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FRIDAY 24 MAY 10am [12] 10am BBC TENT

2.30pm [15] 2.30pm STARLIGHT STAGE £9

free but ticketed

Big Debate programme broadcast LIVE from Hay

Tony Juniper

Spix’s Macaw: The Race to Save the World’s Rarest Bird

BBC Asian Network Young people will be talking about books for teenagers and what they think about Asian and black characters in novels. We’ll also hear why young people love spoken word poetry. Some will perform their own work.

11.30am [13] 11.30am STARLIGHT STAGE £8

Charles Hewlings with Stephen Lewis, Gina Medcalf, Mali Morris and Naomi Van Holbutt

Randan Stables Gallery presents: Point of View 2019 Four of the award-winning contemporary painters and sculptors taking part in this intergenerational and international exhibition introduce their work, hosted by Charles Hewlings. Formerly a Welsh mountain pony stud farm, Randan Stables Gallery is a unique rural exhibition space in the heart of the Welsh Marches, six miles from Hay. Ticket holders are invited to visit the exhibition site to meet the artists with refreshments following this event, on a free shuttle bus service (Limited spaces. Please allow an additional 1.5 hours). Meet at the Meeting Place by the Festival site entrance at 12.40pm, straight after the event. Please wear sensible footwear and clothing if joining this rural gallery tour. In association with Randan Stables Gallery

The environmentalist tells the heartbreaking story of a unique band of brilliant blue birds – who talk, fall in love, and grieve – struggling against the forces of extinction and their own desirability. By the second half of the 20th century the birds became so valuable that they drew up to $40,000 on the black markets. When, in 1990, only one was found to be living in the wild, an emergency international rescue operation was launched and an amnesty declared, allowing private collectors to come forward with their illegal birds, possible mates for the last wild Spix. In a breathtaking display of stoicism and endurance, the loneliest bird in the world had lived without a mate for fourteen years, had outwitted predators and second-guessed the poachers. But would he take to a new companion? [16] 2.30pm BBC TENT

free but ticketed

The Leak

BBC Radio Wales Tom Price and guests from the world of comedy and entertainment review the week’s biggest stories, from around Wales and the world.

4pm [17] 4pm OXFAM MOOT £8

Ian Kershaw

The British Academy Platform 2: Roller-Coaster – Europe, 1950–2017

1pm [14] 1pm STARLIGHT STAGE £8

David Cannadine

The British Academy Platform 1: Churchill – The Statesman as Artist Over 50 years, Winston Churchill wrote extensively about art and produced more than 500 paintings. In this lavishly illustrated lecture, the historian offers an entirely new perspective on Churchill and his paintings. Professor Sir David Cannadine is Dodge Professor of History at Princeton University, Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and President of the British Academy. His publications include The Undivided Past, In Churchill’s Shadow, Class in Britain and The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy. In association with The British Academy

Although the post-war period brought peace and prosperity, Europe was now a divided continent, living under the nuclear threat. Europeans experienced a roller-coaster ride, both in the sense that they were flung through a series of events that threatened disaster, but also that they were no longer in charge of their own destinies: for much of the period the USA and USSR effectively reduced Europeans to helpless figures whose fates were dictated to them depending on the vagaries of the Cold War. There were striking successes: the Soviet bloc melted away, dictatorships vanished and Germany was successfully reunited. But accelerating globalisation brought new fragilities. The impact of interlocking crises after 2008 was the clearest warning to Europeans that there is no guarantee of peace and stability. In association with The British Academy

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Profile for Hay Festival

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.