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AA Summer School 3-21 July 2017

Unit 1 Minimou

A STUPLIME LAND MADE OF FRAMES AND THREADS Constructing a new ground in which the NOW will be reveal in its most crude and honest appearences.

The Average Face

Super Symetry

Arty Land

Destructive Calibration

The construction of Minimou starts with the fundamental idea that architectural culture can only exist as the complex interweaving of multiple inputs. Minimou will take this reality litterally and weave a carpet during three weeks. Politics. Economics. Society. Cultural. Meta Physical. Anthropological. We have reach a point in our western culture where the still image seems obsolete; it doesn’t render the complexities of our lives nor does it full-fill our daily need for drama. From news to art pieces, the video format is gaining a very wide audience, forcing all of us to learn new codes of understanding. Minimou proposes to impose this technique upon architecture and push the moving frame paradigm to extremes. What if architects became experts in generalities? What would that mean for the form of our production? Could it still be limited to “buildings” and “cities”? Can one define the culture of the Now through tools that have existed for centuries?

Death of Death

Threads 4 Ever

Tip of the Iceberg



AA Summer School 2017