Tattoo Industry Magazine Issue 16 MadZilla

Page 8



backstories for each tattoo is what really motivates me to push myself. No matter what the tattoo is I always put 110% into it, but the really cool ones that have deep meaning to the client always help to bring out my creative side Are there any tattoos you would refuse to do? (face, private areas, etc) I would do around 99% of tattoos that come in, mostly because if I say no, they will just find someone else to do it. I would rather my clients get tattooed in a safe and sterile environment by a professional artist rather than go to someone’s garage. I always try to persuade my clients away from the more visible tattoos such as face and hand tattoos. The 1% of tattoos that I refuse to do, no matter what the circumstances, are anything on the eyeballs or racist/offensive tattoos to a group of people What do you think is in store for the future of tattooing? The tattoo industry is really growing, just look at the advancements that we have had in the last couple of years. We have gone from coil machines to rotary machines, tattoo shops are popping up everywhere, and the level of skill in the industry has shot up. However, we still have a long way to go Have you ever had a bad tattooing experience and what was it? Yes! I have a ton of bad tattooing experiences. One time it was late at night and a group of girls came in to get some small butterfly tattoos together. All of the girls wanted to get the same butterfly tattoo, which was small and fine line. Right after I pull my first three lines the client starts to vomit everywhere! She vomited all over my station, herself, and me. Right after that she runs outside our front door



and throws up for a few minutes. Her vomit blocked everyone else from being able to leave or enter the shop. While she was outside I started to clean myself and my station. A few more minutes go by and she walks back into the shop, without saying a word, sits in the vomit filled chair, looks at me and says “okay I’m ready to go again.” I told her to wait a few more minutes and to go clean up a little bit. After everything was finally clean, I finished the tattoo. The smell of vomit lingered at my station the rest of the night What is the most important advice you can give someone new to the art of tattooing? Stick with it. Going through your apprenticeship can be extremely challenging and you will probably want to give up a million times. Just stick it through, it will be worth it in the end! What makes you different from other tattoo artists? I love seeing people’s lives change through tattoos. Some people leave looking way more confident than they did when they first walked in. Others leave happier than ever with a sentimental memento. I love when I can really get into the mind of my client and blow away their expectations. What makes me different from everyone else is not only do I want to give you the best tattoo possible, but I want to give you a better tattoo than you ever imagined What is your favorite style of tattoo to do and why? Fine line horror tattoos. I definitely love a ton of styles, but fine line horror is my favorite! Outside of tattooing I love creepy things and horror movies, so horror tattoos come pretty natural for me. Making eye-catching gruesome details is so much fun for me! When people ask me “How in the world did you come up with that idea” I know my job is complete! ✕

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