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B. The chapter shall have at least one, but not more than two, faculty advi er initiated as members of the sorority (unless special permission is given by the National Council ). They shall be chosen from the women faculty members or from the wives of faculty members. At least one shall be a faculty member.

III. Petition: A. A group wishing to affiliate with the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority must first end a petition to the president of the respective district. Copies of the petition must also be sent to the national president and N.P.C. delegate of Alpha Sigma Tau. B. The Petition Form: " We, the undersigned, being members in good standing of (name of local) (college) of ..... .... . .. .. .. . . .. .... .. ... .. .. . (city) of ....... . ..... . ... .. ..... . ... . ... . . . . in the tate .... . . ....... .. ...... . realizin" the advanta"eS of membership in a national sorority are de irous of becoming "'affiliated with"'Alpha Sigma Tau orori ty. We, therefore, do hereby formally petition the National Council of Alpha Sigma Tau to admit us as a chapter." Signed: (by all active collegiate member and pledge .) IV.

'Iaterial to Accompany Petition: A. Acco mpanying only the petition sent to the District President mu t be: 1. A letter of approval from the Dean of Women. 2. Letters of recommendation from two facu lty members other than those acting a advisers of the group. 3. Iumber of alumn::e belonging to group . 4. Statements of scholarship and campus activities of each girl in the group. 5. Information concerning the college: a. Name of president b. Name of dean of women c. Enrollment (men and women) d. Names of all sororities organized there e. N um ber of terms or semester each year f. Copy of official catalog 6. A b1路iej summary of the past history of the local orority.

V. Investigation: When the official petition i received, a National Officer of Alpha igma Tau is assigned to inspect the prospective chapter to determine whether its aim and plan of organ ization meet with the standards of the sorority. The in pecting officer file a formal report with the N ational Council of Alpha Sigma Tau, together with her recommendations.

\ I. Installation: A. When a petition has been sent to the Alpha igma Tau orority, corre pondence concerning national affiliation with other N.P.C. sororitie must cease. B. A soon as the District President receives the petition from a "roup, she hall notify all national officer , chairmen of standi ng committee , collegiate and alumn::e chapters, a 路king for their approval. When a favo rable vote ha been received, the di trict pre.ident wi ll direct the installation of the new chapter.

1948 July ANCHOR