great confidence that MORPHY’S has not “done anything” to the cards to alter or otherwise improve their appearance and

ultimate grade. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is made with respect to any grade, condition, or other adjectival descriptions, which can and do vary, even among experts. • Large Autograph Group Disclaimer: When dealing with a single individual auction lot containing many items, these lots are offered with the explicit understanding that it is possible that there may be a small percentage which are not authentic. When authenticating large lots, such as a collection of 6,000+ signed 3 x 5 cards, or a set of 700+ signed baseball cards, great care has been taken in the authentication process, with all the greater attention focused on any items representing a concentration of value. It is always possible that on rare occasions a secretarial or stamped signature could be missed here or there. Without this disclaimer, as a practical matter, it would not be possible for MORPY’S to offer such lots at all. All bidders bidding on such lots do so with this understanding. • Abbreviation/Definition/Condition Key: PR — Poor, GD — Good, VG — Very Good, EX — Excellent, NM — Near Mint, MT — Mint. NOTE: If an item has a multiple grade such as VG-EX, then that item falls somewhere in between those two conditions. GOODS MADE FROM OR CONTAINING MATERIALS FROM PROTECTED SPECIES - MORPHY’S does not accept any responsibility or liability for the sale of items containing materials from protected species or for any omission in marking or labeling goods as containing materials from protected species. Such material includes, but is not limited to, ivory from elephants and walruses, tortoise shell, crocodile skin, whalebone, rhinoceros horn, some species of coral and certain woods. Restrictions on the importation, exportation, sale, transfer, and/or possession of goods containing materials from protected species derive from international, federal, and state laws and regulations promulgated thereunder. Laws include, but are not limited to, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammals Protection Act (MMPA). States currently restricting trade of protected species include, but are not limited to, California, New York and New Jersey. Prospective buyers are on notice that several countries completely prohibit importation of property made, all or in part, of protected materials. Some countries require special permits, such as a CITES permit, from the relevant regulating authority in the countries of exportation and importation as well. Potential buyers intending to import the property into another country should be familiar with the relevant customs laws and regulations prior to bidding on goods containing material from protected species. Regulations may vary as the U.S. generally prohibits importation of articles containing material(s) from species it has designated endangered or threatened if the articles are less than 100 years old, subject to certain exceptions. It shall be the potential buyer’s sole responsibility to research and satisfy the requirements of any laws and regulations that apply to the import and export of property as described in the aforementioned paragraphs. All buyers agree to comply with any and all domestic and international restrictions on the trade of protected species as a condition of the sale. Please note that the ability to obtain an export license or certificate does not ensure the ability to obtain an import license or certificate in another country, and vice versa. It is the buyer’s responsibility to obtain any export or import licenses and/or certificates as well as any other required documentation. MORPHY’S is not able to assist the buyer in attempting to obtain the appropriate licenses and/or certificates, and there is no assurance that an export license or certificate can be obtained. The inability or delay in (continued...)


Terms & Conditions obtaining permits, licenses or other permissions to import or export goods containing material from protected species will not constitute a basis for rescission or cancellation of the sale of said goods or the delay in payment of purchased items in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions. JEWELRY AND WATCHES • Jewelry Descriptions and Condition Reports: Lots being offered are sold as-is on the day of sale. Condition reports, either written or verbal, are provided as a courtesy only, and are not to be taken as fact or guarantees of condition or quality of the lots. All information provided is the opinion of the specialist at MORPHY’S, including but not limited to weights, grades, color, and clarity. All gemstones and diamonds are measured and graded in their setting unless stated otherwise. All weights and grades are approximate. Buyers wishing to have a grading or gemological report from an independent, internationally recognized laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), may request one at their own expense or hire an independent adviser of their choosing. • Watch Descriptions and Condition Reports: The physical characteristics, timing accuracy or functionality of timepieces cannot be guaranteed, and all items are sold as-is. o Any condition statement reflects the condition of the watch on the date of the report. Condition can change from the time of the report to the day of sale. o Photographs are for identification purposes only. Buyers may not use them as precise indications of size or condition. o The origin or authenticity of all components cannot be guaranteed. o Watches with waterproof or water-resistant cases – MORPHY’S may open cases to develop descriptions, and cannot guarantee that any watch is waterproof or water-resistant at the time of purchase. MORPHY’S recommends that the buyer have a professional watchmaker evaluate the watch at buyer’s expense. o Buyers must be aware that watches may need general service, change of battery, or further repair work for which the buyer is solely responsible. o Dials - All watches have the possibility that after their original date of manufacture they received reconditioning or replacement of dials or elements of the dial such as but not limited to standard or luminescent hour markers, hands, script, date or measurement indices, lacquer, and finish. Buyer is solely responsible for determining and understanding such condition issues. • The lack of a condition report does not imply that the item or lot is free from imperfections, defects or wear and tear of the aging process. This includes but is not limited to: deficient stones, needed repair or defects. • It is common and generally accepted in the jewelry industry that some diamonds and most gemstones have been enhanced with various treatments to improve their overall appearance. o These treatments include but are not limited to: heating, dying, oiling, laser drilling, HTHP, wax, bleaching, irradiation, resin or polymer impregnation and various other techniques. o Unless stated in the title, it is assumed that one or more treatments have been performed to the stones. While many treatments are considered permanent, this cannot be guaranteed. o Please note that many treatments cannot be determined without sophisticated laboratory testing. Due to the various laboratories and developing scientific methods for testing, not all reports or certificates will have the same results for treatment type, extent of treatment and stability of treatment. o MORPHY’S makes no representations or warranties, express

or implied, as to whether natural stones have been treated or enhanced, whether specifically referenced or not. • Laboratory reports may accompany some lots o If a lot is accompanied by certificates or reports from internationally recognized and accepted gemological laboratories, it will be noted in the description. o Copies will be available upon request, with the original going to the successful bidder. o The reports cannot be guaranteed and are provided for informational purposes only. Results on reports may differ from laboratory to laboratory. o MORPHY’S accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, terms or information contained in such certificates or reports. Grading Scale: Near Mint Plus 97% - 100% Near Mint 90% - 96% Excellent 80% - 89% Very Good 70% - 79% Good Below 70%


The auctioneer will determine the highest bidder. The auctioneer alone has the right to reopen the bidding of an item if deemed necessary due to a dispute. If there is a tie bid between the floor and Internet or absentee bid, the floor bid takes precedence. MORPHY’S and its representatives reserve the right to remove those attendees who impede preview and/or the auction. Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer. The buyer will then assume all risk and full responsibility of the lot purchased once ownership has changed. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. MORPHY’S is not responsible for any errors in bids, omissions of bids, or failure to execute bids and shall have no liability to any bidder for any technical or other failure associated with the internet, absentee bidding, or telephone bidding. • ABSENTEE BIDDING - MORPHY’S will accept absentee bids if pre-authorized by mail, fax or through www.morphyauctions. com online. Absentee bidders must use the absentee bid form and clearly mark the lot number, title and maximum bid amount. Absentee bidding forms may be accessed online at www. If there are two (2) identical bids placed on the same item, priority will be given to the first bid received. All bids must be left in increments as explained on our bid form. If a bid is “out of increment,” the auctioneer has the right to round the bid up to the next correct increment. Bidders may preview, register and place bids online through our website, www. Absentee and online bids placed through will be auto charged to the credit card entered 48 hours after the end of the sale. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us within 48 hours after the sale. Seller(s) agree to allow the Auctioneer to accept and execute absentee bids in a competitive manner for potential buyers and under the MORPHY’S absentee bidding terms and conditions. During the live sale, the auctioneer will execute your absentee bid competitively up to the maximum amount you have indicated. • ONLINE BIDDING - Online bidding through www.morphyauctions. com, Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, Proxibid, or other bidding platforms may be available; all Terms and Conditions still apply. A surcharge will be added for third party online platforms. Refer to your bidding platform of choice for the final buyer’s premium. If there is a tie bid between the internet bidding venues and the floor, the floor bid takes precedence. If a credit card has been (continued...)


Terms & Conditions provided to one of the online bidding platforms, MORPHY’S reserves the right to use and charge the credit card if the winning bidder has not paid via another method by the 7 day term in Payment Terms below. Due to our fast paced auctions and bids coming from floor bidders, phone bidders, internet bidders and absentee bids, the auctioneer has the final word on all item(s) sold. You (the bidder) assume the risk of winning an item online and not having the item actually sell to you. This is due to the final call of the auctioneer and the operator not being able to re-open that lot. Online bidders are responsible for accidental bidding as if they bid normally. • BID RESULTS – MORPHY’S will only contact successful bidders. Please allow 24-48 hours post auction to receive your official invoice from MORPHY’S. The invoice will include item, hammer price, premium, packing and handling, shipping, insurance, and any other charges that apply. Please hold phone inquiries regarding bid success until after receiving your invoice. For verifications, MORPHY’S cannot provide winning bid information until the second business day after the auction. MORPHY’S will not provide bidder information to any outside sources. • TELEPHONE BIDDING - Requests for phone lines must be received at least three (3) days prior to the auction date. MORPHY’S cannot guarantee phone lines but will make every attempt to accommodate those who wish to participate through that method. Phone lines are provided on a first come first served basis. Please visit or call 717-335-3435 to request a call from our representatives during the live auction.


Bid increments listed are a general guideline. Actual increments are at the auctioneer’s discretion. If a lot does not receive a bid of 50% of the low estimate, the lot will be passed by the auctioneer. $0 - $500…................$25 $500 - $1,000….........$50 $1,000 - $2,000…......$100 $2,000 - $5,000…......$250 $5,000 - $10,000....…$500 $10,000 +…............... Auctioneer’s discretion


The majority of our items are unreserved, but occasionally items may carry a moderate reserve. Please note that when a lot carries a reserve, the reserve is usually somewhere below our low estimate. In the case of a reserved item, the seller has authorized the auctioneer to bid on their behalf until the reserve price is reached.


A 23% buyer’s premium will be added to all successful bids and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase cost. If payment by cash, check, money order or wire transfer is made within 7 days of the invoice a 3% discount may be taken on the Hammer price by the buyer. DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF INVOICE IS PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS from the sale date. Split payments are subject to a 23% buyer’s premium if a credit card is used as any form of total payment. A surcharge will be added for any third party online bidding platform that the bidder utilizes. Refer to your bidding platform of choice for the final buyer’s premium.


Lots delivered to you, or your representative are subject to all applicable state and local taxes, unless appropriate permits are on file with MORPHY’S. Bidder agrees to pay MORPHY’S the actual amount of tax due in the event that sales tax is not properly collected due to: 1) an expired, inaccurate, or inappropriate tax certificate or declaration, 2) an incorrect interpretation of the applicable statute, 3) or any other reason. The appropriate form or certificate must be on file at and verified by MORPHY’S five days prior to Auction, or tax must be paid; only if such form or certificate is received by MORPHY’S within 4 days after the Auction can a refund of tax paid be made. Lots from different auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes.


Any invoice totaling more than $100,000 and all watch sales must be paid within three (3) days. All other merchandise must be paid in full within seven (7) days of the date of the invoice. If payment by cash, check, money order or wire transfer is made within 7 days of the invoice, a 3% discount on the Hammer price may be taken by the buyer. DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF INVOICE IS PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS from the invoice date. No discount is permitted on split payments where a credit card is used as any form of total payment. Payments can be made by going to your account online at, call 877-968-8880 or mail payment to: Dan Morphy Auctions LLC 2000 N Reading Rd, Denver, PA 17517. Interest will be charged on all balances not paid at the rate of 1-1/2% monthly (18% APR) effective 30 days from the invoice date. All goods not retrieved by Buyer within 30 days after the invoice date, shall be subject to a storage fee of $50 per item per month. Buyer authorizes the MORPHY’s to sell, at their standard commission and consignment contract terms, any goods not retrieved after a 90 day period in any manner deemed appropriate by MORPHY’s and the proceeds will be applied to any outstanding balance due from the buyer. Absentee bids placed through will be auto charged to the credit card entered 48 hours after the end of the sale. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us within 48 hours after the sale. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, certified checks, wire transfers, money orders, and cash. • Jewelry, Watches, Coin and Currency Auctions – We accept cash, wire transfer, check, certified checks and money orders only. No credit cards. • CREDIT CARD - We will not accept credit card payment for any jewelry, watch, coin or currency auction purchases. For first time buyers and credit card charges greater than $2,500 buyers must complete the bottom portion of the invoice and must specifically sign the acknowledgement of our terms of sale before we will accept payment via credit card. We do offer the convenience of paying automatically by credit card. If you wish have your card automatically charged for all purchases please complete our “Authorization for Automatic Credit Card Use.” We have this form available online or upon request. Split payments are subject to a 23% buyer’s premium if a credit card is used as any form of total payment. • CHECK - There will be a $30 service charge for returned checks. Make checks payable to: Dan Morphy Auctions LLC. MORPHY’S reserves the right to hold items paid for by personal or company check until said check clears (14 days). MORPHY’S has the right to hold all checks over $2,000. Customers who have an established successful buying history with MORPHY’S may be exempt from this. We will accept a personal or company check >$2,000 and/or from a (continued...)


Terms & Conditions first time buyer if you provide a Bank Letter of Credit, available on our website, • WIRE TRANSFERS – There will be a $30 charge added to all wire transfers less than $2,000. Please add this amount to your invoice total before sending a wire transfer. In the few situations where a successful bidder does not remit payment when due, MORPHY’S will proceed with the legal steps necessary to protect its interests and will block the bidder from future auction participation.


• It is the bidder’s responsibility to take shipping, handling, and insurance costs into consideration when bidding on items. • BIDDERS PRESENT AND TAKING ITEMS AFTER AUCTION – Since item liability transfers upon a successful bid, items paid for must be packed, transported and/or removed by the buyer at his/her own risk after the close of the sale. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. If any employee or agent of MORPHY’S shall pack or transport the merchandise, it is fully at the risk and responsibility and expense of the buyer. MORPHY’S shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the said agent or employee. • ITEMS NOT PICKED UP THE DAY OF THE SALE – Packaging, shipping, and insurance on all items that MORPHY’S accepts for shipment to locations that can accept shipments will be made available as an added courtesy and at an additional cost. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. All applicable charges will be applied to the invoice. Shipping will be based on actual costs via FedEx, USPS, or other carriers required based upon the contents of the shipment. Packaging and insurance will vary in cost depending on the items on each invoice. All packages will be shipped with insurance. Standard items packed internally by MORPHY’s will ship seven to fourteen (7-14) business days after payment is received. Oversize and breakable items, which MORPHY’s will indicate on the invoice, will ship based upon the buyer’s arrangement with a 3rd party shipper. MORPHY’s cannot combine standard item shipments with oversize and breakable item shipments. Again, if any employee or agent of MORPHY’S shall pack or transport the merchandise, it is fully at the risk and responsibility and expense of the buyer. MORPHY’S shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the said agent or employee. • SHIPPING TERMS - MORPHY’S will ship items to the buyer at the listed address via FedEx or other carriers, FOB Denver, Pennsylvania or FOB Las Vegas, NV or FOB other auction locations. Any risk of loss or damage to the item(s) during transit via FedEx, or any other carrier, in excess of the insurance provided by or purchased from MORPHY’S, is at the risk of the buyer. Any additional insurance coverage should be purchased by the buyer through the carrier. Buyer releases MORPHY’s from any and all claims for loss or damage to any item during transit and agrees to pay all costs of defense, including attorney’s fees, for any claims brought against MORPHY’S for loss or damage occurring during transit. • INSURANCE - Shipping insurance is automatically added, which you can decline by contacting us and providing a signed waiver of insurance form. Insurance for all 3rd party shipments must be arranged through that carrier. Insurance provided or purchased through MORPHY’s applies only to shipments to the United States and Canada. Buyers must purchase their own insurance for shipments to other countries.

• INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS – MORPHY’S has the capability to ship to international bidders. By law, MORPHY’S cannot, and will not, declare lesser values for any international purchases and all shipments will include the invoice with purchase totals including the buyer’s premium and shipping cost. All international bidders are responsible for knowing their country’s laws on importing items and for paying all customs and duties on the items. • 3RD PARTY SHIPPING OVERSIZE ITEMS – Buyers will need to either pick up the items personally or arrange a 3rd party shipping service for oversize items. As a general guideline, the following will indicate which packages apply, as they are of a certain weight, length, or dimensional size. • Dimensional size is length (the longest measurement) + (height x 2) + (width x 2). For example a 36” x 36” x 12” package = 36 + (36 x2) + (12 x 2) = 132” • USA home shipments must be <70 lbs. and <108” length and <165” dimensional size • USA business shipments must be <150 lbs. and <108” length and <165” dimensional size • International shipments must be <150 lbs. and <108” length and <130” dimensional size • There may be certain shipments that meet these requirements that will still require 3rd party shipping, and we will communicate the reason in those cases. • 3RD PARTY SHIPPING OF BREAKABLE, DELICATE, FRAGILE ITEMS - MORPHY’S reserves the right to choose items and orders that it will pack, ship, and/or insure directly using our shipping department. Those items that MORPHY’S will not ship will require that the buyer either pick up the items personally or arrange a 3rd party shipping service. Examples of items that may apply after determination by our shipping department include but are not limited to: items with neon of any type (working or non-working), all glass display cases of any size; coin-operated, arcade and vending items with fragile parts and/or glass; signs with parts or protrusions beyond the main body of the sign, oversized vases (guideline – larger than fit in a 20” x 20” x 40” box), high value lamps and glass of all sizes, high value artwork including but not limited to paintings, statuary, sculpture, figurines, dioramas, and other intricate items; and items subject to impact by moisture and known handling issues in the supply chain. Under no circumstances will MORPHY’S be responsible for shipping damage to picture frames of any kind. For any buyers who wish to arrange for their own shipping, MORPHY’S must be notified at least seven (7) days prior to arrival of the shipping company name, arrival date and time. Pickup must be scheduled to begin and end within our normal business hours (9am – 4pm weekdays). Buyers must arrange weekend pickups in advance with MORPHY’S staff, and additional charges may be necessary for overtime. All 3rd party shippers must arrive with a copy of the invoice, • STORAGE FEE – MORPHY’S will charge a storage fee of $50 per item per month for any items awaiting pickup for more than 30 days following the invoice date. Buyer authorizes the MORPHY’s to sell, at their standard commission and consignment contract terms, any goods not retrieved after a 90 day period in any manner deemed appropriate by MORPHY’s and the proceeds will be applied to any outstanding balance due from the buyer. • MORPHY AUCTIONS, LAS VEGAS LOCATION ONLY SPECIAL COURTESY – Items purchased at our Las Vegas location may qualify for free shipment on our freight truck to Denver, PA. °° To be considered for shipping, all item invoices must be paid in full by day 7 after the auction, or they will not be shipped on the truck and shipping charges will then apply. °° Items will leave Las Vegas approximately 14 days after the (continued...)


Terms & Conditions auction date. Upon arrival in Denver, PA the buyer must pick items up within 14 days, or a $50/week storage fee will apply. Buyers will be contacted by phone or email when items arrive in Denver, PA. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pick the items up here. For packages to qualify for courtesy shipping, at least one piece or all pieces together in a package, must have a dimensional size of more than 130 square inches. Dimensional size is length (the longest measurement) + (height x 2) + (width x 2). For example, a 36” x 36” x 12” package = 36 + (36 x2) + (12 x 2) = 132. • FIREWORKS – MORPHY’S can only ship Class 1 Division 1.4 and 1.6 Explosives (as described in the following website: html) per the 49CFR 173.50 and can only ship these via FedEx. All items not shippable must be picked up by the buyer.


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PA AH001884 NV 2000951.056-221 & 2000084.846


Auctioneer sells approximately 80-100 lots per hour.

FRIDAY LOTS 1,001 - 1,080 9:00 AM 1,081 - 1,160 10:00 AM 1,161 - 1,240 11:00 AM 1,241 - 1,320 12:00 PM 1,321 - 1,400 1:00 PM 1,401 - 1,431 2:00 PM

GALLERY IS OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm PST

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LODGING: Orleans Hotel Casino: 1-800-675-3267 Code: A9MAC04 (Valid April 11, 2019 – April 15, 2019) Reservations need to be made by 3/12/2019 to receive discount.

APRIL 12, 2019 Friday Session | Auction Starts at 9:00am pst LOTS: 1,001 - 1,431 Items on Display Approximately 4 weeks prior to Auction Date. Please Call to Confirm.

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm pst

Auction Day Preview Begins at 8:00am pst


AUCTIONEERS: Shaye Krispine Angel Lopez Dan Morphy


Western & Firearms Consultant

Richard Manifor

Native American Art & Relics Expert

M o r p h yA u c t i o n s . c o m | 8 7 7 - 9 6 8 - 8 8 8 0

Brian Manifor

Western Antiques & Weapons Expert

Welcome to our Spring 2019 Gold Rush, Western, and Native American Art Auction This is our most diverse offering yet in this category. I am confident that our customers and clients will find a wonderful and historical array of items related to the Old West and American westward expansion for the most discerning of tastes. Included is a stunning collection of over a dozen rare 18th and 19th century tomahawks and a Blackfoot lance from the estate collection of the late California collector Mr. Don Euing. Don specialized in early colonial and frontier weapons and had a great eye for the rare and authentic. He only collected museum quality weapons, and these offered here are available for the first time on the collector market. There are two separate Indian arrows collected off of the Custer battlefield from the Dr. Frank Wagner cavalry museum collection. A comprehensive collection of some of the finest 19th century Plains, Southern Plains, and Southwest dolls to come to the market in recent years. A Pawnee painted buffalo robe, stunning Crow rifle scabbard and Crow buffalo hide shield, a very nice Sioux beaded pictorial vest and beautiful Sioux beaded blanket strip. Cowboy and Old West enthusiasts will find beautiful examples of finely woven prison made horsehair bridles, a variety of saddles, silver mounted spurs and custom bits by famous western makers such as, G.S. Garcia, Tapia, Hernandez, Morales, Larios and others. A stunning collection of high end Mexican sombreros and cowboy hats, Southwest sterling and turquoise jewelry, bunkhouse/ranch furniture, a full sized Concord stagecoach, saloon back bar bottles, a pair of Jo Mora Rodeo posters, Buffalo Bill,101 Ranch, and Tompkins Wild West advertising posters, and a Winchester advertising bullet display board. There are two very historic and important images also being offered. One is a cased tintype of bandit Butch Cassidy and the other is a previously unknown outdoor image of Morgan Earp, Doc Holliday, and Big Nose Kate. Firearms include Winchesters, Remingtons, Colts, Smith & Wessons, Merwin and Hulberts, various cowboy gun leather and accessories, as well as other frontier and Indian used firearms. There is also a nice selection of Gold Rush era gold quartz jewelry, western paintings, photographs, and bronzes. This will be followed by our coin-op and advertising auctions on Saturday and Sunday, and will be an epic 3 day event that you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to miss! Brian Manifor, Western Antiques & Weapons Expert

12 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1001

LOT - 1002

1001 - HAMMER-POLL TOMAHAWK. 27-3/4”L. Circa 1690-1720, very heavy blade overall especially near the eye. The eye is decorated with 13 vertical cuts. The haft is plain and round. Styles similar to this have been identified as Iroquois. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 1002 - PRAIRIE STYLE PIPE TOMAHAWK. 19-1/2”L. Circa 1840’s, Prairie style with flared blade signed D.H. Fuller/Boston. Straight side faceted bowl that unscrews to accommodate a spike. Diamond shaped haft is file branded and brass tacked on one side only with incised chevrons on both sides. Head is mounted from fore end. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1003

1003 - NORTHERN PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK. 27-1/2” L. Circa 1850-1865, this tomahawk has an 8” steel head, original leather gasket, and an unusually long original haft. Most likely made of ash, haft shows deep file branding and a beautiful warm patina. (Excellent). 6,000 - 8,000

14 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1004

1004 - FINE PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK. 25-1/2”L. Circa 1860’s, Plains style with wide flared blade with copper line inlay of a tobacco plant on left side of blade. Haft is file branded with two partial rings of brass tacks with lead tips on both ends of haft. There is a dangle of brass beads and a 9” black hair drop. Former Don Euing collection. (Excellent). 8,000 - 10,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1005

1005 - EARLY HALBERD PIPE TOMAHAWK. 28”L. Circa 1740, very rare early French halberd type. Narrow flared blade with cutting edge slanting on a bias. Bowl flares in two stages, with a round haft with steel spike rising above the head and flaring. Steel ferule inset 2-3/4” before the mouthpiece. Former Don Euing collection. (Excellent). 10,000 - 15,000

16 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1006


LOT - 1007

1006 - SPONTOON PIPE TOMAHAWK. 18-1/2”L. Circa 1850-1860, hand forged steel head clad with copper. Head is also engraved with a dot and curved lines pierced with a round hole. Blade is in the shape of an elongated heart. Haft is file branded and tacked. Former Don Euing collection. (Excellent). 3,000 - 5,000 1007 - SIOUX SADDLE BLANKET. Spectacular 19th century saddle blanket with period trade cloth backing and wonderful 5-1/2” wide beaded perimeter strip. Strip having desirable figures including horse and riders, American flags and vallero stars, comprised of small early beads including white hearts, cobalt blues and greasy yellows, hawk bells and buckskin fringe. Showing nice visual signs of wear commensurate with age. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1008

1008 - PAWNEE PAINTED BUFFALO ROBE. 70”L x 66”W. Circa 1860’s -1870’s Indian tanned buffalo robe with painted pictographs of horses. In good condition with some paint fading. The style of horses compares strongly with Pawnee robes in several museum collections. The horses without riders with saddle blankets indicate gift horses, a status symbol among the Pawnee. This robe would have been worn by a warrior of importance. Similar examples are at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming. (Very Good). 15,000 - 20,000

18 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1010

LOT - 1009

1009 - SIOUX PICTORIAL BEADED VEST. 21”L x 20”W. Circa 1880’s sinew sewn vest featuring armed warrior figures. Front depicts two warriors standing with rifles, and two mounted on horses. Back of vest features three mounted warriors and three crosses. Executed in light blue, green, red, dark blue, brown and greasy yellow beads on a white field. Vest is buckskin lined in early red patterned cloth that shows some tattering around the edges. Front has five scalloped silver buttons and buckskin thongs at opening. There is no bead loss. Vest is very displayable and is adult sized. Former Marlen Krause collection. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 1010 - NORTHERN PLAINS INDIAN FETISH BELT. 51”L. Circa 1880-1890, sinew sewn beads on native tanned buckskin. Belt is comprised of two turtle amulets, knife sheath, awl case, and a small pouch. All are attached to the buckskin belt with with beaded ends terminating in tin cones with horsehair tufts. (Very Good). 2,000 - 2,500 1011 - LOT OF 4: PLAINS INDIAN CATLINITE PIPES. Largest: 20”L. Lot consists of circa 1890-1900’s catlinite pipes. Three sizes (20”, 18”, 17”). The largest pipe has a “T” style bowl with beaded wood stem. Next largest is made entirely of catlinite with a tomahawk style head. Smallest has a painted red, rawhide wrapped wood handle with a catlinite tomahawk head. Head has finely incised Sioux star and a floral pattern with bird and arrows. Also included is a small clay “T” bowl. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1011

1012 - BEADED BLACKFEET MOCCASINS. 11”L x 4”W. Circa 1880-1890, thread sewn on Indian tanned buckskin with muslin ankle cuffs. Beadwork executed in floral pattern of green, pink, red, dark blue, light blue, and butterscotch beads against a white background. (Very Good). 600 - 800 LOT - 1012 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1013

LOT - 1016

LOT - 1017

LOT - 1014

LOT - 1018

1013 - PLAINS CREE BEADED GAUNTLETS. 11” x 7”. Circa 1900-1915, fringed buckskin gauntlets with nice floral patterns executed in royal blue, dusty sky blue, transparent pink, yellow, and rose beads. Lined in blue cloth, these show period wear but are nice example and very displayable. A few small wear spots on the underside of the fingers, and near the thumb crease. (Good). 600 - 1,000 1014 - SIOUX FEMALE DOLL. 6-1/2” x 7-1/2”. Circa 1890-1900, doll is made of Indian tanned hide, metal sequins, porcupine quill and human hair. Fringed buckskin dress has beaded geometric patterns executed in white centered rose, dark blue and white beads. Buckskin belt is fashioned with large metal sequins representing conchos. (Very Good). 600 - 1,200 1015 - CHEYENNE INDIAN BUCKSKIN DOLL. 12”L. Circa late 1800’s, Cheyenne male buckskin doll with beaded eyes and mouth. Horsehair braids have red cloth wraps. Doll has a beaded choker of yellow, dark blue and white beads and a shirt with strips of white and dark blue beadwork, as well as fringed leggings and red cloth breech cloth. Traditional Cheyenne style beadwork to shirt, leggings, and moccasins. (Very Good). 800 - 1,500 1016 - SIOUX INDIAN FEMALE DOLL. 17” x 6-1/2”. Circa 1885-1895, female doll made of Indian tanned buckskin, horsehair, dentallia shells and glass beads. Doll is wearing a fringed dress with fully beaded yoke and a belt executed in dusty blue, dark blue, greasy yellow, green and white centered rose. Leggings and moccasins are also beaded. Horsehair braids adorn the head. (Very Good). 1,000 - 2,000


LOT - 1015

LOT - 1019 1017 - ARAPAHO FEMALE BUCKSKIN DOLL. 12” x 7-1/2”. Circa 1880’s, sinew sewn doll made of Indian tanned buckskin and horsehair stuffed muslin. Doll is adorned with buffalo hair, beaded eyes and mouth, cowrie shell and bead earrings. Fringed dress is rubbed in red ochre pigment, and has beaded designs executed in greasy yellow, green, and light blue beads. She is wearing fully beaded moccasins and has beaded leggings. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1018 - APACHE INDIAN DOLL. 13-1/2”T x 5-1/2”W. Circa 1880’s, doll is made of supple buckskin with heavily fringed dress. Dress exhibits typical Apache beadwork and is adorned with tin cone tinklers and black thread braided hair. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1019 - SIOUX INDIAN BEADED BUCKSKIN DOLL. 14-1/2”L x 11”. Circa 1880’s, doll is sinew sewn and made of Indian tanned buckskin and buffalo hair. Fringed dress is beautifully beaded with lazy stitched yoke finished in colors of light blue, rose, dark blue, greasy yellow, white and pink. She is wearing a large black bead necklace and a fully beaded belt, leggings and moccasins. (Excellent). 3,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1020

LOT - 1021

LOT - 1023

1020 - WALLA WALLA PRISON SPURS. Fantastic double mounted spurs with scalloped heel bands including shields and 3 dimensional hearts, exaggerated long shanks with chap guards and terrific heart concho straps. Having extremely rare inmate number marked on bottom of shanks. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1021 - LOT OF 2: CIRCA 1970’S SILVER PLATE DOUBLE ROWL ENGRAVED TOM MIX STYLE SPURS. Displayed: 9-1/4” x 10” x 2-1/2”. Tom Mix was known as the “King of the Cowboys”. He appeared in over 160 motion pictures between 1909 and 1935; performed rodeo stunts with Sells Floto Circus between 1929 and 1931; Ralston Purina sponsored the Tom Mix Radio Show beginning in 1933. He is mostly known to today’s younger generation as a pall bearer at the funeral of Wyatt Earp. These silver plated double rowl spurs feature beautiful scroll engraving on one side. The leather is done in basket weave pattern. Silver plated concho on one side with silver plated belt buckle set. Both spurs have the late Bohlin hallmark and are displayed on an oak stand with a silver plaque that reads “EDWARD BOHLIN SADDLEMAKERS, SILVERSMITHS HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA MADE FOR TOM MIX” with a longhorn steer head. It is interesting to note that Tom Mix, having befriended Bohlin in the early years, talked him into staying in Hollywood and producing fine leather and silver cowboy products. Spurs and leather are near mint, silver plated, and both are hallmarked with maker, but obviously produced after Mix died in 1940 from an automobile accident. Beautiful pair of Bohlin Tom Mix style spurs. (Excellent). 2,500 - 3,500 1022 - EARLY IRON RING BIT. Stunning early Colonial style ring bit, uncommonly large, with stylish deep engraving, a fabulous cut-out lip bar and ring with decorative hand forged dangles and original chains. (Very Good). 1,800 - 2,500

LOT - 1022

1023 - EARLY COLONIAL IRON SPURS. Very scarce heavy iron spurs with long articulated shanks, figural dogs, original heel chains, and huge 8-point rowels. Completed by a great looking pair of period dove wing straps. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,800 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1025

LOT - 1026

LOT - 1027

1025 - WALLA WALLA PRISON HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Very unusual hitched horsehair bridle with bold colors in geometric patterns, using double round cheeks, very unique silver and ribbon rosettes, multiple tassels, terrific romel reins, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original iron bird bit. In beautiful condition with crisp colors and wear. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1026 - DEERLODGE PRISON HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Extremely attractive large hitched horsehair bridle, using five very uncommon colors, focused around a predominantly green and orange presence, with eight large tufted tassels, unusual matching paint horse hair wrapped glass rosettes, original horsehair curb strap, its original iron bit, and topped off with great horsehair split reins. Remaining in overall crisp condition, with sharp geometric patterned colors. (Very Good). 3,500 - 4,500 1027 - NAVAJO SILVER BRIDLE. Noteworthy massive early Navajo beautifully designed sterling silver bridle with incredible 3-1/2â&#x20AC;? scalloped conchos and brow band nadja, complimented by a very early iron ring bit and finely braided horsehair reins covered in great horsehair tassels. (Very Good). 3,000 - 4,000

22 | April 12, 2019

1028 - SILVER MOUNTED SADDLE. 32”L x 28”W x 44”T. This saddle has floral tooled leather and is heavily adorned with silver conchos, silver sunburst diamonds, and horse head decoration. The pommel, saddle swells and seat back are capped in engraved silver. Initials “RLW” are found on the back of the seat. Straps are all banded in silver. The saddle is lined in sheepskin and the stirrups are heavily adorned tapaderos. (Very Good). 3,000 - 6,000

LOT - 1028


1029 - MARIO HANEL SALESMANS SAMPLE SADDLE. 18-1/2” x 11”W. Seldom seen salesman’s sample saddle, with decorative border pattern of beautifully detailed floral tooling, with 7” seat, tapaderos and horsehair cinch. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 5,000 - 8,000

LOT - 1029 | April 12, 2019


1030 - 101 RANCH SADDLE. Intriguing early square skirted high back saddle with full coverage basket stamped tooling incorporated with fascinating tooled bucking horses and riders on the fenders and jockeys. Clearly marked “101R” on the back of its radical 5” tall cantle. Having medium size swells, a 14” seat, attractive medium color, and retaining its wonderful original steel bound oxbow stirrups. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500

LOT - 1030

LOT - 1032

1032 - LOT OF 2: SIOUX TURTLE FETISH AND EASTERN SIOUX PATRIOTIC BEADED BAG. Larger: 9” x 4”. Lot consists of: A) Circa late 1800’s buckskin stuffed turtle amulet with dark blue beaded head and neck. Beaded design of dark blue squares on body and legs. Turtle has edge beading in dark blue with tin cones and horsehair attached to ends of legs. Size: 9” x 4 “.; B) Circa 1900 Eastern Sioux fully beaded Indian tanned U-shaped hide bag. Front of bag has white background edged in dark blue beads with patriotic motif of four red, white, and blue American flags with three stars of green, dark blue, and orange-pink. Retains original leather thong handle on purse flap. Backside of bag has white beaded background with floral motif of many colors. Size: 6” x 5 -1/2”. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,500

1033 - APACHE BEADED BAG. 4” x 4”. Circa 1880-1890, bag is finished in multi-colored beads on buckskin with tin cone tinklers around outer edge. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1033 24 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1035

LOT - 1036

LOT - 1037

LOT - 1034 1034 - UMATILLA CHILD’S BEADED CRADLE. 14”L x 4”W. Circa 1875-1885, cradle is constructed of Indian tanned buckskin over a wood frame. The doll is made of muslin with a buckskin face and horsehair braids. Cradle cover is profusely and finely beaded with black squares with white centers on a greasy yellow field. Over the head of the doll is a sun cover of dark blue beads interspaced with dentallium shells. One small bug nip to center seam of cradle cover. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500 1035 - APACHE CRADLE. 13”L x 6”W. Circa 1880’s, sinew sewn on buckskin. Cradle retains original doll wrapped in early blue calico cloth. Sun shade is made of muslin, and the cradle is made of willow sticks covered in buckskin, stained yellow and finished with a geometric beaded pattern. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500

1036 - TWO TONE SOMBRERO WITH GOLD BULLION. 20”W x 8”T. Circa 1920’s, high quality sombrero with brown underside and tan upper. Fine gold thread in Aztec and floral patterns, flowers. The leather sweat band marked: TARDAN, HNOS SUCS “LOS PRINCIPALES SOMBREREROS” Plaze de Constitucion 5,7,9, MEXICO D.F. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,500 1037 - HIGH GRADE SOMBRERO WITH MEXICAN EAGLE. 21”W x 7”T. Circa 1915, classic and high grade Mexican sombrero showing ornate embroidery on felt with Mexican snake and eagle on front of crown. The crown and brim are heavily embroidered in Aztec and floral motifs. Mexican revolutionary war era. A classic and decorative sombrero that was most likely a prized possession of an affluent leader who could afford such a hat. Missing sweatband. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1038

LOT - 1039


LOT - 1040

1038 - EXCEPTIONAL 1890’S MEXICAN SOMBRERO. 19”W with 11” crown. Circa 1890’s, 14 colorful metallic bands on the crown, comprised of various shades of gold and maroon colored thread and silk, some twisted. Similar pattern underside brim. Lining is blue silk and faintly gold stamped Paris, sweatband is maker-marked Heriberto Sagredo/Aquas Calientes. SOLD: 1996 Charles Ford Bovey Estate Sale PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Rachel Ford Bovey (daughter). Charles was a Montana Territory Legislator who claimed that this sombrero was a gift from Charles Russell to Lee Ford (1883) of Sun River MT, President, Great Falls Natl Bank member, Cowboy Hall of Fame; Son of Robert S. Ford, Civil War veteran who brought the second herd of cattle to Montana ranch Sun R, organized Montana Stockgrower’s Assoc, Sun R Vigilante Assoc, member of MT legislature and founder of the Great Falls Nat’l Bank. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 2,500 - 3,500


1039 - GERALD FORD STETSON HAT. Case: 9” x 18-1/4” x 14-3/4”. Fantastic natural colored 200X Stetson hat in Cattleman pattern, marked “Made Especially for Gerald Ford” on the sweatband, approximate size 7-1/4. Finished off with with a decorative hat box with the Presidential Seal on the front. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1040 - JOHN WAYNE STETSON HAT. Case: 9” x 18” x 20”. Wonderful black Stetson hat sold by Nudies of Hollywood, inscribed on the sweatband “Especially for John Wayne”, in a classic iconic shape with a 5” brim and 5 -1/4” crown, completed by its original travel case, monogrammed “JW” on front. Showing minimal wear and age. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1043

LOT - 1042

LOT - 1044

1042 - EARLY STOVEPIPE BOOTS. Highly collectable early boots with decoratively stitched 16” tops, cloth pulls, and slightly rounded toes. Leather having very supple condition and great patina. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1043 - STUDDED GUN RIG. Attractive Wild West Show style studded 4-3/4” Colt single action holster with 32 caliber cartridge belt and nickel buckle. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1044 - BRAIDED LEATHER BULL WHIP. 8-1/2’L. Nicely braided leather whip measuring 8-1/2’ long, with leather wrapped swiveling handle. Showing nice wear and color. (Very Good). 400 - 700 1045 - NEW MEXICO ARREST WARRANT. 10” x 14-5/8”. Framed Lincoln County Territorial arrest warrant, dated November 1881, for wanted outlaw Gus Guildy. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 400 - 800

LOT - 1045

1046 - TOOLED HOLSTER AND MONEY BELT. Eye catching 7-1/2” full flower tooled Colt single action holster with great scalloped single loop design, accompanied by its 45 caliber cartridge belt, still remaining full of Peters 45 caliber bullets. Showing beautiful medium color and condition. (Very Good). 400 - 700

LOT - 1046 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1047

LOT - 1048 1047 - STUDDED SADDLE BAGS. Unique old saddle pockets of heavy leather construction with attractively studded flaps and courier style compartments. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1048 - MEDICAL SADDLEBAGS. 28”L. Interesting early saddlebags with wide pockets for carrying apothecary bottles. With deep patina and use. Each bag, 8”T x 4”W. (Very Good). 300 - 500

LOT - 1049

LOT - 1050

1049 - LOT OF 3: BRANDING IRONS. Largest: 43”L. Lot consists of: three old branding irons, done with early hand forged iron craftsmanship in various ranch brands, with great decorative appeal. (Very Good). 250 - 500 1050 - LOT OF 3: BRANDING IRONS. Largest: 31”L. Lot consists of: three old branding irons, done with early hand forged iron craftsmanship in various ranch brands, with great decorative appeal. (Very Good). 250 - 500 1051 - HORN RACK. Decorative old longhorn hat rack with longhorn flower petals, beveled mirror plaque, and longhorns spanning 21” in width. (Very Good). 200 - 400

28 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1051

LOT - 1052

LOT - 1053

LOT - 1054

LOT - 1055

LOT - 1056 1052 - BRYDON BRO’S SADDLE. 25”L x 14-1/2”W. Eye catching fully flower tooled saddle from a scarce and desirable maker, nicely done with an inlaid quilted seat, Mexican Peso conchos and horn cap, silver name plate on cantle, with a 12” seat. Definitely a special order saddle. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1053 - EARLY HOPE SADDLE. 20”L x 9”W x 12”T. Very early trail style saddle with 3-1/2” platter horn, wide wooden stirrups and Cheyenne rolled cantle. In great condition with light color and original latigos intact. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1054 - PORTER SADDLE. 24-1/2”L x 15”W. Very showy fully flower tooled saddle with an intriguing cantle and horn edge, padded seat, and large leather bound stirrups, with a 14” seat. (Very Good). 800 - 1,500

LOT - 1057

1055 - TOMPKINS WILD WEST POSTER. 26-1/2” x 41”. Action filled Wild West Show poster with vibrant colors, marked “Donaldson Litho Co. 1893”. In mint condition, professionally framed and linen backed. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1056 - TOMPKINS WILD WEST POSTER. 19” x 29”. Terrific Wild West Show poster with seldom seen cowgirl scene, showing bright color and mint condition, and marked “Donaldson Litho Co. 1893”. Professionally framed and linen backed. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 1057 - TOMPKINS WILD WEST POSTER. 19” x 29”. Appealing Wild West Show poster with fantastic Native American scene, full of action and brilliant colors, and marked “Donaldson litho Co. 1893”. Professionally framed, linen backed and in pristine condition. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 | April 12, 2019



LOT - 1058

LOT - 1059

1058 - PLASTER NATIVE AMERICAN SCULPTURE. 14”L x 18”W x 61”T. Dressed in a full headdress, beautifully detailed robes, multi-stranded necklace, and tomahawk pipe. Showing some minor chips in the plaster, most of which are not visible from the front. The headdress shows an older, professional repair on the left side and a region of repainting over a small chip to the back right. Signed “Apsit 77” and inscribed “Florentine Art Studio”. (Very Good). 800 - 2,000 1059 - EAGLE SHAMAN BRONZE SCULPTURE. 15”L x 42”W x 48-1/2”T. This 1/2 scale figure has light and dark brown patination and depicts a shirtless man with an elaborate, feathered eagle mantle. The work is unsigned but has “P2P3402” stamped into the natural base. (Excellent). 2,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1060

1060 - LOT OF 2: LOVELY PAIR OF FRAMED ORIGINAL NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEF & SQUAW OIL PAINTINGS. 28” W x 33” H. This fabulous and colorful match framed set was produced by Dr. Arthur Jewell of Buffalo, New York sometime in the 1950’s. Each painting is signed on the front and his name and address are written on the back. The paintings are masterfully done in brilliant colors and depict an Indian Chief and his squaw. Dr. Jewell graduated with a BA in art from Syracuse University in 1952. For the next 42 years, he was the instructor for Guilderland School District. He passed away in 2016 but is well remembered by three generations of art students in that area. Both of these paintings are magnificently framed in the gold guilt gesso 19th century style. Gesso is very fragile and there are a couple areas of minor damage to the frames, but it is minor and gesso is easily repaired. This would be a stunning set of paintings for your Western themed office of den. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 30 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1061

LOT - 1062

LOT - 1063

LOT - 1064

1061 - FRAMED DENTON OIL PAINTING OF NATIVE AMERICAN CHARGE. 3”L x 50”W x 38”T. This oil on canvas painting is by Troy Denton (American, born 1944) and depicts a mounted group of Native Americans. It is mounted in an irregular wood frame with accentuated corners. (Very Good). 1,000 - 2,000

1063 - CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS YARDLONG PHOTOGRAPH. 8-1/2” x 36”. Spectacular early panoramic photograph of town’s people, cowboys and Indians in downtown Cheyenne, marked “Denver Post 1925” in lower corner. Housed in a period correct frame. (Very Good). 250 - 450

1062 - FRAMED ORIGINAL INDIAN VILLAGE OVERSIZED IMAGE. Framed : 15 -1/2” x 11 -1/2”. This is a sepia toned image of what is listed at the bottom as “Indian Village”. When examined with a magnifying glass you will see cowboys, wagons, numerous Indians within this village. Professionally framed. (Excellent). 200 - 400

1064 - SHERIDAN RODEO YARDLONG PHOTOGRAPH. 7-1/2” x 38”. Uncommon large panoramic photograph at the 1932 Sheridan Wyoming Rodeo, filled with cowboys and band in front of the arena grandstands. Period framed. (Very Good). 250 - 450 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1065

LOT - 1066

1065 - WINCHESTER DOUBLE W CARTRIDGE BOARD. 40-1/2” x 58”. Impressive example of highly sought after original 1897 Winchester Advertising Bullet Board, with a wonderful design of vignettes and early cartridges in the shape of a “W”, showing beautiful rich colors, crisp lettering and pictorial scenes, and complete with all original cartridges, primer boxes, and shotgun shells, all accented by its terrific light colored frame. As a further credit to this incredible piece, the back side is very clean with beautifully aged wood and its original label stating “Compliments of Winchester Repeating Arms Company” along with original serial number marking “No. 1452”. (Very Good). 25,000 - 35,000


1066 - (A)COLT 1872 REVOLVER. An incredible example of an Open Top Colt revolver, in crisp condition with sharp legends and cylinder scene, impressively functioning action, and topped off with very rare 95% patinaed original silver wash, and nicely complimenting walnut grips. (Very Good). 8,000 - 12,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1067

1067 - (A)JS COLLINS COLT REVOLVER AND GUN RIG. Eye popping true western gun rig, with Collins shipped Colt single action, in 125,000 serial range, a black powder frame revolver shipped in 1888, chambered in 44-40 with faint but visible etched panel, 7-1/2â&#x20AC;? barrel, and boldly western carved steer head mother of pearl grips. As letter states factory nickel, an attractive 20% still remains, and boasts a wonderful crisp action. Completed by its exceedingly rare 7-1/2â&#x20AC;? JS Collins marked shaped double loop holster and money belt that displays a pleasing medium brown color and supple condition with Colt factory documentation. (Very Good). 12,000 - 15,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1068

1068 - (A)REMINGTON 1875 REVOLVER. Beautiful Remington Model 1875 single action revolver, serial 11xxx, in 44-40 caliber, 7-1/2” barrel, nickel finish, and walnut grips. Overall excellent condition displaying 90-95% sharp original finish, fine bore, crisp action and wonderful grips. (Very Good). 5,000 - 10,000


LOT - 1069

LOT - 1070


1069 - (A) MERWIN HULBERT REVOLVER. Beautifully presenting 3rd model closed top double action revolver, chambered in 44MH, with a 7” barrel, great pearl grips, and lanyard ring. Displaying a tight nicely functioning action and 98% of its period reapplied nickel finish. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500

1070 - (A) ENGRAVED MERWIN HULBERT REVOLVER. Highly sought after 2nd Model Open Top scoop flute single action revolver, serial number 6263, chambered in 44-40 caliber, with a 7” barrel, and having rare full coverage New York style scroll engraving, and finished with its original nicely aged ivory grips. In nice condition, with tight action and showing an out-of-the-closet feeling even patina with traces of original nickel. (Very Good). 3,500 - 5,500 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1071

LOT - 1072

1071 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ CHAIN. This beautiful chain has five gold quartz links. Beautiful design, with each link of gold quartz having two pieces of quartz, one for either side. Tests for 14k gold, and weighs 34.9 DWT. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,500 1072 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ POCKET WATCH. Made by A. Waltham Company. The case is 14k gold. Working condition, with a nice panel of gold quartz on the front side, and a tricolor image of owl with leaves and flowers on the reverse side. Watch weighs 32.5 DWT. (Excellent Plus). 3,000 - 5,000

LOT - 1073

1073 - WALTHAM 14K GOLD POCKET WATCH WITH GOLD QUARTZ CHAIN AND FOB. The cover of this fine watch is beautifully decorated with an unmonogrammed shield and floral motif, marked 842411 on the interior. The reverse features a buck with jeweled eyes, surrounded by the same floral motif as the front. A highly decorated and nicely engraved case with rose and yellow gold elements. Watch dial is white with a pink border and floral details, very clean, marked American Waltham Watch Co. and in working order. Includes a wonderful rose gold pocket watch chain with seven double sided inlays of gold quartz in varying colors, the toggle bar being inlaid on only one side. The fob is a Grand Army Of The Republic 1861-1866 badge with presentation date of February 13, 1892. Chain measures 15â&#x20AC;? in length. Weighing 154.3 DWT in total. (Excellent). 8,000 - 12,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1074

LOT - 1075

1074 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE WITH NEVADA SUTRO TUNNEL ENGRAVING. 2 - 1/4” x 1”. Circa 1870’s, Inlaid 14K gold quartz Match Safe with striker on bottom. Multi-colored diamond pattern with center section of grey gold quartz. Grey gold quartz inlay on top of hinged lid. Engraved detail throughout with some period wear to highlights. Great historical association to early Virginia City, Nevada and the famed Comstock Lode. Period engraving on the reverse reads: “Presented to (F?) Anderson by his Friends of the Sutro Tunnel, Feb 11, 1874”. The Sutro Tunnel is a drainage tunnel connected to the Comstock Lode in Northern Nevada. It begins at Virginia City, Nevada and empties approximately six miles southeast near the town of Dayton, Nevada. The tunnel was proposed by Adolph Sutro in 1860. He promoted the drainage tunnel to allow access to deeper mineral exploration in the Comstock. Flooding and inadequate pumps had inhibited some exploration until that time. By 1865, Sutro’s idea had gained the approval of state and federal legislation. The mining interests of the Comstock initially supported the project, but later opposed the idea. They feared that an alternate access point to the Comstock minerals would threaten their monopoly on the mining and milling of gold and silver in the Comstock. Nonetheless, Sutro formed the Sutro Tunnel Company, selling stock certificates to raise funds for its construction, which began in 1869. Financing also came from local miners motivated by the prospect of improved mine safety. This motivation was further advocated (perhaps exploited) by Sutro after the Yellowjacket mine disaster where dozens of miners were burned to death because they could not escape. Great early Comstock Lode piece. (Excellent). 4,000 - 6,000 1075 - STERLING INDIAN CHIEF VESTA MATCH SAFE. 1-1/3” x 2-3/4”. Silver match safe with repoussé Indian chief portrait to front continuing to reverse with war clubs beneath him. Hinged lid has bear claw necklace in relief, match strike to bottom. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Providence, Rhode Island. Stamped with (lionanchor-G), STERLING, PAT. 1910 B2507, 1.0 troy ounces. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 36

LOT - 1076

LOT - 1077

LOT - 1078 1076 - ANTIQUE NAVAJO MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR NECKLACE. Box: 16”W x 7”T. Circa 1920’s Navajo Morgan silver dollar squash blossom. This piece features a center dollar pendant with a silver naja surrounding it. The necklace shows very nice Morgan Silver Dollar blossoms. The silver dollars are dated 1921. Necklace has nice unpolished patina. (Excellent). 600 - 1,000 1077 - SQUASH BLOSSOM CORAL NECKLACE. 24” Long. This 24” long necklace consists of 17 oblong nuggets of polished coral, each in a bezel with a fine rope detail, mounted on a loop of silver beads. The bottom seven are in the traditional squash blossom, while the upper ten each have a silver blossom of their own. (Excellent). 500 - 1,500 1078 - LOT OF 2: SILVER CUFF BRACELETS WITH MOTHER OF PEARL. Largest: 2”L x 2-1/2”W x 1-3/4”T. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with two bars joined by a sweeping feather and a large oval of Mother Of Pearl inlaid with chips of coral and turquoise. The reverse is engraved with “George B. Clark”. 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with coil details and a central oval of inlaid with a turquoise jay and flanked by nuggets of coral. The reverse is stamped “TC”. (Very Good - Excellent). 500 - 1,500 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1080

LOT - 1079

LOT - 1082 1079 - LOT OF 2: SILVER CUFF BRACELETS. Largest: 2”L x 2-3/4”W x 2-1/4”T. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - Large silver cuff bracelet with 2 turquoise stones with nice striations and 2 coral stones, all mounted with saw tooth bezels. The reverse is stamped “ALLEN” and is partially worn smooth. 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with 3 polished, oval coral stones, bezel has fine rope detail, and each stone has a silver feather but the central stone has two. (Very Good - Excellent). 500 - 1,200 1080 - TURQUOISE NECKLACE. 30” Long. The size of the polished turquoise nuggets starts small near the conical ends and follows a gradation to larger nuggets toward the middle of the necklace. Five metal barrels accentuate while separating the largest groups of five nuggets. (Very Good). 400 - 800 1081 - SILVER AND TURQUOISE CROSS NECKLACE. 28” Long. This silver necklace is dominated by a 3-1/4”W x 5-1/2”T. crucifix with a solitary heart of turquoise. The 28” long chain has pointed barrels of polished turquoise, 8 horizontal and 1 vertical, carefully caged in twisted silver wire. (Excellent). 400 - 800

LOT - 1081

LOT - 1083 LOT - 1084 1082 - LOT OF 2: TURQUOISE NECKLACES. Largest: 30” long. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - 30” long necklace with 55 nuggets of color matched turquoise that are separated by small barrel beads and arranged in a gradation by size. 1 - 27” long necklace with 38 sky blue nuggets of turquoise that are separated by disc shaped beads. (Very Good - Excellent). 400 - 800 1083 - 1937 SHERIDAN WYOMING RODEO POSTER. 26” x 18”. Original framed paper poster with diamond shaped center vignette showing a bucking bronco with a cowboy hitting the dirt. Text reads: “SHERIDANWYO-RODEO-JULY 13-14-15-1937- COWBOY DAYS AND INDIAN NIGHTS - OUT WHERE THE WEST REMAINS.” Tear across the right side to near the center with no paper loss. Mildew and water damage to bottom edge. A scarce item in any condition. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Fair). 400 - 600 1084 - DOUBLE SIDED BUFFALO BILL WILD WEST BROADSIDE. Framed : 30 -1/2” x 13”. One side is dated 1897 and features the congress of Rough Riders. Features all of the assorted characters that appeared in the show. This was used to entice people to attend the exhibition coming soon to Troy. The opposite side is basically the same thing with completely different artwork promoting the upcoming 1897 season. This advertisement was printed in Buffalo, New York. Both sides are on manila paper and full of promises of excitement to come. It is framed so as both sides can be displayed. Given the fragile nature of the material this was printed on, and the short period of the duration of the show in 1897 most would have been destroyed. This is a true Buffalo Bill ephemera rarity. (Excellent). 700 - 1,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1085

LOT - 1087

LOT - 1086

LOT - 1088

LOT - 1089

1085 - FALSTAFF BEER CHARGERS. Two colorful large advertising chargers, with brilliant colors, measuring 24” in diameter. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1086 - ADVERTISING TIP TRAY. 6”Dia. Nice scalloped edge porcelain tip tray advertising “FosterHilson Company” with a three dimensional cigar in the tray. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1087 - BUFFALO BREWING DISPENSER. 18”L x 12”Dia. Intriguing old brewery dispenser keg, with great looking green paint, brand name pressed into the top, measuring 12” in diameter and 18” long, including its original spigot, and having original wooden cradle. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,800 1088 - SOUR MASH WHISKEY BACK BAR BOTTLE. 3-1/2”L x 5”W x 11-1/2”T. Multi-colored floral design behind “Tileston Club” banner. A very unusual oval Label Under Glass label on an equally rare form decanter with ribbing. Clear glass turning amethyst. The label is in nice condition and the bottle itself has a hard to see crack on the reverse. Original faceted stopper. (Very Good). 500 - 1,500 38

LOT - 1090

1089 - JAMAICAN RUM LUG BACK BAR BOTTLE. 3-1/2”Dia x 11-1/2”T. One of the most collectible forms of bar bottles - large cylinder with full label depicting beautiful “lady”. The label is bright and colorful with only a small piece of cover glass missing in the lower right corner. Bottle is nearly perfect. (Very Good). 1,000 - 3,000 1090 - WHISKY ADVERTISING DECANTER SET. Advertising Lionstone Whisky, a wonderful vintage collection of four separate porcelain figural whisky decanters that when assembled together make a fantastic western saloon façade, full of character and color. Nicely completed with its original carved wooden frame that encompasses them for great presentation. (Very Good). 600 - 1,200 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1091

LOT - 1092

1091 - FRAMED CUSTER BATTLEFIELD ARROW COLLECTED BY 7TH CAVALRY OFFICER. Case: 19” x 37 -1/2”. Arrow: 26”. Circa 1870’s, Sioux arrow with iron tip collected by Lt. Luther Hare, 7th US Cavalry. During the June 1876 expedition to the Little Bighorn River, Lieutenant Hare was on detached service assisting Lt. Charles Varnum with the Crow Indian scouts, being appointed assistant on the evening of the 24th of June. During the siege on Reno’s Hill, he served as Maj. Marcus Reno’s adjutant, since Lt. Benjamin Hodgson had been killed during the retreat from the woods. This arrow was found in a burial tipi 48 hours after the battle by Lt. Hare along with a number of other ceremonial items. Arrow is interesting as it never had fletching, has long series of red painted stripes at the base, and was meant to be a ceremonial arrow used to accompany the deceased into afterlife. Hare entered West Point in 1870 and graduated 17 June 1874, joining the 7th Cavalry later that year. By the time of the Great Sioux War, he was a second lieutenant in Company K (Lt Godfrey Commanding), serving in the battalion commanded by Capt. Frederick Benteen. Hare later gave testimony at the subsequent Reno Court of Inquiry in 1879. Hare participated in the Nez Perce War (1877), Spanish-American War (Philippines Theater), and Philippine American War, notably in the recovery of captured US forces following the Battle of Pulang Lupa. He retired on medical disability in July 1903, but served several stints on active duty after that, retiring for the final time in February 1919. Luther Hare died at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. By direct acquisition from the Hare-Mason family to late Custer authority and author, John Carroll with a 1985 dated notarized letter attesting to such. This is the only known Luther Hare collected war trophy in private hands. Arrow is professionally framed and mounted along with an original albumen image of Lt. Hare in his cavalry dress uniform. Photo is signed on the reverse, “Yours sincerely, L.R. Hare, Capt. 7 Cavalry.” Complete Little Bighorn attributed arrows are extremely rare and most are in private collections or museums and rarely surface. PROVENANCE: Dr. Frank Wagner cavalry museum collection. (Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1092 - SIOUX ARROW FROM CUSTER BATTLEFIELD. Case: 15” x 30”. Arrow: 26”. Circa 1870’s, originally from the collection of noted Custer historian John Carroll. Arrow was retrieved by the Sioux approximately one hour after the battle concluded. Contrary to popular belief, arrows were not just fired once and forgotten. Arrows took a tremendous amount of time to make, and they were collected to be used again after being shot in battle. A number of these collected arrows were given to Mr. Randy Steffen, owner of the Walking “S” Ranch in 1963 by the tribal council of the Oglala Sioux, presented by his close friend Charles Red Cloud, grandson of the Custer era Chief Red Cloud. It was one of a number of gifts given to Mr. Steffen in appreciation of his clothing drives to help the needy people of Pine Ridge Indian Agency. Accompanying the framed arrow is a notarized letter dated November 19, 1978, from Dorothy Ann Steffen to John Carroll attesting to the above oral history. Arrow is professionally mounted and framed. PROVENANCE: Dr. Frank Wagner cavalry museum collection. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019


1093 - LOT OF 7: PLAINS INDIAN BOWS. Largest: 46”L. Lot consists of: Seven total bows. Three are sinew backed, three have sinew strings, and one string is made of twisted cord. Two bows show traces of green paint. Bows range in size from 43” to 46” with the smallest bow measuring 34”. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,500 1094 - SOUTHWEST INDIAN BOW AND 5 ARROWS. Bow: 39” long. Arrows: 24”. Circa 1885-1895, San Carlos Apache bow with five original arrows. One arrow retains a pressure flaked flint head with painted green stripes. Bow shows beautiful patina, and is painted red in the center section. Bow measures 39” and the arrows average 24”. (Good). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1093

LOT - 1094

1095 - PRAIRIE STYLE PIPE TOMAHAWK. 17”L. Circa 1830, tomahawk has a Prairie style head with filed notches along upper edge and around eye and with 4-1/2” square to round spike. Tapered haft exhibits 22 notches cut in the front edge. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 8,000 - 12,000 LOT - 1095


LOT - 1096

40 | April 12, 2019

1096 - PLAINS GUNSTOCK SHAPED CLUB. 28”L x 3/4”D x 7-1/2”W. Circa 1870-1885, likely Eastern Sioux, carved ash wood gunstock club. Both sides are recessed carved 3/8” deep terminating above grip. Hand forged, pinned iron 7-1/2” blade. (Excellent). 4,500 - 6,000

LOT - 1097

1097 - CROW WAR SHIELD. 20” x 18”. Circa 1860’s-1870’s, buffalo rawhide shield and Indian tanned buckskin cover. Cover is painted with thin orange stripes with red broad bands between. Two attached decorations, one is a small hide pouch filled with (most likely) tobacco seeds. The other painted red hide pouch has a light blue beaded edge, with a blue and white cloth strip. Condition good with some minor original Indian repair to cover. (Excellent). 25,000 - 35,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1098


LOT - 1099

1098 - CROW BEADED HIDE RIFLE SCABBARD. 41”L x 6 -1/2”W. Classic Crow beaded and twisted fringe hide rifle scabbard. Scabbard is sinew sewn, each end is overlaid with red wool trade cloth and decorated with geometric designs executed in light blue, white, greasy yellow, white centered rose, green, and pink beads. Some beadwork repair to muzzle end. Circa 1870’s. (Excellent). 15,000 - 20,000 1099 - SIOUX BEADED SADDLE BLANKET. 60”L x 26”W. Sinew sewn with white centered rose, green, dark blue, light blue, and metal faceted beads in a geometric pattern on brain tanned buckskin. Tabs terminate with fringe and brass hawk bells. Buckskin is supple with no missing beads. Circa 1885-1890. (Excellent). 3,000 - 5,000

42 | April 12, 2019

1100 - NAVAJO THIRD PHASE CHIEF’S PATTERN BLANKET/RUG. 89” x 66 -1/2”. Navajo chief’s style blanket or rug, circa early 20th century. Woven in a third phase pattern with natural and dyed homespun wool. In very nice condition, with sharp colors and eye appeal. (Very Good). 2,500 - 4,500

LOT - 1100

1100A - SIOUX BEADED FEMALE DOLL. 12” x 7-1/2”. Circa 1885, doll is made of Indian tanned buckskin with a horsehair stuffed muslin body. Fringed dress has a fully beaded yoke with geometric designs executed in pumpkin, greasy yellow, dark blue, dusty light blue, and white beads. She is wearing fully beaded leggings and has a belt and drop executed in white centered rose, dark blue beads on a dusty light blue field with tin cones danglers with red trade cloth centers. Small native repair on right hand side of front of dress. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500 1101 - OJIBWA PIPE STEM AND BOWL. 35-1/2”L. Circa 1875-1885. Twisted ash wood stem with lead inlaid stripes in catlinite “T” style bowl. Bowl has fin-like projection near the stem. Bowl shows evidence of a previous repair. Also, pipe stem plug repaired at bowl end. Chandler-Pohrt Collection. (Good). 4,000 - 6,000

LOT - 1101

LOT - 1100A | April 12, 2019


1102 - BEADED EAGLE GAUNTLETS. Stunning large Plateau beaded gauntlets, full coverage beaded with attractively colored cut glass beads showing a fantastic patriotic American Flag and Eagle. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000

LOT - 1102

1103 - CROW SCOUT JACKET. Exceptional 1870’s- 1880’s beaded and fringed Crow jacket shows great a beautifully patinaed buckskin with long fringe and attractive bead pattern. In approximately men’s size 38. (Very Good). 2,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1103

44 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1104

1104 - G.S. GARCIA ELKO STAR SPURS. Spectacular large single mounted spurs in the extremely desirable Elko Star pattern by one of the most highly collected makers, with massive cut-out horseshoes and stars, great chap guards and large rowels, beautifully silver overlaid and intricately engraved. In stunning condition and accompanied by great floral tooled straps and relief engraved star conchos. (Very Good). 25,000 - 30,000 | April 12, 2019


1105 - TAPIA SILVER SPURS. Extremely desirable very early single mounted spurs with double crescent moon heel bands, radical inlaid drop shanks, fantastic large feather tipped rowels and nice original straps. (Very Good). 7,000 - 10,000 1106 - CHEYENNE WOMAN’S LEGGINGS. 16”L x 7”W. Circa 1880’s leggings sinew sewn with red, green, white, and blue beaded pattern executed on stained green supple buckskin. Former Krause collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1107 - SIOUX SADDLE PAD & MATCHING LEGGINGS. Larger: 33” x 13”. Circa 1890-1900, beaded patterns are typical of those used by Sioux Indians at Ft. Totten and Turtle Mountain North Dakota. Sinew sewn beads on smoke tanned moose with saddle pad underneath made of canvas. Tabs on all four corners are beaded and fringed. Pads are 20” long x 15” across. Leggings are 33” x 13” across. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000

LOT - 1105

LOT - 1106


LOT - 1107 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1108

LOT - 1109

LOT - 1111

LOT - 1112

LOT - 1110 1108 - LOT OF 2: SIOUX LEGGINGS. 23”L x 12”W. Lot consists of: Two pair of Sioux leggings with sinew sewn beaded strips on dark blue trade cloth. Blue cloth displays selvedge edging. Strips are sewn to cloth with cotton thread and geometric designs are executed in green, greasy yellow, red and blue beads on a white field. A few scattered moth nips to the cloth portions. Circa 1885-1895. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1109 - NORTHERN PLAINS MAN’S BREASTPLATE. 18”L x 11-1/2”W. Circa 1880-1890, breastplate is made of bone hair pipes, brass beads, and harness leather. Two rows of 46 hair pipes with center section of six brass beads per row. Outside edges are finished with brass beads and buckskin fringe. Bottom is finished with three loops of brass beads and two hair pipes. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500

1110 - PLAINS CREE BEADED KNIFE SCABBARD. 10-1/4” x 3-3/4”. Circa 1885-1890. Beadwork executed on Indian tanned buckskin. Dark red, blue, yellow, black, green and salmon beads. Mid fringe with tin cones. The back side has navy, blue, and yellow beaded crosses. Wood toggle fastener in top of scabbard. There is very little, if any bead loss. (Excellent). 1,000 - 2,000 1111 - SIOUX PARFLECHE. 15”W x 11”T. Circa 1880-1890, painted rawhide satchel with scalloped top edge design. Trimmed in red trade cloth on outer edges. (Good). 800 - 1,000 1112 - SMALL SIOUX INDIAN FEMALE DOLL. 6-1/2”L x 4”W. Circa 1890-1900, doll is made of buckskin with buffalo hair, beaded eyes and mouth. Fully beaded yoke on a fringed dress executed in red line designs on a white field. Her belt and drop is made of small tin disks representing a concho belt. (Good). 800 - 1,200 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1113

LOT - 1114

LOT - 1115


LOT - 1116

LOT - 1117

1113 - SOUTHERN PLAINS BUCKSKIN DOLL. 14”L. Circa 1885-1895, female doll constructed of Indian tanned buckskin over hair stuffed muslin body. Fringed dress is finished with a stripe and a yoke of greasy yellow beads with dark blue crosses. She has beaded eyes, and horse hair braids. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,400

1116 - BUERMAN SILVER SPURS. Fabulous early single mounted spurs with a rare pattern of detail engraved silver and dome heel bands, early style chased iron, and pronounced chap guards. Completed by a beautiful pair of tooled straps and dazzling silver conchos. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500

1114 - LOT OF 2: SKOOKUM DOLL PAIR. 12”L x 12”W x 36”T. This male and female pair of Skookum Dolls were created in the early 1900’s for the tourist trade. They are in excellent condition with blankets, beads, and original clothing. No cracks to the composition faces. (Excellent). 2,500 - 4,500

1117 - CP SHIPLEY SPURS. Fantastic oversized pair of single mounted spurs in the Beason Special pattern of stars and moons, having pronounced chap guards, eight point rowels, and great maker’s marks inside heel bands. Completed with their flower tooled straps and incredible 3D steer head silver conchos. (Very Good). 3,000 - 4,000

1115 - MCCHESNEY SHIELD SPURS. Very scarce large double mounted spurs with scalloped heel bands and shields. In exceptional condition, including rarely seen crisp engraved shanks and large seven-point rowels. Accompanied by their original flower tooled straps. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000

48 | April 12, 2019

1118 - HERNANDEZ SILVER SPURS. Very attractive rare maker marked “XXX”, double inlaid spurs with figural cut-out ladies leg motif, in beautiful condition with crisp classic engraving. Completed by original heel chains and original floral tooled straps. (Very Good). 3,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1118

1119 - T. HILDRETH SILVER SPURS. Exceedingly rare pair of early California drop shank spurs, with scalloped heel bands, domes, engraved silver and interesting stamped horsehead and makers mark on button plates. Interestingly marked inside the shank of each “Henry” on one and “Miller” on the other, which would appear to be Henry Miller of the Matador Ranch, the most famous ranch in California history. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 LOT - 1119

1120 - LARIOS SILVER SPURS. Magnificent maker marked “A. Larios and No. 2 1/2”, single inlaid spurs with early style radical drop shanks, deeply engraved off sides, and multi-point rowels. Accented by their original basket stamped straps with finely engraved conchos. (Very Good). 4,500 - 5,500

LOT - 1120

1121 - CROCKETT SILVER SPURS. Desirable pair of well marked “California” pattern spurs, single mounted with attractively engraved silver and brass, large 6 point rowels and wonderful tooled original straps. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,600

LOT - 1121 | April 12, 2019


1122 - SOUTHERN CHEYENNE BUCKSKIN DOLL. 10” x 6”. Circa 1885-1890, made of horsehair stuffed muslin body and Indian tanned buckskin with horse hair braids on head. Doll has beaded mouth, earrings, leggings, and moccasins. Fringed dress has fully beaded yoke with geometric patterns executed in white centered rose, dark blue, green and pink on a greasy yellow field. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,000

LOT - 1122

1123 - SIOUX INDIAN BEADED BUCKSKIN DOLL. 12-1/2” x 7”. Circa 1885-1900. Made of Indian tanned buckskin, doll is adorned with a German silver cone and dentallia shell earrings, horsehair, buffalo hair, cloth and glass beads. Doll is wearing a fully beaded and fringed dress. The yoke is finished in medium blue with a red cross with white center central design. She is wearing a fully beaded belt and fully beaded high top moccasins. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000

LOT - 1123 50 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1124

LOT - 1125

LOT - 1126

1124 - SOUTHERN PLAINS INDIAN DOLL AND CARVED WOODEN HORSE. Larger: 6”T. Circa late 1800’s. Southern Plains male doll with beaded buckskin shirt and leggings. Beaded eyes and mouth with beaded pattern of blue and white squares on fringed shirt and leggings. Red trade cloth breech cloth with traces of blue paint on leggings. Carved wood horse is painted with red ochre pigment. Horse is wearing a buckskin saddle blanket with green dots. Classic Crow saddle and bridle are beaded with green, white centered rose, greasy yellow and light blue beads. Doll measures 6” tall, and the horse is 4” tall x 4” long. (Good). 3,000 - 4,000 1125 - PAIR MALE AND FEMALE APACHE DOLLS. 14”L. Circa 1885-1900. Both dolls are made of Indian tanned buckskin, cloth, red ochre and glass beads. Both are wearing “cactus kicker” style moccasins. Male doll is wearing fringed shirt and leggings, red headband, has a beaded eyes and mouth, and has a painted and beaded face. His chest has a beaded cross and crescent moon in light blue outlined in dark blue. Female doll is wearing beaded earrings, and a beaded and fringed dress and carrying a miniature papoose. Some hair is missing from the heads. Apache male dolls are seldom seen, and to have a matched pair is very rare. (Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1126 - HIDATSA INDIAN BUCKSKIN FEMALE DOLL. 13” x 6”. Circa early 1880’s, doll is made of brain tanned buckskin with the body made of hair stuffed muslin and green trade cloth. Doll has beaded eyes, mouth, and necklace in white seed beads. Her dress is finished with quilled red bands across the yoke with dark blue cloth below, and a band of red quillwork across bottom of dress. Doll is wearing beaded leggings with quilled moccasins. There is some slight water damage to sleeves, but overall it does not detract. (Good). 2,500 - 3,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1127

LOT - 1128

1127 - WALLA WALLA PISTOL BIT. Outstanding and unheard of, three dimensional prison made pistol bit, with detailed cylinder and barrel, topped off with magnificent decorative double bowie knife lip bar. Comprised of finely engraved silver accented by mother of pearl grips, with half breed mouthpiece, displaying mint and nearly unused condition. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500


1128 - GS GARCIA EAGLE BIT. Stunning massive spade bit with finely detailed cut-out patriotic spread-wing eagles, large domed conchos, and exceedingly rare cut-out double snake lip bar. With tall spade mouthpiece, silver engraving remaining in fine condition, unmarked but easily identified in GS Garciaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s catalog. (Very Good). 4,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1129

1129 - RALPH GRAHAM EAGLE BIT. Spectacular figural bit with highly visual massive conchos and flying eagle cheekpeices. Comprising of 7 cut-out eagles, including the signature eagle lipbar and halfbreed mouthpeice. An stunning Graham bit without a makers mark but even better fantastic provanenance, of the author of the book “Bit, Spur, Saddle Makers of Wallowa County Oregon”, purchasing this bit from Ralph Graham himself, then photographing and documenting it on page 15 as Graham’s personal bit. Topped off by an outstanding wide cheek bridle covered in early glass rosettes. (Very Good). 14,000 - 18,000 | April 12, 2019


1130 - DEERLODGE PRISON HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Remarkable hitched horsehair bridle with extremely rare colors, using seven different colors of fine geometric design focused around rich green and orange. With round cheeks, eight wonderful tassels, uncommon elk head glass rosettes, romel reins and super clean original iron bit. Showing stunning condition with 100 year old estate find appeal. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1131 - WALLA WALLA HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Eye dazzling massive hitched bridle covered in spectacular black and white geometric designs, horsehair tassels, glass rosettes, enclosed romel reins without popper, and great original iron bit. Showing beautiful condition with vivid sharp colors. (Very Good). 3,000 - 4,000 LOT - 1131

LOT - 1130

LOT - 1132

1132 - SPONTOON PIPE TOMAHAWK. 21-1/2”L. Circa 1860, with “Minnewauken” blade in the spontoon style. Haft is decorated with brass tacks and a small drop of buffalo fur and a hawk bell. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 8,000 - 10,000

54 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1133

1133 - TACKED PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK. 27-1/2”L. Circa 1860’s, large Western Plains style with six-sided haft, file branded with brass tacks in the shape of a bear, a row of tacks under the head, and a row of tacks along the back. 10-1/2” head from bowl to cutting edge. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 15,000 - 20,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1134


LOT - 1135

1134 - NORTHERN PLAINS PIPE TOMAHAWK WITH BEADED DROP. 25” x 12” x 8”. Circa 1870’s-1880’s, Sioux tomahawk with forged iron trade ax head, brass wire wrapped haft that has been drilled for smoking. Retains its original fully beaded sinew sewn buckskin drop. Beadwork on drop is executed with a white beaded field, dark blue spaced bands, and red and yellow centers between bands. Length of drop with fringe 12”. Length of haft is 25”. Length of ax head is 8”. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000


1135 - SPIKE TOMAHAWK FOUND AT FORT MEIGGS OHIO. 20”L. Circa 1840-1850, hand forged head with rectangle shaped piercing through the blade with the eye cracked. A very old label is affixed that reads: “Tomahawk, French, this was found at Fort Meiggs, Ohio.” Former Don Euing collection. (Good). 2,500 - 3,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1136

LOT - 1137

LOT - 1138

LOT - 1140 1138 - VISALIA STUDDED CHAPS. Uncommon large batwing chaps with oversized studded card suite motif and stylishly stitched pockets. Showing great patina, large oval maker’s marks, and condition with replaced billet. (Very Good). 1,800 - 2,500

LOT - 1139

1136 - WALLA WALLA PENITENTIARY MADE BRIDLE. Circa 1890-1905, this hitched horsehair bridle is executed in natural black and white colors. Bridle has 12 white hair tassels and celluloid rings with hunting dog rosettes. Bridle features finely executed diamond patterns and shows great craftsmanship. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1137 - ANTIQUE DEER LODGE BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, polychrome in red, pink, black, orange, and green with rounded headbands, flat cheeks. Split reins, natural and dyed orange horse hair tassels, horse and elk pictorial rosettes with perimeter hitching. Retains original hardware store port bit, curb strap, and celluloid rings. Unused, with little to no fading. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000

1139 - RARE EARLY 1900’S STRAW MEXICAN SOMBRERO. 22”W with a 9” crown and 10” rolled brim. Circa 1895-1910, this is a scarce departure from the typical rabbit, beaver, or pressed felt varieties. This two-tone straw sombrero has a three-piece braided hatband with a leather stampede string with tassels appears to have been added later. The few broken warps do not impair the visual impact of such a large, scarce hat. Great display item with Pancho Villa era artifacts. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1140 - RARE 1880’S GREEN SOMBRERO. 18-1/2”W. Circa 1880’s, very rare, and seldom seen rabbit fur sombrero in a rare dark green color. Hat has a classic high crown (10”), wide rolled brim (5-1/2”) with heavy embroidered gold bullion threaded floral motif and a 3-1/2” rolled brim covered in three dimensional gold and silver flowers and vine. The leather sweatband is stamped Real Russia Leather. The multi-colored cloth interior lining is frayed and the maker cartouche on the lining is illegible. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 5,000 - 7,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1142 LOT - 1141

1141 - FA DOOLEY SILVER SADDLE. A beautiful saddle from a seldom seen Nebraska maker, FA Dooley. Heavily flower tooled from top to bottom, with a tall nickel horn, and stylishly mounted with Canon City Prison fully engraved silver and includes spectacular mounted ox bow stirrups. With a fantastic bear trap style of silver bound 16” wide swells, a 12” seat and a tall 4-1/2” cantle. In wonderful condition and rich color. (Very Good). 3,500 - 6,500 1142 - GEO. LAWRENCE ANGORA CHAPS Fantastic pair of large shotgun style chaps with very scarce two-tone pattern of wonderful long black and gold twisted angora hair. With a maker marked wide tooled belt. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1143 - HAMLEY PRESENTATION SADDLE. Magnificent special order saddle, made for A.J. McGregor, August 2, 1920, by Hamley’s master craftsman, F.J. McMonies. It sold for nearly double the price of other saddles at the time, and was the premier saddle pattern that year. It boasts a beautiful rich color, full flower tooling with fabulous figural eagles, tall 5” rope edge cantle, nickel show horn, ten large beautifully engraved sterling silver corner and stirrup drop medallions, and a 14” seat. In wonderful untouched condition. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000

LOT - 1143 58 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1145

LOT - 1144

1144 - HAMLEY BATWING CHAPS. Very showy large scalloped batwing chaps, heavily studded with a beautiful star pattern and brass saddle string conchos, including across their belt which is well marked by one of the most collected saddle makers. (Very Good). 1,800 - 2,500 1145 - LOT OF 15: ANTIQUE WESTERN HOLSTERS. Largest: 12” x 6-1/4”. Lot consists of: 15 antique cowboy style holsters. Variety of eras, styles, and sizes with the smallest measuring 11” x 4-3/4”. Circa 1890-1940. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200

LOT - 1147

1147 - VISALIA SILVER BUCKLE AND TOOLED BELT. 49”L x 1-1/2”W. Fine oak leaf carved belt with exceptional engraved silver ranger set. In very nice condition, with both items being maker marked. Belt measures 1-1/2”x 49”, and the buckle 2” wide with a 1” throat. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 1148 - TOOLED HOLSTER AND MONEY BELT. Nicely presenting light colored 7-1/2” basket stamped, double loop Colt single action holster, with “Climax Brand” maker’s mark, along with a nice 38 caliber money belt and clip corner buckle. (Very Good). 400 - 700 LOT - 1148 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1150

LOT - 1151 LOT - 1149

LOT - 1152

LOT - 1153

1149 - C.P. SHIPLEY DOUBLE GUN RIG AND BELT. 42”L x 19” x 6-1/4”. Circa 1900, classic cowboy double gun rig made by C.P. Shipley of Kansas City. Custom stamped drop holsters fit large framed revolvers with 7” barrels. Well marked belt has loops for (20) .45 caliber cartridges. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200 1150 - TOOLED HOLSTER AND CARTRIDGE BELT. Light colored flower tooled single loop holster for Colt single action, paired with 44 caliber cartridge belt. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1151 - LOT OF 3: BRANDING IRONS. Largest: 41”L. Lot consists of three old branding irons, done with early hand forged iron craftsmanship in various ranch brands, with great decorative appeal. (Very Good). 250 - 450

1153 - LOT OF 2: ORIGINAL “SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO” JO MORA SALINAS RODEO POSTERS 24”W x 32”L. Lot consists of: (2) Circa 1930’s, Framed Jo Mora Salinas Rodeo Posters featuring the Sweetheart of the Rodeo. One is a colorful lithograph on paper, and the other is done in sepia tones. Titled Salinas Rodeo, these posters depict aspects of life in the rodeo and the range. The poster enumerates the history, tools and symbols of the American Cowboy in an intense presentation of iconic Western art. The bottom left of the posters read: “Jo Mora Publications, Monterey, California”, and the bottom right reads “Copyrighted 1933 by Jo Mora.” The posters are expertly framed and are in excellent condition. Original releases of this poster are scarce, especially in this condition. Joseph Jacinto “Jo” Mora is one of the most respected and famous Western artists of the 20th century, and Salinas Rodeo is one of his most sought-after works. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,200

1152 - CHILDS WESTERN TOY BOX. 29” x 16” x 16”. Great looking vintage toy box, upholstered in red vinyl with western scenes on the sides, and padded lid. (Very Good). 150 - 300 60 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1154

LOT - 1155 1154 - BRILLIANT STONE LITHOGRAPHED 101 RANCH WILD WEST POSTER (4 CHIEFS). 42 -1/4” x 28 -1/2”. Produced by the Riverside Print Shop of Chicago and Milwaukee in stunning multicolor brilliance. Measuring 41-1/2” long x 27-1/2” wide, not counting frame. It prominently features four different Indian chiefs resplendent in their war bonnets and face paint. The bottom of the post features a war dance. The top left vignette is a simple scene of teepee family life and the right vignette of charging warriors. Color is brilliant. There are two minor chips on the left white border with no inclusions within the image. There are no visible creases or tears, nor any signs of restoration. No fading of any kind. (Excellent). 2,000 - 3,000 1155 - CURRIER & IVES “THE PURSUIT” BY A.F. TAIT FRAMED PRINT. Sight: 20-1/2” x 27”. Framed: 40” x 33”. Circa 1856, hand-colored color stone lithograph of A. F. Tait’s “The Pursuit.” This lithograph was drawn from an 1855 oil painting by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait. It was one of a number of Western scenes published by Currier & Ives in the mid to late nineteenth century when American’s were fascinated with the Westward Expansion. Scene conveys a sense of great urgency as it depicts a mounted wounded Indian warrior holding a lance and fleeing a buckskin clad frontier scout, also mounted, firing at him with a pistol. Plate legend on bottom margin bearing title has only the lightest toning consistent with age. Colors are crisp and un-faded. One of the finest examples of this print that we have seen. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000

LOT - 1156

1156 - LARGE BUFFALO RANCH REAL WILD WEST TURN OF THE CENTURY STONE LITHO POSTER. Framed : 57 -1/2” x 22 -1/2”. Poster measures 55-1/2” long x 20” wide, not counting frame. Printed by the Riverside Print Company of Milwaukee and Chicago. This is a beautiful multi-color stone lithography that features several action scenes to include Arabs on racing camels, women playing equestrian football in full cowgirl garb, a scene of charging Indians in full headdress in front of the grandstands, and a large colorful scene of a real Indian war dance complete with weapons. CONDITION: There is some horizontal creasing in two places from being folded and some very minor border tears, none of which interfere with the image that has been completely blacklighted and shows no signs of repaint or inpainting. Colors are bright as new with no fading. Framed in a simple black frame using Plexiglas to reduce weight. Impressive, early litho with lots of action and Indians. We are assuming it was the Jones Brothers that owned in in 1910-11 where it was sold and became the Kit Carson Buffalo Ranch and combined circus from 1911-14; this poster mentions nothing about a circus, so we are assuming this is the scarce Jones Bros poster. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1158

LOT - 1157

1157 - BEV DOOLITTLE LIMITED PRINT. Entitled “Prayer For The Wild Things”, a nicely done Native American image, limited edition print, signed in lower right. Professionally matted and framed, with image measuring 20-1/2”x 28”. (Very Good). 800 - 1,500 1158 - SCARCE MILLER BROS. 101 RANCH REAL WILD WEST POSTER. Framed: 28 -1/4” x 21 -1/4”. This is a seldom seen stone lithographed half sheet produced by National Printing. This exact post is the first we’ve seen of this type. Color is vibrant. There are not folds, nor is there any restoration. A couple of minor wrinkles/tears in the white border basically on the left side only. A couple minor wrinkles within the image. Measures 27-1/4” wide x 20-1/4” high. Housed in an inexpensive frame for preservation. Very dramatic image. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200 1159 - STONE LITHOGRAPHED 1 SHEET MOVIE POSTER “THE LIFE OF BUFFALO BILL IN 3 REELS”. Framed : 42 -1/4” x 28 -1/4”. This colorful poster measures 38-3/4” long x 25” wide, not including frame. This poster would have been placed in front of theaters that were currently showing this film. Features an image of Buffalo Bill dead center with Indian family to the right and war chief to the left. Has some of the usual horizontal folds but remains in brilliant unfaded and unrestored color, dating to the earliest days of motion pictures. (Excellent). 600 - 900


LOT - 1159

LOT - 1160

1160 - BRONZE BUST OF NATIVE AMERICAN BRAVE. 16”L x 17”W x 38-1/4”T. The troubled brave depicted in this full torso bust has his arms crossed while holding a tomahawk. It is signed “Davidson” on the reverse base. The marble plinth has been repaired. Beautiful, dark brown patina. (Very Good). 1,800 - 3,000 | April 12, 2019

1161 - LOT OF 2: NATIVE AMERICAN WAR & PEACE PAIRED SCULPTURES. Largest: 11”L x 12”W x 28-3/4”T. This pair of bronze sculptures both have inscribed signatures of the artist, Carl Kauba (Austrian, 1865-1922) on the natural base. They are identically mounted on green marble circular bases that have attached plaques naming them “Peace” and “War”. Showing a wonderful patina. (Excellent). 2,000 - 4,000 1162 - REMINGTON BRONZE. 11-1/2”L x 19”W x 28-1/2”T. This dynamic, horse and rider sculpture is a bronze work by Frederic Remington (American, 1861-1909) and is titled “The Mountain Man”. It was signed in the clay and has a natural base that finishes in a smooth integrated plinth of bronze. It has a dark brown patina with some areas of lightening. (Very Good - Excellent). 800 - 2,500 LOT - 1161

LOT - 1162


1163 - (A) INDIAN SCOUT BEADED HOLSTER WITH TACKED TRAPDOOR AND US SMITH & WESSON AMERICAN WESTERN OUTFIT. Gun: 40”L. Offered is an impressive, old US Indian scout outfit that includes a Smith & Wesson American, a US Trapdoor, a .45-70 Prairie belt and a homemade holster fully decorated with glass beads and crossed American flags. The revolver is a Smith & Wesson 2nd Model American in .44 Russian with a 6” barrel. Serial No. 17128. Manufactured from 1872 to 1874. Original in blued finish which is now a smooth brown patina. Popular handgun in the Old West and is only about 100 numbers off of a documented Cole Younger gun. Grips are serial numbered to gun numbered 26865. Barrel legends are sharp and completely readable. Screws are fairly straight. Indexes and locks up correctly. Strong, pronounced rifling with minor black powder abrasion. Mismatched assembly numbers. Overall, dark smooth, chocolate brown patina with a homogeneous Western look. Includes a Smith & Wesson factory letter. The Trapdoor is a Model 1873 period cut-down rifle serial No. 67886 with 20-1/2” barrel, 1873 rifle rear sight, crudely fitted dovetail front sight, single band, half stock, decorated with oxidized brass tacks on stock, forearm and wrist. Buttplate was removed. Metal is all brown patina. Fine action. Strong, visibly rifled bore. Wood has some stress cracks and chips typical of Indian rough use. Some chipping to stock around lockplate. The plate and hammer have overall fine pitting and most of the US stamp is no longer visible. Appears as though someone wiped on some finish on hammer at one time. Buttplate is usually removed to scrape buffalo skins. Comes with an 1876 Prairie belt made of canvas with a heavy brass buckle and a homemade holster that is nearly fully decorated with glass beads. The base has typical Indian decoration while the flap is decorated with two crossed American flags and a border of blue beads. The Indian bead work found on this holster is a collector category unto its own, and when the early beadwork is combined with the Americana motif, makes this single piece highly collectible Americana/Folk Art extraordinaire. This outfit is typical what a US Indian Cavalry scout would be armed with. Great to display as an ensemble and definitely has the early Indian War eye appeal, especially with the colorful holster. It is believed that the Indian scouts that rode with the US Cavalry were the most important men on the mission and this outfit is typical of the customized weaponry and rig that an Indian scout would have worn during the 1880’s. A great collection that has been together a long time with striking eye appeal. This unique outfit deserves to stay together as a single display. Belt, 38”L. (Very Good). 9,000 - 12,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1164

LOT - 1165

1164 - (A) INDIAN USED M1866 WINCHESTER SADDLE RING CARBINE. 39”L. Serial No. 29851, manufactured in early 1870, plenty of time to have been out on the Plains during the heart of the Indian Wars period. This outstanding Indian used carbine shows a beautiful patina overall with the typical dings and scratches associated with frontier use. Ornamented with brass tack decorations on the forend and along the edge and bottom of the butt stock. A few tacks are missing, exposing very worn shanks and age. You can clearly see where the tacks previously were for a long time before being worn or broken off. A 2-1/4” thin Moroccan leather disc with a stippled, pictographic warrior figure decorates the right hand side of the stock held in place by 12 brass shanked tacks with one missing. Barrel has the early type screw-in end cap, original saddle ring, and screw-in lever latch. Also, has the early front band sight and short flip-up rear sight with correct pointed style butt plate with trapdoor...all proper features on early 1866 carbines. Overall condition is thin blue turning dark with about 30% original blue remaining on the barrel and magazine tube. The two line Barrel address is in good condition and readable. Screws are overall nice with only one slightly marred. Elevator has a pleasing mustard patina with no dents. Hammer, lever and trigger are show no erosion, and have slight remnants of scattered blue thinned to brown. Stocks are very good, full-sized with numerous scratches and dents overall commensurate with age and use of carbine. Buttplate is a mustard brown patina with some high point wear. Saddle ring is original. Brass frame has aged to a pleasing dark gold patina over some old light scratches. (Good). 6,000 - 8,500 1165 - (A)COLT DISPLAY CASE WITH GUNS AND ASSORTED ITEMS. 28”D x 96”W x 86”T. This floor model, lighted Colt cabinet is made of solid wood and can be broken down into two parts, the upper vertical display and lower horizontal display with four pull out drawers for storage. The wood shows a very nice finish throughout and all glass doors are intact. The case is sold as it is shown, filled with an assortment of items including but not limited to: authentic and reproduction badges, 34 authentic and reproduction percussion firearms, a Wells Fargo messenger’s cap, various Wells Fargo receipts, cabinet cards, framed photos, etc.. An excellent piece to accompany an existing collection and a great piece to start with. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 5,000 - 15,000 64 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1166

1166 - (A) LOT OF 4: SAN CARLOS APACHE RESERVATION POLICE RIG INCLUDING GUN, BADGE, HOLSTER, BELT. Belt: 41”L. Lot consists of a factory nickel plated Model 1875 Remington with a barrel shortened to 5- 7/8”. A knife blade front sight has been reset into the front barrel, top of barrel has a strong Remington factory stamp. The Remington 1875 was manufactured from 1879 - 1889 and it is known that 639 nickel plated 1875’s were purchased by the U.S. Interior Department in 1883 for use of Indian Police on the western reservations. Early guns had .44 stamped on the grip, eventually moved to the frame, and finally the trigger bow. No stamp is present on this gun. It might have originally been on the grips, but the grips have been hand checkered - although scored might be more accurate. They are shy to metal on front strap, which may also indicate replacement grips. Factory lanyard ring. Six shot, single action. CONDITION: Needs some mechanical work as the hammer will not stay at full cock. Bore is fairly worn out. Accompanying gun is a leather cartridge belt with .44 caliber loops, soft leather, border LOT - 1167 tooled, California silver clip point buckle. Not a money belt. Besides border tooling has been carved with some large leaves on both billet and buckle edges. CONDITION: Two of the loops have split. Double loop holster is mail-order type sold by Sears and Montgomery Wards at the turn of the century and has been decorated with brads and conchos. Finally is an original six point badge with brass overlaid Indian head on silver. Each point is decorated and reads “Apache Police / San Carlos, Arizona” The back is stamped “CHIPRON STAMP CO./ 224 / W FIRST ST/ LOS ANGELES.” While there is a myriad of cheap fakes on the market, the originals all have six points and have the manufacturer stamp while reproductions have five points and no address. The Apache police at San Carlos was established in 1872 as a reservation for the Apache of southeast Arizona. Their first agent was John Clum, who is best remembered as the first mayor of Tombstone from 1877, where he was friends with the Earps and Doc Holliday and was active at the time of the gunfight at the OK Corral and the problems with the cowboys and the Earps, to the point where the cowboys tried to assassinate him. It was under Clum’s Indian Agent tenure that they captured the famous warrior Geronimo. This ensemble came to us in this configuration but with no literal history as to who, what, or when this outfit was assembled or used by. While the revolver shows typical hard Western usage and was favored by the Indian police, we have no records of the serial numbers. The timeframe for the holster and belt can be anywhere at the turn of the last century and we have no exact dating of the badge, although the company was established in 1892. That said, we wish we could offer more concrete information, but all items are indeed authentic and it is quite possible that gun was from earlier and passed down and reused through several generations, acquiring new holster and/or badge along the way. The set does have an excellent Western look. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1167 - (A)CASED PAIR OF EVANS PERCUSSION DERRINGERS. SN NSN. Caliber approximately .46. Scarce Derringer set made by J.E. Evans of Philadelphia. Bbl is marked J.E. Evans Phila. Guns are German silver mounted and have a peanut shaped escutcheon forward of trigger guard which holds bbl screw instead of having typical pin retained bbls seen on most other Derringers. This is a scarce Derringer set not often seen with well engraved hammer, lock and bbl breech, along with engraved German silver trigger guard and lock escutcheon plate. CONDITION: Guns are excellent overall and mechanically perfect. Metal is primarily original brown finish and striping to bbl. Stocks retain deep cross hatching and much of their original varnish. Case is lined with original green velvet with cut outs for mold, flasks, tools, caps, and cleaning rod. J.E. Evans was a prominent maker in Philadelphia known for his dueling pistols, rifles and derringers. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Excellent). 3,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1168


LOT - 1171

LOT - 1169

1168 - LADIES SOLID GOLD & GOLD QUARTZ PIN. 2-3/4” L. Circa 1860. Oval in the center is divided into four partitions; two inlaid with black gold quartz and two with grey. Floral ends are highlighted with black enamel designs. All the bare gold is decorated with a stippled pattern on top. Overall fine condition. (Very Good). 2,000 - 4,000 1169 - 1880’S GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 2 -1/4” x 1”. Circa 1887, gorgeous smaller match safe with top inlaid with rose gold quartz. Front oval inlaid panel is alternating four triangular panels, two rose and two grey edged in gold. Square in center inlaid with California coral. All gold quartz is in exceptionally fine condition. Safe is overall engraved in geometric and plant leaf designs. Presentation on back “From Lottie to her brother Jacob December 25th 1887”. Gold in fine condition overall. (Excellent). 5,000 - 8,000 1171 - LOT OF 2: IVORY FRENCH & GERMAN POKER DEALER CHIPS. Largest 2-1/4”W. Poker was a very popular gambling game, especially in the American West during the 1890’s. These ivory chips were a very common element to use in the game and are a very rare find today. They were also known as Poker Bucks and were passed from player to player when it was their turn to deal. 1- is in French, reading “Vous donnez.” 2-1/8”W.; 1- is in German, reading “Lie gebon.” 2-1/4”W. (Very Good). 600 - 2,000

66 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1172

LOT - 1173

LOT - 1174

LOT - 1176

LOT - 1175 1172 - IVORY POKER DEALER CHIP. 2-3/8”W. Poker was a very popular gambling game, especially in the American West during the 1890’s. These ivory chips were a very common element to use in the game. In today’s market, this is a very rare find. They were also known as Poker Bucks and were passed from player to player when it was their turn to deal. The front of the chip reads, “You Deal” with a graphic of the four suits in playing cards. The back reads, “Jack” marked within the silhouette of a cauldron. (Very Good). 1,000 - 3,000 1173 - LOUIS F. DOW CO. SAFES ANTIQUE FLOOR SAFE. This small rolling floor safe shows some evidence of age with the paint loss throughout. The front is marked “Louis F. Dow Co. Safes St. Paul, Minn.” with a Yale combination lock. The combination for the safe is 71 - 5 - 27. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Good). 400 - 1,500 1174 - GENUINE IRON STAGECOACH CASH BOX. 7-1/2”T x 13”L x 9”W. This heavy iron cash box with handles on both sides. Overall, the finish has turned patina with no external damage of any kind. It weighs well over 50 pounds. A true relic of the Old West. (Good). 400 - 600 1175 - PRESIDENT JAMES BUCHANAN PEACE MEDAL. Box: 6-1/4”W x 8-1/4”T. Measuring 2-7/8” in diameter, showing wear and patina, with nice condition. (Very Good). 500 - 1,000 1176 - PERIOD WOOD EXPRESS SIGN. 1-1/4”L x 38”W x 6-1/2”T. A hand painted, single sided sign on solid wood with eyelets and wire installed for hanging. Retains most of the original bright paint with just enough wear for that look. Colorful early lettering with nice drop-shadow. Nice overall look. (Very Good). 500 - 2,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1177 1177 - MINING SLOUGH. Box: 20” x 11” x 6”. Very uncommon portable wooden gold slough, folds up to travel, with accessories inside, and marked with its owners name, a large figural star, a rolling log symbol, and “Palisade Colo”. In nice condition, with box measuring 20”x 11”x 6”. (Very Good). 400 - 600 67

1178 - EXCEPTIONAL ROBB CIGAR STORE INDIAN CHIEF. 28”L x 30”W x 78”T. This remarkable wood sculpture is one of the finest compositional examples you will find of this art form; the cigar store Indian trade sign. It is life size, and the subtle color palette the artist used looks even better with the patina of time on it. He is wearing a full headdress and what is probably a mountain lion mantle on his shoulders. Most cigar store sculptures are very static, whereas this Chief is relatively dynamically posed, canted forward with one leg raised on a block, while shielding his eyes from the Sun. In addition, the realism of the stoic face is a very real testament to the sculptor’s technical skill. His left hand is holding a stack of tempting tobacco products. A real find for the distinguished collector. Attributed to Samuel Robb with support from restorer Peter Deen. (Very Good Excellent). 70,000 - 100,000

68 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1178 | April 12, 2019


1179 - SILVER PARADE SADDLE. Stunning special order saddle, fully sterling silver mounted, completely covered in three dimensional silver diamonds, with massive decorative corner plates, a beautiful silver rope edge cantle and horn, fully silver wrapped front end, and fantastic huge 22” long tapaderos. Saddle is beautifully flower tooled with seat measuring 15”. Nicely completed with its matching massive wide breast collar having eye dazzling diamond drops, original black and white tufted corona, and wide cheek bridle having bold browband and noseband with wonderful face chain, silver Crockett bit and silver ferreled reins. (Very Good). 8,000 - 12,000


1180 - LARGE FIGURAL RIFLE GUN STORE TRADE SIGN. 10’L. This large figural rifle is constructed of pine wood and was originally displayed in front of a gunmaker’s shop in early 19th century America. Painted in shades of brown and yellow with nice patina throughout. With handmade triggers, hammers, and trigger guard. With newer eye hooks for hanging. A superb crossover piece for several categories. Don’t miss this opportunity. (Very Good). 6,000 - 9,000

LOT - 1179

LOT - 1180

70 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1181

LOT - 1183

LOT - 1182

LOT - 1184

1181 - J. RISWIG COUNTERTOP DISPLAY SHOWCASE. Small wood and glass display case with a purple velvet interior and mirrored back. Curved front and side panels of glass are free from cracks and the mirror does show some loss. A nice case showing minor age wear to the wood finish. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 400 - 800 1182 - GONE WITH THE WIND LAMP. 9-1/2”W x 20”T. Unusual electric lamp with high relief Indian chief faces blown three dimensionally into the milk glass, in fine condition, 20” tall with chimney. (Very Good). 500 - 800 1183 - LOT OF 2: BACK BAR BOTTLES. Lot consists of 1 - Miller Whiskey Back Bar Bottle Decanter. Multi-color enamel lettering surrounding monogram in gold. The enamel is strong and bright with some loss to the gold monogram. The bottle is clean and retains its original stopper.; 1 - LUG Pocket Flask. A clear glass ribbed pocket flask with oval label depicting risque lady on pink background with gold border. A nice original pocket flask with ground lip under original screw on closure. C. 1900. (Very Good). 400 - 1,200

LOT - 1185

1184 - LOT OF 3: EARLY PURE RYE WHISKEY BACK BAR BOTTLES. Largest: 5-1/4” Dia. x 13-1/4”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Decanter style of Old Overholt that features a picture of the founder. This distillery was founded in Pennsylvania in 1810 and the trade name was adopted in 1888. Multi-faceted stopper. Features gold etching with gold leaf. Item (B) Manhattan Pure Rye with white enamel overlay on multi-faceted base. Item (C) Decanter style Calvert Pure Rye Maryland with white enamel over and multi-faceted stopper. (Excellent). 300 - 500 1185 - LOT OF 3: ANTIQUE BACK BAR WHISKEY BOTTLES. Largest: 3-3/4” Dia. x 12”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Brunhild, Simon & Co. Fine Whiskey cut multi-faceted bottle with antique pewter metal stopper and cork. Embossed in white enamel. Company was originally from Philadelphia. Item (B) Old Saratoga Whiskey, Rosscam, Gerstley & Co., Philadelphia. Decanter style with gold foil over etching. Octagon glass stopper. Company was formed in Philadelphia in 1869 and went out of business in 1920. Item (C) Daniel Buhre & Co. Fine Whiskey bottle. (Excellent). 300 - 500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1186

LOT - 1188

LOT - 1187

LOT - 1189

LOT - 1190

1186 - LOT OF 3: ANTIQUE PURE RYE BACK BAR ETCHED BOTTLES. Largest: 3-1/2” Dia. x 11”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Sherwood Pure Rye bottle. Overlay of white enamel. The Sherwood label began making whiskey in Maryland as early at 1878 and were incorporated in 1882. Item (B) Pinch style three sided decanter with Helmet Rye in white enamel overlay. Item (C) F&W Highland Pure Rye decanter style, etched with gold foil, multi-faceted. (Excellent). 300 - 500 1187 - LOT OF 3: ANTIQUE PURE RYE BACK BAR ETCHED BOTTLES. Largest: 5-1/2” Dia. x 9”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Belle of Anderson Sour Mash decanter style with etched Star of David and red and gold enamel. Belle of Anderson County Whiskey began in the early 1880’s, was purchased by Edward Murphy Distillers in 1883 and operated the plant until 1912. Item (B) Old Joe Gideon multi-faceted decanter style with glass stopper. Etched with gold foil. Dates to the turn of the century. Won awards in St. Louis and Oregon in 1904/05. Item (C) Pure Old Harper decanter style etched with gold overlay. This firm was founded in 1872 and won gold medals beginning in the late 1800’s. (Excellent). 300 - 500 1188 - LOT OF 3: ANTIQUE PURE RYE BACK BAR ETCHED BOTTLES. Largest: 5-1/4” Dia. x 11”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Alark the Henry M. Rubel, Cincinnati; decanter style, multi-faceted neck with white enamel overlay. Item (B) Dimple, also known as Haig Dimple. Distillery opened in 1824 and adopted the pinch bottle in the 1890’s. Manufactured in Scotland. First distillery to produce grain whiskey using the column still, invented in 1826. Simple pinch three-sided bottle encased in sterling silver with handle and pour spout. White enamel overlay. Item (C) Pure Holland Geneva, made in Amsterdam beginning in 1895. Beautifully decorative etched face in an unusual bottle with finger handle and stopper. Appearing almost medicinal. (Excellent). 300 - 500 72

1189 - SOLID CRYSTAL (?) KENTUCKY TAVERN WHISKEY BACK BAR DECANTER BOTTLE. 4” Dia. x 9”T. Kentucky Tavern was introduced in 1880, trademark was registered in 1903. This octagon base crystal (?) features applied white lettering in semi-script. Comes with its original stopper. A fine addition to a back bar or display. (Excellent). 200 - 300 1190 - CHIPPEWA/ OJIBWA FIGURAL BALL WAR CLUB. 20”L. Circa early 1800’s, gracefully carved wood ball headed club. Club displays rich patina with incised carvings on raised panel on both sides of handle. Ball of head contains an iron 2 -1/2” spike and is carved in likeness of a warrior wearing a hair roach. The eyes are represented by small iron nails. Club is meant as a weapon and balances perfectly. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1191

1191 - PLAINS INDIAN PIPE TOMAHAWK. 18-1/2”L x 7-3/4”W. Circa 1870-1885, hand forged 7-3/4” iron head with heart cutout on a file burned wood haft. Brass tack decorations to top and bottom of haft. Exhibits heavy age and period wear. (Good). 5,000 - 8,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1192

1192 - EASTERN STYLE TOMAHAWK. 18 -1/2â&#x20AC;?L. Circa 1800, this tomahawk has a fine eastern style head with flared blade and large octagonal bowl. Very fine file work is executed on the pipe bowl and eye. Fine interlaced design of punch dots, circles, daisies, and cross-hatchings are on both sides of the blade and about the bowl. The haft is decorated with brass tacks in rows and wrapped with brass and iron wire. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 8,000 - 12,000

74 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1193


LOT - 1194

1193 - RARE NORTHERN PLAINS LANCE. 40 -1/2”. Circa 1870-1880, extremely rare Northern Plains lance (possibly Blackfeet) with 7” dag blade marked “JUKES COULSON.” Original wood handle is painted red with all original leather lashings. Only a few of these short jabbing lances are known to exist in museum holdings. All lances are scarce, but most encountered are of the longer variety used on horseback to hunt buffalo. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 8,000 - 12,000

1194 - EASTERN SIOUX GUNSTOCK WAR CLUB. 23”L. Circa 1870-1885, carved wood club in gun stock shape with curved form. Barbell shaped cut-out surrounded by brass tacks. Iron trade blade is inset near bend of club. Shows period age and patina. 23” overall with a 5” blade. (Very Good). 8,000 - 10,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1195

LOT - 1196


1195 - EASTERN SIOUX BALL AND SPIKED WAR CLUB. 19-1/2”L. Circa 1850-1870, finely carved wood handle with 4” iron notch-cut trade blade inset in ball end. Handle is slightly flared near grip, and shows evidence of brass tack remnants on handle. Beautiful warm patina overall. (Excellent). 6,000 - 10,000


1196 - FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR ERA SPONTOON TOMAHAWK. 16 -1/2”L. Circa 1760, tomahawk has a French head with wide angular diamond-profile blade. Six-sided haft is decorated with 15 brass tacks. Exhibits an unusual angled wood carving on the left side of the haft, down from the eye socket. Original bone mouthpiece, with head attributed to the Hudson Bay Company. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000 | April 12, 2019

1197 - SPONTOON PIPE TOMAHAWK. 23 -3/4”L. Circa 1870-1880, Plains style spontoon blade has two basal processes curling forward toward the straight taper point with a cone shaped bowl. Haft is file branded and exhibits a fine and delicate profile. Don Euing Collection. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000 1198 - SIOUX PICTOGRAPHIC CABIN WALL LINER. 83” W x 34” H. Circa late 1800’s, Lakota Sioux white canvas cabin wall liner with painted pictographs of war scenes depicting warriors on horseback and on foot counting coup against the Crow. Painted in colors black, brown, yellow, orange, and red. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000

LOT - 1197

LOT - 1198 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1200

LOT - 1201

LOT - 1199

LOT - 1202

LOT - 1203

1199 - PLATEAU PARFLECHE CYLINDER BONNET CASE. 20-1/2”L. Fringed rawhide case with geometric designs executed in green, rust, and blue pigment paint. Circa 1880’s. Former Marlen Krause collection. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 1200 - SANTEE SIOUX BEADED AND QUILLED OFFICER’S NON-REGULATION BUCKSKIN SHIRT 30” x 16”. Circa 1885-1895, Indian Wars buckskin non-reg officer’s shirt. Shirt displays a classic double breasted style yoke to front. Very similar cut to some of the shirts worn on Custer’s Little Bighorn Campaign. Shirt has scalloped edged pockets and cuffs with dyed quilled floral pattern on pockets, shoulders, center and cuffs. 9 gold gilt federal Army buttons secure the openings. Nice supple condition with no stiffness or damp/water damage. Some quill missing from period wear but does not affect aesthetic appeal. Nice large displayable size. (Very Good). 3,000 - 4,000


1201 - APACHE SCOUT JACKET. Interesting period rich green woven jacket lined with attractive ticking material, and set off by a decorative yellow piping, and adorned by fantastic gutta percha buttons that are marked “US Indian Services” with an American Eagle on their faces. Accompanied by a wonderful six point decorative badge stating “Indian Police, San Carlos Ariz” on the front, and maker marked “Chipron Stamp Co. 324 First St. Los Angeles” on the reverse. Jacket in very nice condition and approximately man’s size 40. Scan of photograph is for reference only, it is not included with this lot. (Very Good). 1,800 - 2,500 1202 - MORALES SILVER SPURS. Very uncommon pattern of nicely maker marked single mounted spurs with heart motif scalloped heel bands, rounded silver inlaid shanks with chap guards and multi-point rowels. Accented by rich brown basket stamped straps with engraved silver conchos. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500 1203 - HERNANDEZ SILVER SPURS. Incredible pair of oversized single mounted lady legs with stylish engraving, early shanks and chap guards, large rowels and wonderful marked Al Furstnow straps with engraved silver conchos. (Very Good). 3,500 - 4,500 | April 12, 2019

1204 - HAMLEY-MORALES SILVER SPURS. Seldom seen pair of large single mounted spurs with stylish heel bands made up of domes and bars, an exaggerated long straight shank, multi-point rowels with fantastic silver engraved rowels covers, and marked with great squash “M” marks. Accented by an outstanding pair of original straps with fabulous scalloped conchos. (Very Good). 4,500 - 5,500

LOT - 1204

1205 - OLSEN NOLTE SPURS. Striking large single mounted California style spurs with a rare maker’s mark, intricately engraved silver with heart design scalloped heelbands, inlaid drop shanks with chap guards, and large multi-point rowels with engraved silver rowel covers. Complimented by magnificent Olsen Nolte maker marked, richly colored brown straps covered by beautiful scalloped conchos, silver ranger sets, and classic large conchos with gold horseheads. (Very Good). 5,500 - 7,500

LOT - 1205

1206 - BUERMAN COWGIRL SPURS. Wonderful early scalloped heel band spurs with decorative shanks and fine web rowels. In an intriguing dainty size, with beautiful straps and horsehead conchos. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1207 - MORALES SILVER BIT. Untouched Morales banana cheek half breed bit inlaid with crisply engraved silver panels, and its original rein chains. Nicely marked with double squash “M’s” and “Portland Ore”. (Very Good). 500 - 800

LOT - 1208 LOT - 1206

1208 - BOHLIN STYLE BIT. An eye dazzling unmarked Bohlin port mouth bit, fully silver overlaid with detailed engraving throughout, uncommon diamond cheek pieces, massive lip bar, and original rein chains. (Very Good). 500 - 800

LOT - 1207 | April 12, 2019


1209 - GS GARCIA BIT. Popular silver inlaid Las Cruces style bit with chevron shanks and scalloped conchos, with half breed mouthpiece. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1210 - METIS CREE INDIAN RIFLE SCABBARD. 47”L. Circa 1890, Athabascan gun case made of solid buckskin, some of which has become stiff in places. Original carrying strap is present. A 2 -1/2” wide red trade cloth band accents the scabbard mid-case, and is finished with transparent, white, and black beads in a floral pattern. The muzzle end of the case terminates with four, 5” red cloth “octopus” style tabs backed with muslin. The tabs are accented with a wavy pattern of white and black seed bead designs that resemble a snake. Case fits a Hudson Bay style trade gun. (Good). 3,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1210

LOT - 1209

LOT - 1211

LOT - 1212

LOT - 1213

1211 - BLACKFEET KNIFE CASE OWNED BY IRON EYES CODY. 13” x 4”. Circa 1885-1895, sinew sewn on parfleche hide that has been painted with red ochre and decorated with 13 brass shanked tacks. Light blue beaded field with red geometric design with yellow and dark blue highlights. Top beaded panel accented with tin cone tinklers and large translucent geen beads. Retains large (12”) pewter bolstered skinning knife that fits sheath perfectly. Back of sheath bears two inked lines that indicate former ownership by famous actor Iron Eyes Cody. Although descended from Italian heritage, Iron Eyes gained fame by playing a Native American in numerous movies and media roles. Mostly remembered for his television commercial against littering and pollution in the 1960’s-1970’s. From the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans estate sale and includes letter of provenance signed by Roy Rogers Jr. (Good). 2,500 - 3,000 80

1212 - SIOUX BLANKET STRIP. 65”L x 4-1/2”W. Circa 1880’s, sinew sewn on buckskin. Features geometric patterns and rosettes of green, blue, greasy yellow and red on a white field. No bead loss with supple buckskin overall. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 1213 - SIOUX INDIAN BEADED BELT AND MATCHING HOLSTER. 45” Belt. 4” x 12” Holster. Circa 1900-1920, fully beaded Sioux holster and belt. Belt is heavy canvas over harness leather with sterling silver and gold accented buckle. Classic geometric Sioux patterns executed in yellow, red, dark blue, and white beads on a sky blue background. Holster looks like it fits a Colt double action. .38. Included is a copy of an early 1920’s image that shows a female wearing wooly chaps, and wearing the exact same holster and belt. (Very Good). 2,000 - 4,000 | April 12, 2019

1214 - LARGE CHEYENNE FEMALE DOLL. 16”L. Circa 1885-1900, doll is made of Indian tanned buckskin with beaded eyes, mouth, leggings and moccasins done in greasy yellow, dark blue, and white. Adorned with dentallia shell earrings with blue pony beads as separation and small tin cutouts on the ends. Dress is entirely fringed accented by a concho belt made of thin leather with tin discs affixed with thread. (Excellent). 4,000 - 6,000 1215 - CROW INDIAN WARRIOR DOLL ON HORSE. 12-1/2”T x 9”L. Circa 1900, rider and horse are made of Indian tanned buckskin stuffed with horse hair. Horse and rider both have beaded eyes and mouth. Rider is wearing a beaded buckskin shirt, necklace, leggings and moccasins. Horse has classic Crow style saddle with beaded bridle and tabs. (Excellent). 3,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1216

LOT - 1214

LOT - 1215

LOT - 1217

1216 - LARGE PLAINS BUCKSKIN DOLL. 19”L. Circa 1885-1895, sinew sewn doll is made of muslin and Indian tanned hide body stuffed with horsehair. Doll is wearing a fully beaded and fringed dress finished in light blue, white centered rose, white, orange and dark blue beads. Her four strand necklace is made up of butterscotch colored beads, and her horsehair braids are intact to the head. Scarce large size. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000

LOT - 1218

1218 - SIOUX INDIAN BEADED DOLL. 12”L. Circa late 1880’s, female buckskin doll with beaded eyes and mouth. Beaded dress, leggings, and moccasins; beaded belt; choker of large blue beads with cowrie shell center drop. One braid tie of light blue beads with two cowrie shells (one braid tie missing). All sinew sewn on Indian tanned buckskin with bead colors of turquoise blue, dark blue, white, red, and greasy yellow. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500

1217 - SIOUX FEMALE DOLL. 9”L x 5”W. Circa 1880’s, made of Indian tanned buckskin and human hair. Entirely sinew sewn fringed dress with buffalo hair, beaded yoke, belt, knife and pouch and high top moccasins. Beadwork is executed in greasy yellow, dusty blue, green, pearl, white, and white centered rose colors. Buckskin is a slightly stiff overall. (Good). 2,000 - 3,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1219

LOT - 1220

LOT - 1221

1219 - NEZ PERCE INDIAN BUCKSKIN DOLL. 12” H. Circa late 1800’s, female buckskin doll with braided buffalo hair. Beaded eyes and mouth, and beaded along hairline. Earrings of dentalium shells and large beads. Necklace of white and blue beads. Buckskin fringed dress with fully beaded yoke in “tail design” form. Under garment of red cloth. Beaded belt, leggings, and moccasins. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 1220 - SIOUX BEADED FEMALE BUCKSKIN DOLL. 13-1/2” x 6-1/2”. Circa 1885-1895, doll is made of Indian tanned hide, muslin stuffed with horse hair and glass beads. Doll is wearing a fully fringed dress with beaded yoke executed in bands of greasy yellow, white centered rose, black and blue beads. A beaded awl case, leggings, and moccasins are also worn. Horse hair braids are showing thinning at top of head. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,000 1221 - FEMALE PLAINS INDIAN DOLL. 12” x 7”. Circa 1890’s, Sioux Indian female buckskin doll. Doll has beaded eyes, mouth, belt, dress yoke, leggings, and moccasins. The fringed buckskin dress is finished with lazy stitch, sinew sewn red and white beads. Human hair braids adorn the head. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1222 - CHEYENNE MALE DOLL. 18-1/2”L x 5-1/2”W. Circa 1890-1900, Southern Plains Indian tanned buckskin doll wearing a fringed shirt and leggings. Doll is painted in yellow ochre overall, with beadwork accents on the leggings and the shirt. Doll has beaded eyes, nose, and mouth. Face has red stripes and hair braids wrapped in red silk ribbon. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,000 1223 - DEER LODGE HITCHED HORSEHAIR BRIDLE AND SILVER BIT. Circa 1920’s, Montana prison made bridle with uncommon silver engraved concho rosettes and flat hitched reins. Executed in geometric polychrome colors of black, brown, yellow, green and orange on a natural background. Fancy floral engraved silver bit. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 1,200 - 1,500 82

LOT - 1222 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1223

LOT - 1224

1224 - ORIGINAL BUTCH CASSIDY TIN TYPE PHOTOGRAPH. Closed: 3-1/8”W x 3-3/4”T. Butch Cassidy, arguably one of the most famous of all Western outlaws, was immortalized in the motion picture “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” with Paul Newman playing Robert Leroy Parker, known as Butch Cassidy, and Robert Redford played Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, known the Sundace Kid. But long before Butch Cassidy had taken his alias and formed the gang known worldwide as the Wild Bunch or the Hole In The Wall Gang, his life of crime had been well underway. This original tin type in its original gutta percha (Hinge Broken), is a photograph of four dapper young men posed regally in a studio sans any visible weapons. The character seated to the right is none other than Robert Leroy Parker as a young outlaw pictured with three acquaintances. Cassidy, as we will now refer to him, rode with a gang including his friends, Fred and George McCarty and Matt Warner, who held up their first bank in 1889 in Telluride, Colorado. Cassidy landed in prison for two years in 1894 and then, of course, went onto infamy with the Wild Bunch which formed upon his release from prison. As heroically portrayed in the motion picture, it is believed that Cassidy and Sundance met their end at the hands of the military in Bolivia during a botched bank robbery. This is undoubtedly the only known image of Robert Leroy Parker, known as Butch Cassidy, as an adult prior to his imprisonment in 1894 and formation of the Hole in the Wall Gang. It is interesting to note that Butch Cassidy had an affinity for bowler hats and is wearing one in this photo and is oft seen photographed wearing bowler hats during his Hole in the Wall Gang period. Some might refer to this as his “rookie photo.” Open, 6-1/2”W x 3-3/4”T. (Very Good). 10,000 - 15,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1225 1225 - CURTIS GOLDTONE PHOTO. Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), Entitled “Vanishing Race”, original goldtone Native American image, measuring 11”x 14”, with fantastic original frame, and dated 1904. (Very Good). 5,000 - 8,000 1226 - VISALIA BRIDLE. Super scarce snake marked fully flower tooled brow band style, wide cheek bridle with classic engraved conchos, along with its fantastic iron Santa Barbara cheek spade bit, which is covered in heavily engraved silver and domes, and finished with a tall spade mouthpiece having an extremely rare maker’s mark on back of the spade. (Very Good). 3,500 - 5,500 1227 - MORALES BRIDLE. Show stopping silver mounted bridle with intricate silver conchos and buckle, showcasing a very special early large silver mounted half breed bit, with pristine engraved silver, fantastic heavy mouthpiece and cricket, and sealed with a beautiful squash “M” maker’s mark. (Very Good). 4,500 - 6,500 1228 - KEYSTON BRO’S BRIDLE. Very seldom seen early Keyston Bro’s silver inlaid, on iron, half breed bit. A large bit with terrific engraved silver and dome pattern, noteworthy mouthpiece, and spelled out maker’s mark on inside of cheek. Mounted in an early basket stamped wide cheek, one ear bridle. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500 1229 - BRAIDED LEATHER BRIDLE. Outstanding braided leather bridle with a remarkable two-tone braiding design, with heavy cheeks and brow band, bosal style floating noseband, silver concho rosettes, and fine split reins. Finished with an early silver mounted, marked Buerman, kissing bird bit. Displaying incredible condition and presence. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000 LOT - 1226


LOT - 1227 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1230

LOT - 1228

LOT - 1229

1230 - EARLY SLICK FORK SADDLE. Eye catching early saddle, profusely tooled in finely detailed flowers and figures, with slick fork front end, and tall 5” high back cantle, 3-1/2” wide horn, and 14” seat. With strongly appealing russet color and good condition. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500 1231 - CUSTOM PATRIOTIC PARADE SADDLE DESIGNED BY ROY ROGERS. On Stand: 30”L x 16”W x 44”T. Circa 1970’s, this custom leather saddle was designed by Roy Rogers. The sister, and inspiration for this saddle is seen on the original 1950’s lunchbox with Roy’s plastic saddle on it. Those saddles were produced by All Western Plastics headquartered in Lusk, Wyoming. It is widely known this was Roy’s favorite Saddle, and most photographed plastic saddle he owned and made famous in merchandise and images. Roy’s good friend Art Emr loved it and asked Roy if he could have a copy made. Roy said, “I’m honored and flattered that you want a saddle like mine, but let’s make one that is your’s alone.” Instead of a direct copy of the original saddle that had only the star accents, they added hearts to the the new saddle so it was different from Roy’s just a bit. Textan was commissioned to make it out of leather as All American Plastics was now out of business. Manufactured in patriotic red, white, and blue leather, with four red American eagles, two blue stars, red slotted conchos with red latigos, and a 16” seat. It’s a stunning setup with large 24” multi-colored tapaderos, the original red, white, and blue wool-felt corona saddle pad, red, white, and blue cinch, matching breast collar, reins, and bridle with snaffle bit. Included is the life size cutout of Roy Rogers that pairs very nicely with the saddle, 26”W x 73”T. A very impressive Roy Rogers related saddle that is truly one-of-a-kind. (Lunchbox is shown as a display only) (Very Good). 3,500 - 6,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1231


LOT - 1232

LOT - 1233

LOT - 1234

LOT - 1235

1232 - 1920’S BLACK MEXICAN SOMBRERO. 22”W with 8 -1/2” crown. Circa 1920’s, black pressed felt sombrero with bullion owner’s initials and floral pattern on crown and brim. Leather sweatband is marked: GRAN SOMBRERERIA, DEL CASTOR, TARDAN HNOS, MEXICO. Size 7. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200 1233 - EARLY 1900’S GRAY MEXICAN SOMBRERO. 20”W. Circa 1910, this stunning sombrero has an 8” crown, 7-1/2” brim adorned with gold thread embroidery. Made by Casa Tardan, Mexico City. PICTURED: Michael Friedman’s COWBOY CULTURE, Pg 58. Ex-collection of Enrique Guerra. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1234 - LYNDON B. JOHNSON STETSON HAT. Case: 9” x 15” x 15-1/2”. Interesting Stetson brand hat with uncommon color, having a 4 1/2” Cattleman crown and 3” brim, marked in the sweatband “Made Especially for Lyndon B. Johnson”, with its original hard sided hat box, marked with the Presidential Seal on the front. Showing wonderful wear and age. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 600 - 1,200 1235 - RED ADAIR HAT. Case: 9” x 19” x 17-1/2”. Original hat belonging and signed to Red Adair in the sweatband, from “Cutter Bill Western World” Houston, TX, size 7 3/8, noted inside “touch of mink”, and completed with its monogrammed “RED” hard traveling case. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 500 - 800 1236 - JOHN WAYNE WORMSER HAT. Box: 6-1/4” x 13-1/2”. Intriguing chocolate brown fedora with a wide ribbon hatband, made by Wormser hat company and inscribed on hatband “John Wayne”. In original factory hat box and showing nice age and condition. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 400 - 700 86 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1236

1237 - HOLSTER AND MONEY BELT. Desirable 7-1/2” double loop holster with border tooling and “Royal” markers mark, completed by its 38 caliber money belt. (Very Good). 400 - 600 1238 - RT FRAZIER STUDDED BRONC BELT. 6-1/2” x 34”. Great looking bronc belt with XO brand and stars in studded design, using two-tone leather, in good condition with a worn makers mark. (Very Good). 500 - 800

LOT - 1237

LOT - 1238

1239 - LOT OF 4: ROPES. Largest: 40”L. Lot consists of four items including, 1 - early 4 plait leather braided riata with great honda measuring 30’ in length; 1 - old rawhide 4 plait riata with nice patina and measuring 40’ in length; 1 - Interesting vintage prison hitched horsehair rope with multi-colored geometric patterns running through it and measuring approximately 35’; 1 - vintage silver mounted show bridle with relief engraved silver plates and ranger buckle set. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 600 - 900 1240 - SC GALLUP STUDDED BRONC BELT. Belt: 3-1/2” x 28”. Eye dazzling cowgirls bronc belt, massively studded in a diamonds and domes pattern. On rich leather with an early liner, and set off by a bold Canon City prison silver engraved clip corner buckle, measuring 3” wide. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 LOT - 1239

LOT - 1240 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1242

LOT - 1241


1241 - LOT OF 2: HORN CHAIR AND FOOT STOOL. 27”L x 31”W x 39-1/4”T. This exotic horn chair and matching foot rest are upholstered in cow hide with brass tacks. (Excellent). 1,000 - 3,000 1242 - HORN BENCH. 29”L x 56-1/2”W x 40-1/2”T. The builder of this fine bench did a great job with the symmetry and used pairs of horns in a mirrored design. Upholstered with cowhide and brass tacks. (Excellent). 1,500 - 3,000 1243 - LONGHORN MIRROR. Eye popping large wall mirror with upholstered plaque, 8 sets of longhorns, and primary set measuring 33” wide. (Very Good). 800 - 1,500

LOT - 1243

88 | April 12, 2019

1244 - STEER HORN CHAIR. 34”D x 38 - 3/4” T. Horned armchair made from 12 curved horns with tan leather upholstery and rivet trim. Upholstery is in very nice condition with only a few scrapes. In ready to use condition, a nice addition to rustic decor. (Excellent). 900 - 2,000 1245 - BRONZE CHIEF STATUE WITH SPEAR & WAR SHIELD. 33”L x 36”W x 75”T. The textural details that the sculptor put into this statue add an extra level of realism, especially when combined with the paint colors that bring every element into sharper focus. A nice life-size piece in very appealing condition. (Excellent). 6,000 - 10,000

LOT - 1244

LOT - 1245

1246 - REMINGTON BRONZE “COMING THROUGH THE RYE”. 27”L x 33”W x 30”T. Circa 1970’s, this was Remington’s eighth bronze sculpture as was copyrighted in 1902. The artist described his sculpture as “four cowboys on running horses… men shooting pistols and shouting.” In the original casting only six of the horse’s sixteen hooves touch the ground – an example of Remington’s magnificent threedimensional artistry. Mounted onto a green marble base and custom plinth, it stands 29” High by 30” Long. Bronze is signed Frederic Remington and numbered 47/100. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500 1247 - CLARENCE ELLSWORTH PAINTING Incredible Native American image depicting settlers moving west with Plains Indian spirits in the air, covering the land. Finely done oil on canvas, signed and dated 1929 in lower left, and in its attractive original frame. Image measuring 24”x 36”. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500

LOT - 1246

LOT - 1247 | April 12, 2019


1248 - WILLIAM FREEMAN PAINTING. 32”W x 28”T. Very attractive original oil painting on canvas depicting elk in the mountains. Professionally framed, images measures 18”x 24”. From the Estate of William J. Freeman. Documentation included. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,800 1249 - LOT OF 2: AFTER CHARLES RUSSELL WESTERN SCENES FROM ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING. Framed: 45” x 33” The first is titled “In Without Knocking” depicting cowboys storming a hotel. Signed lower left dated 1909 with skull monogram. 20” x 30”; overall 27” x 37”. The second is titled “When Horse Flesh Comes High” signed and dated lower left 1909 with skull monogram. 24” x 36”; overall 33” x 45”. Both are late 20th century canvas and frame in untouched condition, possibly an offset textured print. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,200

LOT - 1248

1250 - HOWARD TERPINING GICLEE’. 13” x 15”. Beautifully done oil on canvas giclee’, entitled “Horse Feathers”, signed and numbered, and professionally framed. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1249

1251 - WILSON, W.E. (19TH CENTURY AMERICAN). Framed : 32” x 24”. Native American Bear Hunting. A dramatic work depicting a fallen Brave beneath his horse, both under attack by two wounded bears. A third bear approaching in the distance. Pastel on canvas. 21” x 29-1/2” work; 24” x 32-1/2” overall. CONDITION: Good overall. Old water stains throughout sky including two stains proper left sky. The work has age darkening, notably in the upper half commensurate with age and light exposure. Canvas is intact with no damages or restoration. The pastel has been examined out of frame. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1250


1252 - COLT ADVERTISING POSTER. 21-1/2”W x 32”T. Infamous cowboy image known as “Tex and Patches”, used as an advertising piece for Colt Firearms Company. Done by well known artist Frank Schoonover of Wilmington, Delaware, with fantastic artist signed documentation on back, showing good color and condition, period frame. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1251

LOT - 1252

LOT - 1253

LOT - 1254

1253 - 1908 INDIAN LITHOGRAPH. Framed: 30” x 23 -3/4” x 1”. A striking nighttime scene showing a Native American Indian man, woman, and baby in a cradleboard gathered around a fire. Very nice, vivid and visually appealing colors and detail with two tears visible on the left edge and no other issues to note. Marked “Printed In Germany”. Professionally framed and matted under glass. (Excellent). 2,000 - 4,000

1254 - 1908 HARRY PAYNE INDIAN LITHOGRAPH. Framed: 27” x 21 -3/4” x 1”. Artwork by Harry Payne (1858–1927), showing a Native American Indian man being chased on horseback by two cowboys, a fiery orange sky in the background. Very nice colors and detail with only a few small creases, nothing at all that detracts from the overall presentation. Professionally framed and matted under glass. (Near Mint). 2,000 - 4,000 | April 12, 2019


1255 - BLACK FOREST STYLE EAGLE SHELF. Early oak patriotic figural wall shelf, showing great patina, incredibly detail carved with a three dimensional eagle on a branch, with 17” wingspan, and overall height measuring 16”. A great piece of early Americana. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200

LOT - 1255

LOT - 1256

LOT - 1257

1256 - FINE EDWARD BARNES & SON CIVIL WAR ERA BOWIE KNIFE. Edward Barnes & Son operated at 239 Solly Street 1856 to 1865. Features an 8” drop point blade that is maker stamped at the hilt. Handle displays an American three piece decorative metal to include the guard, pommel, and center surrounded by horn bands with brass brads. This design was very popular with different makers. We found the pommel and guard in this exact pattern on another maker’s knife on page 83 of the Ben Palmer Collection book; and we found the centerpiece design on page 415 Flayderman’s Bowie Knife book with the same style bands of another material. CONDITION: Handle is excellent, and bands are intact with no cracks. Blade has been polished with nice tip and edge. Extremely handsome, patriotic mid-19th century bowie knife from a famous maker. (Very Good). 4,000 - 6,000 1257 - (A) SMITH AND WESSON RUSSIAN REVOLVER. Very nice old model revolver, serial No. 13405, chambered in 44 Russian, with a 8” barrel, rich walnut grips, a smooth 60-70% of its original nickel finish, and a finely functioning action. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000

LOT - 1258

92 | April 12, 2019

1258 - (A) COLT 1878 ETCHED PANEL REVOLVER. Seldom seen antique 1878 Colt, chambered in 44-40 caliber, with a 7-1/2” etched panel barrel, showing a strong 97% of its original nickel finish and beautifully aged black rubber grips. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500

LOT - 1259

LOT - 1260

LOT - 1261

1259 - (A) COLT SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER. Early Colt revolver in 37,000 serial range, with Colt factory letter stating shipped 1877 to Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, chambered in 45 caliber, with a 7-1/2” barrel, showing all matching serial numbers, faint legends, nice even patina finish and medium colored walnut grips, and a crisp action. Along with its light colored period 7-1/2” finely flower tooled shaped holster and contemporary money belt. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500 1260 - GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE. 2 -1/4” x 1 -1/4”. Circa 1871, large gold quartz panels inset into front with gold quartz inset into hinged lid and striker to bottom. Finely engraved over entire body with rear panel engraved: A.R. Thompson, Aug 23d 1871. (Excellent). 3,000 - 4,000

1261 - (A) SMITH & WESSON 2ND MODEL AMERICAN WITH TOM MIX RIG - BOHLIN MADE SILVER. 46”L. The pistol is a Smith & Wesson 2nd Model American single action revolver in .44 caliber. Barrel has been cut to 4 - 3/4”. Exhibits scroll engraving and retains approximately 90% of its reapplied nickel finish. Has a pair of Mexican eagle carved stag grips (left side). Assembly number on latch and cylinder is 795. CONDITION: Very good grips, shy to metal; replacements. Factory stamps on top are partially missing from where it was cut off, balance readable. Strong, clean rifled bore with light fouling and slightly frosted. Revolver barely stays in cocked position and requires two hands to operate. Needs mechanical attention. There is no provenance with this revolver or any photographic documentation putting it in Tom’s hand. That said, it is still a handsome, early 1870’s Western gun, period shortened with nice engraving and tight hinge. It is housed in a turn of the century type Mexican style holster and cartridge belt. The cartridge belt measures 3-1/4” wide with leather loops. The holster is an outside stitched single loop open top holster with retaining snap. The outside leather of the holster features gold embroidery, as does the border of the cartridge belt. The belt is attributed to Tom Mix due to the silver engraved “TM” plaque on band, and the buckle set is beautifully engraved with flowers and vines with “TM”. Has the very early “BOHLIN MADE CALIF HOLLYWOOD / STERLING”. It is a documented fact that Bohlin and Mix became fast friends in the 1920’s, and it was Tom Mix that convinced Bohlin to open up a saddle and silver shop in Hollywood. The Bohlin hallmark is one of the earliest types. The rig is in very good condition with just some loose stitching from band to throat. It is probable that Bohlin presented Mix with sterling silver accents that went on his regular holster. (Very Good). 2,000 - 4,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1262

1262 - 14K GOLD AND GOLD QUARTZ MATCH SAFE BY SHREVE & CO. SAN FRANCISCO. 2 -1/4” x 1 -1/4”. Circa 1880-1890, stunning Victorian era match safe inlaid with light grey gold quartz panels framing a diamond cartouche of rose quartz outlined in gold. Gold quartz panel to reverse with attractive gold formation within chased decorative borders. Sides are finely engraved with floral and diamond patterns. Hinged lid is inset with gold quartz with match strike on the bottom. Lid has personalized “ H C R” in old English script, with “from E C” on the reverse side of the lid. This gorgeous example would be a highlight in any gold quartz or California Gold Rush collection. (Excellent). 15,000 - 20,000

94 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1263

LOT - 1264

LOT - 1265

1263 - LOT OF 5: TURQUOISE & CORAL ACCENTED SILVER JEWELRY. Largest: 16” Long. This Lot of 5 consists of: 1 - Turquoise and coral necklace in silver, five sub-assemblies on a 16”, beaded necklace. 1 - Turquoise and coral cuff bracelet. 1 - Turquoise and coral ring. 2 - Turquoise and coral earrings. (Very Good). 800 - 2,000 1264 - SILVER AND TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE. 23” Long. This 23” long necklace has 15 polished turquoise stones, each set in a silver bezel with fine rope detail and petals, all of which are attached to a double strand of silver beads. On the bottom, 7 of the stones are set in a traditional squash blossom configuration, while the remaining 8 stones each have a silver blossom pointing to the sides. (Very Good - Excellent). 600 - 1,200

LOT - 1266

1265 - SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE. 25” Long. This is one of the heaviest squash blossom necklaces we have seen. 21 large, polished turquoise stones are mounted in bezels with fine rope detailing and 6 small silver spheres. 12 of the stones are mounted on a double strand of silver beads and the remaining 9 are in a traditional squash blossom inverted “U”, but the stones are so large that it almost closes into a circle, plus one stone hanging in the middle. There are no artist markings on the reverse. The heavy striations in all of the stones add significant interest and impart a very elegant look to a very substantial piece of jewelry. (Excellent). 600 - 1,200

1266 - LOT OF 3: SIOUX GIRL’S NECKLACES. Larger: 25”L. Lot consists of: A) Two hair pipe necklaces with harness leather spacers and brass beads. Length: 25”. B) One bear tooth Plains necklace. Circa late 1800’s. (Very Good). 600 - 800 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1267

LOT - 1268

LOT - 1269

LOT - 1271 1267 - LOT OF 2: ROBIN EGG TURQUOISE NECKLACE AND CUFF BRACELET. Largest: 16” Long. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - Necklace, robin egg blue turquoise in unadorned bezel, stylized woman’s face in silver, large link chain that measures 16” long. 1 - Wide cuff, silver bracelet with robin egg blue turquoise, flanked by stylized woman’s face. (Excellent). 500 - 1,500 1268 - TURQUOISE ADORNED SILVER CHOKER. 5”L x 5”W. Fitting tightly to the neck, this silver choker is adorned with two horizontal rows of fine turquoise beads. Hanging from the middle is a spectacular, solitary nugget of turquoise with numerous striations, mounted in a silver bezel with fine rope detailing and crowned with drooping, beaded feathers. (Excellent). 500 - 1,000

LOT - 1270

1269 - TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE. 25-1/2” Long. This 25-1/2” long necklace has 17 polished nuggets of turquoise, of varying sizes, mounted in silver bezels and detailed with fine rope and scallops on a double strand of silver beads. The lower 7 stones are in the traditional squash blossom, while the remaining 10 have individual silver blossoms. (Very Good - Excellent). 500 - 2,000 1270 - SILVER NECKLACE WITH CORAL BLOSSOM. 18” Long. This 18” long, silver beaded necklace is adorned with a drop shaped amulet with a coral adorned flower. (Very Good - Excellent). 500 - 1,500 1271 - LOT OF 2: SILVER CUFF BRACELETS. Largest: 2-1/4”L x 3-1/4”W x 1-3/4”T. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - Navajo silver cuff bracelet with one large turquoise stone with a plain bezel, adorned with fine, silver rope detailing, infinity symbols and a feather. The reverse is stamped “NHMSS”, which stands for Navajo Hand Made Sterling Silver, and a “WC” stamp. 1 - Large silver cuff bracelet, with 3 large turquoise stones, scalloped bezel with rope detail. The reverse of the central stone has “ED” engraved into the silver. (Very Good - Excellent). 500 - 1,200

96 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1272

LOT - 1273

LOT - 1274

1272 - EARLY CARVED WOODEN TOBACCO CIGAR STORE INDIAN FIGURE. 67” x 17 - 1/2”. This female Indian statue has been attributed to the studio of Samuel Robb, circa 1885. It appears to be plaster over wood with a matte finish to the paint. Showing some early amateur repaints and repairs. There is moderate soiling and some paint chipping to a few areas but it has a great appearance overall. (Very Good). 10,000 - 18,000 1273 - CARVED BEAR COAT RACK AND UMBRELLA STAND. 19”L x 28”W x 85”T. A Black Forest style carved coat rack and umbrella stand with large bear at the base and two cubs climbing up the tree trunk. The deep relief textures and subtle color palette the artist used are quite attractive. Some branch tips have a little damage. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 1274 - CARVED BLACK FOREST BENCH. 22”L x 48”W x 42”T. The popular bear theme in Black Forest style furniture is on full display in this fantastic bench. The craftsman managed to create a highly detailed piece without losing its rustic feel. (Very Good). 1,500 - 3,000 | April 12, 2019


1275 - VICTORIAN SILVER EAGLE HEAD GARNET EYE TOOTH CIGAR CUTTER. 9” L. Circa 1890, a lovely polished tooth cigar cutter by George Adam Scheid. Sterling silver eagle head with garnet eye and silver cutter mechanism. Mechanics function properly. Silver shows commensurate age tarnishing. Measures approximately 6” from the tip of beak to the edge of cutter. (Excellent). 2,000 - 4,000

LOT - 1275

LOT - 1276

LOT - 1277

1276 - LOT OF: 5 VICTORIAN ERA CANES. Largest: 38”L. Lot consists of: A) Standing Rock Sioux catlinite tipped carved wooden cane with snake pursuing frog. B) Cane with a bust of beautifully executed Victorian woman. C) Cane with carved antler Indian chief with war bonnet. D) Cane with top featuring a perched eagle. E) Cane with carved raptor head with ivory beak. All are early 1900’s. The longest is 38”, while the shortest is 34”. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500 1277 - HORSEHAIR CANE. Mint condition cane completely wrapped in geometrically hitched horsehair, finished by wooden handle labeled with store advertisement. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 98

LOT - 1278

LOT - 1279

1278 - WALLA WALLA PRISON CANE. Stylish copper tipped cane made of fantastic stacked longhorn pieces, topped by a great nickel handle with abalone inlay. (Very Good). 700 - 1,200 1279 - LOT OF 2: VICTORIAN CANE GUN AND SWORD CANE. Larger: 36”L. Lot consists of: A) 36” Victorian gentleman’s sword cane made of hardwood with sterling silver collar on carved green horn grip. Applying pressure on silver collar exposes the twisted and pointed four sided 13 -3/4” blade. Marked BROT PALAIS-ROYAL under grip. B) 35” cane gun made of steel tube with faux wood finish. Aluminum handle unscrews to reveal a .410 bore and firing pin that is hand cocked by pulling the top of the handle. Both are mechanically sound. (Very Good). 600 - 800 | April 12, 2019

1280 - EARLY WAR CLUB. Terrific Eastern Woodlands ball club, circa 1830-1850, hand carved showing great wood grain detail and patina. (Very Good). 2,500 - 4,500

LOT - 1280

LOT - 1281

1281 - SMALL IROQUOIS TOMAHAWK. 16”L. Circa 1850-1860, small and fancy style tomahawk attributed to the Iroquois. Blade is engraved with the head and face of an “Allentown” Indian wearing a liberty cap on one side; the other side is engraved with a decorative plume. Blade edges are scalloped with bowl filed to represent an acorn. Haft is round and decorated with two silver diamonds and a band of silver tacks. Former Don Euing collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 1282 - EARLY SPIKE TOMAHAWK. 17 -1/2”L x 5 -1/2” blade. Circa early 1800’s, Eastern style with crescent shaped blade with flamboyant curves and arrowhead spike. Former Don Euing collection. (Excellent). 1,000 - 2,000 1283 - REVOLUTIONARY WAR ERA SPIKE TOMAHAWK. 16 -1/2”. Circa 1770, with an early blacksmith-made blade. Sharp convex cutting edge, straight spike, and two straps forged to the head hold it in place by rivets. Former Don Euing collection. (Excellent). 800 - 1,000

LOT - 1282

1284 - LOT OF (3): LAKOTA SIOUX PIPE BAG, ARMBANDS, MOCCASINS AND WAR CLUB Largest: 35” x 6”. Lot consists of: A) Circa 1900, sinew sewn Sioux quilled, fringed, and beaded pipe bag measuring 35” long, with a 6 -3/4” wide beaded panel. B) Circa 1885, fringed, sinew sewn Sioux armbands on buckskin, measuring 8” x 4”. C) Circa 1870-1885, rawhide wrapped stone war club measuring 30” in length. (Very Good). 1,200 - 1,500

LOT - 1283

1285 - LOT OF 2: APACHE RAWHIDE FLOP HEAD WAR CLUBS. Larger: 17”L. Circa late 1880’s, stone club ends on wood handles, covered with rawhide and adorned with horse hair drops, one being braided and painted blue. Handle of smaller one has incised triangles painted in red and blue. Measuring 17” and 15” respectively. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500

LOT - 1285

LOT - 1284 | April 12, 2019


1286 - SIOUX STRIKE-A-LIGHT POUCH. 5-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W. Sinew sewn with geometric pattern executed in white centered rose and dark blue and white beads on harness leather. Bag is fringed with tin tinkler cones. Circa 1880’s. Former Marlen Krause collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1287 - LOT OF 5: MISCELLANEOUS PLAINS INDIAN BEADWORK AND SOUTHWEST BELTS. Largest: 15-5/8”W x 18-5/8”T. Lot consists of : A) Circa 1900’s Beaded Sioux head stall. B) Man’s shirt with leggings. C) Two Southwest belts with sterling buckles. D) Tortoise shell rattle. E) Circa 1920’s Cree gauntlets with dyed moose hair designs. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200

LOT - 1286

LOT - 1287

1288 - LOT OF 2: PLAINS ARROWS AND SIOUX MOCCASINS. Arrows: 26”. Lot consists of: A) Two Plains Indian arrows with original iron points and fletching, circa 1880’s. Traces of red and black paint on the shafts with sinew wrapped tips. B) Pair of Eastern Sioux, sinew sewn moccasins with rawhide soles. Floral beaded pattern, with red trade cloth edges on cuffs. (Good). 1,000 - 1,200 1289 - CROW LOOP NECKLACE. 16”L x 10”W. Circa 1880’s, made of 12 strands of shells and brass trade beads strung on buckskin and harness leather. Adorned with brass tack decoration and large clamshell discs with brass show buttons interspaced along the edge. Solid and displayable. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,000 100

LOT - 1288 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1289

LOT - 1290

LOT - 1291

LOT - 1292

LOT - 1293 1290 - SIOUX CHILD’S DOLL CRADLE. 12”L x 4”W. Circa 1880-1890, sinew sewn on buckskin, beaded geometric patterns of white centered rose, pea green, dark blue, and yellow beads on a white field. Two brass hawk bells adorn the top. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1291 - PLAINS INDIAN BREASTPLATE. 16”L x 9”W. Circa 1890-1900, constructed with two rows of hair pipes, harness leather, spacers on each side. Center section row of four brass beads, outside border of harness leather spacers have four brass beads, one side is missing this row of beads. (Good). 800 - 1,500


1292 - MAN’S PLAINS INDIAN BREASTPLATE. 14-1/2”L x 10”W. Circa early 1900’s, made of bone hair pipes, brass beads, and ermine skins on harness leather. Constructed with two rows of hair pipes with brass bead at each tip, center spacer of harness leather with brass tacks, brass beads for top necktie, and the ermine hide is attached at top of outside harness spacers. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200 1293 - LOT OF 5: MINIATURE INDIAN CRADLEBOARDS. Largest: 9-1/4” x 3-1/2”. Lot consists of: A) Ute cradleboard made of buffalo with sinew sewn beads executed in dark blue, light blue, greasy yellow, and white centered rose beads with edge fringe. B) Plateau cradleboard made of buckskin over wood frame, edge beaded in green, sky blue, medium blue, and white centered rose beads. C) Plateau cradleboard with stunning background beading of dark blue, light blue, greasy yellow, and red accented with blue trade cloth on the opening. D) Kiowa cradleboard with external wood frame adorned with tiny tacks. Buckskin construction with light blue and pink beads. E) Apache cradleboard of buckskin construction rubbed with yellow ochre pigment and finished with white, black, green, and turquoise beads. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1295

LOT - 1294 1294 - NAVAJO THIRD PHASE CHIEFS PATTERN BLANKET. 70”L x 51”W. Circa 1900, weaving is in excellent condition with no holes, stains, fading, or repairs. Made with a soft, homespun wool with analine dyed red and natural brown colors in a very attractive pattern. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,000 1295 - BLACKFEET PAINTED ELK HIDE ROBE. Framed: 98 - 1/2” x 80”. Circa 1930s to 1940s. Attributed to “Wades in the Water” (1871-1947), a notable Blackfoot Indian chieftain and tribal council leader. Throughout his life on the Blackfeet Indian LOT - 1296 Reservation, “Wades in the Water” maintained an active interest in the old Blackfeet ceremonies. This painted elk hide robe is similar to other Blackfeet robes painted by “Wades in the Water” that were displayed at Glacier National Park, Montana, in the 1930’s through the 1940’s. Painted red, black, and yellow human and horse figures depict Blackfeet war exploits against the Crow. Housed in a large display frame behind plexiglass. (Excellent). 1,500 - 3,000 1296 - NORTHERN PLAINS PAINTED DRUM & TWO SOUTHERN PLAIN RATTLES. Largest: 14”Dia. x 4”W. Lot consists of: A) Plains drum circa 1880-1890, stretched hide covers over wood frame. Painted on both sides with one side featuring with three large blue and red eagles surrounded by ten smaller blue eagles. Reverse side has thin, layered rawhide circular pattern painted green, blue, and red. Included is 13” painted and carved drumstick. B) Two Southern Plains rattles, one Kiowa, one Arapaho. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500 102

LOT - 1297

LOT - 1298

1297 - APACHE INDIAN FEMALE DOLL. 15”L x 5-1/2”W. Circa 1890-1900, female buckskin doll with fringed and beaded dress rubbed in yellow ochre pigment. Dress is decorated with tin cone tinklers and beaded geometric stripes front and back. Her “cactus kicker” high-top moccasins are also finished with beaded stripes. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,500 1298 - SIOUX INDIAN BUCKSKIN DOLL HOLDING PIPE. 12”L. Circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s, Plains male fringed buckskin doll with beaded strips on shirt. Doll has beaded leggings and moccasins with horsehair braids and red cloth ties. Under one arm, the doll holds a pipe in a buckskin case. (Very Good). 1,000 - 2,000 1299 - LOT OF 3: SOUTHERN PLAINS INDIAN BUCKSKIN DOLLS. Largest: 14”. Circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s, three Plains Indian buckskin dolls. Two male dolls and one female doll. All dolls with horsehair, beaded eyes and mouth, and beaded moccasins. The female doll in a fringed buckskin dress with a beaded yoke is painted yellow, and has a beaded necklace, dentalium earrings, a leather tacked belt, and beaded leggings. Dolls measure 14”, 12”, and 9-1/2”. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500 | April 12, 2019

1300 - CHEYENNE MALE BUCKSKIN DOLL. 11”L x 3-1/2”W. Circa 1890, Indian tanned buckskin doll wearing a fringed shirt and leggings. Beaded eyes, mouth, and choker of clear white and black beads. Shirt yoke is painted with a red “V” with green dots along edge. Braided human hair adorns the head. The moccasins and leggings are plain. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500

LOT - 1299

LOT - 1300

LOT - 1301 1301 - LOT OF 6: NATIVE AMERICAN BEADWORK DOLLS. Largest: 12”T x 6”W. Lot consists of: A) Circa 1880’s Sioux doll with buckskin dress, quilled high top leggings, and human hair braids. Dress is finished with light blue, white centered rose, and dark blue beads. B) Circa 1910, Sioux man’s doll made of buckskin. Doll is wearing a beaded and fringed shirt and is carrying beaded quiver on his back. C) Circa 1920’s Skookum Indian doll carrying a baby cradle on her back. D) Circa 1885-1890, Sioux female doll with human hair braids wearing fringed and beaded buckskin dress, fully beaded high top moccasins, and a beaded choker necklace. E) Circa 1890-1900, Sioux female muslin doll with horse hair braids and fringed buckskin dress finished with bands of greasy yellow, white centered rose, and light blue beads. F) Circa 1940’s Plains buckskin doll with human hair braids. She is wearing blue cloth stylized elk tooth dress and a segmented beaded hair pipe necklace. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000

LOT - 1302

LOT - 1303

1302 - PLATEAU INDIAN FEMALE CLOTH DOLL. 7”L x 4-1/2”W. Circa 1885-1900 female doll made of Indian tanned hide, cloth, yarn, glass beads and painted face details with pigments. Blue bias tape belt and band along bottom of red paisley patterned dress. Doll is wearing buckskin moccasins with tops light blue and transparent yellow beaded tops. (Very Good). 800 - 1,000 1303 - LOT OF 3: PLAINS INDIAN MINIATURES. Largest: 8-1/2”L. Lot consists of: A) Circa late 1800’s Sioux fully beaded hide miniature holster, light blue background with chevron design in red, yellow, and dark blue; fully beaded flap with light blue field, red diamonds, edge beaded in dark blue; fringed side and bottom. Length: 5”. B) Late 1800’s to early 1900’s, Kiowa cloth doll with wood cradleboard. Doll has yarn hair and cloth dress with a fully beaded u-shaped pouch. Cradleboard with wood slats and fully beaded buckskin cover. Doll: 4 -1/2”, Cradle: 5 -1/2”. C) Circa 1880’s, Southern Cheyenne Indian tanned hide beaded toy bow case and quiver with five arrows and re-curved bow with sinew string. Strap has red trade cloth squares, edge beaded in white. Bow case and quiver is yellow ochre stained overall. Quiver: 5”, bow case: 8 -1.2”, Bow: 8 -1/2”, Arrows: 5”. (Excellent). 1,500 - 2,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1304

1304 - STAGECOACH. 100” x 80” x 14’. This stagecoach is a custom made replica of the famous Concord Stagecoaches built from 1830-1900 in Concord, New Hampshire. The coaches were famous for their innovative suspension system of leather straps which offered a smooth rocking motion rather than the jarring from metal springs. Their biggest customer was Wells Fargo and the stagecoach remains in their logo to this day. This replica was built in Fortuna, Missouri by Latham Coachworks. It features an all leather interior and leather shades. The wheels have hard rubber to offer a smooth ride. The coach is ready to hitch and can be used for parades, special events and other venues. It measures 100” tall, 80” wide and is 14’ in length. (Excellent). 30,000 - 40,000

104 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1305

1305 - WM. C. FAUBER FULL SIZE SWELL BACK CUTTER SLEIGH. 37-1/2”L x 75”W x 43-1/2”T. Nicely restored in burgundy with pinstriping throughout and adorned with painted clusters of flowers and fruits, originally done by decoupage. Accompanied by two posters detailing the history of the piece, mentioning that the sleigh was restored in 1987 and previously on loan to the Berks County Heritage center by Christine Knappenberger. Circa 1890, manufactured by Wm. C. Fauber of Lebanon, PA. A very nice condition piece. (Restored). 10,000 - 15,000 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1306

1306 - CROCKETT PARADE SPURS. Well marked showy silver mounted parade spurs with finely engraved full overlay and dazzling clover leaf rowels. (Very Good). 600 - 900

LOT - 1307

LOT - 1308

1307 - WALLA WALLA PRISON MADE HITCHED HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Circa 1910-1920, this bridle is made in an unusual light golden color. Fine geometric pattern hitched horsehair with pink, dark red, orange, blue/green, and black. Bridle retains it’s original Buermann “kising bird” bit, romel reins, celluloid rings, mutiple tassels, both polychrome and natural brown with glass rosettes to the side. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1308 - DEER LODGE MONTANA PRISON MADE BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, a finely executed hitched horsehair bridle from Deer Lodge Montana State Prison. Geometric pattern executed in pink, blue, reds, green, brown, and orange on a black background. Horsehair covered glass English pointer dog rosettes, 12 natural and orange and black tassels. Retains original bit and rein chains. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1309 - RAWLINS WYOMING PRISON MADE BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, very well executed in five colors with eight red, white, and black tassels, characteristic partial braided leather, high dome glass horse rosettes, split reins and original iron Buermann style bit. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 106

LOT - 1309

LOT - 1310

1310 - STUNNING 1/2 SCALE MARIO HANEL SAMPLE SADDLE. 11”W x 20”T. Hard to find and custom made, this California half seat saddle is ready to display and is an exact copy of it’s full size brethren. High cantle with 6-1/2” tapederos. Seat is 7”, and condition is very good. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 3,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1311

1311 - MAIN AND WINCHESTER POMMEL BAGS. Highly collected pair of light colored pommel bags with finely tooled flaps, single action holster and finished off by the Holy Grail of maker marks. (Very Good). 2,500 - 3,500

LOT - 1312


1312 - WHITE ANGORA CHAPS. Super clean pair of unmarked sought after white chaps with bright curly hair, and wide basket stamped belt, showing nearly unused condition. (Very Good). 1,800 - 2,500 1313 - MAIN AND WINCHESTER SLIM JIM AND MONEY BELT. Highly desired early flower tooled 7-1/2” shaped slim Jim single loop holster for a Colt single action, completed by its wide 45 caliber money belt. Both nicely maker’s marked and displaying a rich russet color. (Very Good). 6,000 - 8,000

LOT - 1313 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1315

LOT - 1314

LOT - 1316 1314 - EARLY SLICK FORK SADDLE AND STAND. Striking early saddle, unusually small with a 13-1/2” seat, Sam Stagg rigged slick fork front end, nice apple horn, radical 4” tall cantle, and covered stirrups. Fully stamped with a unique pattern, showing gorgeous light color and original saddle strings. Completed by a very attractive period saddle stand. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1315 - HAMLEY RIDING SKIRT. Great looking all leather skirt with nice size, decorative pockets and fringe, light rich color and from a highly collected maker. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1316 - EARLY MEXICAN SOMBRERO WITH UNUSUAL COLOR. 20-1/2”. Circa 1900-1910, this stunning sombrero displays an unusual dusty purple-gray color. 9” crown, 6” brim, and gold bullion thread vine pattern adornments. Leather sweatband maker-stamped Gran Sombrreria /Tardan. Includes braided natural horsehair hatband with ornate sterling silver cut-out rooster buckle. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 1317 - GRAN PREMIO PRESENTATION MEXICAN SOMBRERO. 18-3/4”W. Circa 1920’s, stunning presentation sombrero made by Tardan of Mexico City. Hat is heavily adorned with gold brocade and bullion thread with the initials of the owner who ordered it on the RH side of the crown. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,500 108

LOT - 1317

LOT - 1318 1318 - FANCY ROPING SADDLE. 28”L x 24”W x 56-1/2”T. This ornate saddle has sharp floral tooling, silver diamond shaped accents throughout, and the saddle horn has an engraved silver plaque that reads “M.A.B.”. Also included are several pieces of horse tack. The saddle does not include a stand. (Very Good). 2,000 - 5,000 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1319

LOT - 1320 1319 - LOT OF 3: NATIVE AMERICAN THEMED LUMINAIRE & OFFERING BOWL SET. Largest: 6”L x 6”W x 17”T. Lot consists of: 2 - Spelter luminaires, painted gold with some paint loss. Each side depicts a Native American portrait below a cutout background cliff side scene in front of finely grooved reverse painted glass. 1 - Offering Bowl. Spelter base, tin bowl. Painted gold with some areas of paint loss. 9-1/2”L x 14-1/2”W x 10”T. (Good). 700 - 2,000

LOT - 1321

1320 - RARE BUFFALO BILL SILK WITH FULL COLOR IMAGE. Framed: 18 -1/4” x 18 -1/4”. We have seen a couple of similar silk handkerchiefs done in this style, but not this exact example. They were very fragile and obviously few have survived. The silk screen image of Buffalo Bill measures 11” x 7”. Some red had bled into the white background. Two seams are done in white silk with Indian symbols. There are no visible holes or tears. Measures 17-1/2” square. Framed in a cheap metal frame simply for preservation. A beautiful piece rarely seen from the turn of the century. (Very Good). 700 - 1,000 1321 - EARLY LITHOGRAPH OF THE ANTAMOK GOLD MINE. 1-1/4”L x 41-3/4”W x 28-1/2”T. This lithograph on paper depicts a photograph from Antamok Gold Mine in the Philippines which the Benguet Corporation opened in 1903. Behind glass in a wood frame with cardboard backing. Frame shows some wear. (Good - Very Good). 500 - 1,500 1322 - LAKOTA SIOUX OIL PAINTING. 46” W x 32” H. Showing a Native American man in a canoe with one arm in the air. Signed Ce Ska Hayes and titled “Hinhanna Cekiyapi.” Housed in a wood frame. The painting itself shows some age. (Very Good). 400 - 800

LOT - 1322 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1323

LOT - 1324

LOT - 1325

LOT - 1326

1323 - VINTAGE PALOMINO HORSE PAINTING. 1/4”L x 36”W x 30”T. Lovely vintage painting of a Palomino horse profile with a mountain backdrop. Horse is wearing a California style western saddle with silver bit, studded bridle and reins. Painting is acrylic on wood and signed by the artist, John Garth in 1948. There is some slight damage in the lower corners. (Very Good). 400 - 800 1324 - OIL PAINTING OF CHIEF SHOT-IN-THE-EYE, LITTLE BIGHORN BATTLE SURVIVOR. 32 -1/2” x 38”. Large, framed oil painting of Chief Shot-in-the-Eye, rendered off of a Rinehart 1899 image of the famous chief. Shotin-the-Eye was an Oglala Sioux who fought in the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. During the battle he was wounded resulting in the loss of his left eye. (Excellent). 600 - 800

LOT - 1327 1326 - SCARCE 101 RANCH REAL WILD WEST SILK. 26” x 26”. Measures 23x23. This rare silk features Indian blanket type border with vignettes of cowboys, buffalo, Indians, oxen, and is entitled 101 Real Wild West. Image of the owners of the ranch, Colonel Zack T. Miller and Jack Hoxie, are featured in the center. This is a muted four color scarf or handkerchief in near mint condition with a couple of minor age spots barely worth mentioning. Unusual, never seen souvenir. (Near Mint). 400 - 600 1327 - COLONEL W.F. CODY LARGE TOBACCO SILK IN MULTICOLOR. Framed: 13 -1/4” x 11 -1/4”. This is the type of silk screen silk that was offered in tobacco packages in the late 1800’s, most notably the Allen & Gitner. This is in beautiful condition with brilliant colors, no fading or tears. Mounted on a cabinet style back with a period frame. Needs re-backing. (Excellent). 400 - 600

1325 - WOODEN KACHINA SCULPTURE. 5”L x 14”W x 30”T. Kachina figures were the embodiment of a variety of aspects of the spiritual and natural world. The painted wood on this one is reminiscent of Hopi figures. The only thing we can say for sure is that it is female but the stylized halo around the head is often tied to the Sun. (Very Good). 500 - 1,000 110 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1328

LOT - 1329 LOT - 1330

LOT - 1331

1328 - (A) LOT OF 6: POWDER HORNS AND PLAINS RIFLE. Gun: 51”L. Lot consists of: A) Five miscellaneous powder horns of various sizes and condition. Largest, 11-1/2”L. B) Percussion half stock plains rifle approximately .48 cal. Cracked at the wrist with an old repair. 51”L. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Good). 400 - 600 1329 - SCHEFFIELD BOWIE KNIFE. Nicely presenting stag handled bowie knife with long 8” clip point blade marked “Wade & Butcher” and “XCD”, with well fitting nickel trimmed leather sheath, and accompanying 32 caliber cartridge belt. (Very Good). 700 - 1,000

1330 - LOT OF 3: EARLY FRONTIER KNIVES. Largest: 11-1/2”L. Lot consists of: Three early handmade frontier knives. Two have handles fashioned of wood, one is made of antler. Two blades show evidence of being recycled files or rasps. Collection tag reads that one was collected from the Last Chance Store along the Santa Fe Trail in Council Grove, Kansas. Knives measure 11 -1/2”, 10”, and 7 -1/2” in total length. The smallest knife has loose blade. (Good). 400 - 600 1331 - (A) INDIAN USED REMINGTON RIFLE. 48”L. SN NSN. Remington rolling block .45-70 cal. military full-stock with rolling block mechanism. Classic Indian used rifle showing great patina, age, and pommel wear commensurate with hard frontier use, and being carried across a saddle. Multiple Indian society marks to include three different styles of crosses, some stippled, some carved on the butt and wrist. Bore is dark and rifle is in relic condition. (Good). 1,500 - 2,500 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1332

LOT - 1333

LOT - 1334

LOT - 1335

LOT - 1336 1332 - MOVIE PROP 1860 COLT BREVETTE REVOLVER. Interesting 1860 Army Colt copy revolver with 3300 range serial number, having a great overall appearance with dark patinaed metal and brass, nicely fitting walnut grips, and US marking on the side of the frame. Along with a Frontier style studded holster. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 1333 - US OFFICERS ITEMS. 3-3/4”T x 8-1/4” x 4-1/2”. Collection of Indian Wars period items, in 2 minty Ridabock and Co. NY Japaned tin cases, a 1872 belt, plate, sword hanger and knot, with later gold bullion knots. From prominent collection, and in fine condition. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 1334 - LOT OF 2: SILVER & TURQUOISE CUFF BRACELETS. 2-1/4”L x 2-1/2”W x 2”T. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with 3 polished stones of turquoise. Beautiful design. 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with 8 polished turquoise stones surrounding a central square stone. Cuff has nice rope and other detailing. (Excellent). 400 - 800 112

1335 - LOT OF 2: SILVER CUFF BRACELETS. 2-1/4”L x 2-3/4”W x 1”T. This Lot of 2 consists of: 1 - This silver cuff bracelet has 3 polished turquoise stones, set in silver bezels with rope details and feathers. The reverse is stamped “NHMSS”. 1 - A Navajo, Gilbert Adeky silver cuff bracelet with 2 turquoise stones mounted with saw tooth bezels that are flanked by coral stones and silver feathers. The reverse is stamped “G. ADEKY / STERLING”. (Excellent). 400 - 800 1336 - LOT OF 3: SILVER CUFF BRACELETS. Largest: 2-1/4”L x 3”W x 1-1/2”T. Lot consists of: 1 - Navajo silver cuff bracelet with seven rectangular turquoise stones mounted in saw tooth bezels. The reverse is engraved with the Justin Morris hallmark. 1 - Triple flower turquoise cuff bracelet, silver, 11-stones set in saw tooth bezels make up each “flower” arrangement, 33 stones in total. No artist hallmarks on reverse. 1 - Silver cuff bracelet with three rows of polished turquoise that add up to 38 stones set in saw tooth bezels. The reverse is simply stamped “STERLING”. (Very Good - Excellent). 400 - 800 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1337

LOT - 1338

LOT - 1340

LOT - 1339

LOT - 1341

1337 - LOT OF 3: SILVER JEWELRY. Largest: 1-3/4”L x 2-1/4”W x 1-3/4”T. Lot consists of: 1 - Silver, wide cuff bracelet with inlaid Native American patterns with turquoise and coral. Unknown pictograph hallmark on reverse. 1 - Silver ring, one turquoise stone and one coral stone set in saw tooth bezels. Hallmark on reverse is an engraved “V” with a bar underneath. 1 - Silver cuff bracelet. Low relief Southwestern motif. Reverse is stamped with Floyd Becenti Jr.’s 1st hallmark. (Very Good - Excellent). 400 - 800 1338 - LOT OF 2: GOLD QUARTZ NUGGET PINS. Both pins are in excellent condition. The pin with the larger nugget has a small diamond and does not test for gold but it does test for diamond. The smaller nugget tests for gold and weighs 2.2 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800 1339 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ FAN STICK PIN. This beautiful 14k gold pin has four quartz panels in the fan shape. 2.4 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800 1340 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ PIN. Beautiful 14k gold pin has four black and white gold quartz panels forming a circle and set in an intricate design. 4.6 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800 1341 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ BATTLE AX PIN. This pin has a beautiful design of four panels of gold quartz set to form the ax head and handle. 4.5 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800 1342 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ PIN. This nice 14k gold stick pin has a twisted shaft and small square gold quartz panel. 2.0 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800 LOT - 1342 | April 12, 2019


1343 - 22K GOLD NUGGET BRACELET. This nice, detailed bracelet is in excellent condition. Initialed “CG” on the back of the clasp. Made of 22+k gold, and weighs 10.4 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800

LOT - 1343

1344 - 18K GOLD CHAIN WITH GOLD QUARTZ CHARM & NUGGETS. Bracelet is marked “18k Made In Carson Mendham”. Weighs 11.4 DWT. (Excellent). 400 - 800

LOT - 1344

LOT - 1345

1345 - LOT OF 2: NATIONAL BREWING CO. SAN FRANCISCO. Largest: 1-1/4”L x 22”W x 18”T. Lot consists of 1- C. 1900 illustration by H.W. Hanson depicting cowboys roping a bear promoting this widely collected product. Paper litho under glass presented in a period oak frame. It doesn’t get much better than Hanson, western beer, and cowboys. Excellent original condition.; 1- C. 1900 illustration by H.W. Hanson depicting pioneer miners in the Sierras promoting this widely collected product. Paper litho under glass presented in a period oak frame. A Hanson illustration with Sierra miners promoting a San Francisco beer. Excellent original condition. (Very Good). 600 - 1,200 1346 - CIBILS FLUID BEEF EXTRACT WESTERN ADVERTISING SCULPTURE. Framed: 25 - 3/4” x 39 - 3/4” x 12”. Three dimensional plaster advertisement for Cibils Fluid Beef Xtract, E.D. Lowe, Boston. Reads “Rio De La Plata Valley” along the top right and shows a man on horseback attempting to catch a bull. With some wear throughout, housed in a wood frame. (Good). 500 - 2,000

LOT - 1346 114 | April 12, 2019

1347 - ORNATE OAK DISPLAY SHOWCASE. 45” x 51-1/2” x 19-1/2”. Lighted floor model cabinet with a rich velvet interior. The wood is decoratively carved with scrolling accents of vines, leaves, and bunches of grapes. The legs have wheels attached for ease of movement and display. Wood is in very nice condition with little wear and a nice finish throughout. Glass on all sides is beveled and free from cracks with the mirror on the back side being in excellent condition as well. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Excellent). 500 - 1,500

LOT - 1347

LOT - 1348

LOT - 1350

1348 - EXCELSIOR SHOW CASE WORKS LIGHTED DISPLAY CASE ON STAND. A nice curved front, single tower, wood and glass display showcase with an H.C. Wills & Co. layout lining the interior. The case rests on top of a separate four-legged stand. The case opens from the rear with two mirrored doors. Front manufacturer’s plaque reads “Excelsior Show Case Works Quincy - ILL. Branches St. Louis & Chicago.” The wood of the case shows some wear to the finish with all glass intact and free from cracks. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 500 - 2,000 LOT - 1349 1349 - EXCELSIOR SHOW CASE WORKS LIGHTED DISPLAY CASE AND STAND. A nice curved front, single tower, wood and glass display showcase with a woven blanket lining the interior. The case rests on top of a separate four-legged stand. The case opens from the rear with two mirrored doors. Front manufacturer’s plaque reads “Excelsior Show Case Works Quincy - ILL. Branches St. Louis & Chicago.” The wood of the case shows very minor wear to the finish with all glass intact and free from cracks. The front curved piece is a plexiglass replacement. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 500 - 2,000 1350 - LOT OF 2: STONE WAR CLUBS. 24”L. Lot consists of: Two Plains Indian stone headed war clubs with rawhide wrapped handles. One is painted red overall. (Good). 500 - 700 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1352

LOT - 1353

LOT - 1351 LOT - 1354


1351 - ANTIQUE TOTEM POLE. 38”T. Old Alaskan carved wooden totem pole section, showing great old period paint, with old initials carved into the base, in very good condition. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1352 - SIOUX BEADED BELT. 3-3/4” x 34”. Circa 1900-1920’s beaded belt with attractive design that includes apple greens and cobalt blues. (Very Good). 500 - 800


1353 - LOT OF 2: BEADED CHEYENNE MOCCASINS. Larger: 11”L. Circa 1890’s and sinew sewn. Larger pair is 11” long, and the smaller pair is 10”. (Very Good). 450 - 650 1354 - BANNOCK BEADED RIFLE SCABBARD. 35”L. Circa 1920’s, buckskin construction with fringe. Beaded opening and muzzle executed with large pony beads in white, light, and dark blue designs. Opening end has a 12” dark blue trade cloth adornment with two fringed and beaded ends. Fits a Winchester carbine. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1356A

LOT - 1355

LOT - 1356

LOT - 1357

1355 - PLAINS INDIAN HAIR ROACH. 7”L. Circa 1875-1885, made of porcupine guard hair, cordedge and red dye. Very nice classic shape and condition. Green collection. (Excellent). 300 - 500 1356 - NATIVE AMERICAN BOW AND ARROWS. Bow: 55”L. Northern California bow and five arrows with flaked flint and obsidian tips. Showing nice patina. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1356A - CHEYENNE INDIAN MOCCASINS. 10-1/2”L. Circa 1880, sinew sewn on buffalo hide moccasins. Classic Cheyenne beaded patterns executed in greasy yellow, white centered reds, black, and periwinkle blue on a white field. Moccasins are somewhat stiff overall with rawhide soles are intact with no holes. (Good). 500 - 1,000 1357 - SIOUX BEADED MOCCASINS. 11”L x 4”W. Circa 1885, sinew sewn on buffalo hide. Beadwork is executed in geometric patterns of pea green, red, and dark blue against a white field. Cuffs are edged in mustard colored muslin. (Very Good). 600 - 800

LOT - 1358

1358 - BEADED GAUNTLETS. Appealing Plains Indian gauntlets, beaded on hide with an interesting pattern of tiny seed beads that include pinks and greasy yellows, and fringed cuffs. (Very Good). 600 - 800 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1360

LOT - 1359

LOT - 1362

LOT - 1361 1359 - IROQUOIS BEADED HAT (MOHAWK) 1850-1860. 11”L x 6 -1/4”W. Northeast beaded cloth glengarry cap. Circa mid 19th century. Partially beaded with foliate designs. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1360 - BEADED ABENAKI OR MICMAC CLOTH BAG. 5-1/2” x 5-1/2”. Circa 1880’s-1900, black cloth “U” shaped bag with tri-lobed flap. Features central beaded design of flower with leaves extending to sides. Beadwork is very artistically executed with fine, small beads in white, pink, light green, white centered rose, and light blue. Some period wear to the top edge. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 1361 - LOT OF 6: PLATEAU AND NORTHERN PLAINS BEADWORK ITEMS. Lot consists of: A) Circa 1890, pair of Plains moccasins measuring 10” long by 3-1/2”wide. B) Circa 1890-1900, Nez Perce beaded pouch with star. C) Circa 1880’s, miniature Sioux quilled and beaded knife case. D) Circa 1920, pair of beaded Plateau gauntlets. E) Beaded strip. F) Unknown beaded wood carved stick, possibly a pipe tamper. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 800 - 1,000 1362 - SIOUX INDIAN DOLL WITH VELVET DRESS. 10-1/4”L. Circa 1890, female doll with buckskin head, beaded eyes, mouth, moccasins, and a necklace of rows of white beads and spacers simulating a woman’s hair pipe breastplate. Dark blue velvet dress with spaced white beads across breast, finished with red ribbon on sleeve ends and yellow and red tape ribbon across bottom. (Good). 600 - 800 118

LOT - 1363 1363 - CROW STICK GAME SET. 13”. Circa 1880’s, Plains Indian stick game of counting sticks wrapped in cloth with attached tie. There are nine stick darts with one stick missing. Five sticks with traces of red pigment, four with remnants of green pigment. Ends of sticks are fletched. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 | April 12, 2019

1364 - LOT OF 4: NATIVE AMERICAN ITEMS. Largest: 24” Dia x 5”W. Lot consists of 1 - Sioux pemmican pounder measuring 12” long and made from a rawhide covered stone; 1 - Apache slug shot club measuring 16” long and made from painted rawhide; 1 - large drum measuring 24” diameter and 5” thick with beater. (Very Good). 600 - 1,000 1365 - CROW INDIAN BUCKSKIN DOLL WITH CLOTH DRESS. 13-1/2”T. Circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s, female buckskin doll with yarn hair and beaded eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Earrings of looped strands of white, red, and light blue beads. Red trade cloth dress with scattered decoration of white beads across top and sleeves. Buckskin belt with metal discs attached. Buckskin beaded leggings and moccasins. (Excellent). 600 - 800

LOT - 1364

LOT - 1365

LOT - 1366

LOT - 1368 1366 - CROW INDIAN FEMALE DOLL. 5-1/2”L x 3-1/2”W. Circa 1890-1900. Female cloth doll with Indian tanned buckskin head, beaded eyes and mouth. Adorned with earrings of looped light blue beads, necklace of dark blue and white beads on a dark blue and red cloth dress with beaded moccasins. (Excellent). 600 - 800

LOT - 1367

1367 - LOT OF 3: PLAINS INDIAN MINIATURES. Largest: 4-1/2”. Lot consists of: A) Pair of Plateau Indian tanned painted and beaded moccasins, 4” long. B) Plains Indian painted drum 4-1/2” wide. C) Hidatsa Indian tanned hide knife case with porcupine quills, glass beads, and tin cones, 4-1/2” x 1-1/2”. (Very Good). 600 - 900 1368 - LOT OF 2: NATIVE AMERICAN PORCELAIN ART PLATES. 13” Dia. A pair of nicely done early porcelain chargers, with Indian motifs, and marked on back “Haynes”. (Excellent). 300 - 800 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1369

LOT - 1370

LOT - 1371

LOT - 1372

1369 - HISTORIC FRAMED BUFFALO BILL LETTER DISCUSSING CUSTER BATTLE WEAPONS. Framed: 15” x 13-1/2”. Very historic letter with great Custer related content. Cody writes on letterhead from the Hoffman House, Madison Square, New York in his own hand: “June 16th E.I. Jones ---In reply to yours of 12th... Will state that General Custers troops were armed with Springfield Carbines a single shooting gun not Winchester rifles...W.F. Cody.” As far as we can find, it is the only correspondence that has Cody discussing the weapons used at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.The letter is 8 -1/4” x 5” along with an original 4-1/2” x 8” engraving of Cody. Handsomely framed and matted to 15” x 13-1/2”. Ink is clear and sharp. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 1,500 - 3,000

1371 - RARE ORIGINAL STUDIO OVERSIZED CABINET PHOTO OF THE ENTIRE BUFFALO BILL WILD WEST ENSEMBLE. Framed: 17” x 14”. From the studio of Jas. E. Hunt came this stunning 8-1/2” x 11” image on its original mount. Features over 100 personalities dressed as those who performed in his Wild West Show to include Buffalo Bill’s band, American soldiers, foreign soldiers, Indians, businessmen, Vaqueros, et all. Buffalo Bill is standing front and center behind a small table. On the table is the silver coffee and tea service set presented to him by a member of the British Royal Family. It is a fantastic entourage especially when viewed with a magnifying glass. Condition is near mint, beautifully framed and matted. (Excellent). 900 - 1,400

1370 - LOT OF 122: COLLECTION OF BUFFALO BILL WEEKLY MAGAZINES. Each: 8-1/2” x 11”. Lot consists of: 122 Buffalo Bill Weekly Magazines dated 1913 to 1916. Very attractive colored litho covers. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200


1372 - EARLY BUFFALO BILL CABINET CARD. 4-1/8”W x 6-3/8”T. Nice image of Buffalo Bill holding a Winchester 1873 deluxe rifle, showing great age, marked on back “Anderson NY”. Shows Buffalo Bill standing with one arm on his hip and a rifle in the other. Front of photograph is marked “Hon. W. F. Cody. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West”. Back of photograph is marked “Anderson Photographer. 786 Broadway, cor. of 10th New York”. Photo is fixed to a card showing edge wear. (Very Good). 500 - 800 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1373

1373 - 1881 DOC HOLLIDAY AND MORGAN EARP “PICNIC” TINTYPE PHOTOGRAPH. Tintype: 3-1/2” x 5”. Eye appealing early tintype, showing Doc Holliday and Morgan Earp with family and a group of people, with good clarity and uncommon large size. The upper right of the photograph’s back side is very faintly marked 4/24/81, which, if not added at a later date by coincidence would give cause for the pictured gathering being as April 24th was Morgan Earp’s birthday. Accompanied by a stamped advertising envelope marked “Erwin Baer Photographer Prescott, AZ” in which the photo was found and an early page of the Sacramento Weekly Bee offering an account of the gunfight at O.K. Corral on October 26, 1881, the page itself dated three days later. Also included is a copy of forensic facial analysis done by Kent Gibson in 2018. Facial recognition strongly supports the likelihood that the picture does indeed show John Henry “Doc” Holliday, his common law wife Kate Horony, aka Big Nose Kate, and Morgan Earp. We believe Morgan’s wife, Louisa Earp, is also in the image. Although not mentioned in the forensic report the likelihood that she is sitting behind her husband in the photograph is very strong, given the identities of the other three people in the image. Other documented images of Louisa Earp, bear an almost exact resemblance to the woman in question. This is likely the only group image that Doc Holliday ever sat for that has been authenticated. This is also most likely one of his last photographs taken in adulthood before he died in 1887. At this stage in his life he was beginning to show the advanced stages of tuberculosis. Therefore, Doc would look markedly different in this image from his few documented younger photos. Doc’s tuberculosis started after he graduated from dental school in his early 20’s. As he progressed in age, until the end of his life at 36, his physical Louisa Earp appearance changed drastically. He lost most of his hair, became increasingly grey, gaunt and sallow in appearance, and looks in this photograph nothing like his early images of a robust dark and strong man. We believe the piece to Big Nose Kate Morgan Earp be authentic based on evidence provided by the consignor. (Very Good). 10,000 - 15,000 Doc Holliday | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1374

LOT - 1375

1374 - ALAMEDA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 1870’S LAND DEED LEDGER WITH SIX TRANSACTIONS OF LAND TO JOHN COFFEE HAYS - 1ST CAPTAIN OF THE TEXAS RANGERS. 12-1/2” x 8-1/2”. This book is entitled “Land on Broadway Street and San Jose Avenue, City of Alameda, County of Alameda, State of California” with a stamp by the agent. There are two interesting facets: there are 12 one to three page entries dealing with land purchases and sales by John Coffee Hays and/or his wife, Susan. John Coffee Hays is best remembered as the Captain of the Texas Rangers from 1836 to 1848. This put him in Texas, in charge of the Texas Rangers, at the time of Texas independence, the Goliad Massacre, The Battle of San Jacinto and the most remembered, the defeat of the Alamo; all in 1836. He remained captain through the Mexican-American War in which California was absorbed into the United States as part of the treaty. He became an Indian Agent in 1849 through the territories of New Mexico and Arizona. Upon retiring he moved to California, where he spent the last 20+ years of his lives. He married Susan Calvert in 1847 and between then, did a great deal of land trading in the 1860’s and 1870’s. One of the more interesting aspects of this book is the dispersion of the famous Rancho San Antonio; 16,000 acres rented to Luis Peralta, for his valiant service in the Mexican Army, and the land was granted to him in 1820 by the last Spanish Governor of California. He eventually divided this land between his four sons but problems resulted when California became part of the United states after the 1848 war with Mexico; the sons continued to live there and a large hacienda built by one of the sons in 1870 is still there. By the time the last son died, they had lost all but 23 acres of the original land grant. You can still visit the hacienda today. There is legal paperwork at the beginning of this book which details the dispersment of this land, beginning in 1820 to the 1874 LOT - 1376 LOT - 1377 court challenge United States of America to Antonio Peralta by President U.S. Grant recorded September 15th, 1874. Nine pages to tracing the various court cases detailing the United States raping of the Rancho San Antonio. This is some interesting book dealing with the early post-Mexican-American War land deals. If you are interested in California history, you will love this book as this history unfolds before you in a contemporary to the time perspective. (Good - Very Good). 400 - 800 1375 - BUERMAN ENGRAVED SPURS. Mint condition large Star Steel Silver spurs, nicely maker marked, detail engraved leaves on tapered heel bands, and showing long chap guard shanks with multi-point rowels. (Very Good). 350 - 550 1376 - LOT OF 4: EQUESTRIAN ITEMS. Lot consists of various riding equipment including 1 -Bridle with silver mounted spade bit.; 1 - vintage cinch; 1 - Deerlodge prison style horsehair martingale with interesting Indian glass rosette; 1 - South American leather and rawhide braided quirt. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Good - Very Good). 300 - 600 1377 - DEER LODGE PRISON MADE HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, very finely executed in blue, purple, black and pink with an uncommon green primary background color. Split reins with orange stripes and hitched horsehair covered glass rosettes. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 122 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1378

LOT - 1379

LOT - 1380

1378 - ANTIQUE DEER LODGE PRISON HITCHED HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, unusual orange primary color with natural and black geometric details highlight this quality prison made bridle. Retains orange and black horsehair covered glass rosettes to the sides with port bit. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 1,200 - 1,500 1379 - ANTIQUE YUMA PRISON MADE BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, with superbly executed needle knot rosettes and knotted tassels. Stunning unusual palette of colors: pea green, orange, red brown, dark brown, burgundy, black, with tri-color tassels. Retains original silver inlaid Mexican bit. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 1,200 - 1,500 1380 - PRISON MADE HORSE HAIR BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, beautifully executed Deer Lodge bridle with glass rosettes covered in hitched horsehair. Colors include, black, graduated red to pink, turquoise and yellow with multi-colored tassels. Retains original kissing bird style half breed bit. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 1,000 - 1,500 1381 - RAWLINS PRISON HORSEHAIR BRIDLE. Circa 1920’s, impressively executed hitched horsehair and braided kangaroo Wyoming prison bridle with geometric diamond patterns on a black background. Colors include: orange, purple, pink, green, red, and brown with cream and pink tassels. Nickel and glass rosettes on the browband feature inset antlered stags. Nickel and glass saddle and horseshoe rosettes on the noseband, celluloid ring, with original prison made silver inlaid bit with arrow design. (Excellent). 800 - 1,500 1382 - QUALEY MARKED VISALIA BIT. Interesting Monel maker marked Visalia Humane pattern port mouth bit, exhibiting large scalloped conchos, nickel rein chains, and desirably marked with the Qualey Bro’s brand inside the cheek. (Very Good). 300 - 600

LOT - 1381 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1382 123

LOT - 1385

LOT - 1386

LOT - 1383

LOT - 1384

1383 - RAWHIDE BRAIDED BRIDLE AND SNAKE BIT. Beautifully braided vintage two-tone rawhide bridle with multiple decorative knots and horsehair tufts, with long romel reins, all focusing on a large silver inlaid figural snake bit, with half breed style mouthpiece and Vogt maker’s mark. Accompanied by a pair of matching nicely made braided hobbles. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 1384 - SILVER MOUNTED MARTINGALE. Attractive martingale made to go with a show saddle, with ferruled tops, and chest plate covered in three dimensional graduated flower petal conchos. Showing good condition, with wear and age. (Very Good). 300 - 600

LOT - 1387

1385 - EARLY IRON RING BIT. Exceptional early ring bit, made with an unusually heavy design, tall half breed mouthpiece and original ring. (Very Good). 250 - 450 1386 - PAIR OF U.S. MILITARY 1859 BITS. Two clean 1859 bits, 1.) marked C&W, having crisp brass medallions and a rare exaggerated tall port mouthpiece. 2.) marked W&Co., showing nicely patinaed medallions, and standard port mouth. (Very Good). 250 - 450 1387 - PAIR OF U.S. MILITARY SHOEMAKER BITS. Two untouched and nicely original “S” shank bits with brass “US” buttons and intact lip bars. (Very Good). 250 - 450 1388 - EL GATO EAGLE STIRRUPS. An eye catching pair of figural cut-out iron stirrups with beautifully engraved silver standing eagles. (Very Good). 800 - 1,200 124 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1388

LOT - 1389

LOT - 1390

LOT - 1391

1389 - QUALEY BRO’S BIT. Highly desired iron globe bit with nicely engraved silver cheeks and classic flattened port mouthpiece. (Very Good). 800 - 1,400 1390 - WHITMAN CONFEDERATE BIT. Extra clean Confederate iron bit with full nickel finish, exhibiting great condition, rings and port mouthpiece. (Very Good). 400 - 700 1391 - 1925 TOM MIX WORLD SERIES RODEO CHAMPION LEATHER BRONC BELT WITH LARGE SILVER AWARD PLAQUE. 12-1/2” Dia. (Belted). Tom Mix was known as the “King of the Cowboys”. He appeared in over 160 motion pictures between 1909 and 1935; performed rodeo stunts with Sells Floto Circus between 1929 and 1931; Ralston Purina sponsored the Tom Mix Radio Show beginning in 1933. He is mostly known to today’s younger generation as a pall bearer at the funeral of Wyatt Earp. Besides being a movie star, he was always a top hand around horses. Rodeos featured a comeback in 1922 when Tex Austin created Madison Square Garden Rodeo in 1922; it immediately became the premier event. This Bronc Busting belt was awarded to Tom Mix, which features a silver oval 4” x 5-1/2” plaque that is engraved “WORLDS CHAMPION BEST ALL AROUND COWBOY TOM MIX WORLD SERIES RODEO 1925 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN”. It is attached to the belt with four silver rivets. The heavy russet belt measures 7” wide at the back, is border tooled with the Indian sign for good luck and rosettes. It has three belt buckles on front and is in excellent condition with all straps intact. (Very Good). 1,000 - 2,000

LOT - 1392 1392 - LOT OF 12: WESTERN HOLSTERS AND CARTRIDGE BELT AND F.A. MEANEA COWBOY CUFFS. Various. Lot consists of: A) Variety of various holsters and belt combos in classic western styles and patterns. Circa 1900-1940. B) F.A. MEANEA CHEYENNE marked leather cowboy wrist cuffs (6-1/2” x 4-1/4”). From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,000 - 1,200 1393 - R.T. FRAZIER MONEY BELT AND DOUBLE HOLSTER RIG 38”L. Circa 1900, well marked money/cartridge belt with dual matching floral stamped double looped holsters. Marked “R.T. FRAZIER / PUEBLO-COLO.” The belt has the oval mark on the billet and the holster is marked with the circular mark on the bottom loop. Holsters appear to fit a Colt revolver with a 7” barrel. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 2,000 - 3,000

LOT - 1393 | April 12, 2019


1394 - HEAVILY EMBROIDERED 1900’S SOMBRERO 30”W x 7”T. Circa 1910, this high quality beige felt sombrero is lavishly embellished with elaborate, heavy gold bullion thread and sequined floral motif. Retains an original six-strand woven hatband. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Excellent). 800 - 1,200 1395 - LOT OF 3: MEXICAN POLICE SOMBREROS. 19 -1/2”W with 7” crowns. Lot consists of: Three Mexican police sombreros with Mexican national emblem embroidered on all. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 600 - 800

LOT - 1394

1396 - JOHN WAYNE STETSON HAT. Case: 10-1/2” x 18” x 18”. Great looking Stetson hat that is in a classic John Wayne shape, marked “Made especially for John Wayne” and “26” on the sweatband band, with a wide ribbon hatband, 5” brim, 6” crown, showing fantastic wear and age, and accompanied by a Samsonite hat box marked “26” on front. With further research this could be much more valuable. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 800 - 1,500 1397 - HAMLEY COWBOY HAT. Impressive large classic cowboy’s hat, in natural color, shaped in Montana Peak form with tall 7” crown, wide silk ribbon band, and 5” brim with bound edge. In wonderful condition, and showing a rich leather sweatband, nicely marked “Stetson” and “Hamley & Co. Pendleton”. Approximate size is 7-1/8. (Very Good). 700 - 1,000

LOT - 1395


LOT - 1396


LOT - 1397 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1398

LOT - 1399

LOT - 1400

LOT - 1401

1398 - JOHN WAYNE STETSON HAT. Box: 8-3/4” x 16-3/4”. Unusual natural colored nutria style hat, made by Stetson and sold by Nudies of Hollywood, with “Especially Made for John Wayne” on the sweat band, and in very nice condition. Accompanied by its original Stetson hat box that has a “BatJac Prod. Inc.” label on the lid. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 700 - 1,000

1400 - HARRY S. TRUMAN STETSON HAT. Case: 7” x 15” x 16”. Good looking natural colored 3X Stetson brand hat, size approximately 7 3/8, with a 3” brim and 4 1/2” crown, completed by its original Stetson travel box, monogrammed on front “H.S.T”. Showing nice wear and originality. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 500 - 800

1399 - JOHN WAYNE RESISTOL HAT. Case: 8-3/4” x 20”. Resistol marked black hat that appears to have “John Wayne” as a style on the sweatband, with a 4 1/2” brim and 5 1/2” crown, in nearly unworn condition, but is accompanied by a fantastic hat box that shows wonderful age and is marked “Batjac Prod. Inc.” and “Cahill United States Marshall”, which is known to be his production company. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 500 - 800

1401 - GARY COOPER STETSON HAT. Box: 7-1/4” x 14-3/4”. Natural colored Stetson hat with 3” brim and 5” crown, sold by Bohlin Saddlery of Hollywood, marked on sweatband “Made Especially for Gary Cooper”. In original hat box and showing great age and wear. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 250 - 450 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1402

LOT - 1403

1402 - WOODEN HAT MOLD. An interesting old two-piece hat mold, made of solid wood, with a piece for the crown and a piece for the brim. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1403 - MEXICAN GUN RIG. Nice turn of the Century leather gun rig, double action left handed holster profusely stitched with pintado cactus thread design, and 38 caliber cartridge belt with clip corner buckle. (Very Good). 300 - 500

LOT - 1404

1404 - STUDDED BRONC BELT. 6” x 34”. Nicely presenting scalloped belt with great design of applied leather and studs. In very nice condition. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1405 - TWO PAIRS OF COWBOY CUFFS. Long Clark marked cuffs with full basket stamp design, along with a pair of unmarked cuffs with great scalloped edge and stylish tooling pattern. Both showing rich color and patina with great condition. (Very Good). 200 - 400

LOT - 1405

1406 - EARLY HORSEHAIR HATBAND. Desirable braided horsehair hatband, using three natural colors, with decoratively tasseled ends and accented by fantastic sterling silver hearts and star medallion. (Very Good). 200 - 400 1407 - DEERLODGE HORSEHAIR QUIRT. Attractive vintage Deerlodge, Montana Penitentiary made quirt with two-tone braided leather handle and braided horsehair tassels. (Very Good). 250 - 450


LOT - 1406 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1407

1408 - LOT OF 2: RARE BUFFALO BILL SOUVENIR PENNANTS WITH CANES. Largest: 34 -1/2” x 29”. The first pennant, which is rarely seen, is from the short-lived joint venture of Buffalo Bill combined with the Miller Bros. 101 Ranch. The pennant measures 29-1/2” and is two pieces of felt seamed together. Left side is green and right side appears now as a light pink but may have been bright red when manufactured. It has the stenciled large image that is marked “WF CODY HIMSELF” and his show name on the right. White felt spine with manufacturer Tipp Novelty Co., Tippecanoe City, Ohio. Measures 10” at its widest part and still displayed with its original bamboo cane. The second pennant is a small size that measures 5” at its widest and 13” long, tied to its original bamboo cane. Stenciled “SOUVENIR BUFFALO BILL’S WILD WEST SHOW 1908”. It, too, is a pinkish-orange color. CONDITION: The Buffalo Bill has some minor crazing to the image stenciling and 2” of stitching missing on spine, but not torn. The smaller pennant simply has some fading. Neither of the tips have been cut or re-shapen. An incredibly rare pair of souvenirs from the turn of the century. (Good - Very Good). 500 - 800

LOT - 1408

1409 - LOT OF 5: ASSORTED COLLECTABLES. 18”W x 32”T. Lot consists of five interesting Indian motif porcelain items that include two jars with lids, a three dimensional Indian chief, a shaving mug, and an iron top hat with porcelain lining. Shoulders, 18”W. Arm length, 25”L. (Very Good). 2,000 - 4,000 1410 - INFAMOUS FRANK AND JESSE JAMES SAFE. 13” x 9 - 1/2” x 8”. Nicely restored top opening safe with images of Jesse James and Frank James on the lid and “Infamous” with two guns across the front. The interior is adorned with a $10000 reward poster for the James’. Showing very little wear with restoration done by Todd Perkins. (Excellent). 400 - 800 LOT - 1409 1411 - LARGE LOT OF TOM MIX PERIOD MEMORABILIA. 26-1/2”W x 16-1/2”T. Lot consists of: Item (A) Frame, hand signed letter with four action shots of Tom Mix from his silent movie days. The letter is dated February 18th, 1927 on Tom Mix letterhead and is addressed to Colonel J.C. Miller, 101 Ranch, Marlind, Oklahoma. Tom writes regarding obtaining a mounted buffalo head. The entire five pieces are framed and matted. Item (B) Framed 9” x 12” Fox movie studio Tom Mix lobby card. Item (C) Framed black and white movie still of Mix with girl on arm and another cowboy. Item (D) Real 8” x 10” photo of Mix on top of his horse. Item (E) Frame three pieces of Tom Mix advertising ephemera. Includes three early full color lithograph premiums. Item (F) Later facsimile signed by Mix on horse. Item (G) 1935 oversized 11” x 16” draw and paint book with great Mix image on cover. A few pages have been colored in. Item (H) Rope spinning brochure from 1925. Item (I) Tom Mix Circus small 8” x 10” paper poster with two early postcards. Item (J) Reproduction 10th Anniversary Western Heritage Weekend program. Item (K) Signed Tom Mix soft cover book “Ropin’ A Million”. Item (L) Miller Ranch 101 program. Item (M) Program from a picture shows starring Tom Mix, 1925. Item (N) 1993 101 Ranch First Day postal cover. Item (O) Two playing cards from the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, signed “Annie Oakley” and “Buffalo Bill”, we have not had the autographs checked out. Item (P) Pair of red and beige child’s cowboy boots stamped “TOM MIX” on bottom. Item (Q) Ralston Purina Tom Mix giveaway porcelain cereal bowl that were given away as a mail away. Item (R) Four Tom Mix Big Little books. Item (S) Five books on Tom Mix. CONDITION: Varies from very good to excellent. (Very Good - Excellent). 300 - 600

LOT - 1410

LOT - 1411 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1412

LOT - 1413

LOT - 1414

1412 - RAWLINS MADE BRIDLE WITH KANGAROO HEADSTALL. Circa 1920’s, Southwest geometric patterns superbly executed in pink, turquoise, orange, and natural on black a background. 12 natural and black tassels, a nicely braided kangaroo leather headstall, engraved silver mounted bit, along with leather backed glass stag rosettes round out the artistry of this bridle. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Very Good). 1,500 - 2,000 1413 - PENDLETON ROUND-UP POSTER. 27” x 40”. Original 1920’s Pendleton Round Up poster for the movie “The Round Up Scatch’em Cowboy”, by Jesse G Sill, 27”x 40” with great bucking horse graphics, printed by Marsh Printing Portland OR, and linen backed. (Very Good). 350 - 650 1414 - EARLY MOVIE POSTER. 29” x 41”. Brightly colored vintage movie poster entitled “The County Sheriff”, marked at bottom “National Printing Co. Chicago”. (Very Good). 300 - 600 130

LOT - 1415

LOT - 1416

1415 - EARLY WESTERN LITHOGRAPH. Large printed lithograph of Geronimo holding his rifle, based on the original photograph. Period oak framed with the image measuring 15-1/2”x 27-1/2”. (Very Good). 300 - 600 1416 - PELANSKE ETCHING. 15-1/2”W x 18-1/2”T. Nicely done black and white etching, entitled “ Lost You Ma?”. In fine condition with professional matt and frame. Image 9-1/2”x 12”. (Very Good). 300 - 600 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1417

LOT - 1418

LOT - 1420 LOT - 1421

LOT - 1419

1417 - FIGURAL MOCHILLA BLANKET. 44” x 67”. Decorative loom woven blanket with bold colors, central rolling log, and banded ends. In nice condition, with clean edges. (Very Good). 250 - 450 1418 - CHALK INDIAN BUST. 14”T. Cigar store style chalk bust of bold Indian chief with full head dress, and in nicely done patinated colors. (Very Good). 200 - 400 1419 - ANNIE OAKLEY PEN AND INK DRAWING. 12-1/2”W x 22-3/4”T. An unsigned pen and ink drawing of the famous cowgirl looking to her right while resting her hand on her pistol. This Annie Oakley drawing is set behind glass in a wooden period frame with chipping present along the edges. Circa 1905-1910. (Very Good). 150 - 350

1420 - 14K GOLD QUARTZ SHIELD-SHAPED PIN ON RIBBON. 5/8”T x 15/16”W x 1/14”D. A sleek gold pin with a gold quartz inlaid shield. Attached to a black ribbon. Engraved A.E.W. to T.W.. May have once been part of a watch fob mourning ribbon. Weighing 3.2 DWT. (Very Good). 400 - 600 1421 - ANTIQUE WELLS FARGO & CO. EXPRESS FRAMED PHOTO. Framed: 17 -1/2”” x 14 -1/2”. Sight: 9” x 8”. A stunning Wells Fargo photo, most likely taken in San Francisco. Four Victorian era gentlemen pose underneath a large, draped American flag with a hand painted centerpiece that reads: “WELCOME FIREMEN” with a likeness of a helmeted firefighter. This WF&Co. Express Office image is loaded with Wells Fargo signs. The men are flanked on either side by gold lettered WELLS, FARGO & CO’s EXPRESS MONEY PAID BY TELEGRAPH windows, small porcelain signs in each window, and a large wood sign above the entrance. Very rare to find this many signs all in one image. From the Ray Bentley Collection. (Good). 400 - 600 | April 12, 2019


LOT - 1422

LOT - 1423

LOT - 1425

1422 - LOT OF 2: FRONTIER TRADE AXE AND SMALL KNIFE. Lot consists of 1 - hand forged iron trade ax and 1 - small handmade stag handled skinning knife. From the Collection of Gary Johnson. (Very Good). 300 - 500

LOT - 1424

1423 - COLLECTION OF PEACE MEDALS. Largest: 3” Dia. Three medals that include an undrilled George Washington Friendship in fine condition, and two Millard Filmore 1-1/4” medals that are in very nice condition. (Very Good). 300 - 500 1424 - LOT OF 2: GOLD QUARTZ COIN PINS. Both pins are in excellent condition, each with a $1 gold coin. They are 22k, and weigh 3.1 DWT. (Excellent). 300 - 600 1425 - LOT OF 2: GOLD NUGGETS. Both nuggets have a nice arrangement of gold quartz. Gold tests for 18k, and the weight is 4.1 DWT, though a large part quartz. (Excellent). 300 - 500 1426 - 18K GOLD MINER’S GOLD PIN OR BROOCH. 2”W x 1”T. An intricate pin with a shovel and pickaxe crossed behind mining tools and three gold nuggets. Showing nice patina. Weighing 4.5 DWT. (Very Good). 300 - 600

132 | April 12, 2019

LOT - 1426

LOT - 1427

LOT - 1428

LOT - 1429

LOT - 1430

1427 - EARLY SWORD CANDLESTICKS. 12”T. Early pair of candlesticks, most likely Bannerman 1920’s, with great finish and shark skin wire wrap. Ricasso unmarked. (Very Good). 400 - 700 1428 - WESTERN DESKTOP CLOCK. Eye appealing mantle clock depicting a cowboy herding a group of horses, made of light metal, with 5” diameter clock, and measuring 16” in overall width. (Very Good). 350 - 450 1429 - 101 RANCH 1914 TRI-FOLD REAL PHOTO POSTCARD FRAMED WITH 4 TOKENS. Famed : 20 -1/2” x 10 -1/4”. Tri-fold post card measures 3-1/2” tall x 16-1/4” long. It is a panoramic photograph of the 101 Ranch performers during the 1914 season. Has some wear on the corners and fold, but image is crystal clear and features the band, cowboys, Indians, foreign soldiers, American soldiers and vaqueros. Three of the four tokens are for the 101 Ranch store and one appears to be a watch fob. They are all professionally framed together as one display piece. (Good - Very Good). 250 - 400 1430 - ORIGINAL PAWNEE BILL RANCH PAPER NAPKIN. Framed: 16 -1/4” x 16 - 1/4”. Talk about rare and fragile! Beginning in 1910, Gordon W. Lillie and his wide, May, opened Pawnee Bill’s Buffalo Ranch. The hungry visitors would have received this napkin along with their genuine buffalo meat sandwich. The napkin features an image of Pawnee Bill and an advertisement for the sandwich. It has the usual multiple folds and a couple of light stains, but is in remarkably good condition for a 110-year old paper napkin that was meant to be thrown away. It is matted and framed. Napkin measures 13-1/2” square. (Good). 200 - 400

LOT - 1431 1431 - EARLY 1900’S CALIFORNIA PLEIN AIRE LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Nicely executed antique plein aire oil painting of most likely a California central coast forest. Retains the original gold gilted, gesso over wood frame. Artist’s name is present but is illegible. (Excellent) 500 - 1,500 | April 12, 2019



134 | April 12, 2019


April 12, 2019 Gold Rush, Western, & Native American

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2019 April 12 Gold Rush, Western, & Native American - Las Vegas  

2019 April 12 Gold Rush, Western, & Native American - Las Vegas