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Style, When You're Expecting

We're in that stage of life where we are going through milestones or watching those going through - rocking our careers of choice, launching businesses, getting engaged, married and having babies. We're aware of these benchmarks but the one we thing we hear after someone announces that they are expecting, there is a bit of a groan about what they can wear, what options exist and if they can go up a size. We sat down with corporate veterans and Co-Founders of of Mia Tango to talk about connecting mommies to be with brands that won't sacrifice their style and how this company was conceived. ATHLEISURE MAG: Tell us about your background pre Mia Tango as our readers love knowing about trailblazing women.

advertising at Leo Burnett in Toronto. It so perfectly combined my love of data with my creative talents - my inner geek did a happy dance. After working at Leo Burnett for a few years, I took a big leap of faith and moved to New York City. I played hookie for a week and flew to NYC, to interview with 6 or 7 different agencies. By the end of it, I had 2 job offers. 3 weeks later, this was home. I worked in agencies most of my career until moving to KAYAK. KAYAK was a marketer’s dream - the chance to work with smart people, building something you believed in, and then to watch it fly. KAYAK is where Melissa and I met, and working on Mia Tango feels like the perfect next step. This time, the journey is even more personal - it’s a problem that we truly believe needs solving!

STEPHANIE RETCHO: I began my career working in direct marketing - the great precursor to the digital age (darn, did I just age myself ?!). I remember so vividly interviewing for my first job in

MELISSA BIRGE: After college, I went to work for Arthur Anderson as a CPA in the adult division. I have always loved puzzles and solving problems, and that's what accounting felt like to

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