Landescape Art Review - December 2013

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Alina d’Alva (Brazil) An artist’s statement

I was born in Brazil in 1971, years later I moved to Bonn, Germany where I received my MFA in visual arts from the kunst Akademie Alanus Hochshule. I currently live and work in Tunis, Tunisia. I’m an architect and visual artist working with many differents medias including installations. My work consists in take risks. The risk to meet the other without a frame or predefined idea. The starting point of my creative process is to let myself be affected by the "world", be this “world” a place, a person or an event and allow a poetic form emerge from this affection. Distract myself enough of myself to find what is not sought, but that happened. The process is an important part of my work, integral to any consideration of a "final product". Get "empty" of "ideas" but willing to the encounter is a key element in this process where the duration is one of the conditions necessary for the production of the instant of the "event" that can be understood here as the "work of art". In view of an "aesthetic" that comes naturally from a relative "ethics" with the world. #196 Winter 40