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China: the good, the bad & the opportunities

Korean drama: the latest battleground

Major new drama series from gurinder Chadha Bend it like beckham, viceroy’s house Beecham House Coming Soon to ITV and PBS Masterpiece Fremantle

Plus: Formats leaders in Asia, factual acquisition trends & a whole lot more...

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Till death us do part

Asia entered 2019 with record interest and energy around local IP development and production. And there’s no reason – short of an apocalypse (and even then, zombie stories are super-hot) – to think current content trends in the region will be derailed.

While easier access to mainland China remains at the top of international entertainment companies’ lists of things to pray for and eagle eyes continue to be kept on changing regulations, gains are being made outside of thrill rides and blockbuster movies, and the quest for happy endings is ongoing.


Drowning in Plastic, all3media international

Epic battles

The Fiery Priest, SBS


Sky Castle, JTBC

Korea’s broadcasters and drama producers are waging epic battles daily in a highstakes environment with stronger competition, exploding slots, and soaring production budgets.

The biggest issue facing Korean as well as global digital content providers right now is creating sustainable business structures in the digital space.” Ji Hyun Bang, Digital Business Director, JTBC Content Hub

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Formats Outlook

Asia closed 2018 with 337 formats on air and/or commissioned across the region. Thailand was the biggest winner, topping the list with 70 titles. Vietnam came in second, but volume is way lower. The good news is that high-end scripted/drama format acquisitions are up and some markets are their most vibrant in three years.

26 4

Up Man


Wassup Man, Studio LuluLala

Korean digital series, Wassup Man, has rewritten some of the rules for digital models. But, says the studio backing the series and its 50-year-old star, there’s a way to go before digital content providers across the board have sustainable business structures for the digital space in place.


Abandoned Thailand, Nippon TV

Face facts

Food tops factual buyers’ acquisitions priorities at Mipdoc/MipTV this year, followed closely by a taste for history, lifestyle, travel and wildlife. Malena Amzah talked to buyers across the region...

34 contentasia issue one, april 2019


No. 1 entertainment show on BBC1 Recommissioned for a second series The Greatest Dancer Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all? Fremantle SYCO

M I R R O R M I R R O R O N T H E WA L L , W H O ’ S T H E G R E AT E S T O F T H E M A L L?


And then there was life... For many, scary doesn’t begin to describe Asia’s video/media industry

with direct-to-consumer apps? Are app-aggregators the new cable/

at the moment. For others, especially those involved in satisfying de-

satellite platforms? As they add value (or clutter?) to their apps, how

mand for Asian content, life and business isn’t looking that bad. The

are uber-aggregators – mostly telcos – dealing with increasingly compli-

fear, if anything, is that today’s content boom might not last. What

cated content discovery? How are they fulfilling the quest for one-click

happens, for instance, if (when?) the debt-fuelled original production


frenzy (and the streaming competition that has risen in its wake) runs its

So there’s all that, plus a few other things that might go splat in the

course. If it ever does. Which it might. But it might not. Who knows. And

night. And then there are the bright spots, and there are many. Among

something will take its place, surely? But what?

these right now, in no particular order, is news that Korean drama Dr

What we do know right now is that the old pay-TV model, which has

Prisoner, created/developed by Joon Lee’s LYD in Lee’s post Fox Net-

been going-going for a few years, is pretty much gone, replaced by

works Group Asia incarnation, hit 14.1% ratings nation-

lower affiliate fees from traditional platforms, more rev-share propos-

wide in Korea only four episodes into its run on KBS’

als, broader demands for rights, fewer linear channels in more tightly

Wed/Thurs 10pm slot. And there’s Richie Mehta’s

curated bundles, more on-demand “destinations”, a growing linear

Delhi Crime on Netflix, although the based-on-re-

presence on streaming/mobile services, and an exploding universe of

al-life story made/makes me so angry there’s no

stand-alone freemium/subscription video apps.

way I could binge; the countdown to the Asia’s

Flares of innovation and bursts of experimentation are going up here

Got Talent finale on AXN in the first half of April

and there, with patchy results, lots of adjustments, and layoffs aplenty

to see if my guy wins; season two of Australian

as digital media outfits grow up and realise rent needs to be paid and

political thriller Secret City by Matchbox Pic-

profit goals need to be met. And even then, with all this disruption, the

tures and Foxtel; and, last but by absolutely

path to a final video solution, if there is even such a thing, is uncertain.

no means least, Turner’s new Mandarin

Perhaps the biggest challenge for established platforms/program-

drama co-production, The Haunted Heart,

mers is creating tomorrow’s business with yesterday’s costs and org

produced by Taipei-based Phenomena, run

charts, and (for now) less revenue than there used to be, and even

by award-winning producer/scriptwriter Li-

fiercer competition for talent/skills to drive the change in direction.

ju Xie and overseen on the Turner side by

So there’s gloom for sure. And then there’s life after... Then and now,

vice president of content (general enter-

the clearest way out is relevant content, clearly packaged and eas-

tainment), Marianne Lee. The 30-episode

ily accessible at an affordable price point. There’s not just one devil in

one-hour fantasy-action-romance drama

those details; think an entire conspiracy of demons, pitchforks aglow,

mixes humans, ghosts, sci-fi and video

poised to take down the best intentions.

games in the story of a woman with ex-

For those brave enough to take it on, the quest has unearthed a

traordinary brain power. Works for me.

whole new set of issues. How many of these curated packages will people subscribe to and pay for? What’s the appetite for screens filled

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contentasia issue one, april 2019

Sky castle 70 mins x 20 eps Psychological Thriller Just Because they’re upper class Doesn’t mean they’re high class Death Deception Ambition The highest Rated Drama In Korean Cable TV History (23.8% Nationwide)

Chef & My Fridge What’s in your fridge? what do celebrities stock in their fridges? Can our chefs create Michelin-star meals in only 15 minutes?


asian story telling



Asian stories

Asia entered 2019 with record energy around local IP development and production, greater confidence in Asian stories, remakes of premium scripted formats for Asian audiences at an all-time high, and more attention than ever in local originals for global streaming slates. At the same time, consumer appetites are broader, viewership is spread across screens and services, user-interfaces are evolving, payment solutions are emerging, the viable balance between free/subscription is being tested, and data is shining a light on audience segments and habits. And there’s no reason – short of an apocalypse (and even then, zombie stories are super-hot) – to think any of this will be derailed. If anything, the hunt for original ideas will intensify, local storytellers will up their games as rival streaming platforms vie for sticky stories, mass market free broadcasters may fight back, co-production is likely to ramp up, and insularity will continue to crumble. That picture might be a bit pretty, given market uncertainty over the direct-to-consumer proposition, real-life experience on the ground with pay/subscription in Asia, still-crazy piracy, uneven regulations, and giant unemployment looming as the new world order emerges. But almost every distributor we’ve spoken to in the last few months has talked about original production opportunities, possibilities and ambitions in the region alongside syndication opportunities. A+E Networks’ Seoul office continues to boost original Korean production; Philippines’ broadcaster/producer ABS-CBN says international partnerships are key in growing its business; all3media will have about a dozen adaptations of its formats on air in Asia in 2019, and talks about

Nini Ou-yang as ghost whisperer & VR games tester Xiaoling Wei in coming-soon Turner Asia co-production The Haunted Heart.

a focus on drama story lines with international appeal; Canadian indie Blue Ant is already co-producing factual in China and is itching to do

drama Vagabond and at least three other Asian co-productions this year;

more; kids’ indie Boat Rocker Rights is co-producing 2D animation in

more modelling ramp than anyone for CBS Studios International, which

China; out of her Singapore regional HQ, Sonia Fleck’s Bomanbridge

has eight formats in production or on air right now, including four versions

Media is deficit financing extreme adventurer Ash Dykes’ trek along

of Next Top Model; Fox Networks Group Content Distribution, which is co-

the length of China’s Yangtze River; Germany’s DW Transtel is working

producing blue-chip factual series, China’s Hidden Kingdoms; NBC Univer-

on co-productions in India, Indonesia and China; Gaumont has its eyes

sal Distribution, fresh off Suits successes in Korea and Japan; and Viacom

wide open for Asian co-pros; the Philippines’ GMA is working on a dra-

International Studios’ reboot of YO! MTV Raps for Southeast Asia.

ma co-pro in Thailand; out of Bangkok, JKN Global Media has new dra-

And then there’s Turner’s first drama series co-production in Taiwan –

ma projects in development in India and the Philippines; Korea’s JTBC

The Haunted Heart, a 30-episode fantasy/action/romcom about a girl

Content Hub, fresh from its Sky Castle ratings victory, is venturing out, not

with special powers. The series, produced by Phenomena and run by

least because of mega licensing deals with Netflix; European indie Red

award winning producer/scriptwriter Li-ju Xie (The Player, Channel X), is

Arrow Studios has burgeoning relationships in Asia that will boost local

in post-production in Taipei, schedules for a mid-2019 release.

output beyond The Last Cop and My Man Can; Turkey’s Kanal D has local production/co-production on its radar; and India’s Zee is looking for

And those are but a few... We will, of course, keep tracking. Our feeling is that it’s going to be a super-busy year.

the next project after global doc The Life of Earth from Space. U.S. studios have their own mega-slates, their Asian presence swelled by scripted and other format adaptation such as Sony Pictures Television’s K-


Adapted from ContentAsia’s directory, The Big List 2019. For more info, please contact

contentasia issue one, april 2019

Tcheky Karyo is Baptiste Once a detective, always a detective Drama that captivates‌. Cheat Two Women One Truth


Two brothers pictures All3media

ONCE A DETECTIVE, ALWAYS A DETECTIVE. Two Brothers Pictures for BBC One, UK produced in association with all3media international. Co-produced with Czar Film and TV with the support of BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance, Screen Flanders and the tax shelter of the Belgian Federal Government.

drama that captivates...

CHEAT Tw o Wo m e n . O n e Tr u t h .

Two Brothers Pictures for ITV, UK in association with all3media international



Till death us do part Humans China, Endemol Shine Group

While easier access to mainland China remains at the top of international entertainment companies’ lists of things to pray for and eagle eyes continue to be kept on changing regulations, gains are being made outside of thrill rides and blockbuster movies, and the quest for happy endings is ongoing. Any pretence that China is anything other than tough for entertainment

the age of decadence. Meanwhile, in the dawning of the age of thrift,

and related sectors – much less foreign operators/programmers – has

the argument over whether caps on talent fees (and a whole lot of oth-

long been dropped. But lessons have (with some exceptions) been

er things that smack of rampant spending) is good or bad depends on

learned, more realistic partnerships are being forged, shifting regula-

which side of the balance sheet you look at. For now, regional producers

tory sands aren’t the shock they once were, foreign format sales have

from outside China, who remain aghast at costs of mainland production,

morphed into various forms of co-development, everyone who’s anyone

continue their hunt for less costly pathways to Chinese content creation.

has a WeChat account, and money is/was being made from licensing

Overall, are great things expected from China in 2019? Depends on

deals with streaming platforms as well as with traditional linear services.

who you are and where you’ve set your expectation levels.

And then along came trade war talk, celebrities busted for fiddling

If you’re BBC Studios right now, things are looking okay, with a shiny

their taxes, government investigations into media bosses for a litany of

new branded space for BBC Earth joining kids destination CBeebies and

bad things, fears of acquisition cutbacks by domestic streamers struggling

Top Gear on the Shanghai Media Group’s BesTV IPTV platform from 1

to fit video into their bigger ecosystems, and blockbuster drama, Story of

April. The on-demand deal adds titles like Dynasties, Big Cats and Ani-

Yanxi Palace, which poked the censorship bear in the big way. Or rather,

mals with Cameras to BesTV’s line up, and, according to BBC Studios,

maybe its 15 billion+ streams did, indicating wild popularity and giving rise

opens access to more than 46 million BesTV subs across China. We’re not,

to fears of undue influence on China’s social fabric. Whatever, it turns out

of course, holding our breath for any public transparency on actual take

that Yu Zheng’s portrayal of the ancient Emperor’s court is deeply offen-

up/usage, but that’s not unique to BBC or BesTV.

sive to those in charge of China’s present-day socialist morals.

Others in the kids space are making distribution and co-production

So that happened and now predictions are that drama coming out of

gains too. Mainland China’s CCTV-14 kids’ channel has added the first

China in 2019 will steer clear of period (or any other) shenanigans from

two seasons of Tiger Aspect Productions’ Mr Bean The Animated Series


contentasia issue one, april 2019


Explosive new entertainment format Catch Chase tag run – just don’t get caught!

Brainpool Banijay Rights MIPTV Stand C20.A

MIPTV Stand C20.A


Battle Through The Heaven, aired in Sep-Oct 2018 on Hunan TV and Tencent

China: the numbers Population......................................................................................1.395 billion Households.......................................................................................460 million Avg household size.................................................................................... 3.03 TV households.................................................................................. 455 million Pay TV households.......................................................................... 325 million Avg TV vierwership daily.................................................................... 100 mins Fixed-line bb internet subs............................................................. 241 million Internet users................................................................................... 802 million Mobile internet users....................................................................... 788 million Mobile phone subs......................................................................... 1.56 billion Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China (population, TV viewership/households), China Internet Network Information Center/CNNIC (internet)

for global rights standards and fair exchange between China and the rest of the world. In an open letter towards the end of October 2018, Frapa called for a dialogue “that might lead to open trade and resolution of serious infringement issues facing our community”. Apart from the high-profile legal action between Talpa and Shanghai Canxing Cultural and Broadcast Company in 2016/7 over The Voice of China, Frapa has taken what is possibly the strongest public position on the widely discussed issue of formats/IP protection. “When there is no free exchange of content, and one side does not recognise the inherent value of outside content creation, yet insists on selling and not buying, it can result in misunderstanding, confusion, distrust and bad business practices that harm the entire industry... If a major territory does not respect this business model, we all suffer the consequences,” Frapa said at the time. Yes, despite the challenges and the alliances that disappear into a black hole after shiny press conferences with lots of people on stage say-

to its linear line up across China, Hong Kong and Macau in a 104-epi-

ing nice things to each others’ faces, some real hard-fought-and-won

sode licensing deal between Endemol Shine and Beijing Yun Hai Xin Yao

gains are being made across genres, including drama, sci-fi and formats.

Cultural Media. In another of a string of kids’ content deals announced

The latest of these is a co-developed Chinese version of U.S. scripted

for China this year so far, Youku and Hunan TV’s Mango TV bought Digi-

format Younger from Endemol Shine Group’s China office. The comedy/

tal Light Studio’s pre-school animated property, Sunny Bunnies, from

drama series, about a 40-year-old woman who passes herself off as 26 so

U.K.-based Media I.M. In February, Canada’s Boat Rocker Studios, BBC

that she can get a job, will be made with production giant, Huace Group.

Children and China’s UYoung said they had partnered on new 2D pre-

Also among the latest success stories is Fremantle’s World’s Got Talent,

school animated series, Love Monster, based on the books by British au-

announced finally in February after months and months of stop-start ef-

thor/illustrator Rachel Bright.

fort to get the show off the ground in China. The 13-part co-development

Formats remain a giant talking point (and a bit of a headache for

with Hunan TV and Syco Entertainment brings together about 30 acts

some) in China, as much for their potential as for local rules capping

from the Got Talent franchises around the world. The first-of-its-kind con-

foreign adaptations, mandating domestic IP ownership and arguments

test is scheduled to air in China in April 2019 as Dian Feng Zhi Lu.

over what’s been borrowed without attribution. The most stern position

In all, Chinese broadcasters commissioned/acquired at least 31 titles

has been taken by international rights agency Frapa (Format Recogni-

from foreign distributors in 2018, adding everything from local versions of

tion and Protection Association), which, among other things, is pushing

NBCUniversal’s Saturday Night Live talk show to a mixed slate of Japanese


contentasia issue one, april 2019

Saban’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers Stretch Armstrong Flex Fighters My little pony Friendship magic Chomp Squad Hasbro studio is now ALLSPARK A Hasbro Company Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Hana Zuki Full of treasures Transformers Cyberverse Zoidz Build them to life MIPTV Stand R7.D32


©2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.


Drowning in Plastic

scripted adaptations to the local landscape, according to ContentAsia’s

investor hunger for a story with high-growth potential. As importantly,

Formats Outlook for full year 2018. Endemol Shine, Fremantle and Japan’s

they are leveraging a burning desire by Chinese companies – led by

Fuji TV have five formats each in China, followed by Japan’s leading com-

state-backed behemoths – for a stronger international presence abroad.

mercial broadcaster Nippon TV, which has three. With two each are Singapore’s Mediacorp, Sony Pictures Television and Japan’s TV Asahi.

The strategy’s latest incarnation is the two-year-old Beijing-based China Global Television Network (CGTN), launched by the all-powerful

Japan’s Fuji TV took the Asian scripted drama lead with five of the 16

China Central Television (CCTV) in December 2016. CGTN operates

drama co-developments in China across 2018. But it is Endemol Shine,

six TV channels and multiple online platforms, with production centres

under China head William Tan, that has given mainland scripted co-

around the world, a presence in 170 countries, a lively community on

developments their biggest potential global footprint.

local and foreign social media platforms, a commitment to environ-

Endemol Shine surged ahead towards the end of 2018, with a co-

mental issues, and the budget to acquire, for instance, global premiere

development of sci-fi drama series Humans China, which involved ex-

rights (excluding the U.K.) to Raw documentary Drowning in Plastic from

tended scripts developed by Chinese and U.K. writers, and a deal for a

U.K.-based indie distributor all3media. The 90-minute programme, aired

local adaptation of crime drama Broadchurch. Humans China, filmed

on BBC One in 2018, will air in April as part of CGTN’s Big Story strand.

in Shanghai, is a partnership with Huace Film & TV’s production subsid-

China’s formats ambitions internationally are more complicated, with

iary, Croton Media. Starring Ray Ma and Stephy Qi, the drama is set in

what seems like a barter approach to market access, as in “you take

2035, when must-have gadgets are human-like robotic servants and

mine and I’ll take yours”. This all plays out against a landscape haunted

artificial intelligence has infiltrated every aspect of life to dramatic and

by the ghosts of deals that died (or maybe they’re still alive, but the

sometimes sinister effect. The Mandarin-language sci-fi series, based on

people in charge have moved on and those that remain don’t want

the eight-episode U.K. version, is the first adaptation of the story in Asia.

to talk about them). For better or worse, what we don’t expect to see

Endemol Shine China managing director, William Tan, speaks about

again is the public airing of arguments such as the one during Mip TV

new and different types of collaboration across all platforms, and maxi-

last year between Korea’s CJ ENM, backed by Frapa, and Chinese

mising domestic creative talent. “The aim is to co-develop innovative,

streaming platform iQiyi (a massive buyer of foreign rights) over Pro-

original ideas and leverage Endemol Shine Group to take these big

duce 101 (CJ ENM)/Idol 101 (iQiyi).

shows to the world stage,” he says. The outreach includes Endemol

What definitely isn’t happening is any easing of the restricted access

Shine involvement in re-working CCTV’s 2018 pride and joy –the mixed-

for linear television services from outside China. On the other hand,

genre doc/entertainment studio show The Nation’s Greatest Treasures

channels say, in the absence of the kind of access they once hoped

– for the international market.

for but never got, they’re doing okay on revenue from hotels and for-

In dangling the possibility of global opportunity and programming credibility, international media groups are not only servicing their C-suite/ 14

eign compounds. Glass half-full? After more than two decades of trying, anything else has to be wasted effort.

contentasia issue one, april 2019

Asia is watching Asia is watching 24 original versions available in 2019 across 19 markets Celebrated across Asia through – Pinoy Big Brother, Bigg Boss Hindi, Bigg Boss Bangla, Bigg Boss Kannada, Bigg Boss Malayalam, Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Marathi, Bigg Boss Telugu Big Brother Endemol Shine Groups

24 original versions available in 2019 across 19 markets Celebrated across Asia through – Pinoy Big Brother, Bigg Boss Hindi, Bigg Boss Bangla, Bigg Boss Kannada, Bigg Boss Malayalam, Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Marathi, Bigg Boss Telugu


International formats on air/commissioned for China in 2018 Title

Owned/sold by


31 Legged Race China

TV Asahi


The Awakening China – New edition Chosen China



The Confidence Man China

Sony Pictures Television iQiyi (China & Taiwan), Netflix Fuji TV TBC

Dancing Nation China S7

Sony Pictures Television TBC

Document 72 Hours China Don’t Stop Me Now China S8

NHK Japan Fremantle

Tencent CCTV

The Eureka Moment China S3



Family Food Fight China First Class China

Endemol Shine Group Fuji TV


Ghostwriter China

Fuji TV


Gossip Girl China S1

Warner Bros International TV Production all3media



Anhui TV

The Great Art Robbery China Hear Me, Love Me, See Me China S1 Humans China S1



What it’s about...


30 elementary school children run for 50 meters with their legs tied together Drama A drama about Chinese immigrants to Singapore, set in the 1920s Drama A couple, both doctors, embark on a desperate journey in Australia Drama A con artist team of three resorts to any means necessary to steal from money-mad, insatiable and unscrupulous bosses Dance contest A dance competition that unites people nationwide in a collective effort to raise money for local charities and organizations Factual Activity is recorded in one place for 72 hours Game show Game show where everyone in the audience thinks they’re a superstar and wants the chance to prove it Game show Couples go head-to-head in a series of dangerous stunts & wacky experiments to win the holiday of a lifetime Reality – Food Home cooking contest Drama Women clash daily in a treacherous catfight to reach the top of the world Drama A genius but tormented novelist becomes dependent on a ghost writer, who decides to seek her own fame and fortune Drama Lives and times of privileged students at an exclusive private school Drama An illusionist steals a painting from a renowned art collector Reality – Dating A single girl dates 3 guys in a day, without leaving her room Drama What happens if technology become so advanced it threatens to take over our lives?

Hunted China

Endemol Shine Group/ TBC Matador Film, Sveriges Television Endemol Shine Group Shenzhen TV

ICON China

Endemol Shine Group


In Treatment China S1

Dori Media/Sheleg Productions Ltd Fremantle


Jekyll & Hyde China

ITV Studios Global Entertainment


Reality Fashion/design Drama

Kid's Got Talent China S1 Life on Mars China

Fremantle/Syco BBC Studios

Tencent Video TBC

Talent Drama

The Little Nyonya China – New edition Matrimonial Chaos China




Fuji TV



Pharaoh! China S4

Nippon TV

Game show

Pharaoh! China S5 Puzzle Masters China S1

Nippon TV Endemol Shine Group

Game Show Game show

Large-scale studio game show with cash prizes A hunt for China’s smartest puzzle solvers

Saturday Night Live China


Second to Last Love China

NBCUniversal Int’l Formats Fuji TV

Aniworld TV (Hunan Media Group Subsidiary) Hunan Golden Eagle Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation / Vision Youku

After Robert Jekyll experiences a disturbing transformation in himself, he finds that other people know more about his past than he does. Talented kids showcase their skills Retro investigation drama about detectives from past and present The story of the descendants of Chinese immigrants A romcom about a divorced couple who fall in love all over again Large-scale studio game show with cash prizes



Sweet Kiss, Bitter Kiss China

TV Asahi



Your Home Is My Business China

Nippon TV



SNL China fell foul of censors early in its run, but has been resurrected A couple fall in love late in life – and every family member is an obstacle Eight young actors gather for three months to produce their own romantic drama A single real-estate agent is known for closing the deal no matter what

It Girls China


Factual Reality Fashion/design Drama

Groups of ordinary people go on the run, hunted by a crack team of investigators Inspirational lifestyle content for millions of millennials Half-hour dialogues between therapist and patient Combo fashion and reality show

Source: Distributors/rights owners, ContentAsia’s Formats Outlook 2018


contentasia issue one, april 2019

Who will be next to raise the screen in Asia India Season 3

Indonesia Season 3 Sri Lanka Season 1 Rising Star One of the most successful singing competition formats in the world

Visit us at MIPTV, Stand R8.C9, Riviera 8 Catalogue: Contact Us: Keshet International ContentFirst


Epic battles The Fiery Priest

Korea’s broadcasters and drama producers are waging epic battles daily in a high-stakes environment with stronger competition, exploding slots, and soaring production budgets. Korea’s drama battles, always epic, are raging stronger than ever, with in-

series runs to 20 April.

tense competition among an increasing number of channels and expand-

As March closed, drama across other networks and slots wasn’t telling as

ing drama slots. On any given week, more than 20 premium long-form

good of a story, although JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama, The Light in Your

dramas compete for attention, and relative newcomers to the premium

Eyes, ended its 12-episode run on 19 March at a high of 9.731% nationwide

original drama space, such as TV Chosun, are being watched carefully.

and 12.083% in Seoul. The performance of The Light in Your Eyes switched

The country’s three terrestrial broadcasters – KBS, MBC and SBS – are no

attention away from the record-breaking Friday/Saturday highs of JTBC’s

longer the powerhouses they used to be, with top mini-series barely break-

previous drama, Sky Castle, and, it has to be said, away from the disap-

ing through 10% ratings levels. Long-running 50/100-episode family dramas

pointing performance of Sky Castle replacement, Legal High, a remake of

that target broad audiences on terrestrial networks are much stronger in

a 2012 Japanese TV series from Fuji TV. Sky Castle’s finale on 1 February hit

terms of overall household ratings, although commercial insiders say target

24%. Legal High premiered at 3.266% on 8 Feb – and it was downhill from

audiences of, for instance 20-49 year olds, are easier to monetise. That didn’t

there although the 16 March episode recovered a bit to 2.515% from a

stop public broadcaster KBS from celebrating the success of its Saturday/

series low of 2.115%.

Sunday series, My Only One, which ended its 53-episode (70 mins or 106x35 mins) run on 17 March on a ratings high of 48.9% for the 8pm drama slot.

In the supernatural space, Joo Ji Hoon, who starred in Netflix’s six-episode blockbuster series Kingdom, couldn’t help MBC’s supernatural dra-

In the limited-run mini-series space, the 20% ratings of KBS2 drama,

ma, Item. Five weeks in, the webtoon-inspired mystery fantasy series about

What’s Wrong with Mr. Poong Sang, in early March, and 17% for SBS’ The

a profiler and a prosecutor investigating items with supernatural powers

Fiery Priest, are, these days, the exception rather than the rule. The two

was hovering between 3% and 4%.

terrestrial prime-time dramas had taken over from JTBC’s Sky Castle as the

Meanwhile, Netflix original Kingdom, which is said to have gone way

most viewed mini-series in Korea as of mid-March. The 40-episode What’s

over budget, sits with Mr Sunshine as Korea’s most expensive dramas yet at

Wrong with Mr. Poong Sang (also known as Liver or Die) ran to 14 March on

upwards of US$1.2 million to US$1.8 million per episode, depending on who

KBS2 (10pm, Wed/Thurs). The series, which tells the story of an older brother

you talk to. The most recent budget topper is CJ ENM/Studio Dragon’s

who supports his four siblings, hit 20% for the first time at the end of Febru-

Asadal Chronicles, with Descendants of the Sun star Song Joong-ki. Set in

ary. The Fiery Priest – SBS’s first title in its new Friday/Saturday drama slot – is

the mythical city of Asadal, the series is scheduled to air in May this year

about a priest, a detective and a prosecutor who join forces to investigate

on tvN in Korea and Netflix in the rest of the world. Industry talk is that the

an elderly priest’s death. The 40-episode crime drama premiered on 15

production budget for the Asadal Chronicles is US$4 million per episode,

February with double digit national ratings, dropping briefly to just under

raising the stakes across the board to unprecedented highs. What will the

9% for episode two but then rose steadily, hitting 18.1% by 16 March. The

impact be on the rest of the industry? For now, the jury is out.


contentasia issue one, april 2019

Paranoia is re al, not imaginary Ps! New Season HBO Latin America Originals

Enjoy 15 years of our groundbreaking content By visiting our screening room


Korea’s latest dramas are crowded with prosecutors, policemen/women, lawyers and ancient characters dealing with royal court intrigue. What’s most popular? The story of a lonely guy who has spent his entire life and all his money looking after his siblings and the tale of an angry priest looking for a killer. ContentAsia looks at how Korea’s latest dramas stack up... Programme

The plot



From when to when (2019)

Highest rating

Lowest rating

15 Sept 2018-17 Mar 2019




My Only One

Family drama about a young woman whose life is turned upside down when her long-lost criminal father reappears. Produced by DK E&M.


Sat-Sun, 8pm


Sky Castle

Wealthy Seoul housewives vie for status, success and their children’s education. Produced by JTBC’s Drama House and HB Entertainment.


Fri-Sat, 11pm

23 Nov 20181 Feb 2019

23.779 (ep 20)

1.727 (ep 1)


What’s Wrong With Mr. Poong Sang (Liver or Die)

A lonely man who has dedicated his life to caring for his siblings gets a chance at happiness.


Wed-Thurs, 10pm

9 Jan-14 Mar

22.7 (ep 30)

5.9 (ep 1)


The Fiery Priest

A priest, a police detective and a prosecutor team up to find a killer. Produced by Samhwa.


Fri-Sat, 10pm

15 Feb-20 Apr

18.1 (ep 20)

8.6 (ep 3)


An Empress’s Dignity (The Last Empress)

A suspense/fantasy drama about a musician who becomes empress and is embroiled in royal palace intrigue.


Wed-Thurs, 10pm

21 Nov 201821 Feb 2019

16.7 (ep 42)

6.1 (ep 9)


Love in Sadness

A plastic surgeon falls in love with the married daughter-in-law of a powerful family who is being abused by her “perfect” husband.


Sat, 9pm

23 Feb-27 Apr

13 (ep 10)

9.7 (ep 1 & 3)


The Crowned Clown (The Man Who Became King)

A historial drama about a Joseon-dynasty king who puts a clown lookalike on the throne to escape his enemies. Produced by Studio Dragon.


Mon-Tues, 9.30pm

7 Jan-4 Mar

10.851 (ep 16, finale)

5.709 (ep 1)


The Light in Your Eyes

Fantasy romantic drama about a woman who loses all her time in a tragic accident and a man who has time and wastes it. By JTBC Drama House.


Mon-Tues, 9.30pm

11 Feb-19 Mar

8.447 (ep 8)

3.185 (ep 1)


My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime & Punishment

A webtoon-inspired story about an unemployed lawyer looking for peace of mind after losing his licence.


Mon-Tues, 10pm

7 Jan-26 Mar

7.3 (ep 32)

3.8 (ep 11)


Romance is a Bonus Book

A 16-episode romcom about a genius writer and an editor who has fallen on hard times and lies to get a job. Produced by Studio Dragon.


Sat-Sun, 9pm

26 Jan-17 Mar

6.345 (ep 14)

4.256 (ep 4)



A webtoon-inspired story about a profiler and a prosecutor investigating items with supernatural powers.


Mon-Tues, 10pm

11 Feb-2 April

4.9 (ep 2)

2.6 (ep 13)



Historical action drama set in the Joseon Dynasty about three people who unite to help a prince claim the throne. By Kim Jong Hak Production.


Mon-Tues, 10pm

11 Feb - 30 April

7.9 (ep 16)

4.9 (ep 13)


Big Issue

A photographer who has lost everything is recruited by a gossip rag in this fantasy romance, from Sky Castle producer HB Entertainment.


Wed-Thurs, 10pm

6 Mar-2 May

4.8 (ep 2)

3.7 (ep 3, 5, 7)


Reach of Sincerity (Touch Your Heart)

A love story based on a web novel about a successful lawyer and a disgraced actress who takes refuge in a role as his secretary. By Studio Dragon.


Wed-Thurs, 9.30pm

6 Feb-28 Mar

4.736 (ep 1)

3.669 (ep 12)



A limited seven-episode thriller about a TV anchor with political ambitions is caught in a tragic incident. Produced by Film Monster


Sat-Sun 10.20pm

9 Feb-3 Mar

3.992 (ep 7)

2.360 (ep 1)



A prosecutor swears revenge after his father dies in a mysterious accident and his mother commits suicide.

TV Chosun

Sat-Sun, 10.50pm

27 Jan-24 Mar

3.713 (ep 12)

2.509 (ep 2)


Legal High

A remake of Japanese legal drama from Fuji TV about two lawyers with very different ways of doing things. By GnG Production


Fri - Sat, 11pm

8 Feb-30 Mar

3.266 (ep 1)

2.115 (ep 8)


Spring Must Be Coming (Spring Turns to Spring)

A self-centred TV anchor switches souls with a lawmaker’s wife, giving both women the chance to live out different dreams. By JS Pictures


Wed-Thurs, 10pm

23 Jan-21 Mar

3.2 (ep 26)

1.5 (ep 3)



A psychic recluse teams up with a police detective to solve crimes. By Studio Dragon.


Wed-Thurs, 11pm

6 Mar-25 Apr

2.650 (ep 2)

1.558 (ep 1)


That Psychometric Guy

A man with the ability to read secrets teams up with a woman with many secrets to solve cases, from Studio Dragon and JS Pictures.


Mon-Tues, 9.30pm

11 Mar-30 Apr

2.467 (ep 1)

2.156 (ep 2)

Source: Broadcasters, Nielsen nationwide household ratings as of 15 March 2019 Adapted from OnKorea, ContentAsia’s new monthly newsletter with LYD. email for more information. The list covers both long-running series and mini-series.


contentasia issue one, april 2019


Rai Channels Worldwide distribution Rai

Visit us at MipCom Booth #R7.D5. RaiCom Benedetta Migliore Channels Distribution +39 335 183 2057

Visit us at MipCom Booth #R7.D5.

Benedetta Migliore Channels Distribution +39 335 1832057


Up Man

Sunita Uchil

Korean digital series, Wassup Man, has rewritten some of the rules for digital models. But, says the studio backing the series and its 50-year-old star, there’s a way to go before digital content providers across the board have sustainable business structures for the digital space in place.

Korean digital studio, Studio LuluLala, is about to hit 100 million views

What do sustainable business structures look like? Bang says the model

on YouTube. The studio’s highest-profile series, 2018 digital variety show

should be based on creating development pipeline opportunities. “Digital

Wassup Man, led by 50-year-old (yes, 50, no typo) rocker Joon Park of

and mobile is disrupting the traditional TV market, but the TV market has

K-pop group G.O.D., had 65 videos up, all subtitled in English, and 1.8

still held onto its traditional profit models. That is not the case for the digital

million subscribers in 10 months. An episode on the hunt for spicy stir-fried

content market yet,” she says.

chicken uploaded on 1 March had more than a million views (and 2,532

A hurdle for Korea-based content providers is that the market is small,

comments) 14 days later. A Nike-sponsored show from Feb had 1.7 million

and “they have to be creative and think outside of the box to create

views by mid-March. All in all, the whole series, which celebrates its first

new business models”. Plus there’s the still-limited lifespan of viral sensa-

anniversary on 30 May this year, is a phenomenon in Korea and creates

tions. “The nature of digital content makes it difficult to sustain its explo-

something of a follow-up challenge for the JTBC-owned (but indepen-

sive popularity over a long period of time,” she says.

dently operated) studio.

So far, Wassup Man, which has subscribers from all over the world, is

Almost three years after the Seoul-based Studio LuluLala uploaded its

proving to be an exception, and Studio LuluLala seems to be leveraging

first video onto YouTube, JTBC Content Hub’s digital business director, Ji

every last fan. There’s a Wassup Man spin-off in development for 2019, as

Hyun Bang, says she believes “the biggest issue facing Korean as well as

well as plans to move the property beyond YouTube to include distribu-

global digital content providers right now is creating sustainable business

tion on global OTT and TV platforms.

structures in the digital space”.


Not every show out of Studio LuluLala has Wassup Man’s global foot-

contentasia issue one, april 2019


Wassup Man

The biggest issue facing Korean as well as global digital content providers right now is creating sustainable business structures in the digital space.”

based on the strength of the script development. “But we are also paying particular attention to how we can create a production pipeline that’s different from the traditional TV production model,” Bang says. The aim is to align viewer feedback with live story line development. “We want to keep a close watch on viewer feedback as the episodes air, so we are considering filming the episodes on a week-by-week basis instead of finishing production on the entire show before airing the episodes,” she says. “Everything starts with content,” Bang says in answer to a question on the “secret sauce” behind a video that gets upwards of 4.5 million views, like, for instance, the episode in “what if” romance-cam show where

Ji Hyun Bang, Digital Business Director, JTBC Content Hub

male friends are asked to put sun-tan lotion on bikini-clad female friends. “There can be all kinds of hype from marketing or buzz from promotions,

print. Bang says the primary target is Korean, but that audience location

but at the end of the day it’s all back to content. The only way to create

depends on the show. Signature series are subtitled in English two or three

true synergy is if great marketing advertises great content, and then the

days after they are published. This language-customisation doubles aver-

strength of the content sustains the hype generated by the marketing,”

age international audiences of 10%. “On average, 10% of Studio Lulu-

she adds. Which is why she keeps such close watch on viewer feedback,

Lala’s viewers are international. On shows with English subtitles, 20% of the

and is unapologetic about redeveloping mid-stream. “We’re not afraid

viewers are international,” she says, hoping that the new idol music pro-

to cut out those parts and redevelop the show. This would be impossible

gramme will attract more than 20% of its total audience from outside of

in the traditional TV production process.”

Korea. “Non-verbal formats are also being developed to grow our global audience,” Bang says.

Short-form web series production may be shorter than TV production, but none of the quality can be sacrificed, Bang insists. “The effort that

Right now, “our most important task is to discover the next Wassup Man,

goes into digital content and the quality that’s produced cannot be sac-

the next big thing,” Bang says, adding that she’s “hoping to translate the

rificed just because it’s shorter,” she says. Ten minutes of reality program-

buzz and excitement we found in the digital unscripted space to our

ming on air requires about two to three hours of filming and four to five

scripted content this year”.

days of editing in order to create an unfolding story and a dynamic pace.

Given its millennial and Gen Z target audience and notwithstanding its

“The most important aspect in producing for a digital platform is being

middle-aged Wassup Man star, Studio LuluLala’s focus has been on global

in tune with the viewers. It is amazing to see how fan culture can emerge

and music productions, including an idol music show in development and

through this process of communication and feedback. Moreover, while

a co-production with a domestic telco.

creating content in a space that’s not fully established can come with a

The scripted challenge is, not unlike scripted on traditional platforms, 24

set of challenges, I think it’s also incredibly meaningful.”

contentasia issue one, april 2019


Alfred Haber Distribution, Inc. 111 Grand Avenue, Suite 203 Palisades Park, New Jersey 07650, U.S.

Shallow Grave

Elvis All-Star Tribute

F: +1 201 947 4500

62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards®

Crime & Investigation UK – New!

NBC – New!


CBS – New!

Genre: Reality

Genre: Music/Variety

Genre: Music/Awards Show

Episodes/Length: 8x60 mins

Episodes/Length: 1x120 mins

Episodes/Length: 1x210 mins

The gripping, new reality series

Top superstars Jennifer Lopez,

MIPTV 2019 Stand:

It’s all about the music as



Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes,

Palais 1, P-1.L50

the industry’s biggest names

real-life murder stories with in-

Blake Shelton, Keith Urban,

perform on Music’s Biggest

credible forensic science and


Night® – the 62nd Annual

policing. A murder has been


Who’s who...

GRAMMY Awards , the world’s

committed elsewhere, likely

Hound Dog, All Shook Up, Jail-

Alfred Haber

most popular, and most presti-

cleaned of evidence, and

house Rock, Don’t Be Cruel,


gious, televised music awards

then dumped at what inves-

Blue Suede Shoes, and more,

Andrew Haber

show, to be broadcast in over

tigators call “the deposition

as they celebrate the 50th

Vice President, International Sales

190 territories worldwide and

site” or shallow grave. Bodies

anniversary of Elvis Presley’s

Steven Weiser

scheduled live on the CBS

are discovered burnt, dismem-

legendary 1968 “Comeback

Vice President, Domestic &

Television Network in the U.S.

bered and decomposed but

Special” that helped him re-

International Sales

on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

they all share one thing – clues

claim his crown as the “King of

to the killer.

Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Perpetual Grace LTD


Creed II (Film)

Genre: Modern Noir Drama

Genre: Drama/Action

Genre: Drama

Episodes/Length: 10x60 mins

Episodes/Length: 10x60 mins

Under the tutelage of Rocky

T: +1 201 224 8000

T: +33 (0)4 92 99 8300


Patricia Villagran International





others, Hotel,

Sales Executive

Metro Goldwyn Mayer 245 N. Beverly Drive Beverly Hill, CA 90210-5317, U.S. T: +1 (310) 449 3000


Based on the novel Six Days of


young grifter, attempts to prey

the Condor by James Grady

tender Adonis Creed faces

upon Pastor Byron (Sir Ben

and screenplay Three Days

off against Viktor Drago, son

Kingsley) and his wife Lillian

of the Condor by Lorenzo

of Ivan Drago. Stars Michael B

Brown (Jacki Weaver), who

Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel,

Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

turn out to be far more dan-

Condor follows a young CIA

Who’s who...

gerous than he suspects. The

analyst who stumbles onto a

Chris Ottinger President, Worldwide

pastor and his wife – known

terrible but brilliant plan that

Television Distribution & Acquisition

to their parishioners as Pa and

threatens the lives of millions.

Ma – have bilked hundreds of

Starring Max Irons, William Hurt,

innocent people out of their

Bob Balaban, Mira Sorvino and

life savings.

Brendan Fraser.

Contact: Barry Gurstein E: MIPTV 2019 Stand: Riviera 9 #A30






Greg Robertson SVP Asia Pacific Caroline Edwards SVP Sales Australia

contentasia issue one, april 2019



Formats Outlook Asia closed 2018 with 337 formats on air or commissioned across the region. Thailand was the biggest winner, topping the list with 70 titles. Vietnam came in second, but the win is a bit hollow given the volume of previous years. The good news is that high-end scripted/drama format acquisitions are up, gains are being made in China, and Korea is all smiles about The Masked Singer in the U.S. Asia’s formats business ended 2018 in a decent enough place – a relief

counted 31 titles for India until the end of November.

given the sharp mid-year dip, when only five of 17 markets across the

China, perhaps not surprisingly given ongoing regulations that disad-

region were up, three had recorded zero growth, and the rest were

vantage foreign rights holders, is a chart dropper, entering our 2018 list

down, some more dramatically than others.

in fourth spot with 31 titles. In 2017, China acquired 38 formats. This was

ContentAsia’s Format’s Outlook recorded a total of 337 formats on air in 2018 or commissioned for 2019, higher interest in scripted format acquisitions, and Thailand as well as India riding high with their best numbers in the three years we have been counting. But there were mixed fortunes elsewhere in the region in 2018. Vietnam ended the year with 60 titles, down from about 68 in 2017 and 65

a fraction of the 54 formats we counted in 2016, when China ran second only to Vietnam in volume and topped the list in dollar value. Whatever their placement, India, Thailand, China and Vietnam continue to hold the top four positions, with Philippines and Cambodia in fifth place in 2016 with 27 titles each. Cambodia took fifth in 2017 with 23 titles. Philippines had 21 in 2017, pushing the market into sixth spot.

in 2016, when the country topped the list of formats acquisitions across

In 2018 Thailand rocked game shows and entertainment, with local

all markets in Asia by volume. 2016 closed with a total of approx 329

versions of regional and international formats including the first local

formats on air across the region or commissioned for 2017. Until Septem-

version of The Voice Senior (Talpa) in Asia, World of Dance Thailand

ber 2017, broadcasters in the regional had acquired 292 formats for the

(NBCUniversal), Shark Tank Thailand (Sony Pictures Television) and Noisy

year, closing with estimates of above 320.

Neighbours (TV Asahi, Japan).

The biggest winner by far in 2018 was Thailand, which ended 2018

Among the biggest trends is the rise of scripted/drama formats acqui-

with 70 formats, up from 45 in 2017 (to end Sept 2017) and 47 in 2016 (to

sitions and the rising confidence of local creators who see a chance to

end November 2016).

spread their IP around the world. These include Hunan TV’s The Rocking

In 2018, India was also at its most vibrant in three years, with 36 titles,

Bridge and Zense Entertainment’s Singer Auction and The Producer out

including drama formats Criminal Justice India (BBC Studios), False Flag

of Thailand. Japan is shifting the scripted needle. Nippon TV continues

India (Keshet International) and Liar India (all3media Int’l). In 2017, India

to capture Turkish drama attention and Fuji TV has sold remake rights to

logged 26 titles until end Sept. In 2016, ContentAsia’s Formats Outlook

about 40 of its drama series to Chinese media companies.


contentasia issue one, april 2019

The Face Thailand All Stars

World Of Dance Thailand

ContentAsia @ Broadcast/CommunicAsia, ContentAsia Summit, MIPCOM & ATF 2019 + print NTENT

C ww w.c

ont ent asia



ww w.c

ont ent asia

sum mit.

+ online

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mber28 Nove ber 2018 10 decemm



ilies Aler


ATF publishing We are Wed dailies on market Dec) and Thurs (6 (5 Dec), (7 Dec). Fri ! welcome All news info and , Send tips s to Aqilah cement or announ @content 9 at aqilah our booth #K1 at in drop

shifts Disneyss to CP India boship structure New leader any day expected

d Mahesh hub hea l consum South Asia a regiona Disney’s al shifted to big reve Samat has ad of the ture in role ahe ership struc er products ey/Fox lead given a date Disn ’t on the ey hasn strucon. Disn of its new the regi ent ouncem on the ann ific. Asia-Pac ture for e8 is on pag The full story

off Viu kicks FOMO No No Sleepncers fill social lue ges Asian inf h challen media wit

ming plat nal strea ia’s regio n on its PCCW Med started productio o, has p No Fom form, Viu, No Slee original, el competi brity trav latest Asia series, from a cele Lab. The adapted The Story brities from at cele ers and tion form sumerws influenc ing con which follo n complet iere the regio to prem around is expected es, lleng led cha 2019. in February e 10 is on pag The full story

Be included! Ad bookings now open Contact

Leah Gordon at (Americas, Europe, U.K.) or Masliana Masron at (Asia, Australia, Middle East) For editorial info, contact Janine at Putting your brand & products in front of more buyers & decision makers in 22 Asia-Pacific markets. ContentAsia reaches 11,000+ executives in Asia across all platforms with a clear editorial focus on Asia, market developments, trends, influences & information that makes a difference.





Formats by country: 2018 Country

No. of formats





























Sri Lanka


Hong Kong




Total no. of formats in 2018

Total by country: 2018 Sri Lanka Singapore 1.5% Regional 0.9% Hong Kong 0.9% Malaysia 0.6% 2.7%

Myanmar 3.9%

Thailand 1%

Japan 5% Philippines 4.2% Mongolia 4.7%

Cambodia 4.7% Vietnam 17.8%

Korea 5.3%

World Of Dance Philippines

Indonesia 8.3%

China 9.2%

India 10%


Total by genre: 2018 Formats by genre: 2018 Genre Feature film


Variety - Health/beauty


Comedy Improv


Talk show






Dance contest






Singing contest






Game show


Source: Companies, rights holders, ContentAsia Formats Outlook 2018


Sports 1.5%

No. of formats

Talent 6.8% Drama 17.8%

Comedy Improv 1.2%

Singing contest 16.6%

Entertainment 3.6% Variety Health/beauty 0.9% Dance contest 2.1%

Top Chef Thailand

Factual 1.5% Feature film 0.3%

Game show 27.3%

Reality 19.3%

Talk show 1.2%

contentasia issue one, april 2019

BCM 2019 Busan Contents Market May 8-10 Bexco, Busan, Korea Online Registration available at Contact Ms Jungwon Lee International Marketing Director Tel: +82 2 786 4701 Email:

Online Registration available at


Formats by country: 1H 2018

Formats by country: 1H 2017

Sri Lanka 0%

Taiwan 0.4%

Taiwan 0.0% Singapore Regional Hong Kong 1% 1.2% 10%

Regional 1.8%

Indonesia 6.0%

Singapore 1%

Indonesia 6.7%

India 8.8%

Thailand 21.1%

Sri Lanka 0% Hong Kong 10%

Thailand 14.7%

India 9.1%

Korea 2.1% Japan 1.4%

Mongolia 4.4%

Mongolia 5.6% Cambodia 7.2%

Myanmar 3.2% Mallaysia 1.8%

Korea 5.2% Japan 3.2%

Philippines 4.8%

Myanmar 4.8%

China 9.2%

China 13.7% Philippines 7.0%

Abandoned Thailand, Nippon TV

Vietnam 5%

Cambodia 8.1%

MasterChef Thailand, Endemol Shine

Malaysia 2.4%

Vietnam 5%




























Sri Lanka




Hong Kong











































Source: Companies, rights holders, ContentAsia Formats Outlook 2018/9


contentasia issue one, april 2019

20 atf Asia TV Forum & market If It’s Asia, It’s ATF Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 3 Dec 2019 ATF Leader’s summit 4-6 Dec 2019 Market, Conference, Networking Events Meet us at MIPTV Make an appointment With Meenyi Phua at: For event information, visit

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ContentAsia’s Formats Leaderboard 2018 Fremantle 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51.


Asia’s Got Talent S3 Boxing Glove Vietnam S1 Cambodian Idol S3 Cambodian Idol S4 Cambodia’s Got Talent S2 Cambodia’s Got Talent S3 Cambodia’s Got Talent S4 Distraction India (Bengali) Don’t Stop Me Now China S8 The Eureka Moment China S3 Family Feud Indonesia S19 Family Feud Indonesia S20 Family Feud Indonesia S21 Family Feud Mongolia Family Feud Myanmar S5 Family Feud Myanmar S6 Family Feud Myanmar S7 Family Feud Thailand S3 Family Feud Thailand S4 Hear Me Love Me India Hear Me, Love Me, See Me China S1 Heaven Or Hell Cambodia S1 Hole In The Wall Vietnam S2 Hot Streak Indonesia S1 Idol Extra Indonesia Idol S9 Indian Idol S10 India’s Got Talent S8 Indonesian Idol Junior S3 Indonesian Idol S9 It Girls China Kid’s Got Talent China S1 Killer Karaoke Indonesia S1 Killer Karaoke Indonesia S2 La Banda Philippines S2 Let’s Make A Deal Indonesia S1 Let’s Make A Deal Indonesia S2 Let’s Make A Deal Indonesia S3 Man O Man Vietnam S1 Man O Man Vietnam S2 Match Game Indonesia S1 Mongolia’s Got Talent S3 My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours Thailand S1 My Mum Cooks Better Than Yours Vietnam S4 Myanmar Idol S3 Myanmar’s Got Talent S5 Philippines Got Talent S6 Philippines Got Talent S7 Price Is Right Cambodia S1 Price Is Right Indonesia Price Is Right Thailand S4 Price Is Right Thailand S5

52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64.

Price Is Right Vietnam S13 Sri Lanka’s Got Talent S1 Take Guy Out Thailand S3 Take Me Out Thailand S13 Thailand’s Got Talent S7 Thank God You’re Here! Cambodia S1 Thank God You’re Here! Thailand S1 Thank God You’re Here! Vietnam S3 Thank God You’re Here! Vietnam S4 X Factor Cambodia S1 X Factor Cambodia S2 X Factor Myanmar S3 X Factor Thailand S2

Endemol Shine 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.

1 vs 100 Korea S16 1 vs 100 Korea S17 1 vs 100 Korea S18 Armchair Detectives Thailand S1 The Band Rules Vietnam S2 Big Brother Hindi 12 Big Brother Kannada S5 Big Brother Kannada S6 Big Brother Malayalam S1 Big Brother Marathi S1 Big Brother Philippines S8 Big Brother India S2 (Tamil) Big Brother India S2 (Telugu) The Big Music Quiz Vietnam S1 The Bridge Celebrity MasterChef Vietnam S1 The Choice Vietnam S1 Don’t Lose The Money Cambodia S1 The Face All Stars Thailand S1 The Face Men Thailand S2 The Face Thailand S4 The Face Vietnam S3 Family Food Fight China Fear Factor India S10 Got To Dance Mongolia S1 Humans China S1 Hunted China ICON China MasterChef Cambodia S1 MasterChef Cambodia S2 MasterChef Indonesia S5 MasterChef Junior Thailand S2 MasterChef Junior Thailand S3 MasterChef Myanmar S1 MasterChef Singapore S1 MasterChef Thailand S2

37. Million Dollar Minute Vietnam S3 38. Million Dollar Minute Vietnam S4 39. Minute To Win It Kannada India S4 40. Minute To Win It Philippines S4 41. The Money Drop Myanmar S1 42. The Money Drop Myanmar S2 43. The Money Drop Myanmar S3 44. The Money Drop Thailand S3 45. Odd One In Vietnam S5 46. Perfect On Paper Thailand S1 47. Puzzle Masters China S1 48. Show Me Your Son Thailand S1 49. Singer Takes It All Thailand S3 50. Singer Takes It All Vietnam S1 51. Star Academy Mongolia S1 52. The Wall Thailand S1 53. Younger Korea S1 54. Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Philippines S2 55. Your Face Sounds Familiar Mongolia S3 56. Your Face Sounds Familiar Thailand S4 57. Your Face Sounds Familiar Vietnam S6

24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33.

CJ ENM 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Talpa 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

5 Gold Rings Thailand 5 Gold Rings Vietnam Dance Dance Dance Thailand Dating in the Dark India Divided Kannada India Divided Tamil India Divided Thailand Divided Vietnam Human Knowledge Thailand It Takes 2 Vietnam S2 It Takes 2 Vietnam S3 The Next Boy/Girl Band Indonesia S2 The Next Boy/Girl Band Thailand The Next Boy/Girl Band Vietnam The Voice Cambodia S3 The Voice India S2 The Voice India S3 The Voice Indonesia S3 The Voice Indonesia S4 The Voice Kids Cambodia S2 The Voice Kids India S2 The Voice Kids Indonesia S3 The Voice Kids Philippines S4

The Voice Kids Thailand S6 The Voice Kids Vietnam S6 The Voice Mongolia The Voice Mongolia S2 The Voice Myanmar The Voice Myanmar S2 The Voice Senior Thailand The Voice Thailand S7 The Voice Vietnam S5 The Wishing Tree Vietnam

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Crazy Market Thailand S1 Crazy Market Vietnam Get It Beauty Malaysia Get It Beauty Singapore Get It Beauty Vietnam Gobbler Race Hong Kong S2 Golden Tambourine Thailand S1 Grandpas Over Flowers Thailand S1 I Can See Your Voice Indonesia S3 I Can See Your Voice Indonesia S4 I Can See Your Voice Malaysia S2 (Chinese) I Can See Your Voice Malaysia S2 (Malay) I Can See Your Voice Malaysia S3 (Malay) I Can See Your Voice Philippines S3 I Can See Your Voice Philippines S4 I Can See Your Voice Thailand S2 I Can See Your Voice Thailand S3 I Can See Your Voice Thailand S4 Let Me In Thailand S4 Love at First Song Vietnam Melody to Masterpiece Thailand Memory Japan Oh My Ghost India Oh My Ghost Thailand Shadow Singer Indonesia Show Me The Money Thailand S1 Signal Japan Tunnel Thailand Voice Thailand You Are My Fantasy

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NBCUniversal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Hollywood Game Night Thailand S3 Hollywood Game Night Thailand S4 Hollywood Game Night Vietnam Real Housewives Of Bangkok Saturday Night Live China Singer Auction Vietnam Still Standing Mongolia Still Standing Thailand S5 Still Standing Thailand S6 Still Standing Vietnam S2 Suits Japan Suits Korea Top Chef Indonesia S2 Top Chef Just Desserts Thailand S1 Top Chef Thailand S2 Top Chef Thailand S3 Top Chef Vietnam S2 Who Is the Real Celebrity Vietnam World Of Dance Philippines World Of Dance Thailand World Of Dance Thailand S2

Sony Pictures Television 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Bigheads Thailand S1 Brainiest Vietnam S3 Chosen China Dancing Nation China S7 The Dr. Oz’s Show Indonesia S4 The Dr. Oz’s Show Thailand S1 Power of 10 S3 Raid the Cage Vietnam S2 Raid the Cage Vietnam S3 Shark Tank Mongolia S2 Shark Tank Thailand S1 Shark Tank Vietnam S1 Shark Tank Vietnam S2 Who Wants to be a Millionaire Hong Kong Who Wants to be a Millionaire India S10 (Bangla) Who Wants to be a Millionaire India S10 (Hindi) Who Wants to be a Millionaire Sri Lanka Who Wants to be a Millionaire Vietnam S9

Fuji TV 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Confidence Man China The Confidence Man Korea First Class China Ghostwriter China


Hirugao — Love Affairs in the Afternoon Korea 6. Hundred Million Stars from the Sky Korea 7. Legal High Korea 8. Matrimonial Chaos China 9. Matrimonial Chaos Korea 10. Rich Man, Poor Woman Korea 11. Second to Last Love China BBC Studios 1. Criminal Justice India 2. Doctor Foster Korea 3. Life on Mars China 4. Life on Mars Korea 5. Luther Korea 6. Mistresses Japan 7. Mistresses Korea 8. The Office India 9. Orphan Black Japan 10. Stupid Man, Smart Phone Singapore

All3media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Cash At Your Door Mongolia Catch Me Out Thailand Gogglebox Mongolia S5 The Great Art Robbery China Hit It Singapore Liar India Sexy Beasts Vietnam Undercover Boss Japan S3

11. Rising Star Indonesia S3 12. Rising Star Sri Lanka 13. Who’s on Top? Indonesia

TV Asahi 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Armoza 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Asia’s Next Top Model S6 The Doctors Malaysia Entertainment Tonight Thailand S1 The Good Wife Japan S1 Hollywood Squares India S1 India’s Next Top Model S1 (English) India’s Next Top Model S4 (Hindi) Mongolia’s Next Top Model S2

Keshet 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Boom! Philippines Boom! Vietnam Deep Crime Unit Japan False Flag India Lovers or Liars Vietnam Manbirth Vietnam Master Class Vietnam Masters Of Dance Vietnam Rising Star India S2 Rising Star India S3

The Arbitrator Movie Vietnam The Arbitrator Vietnam Honey Badgers India Hostages India I Can Do That! Philippines S2 La Famiglia India Pull Over Thailand

Singing Battle Indonesia Singing Battle Vietnam

ITV Studios 1. 2. 3. 4.

Come Dine With Me Mongolia S2 Dress To Impress Mongolia Jekyll & Hyde China Meet The Parents Vietnam

Red Arrow 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Anti Social Network India Body & Brain Vietnam My Man Can Cambodia You Deserve It Vietnam S5 You Deserve It Vietnam S6

Mediacorp 1. 2.

The Awakening China New edition The Little Nyonya China New edition

20th Century Fox Glee Vietnam

Nippon TV

A+E Networks

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Man vs Child Korea

CBS Studios International 1. 2. 3.

31 Legged Race China 31 Legged Race Thailand S13 31 Legged Race Thailand S14 Beat The Champions Mongolia Sweet Kiss, Bitter Kiss China Noisy Neighbours Thailand Noisy Neighbours Vietnam S4 The Dinner Table Korea Turn Back Vietnam S3

4. 5.

Abandoned Thailand Mother Korea Old Enough! Singapore Pharaoh! China S4 Pharaoh! China S5 Silent Library Mongolia Silent Library Thailand Your Home Is My Business China

ABS-CBN Sanay Wala Na Wakas Malaysia

BE INCLUDED. Emtek Syurga Yang Ke 2 Malaysia

Fox Networks Group Heartbeat Malaysia

Warner Bros 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Bachelor Japan S2 The Bachelor Japan S3 The Bachelor Vietnam Cold Case Japan S2 Gossip Girl China S1 Little Big Shots Indonesia S1 Little Big Shots Philippines S2

Global Agency My Wife Rules Thailand

Lineup Industries Radio Gaga Japan

MBC My Coffee Prince Malaysia

Dori Media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The Best Of All Thailand S1 The Best Of All Thailand S2 In Treatment China S1 It Girls Myanmar Selfie Challenege Vietnam

KBS 1. 2. 3.

NHK Document 72 Hours China

Passion Distribution Drag Race Thailand

SBS Descendants of the Sun Vietnam The Good Doctor Japan The Return of Superman Thailand

My Love From The Star Vietnam

Viacom Lip Sync Battle Philippines S3

Source: Distributors/rights holders, broadcasters, ContentAsia Notes: data for full year 2018, updated as of 8 March 2019. Titles were on air or premiered in 2018, or were commissioned for broadcast in 2018/9 in Asia. Does not include: re-runs, format options, titles/formats which have been around from Q1 2017 without any updates, and shows created by broadcasters/production houses/sponsors for one channel but have not been sold as a format to anyone else. All distributors and formats rights holders were given equal opportunity to participate. For information/feedback, please contact

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Face facts Food tops factual buyers’ acquisitions priorities at Mipdoc/MipTV this year, followed closely by a taste for history, lifestyle, travel and wildlife. Malena Amzah talked to buyers across the region... Food dominates Asia’s factual acquisitions going into Mipdoc/MipTV this year, followed by history, lifestyle, travel and wildlife. Buyers also head to Cannes for this year’s market with tech and science boxes to tick for factual slots and schedules on everything from linear channels to inflight and on-demand platforms, according to ContentAsia’s latest factual survey. 68.4% (13 of 19 participants) of buyers and programmers we spoke to ahead of Mipdoc have food on their acquisitions lists. History, lifestyle, travel and wildlife tie for second place with 63.2% (12 of 19) each, followed by technology with 52.6% (10 of 19). Other genres mentioned include science, environment, docudrama, fashion, paranormal/sci-fi and sports. We also asked platforms in Asia what they would like to see next in the region’s factual space. 63% (12 of 19) said more local/international co-production and collaboration, 53% (10 of 19) said lower licensing fees, and 47% (9

What type of factual content are you looking for at the moment? Food History Lifestyle Travel Wildlife Technology Sci & environment Biography Docudrama Human int/social Fashion Health Heritage Arts Paranormal/Sci-fi Religion Short-form Archeology Education Kids & Youth (edu/ent) Sports & active

What would you most like to see happen next in Asia’s factual space?

5.3% 5.3% 0%

of 19) said more factual production in Asia.

21.1% 21.1% 21.1% 21.1% 15.8% 15.8%



Are you seeing any market gaps for sub-genres of factual entertainment?


52.6% 47.4% 42.1% 42.1% 42.1% 36.8% 36.8% 36.8%




68.4% 63.2% 63.2% 63.2% 63.2%



Has OTT/streaming made a big difference in the way you buy and/or programme factual?

Less piracy More factual content added to mobile bundles



Lower licensing fees


More factual production in Asia


More local/int’l co-production

58% No

42% Yes Yes

50% No

50% Yes


Yes, want... • more Asian-related factual content • more kids/youth short-form content • more sports/active content

Yes, will... • find creative ways to collaborate • include OTT in buying rights • shift market focus to digital platforms

The companies that participated in ContentAsia’s factual survey ahead of Mipdoc are: PT Metra-Net (Oona, Indonesia), Television Broadcasts Limited (myTV Super, Hong Kong), Mediaplex International (Doonee, Thailand), HJ Holdings (Hulu, Japan), iwonder (regional), Astro (Malaysia), WebTVAsia (regional), Forever Group (Myanmar), NTV Broadcasting (Mongolia), MediaQuest Holdings (Philippines), Bangkok Media and Broadcasting (PPTV HD 36, Thailand), Young Investment Group (YTV, Myanmar), Inflight Inc (regional), Da Neng Culture Media (China), Yoohoo Media Solutions (Australia), Discovery Networks Asia Pacific (regional), Gabriel Broadcasting Foundation (Good TV, Taiwan), BBC Studios Asia (regional) & Turner Japan K.K. (TABI Channel)


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