Houston Family Magazine February 2022 Issue

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February 17 - April 17, 2022

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE ART AND LIFE OF FRIDA! SHE OVERCAME PAIN AND ADVERSITY THROUGH SELF-EXPRESSION – TURNING HER LIFE INTO ART. Explore the world through the eyes of the legendary Frida Kahlo – a brilliant, uncompromising painter who created some of the history’s most iconic artwork. The groundbreaking team behind the smash hit Immersive Van Gogh now turn their eye for innovation towards the work of a woman who boldly told the story of her life in brushstrokes. As you stroll through the Lighthouse Immersive gallery, you will see the Mexico-born artist’s work come to life on a grand scale and discover the people, events, and obstacles that made her the extraordinary woman she was. The mesmerizing, large-scale projections, accompanied by a ravishing musical score, will sweep you up as you encounter Frida as never before.

Rustika Cafe and Bakery was founded by Francis Reznick in 1994. From the first day, executive Pastry Chef Francis put her vision to work. The vision is simple: Use only the highest quality ingredients while putting an international flare to each dish. Fast forward to 2022, now there are 5 locations around Houston and the whole family is involved in the business. Each location offers different hours, so please visit the website for specific locations and times. You will find scrumptous desserts, delicious breakfast items and something for everyone on their fresh all-day menus.

Frida Kahlo’s art is not only beautiful on an aesthetic level; it has also become a universal symbol of resilience and perseverance. Brave and brutally honest, Kahlo transferred her fears and pain onto canvas in a way that resonates even more powerfully with us today. Kahlo used art to empower herself and, in so doing, has become one of the most beloved and popular artists of all time. Kahlo’s art has been described as magic realism – blending realistic depictions of her life with fantastical elements to reflect her inner thoughts and struggles. Using state-of-the-art technology, the 360degree experience invites you to step inside the colorful and vibrant world of Frida Kahlo as never before with Immersive Frida Kahlo.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

West U ~ Downtown SugarLand ~ League City ~ Friendswood


The iWRITE Organization and The Bryan Museum are partnering with New York Times bestselling author and illustrator team, Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos, to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest published book in the World called I Am Texas! To break the record, they’ll be creating a massive book (over 7 feet tall!) that will be displayed at The Bryan Museum, alongside its Texas and American West collection of historical artifacts, books, and artwork. One-thousand students will have the chance to be published and become part of Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos’s, Ordinary People Change the World series. Students are invited to share “their Texas story” from grades 3-12. These stories (fiction or nonfiction), poetry, and illustrations are due no later than March 2, 2022 (Texas State Independence Day). Students will be invited to the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudication and book signing event in Houston, TX. Brad Meltzer and Illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos will be announcing the Editor’s Choice Award Winners and Featured Illustrator! For more information, please visit iamtx.org 6 | HOUSTON FAMILY MAGAZINE February 2021