Moments - May/June 2015

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photo by Micah Green

Amy Sol is the founder of Next Generation Focus, which offers academic and enrichment programs beyond the traditional school day in south Forsyth.

Helping hand

Tutor focused on next generation of students


ommunity service has always been an important part of Amy Sol’s life. Born in South Korea, she came to America with her parents when she was 13 years old. “It was hard,” Sol recalled. “I didn’t speak any English and that is tough at any age, but especially when you are at that already difficult age.” Nonetheless, Sol adjusted to her new home, learned English, and excelled


Moments Magazine | May-June 2015

academically. That soft spot for children whose first language is not English stayed with the now south Forsyth mother of two girls, ages 13 and 15. Sol said she grew up seeing her parents serve their community, so it was only natural that when she married her husband John, the couple sought ways they could assist others. “When our daughter started kindergarten at Shiloh Elementary, I

began volunteering in the classroom,” Sol said. “I was surprised to see that some of the children didn’t know how to write their name. It really made me want to help by tutoring.” Sol and her husband began helping out whenever they could, even buying back packs and school supplies for children they saw had a need. “We just kept praying and wondering what else we should be