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UK based lodges, cottages and holiday parks in particular have embraced hot tubs over recent years and according to research, hot tubs are one of the most requested items from customers researching holidays of this type online” with the launch of their new Eco-PKS, 4-5 person hot tub model. Whether for relaxation, therapy or just good fun the new Eco-PKS circular hot tub is outstanding value-formoney and offers the lowest carbon footprint on the market. UK designed and built, the Eco-PKS is fully HSG282 compliant and has all the features operators and owners would expect including: quick drain for handover days, park safe controls, thermo insulation, tough one-piece shell and cabinet structure with unique lifetime warranty, plus Climacube Water Heating System compatibility for even greater savings. The new Eco-PKS offers full depth seating for 4-5 people and a generous footwell for the most natural resting position. In addition, the entry step provides easy access and doubles as a child seat. Affordable with high level specification, offering the ultimate massage experience come sun, rain or snow – 365 days of the year. As the model name implies the EcoPKS has some impressive environmental credentials. 100% recyclable and made in Britain, it is the most recyclable spa available in the UK today and the advanced thermo insulated shell design will significantly reduce heat loss and energy consumption, lowering carbon footprints still further. The new model also been purposely designed to be portable, meaning no expensive crane or installation costs for delivery. Powered from a standard household electrical supply will negate the need for expensive electrical work, the Eco-PKS is literally plug in and play! Should owners decide to relocate the EcoPKS, the tub can be simply unplugged and moved to the desired location.

AQUASPARKLE BROMINE POD – CONTINUOUS IN-LINE HOT TUB SANITATION Last year, chemical specialist Complete Pool Controls launched the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod, and it has significantly grown throughout the UK market ever since. The AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod is a unique and easy to use prefilled adjustable bromine dosing product for domestic hot tubs and spas in business settings to help owners get in line with the latest recommendations set out by the HSG282 guidelines. The product is designed to be used

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in conjunction with the HSG282 guidelines and the Darlly’s SaniStream™ filter range or in proprietary in-built dosing units by way of the adaptor clip included with each pack of three Pods. Customers who have changed from their regular dosing routine to the Bromine Pods have found that it is easy to install, eliminates chemical handling and provides consistent sanitisation to their hot tub making it a very cost effective choice. In other words, Bromine Pods offer numerous key benefits over using a floating dispenser or hand dosing chemicals. They include: • Constant inline dosing – no possibility of handling dosing device/chemicals • Fully adjustable – available to use for all levels of hot tub use • Cost effective dosing – up to 6 weeks sanitation • Improved safety – no chemical handling. When it comes to a simple and effective chemical dosing product, look no further than the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod in partnership with Darlly filters – simple, safe, and costeffective sanitisation for your hot tub! The AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod is a revolutionary pre-filled adjustable bromine dosing product from Complete Pool Controls

The UK designed Climacube Water Heat System helped to revolutionise the commercial hot tub and spa industry

CLIMACUBE WATER HEAT SYSTEM REDUCES ENERGY COSTS The UK designed Climacube Water Heat System helped to revolutionise the commercial hot tub and spa industry, with major UK holiday park operators ordering the new energy efficient design through Spa Parts Vortex. Backed by a worldwide patent, the stand alone Climacube Water Heat System works off a standard 13 amp power supply and can either be supplied from new or retrofitted to any contemporary hot tub or spa. In test results against current conventional heating systems the Climacube saved on average just under 60% less time to heat up a hot tub and a massive 85.7% reduction in energy cost – great news for both customers and the environment. At the time of the product’s release, Managing Director, Stuart Mulchay said: “Our design offers the very latest energy saving heat technology, dramatically reducing running costs, reducing the carbon footprint and enables customers to use their hot tubs and spas all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost.” Climacube has been developed using the latest energy saving technology and is designed to create hot water at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional methods. By absorbing ambient heat from the air, the highly advanced specialised refrigerant gas, propelled by a silent compressor (similar to a refrigerator but in reverse), enables a quick heat up time with no need to add expensive additional heating elements or hot fill from a boiler. The Climacube only requires 800 watts (less than 3.5 amps) to operate. In tests at an ambient temperature of 5°C the Climacube produced a rise in temperature of 6 degrees per hour in a 1,200 litre hot tub.

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