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Merry Memories

how to get great photos of your kids

|by Jo Clark

BluElla Photography & Clickin Moms Member

When photographing your children this holiday season, remember that documenting their experiences is supposed to be fun for all involved. Whether you’re shooting with a phone camera, point-and-shoot, or DSLR, these tips and tricks will make it less stressful and more filled with the happy memories you want to relive for years to come.

Capture them as they are.

We dream of these perfect images of our children dressed to the nines, sitting perfectly still for the camera with giant, genuine smiles. But that’s not real life! Let go of perfection and work on taking more meaningful images, even if it means your child is wearing an ensemble only he could put together. Memory capturing should be about preserving the moment as it is happening and recording all the little quirks and adorable idiosyncrasies of your kids at the current stages of their lives.

Shoot natural moments.


When your children are engaged in natural play or exploration, capturing meaningful memories becomes second nature. Your children are much more likely to exhibit real smiles and emotions when they’re enjoying the moment. It can be challenging to rewire

your brain to avoid the traditional “smile for the camera.” But for telling the story, they don’t need to be looking at you. Try to capture them without direction while they are in the moment, engrossed in a scene or activity.

Relax, but engage them.

Kids pick up on adult stress. So don’t approach it with the expectation of getting the perfect picture today. Not having stringent expectations and just shooting when the moment feels right can relieve a lot of stress from you and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. So what if you don’t get amazing images today? There’s always tomorrow! While you are in that relaxed mindset, make sure you keep up engaging interaction with your kids. The more engaging you are, the more engaged they will be, thus providing you with many clickable moments that will capture the true essence of who they are when they’re with you.

Choose your moments.

It’s easy to let the camera take over when you set out to photograph your children. It’s wise to have it on and ready, but make sure you don’t let it monopolize the time you are sharing together. You don’t need 45 pictures

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