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Hoop Hop is celebrating their tenth anniversary on August 19th at the Roxbury YMCA. The annual basketball tournament was conceived to create a space for local artists, community activists and grassroots entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and positively impact the Greater Boston community, primarily the youth. Teams are composed of Massachusetts artists such as Ant Thomas, Garrett Merk, Saint Lyor, Mr. PSA, & Tim Hall. In addition to the games, music will be provided by Jeff 2Timez & Deejay Dex, plus there will be a live cypher hosted by LFOD Life. Hoop Hop is a free, all ages event where all are welcome. This year will also feature a brand-new mural created in collaboration with the teens of the Roxbury YMCA.

Founder Bakari JB, reflecting on this year’s milestone: “Ten years of Hoop Hop represents cultural impact that is self-generated by Boston and New England based creatives that have found value in connecting with one another outside of the traditional realm of performance-based events. It has given us a blueprint of what is possible when we view ourselves as a community and not just individuals. I›m most looking forward to meeting new individuals that I›ve never met as well as seeing who lives up to the trash talk that has been circulating for the better part of a full year since Ant Thomas has declared himself unstoppable.”

By combining the twin energies of art and sport, the Hoop Hop movement is firmly anchored in the belief that true community empowerment must be both active and creative. Furthermore, by raising funds to provide opportunities for inner city youth, Hoop Hop aims to foster an environment that promotes growth and encourages those with musical talent to follow that path. With a fun day of activities including a three-point contest, community resources, local vendors and live entertainment, Bakari J.B. and the Hoop Hop team have crafted one of Boston’s premier events.



Seminal Boston Noise Rock Band, Neptune, Returns!

Cloud Combustion


Massachusetts Minute: Nay $peaks Find Power in Her Words

Finally! An Oasis for Live Music + Great Food Appears In Medford

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Say It With Your Chest?

The Glutton Reports: Gene’s Hand-Pulled Noodles

ART BY: Barrington Edwards


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Neptune/Rong/Hive Mind Brass Quintet/ Andrea Pensado at the Midway Cafe, Saturday June 24th.

In October 2000, I moved to Boston to take a job at the Boston Public Library. The first couple weeks after I arrived in town, I felt lonely, missed my friends, and was regretting my move. I often thought “What have I done?” About a month after my arrival, I went to see the angular Czech post punk band Uz Jsme Doma at the Middle East, and Neptune was the opening band. As I watched Neptune bludgeon their instruments made of scrap metal and saw blades that night, I felt a sense of relief, and thought “If a band this good and weird is from Boston, I think living here is going to work out”.

Neptune began in 1994 as a sculpture project by Jason Sanford, the band’s one constant member. After constructing fully working guitars out of scrap metal, he assembled a band to play them. There were many different line-ups over the years. Over time, the scrap metal guitars were joined by various homemade percussion instruments and synths. By the time I arrived in Boston, they were an absolute staple of Boston’s indie music scene, pretty much opening for every oddball touring rock band that came through town. They also toured themselves, through both the US and Europe, and acted as ambassadors for Boston’s music scene. They released numerous records. I saw them so often that if a month passed and I hadn’t seen a Neptune live set, things


Jay Period - WAKULLAH

JAY. is an entrepreneur, designer, and musician along with numerous other titles. While building community through artistic and practical means, JAY. has remained genuine through all forms of expression masterfully over decades of creation and content. In 2023, JAY. released a trilogy of albums known as YOU (IM SORRY), RAMPAGE JACKSON CALL 999, and soon to be released WAKULLAH.

As per rule of thumb, I will be focusing primarily on the upcoming album. I cannot stress enough how these albums are intentionally connected, evolving from first to last in an introspective and engaging manner. As I see it, the process of WAKULLAH is very streamlined. That being said, picking songs to cover on cloud combustion was a very difficult and lively challenge.

The first two tracks, (“She Said,” “Down Bad”) represent heartbreak and confusion with a flawless persona that simply cannot be replicated. On tracks like “Groove” and “Hood Demon,” JAY. transforms previous sorrow into elegant rage. There is something stunning I find in artists who can take moments of disaster, and convey such moments into beautiful art. Not only that, JAY. depersonalizes his works to be accessible and for the community simultaneously.

Following “Hood Demon,” “Down On My Knees” has shown clarity and a semiironic sense of growth as well. In general, composition and authenticity are valued in WAKULLAH equally. There isn’t much left I can say, so remember the trilogy and see you next time.

felt “off”. Neptune kind of ground to a halt around 2012.

After so many years, it was great to see the Neptune lineup of Jason, Mark Pierson, and Dan Boucher back in action at the Midway. This lineup of the band was the longest lasting and definitive configuration. It felt pretty astounding that after not playing for seven or eight years, Neptune sounded as tight and hammering as ever. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane, but at the same time they sounded so alive and vital. I hope they decide to keep playing and record new material.

Socially, this show was a class reunion for various Boston music weirdos who saw each other a lot at shows from the late 90s up until about 2010. The show sold out early, and though it was frustrating that a lot of people couldn’t get in, a kind of party developed on the sidewalk outside the Midway during the course of the night as everyone caught up with old friends.

Rong, a younger band, who sit at the intersection of hardcore, noise rock, and metal, played a really excellent set before Neptune, and also brought out a younger crowd, so the Midway was full of both young and old Boston music weirdos, which was great to see. Hive Mind Brass Quintet was a five trumpet free improv group, and seeing Salem’s noise kingpin Andrea Pensado play is always cathartic.

What an excellent night.

---------------- MICHAEL MAMBRINO -------------------------------------------- CHRIS STRUNK PHOTO BY NOISE FLOOR PHOTO


Deep Cuts is a new music venue in Medford that offers local talent and a diverse range of genres. With limited live music options in the area, Deep Cuts is an important part of the Boston music community, providing a local option for people looking to enjoy great music without traveling that far. But Deep Cuts isn’t just a music venue; it’s also a great lunch spot and brewery. The menu features a variety of sandwiches and snacks from the Deep Cuts Cuban and pizza to vegan options like the Everything Soft Pretzels and the Banzo (a vegan “meatball” sub). The brewery will have a range of craft beers that are made onsite. Whether you’re a fan of IPAs, lagers, or porters, you’ll find something you love.

But the most important aspect of Deep Cuts is its commitment to the local music community. With a 240-person capacity,

Deep Cuts bridges the gap for artists looking to perform in a mid-size venue in the Boston area. The events calendar is filling up with local and touring bands in a variety of genres and even some comedy acts. The venue is designed to be both intimate and welcoming. It’s the perfect place to catch a performance and connect with other music lovers in the community.

Overall, Deep Cuts is a unique place that offers a spin on classic lunch options, housecrafted beer, and a solid lineup of shows. If you’re looking for a delicious meal, a refreshing beer, or a night out listening to some great music, Deep Cuts is the perfect place to be. So if you haven’t yet experienced all that Deep Cuts has to offer, be sure to check it out soon! --------------------------------------


Nay $peaks Finds Power in Her Words

Every few years, Massachusetts is hit with an album that grasps the mind of everyone within the local music circuit. Whether it be Cousin Stizz’s Suffolk County, Vintage Lee’s PiMP, Connis’ Conn(is), or BIA’s FOR CERTAIN, time and time again fans of the Bay State’s music scene have had a prominent body of work to rally around. Despite there not being that “one” standout thus far in 2023, local MC Nay $peaks has hopes of shifting this narrative and directing the limelight her way. She raps as part of the Words Speak Life collective, which is composed of both FUNERAL Ant Bell and AVENUEBLVD and has swiftly established a reputation as an exciting team of rappers in Boston. Last month, she delivered her very first album, Nayborhood Healer, and in the process of doing so, has captivated audiences from both within and outside of the confines of Massachusetts.

Nayborhood Healer is a 15 track offering that features fellow MA talents such as FUNERAL Ant Bell, AVENUEBLVD, Yanna G, and Reem Skully. Much of what one hears across this project is based in HipHop music, as Nay injects an immense level of soul into the music that she creates. Nay $peaks’ journey in music is one that derives from her youth. Growing up, she was profoundly moved and shaped by HipHop and R&B music. Some of her earliest influences in life were the likes of Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, and Erykah Badu, with these notable acts influencing Nay to eventually head down the path of creating music of her own. Though music now lies at the roots of Nay $peaks’ current creative trajectory, she’s honed her skills as an artist through the medium of spoken word. Over the years, Nay has developed an affinity for expressing her unique identity and

viewpoint on life through words. Following her first release in 2021, Nay managed to bridge the gap between spoken word and Hip-Hop music, and hasn’t looked back since.

This album serves as the first one to be released by Nay $peaks up through this point in her career. Much of her catalog until now has been composed of singles, so to finally have a cohesive collection of songs under her name is certainly a monumental moment for the Boston rapper. There are an abundance of profound moments prevalent across this project, with each song possessing something unique to bring to the table. Delving into anecdotes surrounding life in and around Blue Hill Ave, placing emphasis on her burning desire to succeed, and shining a light on what it means to be a young Black woman from Boston, Nay offers an unabashed peak into what it’s like to take a walk in her shoes. Each song features a grand combination of playful wordplay, deepened meaning, and refined instrumentation as Nayborhood Healer ultimately rounds out as an unforgettable listen. Despite being a prolific album that’s meant to be digested in the order presented by Nay, some of its standouts are “Just Be You,” “Good In My City,” and “Buckle Up.”

There are plenty of shining moments for Nay $peaks across the entirety of this album. For many, Nayborhood Healer has served as the point of discovery for the Boston artist. In that same breath, this project marks the beginning of their unrelenting support. As Massachusetts continues to become a hotbed for creativity, it’s artists such as Nay who are giving the area a great rep. Find out why by giving a listen to Nayborhood Healer.

------------------------------------------------ SHAMUS HILL

**We strongly encourage all to take careful precautions when going out to public events! Follow the venue’s requirements regarding vaccination/negative Covid tests and masking instructions! Always double check the event online just in case they need to cancel!**

music & audio

8/3 The Bride Price Tournament, with CalvinKleinCaterpillar do not miss a night of MUSIC and FANTASY in celebration of ‘cellsexual’. In this live rendition of THE BRIDE PRICE TOURNAMENT, you will enjoy a PLAY/THEATRICAL experience performed by a cast of beautiful, talented, and familiar faces. The performance will also feature live arrangements of songs from ‘cellsexual’, CalvinKleinCaterpillar's second album!

@The Lyric Stage

7PM 18+ $30-$50

8/3 Pulse Boston w/ Deevo Da Genius, Valid, Suriel, Swooli, Maye Star, Cashus Knight, Clark D, and kei A brilliant and beautiful night filled with rap performances

@Middle East Upstairs

7PM 18+

8/3 Jay Pluss Presents End of Summer Showcase ft. Shawn Mics, Solmaria, Gio Mage, Trackfeen + more!

@The Jungle 8PM 21+ $10

8/4 Boon, Denzil Leach, Puppy Problems, Ribbon

@O'Briens Pub

8PM 21+ $12/15

8/4 EXIT Galleries Presents

$ean Wire + Kadeem

@EXIT Galleries

7PM All Ages $15-20

8/4 Treebeard Media +

ONCE Somerville Presents

Somergloom Day 1 ft. Marissa

Nadler, Infinity Ring, Kira McSpice

@The Rockwell

7:30PM 21+ $21.43

8/5 Starlight Dance Party

Join DJ Tagoe and Pearl Movement for a free Saturday evening of music, dance, and community; at 7PM, learn original choreography by Pearl Young, a Boston-based performer, dance educator, and choreographer.

@Starlight Square

6PM All Ages FREE

8/5 Bridgeside Cypher another legendary freestyle performance this month!

@Lynch Family Skatepark

9PM All Ages FREE

8/5 Final Squitch show! Come say farewell! Also ft. RONG, Pink Navel + Kind Being

@ Crystal Ballroom

7PM All Ages $15/18

8/5 Treebeard Media +

ONCE Somerville Presents Somergloom Day 2 ft. Ashen Veil, Cradle of Judah, Still Life Sounds + Tears from a Grieving Heart @Bone Up Brewing 3PM All Ages $6.70

8/5 Sanye, Jo Saza, Ishafromthe978 w/ food, drinks, games + vendors @Thrill Studios

8PM 21+ $5-15

8/5 Vloro, scarecrow, Lifeless Dark, Chainsaw @Deep Cuts Deli

7PM All Ages $15/20

8/6 Jay Pluss + the Square Root Present The Square Root of Summer 2023 ft. Leelyi, Amanda Shea, Ju$t Jill, Bloodfire, Lomel, Noza Rez, Paula Feris, Karim

@The Square Root Cafe

7:30PM All Ages $10

8/6 Get To The Gig Presents Kal Marks, Gouge Away, No Model

@Deep Cuts Deli

7PM All Ages $17-20

8/6 Treebeard Media + ONCE Somerville Presents Somergloom Day 3 ft. Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean, SEED @Charles River Speedway

8PM 18+ $21.43

8/8 Clamb, Targus Targus, FEEP

@O’Briens Pub

8PM 21+ $12

8/8 Cliff Notez as part of the Passim Summer Series

@Danehy Park, Cambridge

6PM All Ages FREE

8/11 Skrrt! ft. Amadeezy, DJ Knife, Tommy Chronic, Deep Voice Jojo, Maddog

@Chinatown Country Club

10PM 21+ $10

8/11 Classical jazz fusion with Arina Fujiwara with Noah Harrington + Gen Yoshimura

@Lilypad 8PM All Ages $10

8/11 EXIT Galleries Presents ETHEREAL VISIONS

@EXIT Galleries

7PM All Ages $15-20

8/12 IBOOKTHINGS Presens, Depressors, Mall Cops, Kerosene Heights, Elephant Jake, Please 2003

@O'Briens Pub

8PM 21+ $10

8/12 Get To The Gig Presents

Superviolet + Trace Mountains

@Deep Cuts Deli

7PM All Ages $15/18

8/12 Queenality Cares Presents Queen Fest A Concert Celebration of Queens from Cambridge and surrounding Cities featuring acts from their Queen Mentorship Program, CRLS Students + more!

@Starlight Square

7PM All Ages FREE

8/12 Illegally Blind 10 Year Anniversary ft. Sweeping Promises, baby;baby: explores, Strange Passage, Pleaser

@Crystal Ballroom

7PM All Ages $17/19

8/12 GLD FESTVL ft. STL GLD, Oompa, Van Buren, Latrell James, Billy Dean Thomas, DJ Why Sham + more!

@City Hall Plaza

12PM-10PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/12 Non-Event Presents

Magdalena Abrego + Olivia

W-B, A. Campbell Payne outside in a park!

@ isher Hill Reservoir Park, Brookline 5PM All Ages

$uggested Donation

8/12 Northeast Noise Fest 40+ experimental/noise artists back to back to back allllll day, kiddo!

@The Firehouse

12PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/13 Ruby Grove, Miss Geo, Mau, Aznjujube

@The Jungle

5PM 21+ FREE

8/13 TotoRobyn, Pain Chain, Andrew Wayne x Edith Snugglenut Collab, Farrah Faucet

@O'Briens Pub

8PM 18+ $10

8/14 IBOOKTHINGS Presents

Former Critics, Riot Course, Twelveyes, BIKETHRASHER

@The Silhouette Lounge

8PM 21+ $10

8/15 Lydia Harrell as part of the Passim Summer Series

@Danehy Park, Cambridge

6PM-9PM All Ages FREE

8/16 Raavi, Mei Semones, Walk Me Home

@O'Briens Pub

8PM 18+ $15

8/16 Brittle Brian, Nino, Potion Seller

@The Firehouse

8PM All Ages $5-15

8/17 IBOOKTHINGS Presents Andy Caifornia + Lupo Citta

@Notch Brewing Brighton

7PM 21+ FREE

8/17 Hustle Killer House Party Pajama Jam ft. Supreme Boyz, Cyph GTTB, Camarie Jones, O.K.K.O., KEITHWRITESMUSIC, + more!

@The Jungle

8PM 21+ $10 w/ pajamas/$15 without

8/18 Men & Volts, Real Mahouts, Ryan Lee Crosby Band

@The Square Root Cafe

8:30PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/19 JP Porch Fest

For this year’s festival Dunamis will continue their mission of showcasing the amazing Jamaica Plain community with a specific lens of highlighting BIPOC performers and community organizations. Music + performances from porches + parks all over JP!

12PM-6PM All Ages FREE

8/19 Bridgeside Hot Girl Cypher ft. Amanda Shea, Eva Davenport, Kay Wattz, Nancia + more!

@Multicultural Arts Center

7PMAll Ages $10

8/19 Boynton Yards Block Party + Show ft. Haasan Barclay, Moxie, The Far Out, Lonely Leesa + the Lost Cowboys, Trespasser @Boynton Yards

4PM All Ages FREE

8/19 Levyosn Yiddish song/ klezmer ensemble

@Lilypad 10PM All Ages $10

8/20 Wonder & Awe Productions presents Songwriter Sunday ft. Brenda Carsey, Isaiah Solares, Kaylub, Kid Lightning

@Lilypad 10:30PM All Ages $10

8/21 IBOOKTHINGS Presents Winkler, Dino Gala, Sweet Petunia

@The Silhouette Lounge

8PM 21+ $10

8/24 Melcocha Trío ft. Anita Quinto, Manolo Mairena, + Wilson Vera

@The Square Root Cafe

8PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/24 Brother Moses, Stay outside, Layzi

@O'Briens Pub 8PM 21+ $12

8/26 Verdegree, Lady Lupine, Knock Over City, Three Weeks Notice

@The Jungle 7PM 21+ $10

8/26 EXIT Galleries Presents Connis, Gogo, Soap.wav, DJ Slick Vick

@EXIT Galleries

7PM All Ages $15-20

8/27 Mobius Trip: A Sonic Adventure

2 Tribute w/ Magnificent Danger and Battlemode

@The Rockwell

5PM-9PM All Ages $15

8/29 Kids Like You And Me (ur fave janky rock curators) DJ tunes for you to groove to!

@State Park Bar 8PM 21+ FREE

9/1 Get To The Gig Presents Notebook P + Malik Elijah

@Deep Cuts Deli

7PM All Ages $15-18

9/2 IBOOKTHINGS Presents Hope Fest ft. Pink Navel, Rilla Force, Mallcops, Zaafir, Perennial, Circus Trees, Daphne Blue Underworld + many more! 39 bands, 4 stages. A benefit for NAGLY

@Old Town Hall, Salem

12PM All Ages $25-45

Eliot Schoolyard Summer Concerts! Every Sunday ft. Cliff Notez, Grooversity + more! Find more info at

Black Cotton Club Jam

Session: The Clearing Inspired by Toni Morrison's Beloved. Look out for dates in August + September on their IG

Pink World Episode 40 out now! Nicolerds from Sound Lab talks team dynamics, career, anxiety, networking & more! New episodes drop every Monday! Available on most popular platforms.

8/1-8/6 Pack a picnic for Boston’s best summer tradition with Shakespeare on the Common, transforming the park at sunset into Macbeth this year.

@Boston Common Parkman Bandstand

8PM-10PM All Ages FREE

8/1-8/12 Idris Goodwin’s new play, The Boy Who Kisses the Sky, is an inspiring coming-ofage story, premiering @Strand Theatre 7:30PM

All Ages $ome Cost

8/5 The Roxbury Poetry Festival is a biennial event centering poetry in Roxbury, MA. Many many folks will be leading sessions and workshops. Cristela Guerra, senior arts and culture reporter at WBUR, will be speaking on journalism; literary performer, Educator, and former National Poetry Slam Champion Regie Gibson will be leading a workshop on craft. Hanif Abdurraqib, famed essayist and poet, will be giving the evening's keynote address! @Bolling Building

10AM-9PM All Ages FREE

8/6 Common Circus at Roslindale Square!

Join Company One all throughout Roslindale Square for a walking tour of Luminarium Dance's current work: COMMON CIRCUS a three-ring exploration of the mundane. From doing the laundry to existential dread, workplace "norms" to putting a toddler to bed, join us as we visit some familiar sites while making great spectacle out of our day-today. From co-working space to coffee shop, dumpster to busy sidewalk, join us as we take this FUN performance to the streets and businesses of Roslindale Square. This roving performance utilizes dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word, and sport as the performers guide audience members from site to site.

@Roslindale Square 4pm

All Ages Pay What You Choose

8/13 Show Me Your Bits video game burlesque ft. music by Minusworld, Sam Mulligan + more!

@ONCE Somerville

7PM-11PM 18+ $25-35 @oncesomerville

8/13 Bogosplit Fashion

Extravaganza Experience the glamour and uniqueness of local fashion and art! Be captivated by stunning runway collections…all from local designers. Get inspired by the fusion of art, culture, and style as models grace the catwalk with elegance and grace.

Fashion Show 12PM-3PM. Vendor Market 3PM-5PM @Starlight Square

12PM-6PM All Ages FREE

8/18 GOBLIN HOLE: a drag show celebrating unhinged queer excellence Expect low key interactive activities, video art, digital drag, live performances, and chaotic pole dancers – as a treat.

@Crystal Ballroom

9PM 21+ $20-30

8/23 Good Luck Comedy Presents Rallo Boykins w/ DJ after party @ Middlesex

8PM-10PM 21+ FREE

performance art
more at

8/31 Lili Latin Dance Presents: Summer Bachata Bash

Celebrate the summer with an Intro to Bachata lesson, and then dance the night away to your favorite Bachata and Salsa music! No partner required, just bring yourself and have an amazing night! @Starlight

Square 6PM-9PM All Ages FREE

video & film

8/1-8/29 Happy Birthday,

Mr Hitchcock! celebrates the masters birthday with some of his most brilliant thrillers including The Man Who Knew Too Much 8/1, Rear Window 8/8, Rope 8/22, and The Lady Vanishes 8/29

@Kendall Square Cinema

All Ages $ome Cost

8/5-8/13 Japan’s beloved director Yasujiro Ozu’s entire career hits the Harvard Film Archive screens this summer at Ozu 120. This month’s must-sees include his charming comedy Equinox Flowers 8/5, Early Spring 8/7, Tokyo Story

8/12 and Late Autumn 8/13

@Harvard Film Archive

All Ages FREE

8/6 Wim Wenders’ Tokyo-Ga is his love letter to the poetic film master Yasujiro Ozu, screening with Ozu’s 120

@Harvard Film Archive

7PM All Ages FREE

8/11-8/13 A Hitchcock double feature with his favorite leading men, Rear Window and North By Northwest

@Brattle Theater 8PM

All Ages $ome Cost

8/15 Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is a behind the scenes look at the influential hip-hop group from Queens as part of the Coolidge’s series Hip Hop at 50

@Coolidge Corner Theater

7PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/14-8/15 Bette Davis’ full range hits the screen with her iconic roles from the ‘40s including Dark Victory and Jezebel in two double features

@Brattle Theater

All Ages $ome Cost

8/16 Pack a picnic and catch the B-movie classic, It Came

From Outer Space

@Greenway's Wharf District Park

8PM All Ages FREE

8/21 Pedro Almodóvar’s risqué love story about queer creatives was way ahead of its time. Law of Desire screens

@Coolidge Corner Theater

7PM All Ages $ome Cost

8/27 NYC drug overlords go up against streetwise cops in Mario van Peebles’ New Jack City at Coolidge After Midnight

@Coolidge Corner Theater

12AM-2AM All Ages $ome Cost

visual art

8/15-8/26 20 Years on the Edge celebrating the 20th Year Anniversary of Atlantic Works Gallery. Not only will current and past artists members be showing their work but they will also be officially opening their brand new ground floor gallery.

@Atlantic Works Gallery


Drawing on the Gay Experience. A Retrospective of a Life in Art. Jameson and Thompson Picture Framers are thrilled to announce an exclusive retrospective art show dedicated to the extraordinary talent and unique artistic vision of Gerard P. Donelan, a trailblazing LGBT cartoonist whose work has left an indelible mark on the art world and LGBTQ+ community. This exhibition showcases his iconic creations and a collection of rarely before-seen drawings and paintings. On view until 8/31

Elevated Spaces is a public art initiative consisting of mixed-media installations and programming designed to uplift Lawrence youth and local artists. On 8/17 is the Rising Artist Panel: Alternate Realities & Processes hosted by Rixy and on 8/18 there will be a final celebration of the initiative at El Taller Cafe.

Open Air Gallery Central + Charles A public art walk and Open Air museum experience. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this public art walk is transformed by the nestled murals of Central Square and booming artwork residing in East Cambridge neighborhoods, along the Charles River, and all the way to MIT. More info and map at

Viltality | Alison Judd, Andrea Luper, + Elizabeth King Stanton. The show explores the concept of growth, adaptation, and cyclical change - whether it manifests through visuals of motherhood, self-reflection, or seasonal shifts. The cold months of winter are over; the city fills with excitement, color, and vibrancy to embrace change and new beginnings. These three painters explore the intimacy and the everyday of being a woman through different levels of figuration and abstraction. Vitality is the inaugural exhibition of Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s brand-new Boston location, to see the show visit 450 Harrison Avenue #29. On view until 8/20

Yesterday's Gesture focuses on the ways in which artists consider landscape, nature, and their intertwined relationship with humanity across space and time. Featuring four artists Alchemyverse, Gohar Dashti, Katherine Mitchell DiRico, and Sue Yang, this exhibition houses a collection of places and glimpses of memories, emphasizing the symbiosis between people and land. With a selection of sitespecific installation, ceramics, photography, and drawing, the artists have imagined what landscape means for our livelihood within a grander scale of time. On view until 8/25

@Praise Shadows Gallery

8/1-10/29 Harvard Square Open Market Every Sunday from June through October, come explore the eclectic and carefully curated selection of over 50 artists, makers, and vintage dealers.

@ Nubian Square Open Studio for the Arts (NOSA)

11AM-5PM All Ages FREE

8/5 + 8/19 Caribbean Street Market music, food, art, desserts, apparel and more!

Every 1st + 3rd Saturday!

@715 River Street, Boston

11AM-5PM All Ages FREE

8/6-8/27 Morning Yoga at Jamaica Pond w/ Marlene Boyette every Sunday!

@ 11:30AM-12:30PM

All Ages Donation $uggested

8/10 Teens In Print End of the Summer Showcase!

Save the date! Join Teens In Print, a youth journalism organization, for an unforgettable multimedia experience that will challenge perspectives and ignite curiosity.

@100 High Street, Boston; 12th Floor 1PM-4PM

All Ages FREE

8/12 Allston Rat Race

It's the race that's not a race! Gather in Lower Allston at the Charles River Speedway to celebrate 11 years of CommonWheels

DIY bike collective! Lunch + dinner included!

@Charles River Speedway

10AM-8PM All Ages $20

8/15 4th Annual Summer Art Healing Project Come for a night of guided art, food, and fun! Right in East Boston!

@Maverick Landing Community Services 6PM-8PM All Ages FREE

8/17 + 8/24 + 8/31 Activating

ART: a movement in social justice formerly known as Activating ARTivism is a festival to amplify our community's voices through art, activism, and resistance. Follow @activating. artivism on IG for info drops and the final September event.

@City Hall Plaza

5:30PM-8PM All Ages

8/18 - 8/20 ZaZ Afro-Caribbean Fest celebrating the culture of the diaspora with food, music, art and fashion. 3 days, 2 different venues.

6PM-10PM All Ages

8/19 Anti-Robot Club's Marketplace Packed with a large variety of creatives doing everything from ceramics to vintage clothing, handmade objects and more. Stop in to shop, browse and grab a bite or drink! @ Farm Fresh 4PM-7PM

SUBMIT NOW! Boston GLASS (GLBTQ+ Adolescent Social Services) is looking for BIPOC + LGBTQIA+ artists to paint a memorial. Contact to apply for this paid opportunity!

Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance offers opportunities and coaching for organizations, groups and individuals to assess anti-oppression within their community. Sign up now for

programming ending in August and get in early for their Fall programming. Check out all the programs at

opportunity community get-involved Amplify new voices!
The Extremely Boring Adventures of Jamal B. Franklin by Nile Hennick
The Adventures of Aaron & Beatrice by Gabriel Joy Reid
The Mixx by Zahirah Nur Truth
Leaves by Coleman Luse
@cagenmiles SEASON 5
The Market by Cagen Luse

A young black boy learned how to swim

At the age of nine

By ten his arms and legs

Would swing lithe

He pulled the strength of his body down each length of twenty five Chlorine seeped into his dark, knotted curls, browning the ends; breaking skin out into hives But he enjoyed the power held in conquering the water, an ocean’s worth of world available to him now to survive his body hurdling off of blocks and diving boards before he willed it to rise Undulating under small waves as his own tribute to ancestors in the Nile, he felt he’d arrived Sometimes he reckoned his whole life an exercise

In staying afloat

Or maybe trying not to get caught in the debris of mental demise, a flotsam of overwrought thoughts as he paralyzed His voice tended toward drowning when his thoughts dived Its resonance sunk even as its rhythm jived Into every surface;

He spoke into walls, couches, lamps, his low tone garbled and became a room’s furnish Left struggling to breathe through the heat of his embarrassment’s furnace

He used to hate the sounds emitted when he attempted to speak, Nary a note landed with the impact that others burnished Smoke would deepen the low end, but cut the highs of his mix; on recordings, his attitude came across Curt-ish He started talking to himself.

Conversations between the various personalities he’d made or inherited would flourish Fill his headspace with chatter, often shushed before it rose to a curdling skirmish or let free to swing and sway, a devotion to movement as devout as a dervish

The music of his mind would grow cacophonous like jazz when it’s live, His jazz as in jasm, virile in spirit

He now finds himself the most comforting voice, lift his to hear it



Gene's Hand-Pulled Noodles

The Glutton is back with an outrageous suggestion: HOT SOUP on a HOT DAY. As if the sunburns I accumulated on a day trip to Salem’s Dead Horse Beach weren’t enough, I decided to burn my tongue at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Downtown Boston. Gene’s has been a familiar name to me as someone who is obsessed with perusing local discussion forums. The restaurant has been recommended as a hidden comfort food gem on Reddit and Facebook a handful of times—to which other locals solemnly nod in agreement without needing much written follow-up. One example? “Gun to my head... I’d say [Gene’s] food is the tastiest of any restaurant in Boston,” said DerpWilson on Reddit.

Titular Chef Gene Wu opened the first iteration of his enterprise in Chelmsford, MA more than a decade ago, bringing attention to authentic cuisine from Xi’an, the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi’s province. Xi’an is not known for rice; instead the locals prefer bread and noodles, hence the establishment’s lamb or pork-stuffed flatbreads and steaming noodle soups. Although the hand-pulled noodles traditional to Xi’an are plain, they are far from simple. In fact, one of the most complex Chinese characters is the one that signifies “biang,” the sound made by hand-pulled noodles smacking the table as they are crafted. “Biang” comprises just one part of the “biang biang” noodles served by Gene’s, yet requires 57 strokes. It’s almost as if the character is testimony to the hearty practice of crafting this dish—and the delicious experience of devouring a spicy bowl of supporting soup. The subsequent location in Boston, nestled around the corner of the Downtown Crossing T Station, opened in 2013. This spot was small but intimate—a pocket destination with little seating and blowing fans abound. Award plaques dotted the brick walls, punctuated by

Where To Find Us

handwritten “online order or cash only” signs. One guy talked loudly about the year of the tiger, while the girl at the counter took a terse phone call. All of us were tucked away from Boston like the ingredients in noodle soup, and we were all sweaty.

The Glutton Reports: I ordered the lamb hand-pulled noodle soup, conveniently identified by the restaurant’s website as one of the “most sold items in the past seven days.” As an accompaniment, I snatched a pink can of Yeo’s lychee drink out of a sweaty fridge skirting the register. Less than ten minutes after placing my order, the chef called out my name as if she knew me. Most people crave ice cream in such humid weather, but I resonated deeply with the steaming bowl of soup placed in front of me. Fresh, hand-textured noodles like wellworn belts nestled into a light, savory broth adorned with orange bubbles of oil. Four to five thick noodles were enough to crowd the bowl. Wood ear mushrooms swam in the stew like slippery, slick jellyfish amongst pale yellow lily flowers. The smell—like the kitchen of someone who loves you enough to fatten you up. The noodles had a pleasant “give” to them—solid and plain, yet chewy and infused with all the salty softness that surrounded them. And taking a sip of the sweet Yeo’s provided an insane contrast perfect for a summer’s day—like jumping off of the hot asphalt into a swimming pool.

I’m a glutton at heart, but my tummy is tiny. I admittedly took the rest of the soup to-go and had leftovers for dinner and a midnight snack. Tucked away in my bag was the decorative red placemat I collected as a souvenir from Gene’s, one that displayed all twelve of the Chinese Zodiac. The description for the year of the rabbit was clouded over by that fatty orange oil. As I slurped at my

summertime broth, I decided this meant that this mark signified another year of eating.

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