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Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Dr. Mohammed Cherkaoui, PhD Deputy Chief Research and International Officer Louis and Johanna Vorzimer Endowed Chair

The fourth industrial revolution requires university 4.0.”


ong Island University is uniquely positioned to help lead the modern world into the largely uncharted waters of artificial intelligence. As part of an international partnership with Dassault Systèmes®, a world leader in 3Ddesign and engineering software headquartered in France, LIU will propel a dynamic pharmaceutical ecosystem that fosters research, education and training, which will fuel the University’s new program in Artificial Intelligence. The collaboration will establish an innovation platform that serves to advance industry-relevant research with an advanced learning lab and design center in the most vibrant regions of the United States, New York City and an emerging Biotech Corridor in Long Island. Leading the program is Dr. Mohammed Cherkaoui, recipient of the France Medal from the National Center for Scientific Research, the largest fundamental science agency in Europe. Cherkaoui also received the Obama Award under the Material Genome Initiative and the Lorraine Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. An award-winning professor, author, internationally recognized researcher, and nuclear engineering pioneer, Cherkaoui is also a member of both the Moroccan Academy of Science, as well as the European Commission. “The fourth industrial revolution requires university 4.0,” he said. “Linkages are being formed with international corporations with innovative Artificial Intelligence applications designed to advance personalized medicine.”


LIUMAGAZINE | Spring 2020

Courses in the Artificial Intelligence program align with LIU’s signature research areas support burgeoning new fields in Artificial Intelligence. Students will gain direct experience related to image processing, virtual worlds, conversational agents, drone navigation and quantum computing—necessary preparation required for the fourth industrial revolution industry.

TRACKS OF STUDY: • Artificial Intelligence • Robotics and Cobotics • Analytics and Business Intelligence • Cyber Security • Pharmaceuticals The tracks in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are an optimal fit for industry and future workforce needs. After graduating, students can pursue a PhD in various national and international research labs, or work for companies and startups in a large variety of industries. With the constructed 3D Experience Learning and Design Center, no other institution of higher education will compare with LIU’s facilities, attracting the best and brightest students from around the world.