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POST CONTEST BLUES!!! Written By Tara Thatcher Haertzen

want to preface this article by telling you that I really struggled with the post contest blues. After competing at my first two figure shows, without the guidance of a coach

or nutritionist, I put on 25 pounds in one month. I ate like every meal was going to be my last, and didn’t know what the words “balance” or “moderation” meant. I was unhappy, and had no sense of direction for myself. I know that a lot of competitors (especially first time competitors) struggle with this, and I would like to address it! These are some of the coping mechanisms that I have incorporated over the years, with the aid of a coach, and change in mindset.

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Congratulations on your competition!!! So, now that the contest that you have been working towards for weeks, months, maybe even years, is over, what’s next? It feels like you have no direction; not sure what to do with your food, your extra time, or yourself! You must have a plan. Fail to plan and you plan to fail! So, take a little time to reflect on your experience. How prepared were you? How comfortable were you in your suit or on stage? Where do you think you could have used some improvement? Be constructive, and be honest. Ask the promoter for the judges’ feedback. You may find their constructive criticism extremely helpful. For example: “Need to work on stage presence” may mean practice walking and be more comfortable in your shoes (both on and off stage) or “Need to be more balanced with physique, bottom heavy” means work on building muscle in back, shoulders, chest, and arms and bringing legs in a little leaner. The beauty of competing is that we all have different bodies, different shapes, sizes, etc. All of us should strive for the best that our body can be, the most balanced. So achieving that balance can take years. So, each time we get on stage, isn’t it logical that we should want to improve on how we looked last time? If we keep bringing the exact same “look” then we aren’t making any progress. Learn your body. Love your body. And try to bring your body with the best possible conditioning. Through training and manipulating your diet, you can achieve this!!! What an amazing journey this can be!

Goal setting. Look at the weaker points that you want to work on and set up a time frame. Be realistic on how long you will take to make these nec-

essary improvements. Doing shows back-to-back can be really fun, but you can’t make a lot of improvements on your physique while you are dieting for another competition. Take at least 3-4 months as an “off season” and work on improving your weak points and gaining more balance. Write down what your goals are. For example: “I need to work on building up my shoulders and arms to balance out my legs” or ”I need to work on coming in a little leaner.” After you write that goal down, you need to map out a plan that will help you achieve that goal. If you are working with a trainer, tell them your goals, and if they can help you, they will! Following through with a plan is the key to making improvements!

Different organizations. Most organizations NANBF, NPC, FAP, OCB, INBF, WBFF, are okay with amateur athletes competing in other federations for fun, or experience. I would check out a few different organizations, maybe even go watch a few other shows, but ultimately try and find one organization that you really like the “look” of the competitors that they reward, and stick with that. That helps you, because the judges start to know your name, and can see if you are making improvements. Again, this is all about what you want to do with competing, and how far you want to take it!!! This is just from my experience, and some friendly advice. Photo shoots and publication. If you did a few photo shoots while you were in “competition shape,” it is time to use those to your full advantage!!! If you are submitting any of your pictures to magazines, they tend to prefer that you NOT have them posted anywhere else on the web, namely facebook, until after the photos are published. SO, if you have pictures that you want to submit, don’t post them anywhere else. I know itʼs tempting. Most magazines have a certain format that they would like the photo image in. Some like 300 dpi, some like high res images, and some will give you the dimensions that they wanted submitted pictures in. If you are not real savvy with these things, just ask the photographer that you worked with for the specified size. A few places to submit: “Fitness Amateur Competitor of the Week” Great way to start getting your name out there! Oxygen Magazine “Future of Fitness” Submit pictures and a completed questionnaire in to possibly be featured online or in their magazine!!! Start looking at different magazines, and getting ideas for new styles that you want to shoot! Take a look in the pages of Magazine! You will see plenty of fantastic fitness models, and great images, that you can use as an example! Have an “off season” diet plan from your trainer, or nutrition specialist. Allow yourself a few cheat meals per week, but do follow a good, healthy, clean, balanced diet. If you start cheating too much, all of your progress will go away, and you will have a lot of work cut out for you to try and get back to competition shape. You cannot stay at competition weight, because that isn’t healthy, but maintaining between 5-10 pounds over your contest weight should be a maintainable goal! So, in conclusion, have a plan, or plan to fail. The choice is yours. Be constructive and realistic with what you need to work on, if you have decided to compete again. Write down your goals, and have a plan mapped out to help you get there. Stay on a meal plan that is clean, but allow yourself a few cheat meals per week. Spend time with your family and friends. Try and find some balance, and thrive in that! Try new things, check out some yoga classes, get outside for some sprints, and take a class with a friend! Be a positive, healthy role model to others in your life!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Tara Thatcher Haertzen was an athlete all through

high school. After a six year commitment to the Marine Corps as a military policeman, she decided to take a job as a personal trainer at a local gym. Tara has been competing in figure and bikini for five years, winning her very first competition, the 2006 NANBF Natural Mr/Ms Minnesota, and she most recently won the 2010 Fitness America Great North Championship. She is a native of Minnesota, and resides in the Minneapolis area. She took her passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, competition, and fitness modeling, and turned it in to a business, Perfectly Prepared LLC. Photo Credit: David Sherman Photography

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AUGUST 2011 Publishers:

Kat Painter and BillyBow

Hi Readers,

Editor-In-Chief/Creative Director:

Joe Mikoli Magazine has been a long journey for me. It all began in 2005, when I started weight lifting again after 12 years. This time, I incorporated a healthy eating plan and I lost 32 pounds. Shortly after, I attended my first Mr. Olympia. This is when I met a guy named, Ron Roybal. We hung out the entire Olympia weekend. At that time, I was an amateur photographer with dreams to start a fitness magazine. So, I shot a picture of Ronnie Coleman and Ron Roybal and submitted it to Muscular Development. They published that photo in April 2006. Then, I submitted another photo the next year to MD and it was published in April 2007. I was hooked and excited. Here I am today, six years later. I’m still going after my dream. Now, I’m seeing the reality of that dream. In the fitness industry, there is a lot of competition. All fitness models and publishers have that competitive spirit. We work hard to get to the top. For a fitness model--- it’s a cover, a feature article in a fitness magazine, or a pro card. For a publisher, like me, it’s about having a great following of the magazine. This is the goal of our team and writers of Magazine. We want to give you motivating, inspiring, and informative articles you can sink your teeth into. I can tell you, I’ve learned so much about publishing this magazine. Every day, I learn more about clean eating, exercise, supplements, workout routines, getting 6-pack abs, etc. What I have learned most is that the human spirit doesn’t give up. The human body and spirit strive to be better and stronger. Whether you are working on getting stronger, building a better physique, or staying healthier---Do your best to make your dreams come true! We would love to hear from you, no matter what your comments may be. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

BillyBow, Magazine Publisher


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get a TON of questions about Abs So, I wanted to share a few of my tips/thought on how to get them and also share that it is possible for ANYONE to achieve abdominal definition. I had a baby four years ago and gained 50 lbs- YEP 50 pounds! I thought I would be that pregnant person that only gained a slight 20 lbs and be all belly, but I was wrong! I was DETERMINED to get into the best shape of my life, and I achieved not only getting in shape, but getting defined abdominals back within 4 months! This is how I did it and how I maintain them....


I FULL heartedly believe that 80% of it is your DIET. You are a result of what you eat and a layer of fat over defined muscle is going to HIDE muscle. So, regardless of how many crunches, sit ups, leg ups you do, if you don't watch your caloric intake and keep the fats, carbs, and proteins in balance, you will NOT see definition.

REPETITION ~ I believe it is a NUMBERS game. At

least for females, I find that you need to fatigue and pump the muscle. I believe in a lot of reps and I believe in frequency when it comes to abdominals. I train abs at least 5 days a week and I do a minimum of 200 crunches. Did I say 200? Yep- I meant 200. What I do however is do 25-50 at a time in-between sets of cardio and/or weights.


It is critical. When doing abdominals, it is not about the amount of weight you are using or how UNIQUE the workout is. Most importantly, are you engaging and working that area you are concentrating on? Are you USING your abdominals to drive the exercise or are you using momentum from other areas to drive the crunch (this would NOT be the way to do it!)

CARDIO ~ It is important. Just like my first statement

with diet, if there is a layer of fat on top of your muscle, you will not see the definition. High intensity cardio is another important variable in achieving definition... BONUS for running where you are using your arms and engaging your core and working the abs even more... ABOUT THE WRITER: Natalie Jill resides in San Diego, CA. and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Sports Nutritionist and her full-time job is a Sales Director. Natalie can be reached at For recipes and helpful hints, you can visit her website: Photo Credit: Noel Daganta

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here are so many misconceptions when it comes to how people think I eat. Being a Pro Bikini competitor and fitness model, I get asked all the time what my diet is like and what do I eat. Many people think I starve myself or that I eat very little. People think to keep a very lean body you have to starve yourself. When I tell people I eat roughly 2500 calories a day, they are shocked. They say there is no way you consume that many calories and stay that lean! Then they will ask, you must do hours of cardio a day? No, not at all. I do about 20 to 30 minutes a day but because my calories come from very lean and clean foods, I don't need to do as much cardio.  I stay away from processed food, sugar, dairy and sodium. I stick to eating at home the majority of the time. When you eat at a restaurant, it is very hard to control how the food is being prepared and even when ordering something healthy on the menu, it still tends to be very high in sodium. By preparing my own food, I can control how it is being prepared, therefore I can limit the amount of sodium I take in. See, what people don't realize is that when they go to a restaurant and they order chicken breast with some vegetables (thinking they made a healthy choice) the chef is more than likely dumping quite a bit of salt on the food. That’s what makes it taste so good. So be very careful when eating out.



Photos by Noel Daganta Magazine • AUGUST 2011

I have different phases in my diet. I am a fulltime fitness model, so I eat very healthy all the time. I have to stay in shape year round because I never know when I will get called to do a shoot or get booked for a modeling job. My diet will change a little when I am getting ready to compete in a show. I always eat 5-6 meals a day every 3 hours. The reason for this is that it forces your body to work and metabolize the food which helps speed the metabolism. An active metabolism is the secret to the perfect bikini body! Diets often have unwanted side effects. If you’re not consuming enough calories throughout the day because you think this is the way to lose weight, your body may go into what's called a “starvation mode”. This means your metabolism is slowing down and your body is holding on to all the fat it can. So, make sure to eat a well-balanced diet throughout the day.

Every single meal will consist of some form of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Any form of lean protein works for me. For example, I will eat lots of fish, chicken, ground turkey, etc. My carbohydrates are basically from vegetables. I try to stay away from complex carbs and stick to simple carbs. My treat is sweet potato! :) I don't eat breads, pastas, etc. My fats will come from essential fats such as avocado, almonds, peanut butter, etc. I drink tons of water throughout the day as well. I stay away from any types of soda and limit my alcohol to maybe one drink on a special occasion.   Eating this way year round is not easy. I travel often with work and even when I'm working locally, I may be on set sometimes for 12 to 15 hours. The easiest way to stay on track, when you have days like this, is to plan ahead. I take food with me where ever I go. I have my cooler with me with all my meals and snacks prepared. By doing this it leaves less temptation to cheat. I make sure I eat every 3 hrs. I never allow myself to get extremely hungry. This also helps fight craving bad foods. When you allow yourself to get to that starving point you will tend to crave fatty foods. So, I do my best not to get to that point. Lastly, don't forget about your sleep. While asleep, your body regenerates itself from daily harmful events such as work, stressful situations, workouts, etc. Your body burns most of its fat overnight... But only if you have vital nutrients that your body needs. If you tie all of these things together with a consistent workout routine, you will be well on your way to that HOT BIKINI body you have always wanted! I want to thank Noel Daganta for the great photos and my bikini sponsor, Adell Adell bodies, for providing the bikini for the shoot. Also, keep your eye out for me at my next WBFF show at the World Championship in Toronto, Canada.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Ingrid Romero is a full time fitness model and a WBFF Bikini Pro currently living in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Barcelona, Spain. Ingrid has been competing for a year and loving every minute of it! In March 2011, she competed in the Arnold Classic and won the overall. A lot of doors have opened for her after that, and she is so excited for the future. For more information, visit Ingrid at:, Twitter: and Facebook: Photo Credit: Noel Daganta

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d e i f i t s y Dem WRITTEN by


When does an idea become proof?   If enough people believe that the earth is flat, does that make it true? From ancient Babylon and Egypt to Greece and China, many powerful civilizations believed the earth was flat prior to 4th Century BC.  Even today, some of our most respected experts have accepted certain myths as dogma. Let’s look at some of these myths to see how they went from fiction to fact. We’ll start with one that many children have been scolded for by their parents.  The myth goes something like “you will catch a cold by going outside in cold weather.”  Is this true? Viruses such as the rhinovirus cause the common cold. These viruses are spread through coughing, sneezing, wiping your nose, and then shaking hands. Certainly, if you go outdoors and get exposed to people with the cold, you are more likely to get it.  However, in cold weather, most people tend to stay indoors.  This creates a nice environment for spreading the virus as people are in close proximity to each other.  So go ahead and step out into the cold, just don’t forget to bring your jacket.   Another common myth is that we only use ten percent of our brain. Interestingly enough, this myth’s origin is supposedly from one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, Albert Einstein. However, there is no record of Einstein ever saying such a statement.  In fact, neuroscientists have clearly demonstrated using PET scans and MRIs that the brain has no dormant area. Every part of your brain plays an intricate role in creating the wonderful you.  So what really happens when you shave? Shaving removes the dead part of the hair. The living hair follicle continues to grow at the same rate.  As hair follicles grow out, they naturally taper, giving them the finer appearance. Shaving, however, creates a blunt end that gives the optical illusion of thickened hair.  Finally, hair color is not darker as it regrows. Over time, sun exposure causes a natural bleaching of hair. This creates the illusion that new hair seems darker when in fact it’s the old hair that is lighter. It’s incredible to think that even after 81 years, many people still embrace this myth.  8.

Perhaps the most popular myth for kids growing up was seen in Popeye the Sailor. Our favorite hero, Popeye, would eat his spinach and became incredibly strong. Children everywhere, including myself, eagerly followed in Popeye’s footsteps, hoping to become big and strong.  Sadly, this too turned out to be a myth.  While spinach is full of nutrients, the secret to Popeye’s strength was meant to come from its supposedly high iron content. Unfortunately, it turns out that a simple typo of 34mg of iron per can instead of the actual 3.4mg was responsible for the newfound fame of spinach.  Despite the iron myth, spinach remains an extremely good source of many important vitamins and minerals like vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, zinc and magnesium. As fast as people rushed toward spinach to get strong and energized, they also ran away from turkey in fear of getting drowsy.  Turkey was thought to contain high levels of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan has been shown to cause drowsiness in high doses.  However, it turns out that turkey contains about the same amount of tryptophan as chicken and ground beef. Interestingly, chicken and beef have never been blamed for causing somnolence. So why does turkey get all the blame?  The most likely explanation has to do with the

festive dinners of thanksgiving. People tend to overindulge and consume large quantities of food. Thus, it’s the total amount of food that makes them drowsy and not turkey in itself.  One of the best myths around is that you have to drink eight glasses of water a day.  The origin of this myth dates back to 1945, when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research council wrote: “An ordinary standard for diverse persons is 1 milliliter for each calorie of food.” However, the second sentence read “most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.”  Somehow this second sentence got lost throughout the years and so started this myth.  Dr. Heinz Valtin, a kidney specialist at Dartmouth Medical School, debunked this myth in his review article in 2002. After an exhaustive search, Dr. Valtin concluded that there was no scientific evidence to support the eight glasses of water a day recommendation. It turns out that most people get adequate amounts of daily water intake through their present diets. They do not need to force themselves to drink eight glasses of water.  There are always exceptions to the rule and athletes, people living in hot climates, day laborers and those who lose excess body fluid will certainly need a higher intake of water.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Dr. Sean Hashmi is a practicing Internist and Nephrologist in Southern California. He designs and manages weight loss programs for hospitals. His program, Walk with your Doc, has gained tremendous popularity and has been featured in many publications. He has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. He started as a Martial Arts instructor and then moved on to personal training for athletes. Currently, he runs a fitness company called Amped Fitness in Woodland Hills, California and recently became the Senior Science Editor for magazine. If you would like to ask Dr. Sean a question, you can reach him at: Magazine • AUGUST 2011



Me Written by

Pamela Wilson

Often times I am asked, “How do you get work as a fitness model?” My answer is real simple “quality pictures that you can market yourself with.”  As with any business; there are investments. Paying to start your portfolio is a primary investment if you plan to go anywhere in the fitness industry. 

Here are my personal tips on how to start your fitness


1. DO YOUR RESEARCH Find a photographer that has a good reputation and a style that you appreciate. You can usually look online for a fitness photographer but make sure you review their portfolio first. If the photographer has been published then it’s even better to work with that person. Check the listings of professional photographers through associations such as ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) as well as ASPP (American Society of Picture Professionals) to find professionals in your area as opposed to hobbyists.

2 . SET YOUR BUDGET It will take a little money to get started. Make sure you discuss how many edited images you will receive, how long the shoot will take, and what rights you will have to use the images. 

3 . COME PREPARED Don’t limit your photos to just workout attire. Many publications want to see several “looks.”  Take along a swimsuit, nice dress, casual look or favorite outfit to wear.  Props are great too.

4 . LOOK YOUR BEST Get plenty of rest, avoid sodium and even do a special diet if necessary to get ready for your photo shoot.

5 . MAKEUP IS IMPORTANT Most photographers will get you pictures within a few weeks. Build a rapport with this person because they know how to work the industry. 

6 . FOLLOW UP Makeup make seem like an easy place to cut corners but unless you are a licensed cosmetologist, then pay for the makeup artist. It will pay dividends in the end.

7 . GET A PHOTO RELEASE STATEMENT Make sure the photographer gives you a statement saying that you can use your photos for “noncommercial” work. He or she will still own the copyright, so if you do “sell” pictures then you are opening yourself up to violating copyright, although the pictures are of you.

8 . DON'T DO ANYTHING CRAZY If you get contacted by a random photographer offering you “free” services, then question their intentions. Don’t get talked into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Also, if you want to be published in a fitness magazine then think “Would you see this photo in a fitness publication?”  If the answer is “No” then don’t do it.  All photographers have different styles of shooting. Make sure you talk to the photographer about what kind of look you are going for and set some goals for your shoot. Remember if you want your photos published in a reputable fitness magazine; make them photos that you would proudly place above the fireplace in your home. Don’t take photos that you wouldn’t want your friends and family to see. ABOUT THE WRITER: Pamela Wilson graduated from The University of Alabama in 2003 and The University of Oklahoma in 2009 with a Master's Degree in HR. She is an AFAA certified personal trainer, MADDAWG certified spin instructor and a sponsored athlete with the first ever Team She is currently a Captain in the USAF, Reserves and lives in Tucson, AZ. Photo Credit: James Patrick

Photos by

ALMAZ Photography

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Vanessa Tib & Leon Hall


Leon Hall Photography

Find out what Fitness/Bikini Model, Vanessa Tib, has to say about achieving shredded, summer abdominals. You can ask anyone, "What is one of the major indicators of a person in top physical condition?", and be assured 9 times of 10 you will receive the answer, "defined abdomin als." The reason for this, unfortunately, is because the area around the abdomen is oneof the most common for the body to store fat, making abdominals one of the most difficult, and often one of the last, muscles to notice the results of your hard work and dedication.

S E AT E D L E G P U L L - I N S

There are two main objectives you must take into account in order to achieve that This exercise is commonly performed on a mat or the edge of a weight room bench, but we prefer finding any raised, flat surface that you can find outdoors. Performing this exercise on desired 6-pack: the edge of a raised surface will further utilize the weight of your legs against gravity, resulting in greater resistance. 1. Lose the fat - dropping the extra pounds around the mid-section will uncover the hidden muscle underneath. 2. Develop the muscle - build and define the ab muscles to obtain that shredded, lean look.

The first objective, losing the fat, consists of diet and cardiovascular activity. One must consistently eat clean, maintaining a balanced diet that is high in protein and with regulated carbohydrates. Participating in a cardio regime will also be necessary. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to burn calories and fat. But remember--- higher intensity cardio training, when done in excess, can also burn that hard earned muscle. So, be sure to vary and alternate low intensity and high intensity cardiovascular training. Ok, now we could spend all day breaking down diet and cardiovascular training, but for the purpose of this article, let’s discuss what we consider to be the most neglected aspect of abs training, especially by women, and what is potentially the most rewarding--- Developing the muscle to obtain that much desired six-pack.

» Sit on a flat surface with your legs hanging off the end. » Place your hands to your sides and lean your back at a 45-degree angle. » Extend your legs, knees slightly bent, using your abs to hold them above the ground. This will be your starting position. » Use your abs to bring your knees in toward your midsection. Make sure that you are not using the momentum of your legs. » Contract you abs and hold for one second before returning to the starting position. Your abs should be doing the work in a slow and controlled manner. If you saw someone performing 100 bicep curls with 5lb dumbbells in your We find that with the knees slightly bent, you are able to get a good stretch and increase gym, what would you think? You would probably think their arms aren't going the resistance felt on the lower abdominals. to grow, right? They might become more defined, over a long period of time, Your abdominal muscles are just like any other in your body. What would any fitness expert tell someone if they asked "How do I build my ~ insert favorite muscle here ~ ?". Well, they would most likely tell them to train for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the enlargement of muscle fibers, and this type of training typically consists of an 8-12 rep count of 2-4 sets at about 70-80 percent of your one rep maximum. Repeat after me, you must use resistance to develop the muscle, and of course this applies to the abdominals. This is the key to achieving your strong, defined abs.

but they are not going to turn into 20-inch pythons. So, why do we consistently perform hundreds of sit-ups with only body weight, if we don't yet have the size and definition in our abdominals to see them? You must constantly increase resistance in order to build the muscle. Let’s stop being afraid of the weights.

Now, we know many people, especially women, don't like to sit in the gym on a beautiful summer day, surrounded by others in an overly-crowded weight room. But luckily, resistance training doesn't mean you have to be confined indoors, you just need to get a little creative. Hey, it's summer time! Get out there and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. Burn a few extra calories by getting an outdoor workout in this amazing hot weather. To get you started, here are a few exercises for your abdominals that you can perform indoors or outdoors, with minimal equipment. We will start with light resistance for those starting out, and make adjustments to increase resistance as we go. This workout should be performed three times a week, on non-consecutive days, with a rest time of 30 to 60 seconds between sets. 10. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

You can also choose to extend your legs straight, this will increase the resistance to the upper abdominals. For even greater resistance, try to hold a medicine ball or any kind of weight between your feet or knees. Just remember, know your limits and incorporate slow and controlled movements.

Decline R e verse Crunch

We were lucky to be able to find an outdoor decline bench for this example, but this can also be done on a hill or any angled outdoor surface. If you do not have a device above your head to hold you steady, you may lay your arm flat by you sides for stability, although, this will make the exercise more difficult. For a beginner, you may want to simply perform this exercise on a flat surface instead of a decline surface, as the greater the angle the greater the resistance.

» Lay on your back with your feet and knees together. » Raise your legs over the surface, knees slightly bent, using your abs to hold them there. This will be your starting position. » Move your legs towards your body, rolling your pelvis backwards and raise your hips off the bench. Contract you abs and hold for one second before slowly returning to the starting position.

For a beginner, we would suggest to only rotate at the hips, leaving them in contact with the surface at all times. This is safe because it does not flex and put pressure on the spine. However, for someone more advance, with greater strength on their core, we prefer to continue the movement as far as possible while squeezing your abs. If this is done in a slow and controlled fashion the risk is minimized. For even greater resistance, once again, try to hold a medicine ball between your knees with your feet crossed, just remember know your limits and use slow and controlled movements. •

Hanging K nee/Leg Raises

Hold on to a bar and hang in a rested and relaxed state, this is a great way to start as well as a great way to stretch your lats, spine, core and arms.

» From the hanging position, contract your lats, arms, and core. This will be your starting position. » Raise your legs, knees bent, until your legs make a 90 degree angle with your body. You may opt to roll your pelvis slightly backwards a little more to increase the range of motion. » Hold the contraction for a second and return to the flexed starting position. Keeping your muscles contracted will help to stop your body from swaying on the bar. This exercise should be performed very slowly while focusing on contracting the abdominals. (Continued on next page) AUGUST 2011 • Magazine



H anging K nee/ L eg R aises C O N T ' D

To increase resistance on this exercise, keep your legs straight, rather than knees bent, throughout the entire range of motion.

By rotating your hips to one side and keeping them in that position throughout the entire range of motion you will be able to affectively target your obliques. Some important things to remember during all of these exercises--- keep it slow and controlled, focus on tightening the core during the entire ROM, and exhale during contraction of the abdominals and inhale during extension. You should be using a resistance that allows you to reach failure after 8-12 reps. We hope this helps and that you are now a little more motivated to get outdoors and train with resistance. Maintain a clean diet with consistent cardiovascular activity, while performing resistance exercises such as these, and see the results for yourself!! ABOUT THE WRITER: Vanessa Tib is a full-time registered nurse and an accomplished fitness model. She has appeared in multiple magazine articles and various fitness product commercials. Vanessa is grateful and humbled every day in being able to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, and she is a major advocate of women training with weights. Follow Vanessa's blog at for healthy recipes and fitness advice. Photo Credit: Leon Hall Photography




12. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

ABOUT THE WRITER: Leon Hall is a software designer and a certified weight room instructor. Fitness, photography, and writing, are his passion and he is honored to share with magazine. Photo Credit: Sami Vaskola




inally the beginning of the second trimester, and for most pregnant women, this is the best of the three. There are a few momentous milestones, like one trimester completed and two to go, and about four other changes to be grateful for during the pregnancy. For one, some of the tedious early pregnancy characteristics may be subsiding. Hopefully, the attack of the vomiting and nausea is reducing or already finished. I am overjoyed mine is finally just a few days a week instead of 24-7. You may actually enjoy the smell and taste of food again. Most importantly, your energy should be increasing. Lastly, the bulge in your lower abdomen will not just look like a “poof” or bloating anymore, it will be more distinguishable as a “baby bump”. Since your energy begins returning this trimester, I have created a full-body workout that can help energize and strengthen your body. Each of the sequences are based on two exercises that you can alternate for three sets each. I would recommend keeping the weights a little lower than what you would normally use, but the repetitions should be about 15-25 per set. So use a weight appropriate to allow yourself to complete the recommended repetitions. A key point to remember is you are not trying to build mass, you are just maintaining what you have, and creating more endurance for your muscles. This type of training will also help you during delivery, as well as after, when your focus is on your newborn and returning your body back to normal.


Most of the exercises I have selected to use in this routine are multijoint movements, meaning you are moving many parts of your body. This will help you burn more calories, incorporate more muscle groups, and allow you to be more efficient with your workout time. These eight exercises can be completed in about 30-40 minutes. Especially now, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, we are trying to create energy from this workout and not deplete all the steam you have!

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ABOUT THE WRITER: Over the past 19 years Laura Mak has made it part of her career in fitness to be a leader, a forward thinker, and a positive role model in every way when she undertakes a new project. Since her early days in training as an elite athlete and then on to the top ranks as an IFBB Fitness Pro, Laura Mak has taken her passion for Lifestyle Fitness Coaching to a level only reached by the top echelon in the fitness industry.

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L i c t i i o u F s a v a l F


WBFF Pro Male Fitness World Champion and "The World's Most Ripped Fitness Model" OBI OBADIKE, B.A., B.S., M.S. & CPT

ho would think that a registered nurse would look like a top fitness model? Well, Flavia Del Monte fits this description as she is a registered nurse who looks like a top fitness model from head to toe. Growing up, Flavia was always involved in sports, but after graduating from nursing school and working full-time, she let herself go and gained 15 pounds eating unhealthy food. She decided she wasn’t happy with the way she looked and decided to transform her physique to the cover fitness physique you see now. Her transformation led her to develop a product that helps many women achieve the flawless figure they’ve always wanted. The name of this eBook and DVD product is called FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and her mission with this product is to help females discover the truth about getting fit, firm, and fabulous so they can say, “I love my body.” I would like to introduce to the Magazine readers the fitness expert and author, Flavia Del Monte. Obi: So, Flavia, how does it feel to be viewed as a fitness expert? You seem to be helping many people with your Full-Body-Licious product. Flavia: I don’t believe I am an expert just yet, but I will get there! I have a passion for learning and a passion for helping others. With both passions combined, I will be able to obtain the knowledge to ensure I deliver expert advice that will, in fact, HELP people, not confuse them. There is so much information about health and fitness, some good and some not so good. I want to deliver trustworthy advice, backed by science and proven by Flavilicious Females everywhere. Obi: Give us some information on what this FULL-BODY-LICIOUS 5-day workout videos are all about? Flavia: FULL-BODY-LICIOUS is a full 5-day workout system that can be done at the gym or in your home, specializing on sculpting the perfect female physique. It focuses on balance throughout the body, concentrating on fat loss, while building strong, feminine muscles that give a woman the flawless hourglass figure we all dream of. It’s the same workouts I used to drop my body fat from 15 to 13.4% - my all time best figure. These are exercises you won’t find anywhere else. Obi: What is your normal diet and training routine? Flavia: My current routine is done at the gym, 5 days a week. I weight train 5 nights a week and cardio on 3 of the 5 mornings. Two cardio sessions are focused on HIIT, while one morning is dedicated to slow, endurance cardio. My diet focuses on whole foods that are rich in nutrients. I eat to provide fuel for my body to function properly. The timing of nutrients is what keeps my mid-section tight all year long. Obi: How do you balance being a full-time registered nurse and working out? Flavia: When I was working as a full-time nurse, I used to do my cardio post-weights. I would come into the gym 5 days a week, no matter what shift, day or night. I made exercise a daily practice, just as brushing your teeth is ‘a must’, so is exercise for me. Now that I am a part-time nurse and full-time personal on-line trainer and nutritionist, I still keep the importance on my health. No matter what is happening in my day, I need to eat and train to better myself. I won’t let any excuses stand in the way.  Obi:  What do you enjoy about working out? Flavia: Definitely, the feeling of knowing that I am making my body healthier and hotter. I have intentions when I workout. I don’t workout as a hobby. I workout to look and feel great and when I leave the gym knowing I had a body-changing workout, well, that’s when the enjoyment comes. 16. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

Obi: How do you feel when you receive an e-mail from a woman that says you inspired them to be in shape? Flavia: I feel inspired to learn more and share more. I struggled with my body image for years, going to the gym with the right intention, but not the right execution. I want to help women make the hard work count and when I hear that I have helped do just that, I feel motivated to do more. Obi:  Do you have abs all year round or do you have to be on a strict low calorie diet to attain the abs you have? Flavia: I have a 4-pack all year round but the lower 2 come and go. I don’t have a bulge or roll anymore, but I am only 1-3 weeks away from the glorious 6-pack. And I think that is what women should try to strive for instead of depriving themselves of treating their hard work at least once a week. Obi:  Do you have plans of competing in a fitness competition? Flavia: I think about doing fitness competitions all the time. I am afraid if I don’t compete, I will regret that decision later in life. With that said, it is a definite possibility. Obi: What are your fitness goals in the fitness industry, if you have any? Flavia: I would love to be known as a trustworthy, inspirational, influential, and knowledgeable fitness guru. My goal is provide quality fitness information that will help rid women of image insecurities and help them feel beautiful every day. Obi:   Do you have any final things you would like to say to your fans or readers before we conclude this interview? Flavia: Stay focused on your goals, set deadlines to achieve your goals, and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Thank you so much for your support!

Flavia, we wish you much success in your career and the staff and readers of Magazine appreciate you inspiring so many women to be healthy. ABOUT THE WRITER: Obi is one of the top male fitness models in the world. He is also the WBFF World Champion and MusclePharm sponsored athlete. Obi is a world renowned fitness expert columnist for more than 9 fitness magazines globally. His passion in the industry is to help educate people all over the world live healthy lives through his numerous fitness columns. Obi is identified and branded in the industry as the "World's Most Ripped Fitness Model". Photo Credit: Noel Daganta



Incredible 2011 Dream Year for

WBFF Pro Vince Del Monte

WRITTEN BY WBFF Pro Male Fitness World Champion OBI OBADIKE, B.A., B.S., M.S. & CPT ho is Vince Del Monte? Well Vince Del Monte went from a skinny long-distance runner growing up in Canada to being a bestselling muscle building author with an incredible physique to back it up. Fans around the world have coined him as “The Skinny Guy Savior.” Since May of 2006, he has helped over 80,000 scrawny bodies transform from skinny to muscular through his best selling muscle building eBook called No Nonsense Muscle Building. He has been called the poster boy for the “I can’t gain weight or get the girl” story and has become a massive inspiration for anyone with “muscle-unfriendly” genetics. Although his online fitness success has helped him achieve fitness authority status and financial freedom, he felt he needed more credibility as a fitness model. In 2011, Vince decided to compete in the WBFF and make an astounding transformation. He earned his WBFF Pro card in his second WBFF show at the Quebec event on August 30, 2010. Vince transformed his physique from 227 lbs to a ripped 195 pounds in 16 weeks, capturing his WBFF Pro card which was an incredible accomplishment since he hadn’t stepped on a stage in 3 years. In 8 weeks, Vince will be stepping on stage competing against the best of the best male fitness models in the world in the 2011 WBFF World Championships. I would like to introduce to the Magazine readers to best-selling author and WBFF Pro, Vince Del Monte.

Obi: So, Vince, how does it feel to finally land your first cover with Fitness Magazine? Vince: It’s another check mark for my “life-time achievement” list. Landing a cover is extremely rewarding because it offers public acknowledgment that you have worked your butt off in the gym. I won’t lie, the cover feeds your ego, but hopefully it inspires people to work harder in the gym when they see my pictures and think, “If he can do it, so can I.” Obi: Give us some information on what this FULL-BODY-LICIOUS 5-day workout videos are all about? Vince: The last time I checked (a few months ago), it had passed the 80,000 mark, and according to my knowledge, it’s the number one downloaded musclebuilding course online. I was inspired to write it in 2005 when I saw another website from a guy who was advertising his ‘skinny to muscular’ transformation story with a $97 e-course and I heard he was making over four figures a day from it and I instantly said, “That’s impossible.” I checked out his site and he was using one of those long infomercial sales pages that were 30-40 pages long and I said, “Nobody buys from these sites. This must be a scam.” I did some research and found out the guy was running a seven figure online fitness business and that got my attention! “I need to learn how to market my own “Skinny Vinny” transformation story on the Internet so I can quit my job and not have an alarm clock!” Six years later, I’m doing what I thought was impossible six years ago.

if I was trying to build muscle. I hit abs at least six times a week in the morning with my cardio and I did calves 3-4 times a week since my calves were not as developed as other body parts. I did more cardio than I prefer – six days a week from 30-60 minutes and it varied from walking, running, sprinting, and lunging. Obi: How important is education to you as we hear you have a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario? Vince: It’s huge. No offense to other bodybuilders or physique athletes, but it’s too common to find a ripped cover model or guy in your gym who can not intelligently tell you why he’s training or eating a certain way. Very few ripped physiques can give you and in depth answer to their exercise technique or nutrition strategies. When you don’t have a science- based background, it’s easy to get misled by a lot of the fitness marketing that all sounds convincing, unless you have a science-based background. Nothing in my diet or workouts is left to chance and I could tell you a logical reason for why I do every single thing in my contest prep.

Obi: What inspires you to stay in shape and be healthy? Vince: What doesn’t inspire me to be in shape and stay healthy? Who needs inspiration to be in shape and be healthy? Isn’t this what everyone wants? I don’t know where to start here. I’ve been involved in competitive athletes since the age of 13, so I guess it’s in my blood to take care of myself. My father and brothers are all competitive athletes, so it comes naturally. It helps now that I’m Obi: What was the feeling like when you landed your WBFF Pro card?? the face of my business and brand. My business will suffer if I let myself go. Vince: I thought, “Thank you God!” Anyone who competes knows how disap- Other athletes inspire me too – guys like you Obi and other competing WBFF Pro pointing competitions can be when you swear, “I’m going to be top 3” and you Models are always in the back of my head! don’t even get top 5! I was extremely relieved and thankful the judges awarded the top 3 guys their pro cards because I thought, “If I don’t get it this time then Obi: Tell us about your Live Large TV online show. What is that exactly about? I’m down with these shows forever.” I wanted the pro card BAD! I mean bad! I train and eat like a professional fitness competitor, so to have the official title Vince: Live Large TV is my weekly online show that reveals to guys and gals how to live large inside out and outside of the gym. I believe the gym is a metaphor “professional” now makes me feel good! Thanks WBFF! for life, so if you can transform your body, you can transform your relationships, career, and lifestyle. I’m living proof of this and I’m using the show to inspire Obi: Tell us some of your diet and training tips that allowed you to get ripped people to live large in all areas of life. I’ve never wanted to be known as just and earn your pro card on the WBFF Quebec event. “a muscle guy,” so this show allows me to speak about living life to the fullest. Diet-wise: A few new things I did were to never eat the same type protein or carbs Season 2 is being filmed right now and will feature my entire contest prep for the two meals in a row. I was constantly rotating my carbs between Ezekiel cereal, WBFF Worlds and I believe I’ll be making my cameo appearance! brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, Vitargo, and white rice. I rotated my proteins around sirloin, egg whites, whole eggs, white fish, chicken, and lean Obi: Are there any final things you would like to say Vince before we conclude ground beef. The only fats I consumed were avocado and almonds. I don’t dip this interview? below 200 grams of carbs the entire contest prep and I used to be fearful of carbs but was still able to lose 2-2.5 lbs of fat each week with carbs in four out of my Vince: Thanks for the opportunity to be on this cover. I encourage everyone to set six meals . I had two cheat days in my entire 16-week prep so it was really dialed goals with deadlines because a goal without a deadline is just a dream. That’s how I’ve achieved all the success in my life. I give myself a deadline and I anin. Remember, I had 30 lbs of fat to lose! nounce it publically and I take a “one day at a time” approach to executing my Training wise: It was a traditional bodybuilding program. Back on Monday, goal. It works every time! Keep living large! Shoulders and Triceps on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday was Back again (it’s my lagging body part), Saturday with Chest and Biceps and Sun- Vince, we wish you much success in your career and we appreday off. It did not change at all. It was higher volume from 12–25 sets per body ciate you sharing a little bit about yourself with the readers. part. Variable rep ranges from 6–20 depending on the body part. And I trained as AUGUST 2011 • Magazine



Del Monte

Photo by:

Noel Daganta


Del Monte

Photo by:

Noel Daganta

make your





You have decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle and

it has become apparent that it is not easy to incorporate training into an already full schedule and you wonder, “How do people do it?” Life is about balance and following a healthy way of life is no different but, there are strategies you can employ to set yourself up for success.

» All Aboard the Fitness Train




What you have embarked on is a life change and it is most successful if it is embraced by your immediate family and friends. It does not mean they have to live the same lifestyle but their lives will be impacted by your choice and thus, they should be asked if they would be willing to support you. When making the request to your loved ones, explain why you have chosen to pursue this way of life and provide a complete explanation of what you anticipate you will need from each person. I firmly believe this is one of the key components to a successful life change. When your family and friends feel like they are helping you accomplish your goal, they will be more apt to make sacrifices and provide support and encouragement.

» Make Being Fit a Priority Once you have family and friends on board the fitness train, then you have to consider your new lifestyle something you must do, like daily grooming. As tired as you are prior to bed, I am sure you still brush your teeth. It is that kind of priority that must be applied to your training and eating clean regime. This is where mental strength is required. You wouldn’t believe the mental games I play with myself when I don’t feel like training. The most effective one is--- I allow myself to think that if I still don’t feel like training 20 minutes into my workout, I’ll quit. I can tell you, I never quit that workout, but the “out” I gave myself ahead of time was just the push I needed to get me to the gym. You’ll have to determine what will summon your mental strength; but to make fitness a lifestyle and not just a hobby you did for a while, it must be an essential daily priority. With that approach, training and food preparation will be factored into your routine the same way basic grooming is.

» Find Balance

20. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

Friends and family are on board, you think of living fit as a daily practice, then and only then, utilize balance. Remember you are a member in your family and social group and membership in anything has responsibilities. Because of this, occasionally a commitment may cause you to miss a workout or eat less than clean. Go happily, enjoy, savor it, and don't look back.  Embrace those moments; make them about someone other than yourself. Soon your friends and family will realize that you are a happier, better version of you in this new fit lifestyle and who wouldn’t want that?

Natalia ask

Summer’s Fit Success Strategies:

· Pick one day of the week and cook, weigh, and package all of your food for the upcoming week. ·

Fish is a big staple in any clean-eating diet. I broil about 8-pounds of fish at one time. Package it into 3-ounce baggies and freeze it. I only have to cook fish about once a month.

· For oatmeal, I make oatmeal muffins (See for my recipe). I make 2-weeks worth at a time so that I only have to cook oatmeal twice per month. ·

When squeezing in a workout is the only option, sprint on the treadmill for 30 seconds between sets so as to get a cardio and weight training session in simultaneously. Alternatively, you can bring a jump rope to the gym and jump rope between sets so as not to tie up a cardio and weight machine.


You can also do upper body training while walking on the treadmill. Set the treadmill at a steep incline and a moderate pace. Grab some relatively light weight dumbbells and perform minute-long sets of the following exercises in a superset fashion:

» Shoulder press » Arnold press » Bicep curls » Tricep extension » Hammer curls

A new Q & A column dedicated to your Fitness questions answered by top fitness model world champion Natalia Muntean. If you would like to submit a question to Natalia, email her at You can also find her on Facebook and her own site

Dear Natalia,

Photo by:

John Dorton

Q: I recently started modeling and I get approached by different photographers inviting me to shoot together. The problem is I don’t know where to start and how to choose a good photographer in order to build a solid portfolio. Please, help! Jessica Dear Jessica,

A: Thank you for your question. So many amateur models fall for sus-

picious characters with a camera in their hands. So many of them shamelessly take advantage of naïve and very hungry for exposure aspiring models, promising them an editorial spread or even a cover… you’ll eventually be able to separate trash from treasure in a second, but it takes experience and sometimes very painful mistakes to learn. So here is what you need to know before you gain that valuable experience: ~ Nobody can promise you a cover or an editorial spread in the magazine, unless a magazine specifically books you for a job through the agency or individually, even then a cover is never final until it’s on the stands. Therefore any respectful photographer will never promise you such thing. ~ Unless your goal is to become a glamour model, there is absolutely no reason for you to model nude or semi-nude. Even if you would like to choose that path, consider paid jobs first for known publications. They go for new faces 99% of the time, so random naked images of you on the net will never assist you in your future career. ~ Read your modeling release. Make sure that it doesn’t hurt you in any way. There are many different releases, but it’s wise to discuss its terms prior to the shoot, you don’t want any awkward moments after the whole day of shooting. ~ It really is wise to start shooting first through a known agency; they do screen their photographers and very often have people who work with them specifically for portfolio and comp card building. ~ Always ask for referrals and never be afraid to bring someone to the shoot. Your safety and comfort come first, and usually photographer have no issue with that at all.

STAY FIT, Natalia ABOUT THE WRITER: Summer Taylor is a graduate of Purdue with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, high school Biology, Anatomy and Physiology teacher, published fitness model and author, national-level NPC athlete, certified personal trainer. She is deeply passionate about fitness and motivating others to be the best they can be inside and out. She accredits this intrinsic desire for self-growth as the driving force behind her success in education and the fitness industry. She has developed a love for human psychology and she is very intrigued by human motivation. She writes to educate, inspire, motivate and light a fire within the reader. Photo Credit: Dan Ray

Contact Natalia about her Online customized training program with customized nutrition plans, custom workouts and more. Email her at for more info. ABOUT THE WRITER: Natalia Muntean was born in Ukraine, raised in different parts of

Eastern Europe. She is a successful International Personality and has been modeling for over a decade in Europe and the United States. She also holds some of the biggest titles of the fitness industry which include Ms. Bikini Universe, Fitness Model World Champion and Ms. Bikini Florida. Natalia has been on many covers or inside of the most prestigious National and International fitness, health, fashion and beauty magazines. She is also a published writer and expert columnist for several fitness, nutrition and beauty magazines globally, as well, as the author of Butt and Thighs Training Manual for Every Woman - Fit Butt Formula. For more information, visit my site at



. s t h Weig Machines


e all have a way of training that works best for us or we typically stick to training in one particular routine that makes you comfortable and secure when you step into the gym. We all know there’s something called the wall of “Plateau” which happens when the human body wo. comes accostumed to the work outs you are T e th n e e s betw & Difference putting it through a certain period of time withs e g ta n a v d ,A s it ganta f a e D n l e oe B N out changing your routine. Your primary focus e by h T Photo hn Carter Jo by en should be to take your physique to another level tt ri W to obtain better results and shocking your body with routines that you haven’t done before. Feel confident in yourself to leave your “comfort zone” and start trying out new methods of training that at the end will become a huge addition into your regime, not only to improve your physique but also to make your work outs fun, and effective. Remember, fitness should be fun, it’s a lifestyle and a constant journey towards improvement. There's a common question that a lot of people seem to ask themselves and to others and the following question is, what is better, free weights or machines? As I mentioned before, they are many ways to train, each routine or exercise has a benefit, advantage and a way to improve your body, it all depends on the movement you do, how you do it and the style of it. I will be discussing the difference between free weights and machines, whats best, what you should do, and the benefits and advantages of it to avoid any confusion between the two, by experience I use both methods of training. Let’s begin by explaining what exactly machine and free weights consists of: Machines are also referred as resistance training equipment that have cables, pin loaded weight stacks and fixed level arms. Now explaining free weights, they usually fall into the category that simulates a “real life” movement, just like we do in different activities or sports you might play but it requires coordination and the guided motion from the lifter. Free weights: The lifter will push and pull, and determines the direction in which he or she would like to go. Machine weights: The machine has the pin loaded stacks with weights; however, the movement is very isolated, also known as an “isolation movement” that will focus in ONE particular muscle, for example: The Iso Lateral Decline bench press, sitting on the chair and pushing upwards without guiding the weight where to go. 22. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

Muscle Hypertrophy regarding FREE Weights Vs Machines Moving on, we all at some point strive to increase our musculatory and that falls into the term called “Muscle hypertrophy” which refers to the process of your muscles growing and getting stronger and it’s by the desired of lifting weights. Keep in mind, with that said, if you only have ONE goal that it’s to get BIG muscles then it doesn’t make a difference if you are using free weighs or machines to achieve that goal, because either way your muscles will grow, if you lift heavy dumbbells chances will grow if the exercises is performed with the right form, if you use machines and stack up heavy weight doing an isolation movement, you will grow as well.

Having a goal and reaching your goal while training effectively WITH A different routine Now that I have explained what this two routines consists of and the analogy of muscle hypertrophy, I will be discussing the advantages, benefits, and different of free weights vs machines. However, remember to always have an action plan accordingly to your goals and the body that you wish to achieve, either dropping weight, building more muscle mass or mainly maintaining while reaching an incredible definition, having that down will help you manage your training and results will come quicker. Lifting Free weights can be an amazing way of targeting different muscles fibers and muscles that are rarely worked, which stimulates those muscles to grow and get stronger.

Benefits, advantAges and difference: 1. VARIETY: By using free weights you have the opportunity, advantage and

3. SAFETY: Safety should be your number one concern when exercising, remember “your health is your wealth” a common topic that everyone seems to discuss and ask themselves, whats safer, machine weights or free weights? The answer to that is that you are in risk of injuries in both ways of training. Furthermore, during exercising your concern is to execute each rep with the proper form, technique, concentration and weight control, anyone can get hurt on a machine just like if someone else was lifting dumbbells if they are performing the exercise incorrectly. NOTE: A lot of weight isn’t always “better”. Before lifting heavy weight either with dumbbells or machines, make sure you focus on your form and techinique, as you get stronger and more comfortable. 4. FUNCTIONALITY: I believe that being “function-

al” in our lifestyle is key for a better you. How many times a day we do functional movements even when we’re not at the gym working out? For example: Bending over, crunching down to pick something out, getting in and out of the car. That is why training with free weights helps you become more agile in your everyday life, it gives you the strength, endurance, and stamina as you being the lifter have the control over the weights. There is also a training method called “Functional Training” which consists of the following:

benefit of being the “director” aka the exerciser, as you will grab a dumbbell, you will be able to lift them on a bench, swiss ball, with a variety of range of motions that you can do. Difference: While training on a machine, it’s that you are restricted to a certain range of motion either going up, down or in front of you, you also won’t be able to guide the weight and you will strictly be doing mostly an “isolation movement”.

Power - (Strength & Speed) Agility - (Flexibility,Mobility, Stability) CardiovasCular - (Respiratory Conditioning) Genetic Potential - (Sport Skill, Neuromuscular

2. SUITABILITY: The suitability of free weights is outstanding, we all know

Difference: The difference on functionality with ma-

that sometimes we have those days that want we step into the gym but the machines seem to be taken, with free weights you are able to pick up the dumbbells, or barbells and start your work out right away. You can work on your lower body or upper body with the simple use of dumbbells. Difference: The suitability with machines may vary for everyone because certain machines are either too small or large to use the equipment, although it might have adjustable seats, arm pads or level arms, machines might not work for everyone, but to those who have the right size to use it to get an effective work out. ABOUT THE WRITER: John Carter is a Published Fitness Model, International National Fitness Columnist & Fitness Consultant. He recently became a sponsored team athlete for Dymatize Nutrition in Summer 2011. John has been involved in the Fitness industry for 5 years and his passion towards this industry is to help, inspire and motivate others live a healthier lifestyle by bringing a variety of Health & Fitness content that will help you reach the body of your dreams. "Train Hard & Train Smart" For more information, visit John at: Website: www., Twitter: and Facebook: "Global Fitness, Helping the World Live Healthy & Stay Healthy." Photo Credit: Noel Daganta


chines is that your movement is very limited. The machine basically provides a certain guide in which you the lifter have to perform as shown, if it isn’t performed as shown on the demonstration images, you might be in risk of being injured and not doing the exercises properly.

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you clear up the confusion on the difference between free weights and machines and what is a “better” training between the two. Remember to change your routines monthly to a different and more effective training that will give you the right results you want to achieve, but it all starts with a certain goal that you propose yourself. So with that said, plan your goal, your training and your plan of action to conquer it. Listen to your body, know your body and know what works best for you and results will follow. “Train Hard &

Train Smart!”

AUGUST 2011 • Magazine


Summer Swimsuit Issue


featuring Fit Girl Wear by Sherry Goggin Photos by

BillyBow Photography

FIT GIRL WEAR IS CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE AND INVIGORATING. Fit GIrl Wear is all about making you look great and feel sexy All of the unique, custom designs will inspire and motivate you while giving you self confidence and self esteem. Anyone can wear Fit Girl Wear and look stunningly fabulous. All Swimsuits are designed to have great support and fit snug yet stay in place so they don't ride up as you move around, bend over, and twist. You can enjoy the comfort or wearing your favorite Fit Girl Wear Bikini while swimming, hanging around the pool, photo shoots or competing in a swimsuit competition. The scrunch butt design and unique materials offer the firm support you always wanted. Whether you are in top shape or still have some work to do these bikini suits will make your booty and legs look fabulous.


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Transf or m

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During this challenge you will be motivated to make small steps to change your lifestyle, kicking the diet to the curb, and opening our body to a new way of life! ONE change a week, fifty-two changes a year, and a lifetime to enjoy! Change Vs. Transformation! I think of change as an event like many say; something that eventually ends. Where a transformation is more of a process, something of the past/present, turned into something new to last. Are you ready for your fitness & cleaneating transformation? Small steps lead to long lasting results! This challenge is based off of my last article in the July issue of Magazine “The power of ONE!” This previous article was about motivating you to change your lifestyle and learning at a pace that is manageable for everyone! I also challenged the readers to change ONE of your habits--- learn something new each week, fifty-two changes a year, and a lifetime to enjoy! I would love to hear about your success, struggles, questions, and comments! My website below will also have a food log, example meal plans, grocery lists and much more available to download and use for this challenge! On my website and Facebook, I will be providing information to help you learn the topics in the weekly plans provided in this issue during your challenge weeks! Don’t forget to start a book! Get a binder and use this to store your progress with favorite recipes, daily food logs, inspiration, progress pictures, and much more! Get a binder, clear protective sheets, and keep this in your kitchen! Make this your fitness bible!

Keep these 10 steps in mind and in your book! ■ 1.) Record your daily meals and calculate your nutrient intakes.

This may seem time consuming at first; but keep in mind this is essential to realize what your intakes really are. Accountability; this is also a mental tool to help keep you accountable and make you think twice about eating options that are not as healthy. Download my favorite app “Calorie Counter” by fat secret. This app allows you to scan barcodes, enter in your portion size, look up meal options at restaurants and on the go and it calculates your daily intakes for you! Visit it on the web at

■ 2.) Eat every 3 hours and 5-6 meals a day!

If you do not feed your body regularly, it will go into a catabolic state. This hinders muscle growth by burning your muscle instead of fat. We all know that muscle is what gives us the definition we hope for and will also help our body burn fat and calories. Our bodies are smarter than we realize! It knows that the muscle we carry burns the fat, so when we don’t feed our body for fuel and energy it takes it from the primary source...the muscle! By eating every 3 hours and 5 meals a day will prevent cravings, keep blood sugar stable, and will help to avoid overeating! Between your larger meals, snack on foods like nuts, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. 26. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

■ 3.) FOCAL POINTS. Keep them visible! Find your inspiration to inspire others!

Focal points and goals are extremely important to help motivate and keep us on track! Post

yours in your Book, on your fridge, pantry, at your desk at work, I even suggest one in your car! Create new goals weekly!

■ 4.) Progress Photos.

Day after day you look in the mirror and you may not realize the progress and transformations you are making. Don’t forget your before photo! These progress photos not only remind you of how far you have come, but it will help you see your weight gradually decrease, and your definition/tone become more apparent! Take your progress photos at least once per month, or as often as you would like. This will keep you motivated seeing all of your hard work pay off!

■ 5.) Read the labels.

Stay away from processed foods as much as possible! When you are picking up items in the store, read the labels and stay away from things such as: Corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives, hydrogenated oils (trans fat), sodium nitrate, and things you cannot pronounce! If you can’t pronounce it easily, chances are it isn’t good for you! Processed foods with these additives contain added sugars, fat, and sodium. When choosing fruits and vegetables think “Fresh First, Frozen Second, and Canned Last.” Choose fresh, unprocessed foods over canned options due to the processed products that add additional sugars, fat, sodium, and chemicals


■ 6.) Food Inspirations. Visualization = Idealization.

Look for new and exciting recipes you would like to try and retrain your taste buds! Have fun with this!

■ 7.) Cheat meals. Have them!

If you are craving something, have it! My suggestion would be to try to substitute the ingredients to make your “cheat meal” more rewarding than a guilty feeling afterwards. Craving pizza? Instead of ordering in, keep the ingredients at the house so you can make your own on the spot! Try making it with a whole grain crust, fat free sauce, fat free cheese, and add your toppings! So many healthy toppings to choose from such as low sodium ham, ground turkey, chicken, and don’t forget about veggies! Remember, “indulging in moderation” is ok. As you learn more about eating clean and eating to live, instead of living to eat, you will have enough information to make smarter “cheat” decisions.

■ 8.) Portion Control

Eat slowly, start small, use smaller plates, drink water with your meal, and measure it out! I suggest cupping your hands together and that should be the size of the food on your plate for a general idea. Your portion plate should have a variety of food for your larger meals of a lean protein, complex starchy carbohydrate such as brown rice, sweet potato, pasta, etc., and a complex carbohydrate from a vegetable source. Don’t forget your water!

■ 9.) Trade bad fats for good fats.

Choose good sources of fats such as nuts, fatty fish like salmon, avocados, olive oil, canola oil, and fish/flax seed oil supplements. Eliminate as much saturated fat as possible by buying lean cut meats, avoiding fast food, and making special orders while you are out to eat. Remember that healthy fats are important but they are not needed with every meal, 2-3 servings a day are plenty.

■ 10.) Protein and Complex Carbohydrates.

Having a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates is a very important part of your clean-eating lifestyle. Choose healthy complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, & whole grain options instead of processed/enriched white grains. When choosing meats select lean cuts, and go for natural selections without the added hormones and additives. ABOUT THE WRITER: Brittany Walker is a a fit mom that manages her time with her daughter Amelia, modeling, travel, and a career. Aside from being a mom, She is also an eCommerce, Marketing, and Business Development Strategist while she pursues her love in the Fitness and Health Industry. Her primary goals are to expand in the industry of health and fitness while being an inspiration to her daughter and many people along the way! Please visit my website


This magazine rocks! The articles are both motivating and inspiring with a variety of relevant topics. All content are based on living a healthy, balanced, natural lifestyle. No irritating “Get rock-hard abs in just 10 minutes” or other misleading goals. Thank you for keeping it real, FitnessX! ~ Mary Anne L. via E-mail I’m always looking for new exercises and healthy recipes. I really enjoyed the workouts in July’s issue and even added them to my gym routine for the next 4 weeks. After my 3rd week, I’m noticing significant changes in my body as a result of consistency in clean eating and training. I’m looking forward to the August issue. ~ Faith W. via E-mail I have been working out the past 4 years and successfully lost over 50 pounds and maintained my lean physique. I recently found out I am pregnant with my first child. My first concern was how to stay healthy and fit during my pregnancy. I was relieved to have come across pregnancy and exercise articlesfrom Laura Mak and Val Andrea-Way. Their tips and advice are exactly what I needed! ~ Kasey B. via Facebook Magazine Readers, please submit your comments about our magazine and articles at Your comment can be in one of our upcoming issues. Thank you!! AUGUST 2011 • Magazine



Fatigue Written By

Patty Wilson

Today we are constantly under stress ranging from getting to work on time, getting our work-

outs in, making enough money to pay our bills, our relationship with our partners, and the list goes on. Many of us do not get the adequate amount of sleep that our bodies need to recover. All of this stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. This constant wear and tear can cause our adrenal glands to function inadequately, which is known as adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue often develops after periods of intense or lengthy physical or emotional stress, when overstimulation if the glands leave them unable to meet your body's needs.

Some of the signs of Adrenal Fatigue are: > > > > > > > >

Excessive fatigue and exhaustion non-refreshing sleep overwhelmed by or unable to cope with stressors feeling rundown or overwhelmed craving salty and sweet foods you feel most energetic in the evening having sleep disturbances Low stamina, slow to recover from exercise

> > > > > > > > >

slow to recover from injury, illness or stress difficulty concentrating, brain fog weight gain poor digestion low immune function food or environmental allergies premenstrual syndrome or difficulties that develop during menopause consistent low blood pressure extreme sensitivity to cold

The adrenals produce hormones that help to balance your blood sugar, which helps the body to manage daily flows of energy. When blood sugar drops, the adrenals release hormones that cause the blood sugar to rise, and increases energy. The adrenals also release hormones when we're under stress, releasing energy. It's the "fight or flight" response that now kicks in for everyday stressors, such as traffic jams, arguments, work pressures, and more. But being consistently under stress takes a toll on the adrenal glands, and eventually, they run out of steam, and stop producing sufficient hormones. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, your best option is to work with a practitioner to diagnose your adrenal fatigue, and to develop a customized treatment program that will help resolve this condition. A holistic or complementary practitioner can do a saliva cortisol test to evaluate your adrenal function in order to diagnose more subtle dysfunctions in your adrenal glands. Below are a few tips that can help that you can do to get started on the road to recovery. > > > > > > > > >

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep Exercising Minimizing stress Eating regular meals Combining unrefined carbohydrates with protein and oils Avoiding junk food Eating five to six servings of vegetables each day Taking calcium and magnesium supplements Adding sea salt to your diet

> > > > > >

Taking 2,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C each day Supplementing vitamin E with mixed tocopherols Taking B-complex supplements that are high in B6 and pantothenic acid Adding licorice root extract to your supplement regimen Avoid stimulants Use Yerba Mate tea instead of coffee and black tea.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Patty Wilson has 15 years of training and education in the fitness industry as a passionate certified personal trainer and group fitness/cycling instructor.  She is a sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding, FMI graduate, and a published fitness model.  She has been competing in figure and bikini for three years winning her figure class and most recently, won in figure at the 2011 Orange County Muscle Classic. Patty is a native of Arizona and currently resides in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Photo Credit: James Patrick

28. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

Spiritual Dedication, Determination, and Devotion Why do we make New Year’s Resolutions knowing full well that we will break them? Why do some people cheat on their spouses? Why do obese people yo-yo diet? People are always looking for the easy button, the quick fix, or to take that one super pill that will achieve their desired results. You see, it all boils down to the three D’s.

Dedication ~

Your goal might be as simple as losing 10 pounds or dropping 10% or your body fat. On the other hand, your goal may be as complex as becoming a professional football player or medical doctor. No mater how simple or complex your goal may be, it will never be achieved without 100% dedication to the task at hand. Don’t just talk about it, do it. Make your word your bond. “A man is only as good as his word, and only he can take it away from himself.” -Chuck Lidell Remember to: Love People and use things, not love things and use people. To handle yourself, use your head, to handle others, use your heart. "For with God nothing will be impossible" Luke 1:37. Faith makes all things possible; Hope makes all things work and Love makes all things Beautiful. When someone hugs you, let him or her be the first one to let go. Romans 12 - NIV (NIV) Love in Action 9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Sherry Goggin, Ms. Fitness

America, reigns as The Most Photographed Fitness model in history. She shines as author, producer and role model for women everywhere. Bright, articulate and full of energy, Goggin has broken the stereotype of the fitness model to become an author, producer, fitness guru,  clothes  designer and just about anything else she puts her mind to. Sherry Goggin is the definitive version of a 'renaissance woman' and once she sets her mind to something, nothing gets in her way.  And right now, she has her mind set on being a

he t k s A

Fitness Written By




Determination ~

Determination is 100% mental training. You have to train your mind as hard and frequently as you train your body. How do you think a marathon runner makes it to the 23rd mile when he is at only mile marker 4 while shin splints are setting in? It is easy to stop and make an excuse to quit as anyone can do that. But a champion digs down deep into his soul and makes a decision to persevere. It is easy to say you want to be a doctor one day, but it is a whole different animal the day you first walk into medical school. It is easy to start on the right path but fulfilling your goal is quite difficult. Nothing in this world that is worth having comes easy. Have a never say quit attitude in life and apply it to your family, your body, and your soul. Have you not wanted something so bad in your life that you would sacrifice nearly anything to attain it? Well take that never say never attitude toward every aspect of your life and attack your goals with conviction!!!! The warrior spirit will keep you on the path of Righteousness. Determination gets you where you want to go. So set down your ice cream spoon and pick up your asparagus fork. Make a conscious decision to eat good at each and every meal. Be persistent with your training regimen. Become strong physically, mentally and spiritually. These traits will carry you through life. Determination will not only assist you in the sporting and business world but also in your personal life.

Devotion ~

What do you really care about? Do you love God, your spouse and family? The same commitment you have with God, your spouse and family, should be applied toward your needs and your personal fitness goals. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? “So, if you eat bad and become a diabetic, smoke and develop lung cancer, drink too much and damage your liver, you will not be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are people on this earth who rely on you and want to see you succeed. Mistreating your body and dying an early death is very selfish. God gave you the gift of life, so don’t take it for granted. I know I sound like a cross between Tony Robbins and a military drill instructor, but I care deeply about life coaching people in order to help them achieve their goals, so please go forward and be great humans. GOD BLESS. "If you don't set a baseline standard for what you'll accept in life, you'll find it's easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that's far below what you deserve.". - Anthony Robbins success. While Goggin is a fitness expert, her real strengths may lie in the area of being a top-notch business entrepreneur. She also acts as VP and director of the women's fitness division of the Private Trainers association, Sherry also has a new clothing line, "Fit Girl Wear" that is available for purchase now.  All of Sherry's merchandise is available for purchase at any of her websites including, sherrygoggin and Photo Credit: Nicholson Studios

“Ask the Doc” is a column dedicated to answering our Fitness X readers’ most pressing questions about nutrition, fitness, health and more. Dr. Sean is a board certified Internist and Nephrologist, a sought after trainer and weight loss advisor for hospitals. If you would like to submit a question, please email You can also find him on facebook at:

Q: Hi Dr. Sean. I have been eating healthy, exercising and switched from regular sodas to diet sodas. Lately, I have been hearing that diet sodas are also bad for me! Could you please tell me if this is true? ~ Debbie (California)


Hi Debbie. Thank you for the great question. Yes, this is correct! Recently, there was a 20 year study presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting called the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging or SALSA trial. Yes, that really was the title of the trial! Dr. Hazuda and colleagues looked at 474 elderly Mexican Americans and European Americans. After controlling for waist circumference, diabetes, physical activity, age, residence, smoking status, gender, ethnicity and educational levels, they found some startling results. Diet soft drink users had a 70% greater increase in waist size compared with non-users. Also, people consuming 2 or more diet sodas per day had increases in waist circumference of 500% higher then non- users. In addition, dark colored sodas (diet or regular) are high in phosphorous and there is a concern that they could affect kidney function. Bottom line here is that water is still the best drink nature intended us to have. References:

• University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. "Waistlines in people, glucose levels in mice hint at sweeteners' effects: Related studies point to the illusion of the artificial." ScienceDaily, 28 Jun. 2011. Web. 11 Jul. 2011

Q: Hi Dr. Sean. I have been trying to avoid sugar in my diet and been using Equal

in my coffee. Is this okay or would you recommend any other artificial sweeteners? ~ Kelly (Florida)

A: Hi Kelly. This is always a very controversial issue. I think the jury is still out

on the safest sugar alternatives. Based on the available data, Stevia and Splenda seem to top the list. Equal (aspartame) has been the subject of attention lately. A controlled study by Dr. Halade and Dr. Fernandes looked at the effects of aspartame intake on fasting sugar and insulin levels in 40 mice. After 3 months of intake, the aspartame group showed higher sugar levels then the control group. Although this was not a human trial, the results are still concerning for the risk of impaired glucose tolerance or developing diabetes. I would not recommend Equal at this time. As for stevia, its usage goes back to the 1970’s in Japan. Several rigorous studies have been done looking at its safety and the current consensus is that its safe for human consumption. In 2008, the FDA declared Stevia to be “generally recognized as safe”. Sucralose (splenda) has also undergone a number of trials that have also concluded that it is not carcinogenic and safe for consumption. References:

• University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. "Waistlines in people, glucose levels in mice hint at sweeteners' effects: Related studies point to the illusion of the artificial." ScienceDaily, 28 Jun. 2011. Web. 11 Jul. 2011 • Geuns JM (2003). "Stevioside". Phytochemistry 64 (5): 913–21 • Brahmachari, G et al. Stevioside and related compounds - molecules of pharmaceutical promise: a critical overview. Arch Pharm (Weinheim). 2011 Jan;344(1):5-19. doi: 10.1002/ardp.201000181. Epub 2010 Nov 25. • Brusick, D. et al. The absence of genotoxicity of sucralose. Food Chem Toxicol. 2010 Nov;48(11):3067-72. Epub 2010 Aug 4.




ow can you sum up a 35-day, 12-country, 3-continent venture in one article? You really can't. In the July issue of Magazine, I was writing the 1st part of this article on a train from Tangier to Casablanca, Morocco, through all the rural towns. I saw women walking around in wrapped birkas, and eighty-year-old looking men mowing the fields like it was 1930. I am thinking, “How can I do any physical activity in with a country so different than mine. Does Morocco even compete in the Olympics?” Soccer and track and field is all that came to mind. At the same time, I witnessed 3 boys who did not want to pay to get on the train dangling from the door outside hanging onto dear life as the train was at least going 80 miles an hour! I have definitely arrived in a 3rd world country. We then arrived in Casablanca, where we decided to walk to the hotel instead of taking a taxi (which was about 2 miles). There was so much construction and pollution in this city that running would be counterproductive. I just thought that I would be back in Spain in 2 days. I thought I could get a swim in the next day when I went to the 3rd largest mosque in the world- King Hassan II mosque, which was right on the Atlantic Ocean. I thought it would have been sacrilegious to take off my clothes in front of a religious landmark and then I would not know how the locals would respond. I walked a lot and sweated profusely through my 4 days in northern Africa, but now was time to go back to Spain.

“Preparation IS the key to success”

I had been to Madrid before, but this time I had several friends who were now living there. I stayed with at my friend, Kaiko’s home. He lived on the eastern side of the city near subway stop, Quintana. I was supposed to get on there and take it to city center, Sol station, but instead decided to walk/jog it. It took me about an hour, but it was well worth it. There were even some tapas and sangria at the end of the finish line. While I was having my lunch, there were a group of nudist bicyclists riding by. I was jealous! Not because they were nude, but that I missed riding a bicycle. I am sure I could have joined them, but was not sure that stripping down to my birthday suit would be ideal. I am sure it would have been the European thing to do. After finding out that I ran all that way to the center, Kaiko, lent me his bicycle the next day. With all my clothes on, I rode around Parque del Buen Retiro and even Plaza de la Independencia, both Madrid landmarks. My time in southern Europe was dwindling. If you remember from my July article, I was visited Switzerland, Portugal, France, Monaco, and Italy. The major highlights were being in Monaco for the day with 6 of my work colleagues and me acting like Prince Mark for the day (someday!), followed by swimming off the Tuscan coast of Cinque Terre, Italy. The next destination was Naples and Mount Vesuvius, where I ran away from the volcanic flow similar to the way the ancient Pompeian citizens did centuries ago. Now, I was on my way to Amsterdam, Holland! There were a lot of canals, bicycles, and the rain was relentless here. This was a time out on life for a couple days. Proceeding to Antwerp, Belgium, I was amazed by the architecture. I walked around the city and even biked a bit. It continued to rain even all the way to my next stop of Copenhagen, Denmark, then a 20-minute train ride to Skane, Sweden, where I stayed with old friends (whom I lived with in Stockholm 3 years ago). It was a homecoming in many ways. I knew could get some workouts in everyday here, and I did, especially when all of us traveled up to Stockholm later that week. Even though the rains continued, there was at least 20 hours of daylight this time of year. My friend, Martin, made sure I ran, biked, and swam every day when I was at his Stockholm estate. Even though I did not actually compete with anyone on this trip, I did feel like an Olympian because of the interesting places I travelled to thus far. I’m grateful for sharing my fitness plan with you through FitnessX. com Magazine. Now that I am back home in the US (my 12th country and 3rd continent, if you have been counting), I cannot believe that I have less than 3 months before the LA Triathlon. I have also recently signed on with fellow Magazine writer and WBFF Pro and World Champion, Obi Obadike. I am on a 6-week training program with him and I will give you updates in upcoming issues! Otherwise, I am enjoying life, my summer, and will be travelling to New York in August to work on a radio play dedicated to Lucille Ball. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and be safe!

30. Magazine • AUGUST 2011

ABOUT THE WRITER: Mark,'Oz' Ozog is an actor, motivational speaker, triathlete, world traveler, writer, and an avid fan of




Written By

ne challenge I have had to face while getting ready for my next competition in July is dieting and exercising while traveling. As a competitor, I have to remain dedicated to my passion.  I love to travel as much as I love to compete, so I've had to be very creative with continuing my goals to prepare me for my competition.  Whether you travel for work, enjoyment, and/or to out-of-state competitions, I hope you will find these tips very helpful so that you too can stay on track and enjoy your time away from home! Before any trip, whether if it's a day trip or a month, planning is definitely the key!  Think about where you are going and how many meals you will need to get you through the trip.  Does your final destination have a kitchen or utilities that you can use to prepare your meals when you arrive?  Most airports will allow you to carry on food as long as it's not in liquid form.  To help me get through my first day of travels I prepare my foods, placed them in either Ziploc bags or Tupperware.  If you need to prepare food for 2-3 days in advance I suggest freezing your food to keep it fresh longer.  Remember not to pack sharp forks or knives.  However, plastic forks, knives, and spoons should be fine.  You can pick these up at a fast food restaurant, and they are great to keep around while you travel. If your diet calls for healthy fats such as olive oil, flax oil, and/or balsamic vinegar, then try collecting the energy shot bottles or use travel bottles.  These are great to use because you can fill them up with your liquids and they are small enough to place in a plastic bag and put them in your carry-on bag.  Take a permanent marker and write what's in the bottle on the outside. You cannot take freezer packets or anything with water to keep your food cold, so take your frozen meats and vegetables and use those bags to keep your food cold.  If you are traveling for work, look into buying a cooler that you can plug into your car.  These are great to keep your meals, protein drinks, and/or water fresh and cold all day and well worth the money.  Some of my clients who travel a lot for work take


TRAVEL Leha Long

protein powder and shakers with them to keep in their car. This is a simple and quick meal you can make this right in your car.  Most hotels have a microwave and refrigerator.  Pack a bag of oatmeal and take along some protein powder and fruit for a healthy breakfast.  For the rest of your meals take a cooler or buy one when you get to your final destination.  There's food you can buy that you don't have to have a full kitchen for, such as, canned tuna, Greek yogurt, fruit, sweet potatoes, and protein. These foods can be stored in your refrigerator or cooler and heated up in the microwave right in your hotel room.  If you go out to eat a lot to entertain your clients, then I would suggest either eating your meal prior to going out and ordering a healthy salad or appetizer at the restaurant.  There are situations where you will not be able to eat the food that’s on your diet, however, make wise decisions.  Look at the menu and choose healthier food options.  It's also alright to tell the waiter how you want your food prepared.  Also, eat small portions and take the rest of the food with you for another meal. Not only should you eat healthy during your travels, but you should also continue with your workouts.  Try staying in a hotel that has a fitness center.  If you are not able to, then take a workout video with you and exercise in your room.  Exercise bands are small enough to pack in your suitcase, and you can do a lot of exercises with them!  If your hotel room doesn't have a DVD player for your workout CD, then look up videos online.  You will find tons of workout videos to motivate you right in your hotel room. Another idea is to check out a local gym.  A lot of gyms will give you a guest pass to use during your visit.  Take advantage of using these to have access to a full gym.  I hope that the next time that you travel, you find these ideas useful.  Regardless of the reason of your travels, there's no excuse to staying dedicated.  If you truly want to continue a healthy lifestyle, there are so many ways to staying on track!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Leha Long lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a fitness model, NPC competitor, writer, trainer, and nutritionist. Leha is also a Team Bombshell Member for Bikini. Please check out her website at for more information.

W h o s ays yo u c a n ' t h av e h ealt h y M e xi c an food? H er e is a d el ic io u s a n d h ealt h y faji ta re c i pe yo u c a n eat a n d t h e good t h in g abo u t faji tas i s that t h er e a r e s o man y h ealt h y way s to e n joy thi s me al!

Ingredients: · · · · · · ·

Lean chicken breasts or steak Onions Pineapple chunks Black beans To m a t o e s Av o c a d o Whole wheat tortillas

Directions: Dice the ch ick en and/or s tea k, oni ons, tomatoes , and av oc ado . If you a re using canned black beans , then wa sh the beans to lower the s od ium.  Pla ce a ll of the ingr edients in a s tir fry pa n that ha s been s prayed with cooking oi l.  Set the av oc ado and whole wheat torti lla s to the s ide. C ook the ingr edients until cooked to your liking.  About 2 minutes before the food is co mpletely cooked. mi x i n the av oc ado and cook for about 1 mi nute. Meanwhile, place the tortilla shells i n between paper towels and p la ce on a plaTe.  H eat the tortillas for a bout 2-3 minutes . Once all of the food i s cooked s coop the food mix on top of the tortilla s hell and fold ov er and enjo y!   If you want to be v ery fes tiv e try a very low calorie marg arita with your fa ji ta s s uch as Skinny Girl Marg a ri ta or Si nles s Marg arita. OPTI ONAL: Mix low s od ium or ho mema de s als a in with TH E F OOD MIX .


new little member of your family--One of the most exciting, monumental events that can happen to you in a lifetime. Creating life and being a parent there is nothing like it in this world! Along with the joys of being a mom, comes the realization…in a hurry, that there is very little “me” time anymore, a trip to the bathroom on your own is a big deal (let alone showering), sitting down to a good meal and exercise (you must be joking?!)…But I promise you, where there is a will, there is a way; and once you find your own routine, it all gets a little easier. After my son was born, who just turned three, I felt overwhelmed and fatigued. I thought that I would never settle into a daily routine to fit in the time needed to devote to a fitness regimen and healthy eating plan. But it happened, as it will for you too! I just needed to pull out the three P’s - patience, planning and perseverance. As I mentioned in my last month’s article “Exercise During Expectancy” - I gained 45 pounds during my first pregnancy. I wasn’t able to train throughout my pregnancy due to some pain during exercise and sciatica issues, so I felt like I was starting all over again post partum. However, I was very excited to set some new goals for myself. I was anxious to get started, but after a difficult birth, I was patient and gave myself eight weeks to heal before I ventured into the gym. I did get out for lots of walks with the baby in the stroller and paced myself. Eight weeks later, I was ready to tackle the weight room! I now view my downtime during pregnancy, as a much needed break and blessing, as I realized that I was previously overtraining and dieting too much - a practice that I couldn‘t continue as a new mom, nor did I want to for the sake of my health. I promised myself that when I was able to return to my routine and hopefully continue as a fitness competitor, I would do so in a more balanced and healthy manner. I kept this promise to myself and guess what? I managed to persevere and achieve the best shape of my life post baby, and placed top three and top five in two of my competitions! I was so proud to be on that stage, knowing how healthfully I had gotten there and was able to maintain my physique, which is something I always found hard to do previously.

Getting A Little Patience, Planning & Perseverance is all you need! WRITTEN BY



WHAT I DID: • Eased back into my exercise routine - slowly increasing intensity. • Found a gym with a great daycare service that I trusted to leave my child with. • Always had a plan when I got to the gym to make the most of my time and pack a lot in a short time frame. • Made the most out of my workouts - a lot of times I would only have 30-45 minutes to train. I would incorporate cardio, weights, and plyometric training into circuits to keep the intensity high and heart rate up throughout. • Ate a balanced healthy diet, three meals and two snacks, not cutting any food groups and allowing myself a splurge once or twice a week. Some foods I enjoyed during my weight-loss journey were Greek yogurt, protein smoothies, berries and other fruit, salmon, oats, Ezekiel bread and wraps, cottage cheese and pineapple, big salads.

Things you can do to get started: • If you’ve kept active during your pregnancy - you are already at an advantage, rather than starting from scratch. • Get the okay from your doctor - they generally recommend a six week recovery period for resuming even remotely strenuous activity. It’s a good idea to get follow up exams post partum to ensure proper healing. • Start slow and pace yourself - it takes time, sometimes a year or more for your body to recover completely from birth! • Breastfeeding has been indicated to aid in the post baby weight loss crusade. • Eat clean balanced meals but don’t cut back your calories initially, especially if you are breast feeding. • Keep healthy snacks on hand so you aren’t grabbing quick fixes of junk food. Fruit, nuts, yogurt, baby carrots, cottage cheese, protein shakes - all very easy to get down the hatch when you need to refuel! • Find a gym with a proper daycare or even start off with some exercise videos at home while your little one naps. • Set goals for yourself (both weight loss and life goals) - they will give you something to work towards and help keep you motivated. • Keep in touch with other moms and share your journeys, setbacks, and achievements with each other - a support system that includes friends and family is instrumental, and I’m sure they will help you celebrate your success!

So ladies, with a little patience and planning, your post -pregnancy body will betip-top in no time! So be proud of your undertaking of being a healthy and positive role model for your family. I have faith that you will persevere!

I believe in you! 32.

Shape after Baby!

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ABOUT THE WRITER: Val Andrea-Way is a Certified Life Coach, Master Trainer & Nutrition Consultant. She is also a National-Level Competitor, BioX Nutrition Athlete & Rep, as well as a mother and wife. For more information, you can email me at Photo Credit: Sergio's Photography

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re you looking for another way to cut fat, get a great cardio workout, and build up your defensive skills? Try mixed martial arts or better known as MMA Training. MMA uses different styles of martial arts in a combat situation. Moreover, UFC has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. So thankfully, I am sure there is a MMA fitness location close to you. I train at a local place in Folsom, California called Folsom MMA owned by Ron Mobley. Folsom MMA offers Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo and jujitsu. I have been doing all of them at this point except jujitsu. I am currently weight training early in the morning before work then hit MMA after work five days a week. I can assure that I have done nothing as fun for my cardio and fitness then MMA training. I have been working with pro boxer Gilbert Zaragoza, who was on “The next great champ” a few years ago, where he has been teaching me boxing and Muay Thai. Ron Lobley has been working with my Judo training. A typical class of boxing and Muay Thai is broken up into rounds, just like in the ring.. Each rounds last 3 min with a one minute rest. Each class starts out with a round of jumping rope and about ten minutes of stretching and abs work. Then the class pairs up and we go over combinations taking turns throwing punches and kicks and receiving them with mitts and pads for safety. Trust me, it sounds easy, but when you start throwing punches with your hands in your boxing gloves, you'll be shocked on how fast you are out of breath and dripping wet with sweat. Throw in some kicks and you got yourself a great workout. I have yet to find a cardio regimen that is fun,kicks your butt, expels all that

Ingredients: · · · · · · · · · · · ·

2 - 3 Ti l a p i a f i l l e t s 1 small lemon and/or lime 4 T b s p . o f G r e e k Yo g u r t 2 slices of tomato 1/4 cucumber diced 1 cup of sliced cabbage 1/2 of an avocado sliced 1/4 cup of diced onion 1 tbsp. cilantro Salt free spices

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1 tbsp. olive oil 2-3 Whole wheat tortilla shells

Directions: Boxing Coach Gilbert Zaragoza and Kyle Wipf at Folsom MMA.

bent up stress from the day and teaches you something every time out. Doing MMA was something that I wanted to do for a very long time. It was something that I felt was going to be a bunch of young punks with an attitude and I would be walking into a lions den. I can say, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in for the first time. Everyone there was friendly, engaging, and all willing to help anytime I was doing something wrong. We have men and women of all ages and skill levels. So, if you really want to challenge yourself and have a great time losing that stubborn fat, hit up your local MMA gym!

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"Blue Fish"

first discovered the benefits of foam rolling last year while prepping for a professional figure contest. My low back and hips were becoming tight and achy so my chiropractor recommended I try foam rolling. This form of self-myofacial release saved my body by loosening up my hips and back. In turn, I was able to stay healthy and use a full range of motion (with no restrictions) to maintain strength and improve aesthetics during my contest prep. The foam roller is a cylindrical piece of extruded hard-celled foam. They usually come in one-foot or three-foot lengths. The three-foot model is what I prefer, but I always keep a smaller one for when I travel. Foam rollers are also now available in a number of densities from relatively soft foam (slightly harder than a pool noodle), to newer high-density rollers that feel much more solid. The denser the athlete, the more dense the roller should be, whereas a younger person should begin with a less dense product. I have experienced the best results on myself and with my clients of all fitness levels when using the rollers of higher density. The foam roller is used to apply pressure to sensitive areas in the muscles referred to as trigger points, adhesions (knots), or areas of increased muscle density. The hamstrings, low back, glutes, hip flexors, IT-Band, quadriceps and adductors seem to experience the most muscle strains and tightness, so it is important to concentrate on those areas and any other specific injury –prone parts. Search for tender areas and roll them to decrease density and over-activity of the muscle. The feel and intensity of the selfmassage should be moderately uncomfortable but not painful to the point of causing injury. This is one of the advantages to foam rolling – the individual rolls themselves, thus controlling the intensity with their own body weight. 34.

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Nicole Moneer Guerrero

So how long should you spend on the foam roller to reap it’s benefits? As a general rule of thumb, allow at least 5-10 minutes at the beginning and/or the end of a workout, or until pain has diminished. Another guideline is 10 slow rolls on each area of the body needing therapy. I always tell my clients to roll as slowly as possible, relax and breathe, and try not to tense the tender parts of the muscle when the pressure becomes acute. Foam rolling prior to a workout can help decrease muscle density and promote a better warmup. Rolling after a workout may help muscles recover from strenuous exercise and begin the regeneration process.

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Foam rolling is hard work that can even border on being painful. But much like stretching and good massage work, the discomfort minimizes with regular practice and will leave you feeling better after each session. And the best part, $20 will give you unlimited self-massage and a lifetime of better health!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Catherine Holland is a Personal Trainer, IFBB Figure Professional and a fitness model residing in Florida. She is also a sponsored member of the Vitrix Model Team for Nutrex Research, Inc. Cathrine received her Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University and went on to instruct courses in the department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences for 4 years at OSU, while also teaching group fitness classes. She is NSCA certified and now runs her own in-person and online personal training businesses. For more information, please visit Photo Credit: Walt Ostarly

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"Fall down seven times, get up eight". MOD


This quote has always resonated with me. There were financial challenges which I battled to obtain my bachelors degree in Exercise Science. Later, I faced the rigors of medical school, obtaining my medical degree and going through residency. I am also an artist, have modeled my entire life, and have been involved in fashion design, fitness training, and acting. I am a chronic overachiever! Somehow throughout the years, I ALWAYS found time to work out regularly, even when I was working 100+ hour weeks. When I stepped on stage in 2009 for the first time in an NPC show in the bikini division, I had no idea that I would be hooked. It was exhilarating, inspiring, and I knew I had to keep going. Doing a show and reaching my personal best is now the carrot that tempts me and encourages me to keep going. I have now competed in twelve shows since 2009, seven of them pro qualifiers. I am fueled by the drive to get into the best condition I can possibly be in, and am flattered by the people who tell me that I inspire them. This carries great meaning for me since I know that as a physician I am especially obligated to lead by example. My ultimate goals are to attain IFBB professional status, and to become the female "Dr. Oz" with a fitness and nutrition focus. I'll keep getting up on that horse and riding!



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August 2011 FitnessX Magazine Magazine hopes to inspire and motivate each of you to live a healthy lifestyle. Our writers/models will touch your heart with a...

August 2011 FitnessX Magazine Magazine hopes to inspire and motivate each of you to live a healthy lifestyle. Our writers/models will touch your heart with a...