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Ultralift Keeps Your Investment Covered When you’ve spent a lot of money on a high-end hot tub, you want to make sure that your investment is protected. Fortunately, with years as a leading independent supplier to the industry, Golden Coast has learned a thing or two about looking after spas and hot tubs. Keeping the tub covered and protected is great, but without a lifter, opening and closing must be done manually – which can be timeconsuming and challenging. For installers, specifying and fitting cover lifters can be equally as time-consuming and challenging… or it was until Golden Coast added an exclusive cover lifter which can work with any type of spa. The Ultralift range of cover lifters is built to an exceptionally high specification across the board, and its intelligent design maximises its versatility, while minimising time and effort during installation. Suitable for all major brands, Ultralift offers a perfect fit for freestanding, in-ground, or built-in tubs. What’s more, it can even be installed without drilling holes into the deck or hot tub surround. The cover’s unique pivot design makes using your cover a breeze and the handle allows you to open and close from either side of the spa. And because it can be opened/closed that bit quicker, heat loss is minimised for a more energy-efficient spa. The ground-breaking range includes Visionlift. Its powerful hydraulics and clever design mean that the cover drops alongside the

Darlly’s New Design ‘Brush and Flush’ Cyclone Filter Cleaner The redesigned Cyclone Filter Cleaner from Darlly has been modified to accommodate a cleaning fluid chamber, a new uni-body that eradicates leaks and has longer brushes to clean deeper in to the pleats. Regular use of the new Cyclone allows filter cleaning in less time and it prolongs the life of the filter cartridge by restoring the treated filter cartridge to its previous condition. The new Cyclone Filter Cleaner is a groundbreaking pool and spa filter cartridge cleaning device which has been ergonomically designed by Darlly. Precision engineered and built to last using the highest quality materials together with top quality bristles, this trigger-controlled unit will reduce filter cleaning time and ensure a much cleaner filter, removing a lot more dirt, debris and grease than traditional cleaning devices. The bristles of the brushes have been designed to be tough yet sympathetic to the filtration media. This is the first device on the market that uses brushes combined with high-power water jets and a cleaning fluid chamber which ensures the ‘Brush and Flush’ action not only makes for effortless yet intensive filter cleaning, deep into the cartridge pleats, but also is better for the environment because less water is used! Darlly Europe 01952 580 500 28+31_SPN_Oct_17_Hot_Tub_News.indd 31

tub when open – meaning spa users benefit from full, unobstructed 360° views. Golden Coast 01271 378100

KLAFS Provides Tennis Star With “Perfect Conclusion To The Day” Whether in a hotel or a world-famous tennis complex where he competes professionally, Tommy Haas has rarely missed an opportunity to enjoy the “perfect conclusion to the day” – a thorough session in the sauna. “The sauna is simply optimal to regenerate and mentally calm down after a long, demanding day spent training or competing,” said the 1.9m tennis ace. He also knows how important the topic of regeneration is for professional athletes in particular. Haas is convinced that “anyone who demands a lot from his body also has to give something back at every opportunity”. And so he increasingly harboured the desire to have his own sauna at home as well. Since he particularly liked the traditional Finnish sauna culture with more natural experience, he opted for a garden sauna. After consulting extensively with the experts at KLAFS, Haas finally opted for the most recent garden sauna model from one of the market leaders. The ‘Torni’ – with its clear, modern design – is a real eye-catcher in anyone’s garden. From a technical perspective, the popular tennis star was also convinced by

his choice, thanks to its sophisticated and weatherproof timber-frame construction with strong thermal insulation for low energy loss. Two extras in particular are noticeable in Haas’s new garden sauna. The panorama window, which stretches across almost the entire width of the cabin and through which he can enjoy the amazing view of the Bavarian countryside leading up to the Alps, and the unique and patented Sanarium concept. “This makes it possible for me to enjoy five different sauna types in my new garden, as the mood strikes. It’s ingenious!” he said. KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG +49 (0)791 501-0

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