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RYSE, which stands for Rehousing Youth for Success in Education, is an initiative that works with local schools to identify homeless children and put their family on the pathway to self-sufficiency.

Every day in our valley, more than 600 students leave school unsure of where they’ll lay their head that night. While support is available for some, approximately 80% of these children and their families are not eligible for existing support because they fall through a crack in the system…they aren’t living on the streets. Their instability is hidden, as they find temporary shelter in motels or often move from one home to another as reluctant houseguests in need a place of their own.

United Way is committed to change these conditions by leading a comprehensive approach to homelessness affecting children in our region. The Rehousing Youth for Success in Education (RYSE) initiative brings together the resources and the expertise needed for real progress.


Growing Up • November 2016

Be a champion for our homeless children in the Roanoke Valley. If you are able to, sponsor a family by providing for their housing and other critical support. Gather your friends, coworkers or faith community to team together to support a family. Contact Mary Baako at 540-777-4204 or at

Growing Up In the Valley November 2016  

Volume 5, Issue 3