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April 23, 2020A



Observing Earth Day amid a pandemic

n April 22, 1970, a group of people came together to create Earth Day, what is now the planet’s largest civic affair. Fifty years later, the crisis many of these forward-thinking activists feared is upon us. Climate change in wreaking havoc for our planet, including the heightened chance of extreme weather events no country, region, or continent has escaped. Carbon emissions have reached an all-time high. Industries that had been moving toward the preservation of clean air, clean water, wildlife and wilderness are now allowed to look the other way when the science shows the damage. Observing Earth Day amid the coronavirus pandemic is not without its paradoxes. For

example, at the moment, air pollution from cars and industry is at its lowest levels in years along Colorado’s Front Range … most residents are observing stay-at-home guidelines. And have you seen of the photos out of India and China and other locales that live daily with nightmarish pollution? Go to the Internet this minute and look for side-by-side photos from various locations in India … they are absolutely stunning. One of the captions mentions that, now that the smog has cleared, residents are seeing the Himalayan mountains to the north in Nepal and Tibet for first time in their lives. I spent three weeks in Nepal in late 2013. Pollution from the clogged traffic in Kath-

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Fisher my pick I would like to strongly endorse Bill Fisher for City Council in Ward 4. I have known Bill for many years back to the day he first served on City Council. He has extensive experience as a successful business man, entrepreneur and business owner as well as a City Council member. He also is a trained nurse who understands the delivery of health care services at the grass roots level. We live in challenging times right now and hard earned experience is critical for anyone who aspires to public office. Bill would hit the ground running because of his experience and we really need that right now. Bill is very passionate about Golden, its values and its unique heritage. He knows better than anyone how to balance the need for some level of growth while at the same time preserving those things that make Golden such a special place to live. His experience as a business man, managing cash flow and competing priorities are a big asset at a time when town’s tax base is under pressure due to the shut down of the private sector which is the source of revenue to pay for all the services that Golden provides it’s citizen’s. Lastly, with children of his own, he is a passionate believer in education and our local school system. Malcolm Aylett, Lakewood

A publication of

Endorsing Bill I commend both Bill Fisher and Stacy Fowler for their visions for Golden and their dedication to the community. After reflecting on their positions and experience, I am pleased to endorse Bill Fisher for Ward 4 City Councilor. I have been highly impressed with Bill Fisher’s deep experience and smart leadership skills. I especially appreciate his approach to mitigating and controlling the growing impacts of traffic, development, and visitor pressures on our sought after small town. I believe he will tackle these challenges in a thoughtful and forceful way, ensuring that current residents can afford to continue to live in Golden, while also supporting working professionals. Bill has demonstrated a commitment to a more proactive, effective, and equal relationship with the School of Mines. He has the vision and experience needed for the city and the community to prevent negative impacts from further Mines development while allowing us to benefit from the cultural diversity, recreational, and educational amenities that Mines offers. Finally, Bill has the expertise we need in tackling the daunting challenges of recovery from the economic, health, and social impacts of COVID-19. Bill’s past experience on the Golden City Council, with the Golden Urban Renewal

ack before quarantine, about 400 years ago, a normal day looked a little bit like this: I would get up, get ready, make a cup of very weak, welldisguised coffee and take my son to school. From there, I would go to my first school, set up chairs, check emails, make photo copies or do whatever printing job I needed to do, and then teach. Forty minutes later, HITTING I clean up chairs, HOME gather my stuff, and get in my car to drive to the next school. On my way to the next school, typically, I have a few sips of water and eat a small, healthy snack. Then I get to the next school, set up, teach, tear down, drive, Michael Alcorn drink, snack. And then I would repeat the whole thing one more time. Sometimes, that third school is the last one before lunch, so then I would eat lunch. And then go to the last school. It took me several years to built this good habit, the one where I drink water and eat a small, healthy snack. See, if I allow myself to get even a little bit hungry as the day is going on, I tend to get headaches —

something about blood sugar. And if I don’t drink water, I tend to… get thirsty. Plus, water is really good for you. So, my old normal helped me stay hydrated and helped me avoid entirely predictable headaches. You know what I’ve had a lot of the last four weeks? Dry mouth and several headaches. I noticed something else last week, when I put on my fitbit for the first time since January: I don’t get in my steps right now. I used to never have a problem getting in my steps — my fellow teachers understand — and now, I’m nowhere close. Sitting at my desk all day working with students over the computer has ruined that good habit, as well. And it’s not just me. Once the novelty of this whole episode started to wear off, and we all settled into new routines, some of the old habits were no longer tenable. Hard to make a lunchtime trip down to the company gym when you’re not in the same building as the company gym; hard to make a deliberate effort to walk up a few flights of stairs to get to the break room when you live in a ranch style home. For me, as dumb as it sounds (or, more precisely, as dumb as I sound), simply remembering to eat


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Make sure your new routine is a good one



mandu – cars, trucks, tourist buses, scooters … lots of scooters – was visible on the streets, and it seared my lungs. But the mountains were crystalline, the visibility unlimited to the horizon, and the breathing was wonderful (unless, of course, I was struggling on a trek carrying a pack, at altitude). This phenomenon reminded me of Denver’s infamous weather inversions and the “brown cloud” they bring with them, trapping pollution against the foothills. Much like Nepal, we here in Colorado can escape to the mountains and their more pristine environments, but wouldn’t it be great if part of the “new normal” didn’t include a relapse

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