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DESIGNI NG green Bamboo Sky Pole

And because it’s a grass, there is no fear of being injured near

power lines. I’ve used my pole at times, with a paint brush attached with duct tape, to clean gutters, second and even third story window sills. With a little luck, you may find a hooked or slightly bent shaped bamboo that once ver wished you had that perfect dry, forms that perfect shape for those method of fishing limbs off your hard to get spots. roof, getting kites or toy planes out If you harvest your own (come October I will be at it for days) you can take a of trees and how about knocking freshly cut culm (bamboo pole) and tie down a nasty wasp nest from a 40 it off into any shape you want while it is foot tall maple tree? green and flexible, and once hardened off Well, the photo attached shows little Lily, barely 50 pounds and not (which can take weeks or even months), will hold that shape rock solid. yet six years old easily handling In Asia, wooden forms are used to shape my harvested bamboo pole that the fast growing bamboo. The growth measured over 35 feet in length. rate that often exceeds a meter a day, The fact the bamboo is so light and allows a multitude of ‘grown in place’ shapes to be created that form strong flexible and yet so strong allows geometric shapes for utilitarian uses after all sorts of dangerous chores to curing. be performed around the house without the need for ladders or that proverbial ‘sky hook’ we all wished And look again at Lily in the photo easily packing this extremely tensile bamboo we had. pole effortlessly. It would • Wood Doors normally compare • Wood Windows to a 4” x 4” wooden • Service to All Types post in overall of Doors & Windows strength. Now to pack a 35 foot piece of wood might require two grown persons or more! www.kwdoorsandwindows.com Keep up the good work Lily! Perhaps a popsicle for your efforts? Heritage Homes a Specialtyom David Coulson is a local certified Built Green design builder. He has a staff of 25 that have built throughout the Island for over 20 years.




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September Issue 58  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.

September Issue 58  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.