Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - February 2014

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Peripheral ARTeries

Riedstra (The Netherlands)

an artist’s statement

Over the years, Riedstra has developed her own unique style. In the movement of her brushstrokes the viewer clearly recognises the hand of the experienced artist. The apparent alertness of her topics adds great value to her work. With provocative ease, she communicates the ambience of her work to the public. Riedstra is a keen observer; she eliminates the superfluous to reach the core essence. Through endless wandering and taking photos of images that draws her interest she acquires new and exciting experiences. This process provides us with an insight into her method of working. The power of her work lies in the accuracy of her brushwork and in the necessary unstable balance that one experiences in every composition. Riedstra's work shows the process of a driven interaction with the canvas, interacting lines, colours and planes, which for the artist only subside after a number of transparent layers. Again and again, Riedstra takes her audience along on a confrontational journey beyond authentic elements, which through their individual importance start to lead a life of their own on the canvas. In doing so, she avoids any compromise, which results in an intense directness for the viewer. That way Riedstra undoubtedly paints from a renewed contemporary perspective. Thus, her work maintains tension and originality and yet radiates tranquillity.