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A Strong Outlook for the Golf Cart Industry


e are well into 2022 and I just recently got back home to Southwest Florida after having attended the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. This has become one of my favorite weeks of the year because I love golf, golf equipment and golf carts and the PGA Show dazzles and entices me on numerous levels. It’s also a time for me to see friends and colleagues face-to-face that I normally only communicate with through the digital world. This year was especially significant after 2021’s show was canceled due to the pandemic. One of the big takeaways for me was the growing emphasis on lithium batteries in the golf cart industry. Nothing new here; we all knew this was coming but walking around the exhibition hall it seemed I couldn’t take 20 steps without seeing something about lithium batteries.

In this March edition of Golf Carting Magazine, we encourage you to read the article from this years PGA Merchandise Show. There were so many new products and impressive upgrades to golf carts bringing the quality closer to the automotive industry. We wish we had more pages to include everything we laid our eyes on, but as you can imagine there are a lot of products being manufactured, which would potentially consume the entire magazine. The Golf Cart Industry continues to grow in record numbers and based on published reports, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Also, in this February edition of Golf Carting Magazine our Dealer Profile features ABW Golf Carts in Surfside Beach, SC and our Company Profile features one of the higher end carts in the industry - Epic Carts. We hope you enjoy this March 2022 edition of Golf Carting Magazine. Happy carting! Trevor Rose Senior Editor










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fridge, the seat of the utility model adds one more storage compartment, which makes full use of the space under the seat, making it not likely to accumulate dust, and has more practicability.

Evolution’s all-new D3 lithium vehicle is coming. This allnew model provides you with unmatched maneuverability, increased comfort and more performance, which reflects Evolution’s efforts in pursuing to revolutionize the industry. Based on previous models, Evolution upgraded the design of the new electric cart. Highlights of it are listed below:

5. It has all the necessary features including head rest and back rest that support your posture while sitting. You can adjust seat forward/backward and adjust the seat’s height and tilt angle up/down and backrest individually to fit your needs until you’re totally comfortable.

1. The multifunctional steering wheel is very user-friendly and lets you take control of the lights, the tilt angle of the windshield, horn and other system. The steering wheel’s easy-to-use ergonomic design means you’ll be driving with maximum comfort, convenience and added safety. 2. The 9-inch touchscreen puts rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity so that you can easily entertaining yourself during your driving. High-definition backup camera has been optimized for visibility and safety. Press the POWER button under the touchscreen once to start the cart. Rotating knob to shift between Sport, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. 3. The key fob allows you to press buttons to open the front trunk, accessing the cargo area. 4. A built-in fridge under the rear seat. Taking out the


6. LED headlights, taillights, and brake lights help illuminate your path to keep your vision clear and glow in the dark. Four speaker amplifiers are at the bottom of the canopy. 7. Lithium batteries stand out because of their high energy capacity, electrode stability, high electrochemical efficiency, low-cost, and long cycle capacity. 8. Windshield wipers and spray nozzles ensure you have a clean, clear view of the road ahead at all times. 9. Carts have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system, offering equal braking effort to all wheels. In a word, Evolution works to make it one of the sharpest and most sophisticated leisure vehicles on today’s market. Low on emissions, small in dimensions and premium on exterior and interior, it’s time to embrace something new.


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f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to our Instagram page (@golfcartingmag), click on the link in our Bio or just go to: golfcartingmag, and click on the link titled “Submit your Custom Golf Cart” to submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from BA Carts of Van Wert, Ohio. The company is a leading 30-year-old audio/video business that started a golf cart side hustle around 8 years ago


and has expanded into one of the leading golf cart dealers/restoration companies in the area. This custom golf cart is a 2022 gas Club Car Onward with a 2022 Tag-A-Long trailer, below is Sloan Whitaker’s written submission detailing the build. SLOAN, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD? Every winter we at BA Carts attend tradeshows, and every year we build highdollar, ultra-custom golf carts to show the attendants that we know what we're doing and that we are not just some schmucks trying to make a buck selling golf carts. Every year we try to one-up last year's show builds, and The Party Train is one of the results for 2022. We regularly build Club Car Onwards with sound systems that are amongst the best in the country. This year we decided to build an even better system, but we would need more space, and that's when we thought of a Tag-A-Long Trailer. We steer far from building gaudy, tasteless carts that look like accessories and speakers were just bolted wherever we could fit them. So, after taking all of that into consideration, we spent many hours figuring out how to build a cart that has an insane sound system, has useful accessories, and that also looks beautiful -- we finished our game plan and went to work. 18

ONWARD AND TRAILER CONNECTIVITY: To power the trailer's speakers, subwoofers, RGB LEDs, overhead dome LEDs, brake lights, taillights, and turn signals, we had to run a 13-Pin European Style trailer plug. The female plugs on the Onward have hooks to grab the trailer’s male plug which ensures that no wires are yanked out of place during use. COSMETIC: We had our friends over at Sweitzers paint the Onward body black with silver flake, added a Modz Tower Top, and the rest of the metal parts powder coated Illusion Blueberry. UCU Inc. made the Suite Seat cushions which have double-top diamond stitch with black/blue vinyl to match the paint and powder coat. To help passengers step up into the Onward, we installed

Jake’s nerf bar steps and DoubleTake's footrest steps. We love Madjax's Alpha Armor bumper, so we installed that on the front. And to finish it all off, we sat the Onward on Fuel UTV's 14" Nutz wheels with 23" Kraken all terrain tires. AUDIO: To provide the passengers with highs, we installed JL 7.7" M6 tower speakers to the Modz Tower Top, 7.7" M6s within our BA flush mount waterproof speaker enclosure, and two sets of JL 7.7" M6 tower speakers on the Tag-A-Long facing both ways. For low end bass on the Onward, we dropped in our BA Stealth sub which is a ported waterproof enclosure with a JL Audio 10TW3 thin-line subwoofer; and for low end on the trailer, we ran two JL Audio 12W0 subwoofers in a custom waterproof ported enclosure. The system runs on a Stinger high powered car audio battery, is powered by (2) JL Audio MXA600/3 Amps mounted in the dash, is controlled by a JL MM100s head unit and tuned through a computer software thanks to the Hertz H8 DSP we installed in the dash, which allows us to meticulously tune every channel of the sound system. If your trailer passengers don't want music, and to avoid powering the Tag-A-Long amp if you're not pulling it, we installed a switch in the steering column that turns the trailer audio on and off.

LED LIGHTING: Both the Onward and Tag-ALong have an XK Glow Dual Zone controller, which means you have four zones for LED lighting (Onward speakers, Onward underglows, Tag-ALong speakers, Tag-A-Long underglows). XK Glow is controlled by your phone and allows you to run any thinkable pattern and color on all four zones. To help see the road ahead of you, we installed an 8" DB Link LED light bar in the Armor bumper. To see the road behind you (and to help you hook/unhook you trailer at night), we installed flush mount LEDs in the backseat. And to see throughout your Onward and trailer at night, we installed two dome lights in each ride. All four LED accessories are controlled by custom switches made by Rocker Switch Pros mounted in the carbon fiber dash cover. ARE THERE ANY CUSTOM FABRICATION OR CUSTOM-MADE PARTS FOR THIS BUILD? - BA Stealth Sub - Our drop-in subwoofer (Ported waterproof enclosure with JL Audio 10TW3 sub). - BA Speaker Box - Our waterproof speaker enclosure that



mounts between the front/backseat which: 1. Protects the speakers from engine heat and weather 2. Allows the speakers to produce a much stronger mid-bass by being in an enclosure rather than just sitting in a hole. WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? MODZ: Tower Top UCU Inc: Suite Seats MadJax: Jake's Nerf Bar Steps - Armor Brushguard DoubleTake: Rear Footrest Steps CLUB CAR: Carbon Fiber Dash Cover DB Link: 8" LED Light Bar / LED Dome Lights JL Audio: (3 sets of 7.7" M6 Tower Speakers, 1 set of 7.7" M6s, MM100S Head Unit, (2) MXA600/3 AMP, JL 10TW3 Sub, (2) JL 12W0-3 Subs XK GLOW: 2 Dual Zone Controllers CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT BA CARTS AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS? Our story is long, so I'll keep it short. We are a 30-year-old audio/video business that started a golf cart side hustle around 8 years ago. All of us within the audio/video business were already versed in the powersports world, so we caught on quick. Starting out, our #1 goal (and one of the reasons we got into the business) was to truly restore golf carts inside and out instead of ignoring the mechanical parts, and just slapping a new body, backseat and wheels on a cart and calling it "restored." We emphasized that so strongly from the jump because we never half-a** anything in our audio/ video business, and we weren't going to start in our golf cart business. 22

Long story short, after building pre-owned Yamaha Drives for a couple years, word slowly got out that our restored carts were the most dependable, clean and restored golf carts in our area and customers started rolling in. It all happened very fast, but we ended up buying a large shop to build carts, turned 3/4 of our audio/video building into a showroom, picked up Club Car Onwards, started building Club Car Precedents, and now build and sell more carts in one month than we did in all of 2015-2016. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE? Our short-term goal is to build a much larger showroom here in Van Wert since we are always hurting for space. Our longterm goal is to grow, but to keep a very keen eye on our culture and the products/services we offer our customers. BA Carts means "skillful, dependable and welcoming" to our customer base now, and we want to make sure we mean that and more to our customers throughout the future. Last but not least, we will continue to sit at the drawing board exploring new ideas and designs for crazy builds, because we will never grow old of seeing our customers’ faces when they see and hear an insane cart we built just for fun. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE TO ADD? I've been very eager to submit carts to you guys for a while now, but I wanted to make sure we had some worthy builds to submit! Check out their website at: or their Facebook page at: -GCM




armers, ranchers and other agricultural businesses are using gas and electric carts and UTVs at a growing rate If you operate a business that is located on large parcels of land, using a golf cart or other low speed vehicle to get around from one part of the facility to another is likely part of your business. But more people in the farming, ranching, nursery, grove, or other agricultural concerns are realizing that today’s electric and gas utility vehicles can accomplish much more than just transportation. Utility Task Vehicles, or UTVs, are becoming almost a musthave when operating an agricultural business. Chores like hauling loads of materials or supplies, products like crops of fruits and vegetables, maintenance work around the grounds and covering large areas of land in the most efficient way mean the UTV is quickly becoming the logical choice for many smart business owners and managers. Depending on your specific needs, you may consider an electric LSV for duties around the property, or maybe a more rugged, powerful UTV with a large flatbed and added cargo


and towing capacity is better suited to the rough terrain of your property. No matter what type of work you’re intending for your cart or UTV, the options on the market today provide many types of vehicles specifically designed and built to get the job done. ELECTRIC OR GAS – PICK YOUR POWER There are some things to consider before buying a UTV or other type of cart for use on a ranch, farm, fruit grove or nursery. One of the key factors involves whether to go with an electric vehicle, or what was once considered the more traditional option of a gas-powered model. Today’s electric carts may surprise you with the amount of power and torque they offer, rivaling that of many gas vehicles. There can be more long-term considerations, too, like maintenance and overall life of the vehicle. Electric vehicles require almost no regular maintenance for day-to-day use, other than the need to recharge it at the end of each workday. A gas vehicle will need regular oil, filter and cooling system maintenance that needs to be factored into your costs of

operation, not to mention the cost of gas. A cart featuring lithium-ion batteries may provide around 50 hours of operation before needing a charge, and the batteries are reported to last around 5 to 8 years. If you test the electric vehicles designed to do the types of jobs you require at your agricultural business and find the power, torque, and towing capacity to be suitable, this may make the best long-term choice. There are several manufacturers making carts and UTVs designed specifically for use in agricultural applications like farming, ranching, nursery and grove businesses, and more. Club Car makes the very popular Carryall series of work UTVs, and many are available in gas, diesel, or electric powered models. There are 4x2 and 4x4 models designed to stand up to the rugged terrain and continued use needed in an agricultural setting. Club Car even will custom outfit your UTV with specific

options and features to meet your exact needs, allowing you to order a custom vehicle equipped with every tool holder, configuration, cargo area and more that you require to get your work done. Kubota makes the RTV-XG850 Sidekick, a true workhorse of a UTV with several features that make work on your property easier, like a cargo dump box that raises the cargo box with the touch of a button, making offloading heavy loads like rock an easy task. Kubota vehicles have a reputation for their durability under rugged conditions and a smooth ride. One of the most popular brands of UTVs used in agricultural applications is the John Deere Gator line, available in a wide variety of power and configuration options, making it GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 25


easy to build one to fit the work it will be used for. Gators come in 2 and 4-wheel drive, and even a 6-wheel model for heavy work. They are available in gas, diesel, and electric versions, with cargo hauling capacities from 1,000 up to 5,000 pounds. Some full-sized Gator Crossover models even come with an enclosed cab with optional heat and air conditioning. Certain models offer a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, making transporting trailers or cargo carts around your property an easy task. BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) has come out with their Can-Am Defender UTV and they are becoming very popular among people operating agricultural businesses. The Can-Am offers convenient features like a fold-down, full glass front windshield, a sliding panel in the rear window glass, tool holders in the cargo area and even a bright light in the 26

cargo bed for when you get caught out in the field after dark. These vehicles are known for their impressive power delivered through very smooth shifting of the transmission. And for the ultimate in electric UTVs Polaris introduced the All-New Ranger XP Kinetic. The Ranger XP Kinetic comes standard with a combined Level 1 / Level 2 EV charge cord that allows you to charge from a 120V or 240V outlet. A 240V outlet is needed for peak charging, but thanks to their partnership with Qmerit, making the upgrade is easy. Factory-installed on-board charging rate is 3kW for the Premium trim and 6kW for the Ultimate trim. Both Premium and Ultimate trim packages can reach full charge from 0% in as-fast-as 5 hours as-equipped, with a 240V outlet. With 110 hp and 140 poundfeet of instantly available torque, it boasts impressive cargo and towing capacities, and an available 29.8 kWh battery offers

up to 80 miles of range. For most users, we think this will be the Ranger to have. Joshua Citrus is a 300-acre citrus grove business located in Arcadia, Florida, and the Shelfer family has been operating a successful grove operation there since patriarch James Shelfer settled the land in 1887. The grove uses utility vehicles to help run their business and they find them useful for several jobs. “We use them to spray herbicides and nutrients on our trees, and to survey the groves to check that everything is as it should be every day,” said Olivia Meador, the daughter of James Shefler’s great-great grandson Kevin, who has been expanding the family business to include a retail store front and grove stand. “We also use the UTVs to haul trailers to and from our U-Pick gardens for vegetables,” Ms. Meador said. WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER Today’s custom carts, transporters and utility vehicles can be one of the hardest working pieces of equipment you have on your agricultural property, allowing you and your employees to get more accomplished in the shortest amount of time. The cost efficiencies of utilizing UTVs in handling your property’s most critical day-to-day tasks can mean a significant return to your bottom line. Features like 4-wheel independent suspension, tires designed specifically for the type of terrain on your agricultural property, and custom options like multiple seating positions, passenger capacity for taking workers to a project site and a user experience much like that of riding in a passenger car can result in increased work product and reduced manufacturing costs. -GCM GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 27

SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery • Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

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The EPIC Line of ICON Carts Premier Quality Propels Growth


hen Sean Heatley founded EPIC Carts a decade ago in Texas, coming up with a name for his new company lead him to one clear choice. With definitions like “impressive,” “beyond the ordinary” and “outstanding,” Heatley knew instantly he had decided on a most appropriate brand identity. What began with a small retail location serving the Texas market is now part of the fast-growing ICON top-of-the-line golf carts with the two firms partnering with each other in 2020. Heatly was finding it difficult to strike a deal with other large cart manufacturers like E-Z-GO and Club Car because of restrictive limits to the geographic sales markets, so he began studying the ICON design and manufacturing processes and found an ideal partner. “What ICON did in the last 3 or 4 years has been amazing, so of course I was interested to see if possibilities existed to do something together,” Heatley, now a


Managing Partner for the brand, said. The EPIC line of ICON has positioned itself as the premier manufacturer of custom carts, based on the ICON platform. With ICON’s innovative processes in manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution, the new partnership was the perfect match to bring the ultimate custom, state-of-the-art carts to the marketplace. EPIC and ICON worked in tandem for six months to thoroughly review and analyze all their design features, manufacturing and assembly processes and standard cart equipment to arrive at their premium line of custom carts while keeping their price point below the other major brands. THE ULTIMATE CART The team behind EPIC Carts knew they needed to offer a line of vehicles to match the firm’s name, and their carts feature design and equipment unmatched by other cart manufacturers. One look at any of their cart models tells you

they are unlike anything on the market, and the company never rests when coming up with new and innovative ideas to keep them ahead of the competitive curve. The EPIC Carts offer two, four and six-seater models, all packed with an impressive list of standard equipment and premier features. All EPIC Carts are equipped with AGM batteries, 5kw motor, 400/450kw Curtis controllers, 4-wheel disc brakes and 4-wheel independent suspension and much more. All epic models are DOT-compliant for legal use on the street, with full glass windscreens, 3-point seat harnesses, side mirrors, LED turn signals, license plate bracket and even a back-up camera. The company is currently producing the carts in Sarasota, Florida, with plans to open another manufacturing facility in North Carolina in the very near future. It can be difficult to say what is more impressive and popular among EPIC Cart owners – the visual appeal of the vehicles or the way they function and perform. One of EPIC’s most popular models is the E40L, a 4-seat model available in 7 different colors and packed with premium features. This model weighs 1,400 pounds with a carry capacity of 750 pounds and 67-inch wheelbase. The top speed of the E40L is 20mph, and they can go about 25 hours at full speed after charging. Other standard equipment found on the entire EPIC line include 12V pre-wired accessory switches, 12V dual USB ports, halogen headlamps, luxurious high-back seating with diamond stitching and even a 26” ECO-X Bluetooth soundbar. “We wanted to offer dealers a product with all the bells and whistles that they may not be able to or want to add on their end,” Heatley said. “If the dealer wanted to add any additional features like a rear light or additional audio capabilities, our carts already come with the right connections and capabilities for that.” EPIC’s 60L is a 6-seat model that can carry up to 1,000 pounds and has a 156inch wheelbase. These stylish vehicles are perfect for use in transporting prospective buyers around a residential home community or any other setting where you need to cover a large area carrying 6 people in comfort and style. ICON carts are known for their strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and the EPIC Cart line backs up their commitment to excellence with a comprehensive warranty. ICON® EV’s, the manufacturer, warrants each EPIC Cart-branded golf cart sold through any of their authorized dealers or

distributors worldwide to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale. Within the warranty time frame, ICON will repair or replace the golf cart and/or parts of the golf cart if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship. Heatley points out that as an authorized line of carts manufactured under the ICON umbrella, all models within the EPIC line are backed by ICON’s history of standing behind their products. The acquisition of Epic Carts by ICON happened just prior to the COVID19 pandemic, but the two firms pushed through within the limits of safety and caution to combine their individual expertise and develop a cart that many feel with shape the future of premier passenger and utility carts. “Growth is one thing, but to stay competitive in this rapidly developing industry, we need to constantly work to offer the most diverse line of carts to our dealers and our customers,” says Heatley. “Now that we’ve worked with ICON to design and build what we feel is the ultimate cart for a wide variety of needs and our manufacturing facility is rolling out product, we’re ready to sprint into the future.” -GCM



OWNER: Josh Hall from Omaha, NE YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2008 CLUB CAR DS ELECTRIC 48V FACEBOOK PAGE: JOSH, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD? Custom build this 2008 Club Car DS to resemble an Army Jeep. Added a 6” double a-arm lift with 12” black rims and 22” A/T tires. Installed a deluxe Madjax 250 rear seat with the cooler insert, covered the seats with brown leather, replaced the top with a windshield. Installed a digital voltage meter, USB charging ports, side steps, taillights and light bar. I also gave it a custom paint job, new Trojan batteries and battery watering system and a toe hitch. We towed a trailer behind it on Halloween with the kids dressed as dinosaurs and we were characters from Jurassic Park. CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS? I’m an avid golfer 36

and handyman. Wanted a cart to drive to friends’ houses in the neighborhood. Made some minor mods to my first one back in 2014, sold it to try another style. Then I went through 4 of them in 2015. Realized I really enjoyed creating a cool ride for others to enjoy so I started my business, Albatross Custom Carts, in 2016. My brotherin-law and I now sell 15-20 custom carts a year out of our garages and enjoy working on them and seeing the final cart and customer reactions. WHAT AFTERMARKET PARTS DID YOU USE? Madjax seat, windshield and side steps. Steeleng Golf Cart lift, wheels and tires. Lazy Life seat covers and various other brand parts. Trojan batteries of course. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? To build the best custom golf carts in the Midwest and eventually open an official store.




THE 2022 PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW was a terrific experience and though I was only there for a couple of days, I certainly got a lot out of it. Before stepping into the exhibition center, I was amazed by the sheer size of the convention center. It is massive. When I first stepped into the main exhibition hall, I was a bit overwhelmed as I looked at the thousands of vendors

surrounding me as far as my eye could see. The vendor booths were a blend of golf apparel, ball tracking systems, practice devices, latest clubs, golf media companies, and of course golf cart manufacturers, which is the reason for my attendance. The “big three” manufacturers were there in all their glory in Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha, but many other brands had



a presence. These include Evolution, Star EV, DSG Global, Tomberlin and PHAT tire scooters to name a few. It seemed that every manufacturer had one thing on their mind, LITHIUM. It seemed every new cart was promoting lithium power and for the right reasons. Let’s face it, this technology is the future. Speaking of batteries, my next stop was to visit my friends at Relion battery to see the latest in their impressive product line. I am amazed at how well constructed Relion batteries are. From the highly intelligent internal BMS system to their innovative heatsink technology, in my opinion, they are among the top contenders in the battery game. And of course, right up there with Relion is Trojan Battery, and their new drop-in lithium replacement is very 40


similar to Relion’s. Their drop-in units are sure to replace the big bulky lithium packs. Relion has even launched a portable lithiumbased power station that offers electrical power in an emergency backup or for recreational situations. Very nice to have! Nevertheless, Relion and Trojan are both at the forefront of the transition from the soon to be antiquated lead-acid batteries to the lithium future. Moving along, I met with several other golf cart part companies including audiophile favorite ECOXGEAR who were proudly showcasing their all-new Bluetooth enabled weatherproof subwoofer (which rocks by the way). 42


Next, I met with Eagle Products who were busy displaying their enclosure systems. They were also touting their full cab designs that can transform a standard golf cart to a full utility vehicle in a matter of hours. They have many other products including windshields, seat kits, brush guards, and so on. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't meet with Nivel or Doubletake as they opted out of the show this year. They are perceived as the industry leaders in aftermarket bodies and custom parts. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the 2022 PGA Merchandise show and was certainly impressed with all the vendors. Whether you like golf or not, the PGA Merchandise show is a spectacle that is worth experiencing. As a golf cart industry professional I was grateful to see how much this industry is thriving and astounded at the rapid pace of innovation and technology in the world of Golf Carting. -GCM



ABW GOLF CARTS offers superior service in the Florence and Surfside Beach areas of beautiful South Carolina. They pride themselves in creating beautiful, custom designs to meet a variety of wants and needs. If you’re looking for a new golf cart or need service for the one you own, don’t forget about ABW Golf Carts. Learn more about ABW Golf Carts… DEALER PROFILE: DEALER NAME: ABW Golf Carts DEALER LOCATION: Surfside: 701 U.S. 17 Business Surfside Beach, SC 29575 46

Florence: 3218 West Palmetto St, Florence, SC 29501 PHONE NUMBER: (843) 839-0600 EMAIL: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK PAGE: ABW is a golf cart dealership that specializes in custom golf carts and they pride themselves on phenomenal customer service. They have two locations and each has a showroom and full service center. ABW is an authorized Yamaha dealership. They also build custom carts to meet the needs of customers specs. Whether you want a golf cart for the course or for the

neighborhood, ABW’s two locations will deliver the perfect cart for you. Even if you don’t do a lot of golfing, golf carts are great for running errands around the neighborhood, like checking the mail or visiting friends. Why not add a little convenience to your life and buy a golf cart? Already Own a Cart? In addition to having a huge selection of golf carts for you to buy, ABW has an experienced, knowledgeable crew that can help service the cart you already

own. They will help you customize your cart or just give it a tune up. There is no job that is too big or small for ABW Golf Carts. Make sure to stop by either one of their two locations today! ABW Golf Carts will help you choose the best golf cart to fit your needs. Whether you want a complete custom design or something a little simpler, we have the selection for you to choose from. Start golfing in style with your own cart from ABW Golf Carts. -GCM



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: How can I get longer range with my electric golf cart? A: The biggest culprit of poor range are the condition of the batteries. You should check your charger to make sure you are getting the proper voltage output as well. There are many choices in higher amp hour lead acid batteries for range but the best option to get the most miles is by going with a lithium setup. There is also the option of replacing a DC controller/motor for an AC system. The AC (alternating current) technology is a far more efficient way to transfer power thus producing longer distances between charges. Q: My batteries are completely dead. What can I do to revive them? A: Deep cycle batteries don't like when they are discharged excessively and therefore will not have the range that they once had. However you can try to charge each individual battery with an automotive style charger to get them back to a state to where the charger will kick back on and effectively charge the pack correctly. Be sure to not fill the batteries with 48

distilled water until they are fully charged. You may get good results by replacing some of the electrolyte inside the battery with new as well. If the batteries have bulges on the terminals or a swelled case its best to trade them in for new ones. Q: Can I use my old charger if I go with lithium batteries? A: It depends on what charger you have. The most popular Delta-Q chargers usually have pre-set algorithms in the logic board and charge profiles can be changed when specific batteries are replaced. However, some do not have these extra algorithms and are set to only one from the manufacture. Check with for information on what algorithm numbers are for your specific batteries and also how to change them. Other brands like the Lester chargers have the ability to be used with lead acid, AGM and lithium and can intelligently auto-sense what battery you have. Typically you will have to buy a new charger though and usually the manufacture of the lithium battery will offer the compatible charger to go with the setup you choose.

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