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Plumbing and penguins Antarctica is an unusual, yet awesome workplace

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34 Death of sons spurs action Master Plumbers has partnered with The Chase and Tyler Foundation to promote consumer awareness around the safe installation and servicing of gas appliances. Disclaimer API is published for the Plumbing industry and Master Plumbers Members by the Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) ABN: 56 296 473 997. Responsibility for comment in respect of elections in Master Plumbers is taken by Peter Daly of 15/306 Albert Street, Brunswick, VIC, 3056. Advertising: No responsibility is accepted by the publisher for accuracy of information contained in advertisements in API. Publication of any advertisements does not constitute endorsement by the publisher of any product, nor warrant its suitability. Advertisements are published as submitted by advertisers. Copyright: No part of this magazine may be produced without the publisher’s written permission Contributors: The views of external contributors and advertisers are not necessarily the views of Master Plumbers. Master Plumbers supports green printing initiatives. This magazine has been printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks by Southern Colour under ISO 14001 environmental certification.

4 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

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We continue to build stronger membership value


from the President and CEO

Master Plumbers is hot on the issues

A trusted association that cares

Winter has arrived and we are disappointed with the slow progress of bringing Australian Standard 4575, the gas appliance servicing standard, to market. After further deaths in recent years from Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas appliances, it is hard to believe the southern states have arrived in the cold season without a revised standard for Type A appliance servicing.

Members should have received in the post the Master Plumbers Annual Report and you can read a summary on page 38 of your magazine. We’ve made quite a few changes over the past 12 months and members are telling us that these have improved the value of their membership. One of the aspects we have been focussing on is trying to get a better understanding of member needs and preferences, which is fundamental to any membership association.

There is still no adequate compliance regime around gas appliance servicing and this exposes plumbers/gasfitters to civil and criminal penalty risk, which they should not have to face. In response to this problem, Master Plumbers has stepped in and developed a toolkit to provide members with a systematic servicing approach to all gas appliances. Produced after significant industry consultation, we have two new gas appliance packs. The ‘service’ packs contain a service report pad and warning stickers for the electrical meter box. It will be restricted to members who have a Type A gasfitting endorsement. The ‘installation’ pack is available to all members but does not contain the service report pad or ‘serviced-by’ sticker. Both will be sold to members. Master Plumbers will make a donation to the Chase & Tyler Foundation for every pack purchased. Master Plumbers has long-advocated the need for better regulation of the complex plumbing sector and the good news is that we are finally seeing some progress in Victoria. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has set up a complex plumbing subcommittee of the Plumbing Advisory Council with representatives from industry, regulators and government. This group is addressing issues related to design, installation, sign-off and inspection of complex plumbing infrastructure. We trust there will be substantial progress during the next 12 months. If neither of these issues get members hot under the collar, then considering your compulsory insurance is sure to! Members have reported several concerns and we are seeing evidence of Plumbers Liability Insurance policies with new clauses inserted to exclude liability for work above two stories or above 10 metres. We immediately notified the Victorian Building Authority and have been advised that these policies will not meet the Ministerial Order and will not be accepted at Licence renewal. As advised in our notice to members on 22 March, policies with Master Plumbers Insurance Brokers (Marsh) are unaffected. Members can be assured that your Association understands these problems and is working with government and industry to find better solutions. Scott Dowsett President, Master Plumbers

We contacted all members by telephone in March and April and managed to speak with most members during this period. While we are still pulling together the detailed information, several aspects really stood out and we have fed these into our planning for the 2019-20 year. Access to trusted advice was one of the main reasons that members belong to Master Plumbers. This covered the spectrum of technical advice, workplace safety and industrial relations, as well as ensuring that they get updates on changes to standards, regulations and requirements. Another primary reason for belonging was to get help with finding new business, assistance with marketing and support for establishing and maintaining contracts and billing systems that work for the members’ size and type of business. More broadly, members were very supportive of Master Plumbers role in advocacy, looking after their interests and working for a better plumbing industry. This is also apparent during the time I am investing with members on the ground in their businesses. There’s nothing better than hearing first-hand from members about their challenges and successes, meeting their staff and learning about the technical aspects of plumbing at the same time. Visiting members is an important part of what we do, so if you would like to host a member of the Master Plumbers team for a few hours on the tools, please get in touch. On 6 May, Master Plumbers launched our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for members and their employees. This voluntary program recognises CPD happens in many ways. It incorporates both self-directed learning (such as reading Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine and online learning activities) and attendance-based programs (including formal training). As we go to print, we have commenced renewals for the 2019-20 year. Members can renew online or by post; all we ask is that you tell us what you prefer. We continue to build stronger membership value and there are several new initiatives already underway for next year based on your feedback to date. Peter Daly CEO, Master Plumbers | 7

Industry news Consumer safety awareness program launched Master Plumbers have partnered with The Chase and Tyler Foundation to promote consumer awareness around the safe installation and servicing of gas appliances. Master Plumbers’ CEO Peter Daly joined Vanessa Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of The Chase and Tyler Foundation at an industry event in Geelong on Monday to announce the collaboration. “We are both committed to ensuring quality outcomes when it comes to gas appliance installation and servicing, and it is important that consumers can have peace of mind when engaging gasfitters to do this work.” said Mr Daly of the partnership. “A properly serviced gas appliance will continue to run efficiently and safely for many years but there are many common types of heaters, those with ‘open’ or natural draught flues, that require adequate ventilation to allow them to operate safely and efficiently.

Fast Fact

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers from deadly CO spillage from gas appliances in certain situations but the key to avoiding these risks is the regular servicing of these appliances, particularly heaters, by properly licensed and qualified gasfitters.” In addition to promoting the importance of regular servicing for gas appliances, the program also serves to educate other trades, such as electricians, and the wider community about how changes to the environment in which the appliance operates can affect its ability to operate in a safe manner. Upon completion of the installation of a new open-flued appliance or servicing of an existing unit, Master Plumbers’ members will be able to place a warning sticker inside the electrical meter box of the property to alert other trades and the homeowners to future works that may affect the environment inside the home, such as the addition or replacement of extraction fans.

With winter upon us, it’s important for the community to ensure that they have all gas appliances in their homes serviced prior to operation and engage a qualified gas service person to service any appliance if and when required. A plumber that engages to carry out this work should be able to provide evidence that they hold the required ‘Gas Servicing – Type A appliances’ licence and provide a signed service report detailing what work has been carried out. All are encouraged to contact the Master Plumbers Association with any concerns or to find a qualified gas service technician in your area. Further information on how Master Plumbers’ members can get their hands on these stickers will be available soon. Read more about Vanessa Robinson and her tragic loss on page 34-35.

Serious claims for workers compensation Tradies are

33% of our workforce 50

… and represent % of serious claims for workers compensation 8 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

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could be our future

10 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

It’s 50 years since the plumbing industry was transformed by Australia’s abundant natural gas resources – a shift to hydrogen could take us to another level again, Richard Webb reports.

Hydrogen can be produced from water, it is highly combustible, and if produced using low or zero carbon emission methods, is a potentially low or zero emissions source of energy

Right now millions of dollars are being invested at a federal and state level into looking for ways to generate an economically sustainable ‘clean’ Australian hydrogen production industry, primarily to develop an additional clean export industry. The Australian Gas Association (AGA) hosted a well-attended conference late last year focussed on the potential changes that the use of hydrogen gas might mean for our industry. It’s easy to see why this might be a game changer. Hydrogen can be produced from water, the most abundant resource on the planet, it is highly combustible, and if produced using low or zero carbon emission methods, is a potentially low or zero emissions source of energy. In itself, hydrogen is of course carbon free. Hydrogen is colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, non-metallic and produces water when it burns rather than a variety of combustion products when burning natural gas which includes carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas contributor. As natural gas prices climb across the east coast of Australia in particular, renewable hydrogen may be cost competitive to produce too. On a top level, hydrogen can be a potentially environmentally friendly, cost-effective, abundant replacement for the fossil fuel natural gas – and while it has some significant differences that will require retraining, there is no other industry better placed to manage and service a gas transition to

hydrogen if it occurs than the plumbing industry. After all, we deal with combustible gases every day. Master Plumbers Chief Technical Officer Gary Bath says that if Australia can start to produce ‘clean’ hydrogen at the desired cost, the plumbing industry might well be in a position not dissimilar to the reticulation of natural gas back in the 1970s with the accompanying conversion and installation of new appliances and upgrading of systems. “There’s also a big economic opportunity for our industry with hydrogen, and it’s based around the economic potential for export, which has already been identified by the Federal Government,” he says. The production of hydrogen can be a little complex, as, unlike natural gas, it isn’t found naturally – it needs to be extracted somehow, and it is this process of extraction that needs to be relatively ‘clean’ in order for hydrogen to deliver the carbon benefits. Hydrogen is already used for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial uses such as for fertilizers, petrol refining and methanol production, but it is mostly produced from fossil fuels. However, recent technology breakthroughs have reduced the cost of hydrogen production using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro-electricity, and this has got everyone excited. “We can supply hydrogen to other countries, particularly in Asia, because they don’t have the same potential to develop their own | 11

supply. We are in the right place and have the resources to economically produce hydrogen for them.” Assuming that Australia works out how to generate ‘clean’ hydrogen cost-competitively and develop a viable export industry, the potential to reticulate or supply this gas for Australian consumers, what might be the considerations for practitioners in the field? Firstly, hydrogen has a much smaller molecular structure than natural gas – it is the smallest molecule on the periodic table with an atomic number of one – it has one proton in the nucleus of the atom. It is also the lightest element and reacts differently to certain materials. Mr Bath says this could change how we might use copper piping for example and we may find that the only suitable piping for hydrogen involves plastics, and that could mean a substantial upgrade to the existing gas piping network. This may also affect the design and materials used in gas appliances. Hydrogen is a lot more combustible than natural gas – it has a broad flammability limit between 4% and 75% (natural gas is between 5% and 14%). Hydrogen also burns with a clear flame in most situations not the familiar blue flame that we associate with a neutral correctly burning natural gas flame. The increased flame temperature produced by hydrogen (about 260° hotter than natural gas) would also be a consideration. The above represents significant changes to safety aspects of installation and commissioning of appliances and services using this gas which would require additional training and development for the industry. 12 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

The International Energy Agency Hydrogen Collaboration Program predicts the global hydrogen market will be worth $US155 billion ($A219 billion) by 2022

Currently, several states are testing what changes might be required by adding additional hydrogen to existing natural gas supplies. Natural gas systems and appliances are being “injected” with up to 10% by volume pure hydrogen gas to test its effect on our current infrastructure under a controlled environment.

So what challenges do we face? In the 1970s, the governmentowned Gas and Fuel Corporation in Victoria had overall management of the natural gas market, so distribution, certification and approval of appliances and the compliance regime was controlled by one government authority. Over the years these roles have been distributed to groups of privately owned entities, so a transition to

a reticulated hydrogen gas supply and the subsequent changes to Standards, changes to installation requirements and training of gasfitters will be far more complicated than they were previously. Still, global demand for hydrogen is increasing, with increasing exploration of its use as a fuel in motor vehicles, and the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Collaboration Program predicts the global hydrogen market will be worth $US155 billion ($A219 billion) by 2022. At Master Plumbers, we think a transition to hydrogen will be the biggest change to the gas industry in over 50 years and provides opportunities for a renewable energy future. We plan to keep you regularly updated as this situation develops.

Why hydrogen? • Produced from water • Highly combustible • Carbon-free • Non-toxic

• Now underpinned by mature renewable production technologies • Australia has the natural resources for strong export potential

Acknowledgements: Australian Gas Association,



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Poor sanitation is the cause of more than 1,200 deaths of children under five per day… that’s more than AIDS, TB and malaria combined

Pay attention to plumbing Plumbing isn’t a topic that excites most people (current readers excepted of course), but it should. Master Plumbers CEO Peter Daly explains why. Those of us who live in Australia’s suburbs and towns often take our plumbing set up for granted. We turn on a tap and expect to see clean, healthy, fresh water that’s fit for human consumption. We drink it without a second thought, use it when we’re cooking and for personal hygiene. For most of us, most of the time, plumbing is something we forget about because it does exactly what it should, when we want it to. Yet plumbing is the basis of public health. Every year, around the globe, about two million people die from water-borne diseases. Preventable and unnecessary, water-borne diseases are prevalent among our fellow Australians. The ones who aren’t fortunate enough to live in a town or suburb where things just work or where a qualified plumbing contractor or tradesperson isn’t far away. They are in remote Aboriginal communities where there are 14 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

serious health and social issues related to drinking water and sanitation. Too often, the sheer size of Australia and the vast distances that separate Aboriginal communities from regional towns mean they lack the immediate plumbing services urban Australians take for granted. Essential plumbing repairs may be left unattended, not because of neglect but because of the time it takes to get a plumber out to do the work. Inevitably, there are public health consequences. Water-borne diseases and poor hygiene result in health issues that in turn affect educational outcomes, life choices and the quality of life. If there were people in the communities with plumbing skills and qualifications, they could fix broken pipes and leaky taps and do other essential maintenance work. A plumbing apprenticeship requires a young person to first successfully complete a high school education,

then undertake a four-year training program with fixed blocks of time away from his or her community, learning and working in a regional centre or capital city. It’s hard to appreciate the dislocation and separation from family and culture this requires. Little wonder that few young people start apprenticeships, yet alone complete them. Few people understand this challenge better than activist, philanthropist and musician Sir Bob Geldof, the driving force behind world-changing campaigns such as Live Aid. In Perth recently to launch a life changing project to deliver sustainable plumbing and sanitation solutions to remote communities around Australia, he reinforced the critical contribution of the plumbing industry to improving public health. “Nearly every civilization since it sprang up has tried to do what you

do, which is to create sanitation and healthy conditions for society to function within,” Sir Bob said. “And yet today, poor sanitation is the cause of more than 1,200 deaths of children under five per day. To put that in perspective, that’s more than AIDS, TB and malaria combined. “The lack of effective sanitation costs the world an estimated $223 billion every year – every dollar spent on sanitation provides at least $5 in economic return. Now apply that to some of the remote communities here and even if you don’t measure the pure economic return in terms of GDP but in terms of human value, it’s extreme.”

any government or private sector organisation has attempted before. It has the support of local communities, Aboriginal corporations, industry associations and trade unions. It owes much to the vision and commitment from people like Master Plumbers’ Scott Dowsett (Victoria), Murray Thomas (Western Australia), and Earl Setches, Secretary of the Plumbing & Pipe Trades Employees Union. Better Life Outcomes has two broad aims: to address underlying plumbing and sanitation problems in communities and to provide training and employment opportunities to transform lives and qualify more Aboriginal plumbers.

Sir Bob turned to the plumbing community at the launch and said: “I put it to you that with the ingenuity in this room alone, with the organisational structure that you’ve got here, you could radically alter how we manage not just the structures of a society but of the entire global environmental system.”

The program is being driven by the Indigenous Plumbing & Sanitation Foundation, Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA, Master Plumbers Australia, Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, Plumbing Industry Climate Action Council, and the Plumbing & Pipe Trades Employees Union of Australia.

Enter Better Life Outcomes, a visionary program that is bolder and wider-reaching than anything

Michael Long, former AFL star and indigenous advocate, is the program ambassador.

Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA CEO Murray Thomas said it was time for industry and government to take a collaborative approach to delivering long-term outcomes. “We need to get away from expensive band-aid measures currently in place to address issues affecting remote communities and investigate and implement improvements that are sustainable and self-manageable,” Mr Thomas said. “That includes a new approach to education and training, and in particular the development of more flexible and culturally appropriate apprenticeship programs. These are services that must be permanently available within communities and can offer long-term employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.” The Better Life Outcomes program will commence with pilots being run at communities in Western Australia’s Kimberley region and in regional Victoria. Peter Daly is a Director of the Indigenous Plumbing and Sanitation Foundation. | 15


from around the nation Master Plumbers Association Victoria

Top left: John Doig (Reece), Nicholas Frydas, winner of the Sprinkler Fitting Contest and Greg Smith (NIFA); top right: Plumbing Competitors and Officials; bottom left: Patrick Wright, winner of the Plumbing Contest; bottom right: Sprinkler Fitting Competitors and Officials

World Plumbing Day Winners PICAC hosted the annual Apprentice Skills Contest as part of World Plumbing Day celebrations recently. Ten plumbing and five sprinkler fitting apprentices competed for the chance to be named Best Apprentice Plumber/Sprinkler Fitter. Contestants were given a specific work project and judged on a variety of criterion such as: precision, diligence, skill and attitude. 16 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Plumbing Apprentice Skills Contest finalists: 1st Patrick Wright: Christopher Contracting Plumbing/Service Trades College QLD 2nd Shane Ross: Ross Plumbing/ Swinburne TAFE Croydon VIC 3rd Liam Bower: Complete Plumbing Contracting/RMIT VIC

Sprinkler Fitting Apprentice Skills Contest finalists: 1st Nicholas Frydas: Grant Fire Services/FiT VIC 2nd Daniel Ellett: Hamilton Fire/FiT VIC 3rd Daniel Hunt: FVS Fire/FiT QLD

All finalists now have the opportunity to be selected to represent Australia at the United Association’s International Apprentice Skills Contest in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA in August.

Find your local association

Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of Western Australia T (08) 9471 6661

Master Plumbers Victoria T (03) 9329 9622

Master Plumbers Association ACT Inc T (02) 6112 8630

Master Plumbers Association of Queensland T (07) 3273 0800

Plumbing Industry Association of SA & NT Inc T (08) 8292 4000

Master Plumbers Association of Tasmania T (03) 6272 2199

Master Plumbers & Mechanical Contractors Association of New South Wales T (02) 8789 7000

Master Plumbers Association Tasmania

Above: Trudi and Grant hanging out with some special furry friends in the Century Hilton; right: Water plumbed directly to pens – lucky all work was supervised!

World-class build

World Plumbing Giving Project

The base build of the new world-class PICAC in Narre Warren is now complete.

MPAT kicked off its World Plumbing Day Community Giving Project this year throwing support behind German Shepherd Rescue Tas Inc. (GSRT).

Great effort is being undertaken to ensure that energy and plumbing technologies are innovatively displayed and that all plumbing work in the building is of exemplary workmanship and quality. The Net Zero Energy systems (solar PV and Geothermal heating and cooling) are being commissioned and tested. The site is about to undertake a comprehensive energy efficient assessment, which forms part of the Net Zero Energy accreditation. The test involves thermal imaging cameras being used to detect any heat loss from the building over an extended period of time. Watch the video on YouTube by searching Green Technology at PICAC Narre Warren. Master Plumbers offer training at the PICAC training facility in Geelong and Brunswick, visit http://picac.vic. or call 1300 222 727.

“GSRT provides a safe haven for unwanted and abandoned German Shepherds and does so much fabulous work we knew we had to lend a paw,” MPAT Executive Officer Angela Bennett said. “Our Board member Grant Chugg from Grant Chugg Plumbing took on the role as coordinator and made some magic happen.” On World Plumbing Day there was the important plumbing-related events with the added benefit of a Kennel Competition for our members. “The results were stunning,” Ms Bennett said. “The winner of the Kennel Comp was our own President Anthony Balik who came up with an amazing pavilion style kennel complete with its own plumbing, solar lighting and insulation! Beware – this is what you

get when you ask a Master Plumber to build something!” MPAT thanks the following members and their wonderful staff for making this year’s World Plumbing Day a hit: • Abco Blok, Wil Lockhart, Sam Nes and Nick De Jong from Premium Plumbing and Gas fitting. • Simon Dearsley, Luca Spangaro and Grant Chugg from Grant Chugg Plumbing. • Anthony Balik, Twentieth Century Plumbing. Steve and Sara Hurle from Hurle Plumbing, Guard Plumbing, Palmers Plumbing and Hardware and Todd & Lisa Leary from Southern Plumbing. Special thanks to our Associate members Daniel Cross from Samios Plumbing Supplies and Colin Etter from Crisp Ikin Agencies for donating the plumbing supplies and materials. | 17


from around the nation Master Plumbers Association Tasmania

Gas Standards Forum with Dr Christopher Munnings from CSRIO

CPD Training – Emerging technologies CSIRO’s Energy Technology expert, Dr Christopher Munnings, visited MPAT to provide a scientists’ view on the new emerging hydrogen technologies. Dr Munnings, a senior research scientist with CSIRO Energy Technology, is based in Melbourne where he leads the centre for hybrid energy systems (CHES). He has a strong background in energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells. Christopher joined CSIRO in 2010 and is currently working in the high efficiency thermal and electrochemical technologies group. He has a special interest in the conversion of cutting-edge fundamental science into commercial products with a passion for the creation, storage and use of energy. Dr Munnings has worked across the full spectrum of the innovation chain 18 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

from fundamental structural chemistry studies carried out within synchrotron facilities in Europe and Australia to applied R and D within large commercial organisations such as Rolls-Royce and MEL chemicals. Dr Munnings accompanied Andrew Ayton from Gas Standards and Safety to present sessions in the north and south of the state to our licenced gas-fitters. Some fabulous information was provided on both the current gas-fitting regime in Tasmania plus what Australia, more broadly, will see in the future when it comes to energy and energy sources.

Training coming up We will be rolling out some major CPD training in May / June on the Plumbing Code of Australia 2019. Further details will be provided on CPD Toolbox so make sure you are registered so you don’t miss out.

Opportunity to network with industry suppliers and manufacturers from the industry

His story of perseverance and living up to one’s full potential, was engaging and thought provoking for all in attendance

Master Plumbers Association Queensland There were a number of government representatives in attendance, with special guests including Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni, Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works, Energy, Innovation Michael Hart and Commissioner of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Brett Bassett. Guest speaker – Eric Bailey The event’s guest speaker was Eric Bailey, renowned presenter, educator, author, coach and activist. Abandoned as a child and raised by foster parents on the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles, he was told by the medical world that he would never have a sporting career, due to damage in his joints. Against all odds, Eric went onto play professional basketball for 14 years. His story of perseverance and living up to one’s full potential, was engaging and thought provoking for all in attendance. Drought Angels

World Plumbing Day guest speaker, Eric Bailey; left: World Plumbing Day, Brisbane, Queensland

Celebrating World Plumbing Day This year MPAQ once again celebrated World Plumbing Day by hosting the industry’s biggest breakfast on Friday 15 March at Sofitel, Brisbane. A trade expo was also combined with this year’s event, which gave the 300-plus attendees the opportunity to network with industry suppliers and manufacturers from the plumbing and gas industry.

The MPAQ team sold raffle tickets throughout the breakfast for the 2019 MPAQ Events Charity Partner, Drought Angels. Donations were also collected for Kerry Wylde, a CC P & D employee in his time of need. Thank you to everyone who donated. Over $5,000 was raised from your contributions! A special thank you to Tash Johnston and Jenny Gailey, Drought Angels Directors, who attended and spoke about the devastating effects of the current drought on Australian farmers and rural communities. | 19


from around the nation Master Plumbers Association Queensland

Hon. Mick de Brenni MP with new ambassadors, Natalie Christian, Patrick Wright and Daniel McClinton

2019 Ambassadors are announced The World Plumbing Day Breakfast also celebrated the unveiling of the 2019 Queensland Plumbing Ambassadors, which comprises of one licensed plumber and two plumbing apprentices.

Christian from JRW Gas and Plumbing and Patrick Wright from Christopher Contracting Plumbing and Drainage Pty Ltd.

Daniel McClinton, owner of PI Hydraulics Pty Ltd, was announced as the Plumbing Ambassador. Having been involved in the plumbing and gas industry over the past 15 years, Daniel proved a worthy candidate for the role. Daniel said that he applied for this position to give back to the industry and teach the younger generation the ins and outs of being a plumber.

Natalie will commence her second year of apprenticeship in May; however, she has been working in the plumbing and gas industry on and off for approximately 21 years and currently owns the business with her husband, Jamie. Over the years, she has gained valuable experience in the day-to-day running of a business, such as dealing with customers and employees, as well as the environment that comes with being on the tools.

Due to the outstanding amount of applicants MPAQ received, we decided to appoint two apprentices to be Ambassadors as well: Natalie

Having started as a trade assistant, Patrick Wright is an apprentice plumber who has worked for approximately seven years in the

20 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

plumbing and gas industry. He has worked on a number of major jobs so far, including the Gold Coast Private Hospital and the Commonwealth Games Athletes Accommodation. Patrick is excited to be one of the Apprentice Ambassadors as it will give him the opportunity to educate others on what it’s like to gain an apprenticeship in the plumbing and gas industry and the limitless learning and career options it offers. The Plumbing Ambassadors will be attending schools and career expos throughout the year, promoting the plumbing and gas trade to young people, school leavers, and careerseekers. If you would like more information about this, please call the MPAQ office on 07 3273 0800.

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Suitable for homes with up to 10 people Manufactured from high quality Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) High performance, low power consumption Minimal maintenance


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Our Made To Measure Aquaplate® tanks are designed to fit perfectly into any space and come in 4 different shapes with capacities ranging from 560L to 29,000L.

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Plumbing and penguins For mechanical services plumber Brendan Hopkins, Antarctica is an unusual and yet awesome workplace. Story by Kathryn Kernohan.

22 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Close encounters with penguins are par for the course for staff on the Australian Antarctic Program

Everyone has a funny work-related story or two – but few of them involve a grumpy penguin. “One day I was accosted by a penguin. He was in the work area and we have strict regulations around not approaching wildlife,” begins Brendan Hopkins. “For a couple of days we would see him and try to ‘shoo’ him away but he began to get quite grumpy and angry. By day three, he completely cracked it, ran at me, slammed his flippers into me and started biting me in quite an awkward spot! “Unfortunately nobody else was there to witness it but I was able to get some good photos of him...” Close encounters with penguins are par for the course for staff on the Australian Antarctic Program, where Brendan has spent five seasons, ranging from six weeks to 18 months in length.

The world’s coldest, windiest and driest continent is home to four permanent Australian research stations at Mawson, Davis, Casey and Macquarie Island. All four stations are occupied year-round by world-class scientists who work to understand, conserve and protect Antarctica’s environment and life form, in addition to support staff. For Brendan, who has a background in mechanical services plumbing, stumbling across a newspaper advertisement sparked a decade-plus relationship with Antarctica. “I was in Brisbane and there was an ad in the newspaper looking for plumbers to join the program. It came at a time when work was drying up a little bit and it just felt like the right time to try something new.” At Casey, which is almost 3,500 kilometers south of Hobart and

where Brendan has spent three seasons, up to 150 expeditioners can visit during the summer. When winter rolls around in February, the majority of people fly home and only a couple of dozen people remain on station with no other contact with the outside world for eight months. “It’s a really unique lifestyle there in that the person you’re working on the tools with is also the person you have a drink with at the bar, the person you have dinner with and the person you have breakfast with,” says Brendan. “Everyone has their own bedroom and we share bathrooms. The living quarters, kitchen and mess area are communal so it’s like a big share house.” Casey Station, known as the Red Shed, also has a home theatre, a gym, a photographic dark room, a library and even a home brewery, | 23

which serves the on-site bar Splinters. There’s also a cash-free ‘supermarket’ stocking essential supplies and a hydroponics room filled with fresh produce including tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and capsicums – an escape from the snow and ice outside particularly as there is often a period of a couple of weeks mid-year when the sun does not rise at all. Team members also confront the challenge of returning to normal life back in Australia after such long isolating periods abroad. “It was definitely difficult to readjust the first time I got back. One of the strangest things was driving – I’d spent 18 months only driving a ute at 15km an hour and rarely seeing anyone else on the road, so it was hard to get my head back around driving at 100km on a freeway.” As well as day-to-day plumbing duties – always made challenging by

24 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

constant fire risks due to the freezing conditions – Brendan has also served as Building Services Supervisor for the construction of wastewater treatment plants at Davis and Casey. The former, the first waste water treatment plant to be built for the Australian Antarctic Program, was in 2015. “Studies were conducted to see the impact on the local environment, and it wasn’t great, so lots of money and time was invested to design and build a new wastewater treatment plant,” recalls Brendan. “It was designed and built by a German company [Martin Membrane Systems] and arrived to us in five shipping containers. We had a crew of 12 to 14 people and we had to put it together like a big Meccano set!” The technologically advanced system uses a membrane filtration process to separate water that can be filtered and sent out to sea with waste that can be processed and

removed from Antarctica. Davis station has since installed an advanced treatment plant, trialed in Hobart, which can produce drinking water that exceeds both Australian and World Health Organisation guidelines. Brendan has combined his expeditions with teaching plumbing and mechanical services for a decade, and has recently taken up teaching full-time. Does it signal that his days in subzero temperatures are done? “They say that once you get ice in your veins, you don’t want to stop and I definitely feel that, so there’ll always be one last trip to come.” If you’re interested in learning more about the Australian Antarctic Program, visit Visit to register for notifications about future job applications, which open in early December.

ARE YOU COVERED FOR ERRORS AND OMISSIONS? Did you know that the Australian trades industry is currently experiencing a skills shortage?1,2 This could have a dramatic impact for plumbers, as reduced skills could potentially increase the risk for faulty or negligent workmanship. You could even be liable for the advice you provide relating to products! With Marsh Advantage Insurance, you can arrange automatic errors and omissions (E&O) cover, with your Plumbers Liability Insurance providing you with some protection from such mistakes and any incorrect advice you may have given. To get a quote, call 1300 300 511 or visit Marsh Advantage Insurance are endorsed by the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia. 1 2

National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). Apprentices and Trainees 2018: September quarter – Australia. 5 March 2019 National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). National Apprentice and Trainee Collection no. 98, September 2018 estimates, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Labour Force, Australian, detailed quarterly, August 2018 (as at February), cat. No. 6291.0.55.003.

Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238 369) (‘Marsh Advantage’) t/a Master Plumbers Insurance Brokers (Aust) a trading name of Marsh Advantage, arranges the insurance and is not the insurer. This advertisement contains general information and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers, refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which is available from Marsh Advantage. Marsh Advantage uses the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) logo under license from MPMSAA (ABN 56 296 473 997). MPMSAA receives a financial benefit when a policy is arranged by us, enabling it to continue to provide further services to the plumbing industry. LCPA 19/037. 19-0389

Making the

switch Chris Malcolmson from Reliable Plumbing Services tells Kathryn Kernohan about his journey from plumber to running a business. While many of Chris Malcolmson’s childhood friends were spending their school holidays playing sport or watching movies, Chris was learning the tools of the plumbing trade from his father Noel. Noel founded Melbourne’s Reliable Plumbing Services in 1976 and Chris vividly recalls learning from his father on the job as he was growing. Despite that, as he got closer to completing school, he began thinking about alternative career paths.

26 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

“I didn’t always want to be a plumber but I knew that I always loved working with my hands,” he says. “After I finished school, I worked in retail for a while and then an opportunity came up to go back and give dad a hand. After a week with him I decided to do an apprenticeship and 20 years later, here I am!” Plumbing took Chris to live and work in the UK and Germany for several years and he returned to Melbourne

in 2008 with a view to one day take over the business as Noel began to contemplate retirement. A decade later, Chris became owner and manager of the business, and cites the new-found responsibility that came with the career shift as his biggest professional challenge. “As a plumber, we do a four year apprenticeship to learn the technical skills we need to succeed but when you start running a business you have to care about all areas from sales, to HR, to marketing, to finance and all without qualifications in those areas,” he says. “I’ve experienced the evolution from working on the tools every day to

managing a business. It’s potentially not for everyone but I love constantly learning and developing and I certainly learn something new every day.” Reliable Plumbing Services, based in North Melbourne, is one of the city’s premier commercial plumbing companies specialising in working with universities, schools and businesses. Chris oversees a team of 25 service field technicians and an additional 10 customer service and operations staff members at head office. He is a passionate embracer of technological advancements, which he says have revolutionised the industry.

“From the plumbing products we install to the cloud-based management system we use to handle everything from service bookings to finances to OH&S requirements – there is so much innovation happening which benefits both us and the customer.”

Considering how the industry may evolve in coming years, Chris says businesses need to invest in ‘people skills’ as much as technical skills.

Chris is also proud that his team includes three female plumbers – and that, broadly, more women are entering the industry.

“I think the role of the plumber has changed in the last couple of years and will continue to do so. The stereotype of the plumber with his butt crack hanging out and arriving to a job late has changed!”

“We’ve been actively trying to boost our female workforce. It’s a great thing that there are more and more female role models out there so young women can see this as a viable career path.”

“Our clients expect us to deliver instant and efficient services but also highly professional services and quality customer service, and I think that’s pretty consistent across the industry.” | 27

How to raise our


Customer expectations are changing. Forget the end of the month, next week or even tomorrow, no one wants to wait for anything anymore. Matt Reynolds explains. Now! It is the new standard. From ordering food, arranging transport and buying songs, we want to tap our watches or our phones, and we want our problems solved. We get frustrated if we have to wait. We get annoyed if it isn’t easy. As consumers we are lazy, so we buy from companies who make it easy for us. Most of us are willing to spend money to save time. Our challenge as plumbers and business owners is to become the easiest and most convenient to buy from. It’s not about mechanics of the plumbing work we do, it is about everything that happens before and after a job is carried out. It’s all about the customer’s point of view; how they feel on their side of the transaction. Quality and price are still important factors but they only get you in the game. To claw ahead of the competition, you must continually improve the experience your customers have when they interact with you.

28 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

The same rules apply to the plumbing industry; convenience will win eventually.

Businesses who make it easy for their customers win. Those who don’t, lose.

When’s the last time you really thought about your customers? Have you thought about how your customers buy from you, how they deal with your business and how you could serve them more efficiently? What could you do to raise your standards? How, for example, could you halve the time it takes them to book your service while doubling the amount of information you communicate to them? Like it or not, it’s 2019 and not only do your customers now expect more, it’s highly possible that as they become more reliant on their phones and thumbs, they’re going to get a whole lot more demanding too. The question becomes, what are you going to do to lift your game and exceed their expectations? Firstly, you need to pull apart your own processes and look for steps in the job sequence that can be improved. For example, should any of your customers ever have to call you for a job update? Whose responsibility is it to control the communication process, yours or theirs? Is there a more efficient way of communicating so they don’t have to waste their time chasing you? If we look at current consumer trends from a macro perspective, your customers are very close to

expecting all of their communication with you and all of their job information to be available on their phone at any time, right? Compare the experience of ordering a meal using Deliveroo verses ordering directly from your local fish and chip shop. If you’re serious about building a business for the future, shouldn’t you think about recording and logging every step in your job process and make that available to your customers too? We can order Ubers and watch them drive to us and we can track our online orders as they are shipped to us. Is there any reason our customers wouldn’t want that standard of information from us? Shouldn’t they be able to see jobs as they unfold? You might not like these trends, many don’t. Unfortunately, customers don’t make decisions based on our opinions, they make them based on what’s best for them. So, you probably should consider what could happen if one of your competitors provided Uber-like transparency to their clients? Would you lose any of your customers to them? Remember, companies who don’t meet customers’ expectations eventually go out of business. Ask the folks at Blockbuster, it turns out that tapping our phones is easier, quicker and cheaper than driving across town to rent a movie. When Blockbuster had what customers wanted, they grew, when Netflix iterated quickly to develop an easier and better solution, they went broke. Simple.

The construction industry accounts for about 8% of Australia’s GDP, that’s big. When an industry is big and lucrative, it becomes attractive to others who want their own slice of the action. To date, we have seen very little digital disruption in the construction industry. Digital distribution occurs when emerging technologies and new business models begin to transform the way an industry operates. It’s why Netflix beat Blockbuster and why Uber stole many of the taxi industry’s customers. It’s also the reason why you no longer have a street directory under your front seat and why you don’t post letters anymore, smartphone maps and email are easier, quicker, cost less and are actually better services. Is it possible that we as trade professionals are, right now, in the same position musical artists were just before iTunes, Spotify and other online streaming services became popular? Are we labour primed to be commoditised? How are you going to respond to current customers’ trends and in which direction will you take your business? Are you positioned to take advantage of these inevitable changes? What I know is, we as plumbers better get ready for some changes and we better lift our service game. If we don’t raise our own standards, outsiders may just come in and raise them for us.

From the trenches Matt Reynolds is an award winning plumber who writes about the game as an industry insider. You can connect with him on Twitter @MrMattReynolds or find him as the Director of XRM Plumbing Services on LinkedIn. | 29

What can I do

The apprentice Have you ever missed out on a job and wondered why? Do you have an interview coming up and want to know how to prepare to knock it out of the park? Australian Plumbing surveyed a group of employers to find out what they’re looking for in an apprentice to help you be your best. Here are the top five responses The first is initiative. What have you done prior to applying for the job to demonstrate that you are keen to join the team? Have you researched the company to find out its history or the type of work it does? Have you earned yourself a white card so that you can walk onto a job site on day one? Showing that you really want something by investing in yourself will let your prospective employer know that you’re ready to hit the ground running. Next is your work experience. This should demonstrate your understanding of primary work skills such as self-management, teamwork and your ability to follow instruction. Have you proven your ability to manage early morning starts by delivering papers for the local newsagent? Did you learn to communicate well with customers after taking orders at the golden arches? You may not realise it but most of what you’re doing in your high-school casual jobs is preparing you for the rest of your working life. 30 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

What is your preparedness to learn? Are you willing to dig a few holes with a shovel to appreciate sitting in the driver’s seat of an excavator? Work – and life in general – is all about learning, what you learn today will make you better tomorrow. It’s not enough to turn up and go through the motions, waiting for knock-off time. You owe it to yourself to learn from your experiences on the job and be able to take instruction from the person charged with guiding you through your apprenticeship: a true team effort. You’re also going to need a

passion for plumbing? Your ability to demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the industry and are looking to make further steps into a career in plumbing will give a potential employer confidence that you’ve done your research and you know what the plumbing industry is all about. The last thing an employer wants to hear after they have invested time and resources into

training you is that “You know what, I don’t think plumbing is for me… I think I wanna be a sparky!” Most importantly, employers are looking for people with a good attitude. So much so, that most of the other traits listed might be overlooked if you’ve got a great attitude. Employers want a recruit that comes to work ready to get stuck into the day, is easy to manage, can adapt to the existing team culture and, most importantly, knows the appropriate time to use their mobile phone!

to come out on top? The employer When recruiting, you’re looking for the person who best meets your needs. Apprentices have a similar mindset, they want a company that matches their needs. Australian Plumbing surveyed a group of budding apprentices to find out what they’re looking for in an employer when on the lookout for a place to start their apprenticeship. Here are the top five responses The first is a bit of a no-brainer, everyone wants to work for a business that has a good name in the industry. As you’ll be aware, good news travel fast… bad news travels faster! People in the industry tend to operate in tight circles and news of someone who doesn’t pay on time or is recruiting apprentices to only dig trenches rather than teach them about plumbing will spread like wildfire and have the best applicants avoiding you like the plague. Reputation counts! Your reputation extends beyond you as an operator as well, your ability to provide a quality working environment is essential to selling your business as a desirable place for apprentices to begin building their futures. When people go to work, they have every right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. If you’re going to turn a blind eye to unsafe working conditions on your sites or

expect complex jobs to be completed without the right tools and materials, you’re not going to have people knocking down your door to work for you. In support of this, a great working knowledge and understanding of the industry goes a long way to making an apprentice feel confident that they’re going to learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Any gap in your knowledge is most certainly going to be a gap in theirs. Just like what you’re looking for in an apprentice, they’re looking for an employer with a good attitude, someone that’s going to show interest in them as a person as well as a professional.

And lastly, one of the most common responses from the apprentices we spoke to was patience, and the ability to teach. Now, while apprentices will need to learn to understand that you’re a tradesperson, not a qualified teacher like they’ll have access to at trade school, there still needs to be a good balance of knowledge sharing and support on the job. Being prepared to help your apprentice learn on the job is only going to benefit your business in the long run with a more confident and capable plumber in your team. With thanks to the members of Master Plumbers who were most generous with their time.

When you consider that over the course of a day, most people are going to spend more time with the people that they work with than their family, it’s very important that you’re able to maintain good relationships. | 31

Start training for

Shayne La Combre is the CEO of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre and Chair of the World Plumbing Council. Recently, he sat down with Master Plumbers Radio presenter Daniel Carroll to talk about the origins of PICAC and importance of training in the plumbing industry. DANIEL PICAC, the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, is predominantly a training facility and you’re the CEO of that facility. Can you tell us a little bit about PICAC and how it all came about? SHAYNE Where PICAC originated

goes back to the drought; what we now call the millennium drought. Almost all of Australia was in the grip of that drought. We were in a really serious position water wise. Coupled with that, a few climate change reports had been published and the state government was also very interested in how we could make better use of water and energy in the built environment. At the same time, people were not fully appreciating the contribution plumbing makes to that whole equation. When we started looking at the workforce, no one had been trained in these areas. So there was 32 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

a real appetite to look at what the contribution of the built environment was and then realise, well, hey, plumbing is front and centre here, how can we introduce far more sustainable practices into plumbing? And that’s where organisations like the Master Plumbers, the AMCA, the NFIA, the National Fire Industry Association and the Plumbers Union got together and started saying “hey, there has to be a better way of doing this”. We started looking at introducing more training into the apprenticeship, but that was going to take too long because we’ve got water levels decreasing as we’re watching them, right? So we can’t be waiting two and three generations for this skillset to start coming out. So we had to take some pretty significant action and

develop post-trade courses to meet these needs. DANIEL Buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption and one third of the global greenhouse gas emissions. As climate change continues to have an impact on the planet, the design and engineering of sustainable buildings has become increasingly significant. In particular, net-zero energy, or NZE buildings are quickly moving into the spotlight.

Australia is set to have its very first NZE education and research facility built by PICAC at Narre Warren. Can you tell us a little bit about that project? SHAYNE I guess Narre Warren just

epitomises what the PICAC vision is all about. It’s the next generation. What we’ve tried to do is keep our delivery as contemporary as possible, make sure that we’re

the future

teaching the most modern techniques, addressing the most current risks. We are trying to make sure that we’re not just trying to address where our industry is today but try and have a look at where it’s going to be tomorrow and equip people to take up that career option, that challenge. I think that’s probably one of the things that we struggle the most with and it’s a tale of woe for any industry that’s been born, shone for a while and then petered out. It hasn’t looked at how it needs to change into the future. I think one of the great strengths of PICAC in terms of bringing the key industry stakeholders together is we’ve got an eye on that future. Coming together, working together, identifying where the issues are, identifying where the gaps are, and then trying to move forward with a collective impression about what the future’s going to be gives us the best chance to train for that. And that’s what we’ve tried to create out at Narre Warren. So, yeah it is the first, zero-net energy designed training facility. And what that means is that we’ve been able to use a

geothermal system combined with extensive PV panels to have a building that basically generates all its own power, all its own heating and cooling and mechanical energy from mechanical services. We’ve worked with Monash University, Melbourne University and Deakin University on various aspects of the design to make sure that it’s future focused. We were fortunate enough to convince the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials to join us in the Narre Warren facility. They run an Australian product certification and standards organisation, one of the biggest in the world, and we’d had a long relationship with them. So when you look at the facility, we’ve got basically one third dedicated to new product, new technology, innovation, whatever’s coming in and going to influence the plumbing industry. Then we’ve got a central area which includes an auditorium and open space where things can be displayed, forums can take place and knowledge exchanges can occur.

So we go immediately from a product that didn’t exist in the Australian market this morning, to being on display by lunchtime and then introduced into the training delivery curriculum by that afternoon. That’s how responsive we see the environment being created in Narre Warren. It’s our vision, it’s our hope that we’ll keep our delivery as contemporary as possible so that we’re equipping the men and women who participate in our industry to be able to move forward with development and deliver the plumbing services of tomorrow.

Listen to the full interview by scanning the QR code below with your phone camera. If you would like to hear from other experts in future episodes of Master Plumbers Radio, email

And then you move into the final part of the building, which is of course the training facility. | 33

Death of sons spurs action

Vanessa is pictured with Master Plumbers CEO Peter Daly. Master Plumbers has partnered with The Chase and Tyler Foundation to promote consumer awareness around the safe installation and servicing of gas appliances. See page 8. 34 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Vanessa Robinson’s life was turned upside down in 2010 when she lost her sons – Chase, eight, and Tyler, six – to carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a faulty gas heater in their home in Mooroopna, north of Melbourne. Vanessa spoke with Master Plumbers’ Radio recently to tell her story and promote the importance of regular maintenance of all gas Make sure the appliances, especially those in your home. person who comes DANIEL At the time of your accident,

there would have been little to no knowledge for the community on what carbon monoxide poisoning was and how it can affect people. VANESSA That’s right. I was in hospital and took a little bit to sort of comprehend exactly what happened because I was in a coma for a little bit and obviously quite unwell. When I was fully advised about how my children died, I was completely astonished, shocked and obviously traumatised because I just couldn’t comprehend how something that I’ve used for my entire duration of my life was dangerous.

I always had the understanding that there could be a potential explosion from gas but never had I heard of carbon monoxide poisoning, except for in the movies where people have intentionally caused harm to themselves. DANIEL I can’t even begin to imagine your mindset as a result of such a horrific event. How were you able to get through something like that and then start a charity (The Chase and Tyler Foundation)? VANESSA I wanted to take action

right there and then, and I knew that I just couldn’t sit back and watch this happen to other people, so as soon as I was well enough to be discharged, I contacted my local member, Dr Sharman Stone, and asked for her help to make sure that this never happened again. With the help of Dr Stone, our messaging passed through (Victorian) Parliament, received bipartisan support and led to the

creation of the gas safety strategy. I also presented to Energy Safe Victoria, and we created a TV commercial – Carbon Monoxide the Silent Killer. It was a really emotional video that engaged our community members to identify the risk in their homes and to take action. Then I got onto social media and started a Facebook page, which was to create carbon monoxide awareness throughout our communities. It was a nice cheap, free resource that I could manage and a good starting point to engage people and create that awareness. Especially when it was just myself doing it at this point and I had absolutely no money. At the end of 2011 we officially initiated The Chase and Tyler Foundation. DANIEL Many of the appliances, like the one responsible for the death of your sons, are found in public housing and rental properties. What advice do you have for the people who find themselves in that position? What actions can they take to keep their homes and their families safe? VANESSA There’s a recommendation from Energy Safe Victoria and REIV that the gas appliances should be serviced at least every two years. I think that the first step would be, contacting your landlord or agent and asking, and I would send an email, which is written evidence. Contact them and ask when the gas service was last conducted on your appliance. And if indeed, if it was longer than two years, put a request immediately in for that to be serviced.

Also, don’t use it. to service your I know it’s a little bit appliance is a hard, but don’t use Type A gasfitter the gas heater until it has been serviced. Essentially, with a lot of unsafe gas appliances out there at the moment, especially when we’re talking about open flued gas appliances, you really just don’t want to take that risk, so make sure you have that service before use. Make sure the person who comes to service your appliance is a Type A gasfitter, so they could come under a header of a gasfitter or a plumber. Sometimes I think that confuses consumers into who to select, but they need to have type A gas appliance servicing on the back of their license. These people are qualified and licensed to actually go into service your gas appliance, your gas heater especially. They’ve had training with Master Plumbers, Energy Safe Victoria, and Victorian Building Authority, so they’re aware of how to conduct carbon monoxide spilling tests as well as the full, complete process when servicing your appliances, which now includes certainly negative pressure testing. When you’re utilising people who are unqualified, it is a risk to your life. So this is why it’s fundamental to ensure you’re getting somebody who is appropriately skilled in this area.

When was the last service on your gas appliance? Find a Master Plumber to get the job done properly. | 35

Marsh Advantage Insurance Promotion

Plumbers are facing a skills shortage. How can insurance help reduce this impact? Did you know that the trade industry as a whole is experiencing a skills shortage? Even more so, statistics by the Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business highlights that the plumbing industry has experienced a shortage of plumbers in NSW alone, since 20131. This is worrisome for plumbers and plumbing business owners who could potentially be at risk of claims of negligence or faulty workmanship simply because they do not have the skills or resources to avoid such issues in the first place. Additionally, many plumbers are not always isolated to their own job sites. Working in conjunction with developers and builders can also increase the risk, where the advice given may inadvertently cause losses or damages. When this occurs, a standalone public liability policy might not provide adequate cover. Further, it is no secret that customer expectations and demands are increasing. Plumber and podcast professional, Matt Reynolds even shared the idea that quotes alone

are not enough to make plumbers competitive in the current field. Consumers are comparing quotes, knowledge and experience, approach, professionalism and testimonials to ensure they are receiving the right level of service they require2. Combine these constantly evolving demands, the fluid nature of the workforce, and continuous reduction in skills or resources, and you could potentially find yourself facing a serious claim. Fortunately, there are steps you can take today to mitigate this risk. For example, public liability insurance will provide cover in the instance of property damage or personal injury as a result of your business activities but it will not provide cover for the product advice you provide It is Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O) for Products which provides protection for plumbers against claims where it has been alleged that product advice has led to damage or loss. These types of claims may not be covered by public liability insurance. Moreover, E&O insurance is often purchased additionally on top of any outstanding insurance cover that a

business may have, meaning that there are many plumbers who may not be protected. At Marsh Advantage Insurance, we understand the unique challenges that the plumbing industry faces. That is why we now provide automatic E&O cover, something that we believe is not done elsewhere in the market. Our policies also adhere to the Victorian Plumbers Ministerial Order, guaranteeing that any mandatory insurance requirements that you may have are sorted. We also send VBA your Certificate of Currency automatically on payment, to save you the hassle and allow you to focus on what matters most. More importantly, our team also collaborates with thousands of plumbers and tradesmen to provide insurance solutions that address their specific needs. For more information or to obtain a quotation, please contact our Master Plumbers Insurance Brokers on 1300 300 511. 1 Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business, Plumbers ANZSCO 3341, 2018. 2 Logan Nathan. 7 Emerging Trends That Will Transform the Trades Services Industry in 2018. 2018 i4tradies.

Notice: Master Plumbers Insurance Brokers (Aust) (MPIB) is a trading name of Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238 369). MPIB arranges the insurance and is not the insurer. This article contains general information, does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs and may not suit your personal circumstances. Any statements concerning actuarial, tax, accounting, or legal matters are based solely on our experience as insurance brokers and risk consultants and are not to be relied upon as actuarial, accounting, tax, or legal advice, for which you should consult your own professional advisors. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers and before making any decision about whether to acquire the product, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh Advantage on request. The Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) receives a financial benefit when a policy is arranged by Marsh Advantage, enabling it to continue to provide further services to the plumbing industry. LCPA: 19/023 36 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Inspiring a Connected Business For Trades & Services | 37

President & Chief Executive Report

Member value, industry development, sustainability

On behalf of the Master Plumbers Executive Board, we are pleased to present the Association’s Annual Report for 2018. The past year has been an exciting and eventful time for Master Plumbers. Your association has embarked on a journey to make membership more relevant and meaningful and to ensure Master Plumbers’ long-term future. We commenced the implementation of a new three-year strategic plan, which puts members at the heart of the association. The strategic plan has six key themes centered around member value, industry development and sustainability. Master Plumbers recommitted efforts to listening to members to better understand what is important to them. We are building further value into membership, rewarding current members for their loyalty and introducing new members to the Master Plumbers’ family. Through our partnership with the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) and the Plumbing Employees Union, our $30 million state-of-the-art training facility in 38 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Narre Warren is due for completion in coming months. It combines the latest plumbing technology with modern teaching facilities and generous contributions of equipment from suppliers to the industry. We plan to commence classes in the second half of 2019.

members have potentially saved up to $3,500 each already. Master Plumbers’ members purchased 77 new Toyota vehicles, saving $560,000 and approximately 2,300,000 litres of fuel were bought by members in our Caltex and BP discount programs.

As part of our new digital strategy, we are well-underway with the construction of a new website and find-a-plumber tool.

Further discounts and savings were enjoyed from Master Plumbers’ partners including Telstra, SP Solutions and Sheen Group.

Our next-generation website and integrated find-a-plumber platform will provide members with an enhanced level of service and the public with an easy way to contact a Master Plumber.

Advice provided by our workplace relations, occupational health and safety and technical advice experts was valued by members, with the number of calls to Master Plumbers for these services topping 1,100.

Providing more value for membership

Engaging our members

We have introduced a new suite of products and services to provide members with better ways to do business. One of the most popular is free Australian Standards for members, which they can download and print. More than 10 per cent of

Master Plumbers has several channels through which we communicate with members, including Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine, our electronic newsletter, social media and direct contact by phone, text, email and post. We revamped our Australian

Plumbing magazine, which reaches 28,000 people per edition. We introduced Master Plumbers Radio, a podcast series interviewing industry experts on business and professional development topics. We built our social media following to more than 9,000 and added LinkedIn and Instagram to the established Facebook and Twitter channels. Master Plumbers has ramped up its personal contact and we have undertaken to visit or speak directly with all new members soon after joining and regularly thereafter. We are also refining how we best communicate with all members, based on their individual preferences rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Representing members’ interests Master Plumbers participated in a Coronial Inquest to assist the investigation into the death of

a resident from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Our contribution was very well received and reflected in the Coroners’ Findings. The association also had a very considerable impact on the Plumbing Regulations Sunset Review 2018, with successful advocacy to strengthen the protections necessary to ensure public health and safeguard the integrity of our industry. We have been active in the Plumbing Training Package Review and have been strongly advocating nationally that the training package must be designed, developed and delivered to industry requirements. In a first for Master Plumbers, we published our inaugural advocacy

document “Plumbing Industry Priorities” ahead of the Victorian State Election and distributed 750 copies to stakeholders, decision-makers and members. Master Plumbers’ advocacy on these priorities was reinforced through personal contact with Ministers, their advisors and Members of Parliament, together with our key industry stakeholders such as the Victorian Building Authority and Energy Safe Victoria. | 39

MEMBE RSHIP Major Co ntractors Division The Maj or Con

tractors on Water Division Sys held a foru expert Phi tem Innova tion m specialist l Woolhouse and , hosting hyd raulics Colin Kirk air land from valve produc t Bermad.

Plumbing and


Solid member equity

of report that in a year d by We are pleased to member equity increaseyear operational review, financial over the 2017-18 nearly $200,000 The association returned0 to nearly $17.5 million. $190,00 nal profit of just over a healthy operatio conditions, market tough Victoria for the year despite g Apprenticeships l year especially for Plumbin part of the financia which spent the latter to its operational model to s implementing change nce. regulatory complia improve quality and ated its non-current consolid rs Master Plumbe g units to e of two adjoinin assets with the purchas Brunswick and this saw Street our office in Albert and equivalents. decrease in cash atively a corresponding being managed conserv Cash reserves are facilities ent in our training with further investm . 2018-19 committed in a modern the introduction of nal The year also saw s planning and operatio busines hensive e compre to provide the Executiv r management model information and strongeactivities. Board with better t of the Associations governance oversigh

continued members for their In closing, we thank We also express sincere loyalty over the year. of the fellow members for their appreciation to our National Councillors Executive Board and tion to the association. contribu very significant brand, l position, trusted strategic With our solid financia ted staff and a new commit and d dedicate build rs is well-placed to plan, Master Plumbe over coming years. further member value

Scott Dowsett President

Peter Daly

Chief Executive Officer and Secretar y

INVOLVEMENT Coronial inquest

ate in was invited to particip Sonia Master Plumbers Ms into the death of the coronial inquest poisoning Carbon Monoxide Sofianopoulos from in 2017. were formal submissions and tions Our contribu d in the and were reflecte very well received . Coroners’ findings Coroner strongly supported Master Plumbers tragic death where the into findings Hawkins’ phasing out included a call for tion recommendations ued heaters, consulta old technology open-fl servicing compliance, with industry to improve gn on the dangers campai for a public awareness de and ongoing training of carbon monoxi onals. plumbing professi


Looking forward

be framed by coming year will plan. Key priorities for the entation of our strategic the ongoing implem of teaching commencement This will include the updating of campus and the at our Narre Warren will introduce at Brunswick. We teaching facilities to make training and plan further post-trade to members le accessib more specialist training group training We will ensure our across the state. ices and with quality apprent and provides industry ns to reduce risk further refine its operatio increase profitability. will continue strategy digital our together The roll-out of and find-a-plumber, with a new website and products, services with a suite of new Importantly, we will communication activity. t with our to better connec nicate continue our efforts and online and commu members in person way members prefer. effectively in the r retired be aware, Ken Gardne made As members will 2018. Ken March in ry Secreta rs as CEO and tion to Master Plumbe be e to an enormous contribu for this. Ken will continu has and and we thank him king special projects involved by underta position on mber, non-voting accepted a non-me still see him so members will the Executive Board, time to time. from ion around the associat


Gasfitting Division

Plumbing and Gas in 2018 fitting to input into participate in disc Division met qua ussion and a range rter through of issues provide ly out the year, incl that the industry uding: faced • Australi an Standard Events - Particip s ated The Ass Plumbing in the review ocia of Stan AS/NZS dards social fron tion was onc - Particip 3500 201 e ated in the 8 members t, hosting a ran again active on NZS514 ge of eve a 1 2018 Res development of busines and other stak nts for its AS/ Systems idential s bre eho Heating nights and akfasts, memb lders includin and Coo - On-go g er forums, of ling ing part Chr icipation istmas Funcourse, the ann awa NZS560 in the revi ual Memb rds ction. 1 ew of AS/ er - On-go Gas Installations ing NZS457 participation in 5 Servicin the review - On-go g of Typ of AS/ e A Gas ing Appliances Water Filte participation in review of rs AS3497 • Develop ment of a discussi conside ratio on to inconsis n by Water Aut paper for horities tent app in blockag roach in relation es. dealing with sew • Provisio er n of tech nical inpu Corone rs inquest t for the Sofiano poulos. into the deathies The ing industry priorit of Ms Sofia Plumb Plumbing and Gas d roofing publishe rs fittinPlumbe produc g Division ABOVE: Master 2018, t dem In August Pau alsording ons safegua hos trati industry of the gue la and Kim from g ted on from Dam st speakers ‘A stronger plumbin Roo priorities’ a at a Busi frite talking to one Plumbing industry busall ters. ness Brea our community: BELOW rs and called on kfast : WJ Bug g and Son mileston on behalf of our membeto form government e certifica Pty Ltd acce te for 80 to political parties wishing pt their years of state election to commit r members at the upcoming hip help us build a stronge these priorities and nity. commu safer a and plumbing industry e: compris These and safety of our 1. Ensuring the health community ers’ access to 2. Safeguarding consumproducts g compliant plumbin urpose compliance xity 3. Providing a fit-for-p increasing comple system to meet the in plumbing r comprehensive 4. Delivering a four-yea as a iceship program plumbing apprent 10 ion A N N UA m requirement for registrat L R EP O minimu roof R T 2 01 to future-p 8 learning 5. Providing lifelong our industry of payment for 6. Supporting security tors plumbing contrac t to build a more efficien 7. Cutting red tape plumbing industry

Training our industry Master Plumbers delivers industry training programs incorporating the Certificate II Pre-apprenticeship, Certificate III Apprenticeship and post-trade Certificate IV programs, together with specialist training. Over the course of the year we delivered more than 77,100 hours of training to 719 students across these programs at the Master Plumbers’ PICAC Brunswick and Geelong campuses. Our approach to quality education saw an average 98 per cent of our students pass the independent Journeyman’s examination the first time, a rate far out-performing the plumbing training industry. Members saved nearly $60,000 in post-trade training at Master Plumbers. In addition to our formal education programs, Master Plumbers provided a range of information and awareness sessions across Victoria. 40 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Master Plum bers spo Associat nsored the ion Australi with a focu (AGA) Industry Forum ‘The an Gas s on hyd rogen. Future of Gas’


$560,00 0 saved by members fleet veh icles thro buying ugh Toy ota

Master Plum bers repr from left) and Bren esentatives Gar the AGA y dan Gou Industry ld (far righ Bath (3rd Forum t) attending


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ry E: 11-2

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s 22







ry A: Sole


saved by members through hiring app Plumbing rentices/lab Apprent our iceships Victoria


2.3 millio n litres of fuel purchas ed and Calt ex partner through BP program s


ry I: Ind ividuals


Catego ry M: Cor porate Par tners AFFILIA TE TOTAL


29 66


181 887

calls take n by relations, Master Plumbers OH&S and ’ workpla ce technica l experts

program roll-out Carbon monoxide

the VBA in conjunction with s Master Plumbers, training at 34 location and ESV conducted 4,000 licensed and to upskill approximately open flued rs in ventilation for and registered plumbe air pressure testing gas appliances, negative testing. spillage carbon monoxide


R T 2 01 8 A N N UA L R EP O


R T 2 01 8 A N N UA L R EP O

Our members continued to provide input to various technical advisory bodies, including the development and revision of Australian Standards and we thank them for giving their valuable time and knowledge on behalf of their industry

AGA Co nference

Heating, Ventilatio Division (HVAC) n and Air Cond

itioning Apart from the Ann did not ual Mee conven e any form ting, the HVAC Divi al meetin Member s particip gs for 201 sion ated in the Residen 8. tial Heating review of minimu m applica and Cooling Syst AS5141 tions for perform emsance and energy efficienc comfort y, criteria.

Foremost amongst these was our very popular Carbon Monoxide Awareness program, which we delivered to 4,000 registered/ licensed plumbers at 34 locations across Victoria. We also held member forums in Frankston, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Sale and business breakfasts in Dandenong, Broadmeadows and Caroline Springs. Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV), our Group Training Scheme, has a strong focus on providing high-quality apprentices to industry at a competitive rate. We devoted significant effort to building stronger relationships with our host employers to better understand their businesses. Members who use apprentices through PAV receive a significant discount and saved $157,000 on apprentice hire over the year. As members may be aware from updates over the past months, we have now also developed our own voluntary Continuing Professional Development program for members and their employees and we will launch this in 2019.


T 2 01 8



Master Plumbers is well-placed to build further member value over coming years

Looking forward Key priorities for the coming year will be framed by the ongoing implementation of our strategic plan. This will include the commencement of teaching at our Narre Warren campus and the updating of teaching facilities at Brunswick. The roll-out of our digital strategy will continue, together with a suite of new products, services and communication activity. We will continue our efforts to better connect with our members in person and online and communicate in the way members prefer. We thank members for their continued loyalty over the year. We also express sincere appreciation to our colleagues on the Executive Board and National Council for their very significant contribution to the association. With our solid financial position, trusted brand, dedicated and committed staff and a new strategic plan, Master Plumbers is well-placed to build further member value over coming years. Scott Dowsett President Peter Daly Secretary & Chief Executive Officer

Member news Aspire to inspire In the lead up to this year’s Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards (PIFA) in Melbourne, Daniel Carroll spoke with Thomas Dunn, winner of the Frank Maskell General Plumbing Award and Andrew Letten Gold Medal at the 2018 event. DANIEL Can you tell me what you knew about PIFA prior to being nominated?

pin drop in that hall, not a whisper! I haven’t seen any footage but I’ve been told it went OK.

THOMAS I was completing my Apprenticeship at the time and I knew it was a great honour to be considered for the award.

DANIEL The Andrew Letten Gold Medal is the highest honour provided by the Master Plumbers and the highest industry award provided to apprentices. To be eligible for this medal you must first have won either the Mechanical Services Award, the Frank Maskell General Plumbing Award or the NA Smith Gas Award. What did that mean to you?

DANIEL How were you nominated? THOMAS My employer at the time, David McCarthy and his wife Catherine nominated me. I’d been working with them for a while and I learned a lot from both David and Catherine. When I was nominated I had a sense of pride in representing the business as well as my personal achievements. DANIEL Describe the lead up to the awards? THOMAS I was a bit nervous when I was asked to attend an interview for the award but the interview panel was great. It was great to talk to other people in the industry. DANIEL Tell us about the awards night itself. THOMAS The awards night was

absolutely fantastic! I got the new suit on and invited my mum to come along with me. The nerves didn’t kick in until I was to do a brief speech for winning the Andrew Letten Gold Medal. You could have heard a

THOMAS I was absolutely stoked! I was over the moon to have won the Frank Maskell General Plumbing Award and to also hear my name called for the Andrew Letten Gold Medal was icing on the cake. DANIEL Since winning the award, has your career changed? THOMAS I definitely got a huge boost in confidence, along with my desire to continue learning and be the best I can be. DANIEL What can you say to people thinking about nominating? THOMAS Get your nominations in! It has been an unbelievable experience for me and I will be nominating my Apprentices in the future. | 41

Member news Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards 2019 Applications are now open for the Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards (PFIA), the industry’s biggest night of the year. The PFIA are an opportunity to recognise the hard work of people across the industry. Applications for awards close 12 July 2019. You can apply as an individual for an award or on behalf of your business, or you can nominate a colleague, your boss or an employee for one of the impressive, industry-recognised awards. There are 15 prestigious awards available across a range of disciplines. They are: • Individual Awards for Excellence (nine categories) • Company and Project Awards (two categories) • Apprentice Awards (four categories) PFIA will be held on 13 September at the Melbourne Convention Centre. The event will be even bigger this year as it will be the concluding event for the World Plumbing Conference (WPC 2019). Tickets can be purchased at or, if you are attending WPC 2019, tickets for PFIA can also be booked via the conference registration site PFIA sold-out in 2017 and 2018 so secure your tickets early.

42 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019


11 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2019 Melbourne, Australia

The World Plumbing Conference 2019 is a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking and professional development.

Mark Pesce

Mark McManus



Guest speakers include Dr Armando Silva Afonso (Portugal), Dr Steve Cummings (AUS), Peter DeMarco (USA), Allan Dumalay (PHL), Robert Funston (AUS), Dr Carol Grossman (AUS), David Harper (UK), Dr Lynne Jack (UK), Dr Markus Lenger (USA), Ryan Milne (AUS), Martin Sawyers (NZD), Christoph Schauer (SUI), Phil Woolhouse (AUS) and more still to be announced.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore global participation, world leading practices, a technical product expo and knowledge sharing on protection practices.


Ensure you are at the most important industry event there is!



Member news Master Plumbers delivers Uber-style App for its members Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia has announced an exclusive new partnership in Victoria with i4Tradies to provide an innovative Uber-style App for its members. The App, developed by technology innovator i4Tradies, helps plumbing businesses efficiently manage their end-to-end operations, while providing an outstanding consumer experience to their customers. The App is exclusively available in Victoria only to plumbers who are members of Master Plumbers. Peter Daly, Master Plumbers Chief Executive said that the partnership continues

the evolution of the plumbing profession and will help deliver the kind of service levels Master Plumbers are known for. “The i4Tradies platform provides our members with the right tool to run their business in a way that will allow them to build trust with their customers. I think this will turn out to be a game changer for our members,” Mr Daly said. Logan Nathan, founder and CEO of i4Tradies, said the partnership

A first for plumbing A great crowd gathered at PICAC Geelong on April 1 for the inaugural Master Plumbers Plumbing Expo. Representatives from all areas of industry experienced the informative display that showcased everything making news in plumbing from new product offerings to in-demand training and regulation discussion. Guest speaker Vanessa Robinson, Founder and Executive Officer of the Chase and Tyler Foundation, delivered a keynote speech on the importance of gas appliance servicing and helped launch Master Plumbers’ gas appliance safety program with Master Plumbers CEO Peter Daly. 44 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

is a win for the plumbing industry and its customers. “The use of the App, which was developed with the involvement of the members of Master Plumbers, will deliver peace of mind for business owners as they will spend less time managing the business and more time growing it and getting their lives back.” Keep an eye on your inbox and mailbox for further information from Master Plumbers on i4Tradies and how to get started.

Master Plumbers upcoming events Narre Warren Expo 19 August World Plumbing Conference September 11-13 Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards 2019 September 13 Gippsland Expo October 28 For details email or call 03 9329 9622.

Cbus Promotion

Share markets and thinking for the long term a long-term growth objective as a knee-jerk reaction to short term market falls. The graph below shows the long term impact of a member switching out of the Growth (Cbus MySuper) option into an option with less or no shares during the Global Financial Crisis 10 years ago.

$228,457 (+128.5%)

$225 K

Stayed in Growth (Cbus MySuper)

$177,962 (+78%)

Switched to Conservative

$128,480 (+28.5%)

Switched to Capital Guaranteed (Cash savings since Jan 2012)

$150 K











$75 K 2009

In the first two months of 2019 share markets have bounced back. The US Federal Reserve saying they’re not looking to increase interest rates in

the short-term kick-started the bounce. The result is that share markets have gone up quickly to levels approaching the highs reached in 2018. The speed that share markets rebounded highlights the importance of not switching out of an investment option with


Share markets across the world had some large falls and a period of big ups and downs (volatility) in the final three months of 2018. These falls were caused by a few things, including concerns over the impact of higher interest rates in the US, slowing global growth and the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China. As the Growth (Cbus MySuper) option has around half its investments in shares, the market movements at the end of 2018 have affected the returns for this option along with the MySuper default options offered by other super funds that also hold shares.

These figures are for illustration purposes only and do not take into account tax, fees, insurance or contributions. Calculations are based on historical monthly returns from 31 January 2008 to 31 December 2018, switching on 31 March 2009 with a super account balance of $100,000. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This information is about Cbus. It doesn’t take into account your specific needs, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions. Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792. Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262.

Cbus makes super easy for your business We are here to meet your business’ super needs by providing: simple and easy super administration reliable service and support a strong super fund for you and your employees Contact Daniel for your business super needs Daniel Tentser Business Superannuation Consultant, VIC

0439 372 365

Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement and other related documents to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Call 1300 361 784 or visit for a copy. Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792 Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262. | 45

Product news RIGID press tool RIGID’s RP241 Compact Press Tool (RP 241), a low profile inline tool, weighs 2.5kg and is ergonomically designed for work overhead and in tight spaces. Bluetooth enabled, it connects to the free RIDGID Link app (App Store and Google Play) to access cycle count, tool status, battery life, daily press cycles etc.

Brunsdon pumps Brunsdon stormwater and sewerage pump systems are manufactured with a wide range of pre-packaged pump pits for domestic and commercial pumping systems. The systems are made with a heavy-duty, reinforced polyethylene with a range of lids to suit each site and delivered pre-plumbed to connect to your sites’ drainage/sewerage systems. Brunsdon pumps offer sales, repairs, installations and 24-hour emergency breakdown service.

For more information, call 03 9464 1033 or visit 280 Settlement Road Thomastown, Victoria.

Bosch Tronic 1000T Bosch have released the Bosch Tronic 1000T range of electric storage water heaters ranging in capacity from 80L up to 400L. Ideal for internal and external installation, the dual handed tanks are designed for easy installation.

46 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

All Bosch Tronic 1000T tanks are made with quality and reliability in mind using durable, long-life vitreous enamel lined steel and a thicker anode to extend the tank life. The dual layer polyester coating protects against UV and salt while the thick, high quality insulation foam improves efficiency for better performance. For more information, visit

The RP241 connects copper 15-32mm & 16-40mm PEX. A 12V Lithium-Ion battery provides about 140 crimps per charge. Available in a 4 jaw or 3 jaw copper jaw kits or as a tool only. For more information, visit or phone 1800 743 443.

SEWERQUIP mighty hornet SEWERQUIP used the latest technology and innovation to develop the new HORNET 37efi, a powerful, fuel-injected 37hp water jetter. With an unmatched 35lpm and 5000psi, this water jetter has plumbers covered whether its cleaning house drains or council stormwater. The plumber’s package has a remote mini reel, Rootax nozzle box, which has the ¼” heads for cleaning 90-150mm house drains, 15 meters of whip hose for 40-50mm drains and a selection of 3/8” heads to allow you to use the main hose for larger drains. For more information, visit or call 1800 816 830.

Italia n Man Design & ufact Exce uring llenc e

m ro t f – c u re di alia com.a . e r bl st ralia ila au -aust a k i hnik av y echn uatec 83 l On uat 8 2 w aq re: w 0 27 o t es 80 ✆1 rda


in a

e nc





ur act


n in



ed tall



s in er’




g tion

Multi-layer Pipe & Fitting System for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Plumbing • HOT & COLD POTABLE WATER • COMPRESSED AIR • • HVAC • PUBLIC SWIMMING POOLS • MARINE • AGRICULTURE •

✆ 1800 278 283

AQA1720 Safety half-horiz API 185x123.indd 1

We We We We

design them build them fit them know what you need

3/5/19 2:21 pm



Call 1800 816 830 | 47

Product news simPRO mobile processes Many plumbers are overrun with paper forms but simPRO’s mobile solution, Connect, can alleviate those paper-based processes. With simPRO’s mobile application, plumbers can quickly and easily complete a variety of tasks, including: • Clock on and off for billable work hours; • Quote with up-to-date supplier prices;

• See live schedule updates; and • Test assets and immediately share results with the office

• Attach photos to job records;

For more information, visit

Tsurumi Smart Submersibles

Kingspan treatment plants

Allproof Industries Laundry Outlet Box

For small effluent plants or sump applications, a duplex pump system from Tsurumi is a smart option. The super tough, lightweight systems offer reduced energy consumption and the ability to handle variable flows, without the need for expensive external control boxes. Tsurumi’s PU series, available from Aussie Pumps, have a proven track record for long life in both continuous and intermittent sump applications. The pumps in the PU series produce flows of up to 950lpm. For more information, visit

After securing the latest certification standards for the first in a series of fully-accredited domestic wastewater treatment systems, Kingspan Water & Energy is now preparing to roll out the treatment plants across Australia. Late last year Kingspan became the first domestic, wastewater treatment plant manufacturer in Australia to receive product certification under the latest Australian Standard for its BioFicient Series 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant. And now, the BioFicient Series 1 has received the necessary accreditations in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The company’s Wastewater Treatment division has been manufacturing packaged wastewater treatment systems for more than 60 years. For more information, visit

This new and unique product creates an easy to install solution for keeping services to the laundry tidy with minimal impact on space. The Laundry Outlet Box is an elegantlyfinished, recessed unit supplied complete with washing machine taps and a 50mm waste outlet that can be recessed into the wall. This product allows for the washing machine to be pushed back directly up against the wall thus maximising the space. The unit itself has hot and cold pipe locators offering the option for top feed or bottom feed scenarios with plugs supplied for surplus holes.

48 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

For more information, visit

Valves, controls + systems

Complete system for balancing and hygiene of potable water

Innovation + Quality

REGUMAQ-X for Commercial Potable Hot Water Production

AQUASTROM VT, T-Plus for automatic and C for static

• Hygienic production of potable hot water using the continuous high flow principle • Energy saving with reduced heat source capacity needed and output continuously matched to building demand

• Multi-function, with isolating, presetting, temperature display, draining, sampling and flow measurement possible from one valve • Precise automatic control of flow temperature

• Space saving in plant rooms with reduced buffer volume • Time-saving “plug and play” installation • High quality materials throughout, fully insulated • Watermark Certification

balancing of potable hot water systems.

Oventrop offer OV Assist hydraulic systems engineering design and on site commissioning assistance via factory trained local representatives.

• Ability to elevate temperature to kill Legionella spores • DN15 to DN25 size range • Watermark certification


Phone: +61 (0) 414 670 806 E-Mail: Germany OVENTROP GmbH & Co. KG 59939 Olsberg / Germany Phone: +49 2962 82 300 | 49

Product news 5000 psi Class A Jetter Aussie Pumps has released the first 5000 psi jetter that complies with Class A (AS/NZS 4233.01). The Standards specify that Class A jetters do not require operator certification and can be operated by one person. “Plumbers need to clear drains fast and often work alone. Until now 5,000 psi Jetters were classified Class B, meaning two operators were required, both certified with formal training from an RTO”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. Called the Aussie King Cobra A, the jetter features a “Big Berty” Bertolini pump fitted with ASP safety kit. The triplex pump delivers 5,000 psi with flows to 16lpm. For more information visit,

50 | Australian Plumbing Industry Magazine | Winter 2019

Oventrop Commercial Hot Water Stations

Aquatechnik safety system

Oventrop’s Regumaq-X Commercial Hot Water Stations produce potable hot water on the volume flow principle (only heated when it is needed), which means there is no need for storage of potable hot water, making this system extremely hygienic. Energy to heat the water is supplied from a buffer tank, which could be dedicated to this purpose, or part of the building HVAC system. The required volume of buffer store is greatly reduced and could be natural gas, heat pump, solar, solid fuel etc. The result of this is a much smaller plant room area and extremely energy efficient continuous delivery, which is automatically controlled to match the exact needs of the building. For more information call Damian Rigby 0439 160 058 or visit products/productgroups?g=6.i

End waste and extra costs with the Aquatechnik safety system fittings. The fittings can be easily removed from a pipe line if an error of measurement is made or re-location is required. It is just a matter of untightening the cap that holds the fitting in place, removing the fitting, cutting the pipe to the desired length and expanding the new pipe end. The fitting cap is then re-used, so there is minimal wastage. The Aquatechnik safety system is also lead free, full flow and leak proof. For more information, visit or call 1800 278 283. | 51




Taylor 3rd Year Apprentice Area: North-West Melbourne Water Sanitary Gasfitting Drainage Roofing Mechanical



Experience:      

Alex Qualified Plumber Area: South-East Melbourne Experience: Water Sanitary Gasfitting Drainage Roofing Mechanical

     

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