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Ball tate Teacher. College, Muncie, Indiana

Hello Alpha Sigs Everywhere! Here it is, the beginning of our Winter Quarter, and only a few weeks 'ti l Christmas. It hardly ecms possible that we've been back in school for twelve whole weeks, and that cramming and exams are over until next time. We're sorry to report that since last you heard from us, we've lost two pledges, namely Mary Jo Martin and Betty Jean Brown, and we certainly do miss them. Betty Jean is planning to attend a dressdesigning school in Chicago. We are grateful to our Chaplain, Elinor Keller, fo r her efforts in providing each of us with a song book of our own. The book consists of the words of all the Alpha Sig songs, bound by a white paper cover which is adorned by the red letters A.S.A., and tied together with a red bow. Group singing has become a major activity at our weekly meetings. On Saturday, October 3oth, Ball State Student Executive Council sponsored a Campus Clean-Up Day. All students were asked to participate, and work was assigned in two-hour shifts from 8 o'clock a. m. until 4 o'clock p. m. Several Alpha Sigs were in charge of some of the shifts and the majority of the sorority participated. During the 12 o'clock shift the Army came to our assistance. Instead of having gym classes, they, too, helped rake leaves, and clear the campus. Also on Saturday, October 30th, wedding bells rang for Lois Dixon, a Peru, Indiana, Junior, and Cadet Loren Watson of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the University of Chattanooga, who is now stationed with the Army .Specialized Training program unit located on our campus. Our congratulations and best wishes are, with them. Velva Bere is wearing a beautiful diamond. She is engaged to Corporal Roger F. Gay, a former student of Ball State and member of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. At the present, Corporal Gay is stationed on the island of New Guinea. Those wonderful pledges that I told you about in my last letter entertained us at a "Hobokum Yokum Frolic." Pledges and members were dressed as hoboes of every description. Name cards of a variety of colors, and in the shape of open tin cans were pinned on us as we arrived. Games, contests and singing provided entertainment for the evening. Decorations for the affair consisted of brightly colored streamers hung about the cabin. Refreshments in keeping with the theme were served. The committee for the affair included Betty Jean Brown, chairman, Joan Laudenback, Barbara Mullen, and Vesta Prahl. Barbara Mullen and Vesta Prohl are pledge president and secretary, respectively. On the afternoon of November 14th we celebrated Founder's Day with a beautiful, impressive candlelight service in the East lounge of the Arts building.

33 The committee in charge wa Joan Farrington chairman, Phyllis Kuckuck, Margaret Gregory, Rebecca Walters, and Eleanor Mitchell. Much of our time, lately, has been occupied with plans for our radio program, and our hristmas eals sale. Since we are the only national sorority on campus, we feel honored to have been selected to supervise the sale of Christmas Seals. Also, we are planning a rush party soon after the holidays, but will be able to tell you more about that when next we meet. Until then, here's wishing all you Alpha Sigs, best wishes for the New Year. Yours in A.S.A., LEE SPERLING.

PSI PSI Louisiana State Normal College, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Dear Alpha Sigs: Recently, our chapter was honored by having an Alpha Sig, Lucy Potter Kirks, visit our campus. Mrs. Kirks attended the State Teachers' College in Farmville, Virginia, where she was a member of Alpha Chapter. Her husband is on maneuvers near here, and she plans to visit us again before returning to her home. In the fall election of officers which was necessary to fill the vacancies left by students who didn't return for the fall semester Evelyn Horn was elected President of the Junior class, and Barbara Graves was elected President of the Sophomore class. Four members of our chapter are now on the Student Council. Our pledges entertained us with a Halloween party t~e Friday night before Halloween. Invitations, decorations, and entertainment carried out the Halloween scheme. The party was very successful. The night of the party, Elizabeth Caldwell accepted our bid. She was pledged the next week and is proving to be a real asset to our sorority. Evelyn Horn recently received a bid to Kappa Delta Pi, honorary Educational fraternity. Gloria Baynard has been chosen for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. The members, pledges, and several . Alumna: observed路 Founders' Day with a. Founders' Day program and a buffet supper. Each person brought a gift for our house. The pledges were sent on a wild goose chase around the ca.mpus last Thursday afternoon only to return to the house where the members were waiting to entertain them with a weiner roast. Everyone had a good time. We are planning to have our sorority Christmas tree just before we go home for the Christmas holidays. When we return, we'll be all set to start 路 another year of w,ork. All the members of Psi Psi Chapter join me in wishing you a very Happy New Year! Love in A.S.A., CARRIE


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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944