Top of Michigan 2021 Annual Report

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6/10/22 3:20 PM

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dave Gerathy President, Petoskey Ric Loyd Vice President, Petoskey Margie Reh Treasurer, Indian River Brian Slater Secretary, Charlevoix Richard Bernstein Birmingham Anne Bellanger Rogers City Steve Biggs Petoskey Jim Conboy Cheboygan John Gravlin Cheboygan Andy Hayes Petoskey Christian Janssens Petoskey Luther Kurtz Charlevoix Karen Langs Petoskey Nancy Lindsay Cheboygan Tom Ling Petoskey Max Putters Petoskey Mike Sheean Boyne City

STAFF Brent Bolin Executive Director

2022 Events MAY 28, 2022

Top of Michigan Festival of Races Little Traverse Wheelway

JUNE 4, 2022

Bike Clinic and Ride Cheboygan Trailhead

JUNE 29, 2022

Annual Membership Meeting Packy Offield Trail Center

JUL 24, 2022

15th Annual Indian River Kayak Bike Biathlon Devoe Beach, Indian River

Events Still Pending: Lake 2 Lake ride, Annual Dinner, Cheboygan Trail Run

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advocate for and facilitate the development and maintenance of a safe, multi-use, year-round recreational trail system in Northern Michigan; and to promote the maintenance and use of these trails for the benefit of all.

FOLLOW US G e @topofmichigantrails Top of Michigan Trails Council Packy Offield Center 1687 M-119 Petoskey, MI 49770 231-348-8280

Becca Nelson Associate Director


Linda Slater Administrative Assistant

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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Dear Trail Supporters, I’m so happy that right now you are reading a “normal” annual report after last year’s “Pandemic Perseverance” report that covered the peak months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The incredible support from our members and the community helped us get through those long months when we had to find a new way to work. But through those hard times there was also opportunity for trails: the outdoor boom that began in the early days of lockdown continued through 2021, with our trails as busy as they have ever been. We’re trying something new with the 2022 Annual Report by including this note inside the report instead of sending a separate letter. Hopefully it cuts down on paper and puts all the information from us in one place. Top of Michigan Trails relies on your support to make our work possible, so please use the envelope in the middle of this report to make your regular contribution. With skyrocketing trail use amid ongoing ripple effects from COVID-19, your support is absolutely critical to the continued viability of TOMTC and the future of the Top of Michigan Trails Network. We’re working on projects large and small to improve the trails for you, including connections from communities to trails, phased projects like Boyne City - Charlevoix and the Burt Lake Trail, and large regional projects like the 45+ mile Nakwema Trailway. Trail projects are increasingly complex and require corresponding increases of time, expertise, and leadership from the Trails Council. We need your support to make this happen. Two years ago I joined an organization that was in a strong financial position thanks to the generosity of supporters like you and years of wise stewardship from Jeff Winegard and our Board of Directors. As you’ll see in the following pages, even in the face of the pandemic the Trails Council increased our impact while also meeting our 2020 and 2021 budget goals. Your generosity during tough times helped us weather the storm and grow our work Connecting Northern Michigan by Trail. 2021 highlights include: •

Boyne City to Charlevoix Phase 3 funding aligned, planning started for 2022 construction

Founder’s Terrace launched, a new outdoor seating and classroom space at the Packy Offield Trail Center

Completed Phase III of the Burt Lake Trail, creating 11.3 miles of continuous trail around the top of the lake

Gaylord opened a gorgeous new North Central State Trail trailhead right on Main Street downtown

Festival of Races returned Memorial Day weekend and welcomed runners to the trail after a year away

Nakwema Trailway moved a step closer to reality as the first segment went out for bid

Finalized route of Charlevoix Trailway, a long-awaited connection between the Wheelway and downtown

Pedaling with a Purpose restarted and work began for spring 2022 rides on the North Western State Trail for every 4th grader in Emmet County

Finally, the in person Annual Meeting is back! I look forward to meeting many of you on Wednesday, June 29 at 6pm on the lawn in front of the Packy Offield Trail Center. We’ll have food for all, drinks for sale, and a return appearance by the Jelly Roll Blues Band! This will also be your chance to see our awesome new outdoor gathering space. Thank you again for loving the trails and helping them love you back with your generous support! See you on the trails,


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Financials REVENUES

Unrestricted Contributions & Grants Temp. Restricted Contrib. & Grants Restricted for Founders’ Terrace Fundraisers - net of direct expenses Program service fees Other Total Revenues


Trail Projects Founders’ Terrace Trail Advocacy Management and General Fundraising Total Expenses Revenue Less Expenses* Net Cash Assets Beginning of Year Net Cash Assets End of Year





161,069 149,638 160,567 10,701 8,142 20,011 510,011

142,111 175,298 — (163) 6,687 2,980 326,913

121,719 119,711 — 22,984 14,028 4,533 282,975

119,148 144,351 — 21,682 — 297 285,478

134,011 16,120 110,833 77,340 6,933 345,237 164,891 308,075 472,966

160,434 — 91,128 57,419 6,661 315,642 11,271 296,804 308,075

165,551 — 76,466 52,378 7,471 301,866 (18,891) 315,695 296,804

121,770 — 65,907 43,936 4,759 236,589 49,106 266,589 315,695

150,000 48,870

25,000 169,052

25,000 172,647

25,000 159,642

145,047 129,049 472,966

— 114,022 308,075

— 99,157 296,804

— 131,053 315,695

NET CASH ASSETS END OF YEAR Unrestricted Designated for Contingencies Undesignated Restricted Founders’ Terrace Other

Complete financials are available on request.


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6/10/22 3:20 PM


Phase 1 was completed: 10.1 miles from the Alpena Bi-Path to the MDOT Park and Ride on M32 in Herron, which serves as a trailhead. Construction included a new bridge on the S Fork of the Thunder Bay River and a new box culvert over King Creek.


A local trail committee has completed a feasibility study for a separated, nonmotorized trail connection along M88 between Bellaire and Central Lake and is preparing for next steps.


Phase 3 got back underway in 2021 with the awarding of a Natural Resources Trust Fund grant. The 2.9 mile phase 3 will continue from the end of Phase 1 of the trail at N. Springwater Beach Road (about 2 miles north of Young State Park) and continue detached within the right-of-way on the Lake Charlevoix side of Boyne City Road through Bay Township to Pincherry Road west of Horton Bay. Groundbreaking in 2022.

crowdfunding campaign that raised $32,075 and triggered a $30,000 match from MEDC. Future plans include road shoulder connections to the NWST in Brutus and the NCST in Topinabee, along with improvements to existing trail segments.


This long awaited extension from the end of the Little Traverse Wheelway into downtown Charlevoix became closer to reality as the route was finalized and the City of Charlevoix applied for funding from MDOT. Completing this connection to the Wheelway is vital for the connectivity of the Nakwema Trailway to the Top of Michigan Trails Network so the project is being supported by an allocation of Nakwema Trailway funding.


The Gaylord Gateway Trailhead was completed, right on Main Street in downtown. With bike racks, bathrooms, parking, a pavilion, and other amenities it cements Gaylord’s status as a first class trail town.


Phase III was constructed in late 2021, marking the completion of Phases I-V totaling 11.3 miles of continuous trail from Maple Bay and Brutus Road on the west side to Mullett Burt Road on the east side of the lake. In 2020 the Burt Lake Trail Committee and TOMTC partnered with Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to close the final funding gap with a highly successful Continued on next page...


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Trail Updates Continued from previous page...


It is hard to believe that it’s been nearly two years since the slope failure on the iconic “Miracle Mile” section of the Wheelway along Resort Bluffs. During that time, the Trails Council and local partners such as Emmet County, Resort Township, the City of Petoskey, and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians have been working on multiple strategies to address the broken trail connection. Luckily, we only lost a short length of trail – the vast majority of the closed section of the Wheelway could reopen as is – but the work to stabilize the slope and plan for a changing climate makes for a challenging project. Big projects with multiple partners move at a deliberate pace, and even if there isn’t always news or updates the Trails Council and our partners are continuously working behind the scenes.

elected officials that you support restoring the Wheelway and they should too.


The Charlevoix to Traverse City trail connection became closer to reality as the first section, the Acme Connector, was put out to bid for construction in 2022. Meanwhile, a similarly vital “last mile” community connection moved forward at the other end of the Nakwema corridor as design was completed for the Charlevoix Trailway. If funding cycles align as planned the Charlevoix Trailway could go to construction in 2023.

The broken connection has created a safety issue with trail users finding their own detour on the shoulder of US 31 despite our advice to avoid the area completely. Over the past year the Trails Council and our local partners have studied options for creating a trail along US 31 that would create new connectivity and also serve as a temporary alternate route for the Wheelway. The study was completed in May 2022 and estimated the proposed alternate route would cost $6.5M before easement and acquisition costs. This price tag is right in line with projected costs to rebuild the original trail. Looking at this option was the right thing to do, but now that we know the real trail can be restored for a similar amount of money the Trails Council advocates for refocusing on repairing the bluff and rebuilding the iconic original trail. The Trails Council is working with federal and state officials to bring in financial support for rebuilding the Wheelway, and we are very hopeful that will come to fruition in 2022. We have always believed the long term future of the Wheelway is back on the bluff where it belongs. If you agree, please tell your local

The Nakwema (nah-KWAY-mah) Trailway is a generational investment in our region, our identity, our people, and our future. Nakwema — meaning “where paths connect” in Ojibwe — will provide critical nonmotorized transportation and recreation infrastructure joining Charlevoix and Traverse City – in between and beyond. The 45+ mile trail will support a broader understanding of our region by those who live here and those who visit with a new way to connect to the extraordinary towns, villages, businesses, and natural spaces that have captivated us for centuries.


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6/10/22 3:20 PM


4th Grade Educational Bike Rides in Emmet County & Charlevoix The health challenges facing our youth today are staggering. •

Childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in the last 40 years.

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in the US and it isn’t just adults any more.

There is also a growing concern over the effects of sedentary lifestyles on young people.

This is why we Pedal with a Purpose with Emmet County 4th Graders. Sadly, these three health challenges that have faced our youth over the last few decades have only multiplied the last two years due to setbacks we have experienced because of COVID-19. The challenges we all have faced since March of 2020 have been beyond what any of us ever imagined. But we saw an opportunity in that challenge. With a matching grant of $25,000 we set out to raise that amount, and through the generosity of our community and

programs like Women Who Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, we reached our goal, securing the match, with over $50,000 raised to run the program. Our goal was to re-launch our program for the 2021-22 school year, and we are happy to report, the kids are back out on the trail!


The COVID pandemic did not slow down our Safety and Maintenance Director Bill Prall and his dedicated group of volunteers, who headed out many times to clear debris, trim foliage, and conduct various maintenance tasks. We have forged strong partnerships with Emmet County, the City of Petoskey, DNR, and others to complement each other’s work along the trails. Our annual Bike Swap was retooled during the pandemic to avoid holding a large gathering. Instead, Bill repaired donated bikes and put them up for sale on our website as a Virtual Bike Swap to raise funds for the Safety and Maintenance Program. This was a big success and lots of bikes found new homes! Some lucky people even got a detailed story with their bike because of Bill’s encyclopedic knowledge of bicycle models and history.


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Out on the Trails TRAIL USER SURVEY

During summer 2021 you may have seen TOMTC staff and volunteers out along the trail conducting a Trail User Survey. In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns drove huge increases in trail use nationwide (51% on average). This trend was observed by the Trails Council across our network, so in 2021 we decided to formally collect data on trail users and see what we could find out. In 2014 the Trails Council worked with a professor and graduate students from Michigan State University’s Department of Community Sustainability to conduct a rigorous quantitative and qualitative survey of users on the Little Traverse Wheelway, North Western State Trail, and North Central State Trail. With MSU unavailable to help directly because of COVID-19 protocols, for 2021 we tried to replicate this study as much as we could on our own. Thanks to support from the Petoskey Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and Michigan DNR, we were able to hire interns to lead the field work and data analysis. What we found was amazing: across the three trails, use had more than doubled since 2014 and users reported spending about $2.2M just during their time on the trail. The total economic impact is much greater when you consider that about 1/3 of trail users paid for lodging the night before their trail trip and around 1/5 visited from their second home.

On just the Wheelway, our survey data shows 116,000 users making $1.4M in direct spending. We can also calculate at least $4.2M spent on lodging by those trail users which is triple the direct spending. Estimated spending on retail plus food and beverage is similar to lodging costs, another $4M plus. Stay tuned for a separate publication from the Trails Council covering Trail User Survey results in detail. Special thanks to our interns Sydney Boucher and Kady Whitcher!


Our volunteers are amazing! From trash pick up to trailing kids, our trails benefit from the countless hours of volunteer time each year. Starting in the spring, volunteers head out to remove fallen branches, pick up litter, and check the state of the trails. Then, onto kid’s biking, where volunteers usher over nearly 400 kids a season up and down the North Western State Trail. Did you know we have a crew of over 100 volunteers for this program? During the summer, volunteers help us run the Festival of Races, lead rides, and are our ambassadors, both on the Little Traverse Wheelway and at the Packy Offield Trail Center. Then, onto fall, when volunteers clear leaf litter and get the trail, and our building grounds, ready for winter.


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6/10/22 3:20 PM


The 14th Annual Indian River Kayak Bike Biathlon returned after taking 2020 off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most unique events in Northern Michigan, the race kicks off with a 2.24 mile kayak paddle on the Inland Waterway followed by an 11.68 mile bike ride on the North Central State Trail. Nearly 100 participants lined up at Devoe Beach for the start while a nice crowd at the North Central State Trail’s Indian River Trailhead applauded the finishers as they came home on their bikes. Proceeds of the biathlon benefit the Burt Lake Trail, generating thousands of dollars of funding over 15 years.


In 2021 welcomed back the Stafford’s Top of Michigan Festival of Races. Even with a short turnaround time between event permit approval and race day, we knew we wanted to host an in person event, the first in over a year. While the race was smaller in size, with just 150 participants, we introduced a new course, and a new way of hosting events.

The event traditionally occurs on the last day of the Indian River Summerfest, which in 2022 will be Sunday, July 24.

While the washout along the Little Traverse Wheelway kept us from hosting a full marathon and point to point races, it allowed the race to highlight Petoskey, a community that the runners normally just pass by. A special thanks to all of our sponsors who committed to helping us host the event, even if we didn’t know what it would look like!


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

2021 Donors


FOUNDATIONS Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Charlevoix County Community Foundation Melvin Family Fund Harbor Springs Educational Foundation Keller Foundation Louis and Nellie Sieg Fund Milner Hotels Foundation Network for Good Petoskey Rotary Charities Fund The Ayrshire Foundation The Offield Family Foundation The PECO Foundation

Gregory and Marion Milward Charitable Gift Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation. David and Suzu Neithercut Marta Olofsson Shawna and Jay Owen David Parker Grand Traverse Regoinal Community Foundation Tim Potter Margery and Steve Reh Steve and Sue Romero James and Kathy Schroeder Tom and Mary Lou Smith Lenoir & John Stanley Chris and Susan Stroud Steve and Jean Van Dam Clayton and Mary Jo Warner James and Marjorie Wessinger Nick and Betsy White

CORPORATE AND ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERS 4Front Credit Union Ace Hardware Awakon Federal Credit Union Bay Inn of Petoskey Bear Barbell Bearcub Outfitters Blue Cross Blue Shield Burt Lake Preservation Association Cheboygan Area Visitors Bureau Cheboygan Brewing Company Chelsea Milling Company Chiropractic Health Care Citizens National Bank Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac Evening Star Joinery, Inc. Great Northern Running Company High Gear Sports Indian River Family Dentistry Indian River Golf Club Irish Boat Shop Ken’s Village Market Latitude 45 Bicycles and Fitness Long Point Property Owners Association Michigan Mountain Mayhem My Sister’s Bake Shop Nor’East Outdoors North Country Bicycle Club Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Nub’s Nob Ski Area Oleson’s Food Stores OrthoSport Physical Therapy Pellston Public Schools Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau Petoskey Harbor Wear Petoskey Plastics Rotary Charities Cheboygan Rotary Club of Charlevoix

Rotary Club of Petoskey Noon Club Stafford’s Hospitality Sturgeon River Paddlesports The Grain Train The Outfitter The Summer Store The Terrace Inn and 1911 Restaurant The Thirsty Sturgeon Tip of the Mitt Orthodontics Tom’s Mom’s Cookies Turn 5, Inc. W.W. Fairbairn & Sons Ward & Eis Gallery Wheeler Motors, Inc SUSTAINER (Gifts of $1000 or more) Brian Bachynski, MD and Elizabeth Angus, MD Ron and Sandy Baldwin Steve and Kathy Biggs Paul and Lisa Blanchard Anne Boch Richard and Kalyn Brandewie Bonnie and Michael Brunett Walter and Nancy Byers Daniel and Linda CasaSanta Allen and Jane Damschroder James and Linda Demmer Michael and Rhea Dow Dr. Michael Florek Twink Frey Patti and Balky Grannis Robert and Elaine Hameister Andy and Cindy Hayes Mary A Hayes William Hodder Trip Howell - Toskey Fund Steve and Sally Huffman Tony and Pokey Huffman John Jordan Louis Kasischke Victor and Caroline Knowlton John and Elaine Kurtz Polk and Pinky Laffoon Phyllis Ledyard Eric and Lisa Loyd Erin and Jon Luckhardt Paul and Barb Malloure Donald and Robin McCarty Vaughn and Harriet McGraw Dr William Meengs Liesel Litzenburger Meijer Fund of Grand Rapids Community Foundation David and Amanda Meyers

PATRON (Gifts $500 - $999) James Anderson Steven Barney and Gretchen Olsen David and Cathy Beier Neil and Marsha Bidwell Mark Bissell Annie Bobilya James and Debbie Bradford William and Shannon Brower Mary Campbell Gary and Deborah Cooper Cliff and Jane Denay Julia Dunn David and Linda Elmer Lois Fettis Jeff and Karen Ford George and Gail Foster Jeff and Chris Gapczynski Wick and Gardiner Garrard Tom and Edna Gattle Dave and Sonya Gerathy Mike and Chris Grant John and Tracy Gravlin Paul Hagan James and Jesseca Haslock Eugene and Carolyn Hodulik Bill and Wendy Holmes Thomas Huffman Henry and Karen Jallos Carl and Vicki Janssens Christine Kembro Mike and Nancy Kota Leonard and Carrie Lohman Christine and Walter Lynch Family Robert and Barbara McCue Tracy and Jeff McMath

James and Ania Meyer Peggy and Phil Millard John and Tamara Miller Bradley and Susan Moffatt Jim and Susan Monton Beth and Joseph Moran Elizabeth Koegel Fund Martha Roberts Sally and Jim Rogers Beth and Robert Sachse Bill Seguin Stafford and Janice Smith Rick and Michelle Tromble Roberta Vander Breggen Jeff and Julie Winegard Todd and Jennifer Winnell The Winterhaven Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation TRAILBLAZER (Gifts $250 - $499) Mark and Denise Antonishen Richard Baldwin, MD Sydney and Mary Baxter Josh and Ginni Biggs John and Polly Cheney Peggy Child and David Smith Jon and Janet Child Chism Richard and Margaret Clary Brynne and Bob Coletti James and Susan Conboy Carrie Corbin Christopher Cromley James and Marilyn Cusenza Jeffery and Peggy Cyphert Brian and Kate Ellison John and Sue Esser David and Heidi Finley Patrick and Joyce Garrett Christine Geerer Fred and Kay Geuder David and Ellen Hofacker Jack and Sue Hufford Paul and Denise Janness Dr. Martin Jones and Mrs. Ellen Jones Sandy and Jen Kasten Regina Keough Jean and Arnold Kluge James Kowalski Karen Langs John Lehman and Maureen Delaney-Lehman Ron and Tricia Leng Wayne and Georgia Lindstrom Dave and Sara Loyet Janet Mancinelli Mr and Mrs David McBride Karen McCue Tina and Greg McPherson


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Betsy Muir Howard and Marcia Newkirk Bill and Julie Norcross Peter Patrick Max and Mary Putters Paul Revard William Rybolt Elizabeth and Frank Sapio Katherine and Shridhar Shah Gary and Colleen Shaw Jeff and Elsa Shrader Carolyn and William Stark Gary and Mary Street Matt Tamm and Cindy Okerlund Nancy and Bruce Turner Dave and Penny VanDam Ron Vanden Brink and Jan Biddick Steve and Connie Vorenkamp James and Rachel Votruba Alan and Allison White Tim and Peg Wilcox Dr. Louis and Mary Jane Zako Joseph and Kendra Zielinski PATHFINDER (Gifts $100 - $249) Lanell Aalderink Patrick and Susan Affholter Bruce Alexander Renee Allen Jennie Lou and Joe Amy Jane Andros Michael and Holly Angileri Robert and Cherri Anthony Barry and Jeannette Aspenleiter Linda Atchison Douglas and Linda Bacon Barbara and Richard Baker Dann and Jeanne Balesky Nancy and Paul Barker Vicki Barnett Devra Barrett Dave and Robyn Barrie Jim Bartlett Earl and Sherry Bash Peter and Diane Basso Scott and Laura Batchelor Norman and Kathryn Bennett Dr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Laura L. Bennett John and Janice M. Bennish Karen Bezilla Mary Biggs Dick and Verne Binder Jeffrey and Katherine Bischoff Matthew and Nancy Blandford Robert and Susan Bleyaert Curt and Diane Bolin Douglas and Sue Bouwense Karen Bowne Michelle Boyer Doug and Janet Brautigam Toby and Kathleen Bremmeyr Steven and Holly Brown

Laura Buckingham Noel Bufe and Mary Tyson Linda Burnham Vincent Call Michael Cameron Dave and Patty Campbell Susan Capaldi Bruce and Kay Cartford Kathleen Charboneau Susan Clarke Kara Cockfield Karen Cole John and Anne Cooley Ann Couture John Cowan Angie Cranney Paige Crim Lanny and Bobie Crongeyer Sally Crowley Marlene Czarkowski Diane Daniel James and Barbara Darnell Trudy Day Deborah and David Deal William and Jennifer Delaney Jack and Sherry Denneny Laura Dinon Thomas and Trisha M Dobias James and Maureen Doull George and Kathleen Dubro Yvor Dufour Bruce and Nancy Dunn Mike and Cheryl Eberhart Carrie Eckhold Michael and Debbie Esposito Michael and Marcia Etienne Mark and Margaret Eustis Michael and Kathryn Farrimond Annette Fedus Julie Feldpausch and Henry Rayn Lloyd Fell Wendy Fershee Michael and Rose Fitzgerald Jim and Laurie Ford Mary and Bill Foster Mark and Patricia Fralick Reed and Janet Freidinger Chip and Jean Frentz Richard Frutiger and Sara Wassenaar Doug Fuller and Martha Lancaster Karen Gaides Arnold Geldermans Jeffrey and Ann Gerow Thomas and Carol Gietzen Amy Gillard Alan and Leanne Gillespie George and Phyllis Googasian Owen Goslin Pamela Gostinger Michael Goyne Nancy Graham William and Louise Graham

Cheryl Graham-Dryer Lawrence B and Sue A Graves Junior Dwayne and Carole Griffin Peter and Sarah Gurney Crick Haltom John Hammond James R Hanchett, D.D.S, PC Tom and Ann Hanna Carol Hansen Dawn Hansen Mike Harrington Pat Henige David and Karen Hill Gus Hillenbrand Max and Diane Hinkley Margo Hodder John Holder and Julie Fasone Holder Howard Holmes, Jr Scott and Jill Hotchkiss Karen Hovey David and Patricia Hubbard Mark and Leah Huffman Emily Hughes and Joe Graham Dr. Phyllis Indianer Jeanette Rockwell Christy Johnson Margaret Johnson Catherine Johnston Johnston’s Marine William Jordan Deborah Joslin Robert and Mary Keedy Sarah and Mike Kelly Barry Kempa Robert and Sheryl Kendrick Kimberly Kihnke William and Maryanna Klatt John and Terry Klenczar Josephine Klingler Steven Konicki and Kay Lynn Decarli George and Brenda Korthauer Kenneth and Elizabeth Koss Al and Evelyn Kozleski Debra Soverinsky and David Kraus Jason and Margaret M Kromm Roger and Barbara Kromm Craig and Susanne Larrabee Lynn Laughlin Jack Laurent Hal and Betsy Lawrence Linda Leavitt James and KC Leh Neil and Carolyn Leighton Frederick and Kathy Liederbach Nancy and Stephen Lindsay Thomas and Mary Ling Gow Litzenburger Charles and Kathleen MacInnis Julia Makela David Mallmann James Martin

Webb and Janet Martin Dee Mastenbrook Richard and Janet May Leonard and Martha McCallep Phil and Karen McKinley Jim and Diane McMahon Mark and Laurie McMurray Katy and Hal Messacar Bob and Sue Metzger David and Catherine Meyer Tim and Kathy Mikolajczak William and Jane Millar Thomas and Deborah Miller Scott Miller Phil Miller Jess and Pam Miller Lee and Carma Milner Al and Jean Moberly Sheila Molenkamp David and Ginny Monroe Mary Jo Monte-Kaser Diane Morand Christopher and Victoria Moser Peter and Cammie Moss Fred Mulhauser and Paula Welmers Marcia Mumbrue Sheila Murphy Trevor and Becca Nelson Bruce Nichols Maureen Nicholson Dan and Wendy Nieland David and Joan Niewiadomski Margaret Nixon Patricia Nolan Jessica Nolff Bruce and Katherine Nyberg Thomas and Linda O’Dell Tom and Linda Oelke Janet Pankey John and Mary Jo Parker Lawrence and Marnie Parrott Henry and Sarah Peet Todd and Kathy Petersen Mark and Dawn Peterson William and Jane Petzold Jeffery and Denise Phillips Eric and Julie Pierpont Carol Ann Pixley Lois Polatnick Kay and David Powell Ken Price Roy Pulaski David and Mary Randall Dana Randall Patty and Mo Rave Thomas and Nancy Rea Linda and William Rehor Ted Robinson Gerald and Joan Rogers John and Deborah Rohe Henry and Carol Ross Continued on next page


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

2021 Donors


Donald Roth Craig and Kimberly Rouleau Holly and Edward Russell Aaron Rustad Paulina Ryan Philip and Patrice Ryan Marty Samson Tom and Nancy Sarowski Robert Scarrow Sharon Schappacher Paul and Mikkie Schemanski David and Jo Ann Schopp Alan Scott Steven Seely Bud and Nancy Shear Michael Sheean Jeffrey and Frances Shepard Karla Sherman Jim and Laura Shirilla Skip and Ann Simms Michael and Charr Skirvin Linda and Mark Slater Sara Smith Scott and Elizabeth Smith Tom and Flo Smith Carlin and Karen Smith Stanley and Marilyn Smith Janice W Smolinski Ronald and Donna Snyder David Spitzli and Maureen Engle Jim Sprow George and Mary Stancel Dan and Patricia Steffes Mary Stewart Jerry and Barb Stonewater Julie Stoppel Mark and Kristi Stormzand Nathan Stormzand Bryan Stover Karen Strough Shirlee Suter Robert Swanson Ellen Swengel Jerry and Donna Swift Marti Swiger Mary Lou Tanton Erik and Carmony Thorp Mark and Francine Thuston Mike and Binnie Traill Miles Trumble Amy Tweeten Todd Twichel Marjorie Upton Kent and Kay Van Allen Joe and Nancy Van Antwerp Michael and Mary Ann Van Lokeren Willem and Kristin Van Reesema

David and Tracy Brines Richard and Christine Brodhead Christine Brown Don Burchett Keith Butkovich Phyllis Claus Brian and Laura Champion Peggy Child Smith Pete and Judi Chimner Wayne and Chris Christopherson Kevin and Janet Clarke Carolyn and Jim Cloutier Ward Collins Maureen Conklin Suzanne & Jack Connelly Luann Cottington Bill Courtney Eric Cox George Cripps Micheal and Joanne Cromley Stephen and Mary Crusoe Tracy Darrow Bruce Davis Rebecca Davis Pamela Davis-Kean Nancy Demeuse Linda Denton John and Nancy Dick Lea and David Dietzel Al Dika and Cynthia Rutherford Dan and Robbe DiPietro James and Susan Douglas Melanie Drier Cynthia Dryer Kelly Dumas Rick Dunbar Michael and Elizabeth Durbin Diana Eberhart Lynn Eckerle Morgan and Sally Edwards Steve and Kathy Erber Charles and Bonnie Farrugia James Fielder Charles Forsberg Claire Forster Beth Franco Mary Frost Lynne Frye John and Christine Fulford Ronald and Denise Fusina Gerald Gadowski Rafael Garcia Bruce Geffen Marlene George Mary and Jack Gergel Ira and Deborah Ginsburg Mary Pat Goldich James Gracy

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Robert Vanhollebeke Paul and Joanna VanRaaphorst Charles and Jill Vanwerden Paula Vaughan Daniel and Jeannean VerBurg Brian and Dawn Wagner Barbara Walker Wendy Walker Steven and Julie Ann Wang Linda Ward and Bob Esford Kent and Jill Warner James and Donna Waterston Paul and Melanie Weaver Sharon Weaver Marcus and Sharon Wegmeyer Greg and Donna Wheeler Jill Whelan Robert and Rosita White Ashley Whitney Karen Williams Ian and Onalee Wilson Roger and Katherine Winslow Ken Winter Helen Wolfgang David and Mary Wood Ken and Carol Woodhurst Nathan Wright Deborah and Jeffrey Young Rachel Zehnder-Manthei Jacqueline Zydeck FRIEND (Gifts up to $99) Darlene Abraham Daniel and Carol Adams Dr. Kit Anderson and Mrs. Janel Anderson Howard and Vicki Andress Lori Arnold Susan Aspinall Carrie Badgero Charles and Jennifer Badgero Marti and Ken Barrow Meg Bates David and Karen Beauchemin Robert and Sharon Bence Laurence and Linda Bernhardt Sanford and Susan Birnholtz Sue Bissell Robert Bitterman, MD John Blair David Blumenthal Herm Boatin Larry and Joanne Boerman Barbara Bohls-Graham Brent Bolin and Danielle Schopp Michael Bourassa Tim Boyko Daniel Brickert

Eric and Tracie Granata David Guanci William and Kathy Haefner Brian and Nancy Hamersma Gary Hannan Laurianne Hannan Molly Harvey Todd and Jennifer Hayden Dale Hecksel Albert and Myra Heffley Jon Heft John Heiam James and Carol Helmer Al and Kathy Helner Frances B. Higley Lori Hoehn Doug and Shari Hoek Barbara Hoffman Thomas Hopp Barbara and Thomas Huey Dennis and Suzanne Hug Craig and Amy Hughes Sue Hutchinson Linda Ingebritson Robert and Sharlene Ingmand David and Judy Jacalone Christian and Amy Janssens Melanie Jaramillo Marcella Jean Barbara Jean Jo Ann Johnson John and Dorothy Johnson Katy Johnson Philip and Karen Johnson Loyce Jones Mark Jones Zach and Sara Jonker Dennis and Karen Joy Kathy Karenko Deborah Keller Pam and Jim Kelly Norm and Bonnie Kern Grace Ketchem Vern and Laura Kors Linda Kortesoja Harold Koviak Paul Kuehl Robert and Sue Kughn Thomas Lagerstrom and Mary Anne Griffin Lamberti Family Deb Laurie Elizabeth Lee Jacob Loman Brian Lovely Vickie Lyon Robert MacLean Joe Malecki Robert Malone


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6/10/22 3:20 PM

Robert and Joan Mandell Boyd Manges Maria Marlowe Cheri Marshall Carol Marston-Foucher Scott and Jennifer Martin Mary and Donald Trout John and Jennifer Mastenbrook Gary McMahon Mike and Gayle McPhilamy Hugh Melling and Denise Simon Connie Mendyk John and Mary Merrill Kevin Meyer Valerie Meyerson Emily Meyerson and Harry Kitchen George and Carol Miller Johnetta and James Miller Jane Mooradian Joey Moppert John and Connie Morgan Marshall Morley Malcom and Michele Moulds Dave and Pamela Moyer Mark and Rose Muniak

Edward Murphy Mark Mutchler and Kathy Keefer Mike and Susie Nuorala Thomas and Mary O’Hare Kerry and Ann O’Tool Allen Olender Chuck and Cristina Omahen James and Beverly Osetek John and Terry Person Kenneth and Wendy Pletcher John Porter Phillip Possanza and Mary O’Halloran Kim Prosser Paul and Barbara Quenneville Margaret Rabel Dr. John Rasmussen and Mrs. Barbara Rasmussen Laura Reeves Howard Richards Jennifer Rielly Bud and Juli Ripberger Larry and Elaine Rochon Gary Roe Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Ronan

John Rosso Thomas Rowland Jane and Ed Sandri Jennifer Schaap Deedra Schall-Haselhum Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schmit Marilyn Schuler Jamie Schwartzfisher Catherine Courtney Scollin Calvin Shields James Shrader Bill Wonderlin and Linda Shuster Susan and Steven Sikkema Tina Smith Amy Smith Michele Smith Jacob Snider Sara Snowden Thomas and Susan Stanley Petr Staroverov Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Andrew Stibitz Michael and Peggy Supernault Ruth Nelle Jon and Kristen Terry

Ken and Brenda Tewel Sara Theisen Michael and Nancy Thibideau Chris Tracy Rebecca Uhlenhake James and Barbara Van Dam A. Van De Car Ronald and Elizabeth G. Van Horn Lori Venzina Carole Vial Linda Weeks-Kaleita Tom Wernette David and Jill Whitmore Leigh Wietsma Magnus and Carrie Wilson Barbara A Wiseman Dr. Brian Wittenberg and Mrs. Gina Wittenberg Karen and Craig Wood Brian Wright Joel and Dorothy Wurster Alice Yokum David and Barbara Young Danielle Zalewski

Thank you to our Kid’s Biking Program Donors you believed in this program while we had to put it on pause due to the pandemic. Thank you for believing! Patrick and Susan Affholter Bearcub Outfitters Steve and Kathy Biggs Blue Cross Blue Shield Christina Brown Daniel and Linda CasaSanta Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Pamela Davis-Kean Mark and Patricia Fralick Mary Pat Goldich Harbor Springs Educational Foundation Jeanette Rockwell Lamberti Family Linda Leavitt Wayne and Georgia Lindstrom Eric and Lisa Loyd

Erin and Jon Luckhardt Paul and Barb Malloure Mary and Donald Trout Karen McCue Jim and Susan Monton Christopher and Victoria Moser My Sister’s Bake Shop Patricia Nolan Pellston Public Schools Kim Prosser Laura Reeves Margery and Steve Reh Corey R. Bascom Rotary Club of Petoskey Noon Club Philip and Patrice Ryan James and Kathy Schroeder

Carolyn and William Stark Rebecca Uhlenhake Dave and Penny VanDam Roberta Vander Breggen Paul and Joanna VanRaaphorst Ward & Eis Gallery Jeff and Julie Winegard Women Who Care Ken and Carol Woodhurst And a special thank you to Women Who Care who also helped support this program! Names are listed in our general donation lists.


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2021 Donors

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HONORARIUMS In Honor Of Pokey Huffman Given by Eric and Lisa Loyd In Honor Of Pops Given by Christopher Cromley In Honor Of Ric and Lisa Loyd Given by Dave and Sara Loyet, Robert and Elaine Hameister, Peggy Child Smith, Walter and Nancy Byers In Honor of Rick and Lisa Loyd the Huffman Family Given by Katherine and Shridhar Shah In Honor of Sandy Baldwin Given by Eric and Lisa Loyd MEMORIALS In Memory of Bob Boch Given by Anne Boch In Memory of Bob Doctor Given by Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Ronan, Scott and Laura Batchelor, Mike and Binnie Traill, Kimberly Kihnke, Roberta Vander Breggen, Victor and Caroline Knowlton

In Memory of Bob Rutherford Given by Al Dika and Cynthia Rutherford, Don Burchett, Suzanne & Jack Connelly, Miles Trumble, Howard Holmes, Jr, Jeff and Karen Ford, Steve and Kathy Biggs, Jeff and Karen Ford, Linda Ingebritson, Maria Marlowe, Vern and Laura Kors, James Gracy, Elizabeth Lee, Dr. Brian Wittenberg and Mrs. Gina Wittenberg, Chelsea Milling Company, Barbara and Richard Baker, Jim Bartlett, Karen Bowne, Nixon, Fred and Kay Geuder, Steve and Connie Vorenkamp, Steve and Jean Van Dam In Memory of Bud Laughlin Given by Lynn Laughlin In Memory of Chester Janssens Given by Latitude 45 Bicycles and Fitness In Memory of David Stebbins Given by Carrie Corbin

In Memory of Donna Moll Given by Elaine T. Marcotte In Memory of Edward Neithercut Given by David and Suzu Neithercut In Memory of Emily Powell Deupree Given by Polk and Pinky Laffoon In Memory of Fred Fettis Given by Lois Fettis In Memory of G.A. & Patricia Olofsson Given by Marta Olofsson In Memory of Helen Meengs Given by Dr William Meengs In Memory of Jim Soubly Given by Lanny and Bobie Crongeyer In Memory of Kristi Krey Given by Michael and Mary Ann Van Lokeren In Memory of our beloved Kurt Given by Allen and Jane Damschroder

In Memory Of Kurt Damschroder Given by James and Kathy Schroeder In Memory Of Marge May Given by Twink Frey In Memory Of Mitch ‘Spunky’ Moore Given by Mark and Dawn Peterson In Memory Of Nathaniel Clifford Kubala Denay Given by Cliff and Jane Denay In Memory Of Neal McCue Given by Gary and Deborah Cooper, Robert and Barbara McCue, Karen McCue, Steve and Kathy Biggs In Memory Of Patty Forster Given by Beth and Joseph Moran In Memory Of Russ Langs Given by Karen Langs In Memory Of Terry Kureth Given by Al and Kathy Helner In Memory Of Wayne & Reann Luckhardt Given by Erin and Jon Luckhardt


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Introducing the Founders’ Terrace Since the Packy Offield Trail Center opened in 2015, the Top of Michigan Trails Council has witnessed firsthand the tremendous amount of use of our trail system. Throughout the crazy summer of 2020, the number of individuals and families using them skyrocketed - a trend that continued into 2021. As more people use trails, the more important the Trail Center is becoming. The iconic stone building with its magnificent greenspace has the potential to be a gathering spot for trail users: for relaxation, for meeting friends and for learning more about the fabulous system of biking and walking trails. This project, known as The Founders’ Terrace Project, is the brainchild of Lisa Huffman Loyd, the daughter of Huffy and Jane Huffman, who 27 years ago, were just two of the original founders and supporters of The Top of Michigan Trails Council. “I wanted

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE DONORS WHO ARE HELPING MAKE OUR FOUNDERS’ TERRACE AT THE PACKY OFFIELD TRAIL CENTER A REALITY! Jennie Lou and Joe Amy Jane Andros Ron and Sandy Baldwin David and Cathy Beier Dr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Laura L. Bennett Neil and Marsha Bidwell Mary Biggs Josh and Ginni Biggs Steve and Kathy Biggs Paul and Lisa Blanchard Anne Boch Walter and Nancy Byers Peggy Child and David Smith Jon and Janet Child Chism Brynne and Bob Coletti James and Susan Conboy Gary and Deborah Cooper Carrie Corbin Allen and Jane Damschroder Dave Kring Chevrolet Cadillac Cliff and Jane Denay Michael and Rhea Dow Julia Dunn

Brian and Kate Ellison Lois Fettis David and Heidi Finley Twink Frey Wick and Gardiner Garrard Tom and Edna Gattle Fred and Kay Geuder Patti and Balky Grannis Lawrence B and Sue A Graves Junior Peter and Sarah Gurney Robert and Elaine Hameister Ms Harvey William Hodder David and Ellen Hofacker Karen Hovey Mark and Leah Huffman Tony and Pokey Huffman Thomas Huffman Steve and Sally Huffman Jack and Sue Hufford Sandy and Jen Kasten Victor and Caroline Knowlton Polk and Pinky Laffoon Karen Langs Latitude 45 Bicycles and Fitness Phyllis Ledyard John Lehman and Maureen Delaney-Lehman Wayne and Georgia Lindstrom

to celebrate the forethought of my parents and many others who worked so diligently to create this wonderful asset for our community,” said Loyd, a Petoskey resident. The site plan, generously developed by landscape architect, Don Leary, shows the exciting multipurpose ideas created for this greenspace, including picnic tables and benches, a meeting space, and an information area to be staffed by volunteers. The displays will allow visitors to learn more about TOMTC and trails they might use for their next adventures. Thanks to the generosity of the founding families and the other donors listed here, the Founders’ Terrace is being built by Ironwood Construction in time to open for peak summer trail season in 2022. The terrace will be a renewed legacy for those people who had the vision 27 years ago to start “Connecting Northern Michigan by Trail.”

Gow Litzenburger Eric and Lisa Loyd Dave and Sara Loyet Christine and Walter Lynch Family Charles and Kathleen MacInnis Janet Mancinelli Robert and Barbara McCue Karen McCue Mike and Gayle McPhilamy Liesel Litzenburger Meijer Fund of Grand Rapids Community Foundation Katy and Hal Messacar Bob and Sue Metzger Peggy and Phil Millard Jess and Pam Miller Gregory and Marion Milward Charitable Gift Fund at Blue Grass Community Foundation. Jim and Susan Monton Fred Mulhauser and Paula Welmers David and Suzu Neithercut Maureen Nicholson Bill and Julie Norcross Nub’s Nob Ski Area Alexandra and Cole Ollinger Marta Olofsson Shawna and Jay Owen

David Parker Petoskey Rotary Charities Fund Max and Mary Putters Margery and Steve Reh Howard Richards Steve and Sue Romero Beth and Robert Sachse James and Kathy Schroeder Katherine and Shridhar Shah Michael Sheean Jeff and Elsa Shrader Tom and Mary Lou Smith Carlin and Karen Smith Stafford’s Hospitality Lenoir & John Stanley Gary and Mary Street Robert Swanson Matt Tamm and Cindy Okerlund The Ayrshire Foundation Dave and Penny VanDam Ron Vanden Brink and Jan Biddick Steve and Connie Vorenkamp Family James and Rachel Votruba James and Marjorie Wessinger Alan and Allison White Roger and Katherine Winslow Ken Winter


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15th Annual Indian River Kayak Bike Biathlon

JUL 24, 2022

Annual Membership Meeting, Packy Offield Trail Center

JUNE 29, 2022

Bike Clinic and Ride, Cheboygan Trailhead

JUNE 4, 2022

Top of Michigan Festival of Races, Little Traverse Wheelway

MAY 28, 2022

2022 Events

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