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100% Natural Latex Foam Rubber is the most durable mattress material available. It is completely renewable, sustainable,nontoxic, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and terrific for pressure point relief. 100% Natural Latex Foam Rubber is from the milk of the rubber tree. Rubber trees grow within 10 degrees of the equator and constitute some of the best managed forest systems in the world. Therefore, natural latex is very eco-friendly. the foam made from these trees is not subject to the body impression issues that you find in regular coil mattesses. Natural Latex Queen Mattress with bamboo cover $1199, King $1499

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es, this column can be as invasive as this species of grass. Spring is perfect time to consider planting bamboo, a fabulous oxygenating evergreen (yes, they produce oxygen 24/7. How’s that for carbon busting?) If starting from seed, you will have a tedious but rewarding time and you will definitely need a greenhouse for incubation. Seeds are rare to find as some species have never had documented flowering and they say some only flower each 200 years or when the time is absolutely right. Glad I’m not married to a bamboo! I have only witnessed one flowering of one species in 20 years. I prefer the method of division so I pack an axe wherever I travel in lust for wandering roots (rhizomes) a large one, and a pry


bar or pole of some girth to rip the rhizome free of the ground. Not work for the faint of heart. The rhizomes can be aggressively divided as a means of containing growth while gaining a new plant with a developed root structure, which represents three or more years of growth by comparison to seed starters. Early spring or late fall or is best for division. The soil should be wet and loose, as the cutting does not want to dry out while it takes a new hold on the earth.. Upper growth is also in dormancy but if the soils are warm enough, root growth will continue. If planting in the ground like any growing plant, give it enough room. As an invasive runner species consider a very large container - minimum 4’ diameter and 2’ deep. Or cheaper yet, take old steel roofing and cut flexible strips, screw together and put in the ground 24” deep like any grass containment and pitch it outward about 7 degrees. The

Timber bamboo rhizomes David Coulson bamboo will flourish and bounce off the metal forming vertical rather than horizontal growth. The same can be done for hedging, except create a longer trench container. If you pot your bamboo water daily after May 1st or risk losing it very easily. Avoid very windy locations, slightly sloping to very sloping is good and never stand in water or it will rot. Bamboo is known in Chinese as ‘knit-bone’ for it’s river bank stabilization so it is a great plant for loose draining ground and it loves a steady trickle of water once in season. Never Let It Dry Out.

nitrogen and cannot be overfed so chicken manure large patches, milorganite or any fertiliser with a high first number. The best selection for ready to plant potted bamboo are at The Plant Farm, 177 Vesuvius Bay Road, Salt Spring Island on the way to Ganges. www. theplantfarm.ca. For more reads also check out ‘The Gardeners Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboo’ by Michael Bell and of course the bible, ‘The Book of Bamboo’ by David Farrelly.

Most temperate species love partial to full sun. There are shade varieties. Bamboo loves

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April Issue 53  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.

April Issue 53  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.