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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Instrument devotes ample space to video conference rooms and shared areas that foster collaboration. Each level features a wall of floor-toceiling glass that curves to face the rising or setting sun. The top floor has a large kitchen and bar area for communal meals. OPPOSITE: The white window apertures are complemented by cedar cladding harvested from a Washington forest.

buildings feature super-insulated envelopes, high-performance curtain wall window systems, and distinctive façades with curving window apertures that seem to twist and turn to take in views of Portland from every angle. Instrument’s new office, in One North’s east building—which underwent a customized design by Holst and tenant improvement build-out by Hammer & Hand—is all about light and circulation. Workspaces wrap around a three-story atrium that doubles as an auditorium and a meeting spot. The surrounding floors are as free of columns and walls as structurally possible, enabling employees to see one another even when they’re at opposite corners of the building. The interior design, a collaboration between Holst and Osmose Design, prioritized flexibility, “with a variety of environments: comfy lounge spaces, conference rooms, and almost


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random spaces,” says Valk. The latter—including work counters overlooking the atrium and felt-enclosed steel pods that Osmose designed to resemble children’s blanket forts—“can be used however occupants like, allowing creativity in their work flow.” Adds Daryll Fry, project manager at Hammer & Hand, “Instrument discerned the difference between a creativelooking space and a space that actually fosters creativity. They wanted many places where people could interact, enabling on-the-fly creative sparks.” Now you’ll see employees snugged together in a felt-and-steel pod to chat or check email and groups brainstorming around whiteboard-topped worktables. “Instrument is a big laboratory, but it’s also a playground,” says Hooge. “Whatever task you’re trying to do, there’s an ideal space for it. One North has been transformative for us.” h

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GRAY No. 32  

Pacific Northwest Design: The Luxury Issue

GRAY No. 32  

Pacific Northwest Design: The Luxury Issue

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