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Communication 405-3 Conflict Management and Mediation Students will learn the underlying theories of interpersonal and organizational conflict. The positive and negative aspects of conflict will be discussed. Means of conflict management, resolution, and mediation will be presented. Spring, even years

495-3 Internship in Communication Students gain hands-on experience applying the ideas they have learned in their communication studies. Minimum 120 hours’ work during the semester taken. Advisor and department chair approval prior to beginning internship. Spring/Fall/Summer

410-3 Communication Honors Research Methods This course will provide students with exposure to basic research methods in communication. Students will learn both quantitative and qualitative research methods. This course will focus on enabling students to read and comprehend research. Students will gain a clearer understanding of the processes used in communication research. Spring

OTHER COURSES: Communication 190-1-3 Special Topics 200-1-3 Directed Studies 290-1-3 Special Topics 300-1-3 Directed Studies 390-1-3 Special Topics 400-1-3  Directed Studies 490-1-3 Special Topics (by arrangement)

425-3 Communication Ethics and Law Provides an overview of current and emerging communications law and public policy as it relates to the principles by which mass media exercise their public functions and fulfill legal obligations to society. Examines right to know, truth and fairness, responsibility, libel, privilege, fair comment, privacy, contempt, copyright, and regulation of advertising and media ethics. Fall


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Academic catalog 18 19 (web)