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The Glen Breeze Fall 2020 Newsletter

THE STATE OF CAMP FROM CASEY Dear GG Friends, It has truly been a challenging summer! Having to shut down due to the pandemic was such a disappointment for our campers, staff, and alumni. We bounced back and created new programming with hopes of giving our Camp Family a taste of GG while doing it in a safe and healthy way. Many of you have asked how things are looking for our beloved camp. Let me give you a quick update on what we did around programming this summer, fundraising efforts, and how our financial bottom line looks after having to cancel this past summer. Programs The full-time staff had to re-group and create all new programs for this summer. We kid each other that this past summer was busier than a normal summer, having to pivot and start everything from scratch. Our goal in the creation of all these summer activities were two-fold: 1) bring in some money to off-set our huge financial loss, and 2) provide a way for our Camp Family to engage and get a taste of GG. Here is a quick glance of what happened this summer: Activity Hiking Camping Vespers Virtual Stories July 4th Carnival Volunteer Days Knighthood

Description Can come up to camp to hike the trails with a trail pass Vespers and Ropes open for tent camping Weekly Vespers videos with guest speakers and songs Nancy told some of our favorite stories virtually Carnival on July 4th with limited numbers due to state rules Days volunteers can come up and help with cleaning and projects Knights of the Glen & Ladies of the Glen offered, including shield painting, Avalon, and modified Induction & Ladies Court.

# of Participants Over 500 trail passes were given out 30 campouts from July - August 4 vespers events, 859 Views 3 stories, 183 views 40 participants 5 different days, over 100 volunteers 108 Knights 134 Ladies

Store Weddings

Store open certain hours to purchase items Have always offered weddings, but will now offer receptions

Family Weekends

Families in cabins doing activities Saturday lunch to Sunday before lunch Special BBQ for all campers who would have been in their last year as a camper

Over $20,000 in sales No weddings were scheduled due to Covid restrictions 105 Families attended 7 different weekends 49 campers

Last Year Camper Weekend

Fundraising I can’t say thank you enough to the 697 donors who stepped in and contributed to help GG get through this challenge. Over $900K was raised in this past year! Here is a breakdown of the generous donations we received:

Donation Method

# Donors


Tuition donations

428 donors


Colorado Gives (Online)

179 donors


Checks mailed-in

88 donors


Major Gifts 5 donors $175,000 Financially We knew that giving full refunds to our families was the right Campership Money Raised $165,127 thing to do, but even after cutting all expenses, it put us in a Total $904,070 $1.3M financial hole. $904K was donated by our camp family, we received $150K in Payroll Protection, as well as receiving $160K in other federal, state, county loans, and grants. Bottom line, camp is taking a hit for a non-profit that looks to balance their revenue and expense each year. But camp will live on, and we are so grateful that our Camp Family stepped in to save us during this challenging year.

In the Spirit of the Glen,

Casey Klein, Director

In spite of an untraditional and unexpected summer, The Spirit of the Glen thrived! The theme of “Silver Linings� quickly emerged as the efforts of the Camp Family demonstrated an unconquerable spirit of joy, hope, and perseverance. We gratefully share these with you as we celebrate the summer of 2020 and the continued tradition of cherishing the past, nurturing the present, and seeding the future.


alumni. We loved getting to hear camp come alive with the happy laughter and chatter of the Camp Family after a quiet summer; the camp smells, food droppings, and Meadow races were a few of our family weekend favorites.

Howdy friends! Maisie and Gus here, ready to fill you in on all the crazy things that happened around GG this summer. We were bummed to not have the usual table scraps from 240 campers every day but still found both our human and animal friends having fun around camp! The 4th of July is one of our favorite times of the summer, there is always singing, good music, carnival games, lots of patriotism, and our favorite thing... snacks! While we missed celebrating with the campers, we loved seeing some of our camper friends and meeting their families at the 4th of July Carnival. We helped with the flag raising, watched the Indian Hills Parade, played carnival games, and danced to the Banjo Man until we dropped, the whole day gives us zoomies just thinking about it! Even though we could not celebrate with the campers the way we normally do, we were so happy to be able to boogie down to Banjo Man’s “Surfin’ USA” with the thirteen families that celebrated at the Glen!

We had an extraordinary time connecting with the entire Camp Family through our Camp Family Vespers videos! We had a lot of laughs and deep thoughts as McKenna Nading and Xavier Maier entertained us with a summer full of Vespers insights. Alums John Vogt and Tim Hogan told stories and campers like Leah Rudmann played wonderful musical pieces. We also watched staff members like Harris Griswold lead us in goofy skits. If you haven’t had the chance to watch these videos make sure to check them out on YouTube or Facebook by searching for Geneva Glen Vespers. It was the perfect entertainment for us while we ate our morning bone! Watch the Vespers videos here! Our 2020 Trainees were the campers we saw most! Several of them helped with our 4th of July Celebration, participated in Ladies & Knights of the Glen, volunteered with camp projects, organized the Last-Year Camper BBQ, wrote the 2020 Columbine newsletter, and even helped with our Haunted Barn during our Fall Festival. These campers always made sure to scratch our ear and pat our backs whenever they were around.

Family Weekends were a huge hit! There were seven weekends where fifteen families rented out one of the cabins on Girls’ Hill for a weekend at the Glen. There were fun day activities like rifles/BBs, archery, arts and crafts, pony rides, zipline, climb wall, and hiking. The kids loved the treasure hunt and so did we, except the treasure was not dog treats like we were hoping. We spent the evening telling stories, performing skits, singing songs, and laughing around the Council Fire. Gus’ favorite part of the weekend was the good food and Maisie’s favorite part was the Council Fire where she saw lots of past campers and

ON-THE-DOG-BEAT We loved seeing many of our favorite gals tromping around camp. Over 130 of them participated in the Ladies of the Glen program. We were filled with excitement and sniffing all over the cars when the girls were dropped off to spend a morning at Avalon. I (Gus) was the only male doggie that followed the ladies to Avalon, and it was enchanting. I even got to wear a beautiful flower crown that one of the counselors made me! The girls also attended virtual Charm School with some of their favorite counselors. Finally, all the ladies were able to go to a modified Ladies Court (virtual & in-person). Each camper was recognized and spoke about a charm that helped them the most prior to summer and a charm that would help them get through the challenging year ahead. They received a one-of-a-kind gold Cinquefoil bracelet with the flower painted on top. It was a beautiful ceremony and many of their parents were able to enjoy Ladies Court as well! We even snuck up to the balcony and peered over on our hind legs to watch some of the magic taking place down below! The boys also got an opportunity for a GG experience through the Knights of the Glen program. There were over 100 campers striving for one of the six ranks of Knighthood. Our favorite part was when many of them came to camp to paint their unique Cinquefoil shield (designed by Sir Knight Oliver Moyski) not to mention give us scatchies and chase us around the Meadow! The program culminated in private Induction ceremonies in the Council Ring or virtually. We could tell it was special day for the boys and their family members who got a once-in-lifetime opportunity to be part of the Knighthood tradition.

This summer we opened GG’s trails and campsites to the Camp Family for hiking and camping and boy was it so fun to meet and see so many people appreciating and using GG’s land and trails. Thank you to everyone who signed up for a GG Trail Pass. About 500 trail passes were given out this summer! We love hiking at camp and smelling all the new smells and wildlife and we even made some elk friends! We wanted to play fetch with the big sticks on their heads, but they didn’t seem very keen on the idea. The GG staff marked all the GG trails this summer and we have loved exploring the new trails that we have not been on before like the Snowy River Trail. Ropes and Vespers Hill were converted into campsites for the summer and hosted over 30 camping trips to the Camp Family. We love a good campfire, especially when there are hot dogs being roasted! One of our favorite nights was the Last Year Camper BBQ. Some of our oldest camper friends came to camp to spend some much-needed time together. We played games around the Meadow, ate all the delicious burger scraps they dropped on the ground from the BBQ, and enjoyed fellowship in the Council Ring. We had to lick off our tears as these last-year campers said goodbye, but we know we will see them soon.

Thank you to all our friends who kept the “Spirit of the Glen” alive this past summer! Have a great winter and we’ll keep the Glen safe and magical until next season. Woof Woof! Maisie & Gus

Knighthood Accolades: Congratulations & Thank You! We wanted to recognize the following Midnight Blue Bracelet campers who helped lead the 2020 Ladies Program and thank them for their loyalty and devotion to bringing the Knighthood qualities into their everyday life. Thank you, Cassie Dugdale, Riley Estes, Molly Grylicki, Ella Jiron, Charlotte Johnson, Claudia Lacey, Sophia Lisle, Daphne Miles, Colleen Nixon, Anna O’Donnell, Hannah Podgorski, Rebecca Pontow, Abby Sampson, Lauren Schulman, Caroline Smits, and Kate Todd. We are tremendously proud of the 8 young men who achieved their rank of Sir Knight as a camper this summer: Brody Ambroggio, Logan Christman, Nate Cunningham, Ian Jenkins, Matthew Kirton, Weston Schwartz, Jed Solomon, and Jackson Thomas. We also want to recognize the work of our Camper Sir Knights throughout the program: Jack DeStefano, Jacob Sampson, Nathan Tampkin, and Reed Westnedge. We honor and thank you for all your years of fidelity and love to Geneva Glen and the Knighthood program!

HUMBLE SERVICE We are truly grateful to all who donated their time to GG this year! In addition to the volunteers listed below, we want to thank all of the Members of our GG Committees and Members of the GG Round Table! Not to mention our year-round Staff that work and organize many of these volunteer projects. Brady Allison Ford Allison Tim Amass John Arigoni Nancy Atkinson Ken Atkinson CJ Backus Beth Baldwin Kendall Baldwin Jesse Bertoli Sophia Bird Julie Bogdan Riley Bogdan Quinn Booth Samantha Bryson Lisha Burnett Peyton Burnett Erin Burns Jo Burns Nathan Burns Reid Byrne Grace Campbell Tracy Campbell Andrew Carlson Jane Carlson Logan Christman Kate Cihon Becky Clark Lauren Clarke Jordan Clouse

Lauren Clouse Jordan Cohen Jack Connor Kristin Cox Caden Cramer Landon Cramer Aubrey Crawford Annie Cunningham John Cunningham Nate Cunningham Sarah Cunningham Charlotte Dean Blake Duris Ben Fitzpatrick Bob Flory Marty Galloway Emory Gerlach Lauren Goettge Dan Goldhamer Levi Gribas Harris Griswold Debbie Grylicki Molly Grylicki Lucy Grylicki Zoe Halax Ben Hale Vicki Hand Cody Haun Diane Hazel Dana Heller

Hadley Hodgson Harper Hodgson Jennifer Hodgson Hallie How Davis Hummel Martin Hummel Izzy Hurley Bob Irby Alex Izbiky Emily Jacobs Ian Jenkins Ella Jiron Nelle Kanewske Sam Kanewske Ryan Kauffmann Slide Kelly Riley Kidston Stephanie Kiley Sally Kingdom John Kirton Matthew Kirton Mikaela Kirton Natalie Kirton Ann Klein Matthew Klein Andre Knapp Ed Knufinke Jill Knufinke James Kohler Nick Kolomitz

Genevieve Kosanovich Jillian Kosanovich John Kosanovich Monica Kosanovich Alexa Lanpher Chelsea Lawrenz Bob Lederer Emilie Lederer Matt Lederer Meg Lederer Jennifer Lee Latrice Lee Pia Lisle Amy Livingston Owen Locke John Mahan Xavier Maier Kim Mangle DB Mares Jeanine McCleery Caroline McHugh Bobby Meagher Marcy Mendenhall Ethan Meyer Nate Miller Jeanne Mondrus Brendan Moon Carson Moore Will Morland Oliver Moyski

Matt Murphy McKenna Nading Claire Nordeen Meg O'Connell Anna O'Donnell Coza Perry Ryan Porter Jack Prall Rick Roadruck Danny Rosen Ellen Rossier Kerstin Rowe Cathy Rudmann Annie Rudnick Barry Rumack Emma Sabine Wind Amy Scanlan Lauren Schulman Noah Schwalger Brad Sheehan Cole Siegler Liz Solan Steven Soltes Xander Sommers Andrea Song Nick Stewart Jackson Thomas Nick Thomas Tanner Thomas Jeff Thormodsgaard

Andrew Todd Jim Todd Terry Tomsick Ian Tracy Zach Triplett Maire Turk Rachel Urban Dana van Doorninck Lana von Tersch Thomas von Tersch Dan Warner Josie Warren Kellie Warren Becky Weinberg Gabe Weinberg Sofia Weinberg Tanya Weinberg Davis Wert Scott Wert Christopher Witwer Jeffrey Witwer Colin Yakely Shawn Yakely

Throughout Geneva Glen’s history, our volunteers have served as the backbone of our traditions and sprit. Thousands of our friends and alumni have served our camp as board members, program volunteers, ambassadors, and helpers. While we are grateful for the wonderful service all of these volunteers have provided, we select the individuals with our annual “Magic of the Glen” award. These individuals go above and beyond in leading our volunteer effort through their love of our camp. Thank you to our 2019 Magic of the Glen award recipients Andrew Carlson and Jane Carlson, and to the 2020 Magic of the Glen award recipients Oliver Moyski, Grace Campbell, and Marty Galloway!

As part of our strategic plan, we have been working to better organize and streamline Geneva Glen’s volunteer engagement process. As a part of this, we are excited to introduce our new volunteer website.

www.genevaglen.org/volunteer Here you can learn all about the different volunteer opportunities and express your interest to volunteer. From there, a GG Staff member will contact you and get you involved!

GG PHILANTHROPY We are so grateful for the generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure from our Camp Family!

The Geneva Glen Peace Prize is typically awarded during World Friendship to one or two campers who have displayed outstanding leadership and unusual devotion to the ideals of friendship among nations and respect for human life, liberty, and dignity. Their constant commitment to these ideals also acts to inspire those around them toward a heightened respect and appreciation for all.

Note: We will be recognizing our donors individually in our next newsletter.

For this unusual 2020 season, we wanted to acknowledge a broader group of individuals devoted to Geneva Glen Camp. This year we recognize and highlight the Geneva Glen Camp family with the 2020 Peace Prize. The Camp Family contributed their generous spirit and commitment to the preservation of Geneva Glen - this summer and into the future. We are humbled for the support of our families and alumni to ensure the legacy of Geneva Glen survives for future generations to enjoy. We are forever grateful!

We are blessed to have an alum step forward and offer to match up to $50,000 toward this year’s Campership Campaign! Xander Sommers was a camper, staff, and current volunteer who has always supported Geneva Glen! Those of you who know Xander, know his love for this place! Xander, we are so grateful for the matching gift! This means that any donation you make between now and Colorado Gives Day (December 8th) up to $50,000 will be matched by our friend Xander – doubling your donation! So please join me, the staff, and the Board of Directors in supporting the Geneva Glen Camp Campership program. Your donation will help campers who otherwise could not afford tuition enjoy a summer at the Glen, and that is a special gift after the year we have all had. You can donate now by going to our Colorado Gives page at: www.coloradogives.org/2021Camperships

This summer, two Eagle Scout Candidates from Troop 633 completed projects on our property. Garrett Triplett (current camper) constructed a new fire pit and some benches at the ropes course for cookout and campout use. Luke Arnold completed construction on a new gazebo to replace the old one which was damaged during a wind storm in the spring. We are grateful for these two volunteer efforts, and excited about upcoming projects as 4 additional Scouts from the Troop have already started to plan projects for completion this winter and spring. Thank you Garrett, Luke, and Troop 633!

AROUND THE PROPERTY We had a busy spring and summer continuing to make improvements to the camp facility this year. We continued progress on developing recreational spaces in the Meadow. The Dodgeball Court received new fencing and LED overhead lighting, we completed construction on the new Volleyball Court next to the pool (fresh sand will be delivered spring 2021!), and are preparing to begin assembly on a new Gaga Pit this fall.

We were able to do some landscaping work and built a new staircase near the Marathon entrance (pictured far left). GG neighbor, Allen Moot, donated his time and machines renovating the Old Climbwall Trail which connects the Ute Trail to the Skyview Trail (pictured middle). The expanded trail is safer, allows for quicker emergency access to the back trails of our property, and will help with forest management.

This spring we completed renovations on two new cabin spaces in the basements of Mountain Meadow and Silver Birch. These new cabins will be camper residence spaces. The buildings will retain their original names, the cabin spaces will be called Mountain (upstairs) and Meadow (downstairs), Silver (upstairs) and Birch (downstairs). Some families were able to stay in them this summer, but we’re excited to see them in use during summer 2021! The Chapel staircase and landing were resurfaced and the upper railing was replaced this spring due to issues with the aging stonework and to improve accessibility. This Fall, thanks to generous donations from donors we improved the Memorial Garden area, installing new flagstone patios above and below the wall, a new staircase leading up from the Chapel, and made some improvements to drainage in the area.

AROUND THE PROPERTY Many asked, “what did camp do with the horses this summer?” The majority of the G/ Herd spent the summer relaxing in their winter pasture home in Platteville. The Old Codgers: Dakota, Kiowa, and Thunder did return to camp for some extra care and to help provide pony rides during the Family Weekends. The global pandemic didn’t stop our brood mares Polly and Poppy from delivering two bundles of joy in June! Polly gave birth to a sorrel filly, “Annie Oakley,” and Poppy had a black filly, “Calamity Jane.” We’ll look forward to introducing these two girls to Geneva Glen next summer! Happy Trails Jasper

Jasper came to Geneva Glen in June of 1996 and worked on the trail for the next 23 summers. Wranglers in the 1990’s might remember Jasper as wild and tough to ride at times but in his later years, he became a trusted and patient camper horse, carrying hundreds of children on safe trail rides. You’ll be missed Jasper!

The Pendragon Society The Pendragons are recruiting new members! If you have some spare time or talents you wish to share and want to volunteer to help out at camp, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones - we could use your help! The Pendragons are a group of men and women who volunteer their time to help with stewardship to camp facilities and property. The group provides tremendous service in helping to keep camp maintained and a significant source of labor would otherwise need to be hired. Past projects have included staining the Health Center, fire mitigation around cabins, building a deck at the Rifle Range, helping to decorate for Winter Workshop, assisting with renovations, demolition, and much more. All are welcome to join and work days are planned for all skill levels (volunteers under 16 must have a parent present). Membership does not require attendance at all work days, come when you can! Sign up to join the mailing list: https://genevaglen.org/volunteer Questions? Contact Pete: pete@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 x15 For more information visit: www.genevaglen.org/pendragons Upcoming Work Days: To be announced via email January 2021

ALUMNI NEWS This is one of our favorite sections of the Breeze! Since we did not publish a newsletter in the spring, due to Covid, we have included all birth announcements, on the nest, engagements, and nuptials below. We have oodles and oodles of new GG babies! Please note that some of these GG cuties are now over a year old and are keeping their parents on their toes. Enjoy!

Libby Bourke Eberhardt (‘90s & ‘00s) and her hubby, Kory, announced the arrival of Mr. Calllum Jack Eberhardt in October of 2019. This little cutie-patootie has all the charm and his parents smile! Bruce Gallagher (‘90s & ‘00s) and Tricia welcomed another bundle into the future supply of Golden Hearts with the arrival of Topher Rhoads in fall of 2019. Grayson is a proud big brother and Uncle Chris (‘90s & ‘00s) is delighted to share a name with this little guy! Chloe Lambert Mopas (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband Jason post the most adorable pictures of sweet Amelia Ripley who arrived in October of 2019. Kevin Schadt (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Amy, were thrilled with the delivery of Sutton Elizabeth Schadt in October of 2019. They currently reside in California. Kelly McCarty (‘90s & ‘00s) is enjoying fatherhood! He and wife, Lauren, introduced Shane to the world in October of 2019. He is adorable just like his pops! Nurse Carissa Kreikemeier Sturm (‘10s) and Mitchell added another boy to their growing family. Wayde Sturm makes boy #3! Marci Jacobs Jarog (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband, John, provided another playmate for their daughters. Their brother, Clifford, joined the family on Halloween in 2019. Tyler Piersch Fricke (‘00s) and Alex added a new little member to their family in January. Joshua Gregory Fricke comes from a deep-rooted GG family. Grandma, Cindy Lewis Piersch (‘80s & ‘90s), attended camp for several years. Casey Carr (‘90s & ‘00s) and wife, Jen, are over the moon with their 2nd little bundle who arrived in February. Francis “Frankie” Carr joined big brother Andy who is loyally watching over him. Late February brought a stork visit to Annie Williamson Vierra (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband Caleb as Eleanor joined their family. They are all tickled pink! Grandpa, Ron Williamson (‘60s & ‘70s), is excited to add another camper to the GG family. Uncle, Tom Williamson (‘90s & ‘00s), will be welcoming his own kiddos, Parker and Ian, to GG very soon. Kaylee Schwalger Land (‘00s & ‘10s) and husband, Ryan, welcomed the newest Island Dancer to the bunch, Liam Land, last April. Nurse Anna Torborg Hellevick (‘10s) and husband Justin introduced Parker Edwin to the world in March. Shannon Chambers Barker (‘00s) and husband, Bryce, proudly introduced baby boy #2. Little Zachary arrived in March and joined big brother Ben.

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Send us your news! alumnews@genevaglen.org

ALUMNI NEWS Hayley Campbell Hiner (90s & ‘00s) and husband, Wade, were enamored with their early July gift when Charles “Charlie” Wade joined the family. Older sister Audrey is protective over her little brother! Auntie Grace (‘00s & ‘10s) keeps us up to date with the latest pictures and adorable stories. News arrived that Rosia Warner Parrish’s (‘90s & ‘00s) family was growing as she and her spouse, Brent, welcomed baby #2 this summer. Emery Aron Parrish was born on August 20, 2020. He and big sister, Harper, are in for some great adventures. Brad Sheehan (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) and wife, Alice welcomed Theodore “Teo” to their family on July 13, 2020. He weighed 9lb 10oz and is named after Fr Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame and Brad’s grandfather, Teo Prinster- both great men who demonstrated the love and compassion that we hope he brings to the world. Congrats to Sunny McCarty (‘90s & ‘00s)! She welcomed identical TWIN boys this fall! William and Charlie joined their older brother Henry and sister Ella to make a delightful family of six! Keely Contadeluci Spare (‘90s & ‘00s) became a mother to Pauline “Polly” Joy Spare in August. Emily Rosenwasser Gedeon (‘90s & ‘00s) and John have a new little light in the world. John “Jack” Anthony Gedeon III was born on October 8. Emily wrote that Jack has a sweet heart and a calm spirit.

Megan Campbell Barley (‘90s & ‘00s) will become Mama Bear to her 3rd son this winter. This boy has big shoes to fill with the outgoing personalities of brothers Campbell and Ben. Dane Harbaugh (‘90s & ‘00s) and Andrea gave news that they are welcoming a boy to their family. He will join big sister, Sadie and their favorite pooch, Pete. Sarah Jackel Pardikes (‘90s & ‘00s) and Tom are welcoming a little sister for brother Jamie this month. Jamie is quite the ham and we have seen it firsthand as he strutted around GG in his Halloween costume. Claire Nordeen (‘90s & ‘00s) and husband Douglas are expecting baby #1! She has stayed connected with Geneva Glen as a valued member of our Medical Committee. Bridget Alexander Riley (‘10s) announced she is expecting again! Her husband Ian and daughter Marion make quite the sweet little family.

With all the changes to wedding dates, we apologize if we still have you listed as engaged and not married. Sarah Wyman (‘90s & ‘00s) is getting hitched to her sweetie, T.J. Wallace. It will obviously be a GG style wedding filled with camp friends galore! Congratulations you love birds! Max “Moose” Muller (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) popped the question to girlfriend Keely. We are sure the entire Cassidy family is overjoyed for the happy couple! Moose is known for officiating weddings, so we are curious to see who will be officiating his? A Wert twin is getting hitched! Davis Wert (‘90s & ‘00s) will wed fiancée Sam Caravello. Spencer Curtiss (‘00s & ‘10s) is engaged to Samantha Burns. They plan to ring in the New Year by saying “I Do” in Dallas, TX.

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ALUMNI NEWS Our former Head of Boys Hill, Casey Sweeney (‘00s & ‘10s), pulled out all the stops for his proposal to fiancée Jessica Kudelski. He popped the question on a beautiful day in Ennis, Montana! The notorious Ben Brash (‘00s & ‘10s) and Nick Brown (‘00s & ‘10s) will be standing by his side as groomsmen at their wedding in Canada. Caroline Ward (‘90s & ‘10s), a 3rd generation alum, got engaged to her fiancé, Evan Willard. The picture says it all because after the proposal cannons were fired off to celebrate, pure Texan style! Our lovely Hawaiian gal, Sophia Hill (‘00s & ‘10s), is set to wed her soulmate, Andrew Miller, whom she met at Colorado State. He proposed to her in a romantic setting at the Ho’okipa Beach in Maui. Raquel “Rocky” DeSantis (‘00s) shared that she and fiancé, Ethan, will be getting married in California. They met at Chapman University and she has already indoctrinated him into all the GG traditions. She intends to send their future children to GG as soon as they are old enough. Peter Arkell (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) proposed at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers last September to Alia Merriman. Jordan Cohen (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) proposed to his love, Brooke Caton, at the Shrine. Jordan continues to volunteer at Geneva Glen.

The infamous lawyer, Aaron Goldhamer (‘90s & ‘00s), celebrated his nuptials to longtime sweetheart, Tess Vigil, in September. Aaron’s brother, Dan (‘90s & ‘00s), is a currently serving as a member of the GG Board, and Laura (‘90s & ‘00s) is travelling and sharing her musical talent! Another camp connection resulting in an exchange of vows! We were thrilled to hear the news of Abby Eurich (‘90s, ‘00s, ‘10s) and Elle McNamara (‘00s & ‘10s) tying the knot. They met at camp where their love for one another blossomed. The official wedding will be in the future. We wish them the best in their new life together- cheers ladies! Taylor Kelson (‘00s & ‘10s) proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Kate Smith. They got married in New York in June, but the ceremony has been pushed to June 2021. Spencer Curtiss (‘00s & ‘10s) will support his buddy as best man in his ceremony. Naveed Easton (‘10s) married Natalie Harrison in September 2020. Megan Geraets’ (‘10s) finally got to marry the man of her dreams! She had to change dates several times because of Covid. Megan is over the moon to be married to Isaiah Hartman. She states it was the happiest of days in the most perfect location. A beautiful deer even wanted to witness the nuptials. Megan Geraets’ & Isaiah Hartman

Tyler Piersch Fricke (‘00s) married Alex Fricke last spring in an elegant wedding.

Wes Patrick (‘00s & ‘10s) tied the knot in September to Danielle Miller at the Dunafon Castle in Idledale, Colorado. John Sampson (‘90s & ‘00s) married long-time love Emily Pritchett. We are so delighted for the happy couple! Ben Lederer (‘00s & ‘10s) wed fiancée, Valerie. They postponed the wedding but were eventually able to tie the knot. This wedding brought family members connected to Geneva Glen together for this special event. Cheers!

The world lost a shining star over the summer. Jenny Simpson Ramey, a former camper and staff member, passed away in July. She always had a strong connection with Geneva Glen and was always truly happy whenever she was here at camp. Her four daughters, Alice, Mary Malone, Sally, and Charlotte will carry on their mother’s love and kindness. Jenny Day (on her birthday in September) is a day to display random acts of kindness in her memory.

OTHER NEWS & INFO During Labor Day of 2022, we will celebrate Geneva Glen Camp’s 100th Anniversary! Mark your calendars now for the 3-day celebration. Plans are now being developed to allow for as many of our alumni as possible to attend. If you are interested in volunteering to organize this event, please contact our 100th Anniversary chair: Rick Roadruck at 100years@genevaglen.org

News from the Board of Directors With the challenges we all faced this past year, the Board of Directors at Geneva Glen faced some incredible decisions that have never been forced on us in our 98 summers. I would like to thank each of our 2019-2020 board members for their dedication and devotion to this place we all love: John Arigoni, Dan Goldhamer, Stephanie Kiley, Nate Miller, Jeanne Mondrus, Rick Roadruck, Andrew Todd, Owen Locke, and Kristin Cox. Owen and Kristin are stepping off the board after many years of service. I thank them for everything they have done for Geneva Glen during their board term! Also, we recently elected 5 new members onto the GG board. Please join me in welcoming: Jenn Beck, Tim Amass, Jeff Thormodsgaard, Dan Lewis, and Alexa Lanpher. Ford Allison, GG Board President

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI Committee) is commissioned by the Board of Directors of Geneva Glen Camp to provide leadership in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The committee is responsible for efforts to explore ways to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment at camp. The intent of such efforts shall be to open up dialogue about how camp can continue to build and sustain a place that recognizes and respects all people. Please click here to see some of the work that has already occurred at Geneva Glen. Latrice Lee-McInerney, DEI Committee Chair

STAFF SPOTLIGHT Maddie joined our team about a week prior to the lockdown in March, so we are a little late officially welcoming her. Maddie is our new Program Director. Maddie came to us from working in Child and Family Services as a social worker with the State of Montana. She’s a graduate of CU Denver and has spent 16 summers at the Glen as a camper and seasonal staff member. During the summer season she oversees activity and area programming, special events, and summer scheduling. During the off-season Maddie will head special events such as Winter Workshop, Fall Weekends, site rentals, and other communal events. Maddie is a third-generation alumni. Her grandmother, great aunt, mother, and three aunts attended our camp through the years, along with 5 of her cousins. Maddie is excited to work with our seasonal and year-round staff to make their ideas and visions come to life and to partner with the Geneva Glen Camp Family to keep the GG community close and engaged. Contact: 303-697-4621 ext. 35 or maddie@genevaglen.org

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