ITC Product Catalogue Issue 15

Page 171

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Related Products As an industry-leading manufacturer of cutting tools, the WIDIA™ Products Group offers the most complete portfolio of precision-engineered milling, turning, holemaking, and tooling systems products and solutions. Below are just a few of our other metalcutting solutions, available through a skilled network of Authorized Distributor partners.

M200™ Series A revolutionary double-sided round insert, capable of running in multiple types of milling operations and workpiece materials that increase productivity with the most efficient cost per edge. Available in 10, 12, 16, 25, and 32mm iC inserts.

VSM11™ and VSM17™ Series Shoulder Mills True 90° capability cutter, resulting in superior wall and surface finishes along with increased ramping capabilities. The cutter design has an effective internal coolant feature, precisely reaching the cutting edge. 11mm and 17 mm iC inserts available.

VariDrill™ The WIDIA™ VariDrill™, with an advanced VDS point geometry is designed to reduce chipping on the cutting edge and a precision engineered shank for low runout, is a multi-application drill that delivers exceptional hole finish and extended tool life across a wide range of materials.

VSM490™ Double-Sided Shoulder Mill The WIDIA Victory Shoulder Milling series (VSM series) is specially engineered to achieve excellent surface quality, as well as higher metal removal rates in shoulder milling applications. ™

Top Reamers This next generation reamer features a new grade, WU05PR, specifically for reaming operations, resulting in up to 30% longer tool life. More regrinds (4x) possible than with a regular tipped tool and due to its stronger design versus conventional reamers; with cutting action similar to a solid carbide tool, 6–8 times higher productivity (feed rates) can be achieved.

Top Cut 4™ Indexable Drills Specifically designed for versatility, the newly developed TC4 efficiently machines a broad range of products and materials, such as stainless steel, steel, and cast iron.

Duolock™ DUO-λOCK™ is the new revolutionary coupling for end milling tools with replaceable heads. DUO-λOCK™ combines the highest accuracy in runout and length repeatability with maximum stability. This makes it the most precise and virtually unbreakable interface for challenging milling applications.

M370™ High-Feed Milling Cutters Featuring double-sided carbide inserts with six cutting edges, these cutters achieve higher metal removal rates and up to 10x greater productivity compared to traditional tooling.

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