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New Members of the Admin Team


his year, four new appointments have been made in the admin team. Here is what the new members of the admin team hope to see in the 2014-2015 school year.

Scott Paulin (Deputy Head of Academics) My prayer for the students of APIS this year is that they would experience the world in new ways, and do more than just learn about the subjects they study. I hope they will discover new passions and unlock an unquenchable curiosity and deep sense of wonder that sparks their imagination. This is to truly live.

Bruce Knox (Principal)

As I stood on the front steps on Monday, August 18 welcoming all the students through the door, I was reminded why the first day of school is my favorite day of the

year. The big nervous eyes of the new students, wondering if they will make new friends or if their teachers will be OK. Warm embraces in the lobby as returning friends reunite and trade stories of a summer spent apart. Returning teachers welcoming old students, commending new hairstyles and exclaiming at how tall everyone has become. And new teachers, finally relieved to have students in their room, to have their year underway. And now, with the year begun, I am looking forward to the challenges it will throw at us, the successes it will uncover and the new faces we will all be able to meet. As we work through all of this together, students, teachers and parents, I know we can achieve great things this year at APIS!

Andrew Murphy (Dean of Students)

Elaine Park (Principal of Research & Studies) Student areas of engagement, inquiry, experimental design, theory development, selfawareness, risk-taking, "ah-ha" moments, development of life learners and eagerness to learn are what I look forward to.


W W W. A P I S . S E O U L . K R

My hope is that every student can be successful and have an enjoyable year at APIS. It is my goal that students will aspire for greatness, persevere through challenges, and overcome obstacles to learn and gain skills that will make students successful leaders in the 21st century.

Issue 23 APIS Online Update August 2014  

Issue 23 APIS Online Update August 2014

Issue 23 APIS Online Update August 2014  

Issue 23 APIS Online Update August 2014