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FORWARDER DIGEST Snippets from the month, by the Editor 6 INDUSTRY NEWS News and press releases from the world of freight 8 FOCUS ROUNDUP Articles from the last 12 months relating to this month's focus 56 COVER FEATURE Dave Hughes & Dave Lewis, Retail Transport Services 82 FORWARDER FOCUS EU haulage post-Brexit | Long drive? Tech can help or hinder 90 ASK THE EXPERTS Cutting the cost of downtime | 'Average exporter?' No such thing 94 REGIONAL FOCUS Cleaner future for Yorkshire | North/South divide | Shipping to USA 98 FORWARD TECH Blockchain tech | Google robotics | Customer service in the digital age 106 ECO 2020 NEW SECTION Exposing the plastic supply chain | Packing redesigns 112 M&A FOCUS Freight companies for sale and sought | Are you ready to exit? 122 RECRUITMENT 128 FOCUS Jobs and candidates in the freight industry MARKETING 138 FOCUS Read all about it! Company newsletters | Web design: freight edition A WORD 144 FROM... Ellena Austin | Florian Freese FORWARDER magazine



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his bumper edition of the magazine is our first quarterly


print of 2019, and the months have flown by. In case you


missed it, our move to quarterly print is in line with our


focus on carbon reduction, and we’re happy to be doing our part in

sarah@forwardermagazine.com +44 (0)1454 628 788

lowering industry emissions.


This edition comes at a crucial point for our industry. At the time of

rachel@forwardermagazine.com +44 (0)1454 628 771

writing, we’re still due to exit the EU on 29 March, but that looks very likely to change. Regardless, we’re looking forward to being able


to produce timely news without mentioning the ‘B’ word soon, and

richard@freight-media.com +44 (0)1454 275 952

focus on the United Kingdom’s supply chain future.


Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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MOHIT SOCIAL MEDIA mohit@freight-media.com

o here it is! Issue 39...the one we’ve all been waiting for.


This bumper special issue is filled with some brilliant


articles, including blockchain, women in logistics and how

packaging redesigns could improve recycling. At FORWARDER, we are always looking for ways to enhance and refresh our content,

especially in such a buzzing industry. We have added in a columnist section with contributions from Florian Freese and Ellena Austin;

Read the magazine online:

it’s always great to hear from industry professionals. This issue is


spilling with the most talked-about topics, such as Brexit, European


road and express and all things in between. Go on, put the kettle


on. This one’s a sit-down read.

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Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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his time of year will always see extreme

It looks unlikely that this will now be the day Britain finally leaves

weather affecting freight operations in

the European Union, however. The value of the British Pound (£)

some parts of the world, and these past

has been similarly unstable as a result.

few weeks have been no exception. There was of course devastating news

Things aren’t looking too bad in Scotland, as Transport Scotland

of the deadly crash of an Atlas Air cargo

have called on Network Rail to grow rail freight in the country.

plane which was travelling from Miami.

The Industry Growth Plan for Rail Freight was officially launched on

The plane, contracted to deliver loads

March 15, pinpointing four areas for the freight industry to improve

from Amazon.com, crashed – killing all three on board. At the time of

so it could meet growth targets. The plans include upgrades to

writing, the cause of the crash has not been released. However, it does

services which will include increasing both speed and reliability.

appear that, despite the plane’s movements to avoid weather conditions

50 of the 600 freight trains which run across the UK each day

in its last minutes, turbulence was not the direct cause of the crash.

operate in the Scotland area. Another significant development would be the electrification of the Edinburgh suburban line which would

This wasn’t the only fatal airline incident in the last few months,

allow freight-carrying services to bypass Edinburgh Waverly.

as two crashes involving Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air have led to the grounding of aircraft. Australia, China, the United Kingdom

And that’s not all for our friends across the northern border:

and the USA are among the countries which have grounded the

Scottish Power has announced its own investment into the country’s

affected model of Boeing 737 for the foreseeable future whilst

offshore wind supply chain, complementing the Government’s newly

investigations into the two crashes continue. The 737 MAX 8s have

launched Offshore Wind Sector Deal. The deal aims to boost both

seen controversy before and were similarly grounded in 2013 due

the productivity and competitiveness of the supply chain, along

to electrical issues.

with supporting export opportunities and overcoming barriers to growth. Such significant investment will lead to huge opportunities

Whilst the two named crashes did not directly involve cargo-

for growth and employment in the region, with logistics operations

laden craft, the grounding of these planes could have a significant

included at all levels of the supply chain.

impact on the air cargo industry, particularly in the case of smaller airlines where the 737 MAX 8 makes up to 10% of their fleet. Cargo payloads on the affected aircraft can total anything up to 5,000 lbs of freight in addition to their service as commercial passenger planes. The hold space of a Boeing is commonly used to carry smaller, international mail items, and there are expected to be some delays to e-commerce customers whilst airlines and shippers scrabble to find other jets to fill. Back home, it has been a particularly turbulent month for the UK industry, as we tick down to the original Brexit deadline of March 29th.


FORWARDER magazine


Farther afield, the M&A market is buzzing with news of late.

consecutive losses and had been suffering from the global shortage

Whilst some of the momentum has since fizzled out – talks between

of drivers. Despite some industry analysts' claims that this closure

DSV and Panalpina have been ongoing since January, all but stagnating

was an anomaly, rather than a foreshadowing of 2019 trends, there

with latest developments focusing on reviewing shareholder voting

are many who disagree.

rights – there is still plenty of exciting consolidation. Rhenus has acquired the Toronto-based Rodair, to significantly increase their

One suspected agency of the closure is Amazon.com Inc..

power in the North American region. The Canadian company was

There have long been suggestions that the e-commerce giant will

earlier this year selected as one of Canada’s ‘Best Managed Companies’,

cause issues for any LTL provider who won’t handle its freight.

boasting a turnover of $15 million (USD) annually. In an interesting

This rumour has been compounded by recent comments made by

development the CEO of Deutsche Post AG, which is the parent

XPO Logistics’ Bradley Jacobs (CEO), who named an unidentified

company of DHL, has reported that the giant will not be moving into

customer as slashing two thirds of its business with the giant.

the acquisitions market any time soon. In an interview for Bloomberg

The loss of custom has resulted in $600 million losses in revenue

News, Frank Appel stated that the company thinks it is 'better' to

for XPO over the remainder of the year. Although neither XPO nor

focus on internal developments and try to grow organically.

Amazon would confirm the name of the customer, industry experts have suggested that only Amazon could be responsible for the level

As some companies aim to scale up, there has been some more

of business described, leaving other haulage operators wary of their

shocking shutdowns already this year. New England Motor

future in the wake of the in-house Amazon Logistics evolution.

Freight were one such affected company, and a key player in the Middle-America LTL market. The company had seen two years of

Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine FORWARDER magazine






The Insurance Broker Ltd has been trading in Longridge, Lancashire since 2001 when it was founded by Mark and Rosemarie O’Connell. Capitalising on Mark O’Connell’s vast experience in Marine Insurance, The Insurance Broker Ltd has developed a strong understanding of clients’ needs in this area and works to tailor policies to their individual requirements. FORWARDER magazine spoke to The Insurance Broker Ltd about their day-to-day operations...


e are a specialist insurance brokerage with an in-depth

Our rates are frequently checked against the rest of the market to

knowledge of the freight industry. We have been

ensure that we remain competitive. If, for some reason, the request for

helping freight forwarders with all their insurance

insurance online does not fit within the parameters of our automated

needs for 18 years and between us have over 120 years’ experience

processing, the client will receive a call from a member of staff by the

in insurance, meaning we can deal with any insurance related problems

end of the next working day. This system makes it easier for cargo

which come our way. We can also offer a full range of products using

owners to obtain full value insurance at any time that suits them.

our extensive panel of insurers in this specialised field. We not only offer the specialist freight insurances but can cover Full value cargo insurance is one area in which we specialise.

any of your other insurance needs through our ‘Non Marine’

We offer open cover arrangements to enable Freight Forwarders to

department. This allows you the ability to house all your insurances

offer insurance to their clients, or alternatively the forwarder can

under the one roof while receiving the specialist knowledge you

direct the cargo owner to us so we can insure them.

require for this complex element of your business.

In recent years we have developed a quote ‘click and buy’ system on

We are an independent brokerage with a full panel of insurers and

line. Your clients can now visit our website, and after completing

therefore we can offer competitive rates on all insurances. All our

some basic information they can obtain a quote, which, if they find

staff undertake continual training in order that we can ensure that

it acceptable, they can then purchase online. All documentation will

they only offer the best advice and the most suitable products for

be sent electronically by the end of the next working day.

your requirements and those of your customers. Visit our website today, at the-insurance-broker.com


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at thetriscangroup.com


he Triscan Group, who are the UK’s largest manufacturer

We strive to continually improve every aspect of our business and

and supplier of fuel management systems, have launched a

this includes both our on and offline presence. This continued growth

new website which showcases a wide range of new service

keeps The Triscan Group one-step ahead in the fuel management

and maintenance packages.

industry and allows us to continuously offer an advanced and competitive solution to a wider variety of customers. Andrea Whittaker, Managing Director, Triscan Group After being in the pipeline for the past few months, the arrival of the new sites will bring a wider, industry relevant, news and content offering as well as user-friendly navigation. The new service packages will also be on display offering a wide

The launch comes after a rapid growth period for the Group who

variety of product support packages including ad hoc repairs, tank

acquired Timeplan Fuel Solutions in May 2018 creating a further

services and electrical installations.

increase in their already extensive customer base. In line with this growth, The Triscan Group headquarters have been fully renovated allowing a more successful manufacturing process for the in-house production and development teams. The team at Triscan is also on the increase with several new staff members being welcomed into the sales, marketing and engineering teams.





WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at pentalver.com

4 MARCH 2019


DRIVES A SAFER FUTURE P entalver Driver Training Academy was founded in 2009 as a

In the few short months since it opened, 31 external and 42 internal

solution to the increased demand throughout the container

drivers have been trained and tested to IAM advanced motorist

haulage industry for skilled, trained and compliant drivers.

standard, and six trainers have been tested to IAM Examiner

A clear but simple business strategy was built: enhance commercial

standard. Graeme Knaggs, who has worked for Freightliner, another

driver skills, improve driver behaviour and reinvest profits into the

of G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies, as an LGV driver for 18

next generation of drivers.

years, was tested to IAM Examiner standard to enable him to deliver training in the Leeds and Doncaster area.

I decided to become

Following the acquisition of Pentalver by Genesee & Wyoming

a Driver Supervisor to give something back to the industry which

(G&W) in 2017, the training academy underwent a complete

has given me and my family a good living. The training helped to

transformation for 2019.

increase my knowledge and reinforce and refresh my understanding of safe practice.

Now known as G&W UK/Europe Region Driver Training Academy, the purpose-built training facility offers the capacity for both internal

The efforts G&W UK Road operations have made in relation to

and external trainees, covering a wide range of driver, safety and

introducing the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving standard to their

first aid courses.

team has been excellent,

said Richard Gladman.

The scheme

is now being rolled out to the whole of their driving operation Our driver behavioural specialists are the key to offering road

and my quality assurance checks on the team have discovered an

safety training solutions which are targeted at reducing risk and

excellent understanding of the principles of advanced driving and a

ensuring compliance within the business partnerships we build. We

commitment to ensure standards are maintained. Safe sharing of the

recognise a 'one size fits all' approach is not an effective strategy,

road space is always going to be a major contribution in reducing KSI

which is why we focus on the human factors which influence the

statistics and the pro-active approach by G&W UK road operations

fleet quality. That means understanding the choices a driver makes

is a big step forward.

and how these choices affect risk levels. Shaun Allen, Road MD, G&W UK/Europe Region companies


FORWARDER magazine



here are currently around eight billion connected devices in the world. The planet has never seen a more-connected time, and the internet is changing human behaviour forever.

We research, compare, share and purchase online, so it’s integral for any business to keep up with not only the latest technology trends, but their client’s behaviours if they want to remain relevant.

She added,

I’m firmly of the belief that we should never assume

we know it all. I am so happy to have been able to be among these This week saw Freight Media invited to attend the UK’s first ever

digital giants and gain this invaluable insight into the digital world.

Google UK Digital Bootcamp. The interactive workshop saw businesses across a variety of sectors work alongside the Google

The day was packed with insider information from the online world’s

team to explore and gain insight into the evolution of digital marketing.

Goliath on how best to engage with your audience, measure your marketing efforts and improve online presence to meet consumers’

Sarah O’Connell, Senior Editor of FORWARDER magazine,

rising expectations.

at Google UK’s headquarters in St Pancras Square, which featured

Darren Glasspool added,

an in-depth rundown on marketing best practices. Both were

award for Freight Marketing Agency 2019, and this is only going to

representing Freight Media, just one week after the agency won

strengthen our offering. To say we’ve been invited to Google UK’s

‘Best Freight Marketing Agency 2019’ from SME news.

first event of its kind to gain further technical insight is amazing.

Speaking about the impact of the event, Sarah said:

Freight Media is the leading freight marketing agency, and the publisher

and Darren Glasspool, Digital Marketing Manager, spent the day

Freight Media has already won the

FORWARDER magazine has really ramped up its digital efforts

of FORWARDER magazine. The team helps companies in the

skywards. It’s such an exciting time to be in both the freight and the

of bespoke strategic marketing. Freight Media is also the team behind

digital media industry, as both are finally beginning to merge and

Freightabase, the industry’s leading freight comparison platform,

we’re hearing more successful business stories every day.

which finds specialist, expertise shippers for any cargo load.

over the past year or so, and our subscriber list has accelerated

freight and logistics industry to grow their businesses with the help

8 MARCH 2019







FREIGHT-TAILORED WEB DESIGN SITE W ebsite design service bespoke to freight forwarders,

Having worked in the freight sector for over seven years and the

freightwebsite.design, is officially live. After months of

website industry for seven, I wanted to create something that brings

preparation, Freight Media have announced the official

the two together. Our design service separates us from everything

launch of their new website design service, freightwebsite.design

else on the market because, whilst we are specialists in web development and marketing, we also have expertise in the freight

Freightwebsite.design is a website design and management service

and logistics industry. Freight is a niche industry, so it’s essential that

specifically developed and tailored to the freight sector. Built by

any web developer creating a freight-orientated site understands the

a team of industry specialists, freightwebsite.design is unique in

nuts and bolts of the sector to represent it appropriately.

the market. Its combination of sector knowledge and professional,

Darren Glasspool, COO, freightwebsite.design

experienced web developers offers customers a fully comprehensive, trusted, expert, quality service.

Benefits to customers include: •• All-inclusive packages with web-hosting, maintenance and

The service customers will receive is end to end, ranging from web


design and hosting, SEO support and maintenance to aftercare

•• Communication with the designers

support. The freight-tailored custom website options are offered

•• A fully researched process

in tiered packages, where clients can decide which service is most

•• Websites built around the correct Search Engine Optimisation

suitable depending on their marketing needs.

(SEO) principles •• SEO-boosting content provided by in-house copywriter

The tiered packages offer all elements of website design, management and maintenance extras, such as…

•• Advice on how to get the most from your website •• Social media brand awareness boosting

•• Web design •• Web development

Existing clients include Retail Transport Services, Eurgent Ecspress

•• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

and KDS.

•• Hosting, maintenance & support For more information, visit freightwebsite.design

•• Social media marketing •• Logo/brand design


FORWARDER magazine


b e W n g i s de e h t for ht g i e fr stry u d in

+44 (0)1454 628777 hello@freightwebsite.design

m o r f es c i r P VAT

+ 9 4 9 ÂŁ

ign s e ent d tion m b a p e s i o ort l W m e p i t v p p su b de gine o & e e W en anc n h e c t r ain ting Sea e m k , r ting ma a i d Hos me l a i Soc

freightwebsite.design FORWARDER magazine




WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk

28 MARCH 2019


DELIVERY OF SCOTLAND’S ECONOMIC GROWTH T he latest forecasts by PricewaterhouseCoopers show that

Scotland’s logistics sector is at a crossroads, with great potential

Scotland’s economic growth is outpacing the rest of the UK

for growth, as well as numerous potential threats posed by a changing

– it is predicted to reach 1.2% in 2019, compared with the

trading environment and, of course, Brexit. Logistics Scotland

1.1% forecast for the UK as a whole. But in order for this growth to

2019 will give business leaders from across the sector a unique

be delivered, the economy needs its supply chain to remain robust

opportunity to discuss and debate the issues of the day, as well as

and resilient, despite outside factors which could curb expansion.

identifying areas for growth and development. FTA’s relationships with industry influencers are second to none, and the line-up of

To provide leaders from across the sector with the chance to examine

speakers and topics under discussion we have assembled will provide

and discuss all the issues affecting Scotland’s logistics businesses, FTA

a comprehensive overview of our ever-changing marketplace. This is

is holding a unique multimodal one-day event, Logistics Scotland

one event that logistics leaders in Scotland cannot afford to miss.

2019, on 30 May 2019 in Falkirk. FTA, which represents more than

Mags Simpson, Policy Manager for Scotland, FTA

17,000 businesses across the sector, has compiled a comprehensive programme of expert speakers for the event, who will provide

The one-day conference, which will be held at the MacDonald Inchyra

industry and government viewpoints affecting all modes of transport.

Hotel in Falkirk, is open to senior representatives from across the

There will also be plentiful opportunities for discussion and feedback,

logistics sector, with places costing £295 for FTA members and £350

as well as networking with other like-minded professionals from

for non-FTA members. Those booking before 12 April 2019 will

across the industry.

benefit from a 25% early bird discount on these prices.


FORWARDER magazine


The Logistics Scotland 2019 programme will cover a wide range

Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an

of topics, including the international connectivity of Scotland’s modal

impact on more than seven million people employed in the making,

hubs, the skills shortages facing the industry, how we can make

selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and

the transport weather efficient and resilient, and both urban and

other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across

environmental issues. Thanks to FTA’s knowledge across all transport

borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more

modes, this really will be a unique event, and one that should not be

important to UK plc. A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to

missed by logistics professionals, regardless of whatever sector they

Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with

represent. It promises to be a great opportunity for discussion and

members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the

debate, and to shape the future of Scotland’s logistics industry.

buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers.   For more information about Logistics Scotland 2019 and to book your place at the event, please visit https://fta.co.uk/logisticsscotland19 FORWARDER magazine




WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at europa-worldwide.com

7 MARCH 2019


DRIVING WALKERS FORWARD E uropa Road, a dedicated division of ambitious and innovative

Andrew continues:

logistics provider Europa Worldwide Group, is celebrating a

brand, service levels are also a part of it. As we expand, we need

14 year partnership with Walkers Shortbread – the ‘world’s

to have a partner who is capable of servicing the new markets we

finest shortbread brand.’

Whilst our growth has a lot to do with our

secure, whilst still continuing to deliver an excellent service for our existing markets. Europa has gone on the journey with us, making

Based in Aberlour on Spey, Walkers exports nearly half of its

them a trusted and reliable partner and an extension of our business.

business, with its products transported into parts of Europe.

The good service levels they provide, keep the business moving

Considering the location of the brand and the distance the product

forward on a positive footing.

is shipped, transportation is increasingly important to the company – hence its long-standing relationship with logistics firm Europa. Europa Road has 14 branches in the UK, including Glasgow, meaning it has essential local market knowledge. This gives Europa a competitive edge according to Walkers Shortbread, Head of International Sales, Andrew Stokes. He comments:

When looking

for a logistics company over 14 years ago, we wanted a Scottish based supplier with international capability. The challenge of being based in far North Scotland and distributing between Europe and the world is relatively unique, and we always felt needed to have a company with a Scottish base who can understand the issues we have and meet our expertise. The Walkers Shortbread business has experienced a huge amount of growth over the last 14 years, more than doubling international turnover, and increasing the number of markets it’s sold in from 50 to over 100.


FORWARDER magazine



he British International Freight Association (BIFA),

Getting your courses CPD accredited to prove that they have

the trade association for UK freight forwarding

a structured, practical and methodical approach is essential. It

and logistics companies, has announced that both

indicates to employers and HR practitioners that the courses have

of its Customs-related training courses now have official

reached a certain standard. It gives them confidence that by sending

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.

their staff on one of our courses those employees will be obtaining and developing the skills to maintain a sustainable and competitive

CPD accreditation is one of the highest standards for both

advantage. As you would expect, we have seen a massive surge in

academic and practical qualifications, ensuring teaching and

Customs training enquiries so to have both courses accredited is

learning remain up to date.

fantastic news. We also have our one-day Introduction to Import and Export course accredited and will also have accreditation for all apprentice activities as well, such as behind-the-scene tours and networking events. Carl Hobbis, Training Development Manager, BIFA 26 FEBRUARY 2019

Stewart Lawson, Europa Road Branch Manager for Glasgow, who

Andrew adds:

was on the initial pitch team, comments:

One thing I would note is how remarkable Europa

We’ve worked together

has acted on the issues surrounding Brexit. The contingency

for over 14 years now, so it’s a really strong relationship and most

planning and infrastructure that’s been put in place demonstrates

importantly, we understand their business and its needs. As our

the company’s forward thinking attitude. Whatever the outcome,

client, Andrew knows we will not only be competitive on price

Europa has given me the confidence to continue working with them

but also honest, reliable and responsive should any issues arise. If

through any logistical challenges that may arise.

anything, Andrew has become more of a friend than a client, and we strive to achieve this with all of our customers.

Europa Worldwide Group is a specialist road, air & sea, warehouse and showfreight operator employing more than 900 people across 16

Dionne Redpath, Director for Europa Road, comments:

This is an

example of excellent customer service from the Europa Road team,

sites in the UK, as well as Hong Kong, Czech Republic and Belgium, and with representation in 100 countries.

and I feel proud that we have been able to continue to deliver for Walkers – working with them to resolve any issues whilst continuing to beat our competitors on price, speed and efficiency. It’s also a shining example of why having a Road branch network of offices all over the UK is so important – we have the knowledge in all of these areas, which enables to advise our local clients on what they need, so they can get the best service. We hope this long standing relationship continues to grow and flourish. FORWARDER magazine







he importance of maintaining chemical toilets on board ship

Some small passenger vessels do not have installed treatment

has been raised following an incident in February on board

systems and therefore store wastewater in holding tanks, but if

a Sydney Harbour-operating passenger ferry in which a high

these are not regularly flushed and aerated then the contents can

level of toxic gas was detected in a toilet cubicle after a passenger

become anaerobic and generate lethal H2S gas.

was fatally injured. Hydrogen sulphide is a gas produced during the decomposition of

A 39-year-old passenger was found unconscious in a toilet cubicle

waste. In modest concentrations of between 700 and 1,000ppm it

aboard the Lady Rose and could not be revived by paramedics. While

is toxic and can lead to sudden collapse and death, according to the

the reasons behind her death are unconfirmed, during the initial

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

investigation HAZMAT crews detected hazardous levels of hydrogen sulphide gas in the toilet cubicle.

Beavis believes one simple way of protecting passengers from the hazardous gases generated from untreated effluent is to ensure

A New South Wales Police report stated:

Investigators were advised

that all bathrooms and toilet cubicles are fitted with sensors.

that several gas detection tests were conducted in a bathroom area of

Sensors with integrated alarms on the bridge would allow for more

the vessel and were found to be in excess of safe operating levels.

immediate action in the event of any hazardous gas leaks and the integrity of the seal between the cabin space and the wastewater holding tank

Appreciative of the sensitivities surrounding this tragic incident,

should be checked regularly. No doubt the enquiry will throw more light

Mark Beavis, Managing Director, ACO Marine, has advised

on the cause and effect of this case and whilst a biological treatment

passenger vessel operators of the dire consequences of hydrogen

system would not be a practical solution for a day boat, better wastewater

sulphide escaping from poorly maintained onboard sewage systems.

management practices are clearly required,

he said.

This dreadful story serves to highlight the issues of poorly maintained chemical toilets and poor or obstructed ventilation in

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority and New South Wales

these small toilet cubicle spaces,

Police continue to investigate the incident.


FORWARDER magazine

he said.



However large or complex your cargo, we’re experts in solving the big shipping problems, worldwide. We’ve built a wealth of unrivalled expertise in out of gauge cargo – and a reputation for making light work of the most challenging, time-critical deliveries. With a logistics network that spans the globe, we’re the team you can turn to for big picture thinking, by land, sea or air.

See how we can make your complex cargo or project seem surprisingly simple. Call: +44

(0)330 555 5555



Cara Bilner, Logistics Consultant FORWARDER magazine ISSUE39





innair Cargo boosts its digitalization efforts, partnering with

capacities seamlessly and within seconds.

We are very pleased to

multi-airline booking platform cargo.one. In doing so, the

see Finnair Cargo joining the cargo.one platform, underscoring its

airline empowers freight forwarders to digitally book spot

image as a customer oriented and forward-thinking cargo carrier.

market capacities at live prices and with direct booking confirmation.

We compliment the decision to join the multi-carrier platform in an effort to decrease complexity for customers, rather than to focus

The new distribution channel enables Finnair Cargo to provide digital

on a proprietary channel,

booking capabilities to the ever-growing demand of their customers

Jan Kleine-Lasthues,

for easier real-time bookings, while at the same time improving its

Global Head of Airfreight, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

operational efficiency and maximizing utilization of capacity globally. While some players in the industry still lament about digitalization, Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales at Finnair Cargo comments:

Finnair Cargo joins leading cargo carriers in the pursuit to actively

Digital connectivity is the missing link to guarantee end-to-end

drive the industry's digital development, to the benefit of their

speed, quality and continuous improvement in the industry. We are

customers and to further strengthening their position in the market.

happy to now offer our customers a fully digital first-class booking

With the partnership, cargo.one becomes even more attractive for

experience with cargo.one. Making our offers available digitally

forwarders, adding more destinations in North America and Asia –

through cargo.one is a forward-thinking move and will benefit both

and a platform no airline should want to be missed on.

our customers and Finnair Cargo now and in the long term.

Moritz Claussen, Managing Director, cargo.one

Finnair Cargo customers, such as Hellmann Worldwide Logistics,

The Finnair Cargo offering is planned to be available on the cargo.

welcome the partnership that facilitates the booking of Finnair Cargo

one platform starting from May 2019.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at gac.com


AC has handled the first tanker to berth at the newly

The opening of the first LNG terminal on the east coast of India

constructed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal inside

is likely to change trade dynamics and drive industrial growth in this

Kamarajar Port, Ennore in Chennai, India. The Marshall

area. Overall, the outlook for the Indian LNG market is promising.

Islands-flagged LNG carrier ‘LNG/C Golar Snow’ was carrying the

Today, India imports some 45% of its total natural gas consumption.

first consignment of 78,037m³ of LNG from Ras Laffan in Qatar for

The government has invested heavily in the construction of more

the commissioning of the terminal.

LNG terminals and pipelines in a bid to transform the country into a gas-based economy. This flourishing market is expected to give rise

Agency operations were overseen by Captain Srinivasan

to an increase in the number of tanker calls. With our 26 offices

Sethumadhavan, General Manager of Shipping Services at GAC’s

serving all ports in India, GAC is ready to attend to the needs of

Chennai Office, who is optimistic about the opportunities that the

LNG tankers. We congratulate all the stakeholders of the country’s

new LNG terminal will generate.

newest LNG terminal, including Kamarajar Port and the terminal owners, and are honoured to be a part of it. GAC Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd is one of the country’s leading shipping and logistics services providers. It handles all types of vessels including tanker, breakbulk, cruise and naval.

11 MARCH 2019







HARNESSING CREATIVITY AT ITS FIRST HACKATHON K erry Logistics Network Limited (‘Kerry Logistics’; Stock

and robotics in its operation and has recently adopted blockchain

Code 0636.HK) strives to reinforce its commitment to

technology and Internet of Things solutions to optimise supply chain

technological innovation, as demonstrated by its first

visibility. Drone Warehouse is one of the six major ingredients in

Hackathon organised in February 2019, when eight teams competed

Kerry Logistics’ Warehouse 4.0 initiative for automation, which is

at the two-day event. Combining robotics, machine learning, and

the key to improve efficiency amidst increasing labour cost, as well as

artificial intelligence, the teams devised applications for autonomous

to enhance the capability to replicate the service level in Hong Kong

drones to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy.

globally to fulfil customers’ ever-changing demands and expectations.

The winning team was commended for its outstanding ability

Innovation is crucial to the logistics industry, which is all-

to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and practical use.

encompassing and essential to a wide range of business sectors

The competitors incorporated innovative technological solutions

from e-commerce and fashion to manufacturing and high-tech. The

including autonomous drone navigating and computer vision in

utilisation of advanced technology in our operations helps to foster

their bid to realise the theme of 'Drone Warehouse Stocktaking.'

business sustainability and drive long-term growth. As we have

Proposals to adopt advanced technologies such as Radio Frequency

witnessed at the Hackathon, the contestants have demonstrated

IDentification (RFID) and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) have

their attitude of thinking outside the box, which is what innovation is

also been presented.

all about. New perspectives and imagination will enable the existing operational model to evolve and improve, allowing us to maintain

The event was a testimony of Kerry Logistics’ dedication to motivating

our competitive edge in value creation and disrupt the market rather

innovation and harnessing creativity as it stepped up to the demands

than being disrupted.

of the digital age. Kerry Logistics has long embraced automation

Wilson Lee, Group Director of IT, Kerry Logistics


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at kerrylogistics.com

Kerry Logistics sees the Hackathon as a major platform to explore ideas, as well as a way to connect to the younger generations with limitless creativity, and will continue to maintain such a platform


Kerry Logistics is an Asia-based, global 3PL with the

internally and externally to push forward the innovative mindset in

strongest network in Asia. Its core competency is providing

all Kerry Logistics associates.

highly customised solutions to multinational corporations and international brands to enhance their supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs and improve response time to market. Kerry Logistics has a network covering 53 countries and territories, and is managing 53 million sq ft of land and logistics facilities worldwide, providing customers with high reliability and flexibility to support their expansion and longterm growth. Kerry Logistics Network Limited is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is a selected Member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series 2017-2018.

FORWARDER magazine





FULL-YEAR FINANCIAL RESULTS I AG Cargo has announced its 2018 full year results, reporting

Our 2018 global rebrand brought our carriers together under one

commercial revenues of â‚Ź1,173m over the period from January

brand, highlighting the strength of our network with 350+ destinations.

1 to December 31, 2018, an increase of 7.2 per cent on 2017 at

Our network grew capacity on key routings into Latin America as

constant currency.

well as adding a new destination between London and Nashville. The strong growth across our hubs was supported by additional Aer

Overall yield for the year was up 8.1 per cent at constant currency.

Lingus capacity out of Dublin, carrying pharmaceuticals, automotive

Sold tonnes were up 0.2 per cent and CTK volumes were down 0.9

and aviation parts, and a popular local beer. We continue to focus

per cent whilst capacity grew by 3.8 per cent.

on innovation to provide the best customer service and improve how air cargo works. IAG Cargo undertook the first airside trial

2018 saw our business delivering record revenues in a market

of an autonomous vehicle at a UK airport this year, and as part of

that became more challenging as the year went on. Growth in our

the Hangar 51 global innovation programme, we have been working

Constant Climate and Critical products contributed to a notable

alongside three innovative start-ups to trial new technologies to

year for the business and helped differentiate IAG Cargo’s customer

improve our operations. We have also invested heavily in IAGCargo.

offering. Revenues from our Constant Climate product have

com, with a significant increase in online bookings and the addition

increased by 9%, and we have invested in a new multi-million-euro

of a new in-house web development team that works closely with

Good Distribution Practice certified Constant Climate Centre in

customers to make monthly improvements to our website. Our

Madrid to help meet growing demand for pharmaceutical shipments,

FORWARD.REWARDS programme helped us substantially grow

in particular to the South American market. The importance of

our SME revenue, and membership continues to grow to nearly

our Constant Climate service was highlighted in August when we

1500 members worldwide. 2019 looks set to be a more challenging

transported over 5.3 tonnes of the diphtheria vaccine to Venezuela

year, with airfreight capacity growth outpacing growth in demand.

to fight an outbreak of the disease. In July we launched a new Critical

Our focus on customer service, products and technology will allow

Service Centre with a specialised customer service team dedicated

us to continue developing our business as we seek to become the

to serving customers of our highest priority, non-off-loadable

carrier of choice for customers worldwide.

product. Our Critical consignment count grew by 35%, supporting

Lynne Embleton, CEO, IAG Cargo

must-fly shipments of products including aerospace and machinery parts, in-demand retail products and technology components.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at iagcargo.com

Kerry Logistics sees the Hackathon as a major platform to explore ideas, as well as a way to connect to the younger generations with limitless creativity, and will continue to maintain such a platform


IAG Cargo is the single business created following the merger

internally and externally to push forward the innovative mindset in

of British Airways World Cargo and Iberia Cargo in April

all Kerry Logistics associates.

2011. Following the integration of additional airlines into the business, including Aer Lingus, Vueling and bmi, IAG Cargo now covers a global network of over 350 destinations. In 2018 IAG Cargo had a commercial revenue of â‚Ź1,173 million. It has a combined workforce of more than 2,470 people. Its parent company, International Airlines Group, is one of the world's largest airline groups with 573 aircraft. It is the third largest group in Europe and the sixth largest in the world, based on revenue.

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Sound data for smart decisions

How you benefit from supply chain visibility Do you realize what strategic and financial benefits you can gain from improved supply chain visibility? Our container visibility solutions – Container Track & Trace and Container Sailing Schedules – connect carrier information with actual vessel positions so you enjoy real-time information on the status of your container cargo. That way, you can take action before things go wrong in your logistics supply chain, as well as enjoying benefits such as: Greater customer satisfaction

Enhanced operational efficiency

Inventory optimization

Lower detention & demurrage charges

Timely crisis intervention

Profitable carrier contract negotiations



FORWARDER magazine


Contact us for a free trial and see how you can save time, money and resources! getintouch@ocean-insights.com

Container Track & Trace Full overview of all your containers with quick access to all details Automatic event notifications and alerts so you can take action Immediate response to predicted delays to adjust supply-chain logistics and reduce D&D charges

Container Sailing Schedules Transparency in the sailing schedules of all major shipping lines and alliances World’s most accurate and comprehensive data to enable informed decisions, e.g. most suitable service from A to B or performance comparisons

Improve your visibility with our solutions FORWARDER magazine





C.O.O. UK LOGISTICS, XPEDIATOR PLC T he board of Xpediator, (AIM: XPD), a leading provider of

Commenting on his appointment, Jonathan Wright, said,

freight management services across the UK and Europe, is

Xpediator has doubled in size over the last two years and has

pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Wright to

clearly set out its stall to continue on a similar trajectory. I am

the Group’s operational board as Chief Operating Officer UK Logistics.

therefore looking forward to working with the teams as the Group develops into one of Europe’s leading industry players.

A recognised industry professional, Jonathan has extensive

experience of working across the transport and logistics sector. He began in the industry as a graduate management trainee for Securicor Omega Logistics and went on to join Taygroup Ltd in


Xpediator is a well-established international provider of

2002, where he rose to become Managing Director leading an MBO

freight management services. Established in 1988 by CEO

followed by a sale to Bibby Distribution in 2010, at which point

Stephen Blyth today the Group's International network of

Taygroup Ltd was a Top 100 UK transport company generating

offices provides road, sea and air freight services, together

annual revenues of £23 million.

with logistics and warehousing in the UK and Romania. The business offers integrated freight management within the

Subsequently, Jonathan has held a number of consultancy roles

supply chain logistics and fulfilment sector, through their

across the industry as well as investing in and driving the successful

three main areas: freight forwarding, logistics & warehousing

turnaround of CW Logistics Limited. In 2014, Jonathan invested

and transport services. With headquarters in Braintree,

in a start up business within the Xpediator group, Delamode

Essex and country offices in nine CEE countries across 38

Distribution UK Ltd, for which he has been part- time Commercial

sites, the Group currently employs 938 people and was

Director overseeing significant growth in a short period.

successfully listed on London's AIM market in August 2017.

Having worked with Jonathan for the past 5 years, I have seen firsthand the sector knowledge and business development capabilities he brings. So I am delighted he will be leading all our UK logistics activity, as I am confident Jonathan’s drive and skillset will prove highly valuable. Stephen Blyth, Chief Executive, Xpediator


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at xpediator.com


pediator (AIM: XPD), a leading provider of e-commerce

The new warehouse is in an excellent location for air, sea and road

and freight management services across the UK and

freight, as it is positioned less than 3 miles from the container port of

Europe, is pleased to announce that Regional Express

Southampton, with quick links to both the M3 and M27 motorways.

has signed a 10 year lease on attractive commercial terms for a new 19,289 sq. ft warehouse facility in Southampton, close to the port.

The warehouse contains an office and private yard within the self-contained 1.15 acre site and also offers...

Acquired by Xpediator in November 2017, Regional Express, is

•• Racking for pallet storage

an international B2B freight forwarding and international courier

•• A mezzanine floor for fulfilment storage

company and an Amazon Global Selling Solution Provider. Since being

•• A fully implemented Access Delta warehouse systems, resulting

acquired by the Xpediator Group, Regional Express has expanded

in an automated and integrated storage and fulfilment service

significantly using the enhanced buying power and wider services of the Group to grow revenues.

Regional Express operates across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia and specialises in road, sea and

In particular, Regional Express is developing its specialist e-commerce

air freight management and eecommerce fulfilment services for

fulfilment services and the rationale for adding a further 19,289 sq.

Amazon sellers and other e-tailers.

ft. of warehouse is to accommodate the evolving requirements of its current clients, whilst providing a facility to support the growth and acquisition of new e-commerce related business. 4 MARCH 2019









KEA Transport & Logistics Services, CMA CGM, the

cooking oil products, is expected to deliver 80-90% well-to-propeller

GoodShipping Program and the Port of Rotterdam are pleased

CO2 reduction versus fossil equivalents, and virtually eliminates

to announce the successful refuelling on Saturday March 23rd of

sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions – all without any requirement for

the CMA CGM WHITE SHARK with sustainable marine bio-fuel oil.

engine modifications.

The test, which represents a major step for the decarbonisation of

The trial was facilitated by the GoodShipping Program, a sustainable

ocean freight, saw the companies work together in a first-of-its-

initiative dedicated to decarbonising ocean freight.

kind partnership for the shipping industry. The CMA CGM WHITE SHARK, a 5,095 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) container vessel, was refuelled with the bio-fuel oil on Saturday while calling at Rotterdam.


•• All GoodFuels sustainable marine biofuels are functionally equivalent to petroleum-derived marine fuels – so-called

Results from the trial will give the maritime sector a vital demonstration into the scalability, sustainability and technical

'drop-in' fuels •• All GoodFuels sustainable marine fuels meet the most

compliance of sustainable marine bio-fuel oil. This will benefit all

stringent sustainability criteria, based on the Roundtable of

industry stakeholders in their environmental strategies, in line

Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB.org) and verified by GoodFuels’

with the impending International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

independent sustainability board. This sustainability board

decarbonisation pathway.

consists of leading NGOs and academics •• GoodFuels’ sustainable marine fuels are 100% based on

The sustainable marine bio-fuel oil was developed by GoodFuels, the leading provider of sustainable marine biofuels to the global

waste and residues •• The industrial waste stream from food production is used

commercial shipping fleet, after undergoing three years of intensive

cooking oil which, after processing, is unfit to use for human

testing with marine engine manufacturers. The second-generation

or animal consumption. The only viable usage for this waste

bio-fuel oil is completely derived from forest residues and waste

product is for reprocessing into advanced bio-fuel


FORWARDER magazine



ounded in 1996 by Chadd Blunt, a cheerful, no-nonsense

I do love to travel and see new places, but that’s not why I go to

freight expert from Birmingham, UK, Millennium Cargo

these events: I go to meet people and get to know them in person.

is a forward-thinking freight company that’s celebrated

It’s this face-to-face, personal approach to business that ensures that

much success.

Millennium’s clients’ cargo is taken care of every step of the way. Chadd Blunt, founder, Millennium Cargo

Chadd’s love of the freight industry started as a young man when he took a job Scan Dutch, CGM in Birmingham City Centre.

Millennium Cargo predominantly

He spent the following eight years learning all he could, before

provide FCL services by sea, but

deciding the time was right to open up on his own and bring another

are experienced in air and road

level of customer service to the freight and logistics world.

freight also. They have a sterling track record and are dedicated

For more than 20 years Millennium Cargo have been serving their

to finding more efficient or

customers by helping them to understand how freight works, so they

more affordable solutions for

get the best service and the best pricing.

their clients.

What makes the millennium magic happen?

Contact them today for a free freight audit, to find out how they

Chadd swears his company’s success is down to one simple thing:

can help you: chadd@millenniumcargo.com / 0121 311 0550

his commitment to excellent customer service. He literally travels to all four corners of the globe to meet his partners, build relationships and personally get to know the people handling his cargo. His most recent travels took him all the way to Doha, Qatar, where he met with freight forwarders from all around the world at the MGLN Freight Forwarders Conference.







DUBLIN NETWORK STATION & SERVICE CENTER P elican BioThermal, the global name in temperature

which highlighted how 75 pharmaceutical companies operate in the

controlled packaging, announces the opening of a new

country where the biopharmaceutical industry has made a capital

network station and service centre in Dublin, Ireland to

investment of approximately $10 billion in new facilities during

service, refurbish, repair and condition Pelican BioThermal’s reusable

recent years. IDA Ireland added this represents close to the biggest

Crēdo on Demand shippers. This new facility puts Pelican BioThermal

wave of investment in new BioTech facilities anywhere in the world

on track to realise its plan to exceed 100 network stations and drop

and how Ireland’s pharma, bio and chemistry produce amounts to

points for its rental programme in 2019.

€39BN in annual exports.

The Dublin facility is focused on Pelican BioThermal’s Crēdo on

Dublin is a key hub of manufacturing and distribution for the pharma

Demand programme, which provide a high performance, flexible

industry and Ireland is home to some of the largest pharmaceutical

rental option for temperature controlled containers such as

and healthcare companies in the world including Lilly, Pfizer, Sanofi,

Crēdo Cargo, Crēdo™ Xtreme and Crēdo™ Cube. The Crēdo on

Amgen, Allergan, Alexion, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Pramerica.

Demand rental program allows organizations to choose the shipper application that best fits their company’s requirements, logistics profile and budget.

Dublin is a key logistics location hub and Ireland’s life sciences sector and bio-pharmaceutical industry is increasing at a rapid rate. As we continue to expand our Crēdo on Demand rental programme,

The new Dublin network station and service centre is strategically

the Dublin network station and service centre puts customers in

located in Harristown, next to Dublin Airport and is ideally located

closer proximity to more convenient and flexible shipping options.

to serve the ever growing pharma industry in Ireland, which is home

Dominic Hyde, Vice President, Crēdo™ on Demand

to some of the world’s leading biotech and pharma companies. The Dublin network station and service centre is being staffed All of the world’s top10 BioPharmaceutical companies and 14 of the

by a team of Pelican BioThermal experts to mirror the superior

world’s top 15 medical technology companies have operations in

service levels provided at the company’s growing number of network

Ireland according to IDA Ireland (Investment Development Agency),

stations and service centres around the globe.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at jettainer.com


ettainer, the leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management, has taken over the container management and maintenance for WAMOS Air. The contract


Jettainer GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa

with the Spanish airline based in Madrid has a five-year term. The

Cargo AG. Jettainer is currently responsible for the complete

fleet of the former Pullmantur Air consists of seven Airbus A330-200

management of approx. 90,000 units – so-called Unit Load

and five Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

Devices – for 22 airlines. This includes managing, positioning, maintaining and servicing the items. The company operates

The WAMOS Air fleet is primarily used for leisure charter services.

at more than 450 airports around the world at the moment.

Some of these flights are operated on behalf of its sister company

Apart from its headquarters in Raunheim near Frankfurt/

Pullmantur Cruises from Madrid-Barajas Airport. In addition,

Main in Germany, Jettainer operates offices at the central

WAMOS is also taking over charter flights for LATAM, Avianca and

hubs of international airlines in Abu Dhabi, Dallas/Fort

other major carriers. In summer WAMOS Air performs charter

Worth, Düsseldorf, Philadelphia, Rome and Zurich as well

flights for the airline Condor, which has already outsourced its ULD

as an operations base in Mumbai. Since 2014 it is running its

management to Jettainer in 2006.

own company in the USA, Jettainer Americas Inc., with its headquarter in Delaware and branches in Dallas, Chicago,

WAMOS Air is specialised on charter and ad hoc-flights, which requires

Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Jettainer handles the

utmost flexibility. For this purpose we are happy starting a partnership

complete value-added chain for ULD management – ranging

with Jettainer in ULD Management. Their flexibility and airline experience

from purchasing ULDs to managing and repairing them and

gives us the utmost reliability we need in our business.

even providing customized IT solutions and financing concepts.

Salvador Martínez Prados,

Jettainer tops off its services package with JettLease, a leasing

Ground OPS & Commercial Routes Director, WAMOS Air

product for ULD emergencies. The company is certified in line with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard

WAMOS Air is already the second Spanish airline to choose Jettainer for ULD management.

and the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard.

As an up-and-coming airline, WAMOS

Air ideally complements our customer base. At the same time, this expansion will help to further strengthen our global network. We look forward to launching another long-term partnership, adds Carsten Hernig, Managing Director at Jettainer.

12 MARCH 2019







THORDON WATER LUBRICATED PROPULSION ARRANGEMENT V iking Jupiter, the 47,800gt cruise ship built at Fincantieri's

We congratulate Viking Cruises and Fincantieri on the successful

shipyard in Ancona, Italy for Viking Cruises, has been

and timely delivery of the sixth vessel in this class, a series of ships

delivered with a Thordon Bearings’ seawater-lubricated

that have proven immensely popular with passengers and crew. We

propeller shaft system. It is the sixth Viking cruise ship to be fitted

are delighted that both owner and builder continue to support the

out with the COMPAC bearing arrangement.

use of COMPAC water lubricated propulsion.

Terry McGowan, President and CEO, Thordon Bearings

Two 930 passenger-capacity sisterships, Viking Tellus and Viking Venus, currently undergoing construction at Fincantieri and slated

Viking’s fleet of modern passenger ships are each equipped with

for delivery in 2021, have also been specified with the pollution-free

energy-efficient hybrid engines to minimise airborne pollution, while

Thordon system. Further newbuilds of the same class have also

the COMPAC propeller shaft bearing system is lubricated by seawater

been ordered for delivery between 2022 and 2027, though supply

and does not require an aft seal, reducing in-service maintenance

contracts have yet to be finalised.

costs. The vessels’ hulls have also been optimised for fuel efficiency.

From the outset, when we first entered the cruise market four

According to Alfredo Tosato, Managing Director at Pedrotec,

years ago with Viking Star, we opted for water lubricated propulsion

Thordon Bearings authorised distributor in Italy, Fincantieri

as a cost-effective means of reducing the impact of our operations

frequently specifies COMPAC for its newbuilding projects.

on the marine environment. The COMPAC system has proven itself both commercially and operationally and we look forward to working with Thordon on future projects. Richard Goodwin, VP Engineering, Viking River Cruises


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at thordonbearings.com

When Viking started working with Fincantieri on these vessels, the shipbuilder recommended the Thordon solution at the design stage due to the excellent performance of the installations on the Disney Magic and Princess Cruise Lines’ Grand Princess. For every new project where a conventional propulsion arrangement is selected, we work with both builder and owner to design and engineer the optimum bearing solution. Pedrotec is currently negotiating the engineering and supply for the continuation of four Viking newbuilds. The first of the series, Viking Star was delivered in 2015, followed


A global leader in seawater lubricated propeller shaft

in subsequent years by Viking Sea, Viking Sky, Viking Sun, and Viking

bearing systems, with over 35 years’ experience in this


technology, Thordon Bearings is renowned for supplying high performance, oil and grease-free bearing systems to

The delivery of Viking Jupiter places Viking in pole position as the

the global marine, clean energy, pump and offshore markets.

world’s largest small ship ocean cruise line, only four years after

Thordon Bearings is the only manufacturer of propeller shaft

launching its ocean business.

bearings to guarantee its award-winning COMPAC system for a 15-year wear-life. Thordon systems and bearings are available worldwide through over 80 agents and distributors.

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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at mdxpress.co.uk



It’s not just a shipment, it is our shipment.


are consistently first choice for time-critical deliveries across the European continent. For any load up to 1200kg, clients can expect

f there was ever a company philosophy which assured clients

to have it delivered to their exact specifications in those times where

of dedication and a first-class service, this one from MDXpress

every minute counts.

Limited is it. Consignment tracking and accountability are a large part of

As members of BIFA, FIATA, the Midlands Aerospace Alliance

MDXpress’ excellent track record. The team operate from three

and certified to ISO 9001, MDXpress are a logistics company with

offices throughout the UK: one in the Midlands, one in Scotland

integrity and reliability that is refreshing to see.

and in the South-East. The strategic locations mean that jobs can be handled anywhere within the UK and Europe within just a

The team have over 30 years of experience in the industry which

couple of hours.

can be seen through their level of attention and customer guidance when handling freight. From road freight, to air and ocean freight,

MDXpress Dedicated uses experienced drivers who operate a

and speciality shipments for hazardous or temperature-controlled

modern fleet of vehicles right from the loading point to the delivery

goods, the company is well-equipped and has expertise which allows

address. Not only do their drivers use the shortest possible route,

them to handle shipments to destinations across the globe.

but they will adjust and update in case of dense traffic or adverse weather conditions which could impact the delivery time, meaning

We treat every load with the same levels of attention and care –

clients can maintain their peace of mind.

whether you’re a first-time customer or a returning client. I think where this dedication to service truly shines is in our express service.

The MDXpress team also operate a control tower which tracks their

Miles Drinkwater, Managing Director, MDXpress

trucks 24/7 and offer an email update service which will keep the client informed of their load’s progress throughout its journey. Once

‘MDXpress Dedicated’ is the company’s time-sensitive freight

the load has reached its destination, photographs of the proof of

handling service, and provides the optimum transport solutions

delivery are taken and sent to the client for their records, providing

for connecting freight throughout Europe. Long-time established

that additional level of reassurance.

relationships with trusted subcontractors mean the company


FORWARDER magazine


We expect to see a rise in demand for express services, and we are ready to handle these increases,

said Miles.

For a more competitively priced service for those who are under budget constraints, MDXpress are also able to offer a co-loading service. By consolidating smaller shipments on one vehicle, transportation costs drop, and savings can be passed on to clients – there’s an added benefit of lower CO2 emissions, too. Whatever the future may bring in the world of freight transport, MDXpress will strive to bring the best solutions to our customers, present and future, and guarantee to maintain and exceed our quality products at competitive prices.


7.5-tonne lorries 5, 8 & 10 Euro pallet vans Tail-lift vans Trailer services Refrigerated goods Hazardous goods

There will always be freight to move, and we’ll always provide the same consistent, timely and trustworthy service. You can find out more on the website at www.mdxpress.co.uk

LCL and FCL Time-critical deliveries

or give one of the experts a call on +44 (0)1543 484346

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AG Cargo has today announced the opening of a brand new pharmaceutical centre in Madrid dedicated to its Constant Climate product for transporting time and temperature-

sensitive pharmaceutical products. Work on the new facility began in June 2018 and is the latest addition to IAG Cargo’s Madrid hub, which handles over 250,000 tonnes of cargo per year. With two dedicated temperature-controlled chambers totalling over 900m2, the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certified facility will allow IAG Cargo to increase the volumes of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products passing through its Madrid hub, primarily serving the growing Latin American pharmaceuticals market, projected

The opening of this new Constant Climate centre reflects our

to increase by 9% per year until 2028. The new centre is operated by

continued investment in our infrastructure and operations. Constant

an expert team, with shipments loaded onto dedicated airside docks

Climate was the first pharma-only product to the market and last

and served by a specialist fleet of refrigerated trucks in order to protect

year we shipped over 25,000 tonnes of life-saving medicines and

the pharmaceuticals from the cargo terminal to loading onto aircraft.

vaccines. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is a critical focus for our Constant Climate product as it ensures delivery of medicine

Constant Climate is IAG Cargo’s state-of-the-art cold chain product,

to the end-patient in a pure, potent and stable condition. All of

specially designed for precision management of time and temperature

our staff involved in the handling of Constant Climate shipments

sensitive pharmaceutical products. Trusted by the world’s largest

are GDP trained and the certification of the Madrid facility means

pharmaceutical manufacturers, the service is managed via a dedicated

that all three of our Constant Climate hubs – London, Dublin and

team who handle bookings, advise on packaging solutions and ensure

Madrid – are GDP certified, driving quality across our network.

shipments meet the strictest of regulatory standards.

Camilo Garcia, Director Sales, Marketing & Products, IAG Cargo


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at infr8.de/en


amburg/Singapore, 06 March 2019: DAKOSY is participating

Since July 2018, INFr8 has been in pilot operation at Frankfurt

for the first time at this year's World Cargo Symposium, which

Airport and is already being used by senders, forwarders, airlines and

is being organised for the 13th time by the International Air

handling agents. Anke Gießen, Chief Operations Officer of Fraport

Transport Association (IATA). In Singapore, the software service provider

AG, was also confident about the launch of the shipping portal:

for transport and logistics will present INFr8, the shipping portal for

The platform integrates for the first time the shipper into the

air freight developed by DAKOSY in close cooperation with FRAPORT.

digital information chain of classic air freight. We expect this to

INFr8 is a platform that is specially tailored to the air cargo supply chain

result in shorter check-in times for dangerous goods and thus

and simplifies the handling of dangerous goods through digital support.

significantly accelerated handling times.

The platform is currently in pilot operation at Frankfurt Airport. However, we are internationally oriented and not tied to specific locations. Singapore, in particular, is one of the most important logistics hubs in the Asia-Pacific region. A platform like INFr8 is of course a good support. Simon Linder, Sales Manager, DAKOSY At the World Cargo Symposium on March 13, Simon Linder will present the functions and advantages of digital processing of dangerous and regular cargo. Within the Dangerous Goods Track he will participate in the panel discussion 'eDGD–What is the Value and What’s the Way Forward?' In terms of content, it will deal with the digital approach of IATA's Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). Philipp Billion of Lufthansa Cargo will also be speaking on the panel. The company is one of the pilot partners of INFr8. 6 MARCH 2019





Is your freight big, long or bulky? Whatever the shape or size trust Tuffnells to deliver!

0800 138 8343


FORWARDER magazine


Tuffnells has been handling business parcel deliveries for well over 100 years, since 1914 when Harold Tuffnell had a horse and a cart which he purchased for just £100. Business deliveries have moved on since then and Tuffnells now delivers more parcels than the whole population of Australia every single year! As a specialist business to business parcels and freight handler, dealing with large and irregular consignments is at the core of what we do. Tuffnells provides a range of delivery services to meet any requirement for your business with guaranteed next day delivery options for parcels, long lengths, pallets, with awkward sizes and weights that others find incompatible. Tuffnells is a preferred logistics partner to over 4,000 business customers spanning a variety of different industries, from the automotive sector to construction, textiles, house & garden, manufacturing, electrical, engineering, janitorial and more. With over 3,500 daily delivery rounds we have the capability to successfully deliver millions of items every day for our valued customers, some of whom are very long-standing customers of Tuffnells. As an expanding parcels and freight business, we now go beyond the UK to over 167 countries, delivering our UK customers’ freight all over the world. Tuffnells has become a ‘one-stop-shop’ with door-to-door international

transportation for both B2B and B2C overseas shipments. Going international couldn’t be easier as we collect at the same time as customers’ regular UK parcels, using our regular collection and tracking systems. Tuffnells offers businesses a truly local service across its 37 depots. That means no call centres, no mass sorting hubs and no strangers. Speak to a real person in your local area, with a range of services that includes Next-day services, Saturday delivery, secure ‘Data Bag’ delivery as well as specific services like ‘Fastbak’ and ‘Fast4ward’. As part of Connect Group PLC, Tuffnells is investing significantly in additional vehicle safety technology for drivers, operational technologies, new fleet and health & safety schemes for the business and its colleagues. “Our investment ensures we don’t stand still. This move goes much further than an aesthetic revamp; we’ve been working on a number of changes to how we operate too - all geared towards providing our customers with an even higher level of service. We look forward to seeing the new vehicles working out of our depots nationwide over the coming months.” Peter Birks, CEO Tuffnells Find out how Tuffnells can help your business by getting in touch through the Freephone number or contact info@tuffnells.co.uk quoting FF01 for more information visit www.tuffnells.co.uk

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n 2013 company directors Tony and Paul sat down to discuss their ideas for a forward thinking, innovative freight forwarding business, from that Ucargo was born and less than 10 years

later are proud to be an award-winning global company with office

in Kent, Manchester, Hong Kong, China and Italy.

With over 40 years’ experience our team combines fresh ideas with extensive knowledge creating a dynamic environment to succeed and grow. Specialising in project cargo Ucargo are well travelled and well connected, it is typical for a member of the Ucargo team to supervise a load, visit a site or work with multiple time zones to co-ordinate movements with our handpicked agents worldwide. Operating outside of usual business hours gives us an edge and allows us to deal with overseas operators in real-time, providing our clients peace of mind and confidence. Our aim is to provide effective and creative solutions for cargo movement, to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are met. Safe and timely transportation of your cargo is paramount to us and our clients know we can be contacted at any time. Paul Martin, Partner, Ucargo


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at ucargo.co.uk






Time-sensitive and unusual cargo Transporting any equipment comes with its own challenges and given Ucargo’s experience we know that it can get complicated. Ucargo have a track record that speaks for itself when it comes to problem solving. Winning Lloyds Loading List Project Forwarder of the Year was a proud moment and reflective of the hard work Ucargo puts in with its clients. For some methods of shipping you will need hazardous certificates, for others you may require specialist packaging or specific trucks, we can advise at planning stage which methods of transit are suitable and support you throughout the project. We also provide ATA carnets and customs documentation for a smooth transition overseas Putting U and your cargo first Quality of service is our top priority. We want to inspire people to stick with us and to do that we aim to impart our values and family driven nature into every job and every client relationship. Every team member at Ucargo works collaboratively to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles to meet our client’s needs. Get in touch with them on +44 (0) 1474 352 674

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25% TEAM GROWTH T imes are good for Uniexpress Ltd, the Northern-England

It’s our specialisms and the expertise of our team that really make

based freight forwarding company with a global reach.

us stand out from the crowd. When it comes to providing dedicated,

The latest team to join Freightabase’s portfolio of specialist

tailored services, there’s nobody who does it better. We are proud

shipping services is currently in its 33 year of operation, and growth

to say that we have grown from a small, independent company to

has recently accelerated whilst the company moves from strength

one of the UK’s largest in our sector but have maintained trust with

to strength. With offices in Bradford and Manchester, Uniexpress

our clientele.

quotes its internal staff as being a huge part of its run of success.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Uniexpress

In 2018 the 40-strong team grew by 8 in their Bradford office, with

Find out more about Uniexpress Ltd’s bespoke services and how

a further 3 additional members added to the team this year, the

to get in touch with them via their website: uniexpress.co.uk


Manchester office have also added new staff this year as well – no surprise when the company prides itself on treating staff and clients alike with care and respect. When dealing with Uniexpress, customers are assigned a key contact with the intention of building a long-term relationship that benefits both parties. The key contact takes complete ownership of a client’s requirements, making any job smooth and secure.


services. The team are leaders in LCL shipping, specifically when it


comes to deep sea markets such as the Far East, Middle East, Indian

We're always eager to hear from freight companies and

Sub. Continent and Australasia. As well as offering direct Import &

associations about interesting and useful industry events and news.

Export LCL services, the dedicated team are also able to offer very

Send us your press releases and articles and we'll see that the

competitive FCL services.

industry hears what you have to say. Email your content to...

Uniexpress’ specialisms truly shine when it comes to sea freight

team@forwardermagazine.com Break bulk is also a key specialism for the team, who have significant experience in handling specialist and out of gauge cargo. Other services the team offer include shipping recycled commodities, vehicle transportation and trade finance services.


FORWARDER magazine


8 MARCH 2019




e-release of the Crown Courier’s Driver Application

By providing a more accurate route, the communication between

app increases accuracy levels of communication for

business to customer is much more accurate. The Driver Application

customers and their deliveries.

app was initially used as a tool for GPS tracking, which enabled Crown Couriers to deliver features to its user, such as live location

Crown Couriers have announced their Driver Application

updates and route logs for each driver within its fleet.

app for Android is now available to its drivers. The latest app’s improvements includes increasing communication

Despite this small change, the benefits to the customer is significant

accuracy during delivery updates.

and will greatly improve the level of communication Crown Couriers delivers to its customers.

The Driver Application App means that drivers can log into the app which notifies the Crown Couriers team the driver’s availability to work, which makes the driver traceable.

As a business, we’re continually looking at areas where we can make relatively small changes that have a significant impact on the overall level of service we deliver to our customers. Developing

Now a streamlined version of its previous version, the app

this existing application, will see the quality of our tracking service

reduces its data usage which allows Crown Couriers to track

increase significantly for our customers.

routes even more accurately. Customers are able to track

Katie Burke, Marketing Executive, Crown Couriers

their consignments at ease.

MARCH 2019




here is a possibility that cross-channel freight could reduce by 75-87%, should the UK leave with 'no deal'. Sky News has revealed that documents from Boarder

Force indicate that if we face a No-Deal Brexit, during the first six months of the exit, trade may be running as little as 13% of its usual capacity. The cross-channel this applies to is the traffic from DoverCalais and in the Channel Tunnel. The document states,

The reasonable worst case flow through

the Short Straits is reduced to between 13% and 25% of current capacity for a period of between 3-6 months. FORWARDER magazine





TOP BRITISH COMPANIES FOR INT L SALES H ull-based logistics and travel provider, John Good Group, has

Commenting on the accolade, John Good Group CEO, Alan

been recognised as one of Britain’s top 200 companies with

Platt said,

the fastest-growing international sales by The Sunday Times

British companies with the fastest-growing international sales. Our

HSBC International Track 200. Compiled by Fast Track and published

dedicated teams who operate across the UK and the Middle East

in The Sunday Times each February, the prestigious list ranks the UK’s

have worked diligently to grow our international sales over the last

highest performing private firms by international growth.

two years, so to receive this recognition is fantastic. Although we’re

We’re delighted to be ranked amongst the top 20

headquartered in the UK, we consider ourselves a global company The John Good Group’s international sales have grown by an

and look forward to further strategic growth throughout 2019 and

impressive 125% over the last two years, to £12.9m, on total sales

beyond in both international and domestic markets.

of £63.3m in 2017. Crediting its phenomenal growth to a strategic focus on exports during the last two years, John Good Group has

The league table programme is sponsored by HSBC, DHL Express

invested in both people and technology to drive sales in both the

and Oracle NetSuite, and compiled by Fast Track, the Oxford-based

UK and abroad and increase its global footprint. Its three largest

research and networking events firm.

export markets are the Middle East, the Far East and the Indian Sub Continent.

Amanda Murphy, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC UK, commented,

We at HSBC UK are delighted to back The Sunday

Times International Track 200 again this year. All the businesses it showcases have truly inspiring stories to tell about creativity, resilience and ambition to succeed. The 16 companies in Yorkshire are putting the region firmly on the map. They are the kinds of enterprises we are thrilled to support and that provide the backbone of our economy, today and tomorrow.


FORWARDER magazine






Thank you to our 2,000+ members who joined us in Singapore for advanced networking and business expansion opportunities! www.wcaworld.com/events/recapwcaworld





nternational courier and delivery company, DHL, has announced

Our international hubs are the backbone of our global network which

that it will be opening a new air freight hub in Copenhagen.

connects businesses from all industries and private customers alike, and

The hub building will be located at Copenhagen Airport.

enables them to benefit from the ongoing e-commerce growth. John Pearson, Global CEO, DHL Express

DHL Express is rumoured to invest DKK1bn (ÂŁ120m) to the new building, which is set to be completed by 2023.

Due to the logistics and geographical location of the Copenhagen hub, it is believed that planes will reach their direct destinations more

The hub is estimated to be able to handle five times as many packages

efficiently without the need of stopping or changing flight routes.

as the building currently handles today, as well as including offices for administrative purposes.



FORWARDER magazine





• Storage • Pick & Pack • Inventory


• TAPA Certified • Secure warehouses • Secure vehicles • Implant staff • TECH


• Temperature controlled warehouse facility • Cost management • G Box innovation • MHRA Certified


• Hanging Garment Facility • Steaming, Labelling, Folding • Product rework




FORWARDER magazine


376 employees



GLOBAL LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS MADE FOR YOU FREIGHT FORWARDING REVERSE LOGISTICS WAREHOUSING CUSTOMS BROKERAGE E-SOLUTIONS Your reputation and success depend on whether you receive or deliver your products on time and at a reasonable price from anywhere in the world. You need a reliable and dedicated partner managing the delivery of your cargo via sea, air, or ground. You also need a partner with end-to-end logistics solutions able to turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. GEODIS Freight Forwarding can serve you with integrated supply chain solutions that combine the global reach and the personal touch you want from a logistics pertner. We also ensure our solution is tailor-made to your requirements. You can expect more because we expect more from ourselves.

Contact us: info.ff.uk@geodis.com 0208 831 4200 www.geodis.com FORWARDER magazine




IMPROVE CUSTOMER DELIVERY SERVICE W ith businesses reflecting upon the previous years’

With sameday delivery at the core of its business, Crown Couriers

performance, looking to identify areas for cost-saving

has developed an approach that enables it to provide an exceptional

and set in place plans for change; Crown Couriers

level of customer service and care to each of its customers,

is the same-day provider working with businesses to review their

notwithstanding the large-scale businesses and wide range of sectors

current operation, and implement a bespoke solution that will improve

that it operates within.

& increase efficiencies and help them to operate in a leaner way.

Basing its entire nationwide operation from a single control centre in the Midlands, enables Crown Couriers to concentrate its skills and expertise in one location. Out of hours Customer requests are never transferred to a call centre and dedicated teams are assigned to manage individual customer accounts. Furthermore, the same level of service is applied consistently 24/365 by a knowledgeable out of hours team, enabling the business to effectively handle timecritical consignments: day, night and during the weekend. Operating a client-focused approach to same-day delivery, Crown Established in 1990, Crown Couriers has been leading the way in

Couriers works in partnership with its customers to establish an

creating bespoke same-day delivery solutions for almost three

understanding of their unique requirements and develop a service

decades. With significant growth expected over the forthcoming

that is tailored around their individual needs. Having a combined

years, Crown’s managing director, Tim Seagers attributes its success

experience of over 90 years in the industry, Crown’s knowledgeable

and longevity within the industry to having ‘an effective business model

key account managers are committed to finding a solution that

that can be individually tailored and scaled to suit the needs of different

adds value for businesses. And with recent, significant investment

businesses’. But what makes Crown’s business model different

in innovative technologies, the business is able to apply its service

and why is it so effective in helping its customers to gain a

model to offer large scale, mass customisation.

competitive advantage?


FORWARDER magazine


Dynamic route optimisation allows Crown’s operations team to

More than just a same-day courier provider, Crown Couriers’

schedule its fleet of over 500 vehicles holistically, assigning drivers

business model is focused around helping businesses to become

quickly and ensuring routes are coordinated in the most efficient

logistically more efficient by using a combination of its 24/365

way. This impressive software detects current and imminent traffic

service centre, manned by experienced and knowledgeable teams;

issues, and eliminates unnecessary mileage when calculating routes;

supported by innovative technologies that allow the business to

driving both time and cost savings for customers but also allowing

produce a bespoke and tailored service on a mass scale.

Crown’s team to assign routes on a larger scale in much less time. Additionally, real-time, proactive communications can be

Contact our dedicated team by emailing

produced and distributed to customers on a large scale, using email

info@crowncouriers.co.uk or calling 0330 3334400.

and SMS notifications, providing the most up to date information

Visit the website at www.crowncouriers.co.uk

about a live consignment. Enthusiastic about the opportunities posed by the implementation of industry-leading technologies, Tim affirmed that innovation is most effective when used as a tool to support and not replace the human element of its service. ‘Finding new ways to deliver a better service is a key priority for Crown, that’s why we put innovation right at the heart of our company values. But we’ve made the investment purely to support our teams in delivering a more efficient service and speedier communications to the customer, and not to replace the knowledge and expertise of our teams that our customers have access to 24/365’.

FORWARDER magazine







f the UK does ultimately leave the EU with no deal in April

John Good Shipping has its own offices in Istanbul & Izmir, our Less

2019, then customs formalities will be required for movements

than Container Load (LCL) services mean you don’t need to fill

between EU & UK. The Government has estimated there would

an entire container, you share a container with other customers,

be an extra 200 million customs declarations per year.

making shipping by sea a much more affordable option. We are the only Company offering this weekly container groupage service

The Road Haulage Association said that yesterday’s trial (Monday

from Turkey. Upon arrival in the UK, the LCL cargo is unloaded as a

7th January 2019) of a contingency traffic plan for Dover port was

priority at our Warehouse in Felixstowe for urgent onward delivery

'too little, too late.' It is difficult to argue with their logic as only

anywhere in the UK.

89 trucks took part in the trial – Dover port handles about 10,000 trailers per day.

We also offer weekly Full Container Load (FCL) services to and from all major Turkish ports.

Delays at Dover / Calais are anticipated to equate to between 1520 miles of queues based on an additional 2 minutes dwell time per

Here are six key advantages:

truck at the border.

•• Customs clearance at Felixstowe rather than Dover •• Cost savings

John Good Shipping has its own weekly direct Container groupage

•• Reliable & fixed transit times to UK

service from Istanbul & Izmir to Felixstowe port, thereby avoiding

•• Cargo safety

the anticipated congestion at Dover.

•• Environmentally friendly •• Deliveries / fixed schedules

Our weekly sea freight services from Istanbul and Izmir offer fast transit times of around eight days, shipping by sea from Turkey is usually suitable for most needs and offers an excellent alternative to road transport and delivers significant reductions in freight costs. Sea Freight transits are similar to current road freight transits with port to port in around 8–9 days and door to door in 14–16 days.


FORWARDER magazine



Please call us for immediate quotation +44 (0)1656 656535 enq@ eurgent.co.uk www.eurgent.co.uk FORWARDER magazine




With organically grown data built up over the last 10 years and over 25 consultants updating records of freight forwarders, shippers, supply chain and logistics departments worldwide, our data is unrivalled. We can run campaigns by geographical region or by vertical market.


Internal and external communications. Newsletter production as well as content writing as required. Newsletters are an excellent way to increase client awareness of new services and keep employees fully engaged.


Our Postal Mailshot data is the cleanest in the industry. We can produce postal mailshots in exactly the same format as our eShot campaigns. As with our digital marketing we are able to target geographical regions or verticals according to your requirements.


PAF Finder is a new section being added to FORWARDER magazine where you can talk about your Partners, Agents and Franchise (PAF) agreements. It will include promotional editorial and a section where you can advertise for a new partner, agent or franchise.


The FORWARDER Directory is a listing of freight forwarding companies, shipping lines, airlines, etc. The Directory has recently been redesigned to include all of the countries in each issue and to be a persistent, ever-evolving resource.


FORWARDERmagazine.com is the magazine, advertising space and Directory online. We offer a daily posting service straight to the site that gets shared across the whole of the Freight Media social platform including Freightabase, LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter.

CONTACT US: DOM@FREIGHT-MEDIA.COM +44 (0)1454 628 794 FORWARDER magazine ISSUE39 54



Significant front-cover exposure and 6-page feature in FORWARDER magazine about you, your company or a product. Designed for the forwarder that wants to stand out from the crowd and for use when presenting your services to clients. Includes a separate PDF booklet.


A two- or four-page spread in FORWARDER magazine ideal for anyone aiming to promote a new facility. As with ‘Move it Like…’ we can produce a handout that your sales team can use for client meetings and marketing campaigns.


An excellent way of promoting new services, new recruits or any exciting projects that you may have coming up. Over the next 12 months we will be covering various topics around UK regions, international trade lanes and vertical markets.


Our team of social media experts will post regular articles to increase brand awareness and exposure. Most of our clients are too busy moving freight to get caught up in perfecting their social media presence. We will take it off your hands.


Your website is your shop front and you only get one chance to make a first impression. We are here to ensure it’s an excellent one. Our digital marketing and design team will work with start-ups, SMEs or top-25 forwarders to forge their online presence.


Forwardingjobs.com is the leading job board for the Freight Forwarding Industry. If you are recruiting on a regular basis we can offer a range of services depending on your requirements and vacancies are included in the recruitment section of FORWARDER.





e want as many people as possible to read this magazine and to get something from it. Pass it round

If you would like your own subscription to FORWARDER,

please complete the form, take a picture or cut out the

the office (and forward the digital verision to your

page and send it to subscriptions@forwardermagazine.

contacts). Just remember to get it back again, because it's intended

com or Freight Media Ltd, 8 Apex Court, Woodlands,

to be a retained resource for you to refer to again and again. Hence

Bristol BS32 4JT, UK. We'll be straight back in touch with a

the monthly topic and regional focus.

subscription cost based on your location in the world.

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Country Email

Company name Freight forwarder Ocean






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Courier Air cargo

Shipping line Air courier

Air Rail



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he Jersey Post Group has announced that it has completed

partnering with the Estonian company, Freselle Logistics, as well as an

its investment in Parcel Monkey, an experienced, holistic

investment in the Hong Kong based business, A2B Limited, a leading

parcel delivery service enabler and provider.

name in mail and fulfilment solutions in Hong Kong and China.

Based in Southampton, Parcel Monkey was founded in 2009 by current

The investment in Parcel Monkey provides Jersey Post and its

Managing Director Nav Ramiah. Today, Parcel Monkey specialises in

customers with the final piece of the parcel solution portfolio - the

four diverse, yet complementary, parcel service elements:

enabling ecommerce platform that can bring together the global network and service providers into one, easy-to-access location.

•• A parcel delivery comparison service website whereby Parcel Monkey provides parcel services at competitive pricing for consumers based on pre-approved carriers;

Our international strategy is to ensure the long-term revenue growth and stability for Jersey Post, through providing a complete global solution. It is imperative that this solution works for customers

•• A global trading platform that provides a marketplace interface through which parcel carriers can sell their services;

based overseas, but equally, if not more so, for those based locally who can expand their market reach through our extended partnership network. The investment in Parcel Monkey ensures that we are able

•• Outsourced warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services for online retailers;

to consolidate our various partner organisations via a comprehensive front-end trading platform that can host and promote the range of services offered by this global partner network.

•• An online service for retailers to create an ecommerce

Tim Brown, Chief Executive, Jersey Post

storefront including website builder, domain name and hosting. Everyone here feels very excited and invigorated to be working The investment in Parcel Monkey is the latest in Jersey Post's

with Jersey Post. I believe that the relationship will be a real boost to

international strategy to exploit opportunities outside the finite

Parcel Monkey's global ambitions and provide brand strength through

local market. In 2016 Jersey Post purchased a UK based European

Jersey Post's postal brand and in-depth postal industry knowledge. I

logistics provider and a customs clearance agent located at Heathrow.

really believe that our relationship with Jersey Post will provide the

In 2017, Jersey Post continued to implement its strategy by investing

catalyst to further innovation, especially in the tracked mail sector.

in Global eParcel Solutions (GePS), based in Miami, and more recently

Nav Ramiah, Managing Director, Parcel Monkey


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at rha.uk.net


ix months ago Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP said:

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, hauliers crossing the Channel to

We will maintain a free-flowing border at Dover, we will

mainland Europe will have to use permits. Currently the UK has

not impose checks at the port, it is utterly unrealistic to

less than 1,200 of these and if no more are available then other, less

do so. We don't check lorries now, we're not going to be checking

cost-effective ways of accessing Europe will have to be found. But it’s

lorries in the future. I’m clear that it cannot happen.

not just the headlining American bands that will face this dilemma, how will our own British acts get into Europe?

But the Road Haulage Association doesn’t share Mr Grayling’s optimism.

It’s not just the day-to-day items such as fresh foods

With only eight months to go until we leave the EU, the protracted

from mainland Europe that will be affected, the high value industries

negotiations and lack of decision is putting the industries that

such as entertainment and motor sports will also take a massive

contribute billions to the economy on both sides of the Channel

financial hit and thousands of jobs will be at risk,

at severe risk.

said RHA chief

executive Richard Burnett. Currently, the big name American bands fly their equipment across the Atlantic to the many UK-based stage mover operators. They then embark upon their European (and further) tours by road. Rail is simply


The Road Haulage Association is the only UK organisation

not an option. Of course, the tours are time-sensitive and if deadlines

solely dedicated to those with responsibility for the

cannot be met it can result in cancelled venues – ruining tours and

movement of goods by road. Members range from owner-

reputations. And the financial losses will be enormous.

operators to those with fleets in excess of 1,000 vehicles. The Association has over 7,200 operators in membership who between them account for 250,000 UK-registered heavy goods vehicles.



FORWARDER magazine








usiness associations in Germany have launched a joint

With the launch of their new ‘Theft Prevention in Freight Transport

initiative to tackle growing cargo thefts across the country

and Logistics Working Group’, the associations are calling for greater

which, according to a new report, result in product losses

support and action by law enforcement agencies in Germany.

valued at €1.3 billion a year. In a statement the Working Group said:

The size of the problem has been identified by the joint calculations of several business associations, led by the Transported Asset

The business associations supporting this initiative are doing so

Protection Association (TAPA). According to the analysis, physical

because of the scale of cargo thefts and their impact on businesses

cargo carried onboard almost 26,000 trucks is stolen in Germany

in Germany. The ‘Theft Prevention in Freight Transport and Logistics

every year, averaging a new attack on a truck every 20 minutes. In

Working Group’ aims to increase the safety of transport logistics by,

addition to the value of the goods, the group says further damages of

among other things, means of higher safety standards and investments

€900 million are caused by penalties for delivery delays, the cost of

in locating technology, anti-theft alarm systems, immobilizers and

replacing stolen products and repairing damage to vehicles targeted

secured parking spaces. We are urging the authorities to provide

by cargo thieves.

more support through increased search pressure on internationally active criminal organisations. The police authorities also need to

One of the biggest challenges identified in the report is the low level

be more present at highway service stations, and specialist police

of reporting and recording of cargo thefts in Germany, which follows

units and law enforcement agencies should help to streamline

a similar trend seen across Europe, and the fact that many of the

transnational law enforcement. In order to take targeted preventive

incidents of thefts from vehicles in Germany involve trucks which are

and repressive measures, the investigating authorities must improve

registered and insured in other European countries. Understanding

recording of ‘cargo theft’ offences and create the conditions for

the true causes and impact of cargo crime in Germany is also further

nationwide uniform reporting of cargo crime. Lack of staff, poor

complicated by the fact that German law enforcement agencies do

networking and low specialisation only serve to delay investigations.

not keep their own cargo crime statistics.

This situation has to be addressed as quickly as possible.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at euroconsol.com


uroconsol S.A., a leading neutral global NVOCC (non-

Our global freight forwarder customers welcome the

vessel operating common carrier) and freight consolidator,

enhancements we've made to our China - Germany Silk Road

announced strategic improvements to its Wuhan, China to

service. Their BCO shipper customers now have a faster and more

Hamburg, Germany Silk Road LCL (less than containerload) import

effective supply chain solution that quickly moves their imports to

rail service, which was bogged down by logistics delays.

market or production facilities in Germany. We're pleased to offer a better transportation solution that combines rail and trucking to

Euroconsol is now deconsolidating full containerload (FCL)

expedite China imports.

shipments at their Malaszewice, Poland hub and then trucking freight

Maciej Mazurkiewicz, Chairman & CEO, Euroconsol

to Hamburg improving the overall transit time and expediting freight release in Hamburg. The transit time is a lean 16-days. Malaszewice

The service is in collaboration with iCargo Alliance and Eurasia

to Hamburg is a two-day transit to Sea Master Shipping GmbH's

International Group. Chengdu International Railway Service Co Ltd.

warehouse, Krohn & Schroeder gmbh, Euroconsol's dedicated

manages the intercontinental rail network running between Asia and

alliance partner in Germany.

Europe. Founded in 2012, the iCargo Alliance is a global NVOCC network of top brands in their respective countries. It was founded

August 2017, Euroconsol successfully introduced a Silk Road import

by C P World Group and Fan Cheng International Transportation

LCL/FCL rail service from Chengdu, China to Pruszkow, Poland.

Services Co, Ltd.

Today, Euroconsol leads the market with 3-4 services each week. Euroconsol S.A. is a joint stock company that plans to increase its working capital in 2019 with B series financing of one million PLN, or 265,400 USD/233,100 Euro. In addition, in 2019 Euroconsol plans to open a large handling and distribution facility in Lodz, Poland, a location that is ideal for serving markets throughout Europe.










shford International Truckstop could have a key role to play

In one of the bleakest forecasts, a study last year by Europe-wide

in helping to alleviate any M20 congestion caused by delayed

economic consultancy Oxera warned of long delays at border posts

HGVs after Britain leaves the EU, its owners have said.

leading to ÂŁ1bn a year in damage to UK economy and the need for huge lorry parks across the south-east.

Recent reports have highlighted fears the introduction of border controls at the Channel ports could lead to delays for lorries leaving

The Port of Dover has also warned of the potential of 17-mile queues

the country, resulting in long tailbacks on the M20.

to the port post-Brexit.

Managers of the 300 capacity Ashford International Truckstop close

From the discussions already held, there is a will to try and find

to Junction 10 of the M20 have been involved in group discussions

ways of lessening the impact of any delays and we believe we are

with local authorities and operators over the threat posed by

in a good position to help with that. For example, we have said

changes in customs clearance procedures and say they can help

we would be happy to have a customs check point built on our

alleviate potential problems.

land here, meaning lorries could be brought off the M20 before they reach the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel, go through all the

There are very real concerns over the impact border checks are going to have on freight flows on both sides of the channel, and we

necessary checks and carry on to their exit port where they could board without any further delay.

all know the affect queues of lorries on the M20 have on Kent as a whole through our experiences with Operation Stack.

Overnight the truckstop is operating at close to full capacity, but

Darren Smith, Ashford International Truckstop

during the day there are spaces available that could be used to get HGVs off the motorway.


FORWARDER magazine


We have submitted a planning application to double our

Darren added that while there was a will to find

capacity to 600 vehicles and if that is granted work would start

possible solutions to the issue within Kent, direction

very soon, giving us even more space to accommodate trucks

and leadership was needed from the Government well

during the day if needed.

ahead of the UK leaving the EU in March of next year.

However, he warned there are procedures that the Government

If border control checks are to take place at the

would need to review and change to make that a realistic option

Channel ports, there is no doubt there will be knock-

for lorry drivers.

on effects on the routes to those ports. We are ready and willing to help to try and alleviate those delays,

It’s ironic that when Operation Stack is in place we are very quiet.

but there has to be a workable strategy in place, and

Part of the reason for that is that HGV drivers who pull off the M20

soon, so we can make plans for our contribution to

here in Ashford for any reason are directed back up the motorway

whatever those solutions are.

to the rear of the queue at Maidstone when they come to rejoin. If a system could be introduced where drivers could leave the motorway, rest here, and then be directed to rejoin at junction 10 or the new 10a when it is complete, the truckstop could make a contribution to getting HGVs off the M20, easing the freight flow to the ports. FORWARDER magazine








n light of the recent EU proposals to cut CO2 emissions by

We are moving from an age where a lot of vehicle bodies would be

15%, increasing numbers of small and medium-sized haulage

made from a variety of extremely heavy materials. Now Thermhex

companies are looking at ways to reduce weight and save on fuel.

and Styrofoam are being used more regularly to manufacture vehicles instead. When you are talking about the big areas of a truck side

The targets, ordered by the European Commission on 17 May 2018,

and roof, this would be extremely advantageous for saving weight.

include a mandatory 15% reduction in CO2 emission from trucks by

It goes without saying that there would be significant fuel savings.

2025, and at least a 30% decrease by 2030.

Danny Phelan, National Sales Manager, Panel Systems

Research shows that reducing the weight of heavy-duty vehicles by

Refrigerated transport, which are used to deliver chilled items, tend

10% can lead to a 5.5% improvement in fuel economy and vastly

to be built with extruded polystyrene in the middle to keep it cool

lower carbon-dioxide emissions.

and with aluminium and GRP for the faces of the truck.

Weight reduction methods include substituting standard trailers

They’re already light weight panels but there may be components

with aluminium-based alternatives and replacing sides and floors

within the vehicle body construction that is made of plywood that

with lightweight composite Styrofoam panels. Styrofoam, which

could be replaced with Thermhex.

is known for its high compressive strength, has been used to great effect over the years for improving insulation in new build

The caravan industry is also seeing a move to Thermhex, replacing

construction and is now utilised as a core in lightweight structural

plywood wall linings in several leisure vehicles.

panels for caravans and trucks. Most of the caravan manufacturers use extruded polystyrene in Data shows that a typical 100-truck fleet would save around £76,000

floors because of its high compressive strength. But within the walls

a year in diesel costs by reducing 2,500 lbs of weight per truck.

they tend to use the main polystyrene because it doesn’t require to be as structural as the floors do. Vinyl wallpaper within caravans

Heavy plywood core panels are used as the sides and floors of many

would normally be laminated on to plywood, but to reduce weight it

dry freight vehicles —used to deliver solid dry goods such as grains,

can be laminated on to Thermhex. You can only imagine how much

steel products and other raw materials. However, firms are now

weight that saves with the number of walls in caravans.

looking to lightweight alternatives such as Thermhex, which features a polypropylene honeycomb core.


FORWARDER magazine



ore than 500 freight forwarders, shippers and

to bring home the accolade in the end. This comes just months after

industry experts gathered at the Royal Lancaster

Maritime was named Road Freight Operator of the Year for the third

London Hotel to attend the prestigious annual

consecutive time at the FTA Multimodal Awards in May.

ceremony, which recognises achievements in a variety of transport sectors. Each year, as part of its Readers’ Vote Award,

We are extremely proud and honoured to have received this award

Lloyd’s Loading List asks its readers to nominate operators that

voted for by readers and our own customers, and are grateful for their

provide innovative, industry-leading solutions to customers.

kind acknowledgement. We see this as a recognition of the hard work that our drivers and staff have put in, particularly in recent months

Following months of voting, Maritime made their debut

whilst the industry is facing unprecedented challenges.

appearance at the event as a finalist alongside the five other

Simon Smart, Chief Executive Officer, Maritime

major UK hauliers in their category, but was fortunate enough NOVEMBER 2018



AT GLOBAL FREIGHT AWARDS The growth of CO2 levels in the atmosphere has spurred the recent

However, this policy has been deemed unrealistic by truck

proposal, which will add to other EU climate goals including The

manufacturers, who say a 7% CO2 reduction target by 2025 would

Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 and the Energy Union strategy.

be more achievable, expressing concerns that heavy fines may be placed if goals are not met.

The CO2 emissions and fuel consumption performance of heavy-duty vehicles registered in the EU will, for the first time, be monitored and measured by data provided by authorities and manufacturers. Transport companies will be able to gain access to the standardised information in order to compare different models of high-duty vehicles and lower fuel costs, which reportedly takes up around 30% of a hauler’s costs.


Panel Systems is a global supplier of insulated building products, CNC machined panels, Styrofoam, architectural panels and external cladding.

This information will also be available for public access, excluding cases that must protect private data and where fair competition

The Sheffield-based company been bringing its customers a

must be guaranteed.

unique manufacturing capability and an unrivalled range of fabricated products since 1974. Construction, automotive,

The rise in transparency is aimed at encouraging manufacturers to

packaging, lightweight staging, caravans and marine are just

develop more economical vehicles, as well as helping the environment

some of the markets in which it operates.

by decreasing CO2 emissions. FORWARDER magazine





JULY 2018


NEW TRANSBORDER JOINT VENTURE D elta’s future is global and together with WestJet, we can

Upon receipt of regulatory approvals in Canada and the US, Delta

augment the two airlines’ capabilities and bring together

and WestJet will work together to implement all aspects of the

our strengths in this important trans-border market.

enhanced cooperation including expanded codesharing, more closely

Combined, we will be able to offer more destinations to customers

aligned frequent flyer program and reciprocal elite benefits, joint

with an integrated network, superior airline products, improved

growth across their US/Canada transborder network, and co-

airport connections and significantly enhanced frequent flyer

location at key hubs with more seamless passenger and baggage

benefits. The JV will provide an unmatched passenger experience

transit. The agreement will also include the ability to cooperate on

for customers travelling between the US and Canada.

cargo accompanying passenger flights as well as corporate contracts.

Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Delta has a strong track record of partnering with airlines around WestJet continues its drive toward becoming a global airline,

the globe, in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and now Canada.

and the signing of this agreement marks a major milestone in that

These joint ventures connect complementary networks, allowing

journey. Working together with Delta, the premier US carrier,

the carriers to expand service options, add more convenient

we are looking forward to providing enhanced offerings and more

connections, and provide a more seamless customer experience

choice for guests. The joint venture will allow us to maximize our

than would otherwise have been possible.

existing partnership with Delta to benefit customers by bringing greater competition to the trans-border market.

As WestJet continues its global transformation, its airline partners

Ed Sims, President & CEO, WestJet

connect the growing WestJet network to an extensive list of international destinations. WestJet has one of the youngest fleets in

The agreement deepens the existing codeshare partnership between

the airline industry and continues to provide award-winning guest

the carriers and follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding

experience, recently being named Canada’s Best Airline by TripAdvisor

in December 2017 announcing the intention to form a joint venture.

and North America’s Best Low-Cost Airline 2018 by Skytrax.

The joint venture will provide substantial reach into Canada and the US with transborder service to more than 30 cities covering over 95 per cent of US–Canada demand, providing customers of both airlines with more travel choices than ever before. The new JV will also enable Delta and WestJet to compete more effectively against other carriers.


FORWARDER magazine



Delta Cargo offers access to an industry-leading global network, reaching more than 310 destinations in 54 countries on six continents and carrying more than 2.2 billion cargo ton-miles each year. Whether it’s life-saving pharmaceuticals,


organs for transplant, fresh flowers, asparagus, luxury cars

elta Cargo and the cargo division of its joint venture

or bulk shipments, Delta Cargo offers reliable shipping

partner, Air France/KLM, have co-located cargo warehouse

services with GPS and real-time tracking options. With an

facilities in Seattle, a move that will allow more space for

industry-leading Cargo Control Center for 24/7 proactive

cargo capacity and make shipping easier and more convenient for

shipment monitoring and IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification,

the airlines’ shared customers.

Delta has the best on-time performance of any U.S. airline. In 2018, Delta was named to Fortune’s top 50 Most Admired

Delta Cargo’s Seattle warehouse has hosted Virgin Atlantic since

Companies in addition to being named the most admired

March 26, 2017. In the last year, this ‘One-Roof’ partnership

airline for the seventh time in eight years. Additionally,

has handled over 1.2 million pounds of cargo with a daily 787

Delta has ranked No.1 in the Business Travel News Annual

flight. This initiative is beneficial not only for the increased

Airline survey for an unprecedented seven consecutive years.

cargo tonnage capacity, but also to help deliver a coordinated

Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta employs more than 80,000

cargo operation among Delta’s partners and to add employment

employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more

opportunities at the station.

than 800 aircraft. The airline is a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance and participates in the industry’s

Other stations to which Delta has expanded this 'One-Roof'

leading transatlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM and

warehousing initiative include: Atlanta (with Air France/KLM and

Alitalia as well as a joint venture with Virgin Atlantic and

Virgin Atlantic); Boston (with Air France, Virgin Atlantic and Alitalia);

Aeromexico. Including its worldwide alliance partners, Delta

Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Detroit (seasonally with KLM); and

offers customers more than 15,000 daily flights, with key hubs

New York’s John F. Kennedy International, Washington-Dulles,

and markets including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit,

Miami and Orlando (with Virgin Atlantic).

Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York-JFK and LaGuardia, London-Heathrow, Paris-Charles de Gaulle,

The airline expects monthly volumes of more than 400,000 pounds

Salt Lake City, São Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, and Tokyo-Narita.

of highly-valuable cargo to be flown on Delta and newly launched

Delta has invested billions of dollars in airport facilities,

Air France flights between Seattle and Paris.

global products and services, and technology to enhance the customer experience. Discover more at DeltaCargo.com

MARCH 2018









transport companies, terminals, depots, and others. Today, one out of every four ocean containers shipped globally is booked through the INTTRA platform. E2open and INTTRA have a similar consortium heritage and culture – both were born to solve similar problems for their respective ecosystems, to improve efficiencies, overcome data exchange constraints, and reduce the friction associated with doing business. In joining forces with E2open, a company that shares our values and

2open, the one place in the cloud to run your supply chain,

understands the benefits of global business networks, we envision a

today announced the acquisition of INTTRA, the leading

single platform with accelerated innovation to connect, streamline, and

ocean shipping network, software and information provider.

operate all aspects of global manufacturing, logistics, and distribution,

The combination of INTTRA’s ocean carrier and shipper network

resulting in immediate benefits for all stakeholders.

with E2open’s industry leading business network will create a unified

John Fay, Chief Executive Officer, INTTRA

global logistics and supply chain network. E2open and INTTRA will join efforts to strengthen the connections and streamline the

The acquisition of INTTRA will extend E2open’s current logistics

information flow between manufacturers, suppliers, shipping service

capabilities, consisting of transportation management, logistics visibility,

providers, ocean carriers and all the participants in global trade.

and transportation forecasting, and a network of more than 3,500 large carriers across more than 40 countries to book, tender, track, and

E2open is the largest cloud-based provider of networked supply

invoice shipments. E2open with INTTRA and Avantida, will offer deep

chain solutions, featuring a complete portfolio of applications that

integrations with logistics service providers, from third-party, fourth-

enable the world’s most complex supply chains to better plan,

party, freight forwarders and NVOCCs, and carriers servicing all modes

collaborate, and execute their end-to-end operations. More than

of transportation – air, road, rail and ocean. The combination brings

70,000 partner companies and 200,000 users, many of the biggest

together advanced planning, visibility, collaboration, and execution for

brands and manufacturers across a range of industries, use the

an extensive network of regional and global logistics providers.

E2open network and platform to orchestrate their supply chains, creating efficiencies measured in the billions.

The carrier community benefits from a stable, unified operating platform with direct access to large global shippers for fully unified and digitized

Founded in 2001 by the leading ocean carriers, INTTRA has created

supply chain and logistics operations. The shipper, beneficial cargo

the world’s foremost and largest neutral multi-carrier network

owner, freight forwarder and logistics service provider communities

across 177 countries with more than 35,000 active shippers, 60

derive value from a larger combined network and new end-to-end

carriers and 150 integrations with transportation management and

solutions that improve operational efficiency, reduce inventories and

port system software partners. In March 2017, INTTRA acquired

deliver efficient logistics operations. The synergistic combination will

Avantida to extend ocean movements into land-based activities

further accelerate new product introductions by leveraging combined

and address container reuse and repositioning for ocean carriers,

technology and research and development capabilities.


FORWARDER magazine


The combination provides value to all stakeholders: manufacturers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders and ocean carriers. We aim to bridge the gap between


Avantida is a European technology provider that assists in

manufacturing and logistics with execution capabilities on a

optimizing the handling of empty containers. The company’s

unified platform with real-time end-to-end visibility. Shippers

reuse and repositioning applications provide actionable

will be able to better leverage ocean shipping efficiency, ocean

information that can minimize miles driven, increase

carriers will be able to improve customer experience, and

container velocity, lower costs for carriers and transport

freight-forwarders will be more effective in multi-modal and

companies, enable exporters to ship more efficiently, and

integrated logistics operations to help grow their respective

reduce CO2 emissions as well as congestion at depots, ports

businesses. We will continue to strive to deliver on our vision

and surrounding communities. Avantida’s platform currently

of a networked platform on which our customers can operate

serves Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy,

their end-to-end operations in real time.

Portugal, Poland and Spain. www.avantida.com

Michael Farlekas, Chief Executive Officer, E2open



supply chain. One that starts with the ability to sense

information provider at the center of the ocean shipping

and respond to real-time demand and supply constraints.

industry. INTTRA’s innovative products, combined with the

One that brings together data from customers, channels,

scale of our network, empower our customers to trade with

suppliers, contract manufacturers and partners. One that

multiple parties and leverage ocean industry information to

enables companies to use data in real time, with cognitive

improve their business. Connecting over 35,000 shippers

artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter

across 177 countries with more than 60 leading carriers and

decisions. One that delivers all this complex information

over 150 software alliance partners, INTTRA streamlines the

through a single pane of glass that provides a clear view

ocean trade process. More than 850,000 container orders

across the supply and demand ecosystem. E2open is changing

per week are initiated on the INTTRA platform, representing

everything. Demand. Supply. Delivered. www.e2open.com

over one quarter of global ocean container trade.

At E2open, we are creating a more connected, intelligent

INTTRA is the largest neutral network, software and

FORWARDER magazine









lobe Tracker, a leader in IoT tracking and monitoring solutions for logistics assets, and Taylor Power Systems, a premier, made-in-USA generator manufacturer, have come

together to deliver a fully connected genset solution for the cold chain.


Taylor Power Systems is a name synonymous with dependability. We are a premier, made in USA generator manufacturer. We design, engineer, manufacture, and service

The fully integrated solution will provide customers with full visibility

generators for the oil and gas, industrial, commercial,

of Taylor genset operating parameters including fuel level, geo-fences

business, health care, telecommunications, municipalities,

and remote shut off capability. The solution will assist customers

agricultural and any standby or prime power needs.

with fuel management, asset utilization and notification of fuel theft and improper use. We are proud of the genset solution that we developed with Taylor Power Systems. The solution is very clean and delivers on the data


With a US Headquarters located in Sarasota, FL, Globe

required to improve operations, increase efficiency and utilization

Tracker is a privately held Danish company revolutionising

while addressing maintenance and fuel theft issues in near real time.

global supply chain visibility and profitability. Globe Tracker

Don Miller, VP of Sales and Marketing, Globe Tracker

specialises in cutting-edge, future-proof sensor technology providing true end-to-end supply chain visibility, temperature

We found it very easy to work with Globe Tracker. The pedigree

and GPS monitoring, and more. Globe Tracker also has

of their technology along with their service levels is what made it

offices in Denmark, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Canada.

easy for us to select them as our preferred telematics vendor.

For more information: Globetracker.com or Don Miller:

John Scarborough, National Accounts Mgr, Taylor Power Systems

don.miller@globetracker.com 1-800-506-4030 ext. 5 or +1-647-984-4693


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at cargo.virgin-atlantic.com


argo customers moving goods to and from Orlando,

Giving customers more choice to the U.S. helped Virgin Atlantic Cargo

Florida, can now connect with Virgin Atlantic services at

report an overall 9% growth in revenues in 2017 and a 6% increase in

four gateways across the UK.

volumes. The airline offers customers services to 11 destinations in the U.S; Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has launched a new weekly service from Belfast

JFK, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

to Orlando, which departs from Northern Ireland every Monday throughout the summer. From June, a weekly Friday service will also be added. This new direct Orlando offering is in addition to 17 flights a week ex Gatwick, 12x from Manchester, and Virgin’s twice weekly Orlando operation from Glasgow. As well as general cargo, exports from Belfast to Orlando include regular shipments of spare parts and machinery. We enjoy great support from customers in Ireland, particularly for our transatlantic routes from London and Manchester. The start of our new Belfast–Orlando service is a great opportunity for Virgin Atlantic to offer a consistent flying schedule from the city to the USA and beyond. We are delighted to be introducing an online operation for our valued customers in Belfast and look forward to gaining their support throughout the summer. Lisa Forshaw, Account Manager – North of England, Midlands, Scotland & Northern Ireland, Virgin Atlantic Cargo

MARCH 2018












vantida, an E2Open company, today announced that

Both shipping lines and transporters continue to look for agile,

Maersk, one of the world’s largest shipping lines, has

cost-saving tools that can optimise their planning, and our platform

started to offer street turn services on their platform in

has a proven track record of improving efficiency. The platform has

the United States and Canada. This represents Avantida’s first step

changed the way shipping lines in Europe are doing business, and

into the US and Canadian markets.

after our launch in Mexico, it was a natural next step to introduce Avantida to the United States and Canada.

Empty container triangulation, or the interchange of an intermodal

Luc De Clerck, CEO, Avantida

container outside of a marine terminal or yard (street turns), is a well-known activity in the US. By offering this on Avantida’s

Today, the Avantida platform is active in Belgium, The Netherlands,

online platform, transporter and logistics companies are freed from

Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania,

the administrative hassle of having to request and process street

Scandinavia, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico and now the United States

turns manually. Through the automated request process offered

and Canada. Overall, the platform counts on over 4,000 registered

by Maersk, dispatchers and planners requesting street turns will

companies and facilitates an average of 2,000 transactions a day.

get an accurate, reliable response in a matter of minutes. So not only will they enjoy the time and cost savings of carrying out street turns, they will also benefit from a fully digital process and, undoubtedly, aid in reducing CO2 emissions as these efficiencies help cut unnecessary truck miles.


A.P. Moller - Maersk is an integrated container logistics company working to connect and simplify its customers’ supply chains. Our mission is to enable and facilitate global supply chains and provide opportunities for our customers to trade globally.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at softboxsystems.com


oftbox, a leading global innovator and provider of

Softbox is highly committed to supporting its customers and

temperature control packaging for the life science and

providing cold chain packaging solutions that reduce waste and

logistics industries, has launched a new Green Recycling

their impact on the environment. Our new Green Recycling Service

Service across the USA and Canada to provide its customers with

allows us to go even further – by ensuring a sustainable alternative

a hassle-free way to dispose of their temperature control packaging

for ‘end of life’ temperature control packaging waste. Our US and

waste and improve their eco-sustainability performance.

Canadian customers can now significantly reduce their landfill impact and potentially reduce the cost they are paying today for

The new Green Recycling Service for BioPharma, provided by

non-sustainable waste. This program will not only benefit Softbox’s

Softbox, is an eco-friendly way of dealing with packaging waste,

green priorities, it will also help our BioPharma customers achieve

such as used pallets, EPS foam and corrugated components. Instead

their own sustainability objectives, reporting, and scores. With our

of disposing of these pharmaceutical packaging components along

exciting partnership now in place and serving several of our clients,

with the rest of their scrap destined for landfill, companies can now

our customers just need to make one phone call to Softbox, and

have these components recycled into materials that will be used to

we will arrange the collection and recycling of all their temperature

manufacture new products for other industries.

control packaging waste – taking the time and effort out of their green initiative for just one cost-effective all-inclusive fee.

The collection of the packaging waste and delivery to the recycling

John Hammes, General Manager US and Canada, Softbox

center is a one-phone-call, one-fee service that is fully-managed by Softbox and delivered in partnership with a national partner which is a specialist in the manufacturing and recycling of packaging materials.









EKO Logistics is starting a ‘transformative year’ for its

Founded 24 years ago, GoodShip International provides customs

global supply chain solutions business in 2019 by making

brokerage, compliance, air and ocean freight solutions to a broad

the first full acquisition of another independent freight

diversity of clients with emphasis on the Trans-Pacific Eastbound

forwarding specialist in its 42-year history with the purchase of

cargo movements – from some of the world’s most recognizable

GoodShip International Inc., the Chicago-headquartered customs

brands to technologically-savvy start-ups spanning industries

brokerage and compliance consultancy.

including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, FMCG, Healthcare Products, Pharma and Retail.

The investment represents the latest phase of SEKO’s program to accelerate its strategic vision by expanding its global footprint,

GoodShip is a perfect example of the type of company we had in

establishing more strategic partnerships, and making strategic

mind when we announced our expansion strategy earlier this year. 2018

acquisitions in the forwarding and technology sectors.

has been another strong year for SEKO but after 42 years of organic growth, it is time to enhance our strategy to step up to the next level

In less than 12 months, this drive has already seen SEKO’s watershed

by working with the right types of strategic partners and undertaking

expansion into Mexico and the initial opening of locations in Laredo/

acquisitions to enhance our technology, network and capabilities.

Nuevo Laredo, McAllen/Reynosa, Mexico City, Monterrey, Toluca

GoodShip’s customs brokerage and compliance expertise has earned

and Queretaro. Last August, SEKO also announced a new strategic

the respect and trust of the company’s customers in Chicago and the

partnership with Hermes Germany, one of the largest players

Midwest and this will add more depth to what we offer today.

on the European parcel and 2-man-handling market and a highly

James T. Gagne, President & CEO, SEKO

efficient provider of supply chain solutions. This was followed in September by the acquisition of a majority shareholding in SEKO’s

The addition of GoodShip International will also build the capabilities

longstanding strategic partner Omni-Channel Logistics to grow

of SEKO’s Chicago Gateway, which offers support to international

its eCommerce and technology solutions for retailers, pure-play

shippers, by adding a new level of customs brokerage and compliance

etailers, marketplaces and platforms.

services. Further expansion of SEKO’s Midwest operations will be announced in Q2 2019.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at sekologistics.com

We are genuinely excited by SEKO’s ambition and the pace with which it intends to grow. We can clearly see how we fit into SEKO’s business to support its growing portfolio of value-added forwarding solutions. Most significantly, GoodShip’s clients will now have access to the resources and expertise of a single logistics company that possesses a worldwide footprint, key technology differentiators, and award-winning forwarding, omni-channel, cross-border eCommerce, and White Glove services. This is a great move for our company, our employees and customers. Ryan Villiard, President, GoodShip


We provide a suite of logistics services which enable you to use your supply chain as a competitive differentiator. As

In 2018, independent polls of 17,500 international logistics and supply

a customer centric organization, we are powered by the

chain decision-makers reinforced SEKO’s value-added forwarding

expertise of our people and our in-house-developed, best

credentials with awards for its technology, omni-channel logistics,

in class, customizable technology.

White Glove, 3PL and value-added warehousing solutions. James T. Gagne believes SEKO’s software and services are a compelling

It is this combination which gives SEKO its strength. With

combination that will attract more new partners.

over 120 offices in 40 countries worldwide worldwide, SEKO’s unique shareholder management model enables you to benefit

The best ways we can add value for our customers will be

from our specific industry sector expertise, coupled with vital

through service, technology and compliance. We are confident in

in-country knowledge and unparalleled service at the local

our business model and know we offer demand chain solutions that

level. This unique model provides you with:

give our customers international growth opportunities and managed business efficiencies. That’s why we’re ready to talk to potential

•• Hands-on service and support

strategic partners or companies seeking investment or acquisition

•• Personal relationships

who believe they can accelerate our growth trajectory.

•• Creative, customized solutions •• Responsiveness and reliability

The transaction was initiated by Republic Partners, who also served

•• Flexibility and consistence

as advisor to SEKO on the transaction. We have a flat management structure, with just three layers between you and the CEO, making us ‘fast on our feet’ in delivering solutions that can meet your exact requirements. This lean and nimble structure increases our decision-making speed and gives us an ability to implement customized solutions which far exceed those of our competitors. For more information visit our website www.sekologistics.com

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The FORWARDER Directory is a catalogue of freight forwarding companies, shipping lines, airlines, etc. that specialise in shipping to or from major countries throughout the world. You can place any size advert from a free single-line entry to a double-page spread to promote your strongest services. Our team can advise you on how best to use the space. If you wish to advertise, please contact Dom...

dom@freight-media.com or +44 (0)1454 628 794


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DIREUK CTOR UK li Y stings

b then by sp y region, eciali sm

INTRODUCING OUR NEW SECTION... UK specialisms, divided into the 12 UK regions we judge to be most familiar to the freight industry professional at work. From 'abnormal loads' to 'warehousing & storage', if you need it done, it's in here.

www. FORWARDER Directory .com FORWARDER magazine




I was delighted to appear in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ showcase earlier this

year. The opportunity to speak candidly about the success of our company, my influence on that, and

the ingredients that contribute to our continued success was appreciated. NNR is a global ‘premium brand’ that, although established for over a 100 years in Asia, is not particularly well known in the UK. The feature in Forwarder Magazine offered the stage for us to future promote our business. The moniker ‘secret assassin’ and ‘largest company you’ve never heard of’ no longer suits the brand and size of our global group, therefore features like ‘Move it Like’ in a classy glossy such as FORWARDER are the perfect vehicle to help change that perception. Now I’ve recovered from the marginal discomfort

of a little more attention than normal (!), I can reflect that it provided a strong and personal message that many of our key partners and customers read and responded favourably too. Lee Griffiths, NNR




FIELD. CALL US ON +44(0)1454 275 952

DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... In 2017 I was proud to be included in the popular FORWARDER feature 'Move It Like'. As a leading publication within the logistics

industry, FORWARDER's unique feature presented an ideal opportunity to discuss my journey as a global air freight expert and

highlight how Ligentia continues to meet our customers' requirements through customised solutions. I found the process rewarding and my relationship with FORWARDER has continued to develop as my career has progressed to a global role. I would highly recommend

being part of a future 'Move it Like' feature to anyone seeking successful exposure within the logistics industry. Lee Alderman-Davis, Ligentia




1999 (RTS Manchester in 2014) EMPLOYEES



European road freight MODES

Express vans, groupage, part and full loads, Frigo vans & trailers MILESTONES & AWARDS

GDP compliance in 2016

ISO9001:2015 in 2018 Year-on-year growth for 20 years SALES INCREASE



Export/ import- every country in Europe EXPANSION

Definitely. The success of the Manchester office means we’d love to do it again somewhere else.


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DAVE H SAYS... We are a company staffed by freight professionals...


Tell me about how you got into the Freight industry... ame as most people 30 years ago, I drifted into it.

to travelling in Australia. When I returned, I worked for

No one ever left school wanting to work in

Gefco on the European desk. That was me hooked – I’m

logistics in the early 80s. I worked at Fedex

here doing the same job 25 years later, but it's, instead, at

and then another courier company before leaving to go

my own company and I love it.

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What’s your background in shipping? My background has been almost entirely European road freight. After working for Gefco in Coventry, I moved to a small forwarder in Milton Keynes, of which I then became a director. In 1999, I left to start up Retail Transport Services (RTS). Retail Transport Services quickly evolved. From consolidating furniture and distributing into UK depots, to changing direction when the demand for time-critical express transport became apparent, something that is still at the core of the business today.


What do you think you offer as a company that sets you apart from your competitors? It would have to be our knowledge & experience. We are a company staffed by freight professionals. Each person on the desk, no matter what age now, started their career in their teens or early twenties like myself, and we’re all still doing it now. We have a combined total of more than 250 years in the business... that’s a lot of knowledge & experience from a varied range of logistical backgrounds! Transport has been a lifelong career for everyone that works here and we use that expertise to benefit our clients.


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DAVE H SAYS... This year is our 20 th anniversary, which is quite an achievement...


What has been your biggest challenge in the role? Maintaining the bar we’ve set for ourselves and ensuring we all deliver a high standard of service to preserve the integrity that we had from the very start. Making sure


How do you get the best out of your team? By leading from the top. Even after all these years in the business I still enjoy running a desk and getting involved in the day to day moving of freight. By setting

this remains top of everyone’s list is a challenge I relish

an example of how I expect the clients to be treated,

and enjoy. It’s a delight to see the philosophy we had at

what level of service that needs to be provided it

RTS from the beginning is still taken on board today and

allows me to expect the same from our colleagues.

consistently delivered.

We have a great team at RTS, each person giving the best they can each day has become the norm.


Your biggest achievement? This year is our 20


anniversary, which is quite an

achievement, especially when I think about how I started out in a box of a room! Dave Lewis (Director) joined me in the box in 2007. To think of where we are today; 14 of us in a brand new development located in Coventry city centre, plus a very successful office in Manchester, RTS has


What’s the most important thing you are working on right now and how are you making it happen? Quality standards. No matter how much you say or preach how good you are, sometimes it can help being audited to a standard that officially tells people what you

come a long way. We have continually developed and grown

do. We’ve been GDP compliant 2013/C 343/01 for two

into a company that we are very proud of. To still have the

years now, which demonstrates our conformity within

same clients/companies that believed in us at the very start

the pharmaceutical supply chain; in November we gained

through all these years, this alone proves our dedication to

ISO9001:2015 UKAS status. It shows that we can back

the original ethos.

up the promise we make to our clients regarding the level of service they demand.


How would you define your company culture? An honest and open approach to transport. We don’t sell something we can’t do. It’s a simple business model and we stick to it. It’s one of the many reasons why we’ve had


What are your thoughts on the new alliances? As a freight forwarder, we have an entire company based on alliances with suppliers all over Europe. Having the ability to forge these alliances, to develop relationships

the continual growth. People appreciate being fully informed,

and then in turn offer more services to our client base gives

they’ll always respond to an open & honest service provider.

us the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. We started our GDP quality standards with this in mind: with GDP 2013/C 343/01 compliance we can demonstrate a proven robust platform for Good Distribution Practices by ensuring transparency and security of data within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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What about market disruptors – how do you see outsiders changing the industry? The industry has continually evolved over the years, new technologies and new ways of working have always entered

DAVE H SAYS... At RTS, we have always developed along with our clients needs.


How do you decide which new business to go after? We try to target freight that is part of our core make-up: European freight from small pallets up to full loads – standard or express. This is the work we do well, and it enables us

the market place and that’s not going to change. Politics

to offer a service level that our clients can completely rely

seems to be the biggest challenge we’ll face in a generation

on. That’s not to say we do not enjoy a challenge, should

but it’s those companies that are prepared to meet the

someone need special equipment. Deep sea, waste licenses

challenge, that have to ability to adapt that will continue

or specific routings - we have freight professionals with a

to succeed in what could be a difficult or thriving arena.

wide range of knowledge and contacts.

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What are some of the common challenges you face? The biggest challenges are the ones outside our control. Exchange rates, market capacity and increased operational costs set by governments in tolls and taxes. Managing these and delivering what our clients expect has become something that is now part of the job.


What are your expansion plans over the next 12 or 24 months? The next 12-24 months are going to be an interesting time not just for the transport industry but for everyone. At RTS we have always developed along with our clients needs. We have the ability to adapt, the training and technology to support and the infrastructure in place to deliver on our promises.

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The UK's leading nationwide bespoke sameday courier

Delivered your way


stablished in 1990, Crown Couriers has been leading the way

With sameday delivery at the core of its business, Crown

in creating bespoke sameday delivery solutions for almost

demonstrates the importance of every consignment by using only

three decades. Operating a customer-focused approach to

dedicated vans which are fully traceable from collection through to

sameday services and with a dedicated investment to innovation,

delivery. This is replicated in its overnight service, where experienced

Crown Couriers specialises in creating solutions that are tailored

out-of-hours teams work with fully trained and security cleared

to meet its customers’ individual requirements.

drivers to ensure its high standard of service is not compromised.

A logistics partner to businesses within a variety of different

Based from a single control centre in the Midlands, Crown Couriers’

industries, from automotive and aviation to pharmaceutical and

nationwide service operates 24/365 to ensure it delivers the same

professional services, Crown Couriers has a longstanding reputation

dedicated service, day or night. Every customer is assigned an account

for being a business that prides itself on delivering a reliable and

manager who has overall responsibility for maintaining Crown’s high

transparent service to its customers.

standards of service. Crown’s quality-led approach to sameday courier


FORWARDER magazine


service is reflected in the careful selection of its drivers, chosen for

and SMS notifications, Crown has been able to utilise technology to

their high standard of self-motivation, experience and customer service.

create time and cost savings for its customers, whilst increasing the level of proactive communications and maintaining its high standard of service.

Customer satisfaction is the key to Crown’s continued success. From the small sameday courier that started with just two vans

More than just a sameday courier provider, Crown Couriers is a

back in 1990, to the market leader that the business has grown to

logistics partner with a proven track record of working within a variety

become today, its mission is still the same: to be the trusted partner

of different and specialised industries. Experienced in identifying cost

to businesses that need a reliable and bespoke sameday courier.

savings and improving existing practices, find out how Crown could

Testament to that are the customers that have stayed with Crown

optimise efficiencies for your business by calling our Freefone number

from the very beginning and still value its service today.

or contacting info@crowncouriers.co.uk. Alternatively, for more

Katie Burke, Marketing Executive, Crown Couriers

information visit our website www.crowncouriers.co.uk


0330 3334400


Sameday courier

Finding new ways to deliver a better service to its customers is a key priority for Crown. As the industry evolves, a higher level of fl exibility and more effective communications are becoming increasingly important. That’s why the business puts innovation right at the heart of its values. And it continues to deliver on its commitment to invest more into implementing the right technology that keeps the business at the forefront of the industry. Investment in and modernisation of the company’s infrastructure has safeguarded connectivity and enabled the development of more efficient internal processes. Implementing systems such as optimised route planning, dynamic texting/emailing, live GPS tracking, online stock control FORWARDER magazine






rexit has been a turbulent journey, and as the weeks

It is important to ensure that the UK’s supply chains are

pass, the government’s decisions are still lacking

protected. The UK needs to be sure that foreign products can be

clarity. This has ultimately created uncertainty for

imported and UK products exported as usual. Our approach of

the transport and logistics sector, especially in terms of trade

offering access at this stage aims both to provide the reassurance

agreements and safety. Suitably, road freight is now left with the

needed for international freight flows to continue, and also to

question of which direction road haulage and trucking will be

help ensure reciprocal arrangements for UK hauliers. On its side,

driven down. The government has recently claimed to be 'making

the European Commission has proposed legislation that would

preparations to allow hauliers and other businesses to continue

allow UK hauliers basic rights to conduct operations to, from and

to transport goods between the UK and the EU', should we be

through the EU for a limited period of nine months after exit, if

leaving without a withdrawal agreement.

there is no deal. The Commission’s proposal will need to be agreed by the Council and European Parliament, and is being considered

On February 5th 2019 Jesse Norman, MP on behalf of the

by both institutions urgently. This proposal is predicated on

Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Standards

the UK’s granting equivalent access for EU hauliers to the UK,

Agency, published a letter from the government confirming how

and the legislation laid before the House today provides for that

the government will be focusing on road haulage, should Britain

access. Indeed, it is a more liberal offer, and we are discussing

be leaving the EU under a no deal circumstance. The online letter

with the Commission whether there is scope for them to extend

discusses the appropriate measures that may have to be enforced

the EU’s offer so as to match ours.

to ensure that foreign products can continue to be imported and UK products exported as usual. According to the Government,

In a more recent online statement from parliament, from 28 March

over 80% of haulage between the UK and continental Europe

2019, lorry and truck drivers from the UK will need additional

is transported by EU hauliers, so it is vital that the government

documentation to drive in the EU  and  EEA, which includes

make efforts to 'continue to license UK hauliers to the same

registering certain trailers with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing

high safety, environmental and operating standards as at present.'

Agency (DVLA) and carrying a trailer registration certificate. Furthermore, should the UK leave the EU without a deal, there is a chance that UK  lorry and truck drivers will also need an international driving permit (IDP) when driving in the EU and EEA. Norman concludes,

Overall, we continue to believe that

reciprocal market access will be secured for UK hauliers. While continuing to plan for all eventualities, we also believe that it is right to underline the fact that the UK is taking a positive and pragmatic approach. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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UK hauliers can continue to use their EU Community Licence until 31 December 2019. You will not need any extra permits to transport goods in EU countries until 1 January 2020. You’d be allowed to make these types of journeys: •• Journeys to and from the UK, for example, a journey from the UK to Germany, or a journey from Italy to the UK •• Driving through EU countries to reach another EU country, for example, driving through France to reach Spain •• Limited cabotage or cross-trade – the rules on what you can do will change from the day the UK leaves the EU Hauliers will not be allowed to drive through the EU and EEA to a third country, for example driving through France to get to Switzerland, without an ECMT permit.








e’ve come a long way since paper maps and long

If you don’t fancy getting hat hair, there’s also the Vigo. Worn like

road journeys with only the radio or a good

a Bluetooth headset, this lightweight device functions similarly,

buddy to keep us company. Along with the

and also takes into consideration blinking patterns, alerting you

invention of GPS and electronic logbooks, we wanted to take a

if it interprets a loss of focus. You can even choose how you’d

look at some of the other tech revolutions which are changing

like to be warned: pulsing vibrations, LED lights or even your

long-distance driving for the better.

favourite energy-inducing song.

Matchmaking on the go

Want company? Podcasts are your best friend

No, I am not talking about Trucker Tinder (although, now I’ve

True crime podcasts are excellent if you want to get lost in a

thought about it…). There are plenty of live loadboards and

mystery which keeps your brain firing, or there are comedy

freight apps which are making return-load arrangements so

podcasts if you’d rather have a more light-hearted distraction.

much easier. Some apps allow truckers to post their availability

There are even specific podcasts catered to our industry: some

and capacity, so that shippers can contact them with their

popular ones include Trucker Dump, which is hosted by a 20-

consignments. Or there is the option to scroll through available

year veteran of the haulage industry, and Supply Chain Dive.

cargo and pitch your quote to the shipper directly. Freightabase's Quick Quote is one example of an app which is matching available

One final note…

loads to carriers every day.

What might you quote as being the biggest risk to European drivers? Dangerous road-users? Severe weather conditions?

A cap which keeps your head up We’ve all been in a position where exhaustion and fatigue has hit,

Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest risk to drivers is...themselves.

and there is technology out there which can actually save lives. Safe Cap is one such device. The product was created by Ford

It has been proven that using a mobile device while driving is a

Trucks, and looks just like an ordinary cap – handy for keeping

safety risk to drivers and other road users. This risk is multiplied

the sun out of your eyes, in the first instance. But this cap also

when driving larger vehicles such as HGVs. Drivers are four

detects and interprets a drivers’ head movements and alerts them

times more likely to crash in such cases.

with vibration and sound when it detects you might be drifting off.


FORWARDER magazine


Using your mobile phone while driving is an offence – you can

Department for Transport statistics show that 33 deaths were

be charged a £200 fine on the spot, or taken to court for a

attributed to drivers using mobile phones in 2018. Please use

fine of up to £1,000, or £2,500 if you’re driving an HGV. All of

your in-drive entertainment sensibly, ensure it’s hands free, and

this in addition to having six points added to your licence. You

don’t adjust any handheld device unless you’re safely parked with

could also be putting your company at risk of their professional

your engine switched off.

licence too. Are there other forms of tech that have changed your quality Reaction times for drivers using a mobile phone or handheld device

of life as a longhaul driver? Get in touch and let me know!

are drastically affected, risking the safety of both themselves and


those around them. A person’s average reaction time is one second, yet the following factors will inhibit your reflexes:

Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine

•• Exceeding the drink drive limit results in 13% slower reactions •• High on cannabis? It's 21% slower •• Using a hands-free mobile phone: 27% slower •• Texting: 37% slower •• Speaking on a handheld mobile phone: 46% slower!








K businesses could be losing up to £180bn per year

So, how can businesses

due to machine downtime. That’s according to a study

cut the cost of the downtime?

by Oneserve.

Access to a flexible and 24/365 operational logistics partner could be the answer that businesses are looking for. Standard response times of

The supply chain heavily relies on technology and cog-turning

60 minutes and both same-day and through-the-night services (including

processes to operate smoothly. As you can imagine, this can become

weekends and bank holidays) could significantly reduce the delay and

problematic, time consuming and unproductive when machines incur

cost of downtime. A simpler answer? Crown Couriers. Working to

damage or develop issues. Broken or faulty parts could mean that

keep businesses in operation, Crown have a fleet of over 500 drivers

machines are left idle for any number of days whilst waiting to be

based across the country, who are ready to deliver the right part into

repaired. In fact, it has been estimated that three per cent of all

the right hands, exactly when it’s needed. Thanks to a dedicated service,

working days that are lost annually, specifically in the manufacturing

deliveries are taken directly to their drop-off point. So, if that means

sector, are as a result of faulty machinery.

being signed for by a specific person, Crown complies.

Another issue factories and manufacturers may face when machines

If your business is potentially susceptible to the impact of machine

are out of action is the difficulty of accessing replacement parts.

downtime, Crown Couriers has experience in working across a wide

For businesses that don’t run on weekends and bank holidays, that

range of sectors to cater to urgent delivery requirements, from

downtime can delay the process even more, potentially affecting

aviation, healthcare and manufacturing to automotive. This could be

the productivity of the entire workplace. Unscheduled maintenance

the golden solution that keeps your business up and running when

and breakages could mean that parts ordered later in the week

a spanner hits the works.

will not be delivered over the weekend, increasing the chances of not arriving until the following week. This can be bad news for

For scheduled or ad-hoc, last-minute bookings 24/365,

businesses, as this knock-on effect often significantly increases the

give the team a call on 0330 333 4400

time for which that manufacture is halted.

or email customerservice@crowncouriers.co.uk

Furthermore, it’s not just manufacturers who are suffering from the impact of this: SMEs are also feeling the strain caused by vehicle downtime. This is due to their vehicles being out of action for servicing and maintenance. Not only does this incur a cost implication for businesses, but their inability to resume with regular service could potentially cause concerns amongst the customer base.


FORWARDER magazine








hroughout all the Brexit uncertainty, we’ve been asked several

No ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer

times about what exporters need to be doing to prepare for

to the ‘how to export’ question

changes in the international trade landscape. When asked

Knowing the HS Code therefore allows the exporter to understand

this, I’ve always been clear that it completely depends on the individual

the cost of importation which is usually paid by their customers

business. Indeed, we need to start looking at international trade as the

and partners. Exporters will need to accommodate this cost in

diverse entity that it really is. For a start there is no average tariff, there

their overall pricing to maintain competitiveness. On the other

is no average sector and, although this is sometimes inconvenient for

side, UK importers of goods need to pay duties according to the

the media, no one market solution for all industries.

UK’s tariff schedule to the WTO, whether that’s through the EU or independently set going forwards.

For example, tariffs for pharmaceuticals tend to be 0% rated, whereas ceramics can vary from 5%–25% depending on the component parts,

When identifying what they need to do to export to a new

materials and eventual shape. Agriculture can range from 30%–45%

market, businesses need to have determined their HS Code and

– or even more in some cases and champagne attracts 20%. Rules

identified how they will be affected when trading under WTO rules.

of origin differ on trade agreements but are always a key element of

With global trade set to go through a lot of change in the years to

the relationship. Importantly, the point here is, there is no average.

come due to the implications of the Brexit saga and the potential rise of trade wars, businesses will need to become more adept

5,300 different product descriptions

at completing these processes and at tracking changes to trade

There are approximately 5,300 article/product descriptions arranged

agreements and the tariffs that countries set.

in 97/99* chapters in the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS), each given its own HS Code (a six-figure

Exporting is easy when you know how

product classification number). Exporters and importers need to

Exporting, like any form of business, involves challenges as well as

know what code a product falls under to be able to establish what

opportunities. Businesses who have previously exported beyond

duty or taxes are payable. The code also triggers other factors

the EU will be very familiar with the various administrative tasks

including anti-dumping duty, quotas, inspections and licences that

and pieces of paperwork you need to complete in order to export

relate specifically to those goods being moved before they reach the

successfully without delays or fines at the border.

final destination in the UK or abroad. For those who are newer to exporting, you need not be daunted. When exporting to third-party countries where the UK doesn’t

As we often say at the Institute, exporting is easy when you know

have a preferential trade agreement, businesses need to understand

how! Researching your market, understanding what paperwork

that the duty payable for importation into their customer’s market

needs to be completed and knowing what regulations and taxes

falls under the ‘Most Favoured Nation’ rate lodged by the UK in

apply to your product type are all fundamental tasks for exporters,

that market under WTO rules. When exporting to a market with

but they are perfectly doable once you find out about learning how

which the UK has a trade agreement, businesses will need to use

to do them properly.

their HS Code to identify what the preferential rate may be for the importation of their goods into that country.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at export.org.uk


NO SUCH THING AS AN ‘AVERAGE EXPORTER’ That’s where we at the Institute of Export & International Trade

With us you can equip yourself with the knowledge and support you

are ready to support. We provide a comprehensive suite of online

need to export successfully and confidently.

and offline training courses explaining the processes of international trade, including understanding how the HS System, WTO rules and

William Barns-Graham, Senior Content Editor,

Free Trade Agreements work. You can set yourself and your team

The Institute of Export & International Trade

on a Customs Practitioners Award pathway straightway to help when looking at new markets around the world. We also offer

*There are 97 chapters in the WCO’s system and 99 chapters in the EU’s.

qualifications ranging from Level 1 to 7 in international trade, as well as various membership benefits that help you to network with other exporters and get technical support from our team of experts. FORWARDER magazine






overnment policy is now firmly targeting a marked improvement in air quality nationwide. From the introduction of government-mandated Clean Air

Zones (CAZs) in several cities to London’s Ultra Low Emission


Earlier this year, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved plans proposed by Leeds City Council to introduce a charging CAZ from 6 January 2020.

Zone (ULEZ), a patchwork of regulations is due to be introduced in 2019 and beyond, reflecting the fact that there is no consistent

The Zone will cover more than half of Leeds and will enforce a

nationwide policy to counteract problems in air quality

Class B charging system; this means that non-compliant buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles and HGVs will be fined upon

Within the county of Yorkshire, three cities – Leeds, York and

entry to the city’s boundary. The daily fee for non-compliant

Sheffield – are set to introduce a CAZ. Any driver entering one

HGVs to enter the zone will be £50, enforced through a 24/7

of these cities with a commercial vehicle that does not meet set

network of purpose-built automatic number plate recognition

emissions standards, which are Euro VI or 6 for diesel and Euro

(ANPR) cameras.

4 for petrol vehicles, will receive a charge upon entry. FTA has been working closely with Leeds City Council and is These schemes are designed to improve air quality in highly

pleased it acted on the association’s recommendation to grant

populated areas but, according to FTA, simply act as a stealth

exemption to three core industrial areas – Holbeck, Pudsey

tax on business, sending operating costs for small companies

and Seacroft – until 2024 to mitigate the damage the Zone

soaring at a time when margins are already stretched. In the

will inflict upon the local economy. This move should also give

opinion of FTA, CAZs unfairly penalise the hard-working

logistics businesses more time to upgrade their fleets to meet

companies and individuals that keep local economies thriving,

the required emission standards.

while ignoring other contributors to emissions levels across the city; their creation places the burden for cleaning up the city in question’s air squarely at the feet of the very businesses which keep Yorkshire trading.


Unlike other parts of the country where a CAZ is a governmentmandated requirement, the City of York Council is voluntarily and proactively looking to introduce a non-charging Zone for

FTA continues to pressure the authorities to confirm how

buses to the city centre by 2020. Individual buses that enter

businesses can access funding to replace banned commercial

the Zone five or more times per day will need to meet ultra-

vehicles when the low emission zones comes into effect.

low emission bus standards (ULEB), such as Euro 6 diesel or

Without this funding, many companies will find it impossible to

gas powered and electric hybrid, but this is the only detail

replace their existing fleets and will struggle to fulfil business

confirmed at present. Alongside this, it is proposing to launch

contracts in and around the cities affected; future profitability

a campaign to stop stationary vehicles from idling with active

and trading could be threatened as a result, according to FTA.

enforcement at the roadside.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk


In November 2018, Sheffield City Council announced its intention

FTA is also calling for authorities tasked with setting up CAZs

to implement a Class C charging system, whereby non-compliant

to work together on a single, nationwide system for registering

buses, taxis, lorries and vans will be fined upon entering the

and charging non-compliant vehicles entering the different zones.

city’s inner ring road. The Council hopes the scheme will bring the city’s air quality in line with legal levels by January 2021; a

CAZs and ULEZs represent just two of the government

public consultation will commence early this year to finalise the

strategies currently aimed at reducing pollution and vehicle

scope of the Zone.

emissions. In its Road to Zero document, the government stated its aim of reducing vehicle emissions overall by 15% by 2025, an

In its response to this consultation, FTA will call for the CAZ

initiative fully supported by FTA. The industry has already begun

start date to be as late as possible to enable industry to adapt,

investing alternatives to diesel, with many businesses trialling

and for the Zone perimeter to be kept as small as possible. FTA

alternatively fuelled vehicles and low carbon technologies. But

will also suggest vans should only be included if the measure is

investment in suitable infrastructure – such as fast charging

proven to be essential.

stations for electric vehicles located across the road network – is vital to enable businesses to reach these emission reduction

Initially, Nottingham was of one the cities ordered to introduce

targets in a timely manner.

a CAZ, but in a landmark decision – and after much campaigning by the city council – the government agreed it does not

Malcolm Bingham, Head of Policy – North of England, FTA

require a charging low emission zone to meet its air quality targets. According to FTA, this sets a welcome precedent that government will consider more tailored plans that reflect the needs of each community and one which FTA is pressing the authorities to implement as it rolls out more plans.


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ur industry has largely been pleased this month after

that larger cities such as Leeds, York and Harrogate were the only

the annual Spring Statement, presented by Chancellor

ones to win a ‘Remain’ majority – and by a much narrower margin

Philip Hammond, demonstrated government interest

than the ‘Leave’ voting towns in the region. It’s been suggested that the

in developing the transportation industry. His speech outlines

‘forgotten’ towns and cities of Yorkshire hope for a better future upon

the need for government to support private infrastructure

departing the EU, with economic disenchantment across the region.

investment. In response, the FTA have published their own report with education and guidance for MPs, to underline the

Transport for the North has agreed a Strategic Transport Plan

importance of the sector to the UK economy.

to support the Northern region, with claims that the playing field should level out amongst cities such as London, where

58% of people across Yorkshire and the Humber voted to leave the

spending on infrastructure is currently more than triple that of

European Union. Breaking down the votes in more detail, it appears

the Yorkshire and Humber regions.


FORWARDER magazine


However, this suggestion has been contested by a new report

and further utilise the Ferrybridge rail yard, and take on heavier

that has been published by the New Economics Foundation

maintenance which would in turn support the local economy.

(NEF). The report – released earlier this month – focused on the HS2 high-speed rail project’s impact on the economy, and found

And it’s not just the railway which could see benefits from

that 40% of the benefits of the project would go to London, and

investment. Many local to the Yorkshire and Humber region

widen the North-South economic divide.

will no doubt be aware of perhaps the largest recent freight development in the region: the iPort, opening in 2018. Whilst

The HS2 budget is £56 billion, rising by two thirds from the original

iPort does have its own rail hub – an independently operated

project cost estimates of £33.3 billion in 2011. Whilst phase 2b of

30-acre container site – the multi-faceted offering also serves

the project includes an extension of the route which will lead into

road, warehousing and air freight. In total, 53.4 million people

Yorkshire, it’s been suggested that only the wealthiest of the UK

live within four hours’ drive time of the multimodal logistics park:

population would use the service – a population which currently

81% of the UK population or 87% of the mainland population

has a southern majority. £18.9 billion of the project budget has

(excluding Northern Ireland). Moreover, the four main UK

been set aside for the development of northern parts of the route.

container ports are all within four hours’ drive-time of iPort.

The NEF’s report suggested alternatives to HS2, including the

This alone should make the development a leading example of

further electrification of existing railways across the country and

the good that can come from financing the region.

called on the government to bring forward a strategy which will support carrying more freight, amongst other benefits.

It’s a waiting game for much of the country when it comes to post-Brexit action. It’s important to remain positive in

An example of the good which can still be done with existing

the midst of what is a politically uncertain time. There is no

railway infrastructure includes a recent partnership between

doubt that the North-South divide is wider than ever, and

David Wagon Services and Drax Power Station, who have built

work is needed to restore the balance to areas which are

a fleet of freight wagons to deliver biomass materials to the UK’s

disproportionately affected by high rates of unemployment and

largest power station. The Yorkshire-based collaboration has

poverty. The best that those in the region can do is to lead by

also revived a disused rail yard in the area and secured a number

example where possible and continue to put pressure on the

of local jobs. Elsewhere in North Yorkshire, there is restorative

government, industry bodies and lobbying groups to change

work taking place along the historic Masham Bridge, which is a

things where needed.

major freight route in the region. John Hall, who is the managing director of Drax, has advised that work will continue to develop

Sarah O'Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine

FORWARDER magazine






hipping items to the United States isn’t quite as simple

All of the above information will be held by different parties –

as moving things around Europe. There are a whole

including shipper, carrier and consignee. This can cause challenges

host of additional rules and regulations you need to be

to both the shipper and consignee if they don’t anticipate them

aware of before you start importing or exporting to the USA.

before the cargo goes to port.

Security is unsurprisingly tight at American ports, so if you don’t

Challenges of IMPORTING to the USA

tick all the necessary boxes, there’s every chance your delivery

As you can see, importing goods to the USA for the first time is

will be seized and fail to arrive at its intended destination. You

complicated. Many people simply aren’t aware of the AMS and

could even be liable for sizeable fines.

ISF systems. And because it’s the importer’s responsibility to file the ISF alongside the AMS, it’s easy to slip up when preparing

But don’t be put off – with a little guidance, you can navigate the

for a shipment.

rules and regulations of shipping to the USA. Here’s everything you need to be aware of as a shipper or consignee.

Failing to go through the correct channels results in fines and even blacklisting – meaning shipping to this part of the world

What are AMS and ISF

suddenly becomes impossible. All parties can be held liable for

and why are they important?

the same violation, too, with fines of typically $5,000 per party

First of all, you must know about the Automated Manifest System

involved in the mistake.

(AMS) and Importer Security Filing 10+2 (ISF). Introduced in 2004 and 2009 respectively, these processing systems are

As a result, it’s wise to use a customs broker if you want to

designed to clamp down on security threats to the USA.

avoid fines, delays or future problems. A good customs broker will provide the necessary forms you need to send to all parties

The former relates to the process of reporting cargo to US

concerned, and liaise with third parties on your behalf to ensure

customers before a vessel sets sail. The latter is supposed to be

smooth filing and shipment.

filed alongside the AMS, and requires more in-depth information on where and who the cargo is going to.

Challenges of EXPORTING to the USA Anyone shipping to the USA should check that the importer

Both processing systems demand information on the shipper,

has a customs broker before proceeding. As outlined above,

consignee, manufacturer and final receiver. They also rely on

those that don’t have a broker risk making costly mistakes

details about the cargo, such as exact piece count (pallets

for everyone involved.

are not a recognised piece count) and weight, along with a breakdown of the ports the vessel is calling at – especially the last port and first US port.


FORWARDER magazine



SHIPPING TO THE USA Another benefit of ensuring your consignee has a customs

An additional benefit of working with a customs broker is that

broker is that it can fast-track your route into the USA. If you’re

it can overcome non-disclosure issues if you don’t want the

not registered with the US customs, obtaining a foreign bond

consignee to know who the real manufacturer is.

can prove tricky. However, if the consignee has a bond already, they can sign a Power of Attorney that lets us quickly process

Forward planning is essential when importing or exporting to

the shipment.

the USA for the first time, especially if you don’t have a bond and/or power of attorney already in place. Our advice, use a

This doesn’t dictate that they have to pay duties and taxes,

freight forwarder agent to get support on timings to ensure no

especially if you’re shipping on a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

delays occur, compliance every step of the way, and take care of

basis. It simply means they can be listed as the ‘importer of

everything on your behalf.

record’ to speed up the process. Allseas Global

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he United States (US) is the largest, most competitive and technologically advanced economy in the world. US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has consistently seen growth of

1.8% or more since 2011. It is the UK’s top export destination. The US is the world’s largest market and it has the world’s largest private sector. It also has: •• Low regulatory barriers •• Minimal language barriers •• Access to global supply chain, which can lead to exports for other markets •• A strong rule of law Industries importing into USA

Challenges doing business in USA

•• Electrical machinery and equipment

The US is a large market in which to do business. This can lead

•• Machinery and mechanical appliances

to some unique challenges:

•• Vehicles

•• Vast regional differences between the 50 markets/states

•• Mineral fuels and oils

•• Strong competition, causing saturation of products or services

•• Pharmaceuticals

•• High customer service expectations

•• Optical, photo/cinematographic, measuring and precision equipt

•• High cost of living in major cities

•• Furniture, mattresses and soft furnishings

•• Significant time difference (between 5 and 8 hours behind)

•• Pearls, precious and semi precious stones and metals

•• High cost for business insurance

•• Organic chemicals

•• Litigation is common

•• Plastics

•• Expensive and time-consuming process for work visas




FORWARDER magazine




You should always get qualified legal guidance before entering


into any agreement. Ideally, your contracts should be

Taxes can be imposed by both the US federal government and

reviewed by lawyers who understand both US and UK law.

individual states, counties and cities. The Internal Revenue

You can also find useful information at:

Service governs federal taxes in the US. UK companies with

•• www.gov.uk/government/publications/usa-list-of-lawyers

US customers may be subject to US direct or indirect taxes.

•• The US Embassy, which maintains a list of American attorneys based in the UK

This can vary according to whether it does business:

•• The American Bar Association, which has a list of US law firms

•• Through a US subsidiary

All corporations in the US have to register with a government

If you conduct US transactions entirely from the UK, you may

body in the state they incorporated in. Business filing documents

be classed as withholding US federal income tax. You may

are available through the relevant state government authority.

be eligible for benefits under the US-UK income tax treaty.

US publicly traded companies (PLCs) have to file with the

In some circumstances you may be wholly or partially exempt

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and must make

from certain US federal income taxes under this treaty. You’ll

their annual reports available to investors.

need tailored tax advice from a certified accountant or tax

•• Through a US office or US-based employees or agents •• Directly from the UK

lawyer about tax consequences if your UK company conducts Privately held companies don’t have to make this information

activities in the US or transactions with US customers.

available to the public. There is no Value Added Tax (VAT) in the US. Each state Controlled goods export licences for the US

determines and collects sales tax on an individual basis.

A licence to export to the US is required for:

If you’re VAT registered you can zero-rate the VAT on most

•• Goods on the UK Military List

goods you export to the US. You will need to get evidence

•• More sensitive items on the EU Dual-Use List (goods along with their associated technologies that can be used for both civil and military purposes)

of the export within 3 months from the time of sale.

•• Goods that could be used for restraint, repression or inhumane treatment.

You must make export declarations to HMRC through the

Check with the UK’s Export Control Organisation (ECO)

You must classify your goods as part of the declaration, including

whether you require an export licence for your goods.

a commodity code and a Customs Procedure Code (CPC).

Importing controlled or restricted goods into USA

The following documents are generally required for the

The US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

importation of goods into the United States:

is a set of US government regulations that control the export and import of certain defence related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML). Before attempting to export military or dual use goods to the US, UK companies should research whether they are subject to ITAR. You must consider any future restrictions

Customs National Export System (NES) to export your goods to the US.

•• Air waybill

•• Entry/immediate delivery

•• Bill of lading

•• Importer security filing and additional carrier requirements

•• Binding ruling •• Cargo release /simplified entry

•• Manifest for aircraft •• Manifest for vessels

that may be placed upon your export as a result of ITAR

•• Customs bond

before entering into any formal contract.

•• Customs import decl'n


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0. FORWARDER magazine ISSUE39




n today’s digital world, market leadership increasingly depends

If any unwarranted updates do occur, the altering of any unit

on innovation and the ability to utilise the latest technologies

of information on the blockchain alerts the whole network of

such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Although

nodes and makes the adjustment public. It would take a huge

blockchain is still in its infancy, it has the potential to greatly

amount of computing power to override the entire network of

impact business processes as well as improve the visibility and

nodes making the data virtually incorruptible.

transparency offered to those involved in the global supply chain. What could blockchain mean for the automotive What is blockchain?

and manufacturing industry?

In short, blockchain is a technology that allows digital information

Businesses in the financial sector have been among the earliest

to be distributed without being modified or replicated. Each

to see the potential of blockchain technology, along with other

group of updates is referred to as a ‘block’; these are added to

highly digitised sectors such as gaming.

the entire system and are accessible by all users, providing total transparency and verifiability. For example, a spreadsheet that

As a time-critical logistics specialist supporting the automotive,

is owned by one organisation could be made available across

aerospace and other manufacturing sectors, it is particularly

a network of thousands of individual computers, designed to

interesting to see the potential developments as we move into

regularly update this spreadsheet simultaneously.

the fourth industrial revolution. One of the most exciting areas of development associated with the application of blockchain is the


concept of ‘digital twins’ – a dynamic, digital representation of a

Rather than using a ‘username/password’ system to protect online

physical asset which provides companies with the ability to track past,

identities and assets, blockchain uses encryption technology as

current and future performance throughout a product’s lifecycle.

a security method, using public and private ‘keys’ to make data more secure. The ‘public key’ (a long, randomly-generated string

All testing and analysis can be performed on the digital twin

of numbers) is a user’s address on the blockchain. The ‘private key’

before the physical one is designed. For example, Tesla deploys

is a password that gives its owner access to their digital assets.

digital models and runs multiple automation and ‘what if’ scenarios before building models and manufacturing engines.

In addition, blockchain technology has an extra level of security.

The same goes for designing and producing large-scale aircraft

The contents are hosted by millions of nodes (any computer

engines or other systems. Digital twins in manufacturing keeps

connected to the blockchain performing the task of validating

the risks and manufacturing defects to a minimum and it allows

and relaying transactions) meaning that the blockchain cannot be

engineers to test and update the digital models thoroughly.

controlled by any single entity. Similarly, there is no centralised version of the information, eliminating the risks associated with

From assembly and manufacturing, all the way to customer

the information being corrupted or hacked.

usage and product expiration, these digital twins keep evolving and updating their product status as they move through the

production cycle. Consider it as a digital passport of physical products,

Digitalising manual processes, such as customs documentation that

being stamped at every stage by stakeholders, from sourcing all the

rely on physical data entry and paper-based documentation, would

way through to disposal. This concept works particularly well within

improve both visibility and transparency across the industry. And

the automotive industry. With the digital twin fully transferable on

adopting blockchain technologies at an international level would

the blockchain-based system, each vehicle’s maintenance history

significantly reduce friction across the global supply chain.

remains connected to the physical version, even when there is a change of ownership – a very useful and practical data management

Blockchain can also accelerate the flow of physical goods, enable

service that automotive companies can provide to their customers.

tracking of a product’s lifecycle and ownership transfers from origin to display, even as it changes hands between the manufacturer,

This evolvement of digital twins, using blockchain technology,

logistics service provider, wholesaler, retailer and consumer,

shows how manufacturers can increase data credibility and

creating a trusted relationship between each participant.

protect public safety; it also has value for regulators, fleet owners and drivers who need access to trusted data on used vehicles.

As blockchain continues to evolve, markets are expected to adopt its potential with increasing speed over the coming years.

What could blockchain mean to the logistics industry?

Overall market demand is expected to rise drastically due to

Logistics involves working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders

investments from the finance industries, continued development

– partners, suppliers, customs and border controls, as well as

of blockchain and growth of major vendors.

clients – to optimise the supply chain and maintain a complex flow of information. Digital twin information can be shared among

This is the right time to explore how this technology can

stakeholders, organisations, teams and countries. It enables all parties

enable ground-breaking innovations, the obstacles that must be

to keep track of products and their corresponding information as

overcome and the likely value and tangible rewards that can be

they are sourced, shipped, purchased, used or consumed. Blockchain

delivered, especially as it will form part of the logistics landscape.

has the potential to improve security, drive transparency and trust, and achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

Andrew Austin, Group Operations Director, Priority Freight




oogle has demurely stepped back into the world of robotics

across the world and a number of further opportunities identified for

in a reboot of a programme which was originally launched

development. But current robotics are only capable of handling one

in 2013. Andy Rubin, VP of engineering at Google, named

task: for example, turning identical screws repetitively, or picking up

the project ‘Replicant’ in a nod to 80’s Sci-Fi blockbuster, Blade

objects (one type of object, moving it in the same motion).

Runner. The ambitious and troubled venture closed its shutters in 2018, shortly after Rubin left the company amid sexual harassment

Inside the Google robotics lab now is a machine called TossingBot.

accusations. Parts of the experimental Google arm were auctioned

This robotic arm doesn’t look much more complex than the

off, with a number of assets sold to Japanese company, SoftBank,

ones you’d see in a manufacturing plant or a 3PL centre, but the

but the deal to sell Replicant collapsed.

software difference is incredible. As demonstrated in a research paper published this month1, the robot was faced with a bin full

In a characteristically corporate way, Replicant was all but quashed.

of items including ping pong balls, bananas and plastic toys. When

There was no further comment from Google about a revival; no hint

the machine was first presented with the bin, its task being to

at what would remain for the projects which had been left behind: a

‘toss’ specific items into an adjacent empty container, the arm

‘human-like’ robotic hand, bipedal robots which ‘stood’ upright and

wasn’t programmed with the direct code which would allow it

could effectively climb, along with various other futuristic designs

to complete the task. In simple terms, the arm didn’t ‘know’ how

which were all worked upon behind closed doors at the company’s

to identify, pick up, and throw the items. Over 14 hours, the arm

Mountain View headquarters. All that has changed with the rebirth

not only taught itself how to perform the task, but continuously

of Google’s focus on robotic hardware.

analysed and improved its own success rate.

The revamped team is now led by Principal Scientist Vincent Vanhoucke, and by the looks of things they are keen to shift away from the show-boating efforts of Rubin’s rule. Where once there

TossingBot uses machine learning to decide how to grab an object, which it uses for more accurate throws.

were dog-like constructions and walking robots, the focus is now on solving more immediate global issues with practical technology. There’s less focus now on the aesthetics of the hardware, and a more ‘back-to-basics’ view of the possibilities of automation and AI. The shift in approach is reflected in the new name: Robotics at Google. Vanhoucke was a key figure in the development of AI mega-project Google Brain, and although outward appearances look simplified, there are more advanced technologies beneath the surface. Before you scoff, it’s essentially an innate skill for humans to grasp Believe it or not, there is a very real possibility of these robotics being

an object and throw it again. But when broken down into separate

applied in the world of logistics and warehousing before many other

acts and sets of calculations, it quickly becomes clear how difficult

sectors. There are already plenty of robotics used in warehouses

this might be: the shape of the object, the purchase or grip the


Other research projects in the same lab include training robotic hands to push, pull and spin objects, undoubtedly also useful in a warehouse setting. DHL attempted a robotic Parcel Robot back in 2003, but the technology wasn’t sufficiently mature to roll out completely. With newly mobile robots enabled with machine-learning capability, there is a real chance for progression. And, if we allow ourselves to think outside the warehouse, we can imagine a not-so-distant future where robots can clear debris in the event of an accident or consignment spillage. So, the question always arises: what does this mean for our current workforce? The employees who are already working in similar


positions as those which Google and others have claimed could

robot ‘fingers’ have on it, the distance to the target destination (the

those more repetitive tasks with high risk of physical or cognitive

empty bin), calculating the velocity required to get the object there

fatigue, and other ‘non-skilled’ tasks. But what needs to complement

considering its mass…the variables are myriad.

this effort is the education and re-skilling of the current workforce.

To write the code which enables a machine to do this is

In order to keep our socioeconomic status stable and encourage

incredibly complicated. But the result actually saw the robot

growth, people shouldn’t be forced out of jobs, but instead retrained

arm outperform the team of researchers by 5% accuracy. It goes

and assigned roles with different – perhaps greater – responsibilities.

without explanation that these intelligent robots could have

It’s my hope that in the near future, the general population, children

significant uses inside distribution warehouses, such as those used

and adolescents in the academic system and the existing workforce

by Amazon and UPS. The robotic arm has astonishing dexterity. It

will be exposed to these emerging technologies – and the mechanics

could be utilised for unloading cargo, consignment sorting, order

and ideas behind their introduction. This seems to be how our future

fulfilment, packaging and the like.

will remain economically assured.

be filled by robots with higher efficiency? There will always be conversations to be had about robots taking away the jobs of people, and unfortunately even the best market analysts seem to disagree. I do not claim to be an expert but I will say this: there is a gap in the workforce in both distribution and operations. Robotics could help to plug this gap, and it should be used to do so in the cases of

Sarah O’Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine 1


Image credit: Regina Hickman for Princeton University



f you’ve had the opportunity to visit Japan, there’s no doubt

As you board your flight to depart, reminiscing about the amazing

you’ve enjoyed unrivalled hospitality from the moment you

interactions you had in Japan, you’ll notice the crew on the runaway

disembark from your airplane. You’ve likely returned home

politely bowing as the plane pulls back, giving you your last glimpse of

sharing your experiences of a beautifully hand-wrapped apple,

exceptional service and hospitality before returning to the 'real world.'

Instagram-worthy toilets or a taxi door that opened automatically. So how does NNR USA leverage this spirit of omotenashi whilst also

The Japanese offer a customer experience this is unrivalled in the

embracing the digital future? We are whole-heartedly bringing Silicon

world – and downright luxurious for most of us. They have a unique

Valley technology and Tokyo-style service to the logistics industry.

Japanese word that does not quite translate in most languages. This

We believe that technological advancements are rapidly evolving

word, this unique culture of hospitality and service, is omotenashi.

in a way that will allow for automation of many redundant, simple

It includes the distinctive belief that excellent customer service should

tasks whilst also providing greater visibility of the entire supply chain.

be delivered without expecting any reward or recognition in return.

Tasks that once required human intervention (tracking shipments, typing in status events, calling vendors, etc.) will be handled by AI,

The attention to detail that goes into each customer experience

machine-learning, IoT and robotic-process automation.

may seem excessive to some. However, in Japan, this unique brand of hospitality stems from caring for each customer the same way

NNR is investing in this technology not to reduce costs or provide a

you would care for someone who is most precious to you. Typical

fancy web portal. These technologies will allow us to cost-effectively

customer service interactions many of us have experienced around

deliver a one-two punch of high-tech solutions and enhanced

the world can be pleasant – and may even reach certain levels of

customer experience by freeing up our valuable team members to

omotenashi – but there is one thing that sets this culture of service

anticipate client needs, solve problems and deliver omotenashi.

apart from a normal customer service interaction: anticipation. Anticipating others’ needs before they ask, removing friction from

How do we train our US team on this unique concept? The most

all customer touch points, is the standard in Japanese omotenashi.

effective way: we import it! We openly welcome Japanese expats from our parent company, NNR Japan, to our offices large and small. From

These experiences never cease to amaze even the most frequent

Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, Americans and

visitors to Japan. When staying in Japan, the carpet in the hotel

Japanese work hand in hand not only in senior management positions

hallways often creates static electricity. To combat this, an anti-static

but in account management, client services and sales in order to

patch is placed next to the elevator keypad to eliminate the shock.

transfer this spirit through on-the-job training and daily interaction.

As you exit the hotel, the taxi driver pulls up wearing his white gloves and the doors open automatically whilst a voice translator helps you

At NNR Global Logistics USA, we are investing in the technology of

communicate. Did we mention the attention to detail?

tomorrow whilste doubling down on the ancient Japanese spirit that guides our culture of service and hospitality: omotenashi. Jeff McDonald, EVP & Austin Rabah, Marketing Co-ordinator, NNR Global Logistics USA



ECO 2020


e’ve all seen the documentaries: the turtles swimming

diverting to countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia. Malaysia was

with their fins mutilated by plastic binding; the

another country which saw a huge influx of plastic scrap. But so much of

whales dying of starvation as their stomachs are full

the material which was labelled as recyclable was in fact not: plastic bags,

of plastic bags; our colourful reefs stricken with crisp packets, water

black plastic and other non-recyclable or contaminated waste made up

bottles and cellophane. We already know this story.

a huge proportion of the imported material, pointing to illegal practices of hauliers moving the waste from the UK. It put local health at risk

So, we do as we’re told, diligently sorting our plastics, glass and

in Malaysia, as the waste was either dumped or incinerated, pumping

cardboard into the correctly-coloured bins. We put our paper waste

tonnes of harmful carcinogens into the environment. This isn’t a simple

in the paper recycling next to the printer, and ensure our children know

mistake. This is clear misrepresentation, and it has exposed the UK’s

not to litter. The UK currently recycles 44% of its own waste – still

own sceptical practices.

the target of 50% by 2020 looks sadly unattainable, but we’re trying. The rest ends up at landfill, in the sea, rivers, and oceans, polluting our

Exporters of waste from the UK earn millions each year, charging by

environment and killing wildlife. We already know this, too.

the tonne to recover plastic goods. Last year, The Guardian revealed that the system is being heavily abused, apparent from the results

But what we don’t all know, is that recycling itself is problematic.

of an investigation by the Environment Agency. Companies were

It’s damaging. And logistics is a huge part of the issue.

responsible for self-reporting exactly how much waste they were recycling leading to inaccuracies and false records. Data analysed

The UK exports twice as much plastic to be recycled in other

by the Guardian’s investigation found that British exporting firms

countries as it processes itself. The majority of our exports head

were claiming to have shipped 35,135 more tonnes of plastic than

to Asia. As last month’s Eco 2020 report touched upon, China all

HMRC have recorded leaving the country. It’s clear-cut fraud, and

but ceased imports of recycled material in 2017, citing ‘hazardous’,

it’s far from the only malpractice in the trade. There is also talk of

‘dirty’ and ‘loathsome’ foreign waste as compromising the process.

plastics being laundered through The Netherlands to take advantage

It shook global industry. China was the world’s largest customer

of looser regulations.

for exported paper and plastic scrap from the G7 countries, but in the space of 12 months it went from taking on 60% of G7’s plastic

The full allegations made by the Agency are as follows:

exports, to less than 10%.

•• There are illegal shipments of UK plastic recycling waste that are being redirected via The Netherlands to the Far East

In its wake has been left a complicated situation for those hauliers and

•• Several UK companies with serious charges have been allowed

shippers who were previously responsible for transporting recyclables

to continue to illegally ship contaminated plastic waste out of

overseas. Companies which were charging £60–£70 per tonne for

the country

shifting waste are seeing their business stall and, as a result, are witnessing the dark and murky underbelly of the trade.

•• The UK’s plastic waste is, in fact, being left to pollute rivers and oceans rather than being recycled •• Some UK plastic exporters are making fraudulent claims for tonnes

When China began restricting its waste intake, surrounding South-Asian

of plastic waste that might not even exist – reaching into the tens

countries began to pick up the difference. Waste-laden ships began

of thousands


FORWARDER magazine


Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services

Of course, it’s not right to say that couriers and shippers are causing

Association was quoted at the time, saying,

this issue: that lies with the retailer using responsible methods

There is organised

crime, and criminal gangs exploit the system; that does go on.

of packaging. But the truth is that we all have a responsibility to apply pressure to those companies to do so, and to apply the same

Six shippers were suspended pending further investigation in

pressure to the government over implementing new standards.

late 2018. The companies affected have not been named, and the

E-commerce is booming, and it’s not going to slow down. By wilfully

Environment Agency does not comment on individual cases.

distributing over-packaged products in unrecyclable plastics as part of the delivery process, we are a core enabler of the behaviour.

Exporting waste is not the only way that logistics is harming efforts to lower wastage. Online shopping is suggested to have driven a rise

For those who think that it’s out of shipper’s hands, take just one

in certain types of recycled materials: paper, cardboard and card.

example from DHL. A client company of theirs in the United States ships

These aren’t so difficult to manage: in fact, cardboard is a valuable

approximately 170,000 parcels each year, containing more than 1 million

material. However, some other rising materials (including black

cases of product. Part of the company’s repeat customer feedback was,

plastic you might see in food packaging and coffee lids) have very

Why is there so much empty space in each parcel?


little value as they are difficult to recycle and repurpose. Polystyrene

the client and DHL reassessed the way these items were packaged,

is another 'non-renewable' material, meaning it cannot be recycled

and the results were significant. Average cases packed per outbound

except in less than 1% of cases and only using specialist equipment.

parcel increased from 5.9 to 8.52 and 'air/void' in box decreased to


<10%. A huge amount of material was saved. As if this weren't enough, the density of outbound trailers increased 19%, reducing outbound trucks needed, parcel shipping cost savings of over $350,000 per year – surely enough to make any corporation happy. Their average customer feedback scores also shot up by 13% with zero complaints. Those logistics providers who support packaging processes in their warehouses have a responsibility, but that’s not to say couriers and forwarders who form long-term partnerships can’t advise these companies on best practice and waste elimination. Is your business impacted by the issues discussed in this article? Are you contributing in a positive way? Let us know at team@forwardermagazine.com Sarah O’Connell, Senior Editor, FORWARDER magazine www.logistics.dhl/gb-en/home/all-products-and-solutions/green-logistics.html FORWARDER magazine



ECO 2020


e've heard the adage since grade school â&#x20AC;&#x201C; reduce, reuse,

First, talk to your customers. Find out what they would change

recycle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; but most of us aren't doing so well at living by

about your packaging if they had the option. Is your package too

those three R's. Of the 250 million tonnes of trash that

hard to open (we're looking at you, plastic clamshells) or does it

we throw away every year, only 34 per cent ever makes it to the recycling

contain too much plastic for the eco-friendly consumer to justify

centre to be turned into something new. Redesigning old packages could

its purchase? Is it made entirely of plastic or are you utilising more

help to improve our recycling numbers and make it easier for consumers

sustainable materials?

to stop throwing away plastics and other recyclables. How the packaging looks also impacts its success. You don't have What changes should manufacturers consider making

to make an ugly package to utilise sustainable materials. Reducing

to their packages?

waste and improving sustainability on the manufacturing line could go a long way toward improving our collective recycling numbers.

Eco-conscious consumers Consumers as a whole are becoming more mindful of their impact on

A focus on recycling

the environment. Companies that refuse to transition to sustainable

Currently, most manufacturers only focus on their production

suppliers or packaging are being left behind in favour of more eco-

process. It will take a shift in focus to improve recycling and reduce

minded manufacturers. Plastic, especially, is a growing problem.

the amount of plastic that is ending up in the ocean every year.

Right now, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is floating between

Instead of just paying attention to the product before it makes its

Hawaii and California, collecting millions of tonnes of plastic waste.

way into the consumer's hands, manufacturers will need to start

The patch is twice the size of Texas, and experts estimate that by

paying attention to the 'new plastics economy' â&#x20AC;&#x201C; focusing on their

2050, there could be more garbage in the ocean than fish, by weight.

packaging both pre- and post-consumer.

Consumers are aware of these facts, and it works to influence their

Paying attention to post-consumer plastic usage will give

purchasing decisions. Millennials, especially, are much more careful

manufacturers the tools that they need to reduce unnecessary

of where they're spending their money, preferring companies that

waste, both during their production process and after the product

use sustainable business practices and maintain ethical standards.

goes home with the consumer. Right now, most plastics are used

They'll choose a company that has shunned plastic packaging over

and discarded, and if the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is any indicator,

one that hasn't updated their design in a decade, and businesses are

we need to make a change.

starting to notice this. Looking toward the future A successful redesign

Plastic is a popular packaging material because it's durable, versatile

Packaging isn't just something to hold your product until consumers

and lightweight, but it's also creating a problem that's growing larger

purchase it and take it home. Experts have proved that packaging

by the day. We use nearly a trillion single-use plastic grocery bags

design has a direct impact on how well the product performs in

every year and more than half a billion disposable straws, leading

the marketplace.

some states to ban plastic straws altogether.


FORWARDER magazine


Manufacturers are in a perfect position to start leading the charge

Plastic waste in packaging is a huge problem â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and one that won't be

when it comes to improving the post-consumer life of plastic

going anywhere anytime soon unless we start to make small changes

packaging. By relying on recycled plastics and reducing packaging

to nudge the world in the right direction. We don't have long if we

size, it's possible to slowly reduce the amount of plastic waste

want to be able to enjoy the ocean for generations to come. No one

that ends up in landfill and the ocean every year. Some may even

wants to go fishing if all they're going to catch is last year's plastic waste.

decide to encourage recycling, offering bonuses or coupons to those customers who take the time to separate out their recyclables.

Megan Ray Nichols

Sources: Credit Donkey | Earth Day Network | Forbes | The Ocean Clean Up | Packaging Digest | Phase 1 Prototypes | Supply Chain Dive FORWARDER magazine





reightabase is an online digital platform for sourcing specialist

At Freightabase we understand that consumersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs are changing,

carriers to or from any part of the globe. You can source

and with constant time constraints freight buyers need to make

all carrier types, ranging from airlines, shipping lines, freight

educated decisions quickly. The idea of a shipping manager being able

forwarders and parcel carriers.


FORWARDER magazine

to source information to make a well-informed decision is exciting. ISSUE39


The ‘Quick Quote’ is designed to assist busy cargo owners who may not have the time to do an advanced search. Simply complete a very simple form and our customer services team will do the rest for you. The service is available on desktop and mobile and the app is being released soon.


The ‘Directory’ is recommended if you are looking for a carrier by name or in a specific location. You can also select carriers by key words, e.g. ‘perishables’ or ‘project cargo’. The Directory also lists service suppliers to the industry, e.g. marine insurance or mergers & aquisitions.


The ‘Loading List’ is a more advanced search where users can find carriers that specialise in a specific trade lane or shipping route. You can select mode of transport, collection and delivery point. This will then produce a list of specialist carriers to consider for your shipment.

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LV Shipping & Transport is an international logistics

Millennium Cargo – freight company with all aspects

provider. We o­ffer a full range of logistical services to

of transport, logistics and freight management. With

our clients through our worldwide network of own

over 20 years in business and REAL people on the

offices and dedicated agents.

phone, we’ll make moving your goods fast, easy and hassle free.

As an independent, privately owned company, we focus on a long-term relationship with our customers.

At Millennium Cargo we won’t confuse you, bamboozle you or ever let you down. But we will…

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our clients reliable and cost e­ffective transport solutions that

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ASAP Express offer same day, overnight and

Europe’s number-1 website for transporters and

international services along with warehousing

express freight forwarders.

and specialist distribution. Managed by a team of experienced professionals, we pride ourselves on our personal service and believe that our success is due to exemplary customer focus to engender a strong relationship with our clients.

•• Cost-effective solutions for the movement of timecritical consignments. •• Our global network of agents and partnerships will ensure your cargo is flown in a timely and cost-effective manner. •• From shipper to consignee we can guarantee an

Our customers receive a flexible partnership approach with

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the dedicated team that understand your requirements and therefore provide a customer service that you deserve.

What makes up special? Eurgent Ecspress have been supplying Europe’s leading

Every customer has their own individual requirements, ASAP

forwarders and transporters with cost effective solutions for

Express will work with you whatever the size of your business

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M&A for the global freight & logistics industry

+44 (0)20 3872 6906 â&#x20AC;˘ enquiries@freightmergers.com 11 Gower Street, London

Freight Mergers are specialists in selling owner-managed freight forwarding, transportation and logistics businesses. For most company owners, selling their business is the most important financial transaction of their life. Therefore, we tailor our services to each individual clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs, utilising our mastered, proactive approach to selling businesses that connects strategic buyers with sellers who are aiming to realise the value of their business. We have over ten years of experience in the sector and, due to our specialist approach and unparalleled network, we can put you in touch with international and domestic trade buyers.

www.freightmergers.com 118

FORWARDER magazine



Are you planning to buy or sell a freight forwarding company? FORWARDER magazine







WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at freightmergers.com

avid Roberts of corporate finance team Freight Mergers

we are always keen to talk about the types of offer you could expect

gives his thoughts on the first quarter of 2019 and what lies

to achieve, were you to begin the sale process in the current market.

ahead for deal activity for the rest of the year... Sector appetite

In a time where Brexit has hijacked the media, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been an incredibly

Growth by acquisition presents an opportunity for both companies

tough time for UK businesses that simply seek clarity on what a

in the process and their respective shareholders, staff, customers and

departure from the European Union could look like. The freight

suppliers. The strategic benefit for freight companies is the opportunity

industry is a cornerstone for the British economy and a sector that

to cross-sell services and to enable better buying power with the

desperately requires political certainty. It is reassuring to see so many

carriers, due to the increased freight volume a merge brings. The fact

companies working closely with their customers to form plans on

remains that many companies establish themselves and later solidify their

how to navigate the process in the most seamless manner. Developing

position within the market by acquiring successful, service-oriented,

contingency plans and enhanced supply chain and customs structures

family-owned companies. Finding opportunities which fit culturally as

will certainly mitigate the impact Brexit has on their customers.

well as strategically is still very high on the agendas of both private and listed, forwarding and transportation companies, which aim to further

As we are aware, with volatility comes opportunity. It is evident that

capitalise on the fragmented market that remains.

many freight forwarders are trying to capitalise on this uncertainty by exploring new international markets and trade lanes, whilst also

I envisage further activity for the remainder of the year, as companies

identifying opportunities to deliver new domestic services, should we

attempt to enhance their network and coverage both domestically

leave the single market and the EU customs union.

and internationally. Currently, we are seeing many owner-managed businesses engaging in the sale process, whether that is to secure a

Successful transaction

long term future for their employees and customers, or to continue

The Freight Mergers team successfully advised the shareholders of an East

their growth with the additional financing a larger group can bring.

Midlands-based freight forwarder on the sale of the business. The buyer

Additional skillsets, knowledge and experience which arise during

provides a full range of air, land and ocean freight services globally. This deal

M&A help buyers enhance their service offering and geographical

completed in February and saw the management retained in the business,

coverage. This should in turn deliver higher levels of customer

helping to ensure that synergy benefits are fully realised, whilst maintaining

satisfaction, an objective for nearly all privately owned companies.

a smooth flow in the day-to-day operations. I am optimistic for the M&A market during 2019; I still observe a lot UK meetings

of confidence amongst our clients that there is economic growth and,

It has been fantastic to meet key decision makers throughout the UK

as such, M&A appetite remains strong amongst C-suite executives.

in recent months. The freight industry has some of the most dynamic,

We are always seeking dynamic, growing businesses to work with.

driven and proactive people within it. It is reassuring to see businesses

If you are considering your strategic options for 2019 and beyond,

performing well in such uncertain times. The team and I have discussed

I would be delighted to discuss this with you and share my thoughts.

various stages of the M&A process with an array of business owners

Please contact me or a member of my team on the details below.

during Q1, with a large proportion of our meetings revolving around market appetite and valuations. It is an ever-changing landscape and


FORWARDER magazine


David Roberts, Senior M&A Consultant, Freight Mergers

Direct: +44 (0) 203 872 6906 Mobile: +44 (0) 7766 501 202 david@freightmergers.com



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Ref. 898FM | France

Ref. 763FM | Germany

Key business features

Key business features

•• Established in early 2000s

•• International air & ocean freight forwarder

•• Privately owned

•• Privately owned – one shareholder

•• International air & ocean: 70%

•• 3 offices across Germany

•• Logistics & road freight: 30%

•• 19 staff

•• 46 staff (2 locations)

•• 50% air freight, 50% sea freight | 70% export, 30% import

•• Clearly defined 2nd-tier management structure

•• Sectors: events logistics and general cargo

•• Export: 66% (China, India, S.E Asia) | Import: 33%

•• Export to China, South America, North America

•• Sectors: aerospace, events, AOG, general cargo

•• Import from China

•• Turnover €16m

•• Turnover €7.0m

•• EBITDA €1.0m

•• PBT €1.0m




+44 (0)20 3872 6906




Ref. 290FM | Germany

Ref. 448FM | South East USA & South America

Key business features

Key business features

•• Established in 1980

A licensed, national customs broker, freight forwarder and NVOCC

•• Privately owned

•• Established 20 years ago

•• 2 offices across Europe, 44 staff combined

•• Privately owned – looking to continue under new ownership

•• 90% sea freight – Asia, EU, Far East | 10% air freight

•• 20 staff across 3 locations

•• Imports: FAK Cargo, consumer, textiles, industrial

•• Sector: focus on moving large mining, construction and oil/gas machinery, also moving general freight

•• Exports: Automotive, chemicals, industrials

•• 60% ocean | 30% road | 8% air | 2% rail

•• Owner would look at retaining a minority stake in the business

•• Turnover $10m

•• Turnover €20m | PBT €200k •• No debt


david@freightmergers.com +44 (0)20 3872 6906 FORWARDER magazine ISSUE39







Ref. 2232FM | London Heathrow (LHR) Key business features


Import 17% Export 48% OCEAN

•• Company trading 10+ years •• Six full-time members of staff including two Directors •• IATA and BIFA accredited •• Diverse spread of clients, top 15 represent 78% of T/O •• Global network of partners offering multimodal solutions •• Moved 683,218 kg of air freight in 2017 ••157 LCL and 175 FCL shipments in 2017


Import 18% Export 8% ROAD

Import 3% Export 1% UK DOMESTIC



T/O: £1.3m Adj. PBT: £200k

2018 ••Turnover: £1.30m


+44 (0)20 3872 6906

•• Gross profit: £410k •• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £200k 2017 ••Turnover: £1.43m •• Gross profit: £454k

SELLER OF THE MONTH •• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £220k


FORWARDER magazine


Ref. 4356FM | UK, US & Germany Overview •• My client offers global freight forwarding, customs brokerage and supply chain management providing air, ocean & road services alongside value-added services •• Having grown organically over a period of 45 years, they are now generating annual consolidated revenue of €300+ million •• Originally established in Europe, they now have a worldwide presence with 20 offices and 1,000+ employees whilst still remaining privately owned ••The primary markets for my client are China, U.K, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and the U.S. •• With consistent profits and a capital fund, my client is in a strong position with the ability and capacity to acquire privately owned companies

Investment remit •• Focus on international freight (air and ocean), with limited trucking or domestic operations •• Companies located in UK, U.S and Germany ••Turnover of the business to be a minimum of €5.0m, preferably €10m - €50m •• Privately owned companies •• 5+ staff •• Gross operating margin: Expected to be in region of 15 to 30% •• Company must control business rather than large amounts of agent-routed cargo








READY TO EXIT? D eciding to sell your business is most likely

If you are unable to answer these questions now, then start to think

the biggest decision you will ever make

about what you want. If you know the answers to them, then you

as a business owner.

are on the right path.

Are you thinking of selling?

Can you take a break?

Careful thought and planning is vital if you want to successfully sell

Day to day I speak with business owners heavily involved with their

your business. Making your business as attractive as possible to allure

companies. If you are relied upon, it is time to reduce this dependence!

prospective acquirers is critical. Freight, logistic and transport providers are people businesses so What do you want to achieve?

step back and make sure you have experienced management in place

Gaining clarity on what you want before starting the exit process is

that can shoulder the responsibility for these key relationships.

paramount to the transaction. You should have an idea of who you would

This will only enhance the value of the company.

like to purchase your lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work. Just anybody is not going to cut it. Preparation Early planning significantly increases the chances of a successful

Maximise value?

outcome. Preparation puts the seller in a strong position. Think like an outsider, identifying key risk areas and taking steps to ensure that

Preserve the culture?

these risks are mitigated. Have ammunition prepared to receive a

Is now the right time to exit?

Being able to provide accurate, timely financials is imperative to a

favourable price for your business.

smooth transaction. Preparing forecasts and making comparisons is a good place to start. This goes hand in hand with having a strong Maintain family heritage?

finance director who has a clear understanding of methods to improve financial management. If confidence can be secured by investors the

Remain involved and experience the growth investors can facilitate?


FORWARDER magazine


transaction is less likely to slip up during financial due diligence.

Keeping financials up to scratch assists the process but portraying the story of your business helps the acquirer understand the peaks and troughs you have experienced. Most importantly, it helps them understand the plan for the future. The underlying focus of your 'story' should be what separates you from your competitors and what drives your success. During the sale process, it is critical to keep the business running on its trajectory. Transactions are complex and highly emotional, but you should aim to minimise the impact on your employees and ensure key client relationships are maintained. This is hard, but is important to ensure that value is solidified for the potential purchaser. Realistic You need to understand the business's value drivers, industry benchmarks and market trends to ascertain what you can expect prior to the process beginning. Many factors affect the value of your business that are not in your control. You should note this and be prepared. All ready? When you are ready to transition, you should be confident everything is prepared to allow the transaction to progress. If you have thought about the above points, the rest should take care of itself. Luke Mitchell, M&A Consultant, Freight Mergers

Luke Mitchell

David Roberts

M&A Consultant

Senior M&A Consultant

Direct: +44 (0)20 3872 6905

Direct: +44 (0)20 3872 6906

Mobile: +44 (0)7824 874 839

Mobile: +44 (0)7766 501 202



www.freightmergers.com FORWARDER magazine





FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine




BRANCH START-UP WEST YORKSHIRE ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• £110K GP new business so far this year and more within pipeline •• Business to bring: 80% road, 10% air & 10% sea •• Mode experience: 50% sea, 25% air & 25% road •• Trade routes: Far East, USA, Eastern & Western Europe •• Salary: £45,000



jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• 10 years’ experience within the industry •• Multi-modal (air, sea & road) •• Directly in charge of 5+ employees •• Operations, sales & business development experience

UK Multimodal Managing Director available for relocation UK wide. Ideally looking for another senior executive level role within an international forwarder of any size. Previous experience primarily with large multinationals. •• Air, Ocean, Road, Rail, 3PL experience •• Managed over 450 employees across multiple UK offices •• Led and overseen merges between companies •• Experienced in aerospace, oil & gas, healthcare and chemical •• Over 30 years of international experience

ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

BUSINESS DEV. MANAGER SOUTH EAST – £50k jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Over 10 years within logistics field sales •• Air, ocean & road sales experience •• Won major accounts for a global forwarder •• Specialist in RORO, machinery & automotive sectors •• Based in the South East

EUROPEAN ROAD FREIGHT OPERATOR ESSEX, UK – £25,000 john@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 932

•• 10 years' road freight experience •• Stable career history, 2 jobs in the past 10 years •• Dealing with Euro imports and exports across Europe •• Dealing with all documentation from A-Z


FORWARDER magazine



jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951


•• 20 + Years industry experience •• Handles £5 mill GP on blue chip accounts •• Won multiple awards within the industry •• Previous shipping line experience •• Asia, Far East & USA focus

danny@headfordgroup.com | +1 646 915 1495



samuel@headfordgroup.com | +1 312 496 6624

•• Achieved $450K+ GP in 2017 •• Territory: National •• 75% new business - 25% existing •• 50% air & 50% ocean – 65% import & 35% export •• Trade routes – Asia, Europe & Latin America •• Verticals: general cargo including high-tech, solar, medical, machines, packaging, temperature controlled, •• Salary: $95K

•• Handles medium – large Project accounts •• Close to $1m GP – 2018 YTD •• Main lanes are Middle East, Africa & S. Asia •• 70% Air, 20% Ocean, 10% Trucking •• Handles accounts nationwide •• No non-compete

lewis@headfordgroup.com | +1 404 592 6315

•• GP for 2017 was around $710,000 •• Territory – Florida with a focus on Miami •• 30% air & 70% ocean – 60% export & 40% import •• Domestic trucking (brokerage LTL & FTL), warehouse & distribution •• Trade routes: Latin America, Asia & Europe •• Salary: $85K




tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

•• Manage Export process from

•• All ocean import documentation from A-Z •• Will be dealing with customs entries •• Ocean import experience needed

start to finish •• Receive bookings from clients and issue booking confirmation •• Manage load factors to ensure optimum loading •• Create export customs entries

CUSTOMS CLERK SOUTHAMPTON, UK – £18,000 ROAD FREIGHT OPERATOR LEEDS, UK – £23,000–£26,000 paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785

•• Keeping customers advised and updated at all stages •• Can complete all documents from A-Z •• Experienced in Groupage, LTL, FTL

MULTIMODAL OPERATOR BIRMINGHAM, UK – £neg. paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785


FORWARDER magazine


tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

•• Will be completing customs entries for ocean imports

•• Will be assisting operations team •• Experience of processing customs entries required

OCEAN FREIGHT BDM SOUTHAMPTON, UK – £40,000 + CAR jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Covering Solent area •• Selling FCL & LCL freight services •• Global forwarder




tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Completing a high standard of air/sea import customs entries •• Working accurately in fast-paced environment •• 3 or more years’ experience with customs entries

•• Air, ocean & road freight •• Managing around 30 employees •• Strong people management required •• Commercially focused

IMPORT OPERATOR HEATHROW, UK – £27,000–£31,000 tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

•• Working full import process from start to finish •• Over 2 years’ experience required •• Will be working in a fast-paced rates and bookings department

PRICING SPECIALIST BIRMINGHAM, UK – £26,000–£30,000 paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785

OCEAN EXPORT OPERATOR BIRMINGHAM, UK – £neg. paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785

AIR FREIGHT SPECIALIST (4 ON, 4 OFF) HEATHROW, UK – £28,000–£32,000 tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934


•• Dealing with exports, AOG, entries, cutting AWBs and

paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785

completing data entry •• Strong experience in exports •• 3 years+ experience required

AIR & OCEAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER KENT, UK – £40,000 + CAR + COMMISSION jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

OCEAN IMPORT OPERATOR BIRMINGHAM, UK – £neg. paul@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 785

•• Mid-sized forwarder •• Covering Dartford, Essex & Solent •• Selling air & ocean services


EXPORT MANAGER C. KILKENNY, R.O.I. – €40,000–€45,000 ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• Leading the Export Operations team •• Acting as the point of escalation for any issues •• Implementing and monitoring KPI’s •• Managing continuous improvement within the department •• Staff appraisals •• Visiting customers where necessary

ROAD FREIGHT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER C. KILKENNY, R.O.I. – €40,000–€50,000 + CAR + BO. ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

AIR & OCEAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER C. DUBLIN, R.O.I. – €45,000–€60,000 +CAR + BO. ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• Building and maintaining a customer network and hunting for new business

•• Client development •• Maintaining existing relationships •• Presenting monthly and quarterly performance figures to the board and sales team members

DEPOT OPERATIONS MANAGER C. DUBLIN, R.O.I. – €60,000–€70,000 +CAR + BO. ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• Building and maintaining a customer network

•• Manage a team of supervisors with the responsibility



and hunting for new business •• Client development •• Maintaining existing relationships •• Presenting monthly and quarterly performance figures to the board and sales team members

jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Selling Air & Ocean solutions •• Global Forwarder •• Covering Frankfurt region •• Asia, Indian subcontinent, Australasian route focus

for drivers, P&L, warehouse sortation, delivery and operations •• Managing a busy depot with 100+ staff •• Drive and lead the change process to deliver a fully integrated service centre operation

ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• Development of new business •• Retention of existing business, maintain and develop customer relationships

•• Customer negotiation to achieve competitive cost structures •• Handling quotation requests •• Issue sales reports & quote requests and ensure appropriate follow up on all replies


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john@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 935

john@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 935

A mid-size forwarder in the Amsterdam area are expanding due to growth. They are now looking to hire an experienced Sales Executive, so sell airfreight services across The Netherlands. This is a new business role, where you will work closely with operations to ensure the smooth onboarding of new clients.

An international top 25 freight forwarder are looking to increase their business development team based in Copenhagen

•• 10% Bonus for life of accounts •• Car, Laptop & mobile included

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER ISTANBUL – €5,000 PER MONTH +CAR + BONUS john@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 935

A small forwarder in Istanbul area are now looking to hire an experienced Sales Executive, to sell air & ocean freight services across Eastern Europe. This is a hunter role with lots of opportunities to progress, and grow a team around you.

•• 15% Bonus for life of accounts •• Car, Laptop & mobile included

BRANCH MANAGER STUTTGART (JW890) – CIRCA €80,000 jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Air & Ocean operations •• Managing around 30 employees •• German forwarder with 4 + German offices

•• Work as part of a large international company •• Competitive salary expectation •• Highly generous bonus / commission plan

DECLARANT / CUSTOMS OFFICER ROTTERDAM – NEGOTIABLE, ~€3,200 PER MONTH john@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 935

A large freight forwarder have several vacancies to join their team of declarants in Rotterdam. You will work as part of a team to make sure the company meet their customs requirements to maintain the smooth running of accounts

•• Must hold a declarant license •• Salary is negotiable, approximately €3,200 per month •• Support & training from a well know international freight forwarder •• Highly generous bonus / commission plan

INSIDE SALES EXECUTIVE FRANKFURT (JW221) – €45,000 jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Air & Ocean focused •• Assisting sales team with leads, cold calling •• Inside sales team of 6




danny@headfordgroup.com | +1 (646) 915 1495

jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• 4 offices in the US – New York x 2, L.A. & New Jersey •• Air, Ocean, Road, Warehousing & Distribution, CHB,

•• Handling all documentation start to finish •• Fast pace air export team of 6 •• General Cargo with worldwide trade routes

PO Management and more

•• Industry coverage: Fashion & Retail, Hospitality, Consumer, Food/Beverage

•• Technology is a big aspect, utilizing CargoWise and offering real-time visibility & tracking

EXPORT AGENT CHARLOTTE, NC – $41K - $45K tom@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER ATLANTA, GA – $70 - 90K + 5% OF ALL GP lewis@headfordgroup.com | +1 (404) 592 6315

•• Air, Ocean, Trucking, Customs Brokerage,

•• 2-3 years export experience required •• CargoWise experience would be a plus •• Working with both air and ocean exports •• Fast paced export department


•• Specialize in Government & Bio-Pharma Logistics while also covering FAK

•• Average tenure of 10.6 years per employee •• 10% growth 2017 to 2019

VICE PRESIDENT – CUSTOMS BROKEAGE LOS ANGELES, CA – $110 - 200K lewis@headfordgroup.com | +1 (404) 592 6315

OCEAN IMPORT CO-ORDINATOR LOS ANGELES, CA - $45 - $55 DOE ben@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 481 1844

•• Work with President to grow the US business •• Lead branch start-ups •• US offices already in LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle •• Services include customs brokerage, consulting, Air/ Ocean freight forwarding

•• Must be comfortable with full Import process (including billing)

•• 2+ years of experience is required (with a Freight Forwarder)

•• Located in Inglewood, LA

OCEAN EXPORT OPERATOR HAMBURG – JW442 jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• All export documentation start to finish •• Global top 20 forwarder •• Team of 8


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jason@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 779

Our client is a medium-to-large-sized freight forwarder, which has kept a focus on excellence in service and personalised solutions for our customers. Facilitating this service-driven culture is an experienced staff with a wealth of knowledge in all facets of international forwarding and logistics.

•• Full-time position •• Salary discussed on application •• Excellent benefits Position

The client is aiming to bring in an IT/software manager on a full-time basis to manage their in-house system, which is currently outsourced. This role may be suited to a Senior Software Manager looking at moving into IT management where they will be in charge of this product. The client wishes to separate this software to run the logistics side of the business. Skills and knowledge

•• SQL •• Cloud (AWS preferable) •• e-Commerce •• Some coding will need to implemented but is dependent on the candidate, C# .NET is suitable •• Should be able to manage integrations For more information, please contact Jason Pocock for further details and the next stage of the interview process.

Fill your vacancies

Back oďŹ&#x192;ce

Let us assist with your company's growth...


Europe +44 01454 275957 ryan@headfordgroup.com


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Operations Sales Management

USA Sourcing market-leading talent.


Your strategic growth partner. Executive Search • Branch Startups • Senior Appointments • Mergers & Acquisitions • Media

Considering a change? More responsibility? Fairer pay? Better commission? Send us your CV today...

Asia +1 404 592 6315 lewis@headfordgroup.com

Middle East +971 (0) 45 015 675 simon@headford.ae

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s a business, it is easy to feel as though you are not allowed to talk about your success – you often have to wait for others to give the praise, be that existing or previous

clients and customers. We’re living in a digitalised world, and let’s be frank: nobody would be interested in LinkedIn if their feed were clogged with constant pushy, boastful posts from companies.


Brand awareness Publishing a company report gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your business, what you specialise in, what your

audience demographic is and any recognisable praises such as testimonials from clients. Not only this, but the layout and design of your report will maximise your brand's impact. Branding (as discussed in issue 37) is an integral part of your company and is the

In a modern world full of myriad marketing intelligence and business

identity that allows you to stand out. You should ensure that your

strategies, companies try to stand out whilst still maintaining a

newsletter conforms to your corporate identity from cover to cover,

modicum of dignity. Oh, and don’t you dare get caught talking about

which will solidify your presence.

From reaching a milestone or anniversary achievement, to informing


potential customers that you offer impressive services to the

reason, be they a potential client, potential candidate or out of research/

freight and logistics industry. These credible achievements can be

interest). So keep this in mind and blow your trumpet loud and clear

showcased in a tailored, sleek and professional format without the

– your audience aren’t LinkedIn scrollers, they’re here for business.

how modest your company is, because you will immediately fail and be labelled with the same boastful behaviour you’re trying to avoid in the first place. Reality check: it’s immodest to claim modesty. Where exactly do we draw the line between smug and confident?

Blow your own trumpet (you’re in the right acoustics) Granted, this article opened up about how businesses need to consider their marketing strategies and not sound too

boastful. However, the purpose of a newsletter? Company news.

There is a way you can shout about your company, professionally.

fuss of crossing any lines. The solution? A company newsletter, and here’s why you’re missing out...

Anyone reading it will fully expect to be reading about the ins and outs of your company (and are likely viewing this information for a


Marketing strategy A company report is brilliant for an additional marketing strategy. What better way to clinch a sale or get your brand

‘out there’ than with a sleek, shiny newsletter? This booklet will more or less be your company bible, so make sure you utilise it as much as possible. With over 25 years of team experience, Freight Media are marketing professionals, specialising in freight forwarding and logistics. At Freight Media, we understand that there’s competition to set yourself apart from other freight businesses, and to do so requires the right tools. Perfect to take to trade shows, client meetings and on display at your office, a company report can provide useful and insightful information to enhance your business' image. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at freightwebsite.design

obody likes a poor website. Weak design, difficult

Introducing freightwebsite.design…

navigation, overwhelming content, slow loading images:

Specialising in both freight and web development, Freightwebsite.

these are all factors that could be dragging your website

design is an end-to-end service, specifically developed and tailored

– and subsequently business – down. Not convinced? Studies

to the logistics sector. Giving as much or little assistance required,

have shown that 38% of visitors will exit a website if the layout is

jargon-based terms such as web hosting, SEO, backlinks and canonical

unattractive or the content isn’t engaging. This could be problematic

links won’t seem so daunting if you’re not specialised in web design.

for e-commerce-led industries like freight. Is your website the reason your company could be missing out on business? How do you ensure your website is at its optimum quality for a user-friendly experience? You need to remember that your website homepage is essentially your “shop front”. In freight and logistics, it’s very rare you’ll have a physical shop front. Your website is the number one place users (and potential customers) will visit before making a decision to invest in


your services. The overall growth of online trade has significantly

Sometimes, an in-depth discussion is what it takes to work out

increased, estimating that by 2040, around 95% of purchases will be

how your site might benefit from a makeover. Whilst it may seem

facilitated by e-commerce. Therefore, it’s surely a no-brainer that

like appearance is everything, there's much more to consider when

your website should be your number one priority. Are you likely to

looking to improve the quality of your website. If you want your

visit a dingy, old fashioned store that has nothing to offer on display?

company to reach the first page of Google's search results using

When it’s as easy as reverting to the next Google search result, you

general search terms, you need to consider factors such as Search

want to make sure you’re the brand freighters decide to stick with.

Engine Optimisation (SEO). Refreshed, unique content and being clued up about strategic backlinks could really boost your website's

Okay, I hear you, but where do I start?

traffic stats.

Finding the right web developer can be a challenge in itself. You wouldn’t get your hair cut by a sheep sheerer, so why get your freight

Covering web design, web development, Search Engine Optimisation

website designed by just a general web developer? Freight forwarding

(SEO), hosting, maintenance, support, social media marketing

is a niche industry, so it’s important that your web developer

and logo/brand design, freightwebsite.design is built by a team of

understands the nuts and bolts of the industry. Representing the

specialists who truly care about the freight industry. Offering a

freight sector isn’t just about plastering each page with aeroplanes

combination of sector knowledge and professional, experienced web

and ships. While some freight companies choose to refrain from

developers, your website is safe in our freight industry specialist

the cliché “trucks and ships” imagery, others embrace a traditional

hands. No misinterpretation, no hassle, no bull. Just the perfect

freight style. In order to stand out, it's imperative for your web

formula of expert knowledge and passion.

developer to appreciate the balance between your company and its services and keeping up with the latest news and trends in the sector.


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Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

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ith the outcome and consequential aftermath of Brexit

The Kaizen model also provides a degree

remaining as an unknown (at the time of writing),

of protection in times of uncertainty

businesses are understandably delaying significant

by providing a means to improve upon

decisions and investments until greater clarity around

processes without jeopardising the overall

the future of the trading agreement between the EU

operation. This is because low-cost changes

and the UK is known. The past 2 and a half years of

can be implemented in one specific area of

Brexit negotiations have impacted the UK economy and, as a result, The Bank of England

the business to tackle a particular challenge

have since revised their original forecast for GDP growth â&#x20AC;&#x201C; reducing it by 1.2% compared

with instant results.

to original expectations three years ago. Although the uncer tainty of Brexit

S uch uncer t aint y risk s businesses

continues to impact businesses and stagnant

becoming stagnant, unable to effectively

their future moves across both the UK and

form decisions due to a lack of detailed

the EU, the Kaizen methodology can help

information. Furthermore, the impacts and

to continue driving businesses forward until

uncertainty of Brexit seem to be far from

the road ahead is clearer.

over, and at least set to continue for the remainder of 2019. So, how can you keep

Ellena Austin, Yusen Logistics

moving forwards with the uncertainty of Brexit hanging over your operations? In a time where investment and resources

approach, every person is encouraged

are limited, the focus shifts to small

to share suggestions for improvements.

improvements that can be implemented

Through the collective individual efforts of

quickly with a minimal cost. This is the

an entire organisation, small improvements

key principle behind the Kaizen philosophy.

can be actioned across every area of the

From the Japanese Kai (improvement) and

business to achieve incremental innovation

Zen (good), the Kaizen approach originated

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; over time, making a significant overall

in an era of austerity and focused on

impact and continuing to drive the business

identifying improvements for the current

forward, all whilst minimising the resources

workforce, equipment and technologies to


provide quick wins at a low cost.

employees to have a say on changes in the

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, empowering

workplace boosts morale which, in turn, The success of Kaizen lies in the involvement of all employees at every level of a company. Rather than a top-down or bottom-up


FORWARDER magazine


leads to higher productivity levels.

linkedin.com/company/yusen-logisticseuropelinkedin.com/in/dreambiggerdigitalmarketing/ @YusenLogisticsE


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emurrage and Detention quickly become a shipper’s nightmare and can result

How can you avoid demurrage

in thousands of dollars in per diem charges. Costs that arise because of bad

and detention charges?

planning, unforeseen circumstances, and bad communication can play such a

Demurrage and Detention are in most

big role in the final cost of freight.

cases out of your hands and hard to control. However, there are ways to minimize the

Demurrage and Detention charges are a

risk and avoid unnecessary charges.

matter of the allowed free days – if these days are exceeded, the container user has to

1. Negotiate terms

pay a charge calculated per day. Oftentimes,

Always try to negotiate terms instead of

carriers such as Maersk and COSCO charge

accepting a freight quote as it is. Negotiate

up to $400 per day per container.

with your carrier and request more free days to buy you more time. That might

In this article, we explain Demurrage and

work as a strategy to avoid Demurrage

Detention terms and provide shippers with

and Detention as carriers sometimes grant

five tips on how to avoid high costs when

shippers with large volumes of cargo some

planning freight.

more time.

Meaning of demurrage

2. Always have a plan B

and detention in export...

Asses alternative truck rates, other truck

Detention charges happen in export when

services or even look for available terminals

the empty containers have been picked up

Demurrage and detention

nearby in case your cargo needs to be

for loading and are not returned within the

for importers...

rerouted. If everything goes wrong with the

set free days. Typically, carriers allow for up

Pick up and move your containers out of the

initial plan, it is important to have another

to 5 free days and charge shippers for extra

port once they are discharged from the vessel.

option to avoid large costs.

days before the container is moved inside

In conventional shipping the free days are often

the terminal or depot. Demurrage charges

somewhere from 3 to 5 days. A Demurrage

3. Efficiently manage time

occur when containers cannot be shipped

charge is levied should it take you longer

Most importantly, dispatch your cargo as

due to the lack of documentation or other

than that to get your containers. Detention

far in advance as possible! This gives you

non-carrier related errors. The carrier will

refers to the time outside the port, where

more flexibility and a bigger time frame for

not be able to load the container to the

the shipper holds the container beyond the

handling unforeseen challenges such as bad

scheduled vessel in that case and will charge

allowed free-days. This is done in an attempt

weather or backlogs at the port. The same is

you storage costs for the period until the

to decrease the containers turnaround time

applicable to loading times, where just small

next scheduled vessel is ready.

and make shipping more efficient.

time-buffers can make it for you!


FORWARDER magazine


4. Be well prepared Don’t make the mistake of signing a contract just as it is. Always be informed and read through it carefully, as the per-diem charges and fees are ultimately determined in your contract. Further, ensure that you are in good knowledge of the customs clearance processes and port regulations. Be on the safe side and understand that even geography plays a huge role, as different countries have different definitions. 5. Bring your own container It was always a pain in the arse to  find shipper owned containers (SOC)  as you had to reach out to your network, get lucky, and organize everything on your own.  Container xChange  now made it easy to use or supply containers for SOC for one-way use on their neutral online marketplace. Using their online platform, you save up to $400 or completely avoid Demurrage and Detention as their perdiem fees are below $5 per container. Florian Freese, Container xChange




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he production of this issue of the magazine went on in

Instagram. This has made me question whether young adolescents

March, wherein lies International Women’s Day – so what

(or perhaps even genders) are exposed to industries that are outside

better article to write than one for the ladies in logistics?

of the educational curriculum and traditional gender norms. Despite the nature of freight being a 24/7 industry, perhaps the logistics

Women’s Vote Act 1928; Abortion Act 1967; The Equal Pay Act and

sector hasn’t fully embraced flexible working to the extent that it

Sex Discrimination Act 1975; Parliament’s first female Prime Minister

could have, meaning that it could appeal to a much wider audience,

1979: this is just a handful of pinnacle turning points for women and

particularly females.

way, yet there is still more progress to be made.


gender equality throughout history. Gender equality has come a long

Freight is one of the most male-dominated industries in the world.

Women in Transport’s findings from Department for Transport (DfT) prove this:

Women are severely under-represented in the freight sector. The whole industry, including warehousing and office roles, is around 92-94% male. Gender balance among drivers is almost non-existent; the workforce is 99% white male, with an average age of 54.

Figures like these in this day and age are surprising. You tend to

assume these gender figures would be more evenly weighted on

both ends of the see-saw. As a young woman working in the freight and logistics industry myself, I can’t help but notice the shortage of

women I come across, especially during freight and logistics events. Women in Transport voice that the sector has an estimated driver shortage of 45,000.

It relies to a large extent on EU nationals

working in the UK to make up its workforce. Encouraging more women into the logistics sector would help address the driver shortage.

Before I worked in this industry, I had no idea what freight was, let alone did it ever occur to me that every item of food, clothes and furniture has most likely been involved in freight at some

point. It wasn’t something I ever learned about in school, and it’s highly unlikely I would have every scrolled past a logistics post on


FORWARDER magazine



Interested in whether recruitment would hold any significant figures

With all of the above said, the freight and logistics industry seems

regarding gender and the industry, I asked the freight forwarding

to be moving in the right direction. Working in logistics can be an

recruitment manager at Headford Growth USA, Lewis Bunn,

attractive industry to dive into, as salaries in the industry are higher

whether he had any findings...

than in traditionally female dominated sectors, such as hospitality and hairdressing, which could be used to attract more women to the sector.

Spend half an hour with any of our consultants while they email and call clients and candidates across the UK & US and you’ll see

Organisations such as Women in Logistics, CILT International and

an abundance of male names with the odd female name thrown in.

S.H.E. Trucking have been set up in support and celebration of women in the logistics industry. Whether the role is behind the wheel trucking,

While I don’t have any official statistics to hand, our database is a fairly

freight forwarding or in the back office, the sense of community for

accurate representation of the makeup of the market as we make

women in logistics is definitely something to raise a glass to.

a point of adding to it every freight & logistics professional that we come across. I can see that 36% of the placements Headford made into freight forwarders across the US and the UK in 2018 were female.

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

I can also see that less than 15% of UK based freight forwarding professionals at Director level or above on our database are female, and it tends to be less the further north you go. It’s impossible to say why this is and could be down to numerous factors such as industry bias; fewer women staying in the industry long enough to move into more senior roles; fewer women actually wanting to take the helm in such a male dominated industry or any number of other factors. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem right and it’s certainly far from representative of the general population. That being said, I can positively say that we have seen, certainly over the past five years, a steady increase of not only female applicants, but also more female applicants making it through to interview stage and ultimately taking positions. There does seem to be a correlation between increasing numbers of women in larger, more corporate forwarders, leaving behind the smaller, family run businesses, but I don’t believe this is a conscious decision by the smaller companies; more a drive by the larger corporations to be more inclusive, and looking to take advantage of the many bonuses that come with more women in business. FORWARDER magazine








ext issue, FORWARDER will be shifting onto project

cargo and abnormal loads. With the unknown of Brexit and its outcome (yes, even after March), we will be

analysing the industry and how these turbulent last few months have and will continue to affect the freight industry. We will be checking in with the North East and Benelux, which are our regional foci for issue 40. There’s plenty to talk about in project cargo, and we want you to be part of the discussion. If you have something you would like to contribute, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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Project cargo & abnormal loads


UK: North East | Global: Benelux


More news and press releases from the world of freight


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Topical knowledge from the FTA and other industry experts


Industry knowledge focused on technology and advancements


We help you to get your message out to the industry


More from the world of mergers & acquisitions in freight


Current jobs and candidates from Forwardingjobs

Please be aware, in this dynamic industry these topics and features are subject to change.

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READ ALL ABOUT IT! MDXpress is the culmination of more than 30 years of freighting experience.


Our aim is to be your partner and provide a firstclass customer experience, guiding you through the transport process and treating every shipment with the same high level of attention as your first booking. The partner philosophy is... 'It’s not just a shipment, it is our shipment.'




Midlands office

Scotland office

MDXpress Ltd Station House Station Road Shenstone Lichfield, WS14 0NW +44 (0)1543 484346

MDXpress Ltd MDXpress Ltd Ancaster Business Centre 29 Hill Top Cross Street Tonbridge We're into our third year Callander FK17 8E TN9 now 2UNand all of our issues are available on ISSUU.com – just search 'Forwarder'. Of course, you can always Stirlingshire Kent read the latest issue on our website, at... +44 (0)1360 602000 +44 (0)1732 440582

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FORWARDER please call or email info@mdxpress.co.uk and we will contact you as soon as possible. MAGAZINE.COM /READ-FORWARDER To receive a quotation or more information about MDXPRESS,

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Profile for Freight Solutions

FORWARDER magazine issue 39, 'European road & express'  

The 'European road & express' issue. Regional Focus: Yorkshire | The Americas. Cover feature: Move it Like...Retail Transport Services.

FORWARDER magazine issue 39, 'European road & express'  

The 'European road & express' issue. Regional Focus: Yorkshire | The Americas. Cover feature: Move it Like...Retail Transport Services.