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THE NEW NORMAL - SAFETY FIRST TO KEEP THE FOOD By Mihi Joshi, CIMCO Refrigeration CHAIN FROM DISRUPTION REDUCING TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19 AMONG WORKERS: DECREASING RISK FOR ADJACENT WORKERS ON PRODUCTION LINES IN A REFRIGERATED PROCESS ROOM No matter which industry you consider, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on businesses and their daily routine. As governments monitor the situation and provide updates globally and locally, organizations are coming to the realization that a return to the old ‘normal’ may not happen anytime soon (if at all) and new policies must be applied to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Safe work and risk mitigation practices are vital to slowing and preventing the spread of COVID-19. This is particularly crucial for those essential workplaces that operate in large facilities with production lines – such as food chain suppliers.

between workers on production lines. It is important to note that this is a rapidly evolving situation; individuals and organizations are working on various methods to improve safety in these facilities, and newer solutions are being introduced continually. However, the options we present here can help increase hygiene levels for workers in facilities beyond the spread of COVID-19, and deserve deliberation for daily sanitation benefits too.

THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF SOLUTIONS THAT CAN REDUCE THE RISK OF TRANSMISSION: According to epidemiologic evidence, COVID-19 appears to transmit largely through respiratory droplets and contact. This suggests that transmission in a workplace setting can occur either directly, through close contact, or indirectly, through contaminated surfaces and/or objects. Sharing workstations or being in close proximity heightens this possibility, which means adjacent workers on productions line are particularly at risk. Pulling from our years of experience in the refrigeration industry, we have compiled some suggestions as a guide to decrease the risk of SARS-COV transmission 8 8


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* HYGIENIC ROOF TOP UNITS (RTUS) * AIR HANDLING UNITS (AHUS) * EXHAUST FANS & MAKEUP AIR UNITS (EFS & MAUS) * PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) Each comes with its own advantages to take into consideration. We hope to guide you through some of the main options in this document, but the team at CIMCO Refrigeration is always happy to hear from you and help provide a solution tailored to your facility.

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