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Harrison M. Davis III ’60 (left), new president of the New England Society in the City of Brooklyn, presents a silver tray to Franklin Ciaccio ’63 (right) in appreciation of his service for seven years as Harrison’s predecessor. Also pictured is Judy Hazen (far right), widow of former New England Society board member and Bowdoin College board member Bill Hazen ’52, at the home of L. Blakeney Schick ’04 (front left), under the gaze of her great, great, great grandfather Charles N. Ordway (Maine Medical School at Bowdoin, Class of 1837).

Newt Spurr wrote on December 18: “During 2008, I played golf with two fellow golf team members from 1959-61 teams. Jack Huston, Bill Mason, and I played at Jack’s course in Ariz., in April and had a return round at Bill’s course at The Kittansett.We were rained out for a third round at my course, Bass Rocks, in Gloucester, Mass.” Jim Watson e-mailed on May 1:“I was invited to give the December ’08 Commencement address in my fortieth year at the University of Tulsa. I spoke about books and the book (Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying) that Dave Kranes ’59 gave me to read in the Bowdoin infirmary fifty years ago. It brought me all the way to Tulsa, where I’ll teach one more year before I retire. As the poet Emily Dickinson wrote,“There is no frigate like a book / to take us lands away.”

Bowdoin friends and family gathered last spring for the retirement of John LaCasse ’63. (L to r): Jeremy LaCasse ’94, Bill LaCasse ’78, John, Steve Crabtree ’63, and Bob Sargent ’58. (Not pictured): Charlie Micoleau ’63 and Steven Barndollar ’63.

Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, has been awarded a 2009 Max Planck Research Award for International Cooperation for his study of history and memory.The Max Planck Society, in collaboration with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, awards the $965,000 (750,000 euro) prize in become a private practice urologist after David Luce “finally moved to humanities to only two scholars every Harpswell full time on May 1, 2009. It 40 years in academic medicine, but the four years.The 2009 prize has a challenges are quite similar and the new is great to be back in Maine and see so thematic focus on cultural memory, many friends on a full-year basis, attend position is quite enjoyable!” which Galinsky will apply to ancient many a basketball game with Webster Roman civilization, particularly the age and Prinn ’61. Drop by anytime, we of the emperor Augustus. Galinsky’s are in the phone book.” Dave Cole e-mailed on April 6:“On research also explores connections Fred Rollinson reported in late December 19, 2008, I was married to between antiquity and its perception in Virginia Kraft Payson of Lexington, Ky., December:“Nancy and I visited the modern culture.The award committee and Indiantown, Fla. Fortunately for me, College [last] homecoming weekend. It credited him with building bridges “to was two beautiful days, weather-wise, and she is the greatest woman that I have current themes such as disenchantment ever known. She is currently best known it was just great to be back on campus. with politics and multiculturalism. We attended a wonderful dedication as an owner and breeder of top-level Galinsky will use the award to support thoroughbred horses that race primarily honoring 50 years of men’s varsity soccer. an interdisciplinary group of doctoral Shortly before the event, the men’s soccer at Keeneland, Ky, and Sarasota Springs, candidates and researchers who will N.Y. She was previously a feature writer team appropriately won a come-frominvestigate the role of memory in behind game. It was an exciting game and for Sports Illustrated magazine.” Roman civilization. It also will support Mickey Coughlin e-mailed on April a brand of soccer superior to the early-on Galinsky’s research leave at Ruhr games of the ’50s and ’60s.At the dinner, 26: “Sally finally retired, and we moved University in Bochum, Germany, where we were entertained by the reminiscing to the left coast last July to be closer to he will contribute to research projects and good humor of the honorary our family. Elizabeth ’93 is now a on religion and the study of memory speakers. Seeing coaches Bruce senior director at Yahoo! and lives in from a psychological and neuroscience Bockmann and Charlie Butt and Santa Monica, Calif. Ben and his wife perspective.” From a University of Texas at teammates Ted Sandquist, John Evans, and our two grandchildren live in Austin news release, February 16, 2009. Paul Constantino, and Peter Best was Hillsborough, Calif. So, this gorgeous Jeremy LaCasse ’94 e-mailed on extra special.We were so happy we didn’t island, Orcas, in the San Juans north of March 15: “My dad, John LaCasse, Seattle, is now our quiet home and close miss this event. Nice going, Bowdoin recently retired from 40 years at Medical Alumni Relations and outstanding enough to the bright lights of Seattle Care Development, 27 years as the planning, Elizabeth Mengesha ’06!” and Calif. Have said goodbye to Maine president of the organization. My dad winters again (for the second time in did great work, improving the health of our lives). Life in the Pacific Northwest many Mainers and people around the is so strikingly different that we wonder LAUDABLE Karl Galinsky, the world.” Bob Sargent ’58, Steven Floyd A. Cailloux Centennial Professor why we didn’t make this move before. Barndollar, Steve Crabtree, Charlie of Classics and Distinguished Teaching Carry on.” Micoleau, and Bill LaCasse ’78 all