Why Settlements To Maori Must Come To An End

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Why Settlements Must Come To An End From the Maori Party website:

“It is a known fact that Maori genetic makeup is stronger than others.” This piece of invented idiocy reflects how far up the mountain of arrogance the Maori Members of Parliament have been allowed to climb. Message to the Maori Party, The Labour Party, Maori Caucus, Maori Activists and those on the periphery ie the woke wet Labour Party. If you happen to read this article you will no doubt be upset by it. The writer comes from a colonial background and therefore has ancestors who have supposedly contributed to your past and present ills. That is now your problem, notIt is now their problem because of the way that they choose to view their life in New Zealand. If they choose to live in a time warp for whatever reason, then that is their decision. If they choose to live in a time warp for whatever reason, then that is their decision. In my view that perspective is detrimental. Whatever happened in the past (and nobody denies there were wrongdoings, particularly in regard to land confiscations), these wrongs have been adequately compensated. However, even these have been vastly exaggerated. Full and final payments were already completed in 1959. In 1926, a Royal Commission chaired by Sir William Sim (the Sim Commission) was appointed to consider whether confiscations under the New Zealand Settlement Act 1863 had been excessive. Reparations were made between 1926 and 1959. New Zealand's greatest Maori, Sir Apirana Ngata, said this when asked about land confiscations in our history: ™Some ha ve said that these confisca­tions were wrong and that they contravened the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Government placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the sovereignty and the authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority. War arose from this and blood was spilled. The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. It was their own chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen. The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty∫ (Sir Apirana Ngata. The Treaty Of Waitangi. An Explanation. pp 15-16) Compensation must not become a gravy train for which there is no end. There needs to be a date whereby the process is concluded, once and for all. It is worth noting that both Ngai Tahu and Tainui have had significant top-ups to their original settlements. This is due to an arrangement whereby once total treaty settlement spending across the country passed $1 billion, the two iwi were entitled to payments proportional to other tribes' settlements. These top-ups are

triggered from time to time and further payments are made. Ngai Tahu and Tainui were both paid $170 million in their original settlements in 1994. As of four years ago, Ngai Tahu had top-ups totalling $248 million and Tainui $260 million. This largesse has to stop. The train has to find the terminus. It is beholden upon ACT and National to ensure it does. We simply cannot have iwi relying on never-ending compensation payouts to fund their activities. There has to be a brakeman on board to stop this merry-go-round of handouts. Winston Peters has just flashed before my eyes!! There has to be a brakeman on board to stop this merry-go-round of handouts. Winston Peters has just flashed before my eyes!! Recent speeches Winston has given on race relations and matters pertaining to Maori have been spot on. So have ongoing comments from Don Brash and Michael Bassett. Unfortunately, those living in the past don't want to see it that way. It doesn't suit them to see it that way. In their view, to see it that way is demeaning to their race, their culture and their very existence in New Zealand. They say they came to Aotearoa: MYTH, as it is not the country's proper Maori name. They say they arrived first: MYTH, as they did not and it is well documentedthat there were others here prior. As a result, they deem themselves to have a right to take charge of all areas ofgovernment and society: MYTH. They do not. Not only take charge but have a right of veto and have a right of seats on boards without being elected. It's like winning Lotto except instead of buying the tickets they're simply receiving them and clipping them on the way through. That is not how life works in the real world. In the real world you have to work hard to achieve your goals; they're not handed to you on a plate. It's not a world where the minority think it is their right to rule the majority. If allowed that would be at the expense of our system of democracy. Sorry Willie, despite what you think, it hasn't changed. This pandering to one race has gone on for far too long and some party needs to `grow a pair' and put a stop to it. I'm looking at you, National and ACT. If that were to happen it would be doing Maori and the country a service. There are some iwi and Maori organisations who are in the business of looking after their own and they are to be applauded. However, for many Maori on struggle street the agenda the Maori politicians want to implement will not help them one iota. The Maori peddling Three Waters, the Maori Health Authority etc are mainly those living on rangatira tiriti: Elite Street.

They want you to believe that Three Waters is going to improve the quality of the water that comes out of your tap (MYTH), that the Maori Health Authority is going to improve the health of Maori more than if it was a department within the Ministry These myths are nothing more than excuses for blatant power grabs by a group of people who assume they have some sort of divine right to rule and are permitted to behave accordingly. It is Ardern who must take responsibility for this nonsense. She is allowing the Maori Caucus to have far too much power within the government and needs to take a leaf out of Winston's book and apply the handbrake. What we are seeing more and more is a divided country. This might suit the likes of Willie Jackson, Kelvin Davis, Nanaia Mahuta and their ilk, even Ardern herself, but it does not suit the majority of Kiwis including, I imagine, the majority of Maori. The real point is that none of this absurb behaviour, this treasonous behaviour, is mandated in the Treaty. It's come about as a result of fraud, misinformation, bullying, bluffing, acting aggrieved, and intimidation. There are recent examples of the arrogance of Maori politicians. Kelvin Davis insulting Karen Chour is one. Willie Jackson not bothering to present a credible case for wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers' money on the media merger he is in charge of is another. Nanaia Mahuta and her sham consultation on Three Waters is a third. They work on the principle that if it fits their ideology that's all that matters. These so-called Maori legends are being given carte blanche to ride roughshod over the rest of the population. The Maori Party trying to insinuate that their race is somehow superior to others is a racist statement in itself. Put the boot on the other foot and we pale faces would never hear the end of it. This is another fact that the Maori elite choose to ignore or would prefer not to remember. In terms of continual payouts for past grievances, it is time for the `last call', or in hospitality terminology `last orders'. The bar needs to close. The taps need to be turned off. The drinks should no longer be on the majority. We need a unified country where no matter what race or creed we are all working towards the same goals and outcomes for the betterment of all citizens. We cannot have a `them and us' situation. (This story was originally written by a BFD journalist. Thank you)

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