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hat an Experience! A day on the river with Dad. Arriving at the Cowichan Wilderness Lodge we were greeted by fishing guide Kenzie Cuthbert, who had the 16 foot deluxe drift boat hooked up and ready to go. After we were fitted with our waders and boots it was just a short drive to Kenzie’s put in spot on the river. While Dad and I sat on each end of the boat casting into the river, Kenzie expertly navigated us with the oars. Our boat quietly drifts down a set of rapids, where we anchor in a pool to drop our lines, hopeful with every cast. We could see many large salmon making their way up stream as the river is full of


Make GREAT memories

fish. On this trip alone there were Brown and Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon and Steelhead caught. Drifting along there was plenty of time to reminisce about days past, daydream, and chat as everyday life melts away and the rhythms of the river assert themselves. Suddenly a tug on the line and the reel sings, the line quickly streams out then stops. “A fish with attitude, probably a big brown” says Kenzie. After a couple of minutes another tug and the surly fish leaps high out of the water, spits out the hook and swims away! “A Brown, 10 pounds” estimates Kenzie. Ahh the one that got away on dad. The anchor is

retrieved and we drift down to the next pool. All river fishing must be practiced with a barbless fly and no fish can be kept, all of ours were returned to the river swimming strongly. The Cowichan is enjoying strong returns of fish as a result of careful stewardship, habitat rehabilitation and the diligence of local fishers. Around noon we anchored the boat and enjoyed a delicious lunch. We sat eating quietly, lost in the sounds of the river until Kenzie reminded us to get back to work. We drifted around 6km of the river and about 4pm we arrived back at the lodge, having landed 6 fish and sharing wonderful

memories. Kenzie’s Fishing Adventures offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors who like fishing. Kenzie is an enthusiastic guide who has an obvious passion for the river and the fish. His infectious enthusiasm and easy going nature makes him a pleasure to fish with. On our short drive home, my Pa announced “It felt like a dream, I’ll always treasure this day!” This coming from a man who has been an active member of a private fishing club in the UK for over 20 years. I couldn’t agree more. Tours are offered throughout the year. Details and booking info www.kenzies.com or call 250-749-3594.

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For those who like to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley

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For those who like to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley