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Business Start-Ups Law Firm of the Year in Australia

“When you need help most – you can count on us.” Judicate Lawyers’ values are traditional but very much alive. Excellence, tenacity, achievement and trust define the experience their clients have when working with the firm. These values lead to resilient relationships, greater efficiency and better solutions. This experience distinguishes them from the larger competitors and enhances their reputation for solving their clients’ most complex legal issues in areas, including: • Administrative, Building & Construction Law • Commercial Business & Corporate Law • Dispute Resolution • Property & Planning • Taxation & Superannuation • Wills, Probate & Estates Michael Tourkakes and Michael Pickering Principals of Judicate Lawyers mtourkakes@judicate.com.au mpickering@judicate.com.au www.judicatelawyers.com.au Suite 11, 233 Cardigan Street, Carlton Victoria 3053, Australia Tel: +61 (03) 7001 6200 Fax: +61 (03) 7001 6181

Corporate Finance Law Firm of the Year in China TAHOTA Shoutai Cheng Chief Partner Tel: +86 28 86625656 Fax: +86 28 86748148 www.tahota.com Established on May 25th 2000, Tahota Law Firm has become a leading large and comprehensive law firm in China. The firm began its businesses in western China. Nowadays, it has set up branch offices in cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jinan, Kunming, Guiyang, Lhasa, Hong Kong, Washington D.C., Seoul and Busan. Talented lawyers with profound theoretical foundation and extensive practice experiences are the basis of Tahota’s development. Tahota pays great attention to career development planning of its lawyers and it has established a scientific talent mechanism. So far, the firm has more than 130 partners, over 500 practicing lawyers and nearly 1,000 employees. Most lawyers are graduated from domestic and abroad famous schools of laws and dozens of lawyers have doctor’s degrees and overseas education background, who have professional qualification in securities, delimitation of state-owned property, certified public accountant, certified tax agency, patent agency, etc.


Global Awards 2017

Its study on knowledge management and areas of expertise has promoted Tahota’s professional development. The firm has established more than 10 professional departments led by partners of expertise, which are dedicated to extensive exploitation and business development of certain fields. It has sophisticated legal service products in both traditional and emerging business fields. It has also established a special business research department as a knowledge management platform dedicated to knowledge accumulation and arrangement, which aims to promote knowledge exchange and use between lawyer teams so as to ensure ceaseless improvement of Tahota’s overall service level. Extensive and quality client groups have inspired constant extension of Tahota’s businesses scope. There is a working mechanism combining professional specialization and teamwork. Each field of businesses is led by wellexperienced and senior partners and lawyers. Tahota has established a mode of “5+one team cooperation” so that each business

Talented lawyers with profound theoretical foundation and extensive practice experiences are the basis of Tahota’s development. team shall obtain full support of other business teams and branch offices. “5+one team cooperation mode” = one main coordinating lawyer + one team leader + one director lawyer + one associate lawyer + one team support. In decades, Tahota Law Firm has accumulated long-term and stable client groups in China, including fields such as governments, finance, real estate, aviation, high-end manufacturing, environment protection, energy, medical care, commerce, tourism and culture. In order to satisfy clients’ demands of business extension, the firm has also established close cooperation relationship with various agencies and industry associations around the world.

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Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017  

Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017