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Our Connections with the Stars Insights with Six Keynote Speakers

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Empathology 101

with Jeremiah  & Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness BY TIM MIEJAN

18  Collaboration: How to be the “Good Wolf” by Johanna Kern 18  Conscious Co-Creation & Collaboration Spirit Leaves, by Janet Michele Red Feather


6 Affirm: “I Choose Love” A Monthly Affirmation, by Charotte “Mama” Rose

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8 Awakening the Love of the Christ Light A Pleiadian Message, by Christine Day

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Affirm: ‘I Choose Love’ A Monthly Affirmation BY


THERE ARE EXPERIENCES in all of our lives where everything deepens, where answers come, where healing happens and we release the past and our vision of the future becomes clear, exciting, something to live for. If you have yet to experience life in this way, know that it’s coming. They say, when trying to create something in particular in your life you need to expect it. I wondered for a long time just how I could expect something to happen that completely rewrote the script of how the world was supposed to work. First I noticed that my big dreams for world peace were met with sad adults telling me that unfortunately there just wasn’t enough love in the world to heal us all. They said that it was important to try and that my contribution mattered, but they did not believe that I could or that we could truly ever get the job done. As a child, world peace looked to me like the absence of certain things that I knew were not peaceful: war, starvation, drought, kidnapping and murdering, bullying, etc. As an adult my vision continued to evolve to include what peace might actually look like and not just what it wouldn’t look like. I began to find peace within myself after a very magical, but tumultuous, childhood. I began to know the feeling of peace and I realized that it was the same as the feeling of love, real love. I began to see that my actions were all in pursuit of love. I searched for belonging, connection, to be heard, my own voice, a space to be free. All of the times that I had looked back at my behavior with scornful eyes and short temper at my inability to get it right were forgiven in the presence of love. I was learning to love myself. The process continued to show me the way by building support into my life. I found angels and guides, gods and goddesses and imagery and stories. I found crystals and books and language that seemed to capture my experience. I found The Edge magazine and friendships and groups and music. I found movement and pleasure. I found nature once again. I found confidence. THE EDGE MAGAZINE 763.433.9291 P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303 PUBLISHERS TIM MIEJAN & CATHY JACOBSEN

I realized that no matter how far I travel I am always with myself, that none of us is ever too far gone to come home and that love is the one joy and guarantee that we always have available. I decided that it must be my purpose to experience love as fully as possible and that in doing so I could spread it and show the way.

INTERCONNECTEDNESS Around the same time, I started to consider the interconnectedness of myself with all things. My perspective was shifting rapidly and the choices I was making seemed to yield more and more love because I was choosing to act from this new place of understanding my place in the world as love itself. Of course, many questions remained unanswered as my experience deepened. Many pains and aches rose to the surface to be loved and released. I saw memories come back that I wished I didn’t have to. I loved myself and sourced love from those around me to support me as I waded through and often fell into the depths of my past. I left a long-term relationship and dropped out of nursing school to follow my dream which I knew was to be free, a creator — of life, of art, of words, of music and channels of new information, of ways of doing things. I didn’t know what my dream would look like or how I was going to do it, but I knew that it did not feel like love or like freedom to continue on the path I was

on. I followed freedom with my heart in my hands and my mind on pause. There was much pain and doubt, anxiety and agony as I tried to sort out my truth from what I had believed in the past. I found strength in my support network and in the power of love that was within my own heart, guiding me even when I couldn’t see a foot in front of my face. I started to become aware of my cycles — realizing that productivity and rest work together and that heavy emotions surface to be met with the joy and lightness that clears and integrates them. I didn’t know how to become the vision that I held for myself. I wasn’t sure how to transform the world into a place where love guided and supported us through the healing of our past, just like I was doing for myself. I would write a life plan or even a plan for the year or the month and change it a dozen times. But here’s what I know now: the plan can change, the vision can be fluid and the past does not limit us. We have power in this moment right now. That is the only place from which we create, the only place where we can choose love. Choosing love is our power. When we choose love everything lines up to meet us where we are and support us. It won’t be all ease and flowers and rainbows but it will be love, we will be supported and we will come to be aware of both our support and our power to choose. When we are aware of our power, then all sense of powerlessness is gone. We rise above the feeling that any emotion, thought or circumstance can have power over us. We are restored to full strength and creative potential in actualization. We come home to ourselves; we realize who we are and what our purpose is. We continue to ask questions and learn and discover, and we find joy and freedom in the process of our ever deepening experience.

MATTER OF CHOICE I am at the point now where I love very much, very deeply and very fully. It is easy for me to find love. It is a simple matter of choice as to whether I want to feel lack or abundance. I see my life support me in all ways as I continue to travel in time cycling through memories and exploring visions of my big, beautiful future. Anxiety still comes, fear arises, doubt finds me and I choose, every time, to return to love.

EDITOR TIM MIEJAN 651.578.8969


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  And so it all heals. This is the work of my life, to love fully and express my love in all of the ways that inspire me. I hold space for others, I create across artistic media, I deepen my senses and allow information to pour through that assists us as a whole humanity and a whole planet as we evolve toward love and balance in all areas of our existence. I am a warrior for peace and it’s so much more simple than I could ever have imagined. I know now that world peace is happening, that we are all capable of healing, that love is enough and is stronger than any fear. I know that fear simply leads us back to love. I know these things and I share them in every moment as I consciously choose to create the life of my dreams by choosing love. My wish for you this month is that you will choose love, too. I promise you that as you make this a practice, it will lead you to all of the support that you need, all of the resources and opportunities, all of the clarity. I promise that love is all you need to create love. I promise that love is always a choice and that if you don’t know where to find it yet, then the intention to find it will be enough to show you. Use this affirmation, “I choose love,” whenever you are challenged, or poised in a position of uncertainty. Use it whenever you notice that you have a choice to make, whether it be in response to your own thoughts and feelings or when determining what action to take or words to speak. Remember, this is a practice. Forgive yourself and love yourself as you go, choose love as you go and it will continue to create more and more of itself. a CHARLOTTE “MAMA” ROSE is an artist, psychic and mother of two based in St. Paul, MN. With a constantly evolving worldview, she is passionate about both listening to and expressing herself to others through music, writing, poetry, visual art and healing arts. Charlotte offers one-to-one creative work, psychic development and healing sessions. Find more on and on Instagram @dearmamarose. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Awakening the Love of the Christ Light A Pleiadian Message BY


BELOVED ONES, WE GREET YOU. There is much to celebrate on your Earth plane: the successful forging of a sacred juncture created on your planet. This pure essence birthed by the “Awakening of the Dove” has interwoven itself through the magnetic core of the Earth, shifting the magnetic core and unveiling an awakening pulse of light. This heralds in the completion of the third phase of the transition of planet Earth as part of the “New Dawning Prophecy.” At the precise moment that this total awakening took place, a cosmic trigger was fully activated, setting in motion the reseeding of the Christ race within humanity and opening a higher spectrum of spiritual and physical renewal within humankind. This created a dynamic transition within Earth. The blessed Christ light is, for the first time in the history of Earth, able to play a unique and integral role within the planet. The Christ light is creating an active vibration of love that is destined to bring a new potential to you individually. You have been seeded by the Christ frequency, blessed through the pure state of being. You now carry this pure connection of consciousness within. It resides alive within your individual sacred heart. The entire planet has transformed by carrying this essence of resonance, which realigns Earth on another level with the rest of our resident Universe.

HOLY SPIRIT This happening has activated a pivotal point in your destiny. The essence of the Holy Spirit has interwoven itself through your heart, moving you a step further to align within your full potential. You have been given a gift, an aspect of your natural birthright. You have been realigned into your sacred place within the Universal consciousness. Each one of you is actively being held individually within a sacred womb created expressly for you to give birth to yourself within the higher realms. This will enable you to anchor a reconnection to your Higher Self. All has been set in place, in perfect order, for you to launch your self home. You have been repositioned, brought into a vast multidimensional perspective, to experience your own unique divine essence. As you consciously choose to open through this doorway within this reconnection, these new alignments will allow you to begin to actively work from this multidimensional perspective, enabling you to begin to source and work with your sacred light consciously. You will find that you can begin to consciously witness yourself from a different perspective within the multidimensional realms.

This will herald in you playing a new role in your own evolution within this lifetime: you birthing you!

CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION Those of you on the path are at a crossroads of great change and transformation. An active, constant rising light is opening up within you. This light is engaged, working within your heart now. This light is from the reseeding of the Christ light that has opened up through you, and it is creating, moment by moment, a higher spectrum of spiritual and physical renewal within you. You have been gifted with a resurrection frequency within this light, which holds a natural letting go action. This letting go energy accelerates the shedding of old concepts and belief systems that are not of Truth. These old cycles are ready to simply fall away from you — stabilizing you and supporting you to anchor beyond the illusion. Simultaneously, as you let go, you are receiving an energetic reset from the Christ light that is creating a reopening of a natural access to the Higher Realms. A doorway is being forged wide open as you consciously choose to engage directly through your heart and move to realign your consciousness with the higher consciousness aspect of Self. Know that at this time in your evolution every action created by you in your life, small or large, is significant. Your thoughts will become a powerful creation tool in your life. You will source from new reconnections to the Universal consciousness. You are enabled to hold this creation power within your consciousness as a natural aspect of you. Through your reset, you are empowered to create energetic forms consciously in your world. You can utilize your thought patterns to set in motion the building of forms in your world to support your heart’s desire. These patterns are light in motion. This is the essential time to  see CHRIST LIGHT on p. 10




continued from p. 8

develop a conscious thought pattern to support you in your life by activating your heart’s desire.

CONSCIOUS DESIRE As you engage within your heart, you need to open into what you desire consciously. You need to explore and feel the specific details of your desire, and as you open up to all layers of the different elements connected to your full desire, you begin to witness the building of a complete picture. A framework within your heart that holds the full frequency of this desire energetically is being forged naturally. As you engage in this process of building your heart’s desire, you will find that an energy will begin to birth within your heart, like a quickening, a vibration moving through you. You will witness, see, sense or feel the building of your creation as a series of energetic light patterns begin to birth. This is you, in the action of creating, as you bring your awareness and your conscious breath to build your heart’s desire. Watch the action of the weaving that takes place as you build on just one desire. This process can be likened to painting as you fill in the details of your creation, adding one layer of color, and then another layer of color, as each stroke fills in and creates the full picture. Witness yourself in this conscious action of creation as you allow the full expression of your heart’s desire to open and flow. Feel the joy. Feel what is being generated within you as the fullness of your heart’s desire is realized. The creation of the energetic lines reflects and expands as you envisage your desire fully. The arising joy plays an essential aspect in birthing the creation energy. This is your gift. You are now able to utilize this new frequency of light sourced from your heart to create and birth new patterns of creation for yourself. This is your gift to yourself. Every individual has this ability, and you can only create your individual heart’s desire within your heart. As you claim your power and open into the conscious action of creating, you move yourself into another step of the self-realization process of your enlightenment. You set in motion this conscious choice action of creating. This is your self-empowerment!

COMPLETE ROLE The spiritual realms are playing a more complete role on Earth at this juncture, and this is due to the higher vibrational components that exist within your planet and the vast change within your own physical body. You can utilize them and call them forward to support you as you develop your creation energy. They can assist you in stabilizing your 1 0  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

energy as you build your heart’s desire. This anchoring will allow you to be able to engage more fully within the energy of your creation as it builds in form. An essential aspect of creation is your willingness to fully engage within the building energy of your heart’s desire. Allow yourself to move your awareness within the energy of your creation as you build the details and open up the picture fully of what you desire. As the energy begins to grow and your awareness flows within the desire, you become fully aligned to your creation. As this desire evolves, you sense a feeling of joy or an excitement within. As you open your awareness deeper and engage with that feeling, you become more fully engaged emotionally into that which is building within you. This allows you to be actively a part of this essence of your creation. As you actively engage this creation process within your heart, you set in motion within you the access to your pure sacred force of communion. You begin to deepen your realignment to the pulse of the Universal consciousness, where you have always been linked and have always resided. With each pulse you are linked further within your home space and aligned to the sacred communion of your God light of your Higher Self. Now is your time to move and reposition yourself, to realign to your place within the Universal God consciousness. All is in readiness within you. Everything has been energetically aligned within your heart for you to be empowered into your natural state of God light. Blessed are you as we hold you and witness you as you enter this crossroads of transformation. Know that as you reclaim your self in this way, you align to your natural heritage of the Earth. Only you, as an inhabitant of the Earth, can resurrect your planet. We can support you in your awakening, however only you can participate in the role of fully and actively re-entering the Universal consciousness. You carry the sacred code of reactivation within your heart. Each of you holds individual and unique aspects of these codes. Collectively, these codes fit perfectly together, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Your destiny now is for you to come together. Collectively, you are to forge the transformation and transmutation on Earth. Love each other and appreciate the connections through your God consciousness states that exist between you. Let go of the separating elements created by the ego mind. Bond through your heart and allow the love to flow and grow within you. Link into the vast limitless love that you carry within and allow the love to flow and flourish through you. Remember, “You are who you have been waiting for!” You are vast! You are love!

PROCESS TO ALIGN WITHIN YOUR HEART FOR CREATION OF YOUR HEART’S DESIRE: 1. Place the palms of your hands on your full chest area. This is your heart space. Bring your awareness where you feel your palms meet your chest, and take a conscious breath (in and out of the mouth) into that space and let go. 2. Feel, sense or see the space open and allow your awareness to flow within the opening. As you take another conscious breath and let go, you naturally align deeper within the space. Consciously choose to open and anchor within this space of your heart with your awareness. 3. Bring in the sacred sound that interacts and opens you into this new space of your sacred heart. This sound will align you with the Christed energy within the cells. Say, ESTAHN AENNN (pronounced estarn ay enn). 4. Build your unique aspect of this sound within the space. Open your awareness within the light that begins to be revealed within the space of your heart. You use the conscious breath to let go and align deeper within the space. 5. Continue to utilize the sound until the space is fully illuminated and open. Remember, you will see, sense, feel or just have a knowingness of this space opening as it fills with light. 6. When it is fully open, begin to bring your heart’s desire within the space. Witness this birthing of your heart’s desire grow and birth energetically within the space of your heart. 7. Allow your full awareness to engage with this birthing energy, open to the feeling of joy and excitement that is growing. Your fulfillment is opening within the space. Continue to let go and become one with the entire energy, which is birthing within this multidimensional space of your heart. 8. You can even use the sound, ESTAHN AENNN, within the creation energy of your heart’s desire. Doing this brings your unique frequency within the creation energy. 9. When you feel complete, the birthing of your heart’s desire is complete. Let go of all the old concepts from your ego mind as to how this creation can come to pass within your world. All is in hand. You can let go and trust the outcome. Blessings, The Pleiadians. a CHRISTINE DAY is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



Turn on Your Guiding Light! How to Develop, Sharpen Your Personal Intuition BY


First of a 4-part series BACK IN THE 1960S (ah, yes, I remember them well) we used the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out!” I was no activist then, nor now, never marching for a cause or writing my congressmen. However, I was a radical thinker who always believed that we are spirits having a human experience, and believed strongly that peace and love will prevail in our chaotic world. I still believe those things. “Turn on, tune in, and drop out” now has a new spiritual meaning for me: turn on your intuition, tune into it, and drop out of fear-based decision making! Our inner self, our intuition, is like a beacon shining from the lighthouse of our spiritual Self, illuminating the waters of our lives. What is intuition? It is the inner knowing we all have inside, our invisible antenna that deciphers information from the energy with which we engage — physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. Yes, we all have it! Some people are born more aware of their intuition than others, for it can be genetically influenced, personality inclined, or brought forward from a former life. Engaging with intuition is a skill that anyone can develop and sharpen. It’s like any other skill, like playing the piano, for instance. Everyone reading this article has the ability to play the piano. Only a small percentage of us will choose to learn the skill of how to play the piano. Even fewer will practice enough to desire playing in front of other people. Only a few people will decide to practice enough to play in a recital or play in Carnegie Hall. Intuition is no different. If you want to develop your intuition, you control how clear it becomes by how much you wish to continuously practice it. Where does our intuition come from? It is

centered in our gut. We use three “brains” in our body to make decisions: our head brain, our heart brain, and our gut brain. Our head brain is in charge of the logic and analysis of a situation, our heart brain is in charge of how we feel about it, and our gut brain is in charge of how we instinctively sense it. The gut brain is the foundation of all three. The gut is where our survival instinct resides. It is our solar plexus chakra, the one containing both fear and spiritual power. What kind of intuition do we have? There are many kinds, but the most common are clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and claircognizance (knowing). We all are able to use all of the types of intuition, but will have a stronger default one to begin with. How do we tap into it or turn it on? We start practicing our intuition by using it on things we have no emotional attachment to in the outcome. For example, when standing in line at the coffee shop, ask intuition what the person in front of you is going to order — coffee, tea or frappé. Then just be open to what arrives in your inner vision. Hear inside your head, or just know. If you are correct in your intuition, and especially if you are not correct in your intuition, remember what it felt like in your body when you received the intuitive information. None of us are 100 percent accurate, due to our own filters, so it’s most important to know what it felt like when we were not accurate so we can use it as a reference in the future. Over the next three months, I will offer follow-up articles with more exercises on developing each of the three styles of intuition and explain more about intuition. In the meantime, practice the above exercise in as many kinds of ways you can imagine. a JEAN WALLIS is a psychic in Minneapolis who currently teaches courses on Emotional Empowerment, Universal Energy and Psychic Development, Exploring our Body, Mind, and Spirit, Eternal Love Meditation, and Kwan Yin Healing. Contact her at 612.874.1453 or jeanwallis@ COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

New Books to support your Inner World In her Books for Transformation series, Ruth Cherry, Ph.D., presents Transformational Psychology to the general public. Her foundation, practicing as a clinical psychologist for 40 years, informs her writing as she merges the dynamics of healing, psychologically and spiritually. “The outer world reflects the inner world,” she writes. Then she teaches readers to know, listen to, and work with their own inner world processes. After reading the four books, readers develop skills journal writing, meditating, practicing presence, surrender 1 2  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

and availability, as well as understanding their own conflicts. Ruth’s approach to identifying unconscious processes in terms of subpersonality relationships gives readers a tool to define healing. As they pay attention to the details of their inner worlds, readers open to unimagined possibilities in their outer worlds. Ruth’s four books in the Books for Transformation series are Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment, Accepting Unconditional Love, Transformation Workbook, and Open Your Heart, available from Amazon and from a


Adapt & Cross-pollinate Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac BY


WE MAY FEEL LIKE POLLEN blowing on the summer breeze as June begins. The Sun and Mercury in mutable Gemini help us adapt to new situations, meet new people, be flexible and adjust to changing schedules. Our feelings are deep and generally stable as Venus in earthy Taurus trines Pluto June 2. Our thoughts join our feelings in the depths and our memories sit with us after June 4 as Mercury enters oceanic Cancer on June 4. Make plans for the summer with chosen or biological family around June 7, as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Summer romances and interesting new connections began to blossom as Venus enters Gemini June 8 and Mars trines Neptune June 14. Stay alert for important new connections. Mid-June helps us feel excited to tackle real work but also potential cranky frustration as Mars and Mercury, both now in self-protective Cancer, oppose serious Saturn. We may feel pulled between our responsibilities and summer joy, and need to find a balance between obligation and what feeds our life force. These issues can intensify and stimulate confrontations, which echo in the headlines June 18-20 as Mercury and Mars conjunct in Cancer and opposed Pluto. Step beyond the confrontation and find the creative solution. Summer begins on June 21 as the Sun enters Cancer. Let dinner-time conversations become an enjoyable performance art after Mercury enters Leo on June 26. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…Attend your changing circumstances as the month begins; take care of material concerns, rebuild, garden, putter. Communication is essential June 8-19; follow up on leads, return phone calls and emails. Play it safe but honest June 19-20, and defuse rather than explode a situation. Domesticate after June 23. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…As June begins, your charm is showing; open doors and make connections. Shift your focus to your resources, inventory and repair after June 8. Mid-month, help mediate tension with siblings and neighbors, just don’t engage their craziness. Feed the senses and health as summer begins. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…You’ve been doing some internal healing, behind-the-scenes clarifying, and now people want to get to know the new you. Enjoy. Mid-month, translate between differing opinions, help people understand another’s perspective. Be wary of sudden expenses; don’t argue about it, just take care of business. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Take responsibility for your sense of security this month. Nurture relationships, do not tax them, as the month begins. June 14-19,

keep your hackles under control; promote safety, but through strength, not defense. Feel a renewal of health and enthusiasm after June 21, and share the bounty. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Enjoy the social buzz in early June. As you encourage others in opportunities at work and in the community, you will feel more appreciated. Manage your inner ghosts and hidden insecurities mid-month; listen for hidden problems, and handle with grace. Relax and renew as summer begins. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…Follow up on public relations opportunities in early June, and be visible. Work opportunities stay active until June 16-19; take that time to do the inner work and avoid external confrontations. Turn your attention to friends and community as summer begins, for they need your attention. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…Let your heart be deeply touched as the month begins. After June 8, look for the humor, connect with other cultures, learn from foreign friends, explore what expands your mind. Offer this more global perspective around others’ tensions mid-month. June 21-26 opportunities and appreciation abound. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…Empathy can transform your perception into a compassionate gift. Practice with beloveds in early June. Take the conversation within and behind-the-scenes mid-month and step away from the arguments and step into understanding another’s perspective. Let your curiosity take you off the beaten track as summer begins. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…Don’t just charm yourself out of misunderstandings,

get to the crux of the matter for mutual benefit. Take a step back, let others take the brunt of work mid-month, but be their backup and appreciative support system. Let your curiosity take you on an adventure as summer begins. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)…All year long use your professional and personal authority wisely; build those muscles, but do it for the common good. Mediate arguments mid-month, just don’t get caught up in the dogfight. Empower others and they will lighten your workload. Nurture and enjoy new friendships after summer solstice. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…Keep the art supplies handy and find a creative solution to difficulties. Stand by family members as the month begins. Mid-month, watch health issues, take care of animals and odd chores. The creative flow returns after the summer solstice. June 26 on, look for interesting new arrivals. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Family, chosen or bio, needs attention as the month begins; they won’t follow your advice, even if you are right, but keep them talking. Creative projects and romance knock mid-month; use an apparent crisis as an opportunity to grow connections. Warmth and ease flow in as summer begins. a HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS is a heart-centered and choice-oriented astrologer, palmist and ceremonialist. Her book, Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life using the Moon Signs and Cycles, brings real astrology into an accessible format. her For a daily view, read Starcodes at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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And then when your heart and soul are filled with sacred wisdom, you will experience adventure activities, including a thrilling zip line tour, aerial park through the trees, a private river boat cruise along the Columbia River Gorge, create your own Spirit Stick and so much more! Celebrate Your Life Skamania takes place just 45 minutes from Portland, OR, Airport tucked away at Skamania Lodge on 175 acres of beautifully wooded forest overlooking the majestic Columbia River Gorge. Come join us this Summer for an adventure of a lifetime! To learn, more visit www. or call 480.970.8543. a JUNE 2019 THE EDGE  


Our Connections with the Stars Insight from the 2019 Star Gathering Speakers Cosmologist Carl Sagan once said, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.” Indeed, we are. But the connections do not end there. The six keynote speakers at the 2019 Star Gathering June 22-23 in Mankato will remind us that our souls have deep connections with star systems, near and far. The Star Gathering will take place at the Hope Interfaith Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, MN. The cost is $122 for one day or $222 for the entire weekend. Spots are limited, and participants are encouraged to register early by calling the Hope Interfaith Center at 507.351.1374, or email hopeinterfaith01@ Learn more at www.hopeinterfaithcenter. com. This year’s gathering features six reputable speakers: Rev. Janice “Hope” Gorman of the Hope Interfaith Center, master of ceremonies; Rev. Kari Chapman on the Akashic Records; Joy Elaine on Non-Duality and the Fairies; Bryan McClellan on Energy Work for Self and Gaia; Caroline Oceana Ryan on Abundance; and Lori Spanga on Animal Communication and Ascension. Included here are brief insights by each of them on our connections with the stars. a



I am from Pleiades, and yet had many lifetimes on Arcturus using sacred geometry. Arcturus is the most advanced star system in our Galaxy. Edgar Cayce stated that the Arcturians are highly advanced in technology and spirituality. The Arcturians know how to move through time and space using sacred geometry. We also are the ones who are responsible for the crop circles. Right now, I am encircled with my family from Pleiades. The common traits we have are: being very sensitive and empathetic, having a youthful energy, being natural peacekeepers, meditators and teachers, and having light features and blue-green eyes. Arcturus’ common traits are feeling drawn to lead or guide others, having intense eyes and being highly intuitive. We also have gifts of telepathic and alchemy. My experience of more than 20 years ago has brought me home to my roots. And with my traits, I developed the Hope Interfaith Center from the ground up. I’ve been bold enough to use my voice, brave enough to listen to my heart, and gutsy enough to go for it. We invite all to come to awaken to their star being roots and use their star quality traits to help open planetary eyes!


energy into the planet and heal Mother Earth. I soon realized it had a lot to do with me. There are locations around the planet where our souls left energy for us, and when we show up consciously and are emotionally mature, we can receive that energy and knowledge. This helped me greatly to further understand who I was and my assignment while on Earth. I have a very strong knowingness to serve and to help others remember who they are. I’m from the Omniverse, far outside the star systems in our galaxy and universes. I am a composite soul, or a hybrid of Sirian, Venus and Mars. It is my understanding that the vibration on planet Earth was raised to sustain the vibrations of the Omniverse, where souls have been coming from during the last 40-50 years. It used to be just walk-ins, but it’s not anymore. The energies on Earth have risen enough to support these star beings, who are teachers, healers, artists and leaders. Our DNA contains certain encodings that help others to awaken. When we come together, we help each other. There are many different origins of star beings: the Angelic Realm; interplanetary locations such as Sirius, Vega, Venus and Pleiades; hierarchies such as Buddhists and Christians; group soul, such as a Master or Family Soul; the Omniverse, a pure creative energy of Universal Mind/ Spirit; the Inner Earth; and recently many are coming from the future.

WE ARE ALL STAR PEOPLE, we are all made of stardust, but some of us hold the energy of systems from very far away.   While traveling to Egypt with my mentor and 10 others, including Gary & Isiah Beckman (of The Edge), we had an opportunity to be in the King’s Chamber in the ancient Great Pyramid of Giza. Ancient Egyptian culture revered the stars in the sky and believed they we were the birthplace of the Gods.   Our group was asked to go to Egypt to walk through a portal to remember — and eventually reveal to ourselves and others — that we were a group of star beings who reincarnated from other star systems to help open planetary eyes. In fact, that is where I was given the name “Hope.” Even though we have human traits, we also came bearing information and possessing traits of star-like qualities. There are many different star systems in the universe, but the most common and talked about by confessed star beings include Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and Orion. I become aware that

I CONSCIOUSLY WALKED-IN on Feb. 13 1982, and this is my first time to incarnate on Earth. I came in with very few, if any, veils and I remember. I never lost that connection with my soul and God/ Creator. It was extremely difficult in the beginning, being in a human body with all the emotions and  limitations that can come with it. Truly, the one thing that kept me sane was remembering who I am.  I  co-existed with the born-in soul for several years, learning all I could and how to be a human. On Nov. 11, 1995, Archangel Michael appeared to me, literally, and told me it was time for me to help escort the born-in soul home, and for me to come in completely and to get started on my soul contract. I needed to go out in the world and learn how to be human. I felt very alone in the beginning , until one day when I watched a TV  program called  “The Other Side” featuring Liz Nelson, who was starting a walk-in group in Minnesota. I felt overwhelmed with joy that I would be with others of like mind and soul. I would no longer be alone. This group was the best thing that happened for many of us. It was there where I met Hope, Gary Beckman and Tim Miejan. As my soul and spirit requested, I would go to many places around the world to help bring


I’VE FELT A POWERFUL connection to higher dimensional beings all my life. As a child, I thought first of Yeshua and the angels, because that was the spirituality I’d been taught. Yet, I also knew intuitively that faeries and elves lived in the woods behind our house.   One night in my mid-20s, as I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I saw star beings in a starship — who were clearly aware of my life energy and life mission — watching me and communicating with me energetically.   That began a fascination with star beings that has remained ever since. I am thankful to them for all they have given me — a broader outlook on life, an intercultural awareness, compassion and empathy for those whose lives are different from

mine, yet whose questions are similar to mine. We share such questions as: Why is our awareness so narrow, that we’re not conscious of those who live around the planet, and beyond? Why don’t we send out thoughts etherically that perfectly share our meaning and intention to the other person(s), instead of speaking words that get misunderstood and misinterpreted? Why don’t we approach differences in people and cultures with fascination and openness? Why don’t we value the heart as highly as we do the mind, and teach children to love first, accomplish second?  Star beings understand uniqueness and value it highly, while knowing and understanding that all life in the Universe is interconnected. No one stands alone. For this and all else, I thank them. They make the Starseed/Light Warrior path far more joyful. With much thanks to them, despite Earth life density, we are still moving forward on the path to a higher consciousness, and a higher love.


IN THE LATE ’80S, I attended a workshop during which I was asked to list my goals for different areas of my life — business, physical, family and spiritual. I was easily able to define the results I hoped to achieve for the first three areas, but when it came to listing any spiritual goals, I was unable to come up with even one. Returning to religion held no appeal for me, so I began an intense exploration of more esoteric subjects — Akashic Records reading, shamanism, angelic healing, past life regressions, and Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH). My studies in that energy modality helped me to find many of the answers I had been looking for. In addition, the physical, mental and emotional results I experienced were so uplifting that I began investigating how to use elements of SVH to assist the Earth.   When I received information from a fellow light worker about work he had done to assist the Ashtar Command, and intuited that it was incomplete, I visited some of the galactic councils of light overseeing Earth to request and receive the missing pieces for templates for the cities of light on Earth. With that information in hand, I stepped onto an Ashtar Command ship located on the 10th dimension above Earth. The ensuing conversation I had with Ashtar Commander Tonas was so intriguing I knew that I must return. When a “tall, dark and handsome” guy tells you he’s smitten with you the very first time you meet him…well, I had to learn what that was about! The information that he shared with me about our relationship and the possibilities for Earth’s future was so compelling I soon realized it was imperative to share it with the world, and The Joy Chronicles were born.


BECOMING ONE WITH the stars, or feeling more connected to them, is something that all living creatures on our planet Earth can do. The reality is, we are deeply connected, and, yes, dependent on our closest star, the sun, as we are on every star in our universe. I have been blessed with many experiences and teachers that have brought me to a oneness with the Universe, including the stars. My ability to experience this is largely due to these three things:   • My journey toward Spirit includes several near-death experiences that I had in my 20s and 30s. These types of experiences are not necessary for most people, but for me, they exposed me to new dimensions of reality and forced me to seek more in life than what I could perceive with my

five senses. This led me to many teachers and forms of spirituality and healing. • I discovered Yoga and Meditation. Yoga aligns the body with the sacred geometry of the Universe. Practicing the Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, not only aligns the body with the sun, but also the stars, the planets and everything within our universe. Meditation, in turn, aligns our very being — the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind — in an even deeper way. • The energy work that I do as the facilitator of Quantum Paradigm Shifts has enabled me to have amazing experiences of healing and adventure with my clients every time I do a session or workshop. The work I do is for anyone looking for energy healing or to expand their consciousness to the possibilities that arise from quieting the mind and going into a deeply meditative and altered state. With openness and willingness, we can experience not only the stars, but the entire Cosmos.


I AM WHAT is referred to as a Braided Starseed, a being who recognizes her human embodiment and the linear story of my earthly experience, while at the same time, has keen knowledge and memory of my starseed and galactic family origins, including my experience as a star being on other planetary bodies and as a member of various galactic nations. I also recognize myself as a member of the High Angelic order, which means I know myself as both an ascending angel and also a descending angel, an angelic being who descended into a physical body. I have always been a wanderer, even before my star being self-interwove and braided into with my human self, searching for some kind of identity and alignment with these higher aspects of myself. Even then I was aligned with my mission; I had a deep love for animals and I wanted to be of service on a global scale. When my brother died of an unexpected drug overdose 20 years into my professional life, I had my big wake-up call. Because of this dramatic awakening, I quit my day job and relocated to Maui, where I had an “induction experience” with my star family, followed by several non-traditional near death experiences that unified me with the non-physical realm and allowed me to up-level into this time-space reality where ascension is happening for the whole of humanity. I was completely transformed. Ultimately, here’s my truth: I am an oversoul of the Divine Source, here on a mission to assist humanity through the awakening process on planet Earth, throughout this galaxy and interdimensional realities, by providing the expansion of consciousness and the alleviation of suffering, in the highest and best ways I am able to.



Empathology 101 TOOLS FOR HUMANS SENSITIVE TO ENERGY An Interview with Jeremiah and Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness TIM MIEJAN Edited for space. Please read the full interview at BY

PERIODICALLY OVER THE COURSE of time, groups of people perceived as different have come onto the planet to help transform humankind. People who are highly sensitive to other people’s energy, known as empaths, represent one such group, and they are emerging now to support the personal transformation of humankind during this time of great change, according to Jeremiah and Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness. They are presenting the three-day workshop, Empathology 101™ — Tools & Training for People Sensitive to Energy, on June 21-23 at the Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center in Chaska, MN. Jeremiah and Amanda Rangel spoke with The Edge about this event and why empaths are important at this time in our collective evolution.

For the unfamiliar, what is an empath and what are the signs that you might be one, but not know it? Jeremiah Rangel: An empath is somebody who is more spiritually, emotionally and energetically more sensitive, more in tune. Empaths come to Earth to help people who are elevating in consciousness or connecting with life. There is a difference between being an empath and having intuition. Every human being can use intuition and their intuitive faculties as a part of being, but an empath is somebody who feels more and cares more about humanity or nature, about the evolution of consciousness, and they’re built and born with a specific life’s purpose to help humanity in a very specific way. Amanda Rangel: Discovering that you are an empath is a different process for everybody. Some people might just go through life feeling extra sensitive when they’re around large groups of people or family or friends, almost so sensitive to the point where they decide that they don’t like to be around large groups of people. That is somebody who is very likely an empath because they have that sensitivity to energy, the energy around them, 1 6  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

but they haven’t necessarily learned how to develop that skill, to be able to use it in a way that works for them. Somebody might realize that they’re an empath by their friends, family or co-workers coming to them, because they’re the go-to person to get advice when someone’s having a hard time. Others may start to feel better just being around an empath because the empath has the ability to tune into the energy of other people and upgrade it. They might not know how they’re doing it, but it’s something that’s happening.

Jeremiah: An empath is what we call the white sheep of the family. Some people say, “Oh, I was the black sheep of the family,” which is like being the odd one out, so to speak, but a lot of families have what we call darkness, meaning the absence of light. It’s unconsciousness, underdevelopment, maybe hurt, maybe fear. Empaths are just a little bit more developed. People see that you can sense more, and you can feel more of what is going on inside of somebody, what is going on in their life. Some of the things that need to be developed with an empath, which we are going to present in our Empathology training, is how to not take on energy, how to not be too sensitive. Some people have 0 percent feeling, they are not tuned into their feelings, and then there are those on the other side — empaths —who feel everything. They may not be able to go to the Mall of America or out in public because it’s too much energy. They may think, “I’m really sensitive, I can get hurt easily” or “I go places that don’t really fit with me, and I take on that energy, and I don’t

know how not to.” Empaths usually realize they have spiritual gifts, but they don’t always have a lot of people to talk with or get training from.

What daily challenges do empaths have in their lives? Amanda: What I found is that a lot of those who are drawn to our IntraAwareness offerings — coaching and courses and classes and such — are empaths. A part of them knows that they can get help by coming to events or being around us. But I’ve also noticed that some people don’t even know that that’s what is going on. Everybody is not an empath. As we’re going through life having our own experiences, we build our own map of the world, how we see things and feel things. It’s easy to assume that everybody else is having the same experience. A challenge for an empath is that everybody isn’t having the same experience. When most people walk into a room full of strangers or family and friends, they aren’t necessarily picking up on the energy from individuals within that room. Whereas an empath will automatically do that and not know that their experience is just fundamentally different than the other people who are close to them. Jeremiah: When I grew up, I was just more open than most people around me, and people would open up to me. They would share things with me that they didn’t share with anybody else. They opened up about sexual abuse or physical abuse or things they had never told anyone else. A good friend’s girlfriend would tell me things that

she wouldn’t tell her boyfriend or her parents. People who are empaths are more open and people feel more open around them — and that’s a really great thing. Empaths in work environments usually are the peacemakers, the ears to go to in tough situations. But the flip side in a work environment is that when a meeting happens and the boss blows up or a fight happens, they might unconsciously take on that energy and not know what to do with it. It’s kind of like taking out some garbage except you bring it home with you, without wanting it.

Amanda: And not knowing you have it. Jeremiah: It’s part of the built-in ability of an empath to take more on than normal, but you don’t have to take on everything. We get the memo that we’re here on the planet to help humanity with something, but that can be overwhelming. A lot of empaths get overwhelmed trying to take on too much without the right training. Amanda: If there’s a situation at work that gets heated and maybe there’s anger, an empath could take that on without knowing it, and bring it home. Then it starts to affect their home life. They’ve brought this energy back with them, but they just simply don’t have the tools or training to know how to transmute it. They came to Earth to help transmute that, but they haven’t yet got the memo on how to do that. Some people bring work home in a briefcase or on their computer. Empaths can bring work home energetically and have that reflected to their children, to their significant other, in a less-than-positive way. What sets this workshop apart from others on the topic? Jeremiah: This is going to be foundational training. It’s Empathology 101, the study of being an empath. It’s the foundational version that every empath must have to be successful in this life. There are a lot of common patterns, common denominators of successful empaths. A lot of people who do workshops, especially spiritual workshops, might have some experiences and then they teach from those experiences. My spiritual gifts are a little bit different. One of my biggest spiritual gifts is to help other people develop theirs. I’ve worked personally with over 6,000 clients, and I have over 155,000 hours of personal growth in my life, studying human self-mastery. Part of what we’re going to do is ancient esoteric technology that we went to India to learn. I studied for 10 years in India at a place where Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama and Oprah Winfrey went, and we learned some ancient spiritual technology that not a lot of empaths have access to. Our workshop is going to be systematic, very balanced between psychological and spiritual. We’re going to give a very technical and very personalized way of how to develop as an empath. Amanda: One thing that sets our workshop apart from others is that we have four empaths who are teaching this course, with more than six decades of experience combined. We have lived our lives as empaths and have honed in on the challenges that

we have had and how we overcame them. We’re really looking to help raise up those who are out there, those this resonates with. We purposely set this up for three days. Each day a ton of information is given on multiple levels and then it’s really important to have those two nights of integration and rest time and be able to come back the next day to have questions answered, to be able to share insights, to get that confirmation of really what happened the day before.

What is your sense of how the lives of participants who attend Empathology 101 will be changed? Amanda: Based off of past specialty courses that we have had, from the first day empaths will start to feel more empowered, like they’re knowing themselves better. There will be a lot of “aha” moments, but not just from the head, with the mind going, “Oh, okay, I get that now.” This training is really going to be imbedded into their operating system as a human. What I see is people leaving with a lot more self-love, being able to be more gentle with themselves, being able to set healthy boundaries in all environments. Healthy boundaries are never what the mind thinks that they are. Healthy boundaries means being able to have really harmonious relationships that work for somebody. So many times I hear empaths say they’re so busy feeling that they often look back on interactions and wish in hindsight that they would have said something or done something differently. The empowerment that we’re talking about is being able to, in the moment, be so connected within yourself that a flow comes through you and you’re able to share exactly what you’re feeling and what you need in each moment. Jeremiah: People who come to this workshop are going to say things like, “Finally. You’re speaking my language. This finally makes sense. You just clearly said what I was feeling.” And we’re going to put listening to language to what they’re feeling. It’s so important to be able to maneuver and navigate the internal spiritual world out into the physical world. We need people in high levels of consciousness on the planet who can live practically in the world. They’re going to get the tools and resources that they have been looking for. Most empaths are independent. Most empaths try to do it by themselves, but nobody can do anything by themselves. Nobody can birth themselves. Nobody can grow anything without the sun. I can go on and on. We need the universe. We need the world. We need other human beings. And so healing with a team is important. The biggest realization they’re going to get is, “I don’t have to do it all by myself.” a For more information on Empathology 101, visit and empathology-101tm-tickets-51938408177. TIM MIEJAN is editor & co-publisher of The Edge magazine. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or Visit The Edge online at COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




Collaboration: How to be the ‘Good Wolf’ BY


WHAT DOES IT MEAN to you to find your own place in the world? Some of us, when asked such a question, might think about a specific location — a town, family home or perhaps a place somewhere in nature, a sanctuary where they can feel safe, protected, away from the rest of the world. Others may believe that another way to find our own place in the world is to find our true passion, doing things that bring us joy, doing what we love. In other words, our place on Earth is where we can be at peace, where we can find fulfillment, no matter whether such a place is an actual place or a state of mind. I am one of those who always seeks more opportunities to express my passion for life, growth, spiritual development and spreading my “creative wings.” Mind you, this isn’t a story about my life experiences, although I will reach to them to share with you some beautiful things. This is a story about a pack of “good wolves.” Whenever we bring our deepest desires to life and plant our dearest ideas into reality, we look for the best ways to get to the place of our destination. And when that journey begins, it is best not to travel alone. I learned that simple truth very quickly when I was finishing university and beginning my career as a film director, producer and screenwriter. When you are making a film, a whole team of people needs to be involved to bring it to the audience — who, as well, needs to be excited about the film and help it thrive in the community. For each journey, we begin with others — we create a specific pack. The success of the whole pack determines the success of each individual and the success of the entire undertaking. To create our pack, we might consider the old Cherokee story telling us about the “bad” and “good” wolf residing and battling in each of us. The first one represents anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. Whichever of these two we feed, it wins. At the beginning of our collaboration with others, the first thing to do is to find our place in the “pack of wolves” and know which one

of our inner wolves will best contribute to our common goal. When a pack of wolves travels in nature, they organize themselves in a particular structure: • The first few in front are old and sick. They walk in front to set the pace. • The next several others are the strongest. They protect the front side from an attack. • The middle group is fully protected. • The several behind them are also among the strongest. They protect the back side of the pack. • The last wolf walking behind the entire pack is the leader. The role of the wolf leader is to ensure that no one is left behind, the pack is tight and on the same path. The leader is ready to run in any direction to protect the pack at all times. Being the “good wolf” leader is not about being in front. It’s about taking care of the entire team. When we apply the same strategy to our own business venture, we naturally understand that any company is only as good as its members. It’s not the quality of our product that makes it successful in the world. It is the quality of the leaders and their teams that, above all, make the difference. Being the “good wolf” leader is about being genuine, providing help, always paying attention, building close relationships, connecting with those who share our passions, persistence, and respect. It all comes back to helping others — from the person who brings us coffee to the top authority in our industry. Once we take care of others, everything else tends to take care of itself. Our genuine heart always finds a way to invite the world to be in our corner. a JOHANNA KERN is a transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author of Master and the GreenEyed Hope, 365 (+1) Affirmations to Create A Great Life and Secrets of Love for Everyone. She practices and shares The Master Teachings of HOPE. Her story received international attention, winning praise by readers in North America and Europe, and endorsement by three world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology, the study of dreams and hypnosis, psychophysiology, parapsychology, psi, human development and neuro-computing. Johanna helps people to find their own power and progress in all areas of their lives: life and career paths,  health and emotional problems, family issues, relationships and spirituality. Visit and COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Conscious Co-Creation & Collaboration Spirit Leaves


I’M NOT SURE EXACTLY when my awakening came, but after a certain point, I knew I was unable to live a strictly conventional life. My true self would no longer be ignored or compromised. That makes this month’s topic tricky, because the alliterated concepts of “co-creation” and “collaboration” connote “teamwork” — and I haven’t always been the best “team player.” The challenge, as I see it, is to be able to work effectively with others without surrendering my individual connection to guides and Holy Ones, or my own authenticity. One way to view it is that co-creation exists on the ethereal plane; collaboration is its mirror on the human plane. As above, so below. Several years ago, the phrase began surfacing like a mantra that we are all “co-creators” with God, the Creator. I loved the spirit of it. Its intention was to acknowledge that inspiration arises from a divine, intuitive connection; by contrast, work sprung of ego mind alone tends to be intriguing but soulless. Problems arose when writers and coaches appropriated the phrase and tried to “organize” it. They began promulgating rules and procedures for how to co-create effectively. As Cedric wisely reminds me, “You cannot organize spirituality.” Channeling is the co-creative vehicle for spiritual and creative endeavors. The process entails a unique and private connection between individuals and their guides. No one can circumscribe it, or dictate the right way to perform it. Co-creation is not always about reaping monetary rewards, although that may be a side benefit. Not everyone is busy “manifesting wealth.” Lao Tzu wisely observed, “Chase after money, and your heart will never unclench.” Ideally, co-creation opens the heart, strengthening our connection with the higher self, allowing us to admit into the world a profusion of intricate, beautiful ideas and energies. Effective collaboration begins  see CONSCIOUS on p. 20


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spontaneously. From the get-go, prospective collaborators seem harmoniously linked in some ethereal way. Old souls are instinctively familiar with that vibration: they’ve been around, and they just don’t give a hoot. They’ll voice a clear, direct and honest opinion. Those around them of the same ilk instantly appreciate their forthrightness. Clashes of opinions, lively debates, interjections of multiple perspectives and angles — these drive all vital collaborations. Author, editor, publisher and empath Sue Stein and I collaborated to produce my book, Creative Writing for Geniuses. We are both HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) who have largely retreated into hermitic existences: Sue has her hobby farm and critters, and I’m safely ensconced in my writer’s turret. Still, as we re-enter the final phase of revisions, the venture remains joyful. There is freedom on both sides to hurl off-thewall observations and alternative suggestions — sprinkled with liberal doses of amusing epithets and exclamations. Sue’s running commentary — bursting forth in contrasting “ink” on the computer screen — always makes my day! No man or woman is an island. At some point, my editor and I feel directed to bring our talents out into the world. Sue works both online and in person with authors and editors, assisting them with direction, skilled editing and publication support; she hosts writers’ festivals. I teach composition and literature at a community college and love trading ideas with my “hallway colleagues”

seek peace daily

in the English Department. Even with the occasional public foray, we strive to keep our channels open and clear while maintaining our own, individual styles. We allow ourselves plenty of downtime to process and decompress so that, when we do collaborate, our spirits are intact, inspiring others with fresh, original insights. When I think of the essence of co-creation and collaboration, I try not to linearize them. Opportunists hear the term “co-create” and declare, “I get it: partner with God and ‘manifest’ anything I wish!” They hear the word “collaborate” and think, “Compromise!” There’s truth in these associations, but wish fulfillment is not the end point of spiritual growth. Compromise goes better with business and politics than spiritual and creative endeavors. Co-creation and collaboration involve stepping into a greater light, one that radiates brilliantly for all. Human work is thereby transformed into the joyful, purposeful indulgence of our strengths and talents for the simultaneous benefit of self and others. a JANET MICHELE RED FEATHER, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota and sings in nine different languages. Janet was a full-time defense litigator in California for nearly eight years. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. A regular columnist for The Edge, she has also appeared in Psychic Guidepost, FATE Magazine and Species Link. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a fulltime, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College, having taught Composition and Literature for a span of 20 years. COPYRIGHT © 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




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FENG SHUI SERVICES Residential/Business consultations, mentoring, energy clearing, workshops Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437,

ASTROLOGY What is your unique life journey all about? You are a precious soul who came here with your own life calling and destiny. What is in Your Future? When and Why? Rivka is highly experienced in Kabbalistic astrology charts reading. Rivka, 952.393.9961,

FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. In business 37 years. Contact Martin Bulgerin. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

BODYWORK & BREATHWORK Gently transform limiting patterns at their core. Restore well-being of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Experience your life’s flow/fulfillment. Lee Timm Beaty, Light Heart Unlimited, 612.721.7108,

HEALING TOUCH & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Relax with a meditation, intuitive healing touch and chakra balance, then enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage, all for $75 for first-time clients (2 hours). Edgar Massage & Chakra Balance, 5215 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.384.4572,

BOOK PUBLICIST Sara Sgarlat works with authors — established as well as unknown — to create innovative and highly effective campaigns.  Sgarlat Publicity, Sara Sgarlat, 434.245.2272,,

HERBS: 600+ medicinal & cooking herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, new and used books, Natural healing practitioners available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

BREATH WORK / ENERGY HEALING / SOUL COACHING: Heal your Body, Clear your Blocks, Enhance your Soul Connection, Transform your Life. Soul Breathing™ workshops and group sessions ongoing. Individual Breath Sessions / Pranic Healing® / NPMDT® / Bemer®  by appointment.  Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh., 651.442.4623,,

HOMEOPATHY: 2,000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, We buy and sell new and used books. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245,,, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

CRYSTALS, STONES, STONE ENERGY Ki Stones features mineral specimens, crystals, tumbled stones (over 150 types), decorator pieces, jewelry. In-home store open. Call for an appointment. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Maple Grove, 763.420.9017,,

HYPNOSIS: Karie’s mission is to help people find peace within themselves. Offering Healthy, Happy Healing Options for All. Karie is working on her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling and has multiple certifications. Inner Healing Hypnosis, 1001 Kingwood Street, #127, Brainerd, MN, 208.55.RELAX,,

EMOTION CODE/ ENERGY HEALING: An energy healing technique that releases trapped emotions, which are harmful energies from negative past events. Clearing trapped emotions helps the body to heal. All sessions are done remotely, meaning you don’t have to leave home or work. Tree of Life Healing, Colleen Picha, ECCP, CMT, 507.649.0580,, 

HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? Over 15 Years Experience. Located in St. Paul. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, 651.649.1952,




HYPNOTHERAPY Client-centered hypnotherapy. Why not start today? The rest of your life is waiting for you! Located at 311 4th St. SW, Suite 211, Willmar MN. Jessica L Hanson, CHt, LLC, Willmar Hypnosis, 320.979.6875,,

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT / SOUL READINGS Soul Readings for clarity and guidance. Psychic Development classes to heal, reclaim your gifts, and consciously create with your own unique body/soul partnership. Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861,,

HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy.™ Transform limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, habits, 5 Pillars of Balance, Spiritual Direction, Conflict Resolution Skills. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis & Coaching, 651.216.0085,

PSYCHIC MEDIUM INTUITIVE ENERGY WORK & GUIDANCE: Kimberly is a local Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Energy Intuitive who offers Energy Work and Guidance. HopeHealing By Kimberly,, HopeHealing.Me

HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING - CERTIFIED ALL LEVELS: Past Life, Between-Lives Regression. Private & Group Sessions, Healing, Spiritual Mentoring. 20+ years experience. Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., LBLt, CHt, 612.709.5578,,

REIKI HEALING Experience the divine energy of Reiki for balance, relaxation, wellness. Treatment sessions. Studentoriented training for all levels. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Reiki Master-Teachers, 763.420.9017,

INTUITIVE READINGS, ENERGY HEALING & E-MENTORING: Sara Astraya supports your personal and professional growth. Soul Purpose Reading includes 7+ page report and E-Mentoring sessions via email and Zoom video conferencing. Sara Astraya Intuitive Readings, 651.528.9364,

SOUND HEALING & FENG SHUI: Sound Healing, Sacred CeremoniesThe Blessing, Receiving Your Wings of Light Workshop, Feng Shui Appointments, Sound Healing on the Go: Your Home, Hospital or Hospice. HPSS Global, Inc., Gateways to Brilliance, Carolyn Vinup Event Mgmt & Business Consulting, 612.325.5162,,,

JOURNEY COACHING: Clear Mental Clutter thru radical self awareness generating energy for empowered living to authentically Step into YOUR Happy Mind, Body & Soul. Complimentary Hour Clarity Conversation.  Smiling Wellness, 612.554.9163,, 

SUFI Four Layers of the Heart. Jess Fauchier, 763.360.9259,,

MAGICKAL TOOLS: MoonCrafted Essentials of Shakopee, Minn., helps pagan practitioners reconnect to the magick that surrounds them every day. Handmade invocation candles, ritual soaps, bath potions, body butter, jewelry, crystals, and handfasting cords. MoonCrafted Essentials,,

TOTAL WELL BEING: Intuitive Readings, Healing & Energy Work, Nature & Wellness Retreats. Experience “Adventures with Liz” - Healing & Wellness Programs in Nature for Couples, Groups or Solo! Deeply Well, 651.269.9060,,

METAPHYSICAL SHOP: Palm Reading, Astrology and Psychic Readings Drumming & Meditation, Biomat Sessions available. We carry various products such as Crystals, Rocks, Cards, Jewelry, Dream Catchers & many gift items. Open Thursdays 3-8 Fridays 11-5, Saturdays 10-3 . At 26789 Forest Blvd., Wyoming, MN. Crescent Moon Metaphysical Shop, Nancy, 612.328.0891

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Jurema is much more than a psychic or a medium. She is a true soul healer, who is been transforming the lives of countless people in the U.S. and worldwide. Thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. a rich and diverse spiritual knowledge, resulting in an original approach to healing and counseling. Jurema is one of the most celebrated and popular professional psychics in the Upper Midwest. Her sessions by phone-video-in person are breathtaking and transformative. Appointments:,, 320.260.7305. Visit jurema@ 320.260.7305


I have been an intuitive tarot reader for 11 years. I am very honest and up front not only with what I am seeing in the cards, but what I am feeling as well. I do though express this information with complete tact and tender loving care. I have done my readings in a boutique and at expos with great success and my clients have left very happy. I also do private readings by appointments and by phone. 651.492.9917,,

651. 492.9917


Deborah is unlike any others, she will give you Names and Descriptions of people alive and or deceased from your past, present and future. Are you feeling lost, like you don’t have a clue which way to go? Be assured that Deborah Lynn11, with over 30 years experience, will Guide you to where YOU need to be.  Deborah Lynn 11, 651.439.5337,


I am a Psychic, Medium, Ghostbuster, Life Coach. I have happily traveled the world doing energy work, readings and ghostbusting. Readings/coaching gives you an opportunity to look within and access your wisdom, receiving knowledge that can assist when dealing with today’s challenges. Energy work and ghostbusting bring healing to you, your space, trapped souls, and the Earth.   Kathleen Kalil,

PATRICE CONNELLY, DIRECTOR OF QUESTFIELDS: INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT TEACHER, HEALER, STUDENT For 35 years I have taught and continue to teach Intuitive Development classes,

worked with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions in person or by phone bringing Spirituality, creativity and humor together. I offer practical hands on tools for students and clients to explore and to develop their own unique gifts working with their Spirit through soul, mind and body. It is a never-ending source of delight and pleasure to see students and clients become empowered in their ownership. Patrice Connelly, Questfields,




Allie Maurer is an International Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is passionate about her life’s purpose: utilizing her natural gifts to provide guidance, clarity, and healing to those looking for support. Her clients love her accuracy, honesty, authenticity, compassion, and that she always treats them as an equal. Whether it is connecting to a pet, deceased loved one, seek deeper knowledge to the events unfolding in your life or healing: she is here to help. Allie Maurer, 952.334.6496,,


Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. And one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful Healer. She is the genuine real deal! Alison James, 612.424.1411,,

a a


612.424.1411 CONTINUED ➤

W E I N V I T E YO U TO L I S T E N TO E D G E TA L K R A D I O Free monthly audio programs that expand the holistic conversation! Interviews and discussions.

Go to: or and click on Podcasts JUNE 2019 THE EDGE  


HOPE HEALING BY KIMBERLY Kimberly is a Spiritual Medium and Energy Healer who is dedicated to share her Wisdom and Divine Gifts to help with Hope & Healing. She has the Ability to Connect to your loved ones who have crossed over with Compassion & Care. During your reading you will feel feel your loved ones surround you and hear direct evidence, which can also release Trauma, Shame, Guilt, Fear to which you will find the Ability to move forward in life with Joy and comfort knowing your loved ones are safe and at peace. I look forward to meeting young your family. HopeHealing by Kimberly,, SOUL READINGS / BEGINNING & ADVANCED PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT CLASSES

I offer private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. I also offer beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. My passion is teaching others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.  Cindy Lehman, 612.669.1861,,



Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journeys, in this lifetime and past lifetimes. You are connected to this energy whether you are in soul form or human form. Akashic Readings allow you to learn your soul’s purpose and desired intents in this lifetime. This includes information regarding career choices, relationships, lifestyle choices and best possibilities for your future. An Akashic Reading can assist you in understanding your purpose and current life circumstances. Don Snyder, 763.300.7521,,


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Sacred Gatherings are $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Name, address, phone, email, website, gathering times & brief description. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis: Brookview Golf Course, 316 Brookview Parkway S., Golden Valley, 612.759.0870, — Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God. Whether we call it God, Spirit, Energy or Universal Intelligence, we are ever conscious that all people, places and things emanate from this Universal Intelligence that is within us and all around us. Using the principles of Science of Mind and the philosophies of our founder Ernest Holmes, the Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place. If you are ready to be home and in the flow of Good, come see us every Sunday for Meditation at 9:30am and our Sacred Service at 10am. Visit our website for upcoming life changing classes and motivating workshops. Eckankar / Temple of ECK: The Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, — Keys to spiritual experiences: Explore past lives, dreams and Soul Travel.  ECK Light and Sound Service: first Sunday of each month, 10-11am. Experience the Sound of Soul: third Sunday of each month, 10-11am.  Free Spiritual Exploration Classes: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm. Temple hours: Noon-9pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from noon to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tours available.


Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, — Raise your consciousness by attending our classes, workshops and Sunday Services led by amazing speakers! Raise your vibration in our beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register). Give us a try as part of your spiritual journey and feel the love of our heartbased community. Visit our community for: great meditations, yoga classes, speakers and programs that include mindfulness, developing your intuition, releasing negative beliefs, allowing greater abundance, and breaking the barriers to deep self-healing. Spirit United Church, 612.378.3602,, — Spirit United is a spiritually diverse community that has been undergoing transformation. We honor personal and planetary awakening through education, weekly wisdom teachings and playfulness. We welcome you to join us at our beautiful shared location: Harriet Alexander Nature Center, 2520 Dale St. N., Roseville, MN, for our Sunday morning gatherings at 10:30am to be inspired and uplifted by our diverse Ministerial Council. Our children are a vital part of our community and have a youth program at 10:30am too! Check out our website for additional educational opportunities and updates.


S E E K I N G , S E L L I N G , P R O M OT I N G

Classifieds are $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Category & text To be included: 763.433.9291 or

Unity Minneapolis: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis. 763.521.4793, — We are an allinclusive community that offers a positive, practical, everyday spiritual message. No matter which of our Sunday services you attend (8:30am Meditation only, 9:30 & 11:30am), you will experience a dynamic message and music program. We have an engaging youth program, as well as adult education classes, throughout the year. Our monthly healing service is at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Unity North Spiritual Center, 11499 Martin St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN, 763.754.6489, unity@, — Unity North Spiritual Center is committed to offering a space to support community members and youth in fulfilling their potential. Services and events include healing, prayer, men’s and women’s groups, meditation, sacred text and shamanic studies. UNSC serves the wider community through programs such as Family Promise and Family Table. Unity South Twin Cities: 7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.884.6656, — Whatever your religious background — or if participation in a spiritual community is new for you — you are welcome here. We invite you to join us for Sunday Services (9am and 10:30am), classes of self-discovery, social events and charitable team projects we do in our Minneapolis metro. Our youth program builds self-esteem through discovery classes and fun activities. For a 30-minute refresh we invite you to our inspiring and peaceful Prayer Services (M-Th, 11am). At Unity South, we honor the God-created beauty and worth in each person. Our spiritual community is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as practiced in daily living. Let’s celebrate one another!



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“The Edge at Aurapalooza” Edge Talk Radio Host Cathryn Taylor debuts a new free podcast that will preview Echo Bodine’s monthly Aurapalooza, the most happening metaphysical expo in the Cities. Join Cathryn on the 1st Saturday of each month as she speaks with vendors who will be at the event on the 3rd Saturday. 10 AM SATURDAY, JUNE 1 at, or call 714.364.4750 JUNE 2019 THE EDGE  







Happenings Events are $29 for up to 35 words, $45 for 36-70 words. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Date, title and text. Listing must include specific event dates and time, or it will be placed under Ongoing and not be included online. To be included: 763.433.9291 or or June 1 & 2 – Learn How to Access Your Akashic Records: Discover life-changing connection, clarity, wisdom and healing when you learn how to easily tune into your sacred Akashic Records. Confidently take your next steps forward aligned to the divine blueprint for your life. 10am-5pm at 600 Twelve Oaks Center Dr., Suite 209, Wayzata, MN. For more information: Dawn Marian, 612.568.8042, dawn@, June 2 – Essential Truths to Live By: Join people from all walks of life for ECK Light and Sound Service at the Temple of ECK.  Dynamic speakers, original creative arts, and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. 10am Sunday, June 2, and the first Sunday of every month, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,  7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, June 8 – Spiritual Awakening & Psychic Festival: Come experience the peace & joy of nature, animals, and the calmness of your own spirit. 30+ vendors offering their service in the area of: energy healing, animal communication, mediums, card readers, spiritual guidance, and much more. Products will be available for purchase, such as rocks & gemstones, jewelry, singing bowls, books, CDs, oracle cards, and much more. 4 Free Talks will be offered throughout the day. $5, 10am5pm Saturday, June 8 at Earthway Farm, 15832 County Rd. 7 South Haven, MN. For more info, call 320.236.7852 or Visit June 8 – Meditation With Oneness Blessings | Breath of Awareness: Your breath is an incredibly valuable resource for grounding and centering yourself in any situation so that you may respond vs. react. During this guided meditation followed by Oneness Blessings you will receive insights on how to upgrade your relationship with your breath in order to bring more awareness to just powerful breath awareness is.  You will be guided through a meditation and receive the Oneness Blessing from IntraAwareness Certified Oneness Blessing Givers.  11am-Noon at Sacred Space Yoga 2 6  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

+ Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662,, www. June 8 – Divine Waters | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: Journey with the drum and rattle to the Divine Waters within to receive a powerful ancient clearing for yourself and your ancestors. During this process you will be attuned to your personal internal Divine Waters so that you may travel there anytime you feel called to do so. Yoga mats, pillows & blankets provided, but feel free to bring your own as well. 12:30-1:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot: divinewaters.eventbrite. com. Info: 612.930.2662,, June 10 - July 1 – The Implications of Enlightenment: Creating Our World | Online: Most people don’t believe that they’re making a difference in this world that matters. Do you understand that your individual development and expansion is the pre-requisite to the transformation of this planet?  If you embraced that teaching to your core, what would be possible in your own life, let alone in the collective experience we’re all having? Learn how to fine-tune your frequency to affect deliberate change in your life. Online, Monday nights, June 10 – July 1. Register at workshop-the-implications-of-enlightenment/




life in Normandale’s expansive natural setting and learn how to utilize them for food and medicine. Plants and shrubs that are typically encountered and readily identifiable at this time include arrowhead, aster, catnip, goldenrod, plantain, Queen Anne’s lace, sow thistle, sumac, wild grape, wild plum, yarrow, and many others. $49, 5-7:30pm Wednesday, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, June 14 – Crystal Grid Experience: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. 6:30-7:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Mpls. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662,, www. June 16 – Experience the Sound of Soul: Discover your inner guidance, healing for body, mind, and spirit, and a higher form of creativity by chanting the sacred sound of HU. Spiritual discussion and light refreshments. Free. 10am Sunday, June 16, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200., June 15 - July 6 – Meditation and Yoga Practice and Philosophy Seminars with Sushi Sharma: indigenously trained Vedic minister and teacher in the Himalayan Yoga tradition. Seminars: Beyond Mindfulness, Women Sages of India, Yoga and Peace Stories for Children. For more info: www.

June 10 - July 22 – Tai Chi for Health: Tai Chi for health beginning follows the Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation program. Recommended as a starting point for your Tai Chi journey, this course will introduce Dr. Lams Simplified Sun Style Tai Chi in a safe and supportive environment. $65, Mondays 6:30-7:30pm, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343,

June 19 – Light Being Tribe Gathering | Online: You are invited to join our monthly Light Being Tribe Gatherings online occurring every Third Wednesday! These events are Live and Interactive. Come with your questions & curiosity, and continue your journey of expansion in a likehearted worldwide community. Receive expert advice on topics that are most important to you while becoming a member of like-hearted community. 6-7pm. Reserve your spot: LightBeingTribeGathering2019. Info: 612.930.2662,,

June 12 – Wild Plant Walk — Identification for Food & Medicine: Learn to identify and appreciate basic edible and medicinal uses of wild plants and shrubs of late summer and early fall. Explore plant

June 21-23 – Empathology 101™: Among 130 beautiful acres of nature including a lake with peaceful walking paths, this 3-Day Empathic Workshop is designed to accelerate the fire of

your Life’s Purpose, discover hidden dormant spiritual gifts, and receive esoteric spiritual and psychological technologies that will help you to know yourself better. Many unique processes will be offered to participants including a Sacred Homa Fire, and a nature walk through the eyes of a Shaman.  9:30am-6:30pm daily at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center, Chaska, MN. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662,, www. June 22 – THRIVE: Spiritual Sisterhood RetreatMindfulness, Manifestation and Magick: Join women for an empowering 1 day all-inclusive retreat with workshops, yoga, energy healing, nature and more. Learn how to be a co-creator in your life and realign with your souls’ journey. At Clifton E. French Park, Plymouth, MN. Info: www. June 22 & July 6 – Workshops with Timothy Hass: Timothy Hass, a phenomenal International speaker/teacher, is returning June 22 and July 6 to lead two full-day workshops, from 9:30am-4:30pm each day at Carondelet Center in St. Paul. Visit www. for details. Contact Spirit United Church at 612.378.3602 or June 22-23 – Star Gathering: The 2nd  Annual Star Gathering is a keynote experience with five esteemed speakers dedicated to sharing experiences to bring you new tools for personal and planetary ascension.  It will be a life changing experience! $122/day or $222/weekend. 8:30am-5:30pm Saturday and Sunday, Hope Interfaith Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, MN. Register online at www. or call 507.386.1242. June 27 – Connecting with Loved Ones in Heaven with Medium Maureen Allan: Join Medium Maureen for an intimate evening of connecting with Loved Ones in Heaven. She will bridge the gap between our world and Heaven’s; by channeling messages of love and closure from your family and friends on the Otherside.  This amazing experience of hearing comforting messages from your loved ones, validating that they are still with you, will leave you feeling inspired and grateful for the chance to reunite. $50, 7-9pm, Crown Plaza Northstar, 618 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis. Reserve your ticket at Funds created will be donated to to help abolish horse racing.



Free Podcasts in June June 1 – “The Edge at Aurapalooza” with Cathryn Taylor: Featuring interviews with vendors coming to the June event in Minneapolis. 10am, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio. com/edgemagazine. June 4 – “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns: Learning Well — Your partner in integrative health education. You’ll hear from fascinating experts who will share rich information designed to enhance your health, career and relationships. Learning Well…bringing growth, joy and inspiration to your life! This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health Education Center of Normandale Community College. 6pm, call

Listen anytime for free at or call at show time at 714.364.4750. Show archives: Explore every show at Host your own show: call 612.710.7720 or 763.433.9291 for details. 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at June 12 – “Edge Inner View” with Cathryn Taylor: Join host Cathryn Taylor as she speaks with a member of the Holistic Community in the Twin Cities. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at edgemagazine.

to relationships that are more give than take? Allow others to dominate our energy, time, and resources? Wouldn’t we evaluate our entire lives by a different standard that is based on an appropriate measure of love for self?  Of course we would. Online Course, Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm. Register at July 20 – Spirit Wellness Center 9th Annual Holistic Fair: Over 25 Psychics, Healers and Vendors plus free lectures! 9am-5pm Saturday, July 20, Dakota Ridge Best Western Hotel, 3450 Washington Dr., Eagan MN. $5 admission. Info: call Kellie at 612.804.4463 or email

June 27 - July 1 – Celebrate Your Life Skamania Retreat: Treat Yourself to a Spiritual Summer Adventure of a Lifetime! Take a journey to the Celebrate Your Life Skamania Retreat on June 27 – July 1 featuring some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers including Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Neale Donald Walsch, John Holland and many more. The retreat takes place in one of the most magnificent places in the world along with Columbia River Gorge. To learn more visit: www.

July 26-28, August 23-25, September 27-29 – Level 3 Hypnotherapy Training (81-Hours): Hypnosis Is The Doorway to Your Unconscious Mind. Are you ready to open your mind and release the inner potential of yourself and your clients? Become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and experience powerful new skills that allow you to permanently connect your conscious mind with your own inner wisdom. During this 3-month course, you will unlock the inner doorways of your unconscious mind and discover how to help others make permanent changes in their lives. 9:30am-6:30pm daily. Reserve your spot: Info: 612.930.2662,, www.

July 9 - August 27 – The Art of Loving Self | Online: Learning to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion is predicated on understanding who and what we are. If we loved ourselves, would we condemn and judge?  Subject ourselves

July 27 – Maple Grove Psychic & Holistic Expo: Featuring a wide variety of: well-known psychics, mediums and other readers; alternative health therapies; rocks, crystals and gemstones; metaphysical/spiritual supplies; essential oils, jewelry,

June 17 – “Ride the Leading Edge with EFT and TRE®” with Cathryn Taylor: Host Cathryn Taylor inspires and empowers you to ride the leading edge of evolution with the integration of two of the most effective energy therapies, EFT and TRE®. Learn how to expand into your personal vibration of success. Hear how you can ride the leading edge of your own transformation and create the life you desire and deserve. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at edgemagazine.

and chiropractic evaluations. 10am-5pm at Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN. $5, kids 10 & under free with paid adult. For more information, visit www. October 11-13 – Empowering Your Life® Weekend Seminar: Transformative 3-day to free your mind of limiting beliefs, release pain and emotions that no longer serve you, discover your hidden talents and dreams, and create a practical action plan for living an empowering and fulfilling life. $595, Double Tree by Hilton Irvine, Irvine, CA. For more details: www. November 7-10 – Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training: Hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified NLP practitioner following the sessions. $194, Hilton Minneapolis, 1001 Marquette Ave. Visit www.empowermentpartnership. com/events/nlp-minneapolis-mn/ November 23-24 – Healthy Life Expo™: Nutrition, Fitness, and Longevity — It’s all here! Explore up to 200 exhibitors on maintaining health and success in all areas of life! Featuring 3 Stages of ongoing speaker presentations, demonstrations and live entertainment. Free product sampling, hourly drawings and health information, tips, and ideas. Hourly prize drawings. New this year is the Yoga Stage with seminars and demonstrations. 10am-5pm daily, Saturday and Sunday, at Minneapolis Convention Center Ballroom, 1301 2nd St., Minneapolis. $6 at the door or Free with food shelf donation. See all the attractions at www. or call 952.238.1700. JUNE 2019 THE EDGE  


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The Edge | June 2019  

This month: An interview on Empathology 101 with Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness. Also: Insight by the 6 Keynote Speakers of the...

The Edge | June 2019  

This month: An interview on Empathology 101 with Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness. Also: Insight by the 6 Keynote Speakers of the...