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Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. K. Maurice Willis, TE, is now manager of T & W Farm Service in Thomasville, Georgia. His home address is 314 Clermont Drive, Thomasville, Georgia. Born to: Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Barker, III, ME, a daughter, Mary Sandra, December 26. They live at 1005 Hamilton Street, Apartment C, Richmond 21, Virginia. John S. Coleman, Jr., IM, is now with DuPont, Textile Fibers Department, Old Hickory, North Carolina. His home address is 1515 Douglas Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. James T. Davis, Cere, is with Albion Kaolin Division of Interchemical Corporation ,n Hephzebah, Georgia. Lt. Thomas B. Gurley, USAR, EE, is serving as an instructor with the 100th Division at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Married: Roy Thomas Latimer, IM, to Miss Gloria Davis, February 27. Mr. Latimer is president of R. T. Latimer Company in Montgomery, Alabama. Lt. Wilbur E. Radford, USAF, IE, is stationed in Germany as a Fixed Wing A via'or. Li- James Daniel Reed, USAF, AE, has been transferred to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Manned Spacecraft Center at Houston, Texas. He is assigned to the Apollo Project office. Lt. Reed's address is 1510 Smallwood Avenue, Apartment 4, Houston 23, Texas. Married: William J. VanLandingham to Miss Mary Dell Cawley, October 12. Mr. VanLandingham is with Procter and Gamble. They live at 4414 Glenwick Lane, Dallas 5, Texas. Oscar Zeller, IE, is vice president of Zeller Machinery Company. His home address is 3609 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville. Florida. Married: Ensign John A. Benkovick, Jr., USN, ME, to Miss Harriet Anne Findley, December 30. He is assistant public works officer at the U. S. Naval Supply Center in Bayonne, New Jersey. They live at Goldsborough Village, Apartment 232, Bayonne, New Jersey. Lt. Alfred R. Cothran, USA, IM, recently arrived in Korea and is assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Davies, ME, a daughter, Carolyn Elizabeth, December 29. Mr. Davies is with DuPont's Savannah River Plant. They live at 1942 Bunting Drive, North Augusta, South Carolina. Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higginbotham, IM, a son, Richard Mark, May 25, 1961. They live at 9341-A Somerville Avenue, Fort Bliss, Texas. Robert E. Johnson, IM, is now in the Product Planning Department of Celanese Fibers Company. His new address is 145 Oakland Avenue, Rock Hill, S. C. Born to: Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Keaton, CE, a son, Cary, November 1, 1961. Bob More news on page 30

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how much do you know about MITRE? Much of MITRE'S work is on the fringes of a new technology — and a great deal of it is highly classified. It is not surprising then that many young scientists and engineers have only a vague idea of what MITRE does. MITRE's prime mission is to design, develop, and help put into operation global command and control systems that give our military commanders extra time for decision and action in case of enemy attack. Typical systems are SAGE, NORAD, MIDAS, BMEWS, and SPACE TRACK. MITRE assists the Air Force in its systems management responsibility by engaging in systems planning and engineering, including feasibility studies, cost studies, operations research, testing and evaluation and preliminary system design.

At MITRE you would become identified with projects of the utmost national urgency — projects that offer a real challenge to the talented-scientist. The rewards are great. Salary and benefit plans are competitive. MITRE offers, an excellent Educational Assistance program that gives every encouragement to employees who wish to continue their academic interests. (At the present time, MITRE employees are attending 15 nearby institutions, including M.I.T., Harvard, Northeastern University, and Boston University.) At MITRE you will live and work in pleasant suburban Boston. Assignments are also being made at facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Washington, D.C.

Appointments are n o w being m a d e in the following' a r e a s : • • • • • •

Operations R e s e a r c h Communications Human Factors System Cost A n a l y s i s Econometrics R a d a r Systems and Techniques

• System A n a l y s i s • A d v a n c e d System Design • Computer Technology • Mathematics • Air Traffic Control S y s t e m Development

• Antenna D e s i g n Microwave Components • Space Systems Command and Control • Space Surveillance • Astrodynamics

Watch your college newspaper for dates when MITRE will interview on your campus, or, write in confidence to Vice President, Technical Operations, The MITRE Corporation, Post Office Box 208, Dept. GTA3 Bedford, Mass. THE I

MITRE W.I:IJ.I.mi.l.'l

Formed under the sponsorship of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now serving as Technical Advisor to the United States Air Force Electronic Systems Division. An Equal Opportunity Employer

MARCH, 1962



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Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Vol. 40, No. 06 1962  

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