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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP February 2018

FriPura win The Caterer Product Excellence Award FriPura, Hull-based producers of a filter designed to reduce the calories and harmful chemicals produced in deep-fat frying processes, took the top spot in their category at The Caterer Product Excellence Awards. Nominees in the ‘Technology: Hardware’ category were judged on innovation, benefits to operator, convenience and money-saving credentials. With the FriPura filter proven to improve food quality, cut the number of calories and harmful chemicals in the oil and reduce costs to restaurants by doubling the life of the oil, the filter fulfilled each set of criteria along with boasting extra benefits. FriPura’s success comes at a time when the spotlight on the UK’s health concerns has never been brighter. A growing concern around the UK’s obesity levels has seen Public Health England asked to investigate calorie consumption among the population, and produce a plan to reduce, by 2018, the number of calories in food. Levels of acrylamide, a harmful chemical created when starchy foods are cooked for long periods at high temperatures, are also under scrutiny. April 2018 will see a new EU legislation come into play, requiring UK food businesses to mitigate acrylamide levels in their food.


Sam Wilbraham, FriPura’s Exec Chef and Marketing Director, says the revolutionary filter tackles both of these health concerns: “Reducing portion sizes or cutting out fried foods altogether is often the go-to idea when it comes to tackling health concerns, though we believe this doesn’t absolutely have to happen. Our filter drastically reduces the fat, calories and acrylamides in fried foods, without any need to change cooking practices.” “These benefits, along with the fact that oil life is doubled with the use

of a FriPura filter, are what led to our award win last night. Because the filter’s price is less than that of the oil saved, the FriPura filter doesn’t actually cost anything to the business. On top of that, when you consider just how much cooking oil businesses go through every day, the additional money saved is staggering.” “We’re delighted that others believe in our product as much as we do, and we truly believe it’s part of the solution to the UK’s acrylamide and obesity problem.”

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Eat.Drink.Sleep - February 2018  

Eat.Drink.Sleep - February 2018