CreativPaper Issue No. 007

Page 124


/KRASI DIMTCH There’s no denying that language as we know it is constantly evolving. From the way we communicate verbally and using technology, with each passing day new words are introduced and replaced. Some might argue that a language is a form of art in itself, spanning millennia it’s helped us connect, express and understand. Artist Krasi DimtcH creates art using language, turning text into non-speech sounds and musical abstractions using custom software. In our interview with her, she talks about her patented software, how language has influenced her as an artist and the role that technology plays in our communication. As someone who’s art revolves around language, how do you feel about the changes occurring in the way we communicate because of digital communication and the ubiquitous use of social media? We are all aware that the Internet and social media are reconfiguring our world, for better or worse. I personally view digital communication as part of the evolution of Language. Language the way it shapes our thoughts and the way we communicate through

it digitally or otherwise - is like the Force “holding together good and evil, the dark side and light” to use the Star Wars analogy. When did your fascination with language begin? Language became my spiritual guide and my liberator during a period of retrospection when I stopped making art and began searching for ways to disrupt the boring predictability of my pre-learned answers to a number 124