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Motorized Golf Caddies

he other day, I’m on the 17th hole at my home course and as I’m standing over my tee-shot, deep in concentration, in my peripheral vision I see a rogue, motorized golf caddie moving along the 11th fairway without a golfer in sight. I backed off my shot and watched the robotic cart advancing toward the green at a pretty good clip. Several seconds later, I saw the owner emerge from the trees tracking his clubs up the fairway. In last month’s edition, our talented staff writer, Kelly Madden, wrote an interesting article on robotic golf caddies, and it compelled me to look further into them.

For the past 10 months I’ve been on a personal health journey, primarily to lose the extra weight I picked up during the Covid era. With misguided zeal I briefly committed to the idea of walking the golf course instead of riding in a golf

Tcart. This was short lived as carrying the golf bag was just not a practical solution for someone with my flat feet and achy shoulders.

But a robotic, motorized, GPS controlled golf cart? Now we’re talking. I can strap the golf bag on this machine and just walk around the course with my clubs obediently following. That I can do. And this is just the beginning. “How soon will this machine be able to give me yardage distances?” I thought to myself. And then I read Kelly’s article and apparently the Club Car Tempo Walk model already has that available, if you’re willing to spend the five grand for it.

Not all golf courses are made for walking. I’m excited to invest in a robotic golf caddie and start walking some suitable courses for a change. The challenge is navigating all the different brands and models as there are myriad choices. The PGA Merchandise show is just around the corner so I will have plenty models to play around with. Once I’ve decided and have some experience under my belt, I’ll report back.

Please enjoy this February 2023 edition of Golf Carting Magazine. 14


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Navitas SEMA Build

I’ve heard it many times over the years that “a custom cart ain’t custom with just a bunch of bolt-on parts.” I’ve always been in the camp that custom equals a bunch of parts, paint, material, wheels and tires done in a way that it looks like it is the only one made. It doesn’t matter if you bought everything yourself, bolted it on a cart, painted it, reupholstered the seats and threw on the latest, hottest wheels and tires. These usually look custom because it is your vision that made it happen and nobody else thought of it. It doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be a bunch of custom fabricated parts to make it custom, but it sure makes them unique. As the old saying goes, “Cool ain’t cheap, and cheap ain’t cool.”

Take Tyler Willett’s custom cart, for example. We’ll say it’s an E-Z-GO, but in reality, it is a 2022 Navitas chassis with a MadJax Storm body. Tyler of West Coast


Cartz built this cart for the 2022 SEMA Show to showcase the amazing build partners’ exceptional golf cart products. What makes this cart unique is that every part of this cart is bolt-on products that can be purchased by anyone. Custom? Yes. But even you can do it, and it shows that there are no limits when it comes to building a cart -- well, except your bank account. Tyler is no stranger when it comes to building show vehicles for SEMA. Back in 2013 all the way up to 2017 he built

show trucks. If you know anything about SEMA builds, you know that this is no short order as they are always over-thetop builds. With a mind for custom things on four wheels, he decided to mix it up and he started building custom carts in his garage. By the time 2022 rolled around, he had built four fully custom gas and electric carts, all powder coated with chrome and custom paint. He was bitten by the bug of building carts, and he has been hooked ever since. 24

The foundation for Tyler’s build started with a 2022 Navitas Chassis with a 5Kw AC motor and 600 AMP controller. Powering the cart, a 70.4 v lithium EcoBattery was installed that runs the stereo system, lighting and the big green Navitas motor that thrusts the cart up to 40 mph. The Navitas cart gets its stance from an 18.7" Big Bad Carts bolt-on lift kit and is custom painted metallic red and chrome plated. While it’s not ready for BAJA, Tyler outfitted the cart with a Full Throttle Suspension 2.0 reservoir shocks to give the cart a better ride and dipped it in chrome for a finished look.

On each corner of the cart, massive 22 x 12 Forged Gear offroad wheels were added and wrapped in 33 x 12.50R22 Baja

Boss Mickey Thompsons, secured with True Spike billet spike lug nuts. A custom set of 4” billet adapters were CNC’d for the rear, and 3” adapters for the front, giving the wheels the right offset space for turning and suspension flex.

With a cart this tall it would be easy to notice the string of wires powering the accessories. Rather than exposing all neatly run wires, he opted for custom skid plate laser cut by his good friends at Collision Kings LLC in Redwood City, CA.

The cart is running a total of twenty-five FCK Lightbars RGB rock lights to light up the details of the suspension, battery compartment, and the cart’s interior. Adding to the interior a custom suede starlight headliner was built with 2,000 stars


by Interstellar Interiors. Wanting to leave nothing untouched, Tyler sueded the plastic backing on the MODZ FS2 seats. The polished interior also has Xtreme Mats’ custom floor mats that pair well with the Big Bad Carts billet pedals and billet suede steering wheel and chrome steering column. This unique build uses Big Bad Carts iPad pro dash to play music through two SoundExteme by ECOXGEAR 32" soundbars and two 8" subwoofers. The golf cart has a tinted Madjax windshield mounted to chrome plated roof struts.

The golf cart showcases a custom painted MadJax Storm body kit and custom painted DOT extended roof in metallic red to match the suspension. For the final touch, the cart is completed with a West Coast Cartz custom chrome name plaque in the rear bag well of the cart.

As the venom from the golf cart bug bite spreads through his veins, his plan is to continue building top shelf golf carts for people and to continue to build carts for SEMA. By the looks of this build, we can’t wait to see what he does next. 26

Build Sheet

- 2022 Navitas Chassis

- 70.4 v lithium EcoBattery

- 18" Big Bad Carts lift kit, custom painted and chrome plated

- FTS chrome 2.0 reservoir shocks

- ECOXGEAR's 32" soundbars and 8" subwoofer

- Xtreme Mats custom floor mats

- 22 x 12 Forged Gear off road wheels

- 33 x 12.50R22 Baja Boss Mickey Thompson tires

- True Spike billet spike lug nuts

- Custom 3”- and 4”-wheel spacer adaptors

- Rear disc brakes

- Custom painted storm body kit

- Custom painted DOT extended roof

- Chrome plated roof uprights

- Tinted MadJax windshield

- MODZ FS2 seats

- Big Bad Carts iPad pro dash

- Billet steering wheel and chrome steering column

- Suede starlight headliner

- Big Bad Carts billet pedals

- Rear MODZ seat kit

- West Coast Cartz custom chrome name plaque

- FCK Lightbars RGB rock lights

Thank you to all the sponsors:

- Build Manager Cris Payne

- Navitas Vehicle Systems (Todd Dussault)

- Big Bad Carts (Lee Bunn, Jason Carducci, Josh Wright)

- Eco Battery (Noah Schone)

- TCS Suspension (Marcio Leal)

- ECOXGEAR (Martin Balgach)

- Xtreme Mats (Brandon Burkey)

- Truck Guru (Cris Payne)

- Collision Kings LLC

- Timberline Engineering

- Genyhitch

- Gear Offroad

- True Spike Lug Nut

- Mickey Thompson Tires

- Interstellar Interiors

- Next Gen Audio Video Inc

- Redwood Debris Box Service 28


When it comes to selecting the ideal Personal Transportation Vehicle, (PTV), or Low Speed Vehicle, (LSV), few manufacturers can match the performance, durability and automotive-like craftsmanship found in Tomberlin carts.

A brand of The Nordic Group of companies, Tomberlin operates under their Columbia Vehicle Group umbrella, and the company’s laser-focused dedication to safety, styling and eye-popping performance is setting a new standard for PTVs and LSVs and attracting buyers who are seeking the best in all categories.

Company founder Michael Tomberlin founded his golf cart company in 1992, and in 2006 the company was transformed

into the Tomberlin Automotive Group which now operates as part of the Columbia Vehicle Group division. Tomberlin carts are 100% manufactured in the USA in Leesburg, Florida and Nordic’s headquarters are in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Tomberlin utilizes a vast community-based distribution network throughout the USA, South America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Tomberlin still serves as the president of the Columbia Vehicle Group’s retail operations.


No matter what your LSV’s intended use will be, it is easy to find a Tomberlin E-Merge model that meets your exact needs. From work and utility vehicles to some of the classiest

golfcartmanufacturer 32

neighborhood and short-distance commuter vehicles available today, E-Merge vehicles are some of the most value-packed options you can buy.

With the industry’s largest standard lithium battery pack, Tomberlin vehicles can travel up to 80 miles on a single charge using their 10.1 kWh system. Their superior lithium ion phosphate technology provides one-of-a-kind battery life, reliability, and safety while requiring zero maintenance.

The E-Merge line includes the E-MERGE GT, E-MERGE SS, E-MERGE Ghosthawk, E-MERGE LE Plus and the E-MERGE Revenge models.

The GT model is available in 2, 4 and 6-passenger configurations, and comes equipped with a 3-inch lift kit as standard, upgraded “Vette” carbon black CoolTouch seats and stunning 15-inch alloy wheels and 21-inch steel belt radial tires. Other key features include the electric power steering found on all Tomberlin vehicles, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, 7-inch LCD display screen and backup camera and is completely equipped for legal street use. The GT is a real performance machine, going from 0 to 25-mph in 6 seconds and coming to a complete stop in just 12 feet.

The E-Merge SS model is available in 2, 4, 6 and even an 8-passenger version, and are perfect for transporting multiple passengers around a large area like a new home development, school campus or large sports venue. The rims are 14-inch alloy with steel belted radial tires, and your ears will appreciate the awesome headliner audio system. Other upgrades for 2023 include the 4 newly added premium metallic body color choices and the company’s CoolTouch seating.

Tomberlin’s most popular model has been the E-Merge Ghosthawk model that comes in 2, 4 and 6-passenger versions. This rugged LSV is a visual showstopper, and this year comes in additional matte color schemes, updated seating pattern,


custom 14-inch alloy wheels and optional 23-inch hybrid on/ off-road tires. The Ghosthawk’s innovative LED front bumper is a customer favorite.

For even more styling flair, you can also choose the Ghosthawk in a Defender motif, finished in 1 of 4 new militaryinspired color schemes.

The LE Plus model comes in 2, 4, 6 or 8-passenger designs and is the epitome in style and comfort for LSVs. Equipped with all of the exceptional features found on every Tomberlin vehicle, the LE Plus also includes new curved diamond luxury seats with a cloth like finish, a new 18-inch, 300-watt Bluetooth soundbar, and 8 beautiful body color options. This cart will surely turn heads around your residential community or when arriving at the pro shop for a round of golf.

The Revenge E-Merge line offers several features seldom found on other LSVs, including the 3-point seat belts, unique ignition keys, illuminated side mirrors and a powerful AC drive motor and controller. The contemporary body style is pure eye candy, and it comes in 2, 4 and 6-passenger configurations. The Revenge is powered by a 5kw, 17HP (peak) AC drive regenerative-braking motor and rides on 10-inch aluminum wheels and tires, with passengers protected by a DOTapproved, AS1 glass windshield.

If the impressive list of accessories and performance features found on these E-Merge models were not enough, Tomberlin produces 2 Special Editions, the Beachcomber and BadAss models. The Beachcomber is perfect for those who live on the beach or vacation there with the ability to haul in your private cart. Available in 4 and 6-passenger configurations, the Beachcomber has a 6-inch lift custom suspension, convenient fold down rear seat for carrying beach gear and coolers, and hybrid on and off-road tires, perfect for sandy terrain. The BadAss Edition lives up to its name, available in a 6-passenger version and outfitted with a combined 1,000-watt soundbar and subwoofer, gorgeous 17-inch alloy wheels sporting steel belted radials on a 6-inch lift, diamond-pattern floor, dash pocket and bag well mats, and a folding acrylic windscreen.


The Tomberlin brand has built its success on the entire company’s commitment to designing, engineering and manufacturing the safest - exceeding the strict LSV safety requirements set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - premium performance electric vehicles with all of the features on a prospective buyer’s shopping list. Built under their standard of superior quality, passenger safety and vehicle performance, Tomberlin carts are known for their impressive, class-leading hill climbing and rapid

acceleration up to 25 mph (LSV only), plus a range of 80+ miles on a single charge.

Tomberlin’s ergonomically designed and spacious interiors with premium seats make the ride smooth and comfortable. Many versatile seating and cargo configurations, along with ample storage and the added options of street legal LSV or golf packages, let the customer create their personal vehicle to suit their specific needs.

The Columbia Vehicle group has a long history in the development and manufacture of electric vehicles designed for a variety of industrial uses, like their UtiliTruck line of outdoor maintenance vehicles, the Journeyman line of cargo carts perfect for a university campus or sports arena, the Payloader towing and cargo carts, and others meant for large warehouse and product shipment expediting duties.

With the fast-paced growth of the Tomberlin brand of personal transportation and low-speed vehicles taking center stage, the company is driven by delivering the safest, highest quality and peak performing electric vehicles available today. 34 golfcartmanufacturer 36 let'sgetsocial TAG US IN YOUR PHOTOS WITH #GOLFCARTINGMAG YOU MIGHT SEE YOUR POST IN THE NEXT ISSUE!

Yamaha Golf Cars

A Long History of Transportation Innovation 38 golfcartmanufacturer

When founder Torakusu Yamaha came up with one of his first inventions – a simple reed organ in 1887 – little did he know that the company bearing his name would grow into one of the market’s leading manufacturers of golf and other personal transportation vehicles.

Yamaha Motors was formed in 1955, originally designing and manufacturing some of the most popular motorcycles in the world. The company grew and expanded their horizons to include ATVs, WaveRunner personal watercraft and a comprehensive line of golf and other personal transportation vehicles. Yamaha also is an innovator in the manufacture of boats and marine motors, snowmobiles, unmanned helicopter technology, industrial robotics, and musical instruments.

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA is ranked among the top three golf cart manufacturers in the world based on annual sales volume. They are hugely popular among golf cart fleet purchasers around the globe and continue to refine their golf cars to meet the changing needs of buyers and lead the way in technological advancement.


Launched in 1979, Yamaha Golf Cars came out with their first line of golf vehicles with the launch of the G1, the first cart to feature a 2-stroke gas motor with standard oil injection. 1985 saw the release of the G2, the first 4-stroke cart with an overhead valve design and independent rear suspension. This

was also the year they launched the G3, known as the Sun Classic and dubbed one of the industry’s first “neighborhood vehicles”, which offered headlights and taillights, turn signals, mirrors, a glass windscreen and many more innovative features.

The company has long been producing electric-powered golf and other utility carts, and also continues to make gas models which are almost as quiet and much more efficient than earlier models.

Today, Yamaha golf cars include a wide variety of styles and models for many different uses. From 2-passenger golf carts to multi-passenger transporters and commercial utility vehicles, Yamaha continues to develop and produce some of the best in the business.

The company’s Drive2 line of Personal carts is one of their most popular for golf courses and other personal transportation needs like cruising up to the community swimming pool. Drive2 models include the 2-passenger PTV version designed for the course, the Adventure Sport 2+2 with seating for 4 passengers, and the Concierge 4 and Concierge 6 for multi-passenger use like on a school campus, medical facility or real estate sales or homebuilder development. All Drive2 models are available in both gas and electric versions with top speeds of around 19 miles per hour.

Drive2 golf cars are available with standard lead cell batteries or a lithium ion battery in their electric versions. The


cart is the only one on the market with lithium power and an independent rear suspension which provides a remarkably smooth ride. The motor is a 48-volt AC motor, and the motor control unit is built by Toyota Industries.

Yamaha’s UMAX line of carts features utility carts available in many different configurations and built tough for any commercial or recreational outdoor activity.

The UMAX1, available in a gas version only, and UMAX2 are both 2-seaters, with 300-pounds and 800-pounds of cargo capacity respectively. These carts come with 20-inch tires, large under-hood storage compartment and bucket seats and are available in both gas and electric models. The UMAX line offers six different exterior color options.

The UMAX Rally features a lifted suspension, 23-inch tires on 12-inch wheels, a brush guard and fender flares. The UMAX Rally 2+2 is a 4-seater with rear-facing bucket seats for passengers, perfect for the family hunting cabin, construction job site and other places where you’ll be encountering rough terrain. The UMAX Bistro is built as an on-course food and beverage vehicle, and the UMAX Range Picker makes the ideal golf practice range utility vehicle.

Yamaha Drive2 Adventurer models come in Super Hauler and Sport 2+2 versions. The Super Hauler features an oversized aluminum cargo bed designed for heavy loads and lowmaintenance engineering. The Sport 2+2 has rear-facing seats, perfect for taking the kids to wet their lines at the lake. The Adventure line comes in both gas and electric versions.


Yamaha Golf Car Company, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, is known for the continual innovation that has kept them a major market leader. Their electronic fuel injection system first appeared in the company’s motorcycle and personal watercraft and delivers better air-to-fuel ratios and quicker,

smoother acceleration. Yamaha’s Quietech™ electronic fuel injection system on their gas powered golf cars offers a 260mile range and is the quietist and most fuel efficient PTV on the market.

Their state-of-the-art lithium power coupled with the independent rear suspension are just some of the technological advances that create the comfort and reliability for which the company is known. Yamaha Drive2 PowerTech™ lithium-powered carts are capable of providing about 38 miles of service from a single charge, and the Delta Q charger is a high-performance and extremely reliable charging system. The lithium ion battery has a reported lifespan of about eight years.

Top speed of the Drive2 PTV models is 19 miles per hour, and other amenities like wider bucket seats, multiple storage compartments, car-like dashboard and controls, optional tow bar, USB charging ports, golf club compartment and side enclosures, tinted polycarbonate front windscreen, custom wheels and more allow buyers to create their cart to their exact specifications.

Yamaha reports that more than 3,000 golf courses have switched to their golf cars from other competitors’ brands in the last twelve years.

Another innovation available on Yamaha golf cars is the new YamaTrack™ GPS course management system, with a 10-inch display screen and advanced, 3D graphics. This advanced tool allows the golfer to enjoy a more rewarding golf experience and course managers to track their entire fleet, receive real-time maintenance alerts, increase their on-course food and beverage sales, and protect their fleet.

With over sixty years of cutting edge innovation and expertise in the golf car and personal transportation vehicle industry, Yamaha Golf Cars is positioned to remain a leader of premium products designed to fit the needs of their buyers.

golfcartmanufacturer 40

OWNER: Brandon Kurtz from Bakersfield, CA

YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2013 Yamaha G29 Gas


This is my 1st time tearing down and customizing a golf cart. I completed it by myself and learned a lot.


Madjax Havoc Street Body Kit

Madjax 6” lift

Madjax 15” Flow Form Wheels w/ 2” spacers

Wet sounds Stealth 10 Soundbar Carbon Fiber dash & wheel

Extreme Cartz floor mat

GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS: This is my 1st cart build but plan to do more.

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU? For my next cart I would like to customize a 6 seater electric.

golfcartingnation 42



I was looking for easy to install alternatives to upgrade my weak underpowered small Bluetooth speaker that was in my cupholder that I used for years. I came across the JBL BassPro GO portable, Bluetooth speaker and let me tell you, I am very impressed with it!

The speaker fits perfectly in between the backrest and the body on my E-Z-GO. You have the option to mount it permanently or you can remove it from the dock to take anywhere you want to wirelessly hear your music. It features an 8-hour battery and only weighs around 17 pounds.

This 100w RMS (200w max) rated loudspeaker comes with an innovative docking system as mentioned so you can securely attach it in inside your vehicle and use it as a powered subwoofer to add more bass but also can be easily removed to be able to use it wirelessly as a full range speaker system. The

speakers include a 4-1/2" active subwoofer, two 3/4" tweeters, and two passive radiator speakers.

The JBL Basspro Go includes a bass control knob to adjust the boom level. When it receives its audio source from the head unit via the wiring harness and its power from the car battery, the Bluetooth is not active. When disconnected from the harness, it becomes a portable Bluetooth-enabled, fullrange speaker.

I should point out that the JBL BassPro Go is IPX5 marinegrade rated so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. As mentioned, when undocked and removed from the harness, it can no longer be used as a powered sub. It is strictly a fullrange portable Bluetooth speaker system. It receives its audio source from the Bluetooth input only, and receives its power from the internal battery. It must be reconnected to the wiring

golfcartaudioreview 44

harness to charge the NiMH battery.

While I have not installed it to an actual head unit yet to test the full potential of the bass output, the wireless fullrange option is what I am using on the golf cart and it provides excellent audio quality.

Even while cruising at 25+ with noisy aggressive tread tires, the sound is much better than my previous system. When parked, the speaker is quite loud and has crisp mids and highs and still a good amount of lower frequency audio pass through even though it’s not in the bass mode. The finish of the product is top notch down to the soft feel buttons and hidden battery indicator lights.

The only real drawback of this unit is that it does not have an Aux-in port and the wiring harness must be used to charge the battery to which a reducer from your battery pack needs to be used for a 12v connection. I would recommend using a separate fuse block as well, even though it has a fuse on its main power line.

I also think it is essential to complement the JBL BassPro Go with the JBL Click which pairs with your phone via Bluetooth to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause. It fits perfectly on my steering wheel with a strap and allows me to adjust controls distraction-free on the fly.

All in all, the BassPro Go and JBL Click is an excellent solution to hear your favorite tunes in excellent sound quality and I would highly recommend them as a feature-rich, multipurpose hybrid speaker setup.

For more info check out www.



Q: Why does my electric Club Car Precedent periodically "surge" when I have the accelerator fully depressed?

A: There could be a few reasons for this. One reason could be that one or more batteries can be low, the motor speed sensor is cracked or is dirty, or the Motor Controller Output Regulator or MCOR is going bad. These two mentioned parts are relatively easy to replace. The speed sensor is located on the back of the motor and is secured by two small bolts and attached to the main wiring harness that leads to the controller. The MCOR requires you to remove the side rocker panels in order to remove the floor mat. Once that is done, you can remove the pedal assembly by removing the bolts holding it down to the floor. Underneath, attached to that assembly, is the MCOR secured by several torx bolts. The MCOR is the typical culprit of this issue though.

Q: I saw a good deal on a cart that was underwater. Can I rebuild it?

A: Sure, you can rebuild it, but just know that all electrical components would need to be replaced. This can be an overwhelming task, however, certainly doable. You would most likely need to replace the wiring harness, motor, controller, solenoid, and any sensors or switches, like the tow run switch,

and speed sensors as well. You might even need to replace the rear end and steering box too. Just keep in mind that this can be a good project but be wary as the part costs can add up quickly! Freshwater would be more ideal as saltwater will get into every crevice and start rusting and corroding quickly.

Q: One of my batteries exploded! How did that happen?

A: There can be several reasons why this can happen. Let me start by saying that batteries emit a flammable and combustible fume known as hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is a by-product of batteries that occurs during a chemical reaction involving the water and sulfuric acid solution and lead plates. Signs that your golf cart batteries are overproducing hydrogen gas include but may not be limited to odor, corrosion, swelling and leaking. These battery conditions are attributed to poor quality chargers, clogged vent tubes, bad battery cables, wet battery tops, overcharging, overheating, and poor ventilation. A small spark of any kind can ignite this gas and combust. That is why it's very important to check the quality of your connections and routinely check your batteries. Do not touch any cables while charging or shortly after charging as the gases are at the highest levels. Always wear eye protection while working with batteries and NEVER smoke around your battery pack!

askthemechanic 48
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