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Women In Lighting Meet Up WIL Italy On 9 June, three years (and a hundred initiatives!) after the first gathering in Milan, Women in Lighting held a special networking evening at the Vess Bistrot. Hosted by WIL Italian Ambassador Giorgia Brusemini, Ogni casa è illuminata, and lighting designer Chiara Carucci, the evening event gave visitors the opportunity to enjoy drinks, catch up and mingle with their international lighting counterparts. The event welcomed a whole host of lighting representatives from across Italy and beyond; visitors included [d]arc media’s Helen Ankers and Sarah Cullen, Katia Kolovea, Content Curator and social media manager of WIL, independent designers Giacomo Rosso, Giusy Gallina, Sara Elise Sartore, Swathi Madhi, Gisella Gellini and Camila Blanco, while representatives from the likes of Metis Lighting, Studio Switch, Savetheclock, Luminostri, Lucespazio, Studioplus, Ghidini Lighting and formalighting were also in attendance. Image: Giorgia Brusemini

Image: Jonathan Hokklo, courtesy of AB Concept

The Forest of Reflection AB Concept, MBLD, L&L Luce & Light & DGA

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The Forest of Reflection takes inspiration from the changing mountain landscape of Karuizawa, Japan, the home of AB Concept’s co-founder, Ed Ng. Visitors find themselves immersed in a calming forest space depicted by abstract Calico wallpaper and the newlylaunched Tableau collection using autumn and winter themes. MBLD was brought in to support the design’s aspiration to convert nature into an interior space while maintaining the essence of the human experience. Lighting and its interplay with landscape over time was an essential part of the thought process during the creation of the installation.

Nude glass Mono pendants are clustered in the space, creating a warm sparkle effect surrounded by much cooler lit woodland imagery on translucent screens positioned within the space. Dapple protectors by L&L Luce & Light emphasise the forest experience. The Nest bar stood out as a feature creating sparkling highlights on the cocktail glasses using magnetic mini spots by DGA positioned on the bar frame itself.