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SHAWARMA-MATIC The future is calling by bazaar staff

When we first heard of the new concept Shawarma-matic, brought to you by the same lovely people who have long been filling our bellies with Mais Alghanim, we were intrigued to say the least. As an item previously only available on their catering menu, the often requested Shawarma would, if nothing else, be more widely available. Having now been to the location, sampled the food, and basked in their many options, we are pleased to say that they have exceeded our already high expectations with a menu as delicious as it is vast. The concept sounded futuristic enough: Shawarma served by robots? How can this be (I may have even camped out overnight in front like it was the opening of the next Star Wars movie)? However, the truth is, though not as futuristic as the child in me might have wanted, it still remains equally compelling to the taste buds. First, all of 104

the actual cutting of the Shawarma meat is done automatically by a machine that does deliver on all the goodies that you would expect from an automated process: consistency of the cut, consistency of the amount served, cleanliness; all whilst cross-referencing in its motherboard the ever-changing circumference of the meat. That said, it would be a real disservice to the menu overall to merely focus on such themes as the food here is worth going out of your way for. First the basics: when it comes to types of meats, they have 6 different kinds, ever spinning, in the slow roasted manner that you only get from the Shawarma experience: beef, chicken, Turkish Doner, Tandoori, Taouk, and Kabbab. When it comes to the breads, you have your choice of Lebanese, Samoun, Saj, or a baguette. Lastly, for toppings they have even more varieties with 9 different basics (of which you can pick four),

10 premium toppings for a slight up-charge, and over a dozen different sauces. With all of these toppings being as varied as hummus, cucumber sauce, caramelized onions, guacamole, or even French fries, there is no doubt that you could spend years here perfecting your perfect meal. Being a bit of a purist as we are when it comes to such eateries, we opted to start out with the standard beef Shawarma (here called the Standdar), and work our way up to some of the more adventurous items on the menu. The first thing that you will likely notice is that you are definitely in for an upgrade from the norm with these guys; this is true both in sheer size, and the quality of ingredients. Weighing in at nearly 3 times the norm of traditional Shawarmas, these definitely make a meal unto themselves. The Saj bread was wonderfully fresh, warm, and presented hot off the grill with the help of a